Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program

Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 19 February 1992.

Only thing I have to tell that these people who will be coming to you now, they are very beautiful nice people. I think we have to, handle them very gently. That’s very important, and not to tell them: ‘You have got a bhoot in you and this and that.’ Then they get frightened, they can’t [INAUDIBLE] There should be very gentle handling of the whole situation. It’s all right once they are Realized souls, then they understand the dangers there. But before that one should not. Slowly slowly you should just develop them, and if somebody is difficult don’t argue. Is best is not quarrel. It will all become mental I think, mental process.

So these things should not happen here again. Some sort of a group, starting up suddenly against the leader and, behaving in a funny manner and, this should not be done. It’s a very wrong thing to do. If you have anything against the leader you can write to Me directly. There’s no harm in writing to Me. Directly you must write to Me. Instead of, forming a group against the leader, forming some sort of a, thing which is not required. There’s no necessity. If there’s some truth in it I can correct the leader, I can tell him. But we have to understand that we cannot do this thing, because if you get out of, the Kingdom of God, you fall into something else you see, and they are all around you. They’ll just catch you. And that’s why then people get possessed.

As they did in Melbourne was very wrong I mean whatever it was. This was very wrong. I also told Stephan he should have telephoned to Me. You should have written to Me about it it’s very wrong, to do like that, because that only makes a, horrible nucleus for all the bhoots to come in you know. And don’t worry that: ‘How can we tell this to Mother?’ No no, please write to Me. Then the whole mental process starts you see. Mentally they start understanding everything. ‘Oh this must be…’ and then they interpret. How can you interpret Me? It’s all written down there, clear cut. Then they start interpreting, then again the mental process starts. If I say something so clearly, still they start interpreting, and if there is something like that, you don’t understand, you must write to Me, and find out.

But the best thing are the vibrations. You must see your vibrations, not the vibrations of others but your own vibrations. That is the best way. ‘How are my vibrations?’ Immediately you will know, whether you are committing a mistake or not. And we don’t know whom to send to Melbourne, to work it out. Melbourne is over. A trauma. Melbourne to Adelaide now. Whom do we send to Adelaide? Big problem. There everybody thinks no end of themselves I think Adelaide is quite funny. This Max fellow, he thinks no…I knew him he was quite a, egoistical fellow, and he thinks he’s a man of great status I don’t know what, that’s what My impression was. I sent this Lawrence but he was hounded out for nothing at all.

Also one thing one must remember that, somebody’s older than you, say Mr Stephan is there, I can call him Stephan because he’s much younger to Me. But supposing he’s older than you, you should not call him Stephan. Say Mr Stephan or Uncle Stephan, that’s our culture. We have to respect elders. Anybody, John Henshaw they call him John. I was surprised Indian girls calling him John, can you imagine they, equal to their father’s age, but their husbands told them to call him John. Impossible. I mean I couldn’t understand, these Indian girls what is happening to them. They should have put down foot there saying that: ‘We can’t call him John, he’s like our father.’

You have to call them with respect – Mr, or you can call them Uncle, whichever way, even the ladies, who are [INAUDIBLE] Just can’t just call them by first name is very wrong, absolutely is a wrong thing that has started in the west. It was never so. Even the children in old days I know, used to call their parents Sir, and mother Madam, I mean in good families. They used to call them Sir in England. But this new standard has started, I don’t know, in My husband’s office you see, he used to call even the driver as Mr and, he wouldn’t like, him to be called by his first name or Me to be called by first name. No. He would immediately correct: ‘Now please, behave yourself.’ Because certain respect has to be maintained is the most important. Of course in this Shiva Puja I’m going to stress all these points. I’m going to tell you why respect has to be there. Our culture is different, from this mad culture where you do not respect anything. Then evil grows up. [HINDI]

Indians must teach you people how to respect. In India, I mean parents are very much respected. If the parents are talking, the children will keep quiet they won’t say anything. Everything works because of respect. If there is no respect, then the whole society will be destroyed. And if you don’t respect, your children won’t respect. They don’t respect teachers, and I was discussing about the, policy for the teachers and I was so amazed, that they are told that you should not tell children: ‘Don’t do like this.’ It is negative. I mean children are to be controlled, otherwise why do you need teachers? Let them learn on their own. They need their parents also, very much, to tell them, otherwise they should come, born out of some trees. Why are they born to parents?

You have to tell your children: ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that,’ sometimes doesn’t matter as I said it, that sometimes children can be very naughty, like we had two children in Shudy Camps. They were not naughty but very cruel I don’t know what ideas they had very satanic. So they used to, beat Sahaja Yogis when they were sleeping. Then one day they brought two needles to put in the eyes of one of the Sahaja Yogis, and somebody saw them. Then they brought the knitting needle to put in the ears, you see. Luckily somebody saw it. Then for these boys should we tell them: ‘Oh no go ahead do whatever you want.’ So I told the mother that you give them two slaps, for these things, then they will understand. If you allow them to go on like this what will happen? They are very cruel. They used to find out all such methods of destroying others. Ah one day they brought a knife, out. Some sort of a devilishness.

Also maybe these films and all that they might have seen I don’t know whatever it is, but now you have to curb it we have to make another society. Gregoire told Me about America, when his children went there, they started playing with other children, and there was some quarrel and they brought out knives, so these children came running to the father, and Gregoire went to the neighbors and said that: ‘Look at your children, have brought out knives for our children, what to do?’ So they said: ‘See, we also when we came here, we were like you, and we used to be frightened, but you can’t help it, if you allow your children to play outside, this will happen, so you allow them to what they like. No use telling them. It is America. And the twelve year-old children in Miami, are killing people. So are we going to make our children like that or we are going to stop this nonsense. They will all become brats minimum, drug addicts or criminals, what else? I mean, if the parents don’t say anything to them what will happen after all who is going to guide them? It’s a new theory that has started. Ten years back it was better. Now it’s even worse.

Once, I was traveling by train, from Oxted, and group of boys, must be about forty boys, of a good school because they had those emblems and all that and they walked into My compartment. They were in the, I was in the first class, they must be in the economy class they have walked through, came down, and started pulling, in the first class they have some sort of a cover also, started pulling down those covers, and they had knives and they were opening them out all these seats, very happy about it. I said: ‘Don’t do.’ They said: ‘We’ll not do anything to You but You don’t say anything otherwise we’ll do something to You. Just keep quiet.’ Little boys of eight years. Horrible. Then the train stopped, and I went into their compartment, then two big boys came, they started hitting them, and they got them down, and then they called the stationmaster showed him. Nothing. If the dog does something they will get hold of the master, but these children?
So all this we have to change, we have to have proper understanding of life, how to bring up our children, how to help them, to behave in a manner that they will be constructive, and not destructive to themselves and to others. All right so [HINDI] Yesterday’s, now see I saw the film of ‘The Ghost’. Why not we make a film of God? I mean the Americans can make such fantastic nonsense, why not we make of God?

Sahaja Yogi: I think they’re afraid Shri Mother, that most people wouldn’t want to see it.

Shri Mataji: That’s what they think. I don’t think so. You see this afraid business also comes out of, the western mind. They’re afraid of everything, while the whole world is afraid of them. What is there to be afraid after all you see if you make a film out of God, what’s makes them think that they won’t see? ‘The Ghost’ they will see more than that. It’s just a, fear which is of the unknown I would say. Let them make…there was one: ‘Oh God.’ There was one film. Was very popular. But not so well done, I mean it was just…I mean didn’t do any justice to God you see. But we have, facts with us you see. We have facts. Why not we do it? I mean let’s see now, I may think of a thing, because they wanted to make a documentary and this Granby is such an insipid fellow. They made such an insipid film I said: ‘ I wouldn’t see it what about others?’ So insipid. You have to make it interesting. God is the most interesting thing I tell you. But you must point out what is the interesting thing about God. Then it will work. I’m sure it would.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes it could be done couldn’t it. I mean there are so many films…

Shri Mataji: I mean we have so many proofs of it.

Sahaja Yogi: Even a simple thing like speeding up a film so that you can see a flower becoming a fruit.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes but also you can show miraculous Photographs. Recently a Photograph of Mine, which was taken during Ganesha Puja, in a village it happened, they had ordinary camera, Shri Ganesha came up to this bush, four Shri Ganesha, one in front two sides, one… [HINDI EXCHANGE] Who has got? You have seen it? All of you?

Sahaja Yogis: No. I’ve made some. This is the one with the reflection in, I’ve got some copies to send round. I made some copies.

Shri Mataji: One is with Ganesha standing behind Me, with the shining eyes. Hanumana is also …all kinds. On all over, on your heads, there’s My Name written down, with light. Also, I was saying, you must know your powers. That’s one thing you do not know how powerful you are, because if you go on saying: ‘Yes or no,’ it will work out that way. You are very powerful people. But you do not assert.

This Rajesh Shah’s case was, that his uncle was dying, so, his relations said that: ‘Call Rajesh, he’s the one who can pray.’ So they called him, and – he was dying, they had removed oxygen and everything, so they said: ‘Rajesh now you pray to Mother.’ They are not Sahaja Yogis, all of them are not, except for Rajesh. He sat down there, with full confidence. He put his hands like this, and he didn’t say: ‘I am praying but..’ nothing. He said: ‘All right I’ll…’ And he said: ‘I just said Mother please save my uncle, that’s all.’ That fellow was dying, opened his eyes, and after three days he was out of that, hospital. Then he went to America. He came back from America six-seven months he’s now still all right.

Another is Shukula, so many of them. Shukula was in India, in Bombay. He received a telegram saying that, “Your mother is dying”. And that was in Rotik about two thousand miles away. So he flew down there, went by train and all that he reached the place. And then he went to the hospital. The hospital said she has a galloping cancer and she will die in, three days. So he didn’t know what to do, he came home, he put a light before My Photograph and he just sat down there he said: ‘Mother I can’t see my mother die like this,’ you see. ‘I didn’t even talk to her so please save her.’ Instead of dying that lady got out of the hospital, and he brought her to Bombay. He has papers. And then he took her to the Thata Hospital, Memorial Hospital, and there they discovered she had no cancer.

But you must have faith in yourself that you have connections, very high connections. When you have no faith in yourself what can anybody do? And also, it’s a western mind, I tell you. I was saying that, very commonly, it is so now if I say, “‘All right you telephone to someone.” Immediately, you’ll say, “He may be, may not be”. This is negative. Just go and see for yourself. If you say something negative, it will work out. If you say something positive, it will work out. But you have powers! So, why to say something negative? It’s an old habit. “May be, may not”. You ask any Frenchman, a Sahaja Yogi, “How are you?” They’ll say, [Shri Mataji mimes the expression: “so-so”.] All the time like this [so-so], I said, “‘When are you going to be like this?” [Balanced]

So, that’s what it is, and for you because you are not only Sahaja Yogis, you have been seekers and you have achieved that, so why not use your powers?

There’s not only your own enjoyment, enjoyment of music, or enjoyment of programs, but you can do so many things. When God is with you and He’s God Almighty then what else you want? It’s like I put you on the throne and you go on running away from Me, I have to glue you down I don’t know what to do. You have to realize your powers. Use them, express them. When you start expressing them, these powers, then people will see. On the contrary you have other things you do you, create problem between each other you, hate each other, or you, disqualify someone, start judging others, it’s a waste of energy. Absolutely waste. Instead why not, see what positive energies you have got, why not use them? Immediately they start organizational, sort of a, responsibility. It’s not good in the organization, that’s not good in the organization, that’s bad, he’s bad, this…What about you? If you are powerful just say: ‘This should not be such.’ But you are not. Your energy is wasted on our mental problems. You are not mental anymore, you are Spiritual. All mental capacities are zero with you. How was Christ? Christ was not a mental person at all. None of them. All this, comes because of your past, your habits formation conditionings, so better is to get rid of it.

Graham was telling Me that, when this Bush came here they had to spend millions and millions for him, while our Mother just comes straightforward She doesn’t need any security. I said: ‘I am security of the whole world. Why do I need a security?’ Now the whole has to be understood, how we can become the whole. And then this mind will work better. Because of this, you people catch. If you don’t have this nonsense, you’ll never catch. I know people cheat of course and say things and you have to weigh it out doesn’t matter. It’s not important at least as long as you don’t cheat anyone, doesn’t matter. Kabir has said: [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS] If the world has cheated Me what does it matter? I don’t cheat anyone.’