Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Always Introspect Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

“The Mahalakshmi Principle,” Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Brisbane (Australia), February 20th, 1992 Something wrong. Who has made those with the things…You should put more of cotton in that, you see, slips back. Can you get it done by the…For pujas you must use Indian girls, [is] better. They know all these things better you see. They said that, “Nobody asked us.” So they just sit on the fence (laughing). They would think that, “We should not come forward, because they’ll think these people are talking too much, these Indians,” So, I mean, when they have to come they should come. You can see, yesterday’s film, that we have a tradition, you see, we know all these things, isn’t it? This has been there in that country, so they should tell you, and you should not mind that. They also have the same fear as you have that they will say, “You have an ego”. I don’t know how to go about with anything It’s quite warm. It’s alright. I’ll teach you how to make this, alright? May God bless you. Today I was thinking that we’ll do the puja to Mahalakshmi, will be better. So that we’ll understand what Vishwa Nirmala Dharma is. As you know, the Mahalakshmi Principle lies within all of you, in the centre. And once you are fed up with the falsehood, and also with the hypocrisy of people, you start seeking the truth within. That’s how a new category of people are born, who are called Read More …

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

1992-02-20 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Brisbane- 1992 Sometimes please My people, without understanding, what is the reality they motivate and then they start misusing that but then it becomes a curse on them. So one should keep one’s  worship Bhakti (devotion) absolutely accurate, that’s the best way. All right. Mother is laughing for something. It is very sad to see a lady being torchered like this. But in those days it was so but not now. All she went, she has gone in the history of a greatSati and all these powers are on the right side like Savitri Gayatri all of them are, some of them are on the left side. They became powers within us. So their sacrifices have created powers within us.