The Spirit comes into your attention, when you are completely enlightened

Brisbane (Australia)

1992-02-21 The Spirit Comes Into Your Attention, When You Are Completely Enlightened,Australia DP-RAW, 184'
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Public Program Day 2. Brisbane (Australia), 21 February 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As I told you yesterday that truth is what it is. We cannot transform it, we cannot change it and we cannot know it at human awareness.

I never read scriptures as I don’t think I have to read them because I know them. But I was reading the Koran and also the Bible from this Christian science thing, all other scriptures also. I mean, what they are saying is absolutely true: that you have to be righteous, you have to be above violence, you have to be detached. All these things are absolutely the same, no doubt. There is no change. In all these scriptures they say the same thing. This was said about 8000 years back by Shri Rama then by Shri Krishna, then it was said by Socrates, Lao Tze, Abraham – all of them have said the same thing. Then Mohammed Sahib said the same thing, Nanaka said the same thing.

Now what’s wrong? Still we find all these people are not what they are supposed to be and it’s admitted. And they give explanation for that. Like I’m reading the intellectuals from Islam. They said that Islam is very different from Muslims but they must get educated. If they get educated in Islam they’ll be alright. I’ve seen many Islamic people who are very well educated – there is nothing of the kind. They are just like anybody else in any religion whatsoever. So what is the missing point? That we should find out. Why everything has failed?

Also I was reading your archbishop here was saying that, “We are full of violence. We have child abuse, we have too much violence, other violence.” So much it has increased. Why? Despite all these teachings, all these sciences and everything, the Islam, the Buddhism, the another ism, there is no end to it, Jainism; all the books after books and libraries full saying the same thing. Then why is it that nobody has been able to establish that kind of a society which is been predicted and promised?

The one thing they have missed is that you have to become your Self, you have to be born again. And in Sanskrit language a person who is a realised soul is called as “dvijaha” – “dvi” means twice, “ja” means born. And also a bird is called as a dvijaha because it is first an egg and then it becomes a bird. So this is the point we have missed in all the religions. There is nothing wrong with the incarnations, nothing wrong with all the prophets and every one of them. What is wrong is that we, human beings, have not achieved what they said. And that’s why whatever we mentally know – everything we know mentally, by heart. There are people I know who can recite Bible, recite Koran, recite [UNCLEAR, ganapat], everything they can recite but nothing goes beyond that. It has to come to the heart, that’s the Spirit. Because we have not become the Spirit we cannot absorb it into our being.

Our religion stays outside, we remain outside. It has no control over us because the self-control is only our ego that controls. But the Self-control, means the control of the Spirit, is not there. Unless and until you become the Spirit and the Spirit comes into your attention, when you are completely enlightened then you just don’t do wrong; you cannot think of these things; you just, you become righteous automatically because you are in the light. Without the light within, in the darkness you cannot achieve that – whatever is promised.

You may be good in one thing but in another thing you will be bad. You might be good for some moral things then you will be very bad in legal things. It will be not a properly, perfect personality as been expected in those scriptures. The reason is the equipment within us is the Spirit and if we do not use that equipment, with this mind we can just have mental projections and that is the problem of today’s religions. There is nothing wrong with them; they are all just the same, saying the same thing; I’m saying the same thing.

The difference is in Sahaja Yoga we have been able to establish a society of people in about 62 countries we have got but 52 countries have very good centers – people who are absolutely moral, absolutely. Christ was such a, when he said such a subtle thing about morality, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Now for a person not to have adulterous eyes is impossible in the West. The whole system, the whole culture has become adulterous. Now Christ has said the subtlest of subtlest of morality, subtlest of subtlest and when he said that he was expressing that kind of a society where the eyes become innocent, absolutely innocent. You will be surprised, in Sahaja Yoga we have achieved that: thousands of people, thousands and thousands have got those innocent eyes. We don’t have this flirtation, this nonsense of one man running with another man’s wife. All that nonsense is finished. That never comes into their minds. They lead a very good, happy married life and they have very beautiful, realized souls born to them. Such a beautiful society has been formed. No question of child abuse, no question. Nobody can even think of it. They all have become so righteous; they are from different countries, from different races, different religion, different races, everything different. But as far as morality is concerned, as far as legal life is concerned, as far as violence is concerned they are above everyone else.

And the way they live, you’ll be amazed that when I first went to Russia twenty-five Germans flew down to Moscow. I was amazed how are they there. They said, “Mother, don’t you think it is our responsibility?” Such gentle people these Germans have become: you won’t believe they are Germans by any chance, when you’ve seen Gestapo and all those things. I mean, they are just the opposite of that – such beautiful people, just like angels, I tell you. How they have become like this?

This is something that we have to understand that we have failed the religions we are following. The reason is simple: that we have not had our realisation; we have not used our Self: the power of our Spirit. This is the experience one must have. Without the experience all talk is talk and talk, and talk and people go mad with that.

If you want to sit with someone like that, if there is someone who is well-read you will feel like running away from that person within 5 minutes, you will jump in the sea as he’ll eat you off and just go on bombarding, bombarding, bombarding whatever the things he has. But nothing. And if you see his private life, he is no better than us. People are amazed that some priest in Austria – there is a big book has come, a priest has got keeps, has married women as keeps there; they’ve got children. And some in Canada have abused school children one after another, thousands of them; they are so unsafe.

Now they don’t want to have women here as priests. I don’t know what the problem is that way. You see, it’s all sort of, it’s such a mental behaviour about everything. That is not going to lead us anywhere. We have to have this world full of peace, full of joy, full of friendship and brotherhood. That’s what we have come to. Now we have reached that point we don’t want to have any more wars. But even if there are no more wars still Israel and Lebanon fighting. It’s going on and on and on.

And if you talk to an Israeli you will feel that this man is so over-read. We had some Israeli people coming to our program. One of them was a rabbi. And his name was such a big lecture, to begin with. I said, “You sit down.” I gave him realisation. I said, “You give the lecture.” He said, “No more.” I found it.

So this is what is new category of people who are trying to find out the truth. And please find out the truth first of all. Instead of that somebody has told you because I’m born a Christian, you are born a Hindi, you are born this thing so become that. Alright. But these brands are of no use; we have just brands, there is no meaning. Only it has meaning when we get our Self-realisation. It is very surprising we are still going on in the same line.

And the archbishop of Canterbury also, he sent his men to see me. And he asked me, “What is it different?” I said, “It’s very different.” Either these religions have become money-oriented or have become what you can call the power-oriented. They are not Spirit-oriented. Let them become Spirit-oriented. None of them are Spirit-oriented. If you are just power-oriented or money-oriented then it will create problems. But still they think they are doing well, they are alright.

I personally think that all of you who are now here should get your Self-realisation and then you will see Christ, then you read the Bible, then you will know what it is. Every word is like a chant; every word has a meaning. But you cannot read between the lines because we haven’t got those diving lights within us.

Just now so many false gurus have come, false people: this big name, that big name, such shrewd big names you don’t know …. In America there are organizations which talk of the “universal divine light”, this, that, everything “universal”. Nothing is universal in them. So by just taking a big name or making a big money is not to be achieved. Money has nothing to do with God, I tell you. I promise you: God doesn’t understand banking, he doesn’t. It’s our headache. We have created all this nonsense of this taxation, banking, this. I also don’t understand much, I must say, I must confess. Because it’s something funny. Then we have lots of games connected with money. Then the power game is going on. How can these organisations be one with any government, with anything like that? What has government to do?

Only it is God’s government. It is his kingdom we should seek. Once you get into that kingdom you automatically become legal. You don’t have to read any laws, nothing; you become legal automatically because you become so righteous you don’t want to do anything wrong. But supposing they want to crucify you, they can. I mean, that’s different because they are crazy people. But otherwise it’s such a wonderful life.

Now these Sahaja Yogis are here. I hope …. I gave you yesterday realisation and today also we’ll do it but after that I would request you to go and see for yourself how they are, how they behave and test them. And you will be amazed that all this reading is useless unless and until you get your Self-realisation. It’s like this: supposing I have a headache so I tell you that, “Go and take Anasin”. I write it, a prescription for you. Now you are reading, “Take Anasin, take Anasin, take Anasin.” but don’t take Anasin. Alright? So your headache will increase or decrease? Now logically, just by reading how can we reach things? So this is a simple thing we have to understand.

It’s not only about all these religions but also otherwise I have seen these false people who come here. They also will give you a mantra, something stupid. This TM gave for 300 pounds a mantra to westerns called as “kinga-inga-pinga”. These are not Sanskrit words, it means very funny. “Inga” means the scorpion’s bite – 300 pounds for scorpion bite mantra. Then second one …. Really I tell you. The second one is “pinga”, when you – it’s not also Sanskrit, it’s some sort of a local language – that when you get possessed you go on like this, that is “pinga”. And the “kinga” is when you show somebody like this. Can you imagine? They paid 300 pounds and they were told not to tell it to anybody because if you tell any Indian he would just laugh. Such a big secret. And every time they take out a new thing then they’ll start a flying squad; flying squad called as the “Flying Foundation” in Scotland. The director of that, the deputy director of that, the wife of the director and their daughter: four of them got epilepsy and bankruptcy so they came to us. He is writing a book now. He is from South Africa. Poor man, he was a diamond merchant – he’s finished. His wife was the grand-daughter of a duke and his deputy director – another rich man: all of them have lost all their money. And all kinds of lies he made them tell because they had invested the money. And people believed that. I don’t know how people can believe such nonsensical things. He said, “I just passed through the wall. I came to America without a passport.” Everybody believed in America.

And the Evangelists, the other day I was there in America; I must tell you. He was talking of – after the program I don’t know why they started the television – and I started seeing, feeling that, “Look at this man.” He was a …. Now, he had a 100 dollar note in his hand. He’ll say, “You must relieve and receive.” I didn’t know what was “release and receive”, release and receive. They said in the market they put bargain; with that first they release then they receive. So you must release, so you must release 100 dollars to them, these persons: the phone number, everything coming out. Imagine the Americans tolerate all this nonsense and absorb it. And then he told a story that one lady released this [banknote] – this was for her grocery so next day she opens the door and the grocery – in front of her door. Can you imagine, such a nonsense. And they tolerated it. Such a blatant nonsense, I tell you, and the Americans digested it. All these talks you should not digest. You must think for yourself and for your benevolence.

No use belonging to anything. You belong to yourself first of all and you should know that you all can become the Self and you can be enlightened people, and have all that has been promised to you in all the scriptures. You will enjoy the kingdom of God and you’ll see for yourself that you will get it. For that you cannot pay; I have already told you, you cannot pay. So it is as simple as that and it works out in a very simple manner but you must have strong desire to have this realisation, that’s all.

Yesterday I told you that I’ll tell you about the Spirit, the nature of the Spirit. The first nature of the Spirit is this: that when it manifests in your attention then your attention becomes enlightened and you can feel on your central nervous system this all-pervading power about which I told you yesterday which is the divine power which does all the living work; it’s the living God and his living Power. First time you start feeling – yesterday so many of you felt – cool or hot breeze like waves flowing into your hands. That should happen. This is first things that happens when you become the Spirit, means the awakening takes place.

Then secondly you become absolutely thoughtlessly aware: thoughts cannot bombard you anymore. Because as you have seen here there is one side is your conditionings and another side is your ego, that covers …. Now, it is within here [Shri Mataji shows with her hands], in between in the limbic area, in medical terminology it’s limbic area but we call it as Sahasrara – means “one thousand petals”. Now what happens: that when this centre – Agnya, that is the centre of Christ – when it is awakened, means Christ is awakened, it goes like this and this is sucked in inside that Agnya chakra. So you become thoughtlessly aware: means there is thought which just goes away. One thought rises and falls, again thought rises, falls and we are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. But when this happens you are no more in the future and the past from where the thoughts come in but you are in centre – that is, you are in the present. So you can exist in the present. If you want you can think; if you don’t want you need not think. But then the inspiration from the Divine starts coming; the inspiration starts coming. Such people I’ve known in India also, everywhere. They have become great artists, great musicians; they have become great painters, so many have become writers and auditors because all these conditionings that are there or the ego has gone away and you are connected with the Divine and you are getting all the inspiration from Divine which is the absolute; which is absolute.

Because Spirit is the absolute, means you know the absolute truth. There is no difference of opinion between two persons or hundred persons. Whatever they know about others …. Supposing some lady is there and you want to feel her chakras: everybody will say the same thing; everyone will say that this is the centre. If they say so, “This is the centre.”, everybody sees the same thing: means that they know the absolute. There is no quarrel about it, no fight about it. They cannot quarrel because they know the whole thing. Now supposing as I said, I am wearing a white sari. Everybody sees that: alright, it’s a white one. So as you see it, that’s how you know and then what you talk, you walk. You just don’t talk; you talk the same way you walk. What you read, whatever are the precepts become your practices automatically. You don’t have to do it. I don’t have to say, “Don’t do that.”

As a result of this happening first of all, all bad habits drop off. You’ll be amazed in England drug addicts came of the worst type and overnight they dropped it; alcoholism – overnight. I’ve never said, “Don’t do” If I say, “Don’t do.” means half of them will walk out. But it just works; it is your own power; it is your own Spirit that manifests. And that gives you this special power by which you are really empowered and you can do anything that you want to which is for your benevolence. You just drop up things without any difficulties, without any problem.

As I told you also that people have been cured of incurable diseases. But that has nothing to do with me: it’s your own kundalini, it’s your own power. But the Spirit when it gives you a complete, perfect idea of truth you just have to know how to overcome or how to correct your own centres. And that Spirit vibrates with this cool breeze. As soon as you are corrected you find all your fingers are flowing alright, it’s working alright and you feel extremely joyous because that is the nature of Spirit that it is joy. It is the ocean of joy. Joy is not like happiness or unhappiness. When ego is pampered you feel happy, when it is hurt you feel unhappy. It’s not like that: you are above it and you witness the whole thing like a drama, and you are always in the ocean of joy. That is the experience you have to have.

It is so wonderful that such a time has come now for all of us to take to our Self. This the way the Last Judgement is going to work out. Last Judgement doesn’t mean that we’ll be weighted; no, it doesn’t mean that. It means this kundalini will rise and she will tell herself what’s wrong with you. Even in Koran it’s written very clearly that when the time of Resurrection will come your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you. This is what Sahaja Yoga is.

Even in Buddha Dharma, they have said that Bodhisattva will be coming: Bodhisattva means a person who will not only make you realised souls but also teach you how to give it to others, to the society, to the nations, to the world; that is the Bodhisattva. And this is what one has to know that even in Buddha Dharma or in Jainism, everywhere they have described about the future when human beings will receive all this. And that’s the time, has come now for you to receiving everything without releasing anything. You have to just receive. Reception is needed and I’m sure it will work out tonight again as it worked out the other day.

I’m sorry there are no questions here. Do you have any questions? About the questions, I’ll say now. I’ve been doing this kind of a job for 21 years now and I’ve become quite an expert. So I will answer all your questions but that doesn’t guarantee your realisation for one thing.

Question: Please explain how to treat gossip and lies.

Shri Mataji: I mean, as long as you do not gossip and lie it’s alright. You shouldn’t worry about others. Those who tell you lies and gossip let them have their own time. But as long as you do not deceive anyone, as long as you do not gossip that’s the best thing. And after Self-realisation you don’t do it.

Question: What is the path we follow when we die? How long before we are aware and mobile again?

Shri Mataji: Now about the death we should not worry; we are talking about the present. Death is nothing but changing your dress, that’s all. It is nothing. But that you will realize very soon, as soon as you get Realisation you will never think of your death. And even at the time of death …. There are very few Sahaja Yogis who have so far died; always they die after the age of 73-75, something like that. Though they were told that, “You will day within one day.” or say, one month, they are still alright – some blood cancer patients and all that; they are still alright. So one doesn’t think about that. One thinks about the present, enjoys the present and when the death comes – it doesn’t matter, it’s alright. It’s nothing important.

But you are protected. You never die in an accident, you never die in a funny way, somebody cannot kill you, you will be saved. You die very peacefully.

Question: Can you please explain, Shri Mataji, how to relieve pain?

Shri Mataji: It depends on the kind of pain you have. And if you have a physical pain in Sahaja Yoga we have so many methods by which we can relieve the pain; mentally also. This is only meditation that will help you: for 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening. For every centre there is a way – they’ll tell you, they know everything – you just follow it. All the pains can be relieved in no time.

That’s all?

Question: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Depends on, depends on, depends on. You see, after Self-realisation it is your free will – whenever you want to be born. But incarnations are born after 2000 years normally because they want to correct people or establish again some goodness in them. And also some people who die actually hang around also. They don’t want to die: they have still some greed left in them or some sort of thing so they hang. Some go into limbo as they say. So all these things are different, different varieties.

But for Sahaja Yogis – no problem. If you are a Sahaja Yogi you die at your will and you are born at your will, if you want. And you will because you want to change the world. You get such compassion, such compassion. I mean, you don’t pay to any Sahaja Yogis anything neither will take anything from you. But look at – here there are people from Sydney, from here and there, they all are here – just compassion. Isn’t it nice to feel that way? Everyone wants to look after you. You become part and parcel of the whole and everyone wants to really help each other in every way possible.

Also materially you improve, I must say. It’s not a lie but it’s a fact because I was myself surprised that in London we have so many Sahaja Yogis, in England, and none of them are unemployed surprisingly. Unemployment was so high there. And here also I find all of them are very well placed, everything is very well. Everything works out. This is Mother’s chocolate, you see.

Question: How did you discover the system in 1970?

Shri Mataji: No, no, I knew everything but the problem was I wanted to discover a system by which I could give realisation en-mass, to masses, not to one person. Because one person makes no difference. All these great incarnations came here and they suffered. So anything that is discovered …. Say, electricity was discovered by one individual then it was worked out, now it is for masses. So everything that is there has to be for the masses. So what I’ve discovered is only an en-mass realisation how to give by studying human beings what problems they have, their combinations and permutations and it has worked out.

Question: How you pass the situation of experiencing ecstasy and agony at the same time?

Shri Mataji: These two are two faces of one coin; these are dualities. What you have to have is just joy. So sometimes people are in ecstasy and sometimes in remorse, or some sort of a very harmful type of depression. But you get out of it, completely. That’s the thing you have to experience. Ecstasy is coming actually not from the Divine, it comes from emotional feeling; and also the depression comes from the same. Or it may come from ego: supposing somebody suddenly is announced as the Prime Minister – he feels the ecstasy. Then they say, “No, you are not elected.” – then the depression, at the same time you can have it. But this is the difference. Absolutely different, absolutely pure joy.

Question: You spoke about the need to have a desire for Self-realisation. But aren’t we trying to become desire-less?

Shri Mataji: That is how: once you get your Realisation then you become desire-less. But first you must have desire. The reason is you have been given freedom; human beings have got freedom not the animals. So I respect that freedom. So unless and until you desire I cannot force it on you. That’s why you have to have desire. Then you become absolutely desire-less but you become so powerful whatever you desire – even by chance – it’s there. Something very surprising. It is to be experienced: that’s all I would say.

And then you’ll be surprised at yourself how fantastic you are. Just now you don’t know what you are, to be very frank; you don’t know what you are. It’s a fantastic thing that human being at the epitome of all your evolution, at the epitome. It’s just a wee bit of journey and you are there. This is the last breakthrough of our evolution, just last bit.

Question: How do you tell the difference between egotistical desire and a spiritual one?

Shri Mataji: Just now your desire should be: you should get your Self-realisation. That’s all. Simple. Very simple, isn’t it? Then the ego disappears. How? Just now I showed you it is sucked in so there is no more ego, no more your conditionings. Is it clear like this?

Just now only simply you have to desire that you want your Self-realisation; that’s all. It is not egoistical or anyway it is disdaining.

Then how do you know it is from the Divine? So now, what you have to do when you have got realisation then you put your hands like this and ask for anything. Now if you are not believer of God you ask, “Is there God?”. You ask three times – start getting cool breeze. Now, if there is a nasty fellow who is saying that is a big master, ask the question, “Is he a master?” – you might get a blister a little bit. Everything. Was Christ the son of God? Alright, ask the question. Whatever is the truth you will know, yourself. You have to certify yourself, nobody has to tell you. You will know yourself. Once you become the master you would be amazed – you would know so much. I mean, it is a very subtle science, very subtle thing about this divine machinery within us which has been described in the Bible as the Tree of Life – it’s very subtle. But people know it in no time: in one month time they are experts, such experts. Anything you want to know – in the beginning you have to use your eyes, later on you don’t have to use also – it will be just revelation coming to you; it will be all revealed.

The second state is called as doubtless awareness – nirvikalpa samadhi, doubtless awareness. It’s a state where you start giving realisation to others, working it out then suddenly you become that state. It’s not question of mental but it’s a state where you can give realisation, you can cure people. Then you don’t ask questions: you stand here and answer like he will do, Stephen. Like you become the light and Christ has said that you do not put the light under a measure. [bushel].

Question: [UNCLEAR, about Christ being in India]

Shri Mataji: That’s a fact. No, no, he was there; he did not do any studying: he didn’t need any studying as such. But he was there because India at that time was a country of yoga, a country of very deep knowledge and wisdom and this knowledge of Kundalini they all knew about it. Only thing they could not do it en-mass. It is a country of knowing, it is a country of great divine culture also. That is a fact. And that Christ came there because he felt very convenient there.

I come from a family called as Shalivanas. He was an old king long time back. There is a calendar also in the Shalivana. In his books they’ve read that he met Christ in Kashmir and he asked him, “What’s your name?”
He said, “My name is Isa.”
And he said, “You are from this country?”
He said, “No. I come from another country which is a foreign country but this is my country.” Very clearly he said it; it’s all in Sanskrit written down in the books of this [Shalivana].

So interesting it is that he was here definitely. And also there is a tomb of Mother Mary in one place. Even Moses died in Kashmir. There is a valley there, Nebu valley which was described in the Bible and it’s there. I told this long time back but now there is a book, they said, about it.

So all these things are true because India was a place of great peace and yoga because the reason might be that the climate in India is so good that you don’t have to worry about, too much worry about going out of the house or to fight the nature; there is no need to fight. Nature is very good. So people could live in jungles without any problem, fruits were there, everything and then they become introverts and started trying to find out about themselves.

So the growth that was outside in the West started inside in the East. So as such a big organization or we can say, such a big civilization has been created in the West also it must have its roots; the same tree must have roots and this is the knowledge of the roots. So you can find so many things which are absolutely describing this Kundalini.

Till the 12th century in India they used to have awakening of one guru will have one master, one only. Traditionally it was like that till the 12th century. And all this was in Sanskrit language like 13 000 years back there was Markandeya who has written about it. In the 6th century Adi Shankaracharya has written about it. Everybody has written about the Kundalini: that that’s the only way you can get your realisation and all that. But then only in the 12th century the saint Gyaneshwara from Maharashtra, he wrote it in Marathi language in his book “Gyaneshwari” in the 6th chapter that it is the Kundalini. And he asked permission from his guru – his own brother was his guru – that, “At least allow me to write it down.”; it’s the first time. Then we’ve got Guru Nanaka and we’ve got so many people who have said about it; Ramdasa, so many people have talked about it.

So as we have to learn science from the West, it doesn’t matter if you have to learn this science from the East because it is for our good, for our nourishment. But I would say that it is not only …. William Blake*, then you can say [UNCLEAR], so many of them have described about these times very clearly, very clearly. So that shows that it was there – like Lao Tze has talked about Tao: Tao is nothing but Kundalini, and Zen is nothing but dyana [meditation]. So all of them knew about it but they didn’t know how to give en-mass realisation. So it became all language, language, language, just talking. It never became an experience within.

So if you go to China they talk about Lao Tze but they don’t know that you must get your realisation. This is the problem that it is said, again and again, that you have to be born again then they put a brand “born again”. You cannot do it – “born again” – without anything inside you; it is just a brand, another brand that you are “born again”.

You are born again when you get powers. The first power is that you can give realisation to others. Secondly, you can cure people; thirdly, you become a witness. So many powers there are. These powers must manifest otherwise …. Just if you become a Governor you must have some powers otherwise you just brand yourself as “Governor” – nobody can tax it.

So it is not some any clan or anything. It is just your evolutionary process by which you become and then you find the collective because the microcosm becomes a macrocosm, a drop becomes an ocean and then the whole ocean is there – your own. That’s a wonderful thing that should happen to all of us. Alright?

There, please, you.

Question: Do all these things you are speaking about happen with realisation or do you have to refine the process after realisation? Do you have to expand it?

Shri Mataji: No, no, I never needed any realisation, my child, I was born with realisation. Alright? I told you I knew all these things. As far as I am concerned, I would say you take your realisation and then you will know about me. Alright? Because the use of my telling you anything? If I tell you anything …. Christ said that he was the son of God: it was a fact but they crucified him. Now I don’t want to get crucified. Alright? So you better know me when you have got your realisation; that’s a much better thing than to know me as it is. I may say anything, nonsense. Why should you believe me? You should not. And you should not believe even if I say that this thing happens till you get it. That’s very much better; there is no need to have blind faith into anything. Blind faith is not going to lead you anywhere. Till you have received the experience you should not believe into anything. First receive your realisation, you certify yourself and then you say what you have to say. Alright?

So I think we’ve had enough of questioning so let us have now the experience which will take only ten minutes. But those who do not want to have the experience should not disturb others by staying over; they should leave the hall. But those who want to have the experience should stay here.

[Shri Mataji speaks Hindi from min 46:03 to 49:12.]

I’m sorry I have to talk to them in Hindi language, you don’t know it.

It’s very simple. You have to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a little. So take out your shoes and put both the feet apart from each other.

Now as I told you, you have to desire. And symbolically when you put your left hand towards me on your lap only, not with any difficulty – just on your lap, comfortably – that means you are desiring to have your realisation because the left side is the power of desire. With the right hand we’ll try to nourish our centres and this nourishment will help us to raise our own kundalini. It’s very simple. This you have to do only once or twice: yesterday some people must have done it and today …. But otherwise there is no need to do it in my absence. They will tell you what is to be done: it’s very simple to correct your centres.

But there are three conditions which are very simple and which are very logical. The first one is that you have to be very absolutely self-confident that you will get your realisation. In no way you should be diffident. All of you can get your Self-realisation without any difficulty if you have your self-confidence.

Secondly, you should not feel guilty at all. There is no need to feel guilty in my presence. At this present moment forget the past. All those people who tell you, you are a sinner, you are this …. Forget them. It’s nonsense. There isn’t anything like that. You are after all human beings; if you do not commit mistakes, it’s alright – after all you are not God. So you should not have these feelings that, “I am guilty.” In my lecture if I’ve said something also, you forget it; it is not for you to make you guilty at all. If you feel guilty then you catch a centre here on the left hand side – we call it the left Vishuddhi. And when you catch this centre then you get a problem called as angina or spondylitis and sometimes your all organs become lethargic. So please don’t feel guilty. That is one thing very important.

Secondly, you have to forgive everyone. Everyone you have to forgive because whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. Now, logical again: if you don’t forgive anyone then you are playing into wrong hands not the person who has troubled you – he is quite happy or she is quite happy – but you are the one who is suffering. Isn’t it? So best is to forgive. Forgive everyone one of them and don’t even think of them because it’s not good, no use; why should you think of them even: they are good for nothing. So forgive all of them, once for all. That’s the third condition. That’s all.

I think it’s clear to you, it’s very logical: these three conditions are not something great; you can easily do it.

Now you put your left hand towards me and right hand on your heart. We’ll first show you, you can keep your eyes open; later on you have to close your eyes. In the heart resides the Spirit. So first we put our hand on our heart. Then if you are the Spirit you become your guide, your master. So we put our right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side. He will show you. Then we have to take down our hand in the lower portion of our abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge: knowledge by which we know how to handle this divine power, how to work it out; it’s pure knowledge because it is absolute. Then you take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen again, then onto your heart, then onto your corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your head to your right. I’ve already told you about this centre. Again this is catching. Don’t feel guilty, for heaven’s sake don’t feel guilty. You are not going to miss your realisation for that. Now please put your right hand on top of your head, across, putting the fingers on one side and the thumb on the other and put down your head as far as possible. This is the centre you have to forgive everyone in general. Now take your right hand to the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here now, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading divine power called as paramchaitanya. Now stretch your hand fully. Now the last centre is important. Put the stretched palm on top of your fontanel bone area – the taalu which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now push back your fingers – this is important; push back your fingers so there is a good pressure on your scalp. Now please put down your head as far as possible and now move it clockwise seven times. That’s all we have to do. But just stretch back your fingers: that’s important.

Now remember you have to put both your feet apart from each other. You have to sit in a manner that you are comfortable: not slouching too much or stretching yourself. If there is anything that is tight on your waist or on your neck, please let it little loose. And now you have to close your eyes. You can remove your spectacles because you should not open your eyes till I tell you.

Please now put your right hand on your heart. Here you have to say about yourself, a very fundamental question you have to ask me. You can call me “Mother” or “Shri Mataji”, whatever you feel like. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” ask this question in your heart three times. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” three times ask in your heart. It’s a very fundamental question which will help to open this centre.

Now, if you are the Spirit you are your guide, your master. So now please take your hand onto the left side – we are working only on left side – of your abdomen, on the upper part and press it hard and now ask another fundamental question, “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times.

I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you so you have to ask for it. Now take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. And here you have to ask six times because this centre has got six petals, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.”

As soon as you ask for pure knowledge this power of kundalini starts rising upward so we have to nourish the upper chakras, the centres with our self-confidence. So now take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, press it hard and here you say with full confidence ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.”

You have to know that you are not this body, not this mind, not these conditionings, not this ego, not these emotions but you are pure Spirit. So now please put your right hand on your heart and with full confidence you have to say again 12 times in your heart, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.” Please say it 12 times, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.”

This divine power is the ocean of love, ocean of knowledge, ocean of compassion and bliss. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you might have committed can be easily dissolved in the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself and take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder as far back as possible and turn your head to your right. Now here with full confidence you have to say 16 times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

I’ve already told you that you have to forgive everyone in general. You don’t have to think about them at all. And just remember that whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So now put your hand on your forehead across, with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other side, and hold your forehead. Now put down your head, bring it down as far as possible; please bring it down. And here you have to say with full confidence from your heart – not how many times, from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general. Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” You have to say it from your heart, not how many times. Please put down your head. This is a centre which is extremely constricted and if do not say that it won’t open. So please, please forgive everyone. Just say that, “I forgive everyone in general. Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” It’s very important just to say it.

Now take back your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction please say, not how many times but again from your heart, “Oh, divine power, please forgive me if knowingly or unknowingly I’ve done something wrong. Oh, divine power, please forgive me, knowingly or unknowingly if I have done something wrong against you.” Please say this from your heart, not how many times but from your heart. Push back your head as far as possible.

Now the last centre which is very important: stretch your palm fully and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. This is the actualisation of your baptism. So now push back your fingers, push back your fingers; put down your head; please put down your head, push back your fingers. Here again, I respect your freedom: I cannot force Self-realisation on you so please by moving your hand seven times slowly, moving the scalp, please say seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-realisation.” which have to ask for seven times. Please put down your head.

Now please take down the hands. Now put both the hands towards me. You can wear your glasses and watch me without thinking, without thinking. Now put the right hand towards me and bend your head, and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. You don’t have to put it on top of your head – away from your head, sometimes you get it very far also.

Now please put your left hand towards me. Please put down your head and see with your right hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head.

Now the right hand again: please put the right hand towards me and with the left hand see again if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head, may be hot. It might be a hot breeze or a hot air coming out if you have not forgiven or you have some liver problem. So please forgive and get the cool breeze. But it’s alright, hot or cool breeze – doesn’t matter for the time being.

Now please put both the hands up towards the sky like this, push back your head and ask one of these questions: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? or “Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?” or “Mother, is this the paramchaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions three times.

Now take down your hands. Just put your hands, you’ll feel the cool breeze; with the hands like this you just see.

All those who have felt the cool breeze in their hands or hot breeze on their fingertips or through their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands.

May God bless you. All of you have god it.

[Shri Mataji speaks Hind min 1:10:40]

Again, those who have felt it, please put both your hands up. I would like to see again. The whole of Brisbane has got it practically, except one or two persons.

May God bless you all. May God bless you all.

So doesn’t matter, some people haven’t got it, doesn’t matter. They must be thinking about it so much, I think. Whatever it is they will all get it. They have to just go for the follow-on we have; also we have a general follow-on. There are some very good Sahaja Yogis here, luckily. We have a very good centre; they’ll tell you all about it. You don’t have to pay for anything whatsoever. And you will get whatever you want to know, whatever problems you have. All these things can be solved.

So may God bless you all. I’m very happy.

Why didn’t you feel it? You didn’t forgive? You didn’t feel? No, behind you the gentleman, next to you. Didn’t feel the cool breeze? Warm? It’s alright. You must forgive, just you have to forgive. You’ll be alright, just forgive. Logically you understand what I say, isn’t it?

I would like to meet you, people, if you want to meet me but I don’t know how to arrange it.

[Till the end of the video Shri Mataji meets the seekers while Sahaja Yogis sing bhajans.]

[Hindi to English translation]

I would especially like to tell the Indians not to leave while the realization program is taking place. Yesterday, while the realization was taking place, 5-6 Indians who were sitting among the crowd, nonchalantly got up and left. How (socially) distasteful it looks! This (spirituality) is a part of your cultural heritage, you must know this thing and how awkwardly you people (Indians) behave, how will these (Westerners) people perceive you? Yesterday, 4-5 people left so abruptly from the crowd and the Westerners were left gaping, wondering just why are these Indians, of all people, leaving? And these are the people (Indians) who keep hovering around false gurus, following them in temples, throwing their money on them, all such nonsensical businesses keep going on. Anyone (false guru) who gives them little money or creates silly miracles like producing rings (jewelry) in the air, these people will run after those types of gurus! Such immature gestures of these Indians have serious repercussions on the minds of the Westerners who wonder why does the Indian diaspora behave in such an abrupt fashion? And it becomes difficult for ME to explain such a scenario! Such immigrants (Indians) are caught up in a scenario as complicated as, planting an Indian mango tree on the English soil and when it grows up, it can neither produce Indian mangoes nor English apples! Such is the extent of their cultural disjointedness! One must never resort to such alienations! You must retain your respect for your cultural heritage and show it. This happened yesterday and happens in many places generally too. I feel quite surprised that getting your Realization is such a prized happening, it is something that innately belongs to you and you must attain it and understand its importance thereby, holding one’s Realization in high esteem! But they (Indians) will ritualistically, break coconuts, ring bells (in temples) but never realize the reality! What is meant to be attained, must be attained! Even now, as I am still addressing this issue, 3-4 Indians have had the nerve to get up and leave. Now, they will go and camp in temples, ringing bells no end! And then such people’s children are not going to be believers of God, understand it very well! Such folks’ children will question them on what kinds of superficial rituals have they been following all along! Ringing bells unceremoniously in different places, day after day and night after night and gain no perspective on it, no end to these baseless rituals! The Indians back in India are not like these people, they have a tremendous understanding! Now, in Delhi and Noida, there have been approx. 10k-16k followers who have received their Realization. Such melodrama, display of superficiality (among Indians) one gets to see here only! 2-4 Indians will drop in and walk out! They shouldn’t enter at the first place and now that they have entered, they shouldn’t just walk out so casually! Must observe an etiquette! Shouldn’t they?
And our SYs feel flummoxed at their behavior – what kind of people are these, how do they afford to behave so obnoxiously! Now, see how beautifully they recited the mantras in Sanskrit! Have you ever heard such melodies, the way these people sing? When you immigrate, you may adopt the filthy ways of the West but don’t forget the majesty of your own country’s culture, it is imperative! So much Indian diaspora here and each person worse than the next! Forever running after money! Fine, make your money but don’t you realize that money has no significance in front of the Divine? You don’t even enjoy the money you make! At least, all of you, attain your Realization, understood? Use your wisdom!

*(about William Blake)