Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Children

Brisbane Airport, Brisbane (Australia)


Talk to Yogis, Brisbane Airport (transit to NZ). Brisbane (Australia), 22 February 1992.

You shouldn’t go in the sun, in the daytime, I must say. It’s a worse sun than in India I tell you. It’s all right in the morning, about nine-ten o’clock, and in the evening, after six. It’s a very bad sun, and then you get all these problems of the skin, you see these days, they are developing, what do you call, cancer of the skin, very common. So one should never go to extremes, go up to this and then stop it. The whole of Brisbane was empty, they all had gone to the, beach I think. Even now, it’s very hot. Little later it might be. Best is the morning sun.

Now there’s a very big trend according to the newspapers, that people are taking to alternate religions now, they are fed up with the Christianity. They are going to Buddhism and other things. So one has to talk to them, that Buddhism, what Buddhists have got? Nothing. They are so much [INAUDIBLE]. Islam also is taking roots. So we have to move, and we have to talk to them, otherwise…You see once you get this Islam nonsense, you can’t get out of it. Is the worst of all. You have to talk to people about it all somehow. I don’t know, how do you stop. They are fundamentalists. Absolutely. And they say that if anybody wants to get out of Islam, then they try to kill that person. It’s so dangerous. Look at this Salaman Rushdie how they got after him. This is very dangerous to have Islam [INAUDIBLE].

But I say also Christians are responsible, because Christianity is going from Christ, so they think that if they go from here to there, will be better. Is nonsense. Is like conversion. That’s not going to help. You have to have transformation. Yesterday’s speech was good, Mine, on that point. You’ve made a tape [INAUDIBLE]? You have the tape. So, will you bring that tape with you, to Sydney? Make a copy. That was a good tape when I have talked about all the religions. What was missing in them. Like Bombay is the climate here. [HINDI] It’s very unusual to have such a rain, isn’t it? Continuously you don’t have this kind of rain here in Brisbane.