Talk After Film Henry V

Christchurch (New Zealand)


Talk After Film (Henry V). Christchurch, New Zealand, 25 February 1992.

If they take to modern writers, then they are really horrible and they just very vulgar, extremely vulgar, very superficial. Sadly they are doing Shakespeare like this, [inaudible] be successful. And you see how he has avoided all the pomp and show of the courts and all that, just focusing on them, with the light and  Rembrandt style, too much of…

Yogi: Mother, how did You cause the miracle? Would one of them be a realized soul or what?

Shri Mataji: He was, he was getting realized you see, evolving. But miracle is caused because it’s a Shiva’s Island, you see. He resides there. But the English never realize, that’s the point is, I don’t know when will they realize. They’re very arrogant, extremely arrogant and think no end of themselves. I don’t know how they do it like that. The more they are helped the worse they become. Now of course, once Europe becomes one, they’ll know what they are. They don’t have any talents, as the other people have, none of the talents. Just in their pride and arrogance, they remained in some sort of a fools’ paradise. Time has come for them to realize where are they. That’s why they are afraid to join European community. In no way(-) They are all mediocres in everything. Everything they do is mediocre.

Yogi: Today the Australian Prime Minister said we should become a republic in front of the Queen. The Queen was sitting there, and the Prime Minister said, in front of the Queen, we should become a republic. And in all the English newspapers they’re saying that the Prime Minister insulted the Queen.

Shri Mataji: Yes, what did they(-)?

Yogi: Newspapers in England, they are saying that the Australian prime minister insulted the Queen because he said that we should become a republic in front of the Queen.

 Shri Mataji: You see now everybody is now breaking out of Commonwealth. India has also broken, there’s no harm. Also, the Commonwealth is not such a body that really looks after the interests of all the countries in the same manner. It is, you see, this apartheid and all that, these things are going on and, I don’t know, they are not so clear-cut. Of course, they had an Indian, from, I think he was from East Africa who was the President of that, but he’s now gone and that’s the reason they must be asking to be republics. So it’s no insult to her, I mean a declaration is not an insult. English are like that. They can insult anyone, but nobody can insult them.

Yogi: The Prime Minister’s wife didn’t bow to her, didn’t curtsey, and that’s a very big insult.

Shri Mataji: I didn’t curtsey to her also. I never did. Actually she bent, thinking I was [INAUDIBLE], so I had to lift her up. All too much of it, see now, they have these parties, this tea parties, means tea party, horrible thing. Then you are supposed to wear those dresses from that Moss Bros. and tight, sometime loose, they all look like Charlie Chaplins. And see, then you have to walk in that wet lawn, and some ladies with the heels, they just get pressed into it. It’s a mess of a thing, but you have to be there. If you are not there they notice you and they’ll tell you: ‘Why didn’t you come?’ 

But there’s certain qualities in English which are to be imbibed. Is one of them, they always respect work and merit. Like they have respected My husband, it’s very remarkable I mean, that’s what they do. 

And secondly, they have very good justice. [Their] justice system is the best in the whole world. They cannot be corrupted.

And thirdly, I would say, as far as the Parliament is concerned, and the politicians are concerned, they are very honest, [there is] very little of bribery. So all this things are there, no doubt. 

But with this austerity of temperament, you see, you also develop that kind of a dry nature, arrogance and domination and all that. So they are fully on the right side, while they should be on the left because they are Shiva’s disciples. Their sense of humor, their scholarship, everything is fine but the arrogance and living in fools’ paradise is too much.

I mean, as far as Shakespeare is concerned, He was a realized soul of a very high order so He tried to show the futility of human endeavor all the time, and also the miracles of God, as in this one. But I don’t know if they have understood Him. And nowadays there’s not even one play running in England, [in] London itself. You have to go all the way to Stratford-on-Avon to see His plays. We saw two of them there. And now the plays they are having, it’s so horrible, that you can’t see with your children, you can’t see with anyone, it’s (-) I mean you don’t want see it also. It’s very cheapish style.

So they should go back to their own past and get out something nice from that. That’s why it has come out where. They must have learnt a lesson. In last year, no, last before that, they got [INAUDIBLE] that time. They [SOUNDS LIKE: booked?] all the films and condemned that as the worst, they wouldn’t show it. Very very arrogant and insulting, very arrogant and insulting people. That’s a sin, to insult another human being. Racist. I think Australia also has this racialism in them. It’s not so much now in England as (-) Some of the families in Australia very racist still. The way they troubled this Sandra. I mean in England nobody would do that kind of a thing.

But he was a good king, that’s why he was helped by God. That they don’t understand. This queen is a nice lady, very nice, very decent person, but she also can’t get out of it, it’s something that is, even her dress is decided by the Parliament. It’s all right now, I mean, I hope they learn a lesson.

[ANSWER TO INAUDIBLE QUESTION] The British were very nasty to us, very nasty, and actually, they put Me on ice, they gave Me electric shocks, they did everything to Me. But still I know that English (-) if it goes to the English mind it will circulate. The media in English, this Murdoch from here has gone, horrible fellow. No hope for England, cannot see sense at all, on the whole. But they take to French style sometimes, sometimes to Americans, they don’t have their self-confidence. If they develop their self-confidence, they’ll see the sense of Sahaja Yoga also.

Brian Bell: Shri Mother, may we say Your Three Mantras? To say good night/

Shri Mataji: Too many mantras already.  Just see My Feet. Just see My Feet, how much swollen they are, it’s with the mantras and things. So it’s better that, this puja business is too much, you see, continuously, I’m having, I had how many pujas you know, this short time five. Tomorrow we can say that, while before the program these boys can say, when there are too many people. But with few people they don’t absorb.

But it’s nice that there was puja so everybody could travel, come down, and, I agreed to it but you know only fifteen days [HINDI], in twenty days [HINDI] less than that. Twenty days these and then We are going there, five days… Twenty-five days really we had five pujas. So five days a puja is too much for Me. All right, doesn’t matter. So we’ll do it tomorrow before the program. All right?

All right, thank you very much for the nice film, it was really very nice.