Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Religion is Within

Christchurch (New Zealand)


Talk to Yogis. Christchurch (New Zealand), 25 February 1992.

So I am very very happy to come to Christchurch, and this the first time I’m coming here. I am happy there are so many people already who are Sahaja Yogis, and, who are deep seekers. In the beginning we have certain labor pains as they say, and one has to be very, patient with people who are coming. Now after My program there will be many others who will be coming. The other day when I was speaking to them, they’re surprised that we do not charge any money, and they asked a question: ‘Why don’t you charge the money?’ you see, then some Sahaja Yogi answered: ‘That it’s so invaluable that what will you pay for it you see it’s a living process, so how much are you going to pay?’ Then the person kept quiet.

So all sorts of questions they will ask you, and, you are not to get disturbed by that or angry with that. But you must understand that, you are not the same as they are. You have reached a certain height compared to them, and they don’t understand you, like Kabir has said [HINDI] ‘How am I to explain when the whole world is blind’ but not now, not the whole world is not blind quite a lot of them have got now eyes to see the truth. But when they approach you we have to be little careful, as not to upset them by our, achievement.

People have problems, they have, past ideas past memories, and they want to condemn themselves for that also sometimes, so all has to be stopped and to be said that present is present, past is past. That’s a very common problem with the people who come. And, they shudder sometimes to think that they can be purified so easily, but it is already there built in within them, which you have to show that it is built in. Now we have got many things Sahaja Yogis have got to convince themselves. You’ve got Photographs, you’ve seen the Kundalini pulsating. You have seen rising of the Kundalini. Through your own fingertips you have felt that you can make the Kundalini rise and you can feel the different centers. All this is, sort of has now become part and parcel of you. It’s no more a miracle for you not at all. You’ve just taken it, because it’s there and you know it but it is a miracle for people who are coming for the first time.

So to begin with we should not tell them much about it but let them experience for themselves and they’ll see themselves, and gradually they’ll grow. I’m sure that, this will happen with a great, depth I felt in this place, is a deeper place I must say than Auckland, definitely. Maybe that the people here are, more living in a, natural surroundings I don’t know why, but I felt that people are deeper here, and, deep seekers also. And I don’t know if you have here all these TM and all that working out in Christchurch do you have? This TM, is there? My God. What else is there the Hari Rama? That is there too. The young people are busy with that quite a lot, or few? With Hari Rama? Not much. They are? And what else Rajneesh is there?

Yogis: I think so. TM is very strong here.

Shri Mataji: Ah now TM is. Now for TM I can send you some pamphlets from London, about this gentleman but specially that we know about TM is horrible. So we are thinking of making a complete, exposure of these people. What they did and how they worked out from the very beginning, say one bulletin like that can be sent to you, and it can be then given to these people and distributed. Or if you get paper cuttings, some newspaper can publish it also. TM is horrible because the people who get out of TM, most of them settle down but some of them do not.

We have one gentleman from England, I have not been able to settle him. He is all right but still, I would say, no one wants to marry him, and, he has funny ideas I think I don’t know what happens to him and people feel very, heat from him coming all the time, sometimes some chakras catch. So this fellow has been there for quite sometime but still they think that he is not all right. His name is John Pearson, you must have seen, John Pearson. But surprisingly he is working with a very big company, making a big money out of it and he has lots of money. Though most of his money that he had earned before was taken away by the TM. After coming to Sahaja Yoga he’s earned lot of money, but still he feels the visshuddhi very much and headache and all that.

Then we have another one in Italy also, he’s also same type and he was married twice, and his wives who were Sahaja Yoginis ran away, they said: ‘Mother, he’s I don’t know’. They become little queer and weird type people, and the vibrations are very bad. Some of them have become recluses also, absolutely recluses. They go and stay somewhere in a closed room, in a group and just are suffering very bad. So so many seekers are like that ruined. And you know the story about them, what they did about the mantras and all that. All this we can write it down clearly, and we can put it out in their sessions or something whenever they are going down there. And epilepsy is a common disease that they have epilepsy, it’s another horrible thing that they do.

So we have to save these people from these calamities. But it’s surprising the way they advertise the way they, because they have money so they advertise. Money begets money you see so when they advertise more people come to them. All this advertising has paid them dividend in different countries like, England America, also France but now they are thrown away from there, so they are moving this side, towards Australia and New Zealand. This is now, because they failed there. Lots of things have appeared about them especially about this, their guru. Horrible things about him, that he was a smuggler, used to smuggle drugs, all kinds of things are there. All that can be, I don’t know if your newspapers are willing to publish it or not but it’s there, published already in the newspapers.

Now Hari Rama people are just like beggars, beggars now they have, no money nothing so, they are selling those [SOUNDS LIKE: nitara] and all that and they are earning [HINDI] that money living on that. It’s a funny way of, first of all they talk of sanyasa, then they get married they have children and, they are supposed to live like beggars. While Shri Krishna, whom they worship is a Kubera, is the God of money, can you imagine. These people are dressed up like a beggar and name… It’s really an insult to him that they should dress up like this and beg for money all over and, they shave their heads and those things that they put here we call it as shindi in Marathi and they call it as bodhi, that hair thing. That is, now you can get it in a supermarket. It’s such a artificial thing but they’re all stupid people I must say they are not, intelligent. They all join them. But it spoils the visshuddhi it spoils, also the center heart.

Some people came to Me who had, cancer of the throat from this group there. There about four five people like that, came down who had cancer of the throat. But normally we do not accept them, normally, because, they are very funny. They’ll come to Sahaja Yoga and just talk about Gita then, they won’t allow you to talk they’ll be talking all the time, something, and if you say anything they’ll say Hari Rama Hari Krishna Hari Rama Hari Krishna so nothing goes in the head. All craziness on the road to stand and sing with those dhotis, how to beg in the streets of Southhall, so Indians think: ‘Oh look at this white-skinned people so poor,’ so they give them alms and food, and they’re begging on the street. So all this kind of thing is going on.

But most dangerous I think is TM now. Most dangerous, this TM, and Rajneesh, they are the worst. I think Rajneesh are the worst people. And, once I was having a program in Delhi, they came down to the program. I told Yogi not to bring them to the program but they just came, three of them, and they were about hundred feet away from Me, more not less, and suddenly, they fell down. They looked at Me and I looked at them and they fell down. Fell down. [‘You were there for that program?’] Like stones. So all got very angry with Yogi ‘Why did you bring them here?’ Took them half an hour to take them with a kind of a, we have, something called [SOUNDS LIKE: bahar] we call it. Is a kind of a big rod of, steel. With that they were thrown out you see just like a stone taken away. And then the program started after half an hour, it took them half an hour to do that.

So he wrote in his ashram, [INAUDIBLE] ashram he has got in Dharamshala that no Rajneesh disciples are allowed. So they’re very aggressive, so they invaded. They said ‘Why not’? There were four-five of them. They said: ‘All right come along.’ And they brought in. He put My Photograph and said: ‘Put your hands like this.’ They all started shaking so then they ran away. So this Rajneesh’s disciple are the most difficult.

But so far in My whole memory I think there are only two persons whom we have saved, so far. One of them is, I don’t know if you have met Robert, from Belgium. He’s now finished his PhD thank God. And another Richard, Richard is still all right but, I mean he was a professor but I don’t know what he did in Rajneesh’s. That’s how we have all these false people, plus we have Anglicans, this Vaticans. Vatican is really, there’s this book you should get it, ‘In the Name of God’. These books are not here?

Yogi: Yes, Mother it’s in the shops.

Shri Mataji: I mean he has, in a way said that this pope killed, the first pope, and after that fourteen people were killed by him, just to hide it. But every week there’s something appearing in Italy. When I was there, so many things came out but that, they counterfeited these, nine million dollars, and distributed them through Vatican, bank. Can you imagine. Counterfeit, through the Vatican bank, and when it was published everybody withdrew their money from the Vatican bank. Got such a fright. I just thought they were money-oriented but also there is violence, because there was one fellow Calvi, who was from this mafia I think and had something to do with this, or he was with them. But he was the man connected with mafia. Then he was murdered, in London and was hanged by that Blackfriars, you must have heard, Bridge. He gave a confession that he did, one gentleman gave a confession that he murdered him, but, the money was paid by this pope. So all these horrible things are coming out.

And the other day I read an article about it that, pope asked Mr. Bush to send him all kinds of weapons and ammunitions and other things to Poland, and it was all smuggled out there, and an underground thing was worked out, for Mr Pope there and the whole thing, was another I can’t understand how can pope can be so much interested in politics of, Poland and that he wanted to trouble the Russians and it is, one of the pope’s strategy was to exploit the situation in Russia and today’s problems that are coming up are because of him, the interference he created.

But the pope has now lost, his hold in Poland somehow, because this gentleman Valesha, who was actually a stooge of pope has lost his elections and people don’t want him there anymore. Whatever it is they all get exposed no doubt and all this untruth will have to go. People are getting aware, they are finding out that this is untruth and they’re working it out. But despite that, we have to understand that, there’s little time we have to work out to save them. Because once they’re lost too much into it, then it’s very difficult to salvage.

Like in Sahaja Yoga I’ve seen people will just ‘Oh Mother he’s TM’, ‘Mother he is Rajneesh’ like they don’t want to do anything with that person then. ‘Mother please you see this one is Hari Rama’ like that. Sahaja Yogis develop a kind of a brahmanic character, they don’t want to have anything to do with ‘Oh Mother he’s TM he’s still TM,’ it’s very difficult. In Delhi we got a very good fellow from TM only but he came back and told me all that he has gone through and still he has problems. But the other people have seen: ‘Mother he is TM see.’ So what? ‘But you know we catch from…’ ‘Doesn’t matter you must put him right’.

So you have to exert quite a lot, if they have been TM. The best is to have precaution that you tell them that: ‘All right it is TM you have done, finished with it and come to Sahaja Yoga. But immediate results are not possible. You have to work out because it’s terrible. And they do get all kinds of pains they have all kinds of troubles. So once they know that all these troubles can be, somehow or other, taken away from their body, they will be very happy to join. So you have to tell that: ‘Many TM’s have come and have benefited.’ Of course that’s a fact also. So many have. But they have only worked on My Photographs. The Sahaja Yogis have not worked on them out of you know that, again that attitude.

Anybody used to: ‘Mother he is a TM.’ Before Me they’ll bring him. As if like a sick person they’ll bring him to Me: ‘So this is a TM. This is this thing’. So as we can help the, people who are poor in health we can also help people who are poor in their guru principle, we should. And we should just tell them how to do it with the Photograph. I mean we should be concerned after all, they are also seekers and out of ignorance they have gone there. So if you develop a proper attitude towards the people who are coming to you, new people and understand that there must be some sort of a conditioning on them. So you shouldn’t touch their conditionings but try to explain to them what is what. Would be much better than to just, say something, like he has a bhoot or he’s this you see suddenly. That upsets people very much.

So now if you have any questions you can ask:

Yogi: Mother the people are doing funny things like coming to the Ashram and putting flowers on the front step and doing some funny things, they’ve been to TM. Should we still try and do the same thing with them, if they are doing things that are crazy?

Shri Mataji: They are doing flowers.

Yogi: Bringing flowers, all kinds of funny things, bowing at the front door a little bit weird type of character.

Shri Mataji: You see because they want to be saved. So you should not get rid of them. You should call them give them some Photographs. Tell them how they can do it must be they must be suffering, that’s why they come. You have to help them now. Where do they do that?

Yogi: At Burwood.

Shri Mataji: Really.

Yogi: We had one gentleman’s been to TM and I spent two hours with him. At the end of the talk: ‘There’s a problem with the world with plastic bags’ was his comment.

Shri Mataji: Plastic bags? What was it?

Yogi: There’s a problem with the world which is plastic bags.

Shri Mataji: He came with that, idea. They go mad you know, with all that.

Yogi: Like that he’s mad like that. What to do with someone like that.

Shri Mataji: Give him the Photograph tell him come after one month. Work it out. Some of them are really mad I tell you, really mad. I don’t blame them also. I don’t know what are they possessed with. I think one fellow had Indian bhoots in him. He used to go to Indian restaurants, and eat like a glutton you know. He came to Me later on. So I said: ‘I’ve seen you somewhere’. So he says: ‘Do you go to Indian restaurants?’ I said: ‘Yes we have to go for My husband’s work.’ ‘Oh then you must have seen me there, I always go there and all the…’ So we treated him. So one day he came with us I mean somehow he drove us down, and he came inside the restaurant so the restaurant fellow said: ‘Oh is he with You?’ I said: ‘Why?’ ‘Oh he eats half of the things that we make here.’ So I said ‘There must be some Indian bhoots in him.’ But then his, the whole thing changed after that he became quite normal.

Yogi: Shri Mataji these are, the people who came to the first programs that we had here in October and are still coming. This is Margo and Paula and Linley they’re the three ladies there, and Rex here, and Keith and also about the same time Phillip came here, and then Robin and her husband Ken here, and Les. This is Dorothy and where’s Glen, and Glen there. They’re the daytime, we have a daytime program as well and Glen and Dorothy both come to that. So these are the sort of…

Shri Mataji: Oh it’s very good.

Yogi: So these are the first people who have discovered You here in Christchurch.

Shri Mataji: Good. Very good. I mean so many senior people you see. We really sometimes want some senior people otherwise, especially in Australia. If they are not senior then the people don’t care for them. We’ve been looking out for leaders who are senior and this and that and it has been problems, about it. Because even in these modern times I think people respect age, in Sahaja Yoga. So if you have a very young leader then they don’t care much for you. Is Adelaide we had that problem. Melbourne we had that problem. I hope things would work out all right now in these two places. I just don’t understand their, mentality about the leader also.

For example if he’s a bad leader, who is just oppressing them, using them exploiting them making money out of Sahaja Yoga they know that, they will never tell Me anything about it. They’ll go on, but if there’s a good man, then they try to oppress him and now this leader doesn’t tell Me. I mean, something I can’t understand I’m always available why don’t they tell Me. Some sort of a, I think historical background that makes them think: ‘Better not tell Mother’. But without telling Me how will I solve the problem because I’m so busy with other things. How if My Attention goes there I definitely know that something wrong there. This is how it has been going on so, what I have to tell you if you find anything wrong with your leader, you must write to Me. Just take My address absolutely without any fear, without any problem you must let Me know what do you think wrong, and what should be done, it’s very good isn’t it?

Otherwise you see when I come here they will tell: ‘Our leader was like this,’ or I might find something with the leader. Now same to the leader if he finds anything wrong with the whole thing, you must tell Me you must inform Me, is very important. Because one should know that, everything can be rectified everything can be corrected and just because you don’t tell then, things remain like that and something very dangerous can happen, to the whole organization. So you all should write to Me whenever if there’s any suggestion or if you think something wrong, or something has to worked out there’s no harm in writing to Me. Maybe I may not answer but answer will be there, in a way. Anything else?

Yogi: I’d like to ask you Mother about the apostle Paul. Brian and I were talking one day at his place and, I was saying to him that I’d never trusted Paul, he seemed to be anti-women and Brian told me that You had views on Paul too. So I thought if I ever got to meet You I’d ask you about it.

Shri Mataji: About what?

Yogi: It is about Paul.

Shri Mataji: In the Bible.

Yogi: Paul in the Bible. She has never trusted Paul and so…

Shri Mataji: Very good. The other day very clearly I said, that he is like a squatter you see. He was very clever, was never with Christ. He had nothing to do with Christianity. He actually killed one disciple of Christ whose name was Steven. Then he was epileptic. And he says he saw some cross. So what? This is supraconscious experience is not Spiritual experience, whatever he might say. But he thought that it’s a very good platform for him, and because he is a, person with a, administrative capacity, he was an officer, with the Roman Government. So he thought it would be a nice now idea that he should jump on the platform and he should take over, and that’s how because he was like that you see they were fishermen, Matthews and all these were fishermen so, he started dominating. And he said I’ll organize Christianity. I’ll do this.

And he gave his own color to Christianity and they, really the way he talked about Christ his Mother and all that, was such that nobody can say definitely that they were Divine personalities. He also didn’t like to talk about the Immaculate Conception which was a fact, and Thomas ran away from there because, He was surprised the way he was trying to twist everything to his advantage. And He came down to Egypt where He wrote all His treatise and put them in a jar there, and then He came to India. Now about fifty years back they have discovered that jar, and found it out it’s known as the Gnostic knowledge.

He used to call them Gnostics ‘Gn’ word means knowledge as you people are Gnostics, ‘those who know’ you see. Not mentally but you know it, on your central nervous system. There’s a word in Sanskrit for that is bhod, from where the word Buddha has come, to know on your central nervous system and another is veda from where the word Veda has come. So he ran away but, I read the history of that place is that, that when people started telling them that: ‘We are Gnostics,’ and this thing, for days together I mean not it’s only during his time but even, three hundred years after that, anybody who said that he was a Gnostic and he had the knowledge of these things, anyone anywhere, was murdered and killed by these bishops you see. So the whole religion went into the hands of these bishops and, also you can call them the people who were appointed by the pope.

So it became hierarchy and priesthood and this and that without any Realization. So the religion became absolutely a superficial thing. That’s why they may be Christians anything. There is a, religion not within, it’s without. No experience of it. That’s why those who are Christians can commit any sin, Muslims can commit any sin they talk the same thing because whether you read Koran or Bible it’s just the same, not much of a difference any one of these books. But when it comes to explain they’re very good at explaining, but to their private lives it has done nothing. It’s all in the Bible you see. As they say: ‘The Saying of Puranas are in Puranas.’ They don’t go inside. Only after Realization these things you can absorb and you understand, and then automatically you become that. You don’t have to be told do this do that, is not necessary.

So Paul is absolutely… but the whole Christianity is based on Pauline methods and all that. Everything. It’s all intellectualization, and ultimately there was the bishop of Durham, who declared that there was no Immaculate Conception, it’s symbolic and all that and about Christ that, He was a human being, something. So many faithfuls were against it and they really wanted to beat him. He was running up and down, and hiding himself. But then this archbishop of Canterbury of all the persons, honored him in a church, there, near Durham and, they said that the, after that the, lightning came and lot of lightnings on all the sides was looming around the church, and then it burnt it completely. But look at the shamelessness of it they said that the God’s grace was there that the lower part was not burnt.

And they have gone really so much astray now these Anglicans also, that in England people had made a film showing that Christ was homosexual. And also that he had relations with His own Mother, can you beat that. It’s such a horrible thing to say. They cannot understand, purity. But then the queen thank God, see, she put down her foot, and she said this will not be allowed to be made. English made that.

Yogini: Mother, Brian and I were also talking, it was the same day, about Mary and I was saying to Brian about the Goddess type of thing and I said to Brian that I wondered whether Mary would have been, a form of the Goddess.

Shri Mataji: Of course She is Mahalaksmi. She is the Incarnation of Mahalakshmi, and this Paul didn’t want to have anything to do with women, he has put them down and he said She was just a woman. I don’t know what to call him but just look at that. And She was, the Incarnation of Mahalaksmi of a very high level at the agnya chakra. It’s a very big thing. I don’t know why Paul did that about Her, but, there’s one sentence of Christ on the cross He said: ‘Behold the Mother’. Might be He was about Me saying or might be about Her, whatever it is.

But you see She was called as Madonna all over, because there was another religion before that, where they believed in Gods and Goddesses and all that called as Pagan religion. And they said this that: ‘We’ll call Her Madonna.’ Not in the Bible at all. In the Bible they wouldn’t allow. This fellow this Paul wouldn’t allow Her to be called Madonna. They called Her Madonna. So the word Madonna has come from the public not from the Bible. That’s not the word given to Her at all, is the public calls Her. But everywhere She’s called Madonna, ‘Madonna and the Child’ as the public crowned Her you see. They felt She must be a Madonna. Everywhere. Italy same thing. Now they can’t help it. But still, they want to play Her down very much everywhere, Woman they call Her I mean, just imagine.

Yogi: Paul was quite insistent that no woman had any place in the church at all, and of course Paul is being quoted now, in the defense against the ordination of women in Australia.

Shri Mataji: Well why don’t they say that: ‘How is he in the Bible, he was not with Christ?’ Why don’t they say it’s very easy to say. Why do you quote him? Why not Christ? When did Christ say so? See we should listen to Christ. Who is this Paul? Why not ask. This is what the women should say. But what is this ordination also, it’s just headache you know, so priests are, just briefed [INAUDIBLE] people and they have to say something. It doesn’t go inside is the point you see. So you may say anything, doesn’t go inside. Like the priests in Austria. There was one priest who confessed and he told about other priests also they also confessed, that they were having keeps, who were married women and they used to go on their bicycles in the daytime to these women, stay with them and also run away. They have children from them, and the men believe that they are their children but they are not.

One fellow discovered it so, discovered that his wife had some other relations, so he bought a flat for her she was kept in that flat and, he confessed it all through. So people asked him why didn’t you, when he was caught he confessed it, and there’s a book about it. So they asked him: ‘Why didn’t you, marry her you should have married.’ He said: ‘We are not allowed to marry.’ ‘Then why, are you allowed to do all this?’ ‘Yes we are allowed.’ ‘So when he asked that he would like to marry, maybe the pope or maybe whosoever authority was said that: ‘We don’t want to pay widow’s pension’. It’s all money-oriented, money-oriented or power-oriented, it’s not Spirit-oriented at all. They all know that they are doing all these things.

Then in Canada there’s another book, how these, priests and the high priests, they were running schools and abusing boys. Terrible stories terrible. Can’t read it even five pages if you read you’ll really faint. It’s published all these books are there. Protestants are also, have now so many things of, they have Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecostal. Their Pentecostal is absolutely hundred percent bhootish, you see they say the Holy Spirit, only the spirit is blessing. And parallel to that in your, Catholic thing is charismatic. Charismatic is the same, as their Pentecostal. Then this Seventh Day Adventist is all another nonsense. You must be knowing I was born in a Christian family so I know so much about the Christians. Also I know lot about the Hindus.

But one of My, cousin you see, he had daughters and these three daughters were simple girls, and they became Seventh Day Adventist, because one of them was used to type very well. So one English man adopted her as a daughter and took her to England. And so she called these two girls also, and that gentleman was a Seventh Day Adventist. So he made them also Seventh Day Adventist. So they were told: ‘You cannot wear any bangles gold bangles you cannot wear any gold nothing you don’t have to wear this around. So they took out everything. The other girl was very clever she brought it and gave it to Me. But these two took out all their ornaments and everything, and next it was all lost. Is a common experience of everyone there. It’s thuggery that’s what it is. It’s no religion. So we have to now be, aware of all these things after all, what will our children say to us. What will they do?

Also the children’s side is so bad because education system is… I can’t understand this education system in Australia or here, where you are not supposed to say anything to the child. you’re not to guide them and let them express themselves. It’s not the way. You have to look after your children you have to guide them. It’s absurd. They will all became brats I tell you the way they are developing. We have started a school in India, so these boys came there, and girls. They are so wild, so wild that we don’t know what to do with them. They run out to the street, or they go to the markets. They go up where there’s construction going on. So till the construction is on, we are sending them back to this, Dharamshala where at least there’s some restriction on them. I mean they don’t want to sit down and study. First time they met Me they said: ‘Mother we don’t want to study.’ So why are they here? They don’t want to sit on their tables nothing. So we have made very interesting things for them so that they may take some interest. But it was such a headache the first month. Everybody wanted to give up. Now what I found out that the training that they had has not been of, not that people don’t pay attention, but not of understanding what to do at what age for children what to do.

So now the next work I have to do is to write a book about the training of children before twelve years of age. Nothing like training to them, you cannot say anything. This Savita was telling Me that even if a child can come and punch you or do what he likes, you cannot slap that child. He can slap the teacher but the teacher cannot slap. Let them express themselves. Then why do you have teachers and why do you have parents? The children should hang from the tree, that’s much better. What’s that?

Yogi: Mother please will You accept a little gift from us here in Christchurch.

Shri Mataji: No but you see there’s no puja nothing no occasion what is it?

Yogi: I know but this is just a little non-puja gift.

Shri Mataji: Oh. What a thing I tell you. One is sufficient. It’s too much you should not have spent so much money.

Yogi: New Zealand pottery is not really so expensive, even though there is gold leaf it’s, not so expensive, it’s quite remarkable.

Shri Mataji: But it’s gold.

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: It’s very beautiful there. [SOUNDS LIKE: sixteen?] Very well done. I wish our organization there for women can do something like this. It’s very beautifully done look at that.

Yogi: This is similar Shri Mataji this is similar to a plate that was offered to You at Christmas time in India. It’s by the same potter.

Shri Mataji: I see.

Yogi: …that Janie and Hugh took to India. And so it seemed a nice idea that this should be these…..

Shri Mataji: That didn’t have this design but style maybe. It’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful. And it’s very advanced, very advanced in its expression.

Yogi: It’s a very… the man who makes these is a very sweet man, quite humble.

Shri Mataji: Very beautiful.

Yogi: He enjoys very much doing this sort of work.

Shri Mataji: Very creative it is. Very beautiful very beautiful. See all Ganeshas he’s thrown out from one source you see, these are all Ganesha’s these four corners and back side also. It’s very beautiful. All right so thank you very much. Thank you. Of course I mean I won’t be able to take them. Thank you it’s really beautiful. Have you seen it, please have a look. We should see this pottery man tomorrow how he does it. [HINDI]

Very difficult. It’s done with hand I mean the, every piece it seems like that. That’s painted with hand. Remarkable. Thank you very much thank you. You say something if you want to.

Yogi: No no no I was just wondering if You’d like to go back to Your room now Mother. There’s a movie tonight, Shakespeare movie.

Shri Mataji: [HINDI] We’ll see the movie. What Shakespeare?

Yogi: It’s Henry the V. It’s quite a new version quite a new film version of…

Shri Mataji: All right let’s see.