Until you know about the chakras you cannot know yourself

Christchurch (New Zealand)

1992-02-26 Until You Know About The Chakras You Cannot Know Yourself, Christchurch New Zealand DP-RAW, 189'
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Public Program, Christchurch (New Zealand), 26 February 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it and we cannot know the absolute truth at this human awareness. So we have to become something subtler. As Christ has said you are to be born again. Doesn’t mean we can brand ourselves as born again but is a happening of becoming something else than what you are. And that something else is the Spirit. So whatever we are going to tell you today about this mechanism within you and the way you reveal the truth, you should not accept it with blind faith but as scientists keep your mind open. Take it as a hypothesis. If you think it is all right when you have experimented with it and you have experimented, and whatever I say comes true, then as honest people you have to accept it, because this is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country, and the whole universe at large.

It is to be understood that we are created as human beings from amoeba to this stage; it’s not the ultimate. If it was there would have been all these problems not created by us. Start from ecology, to political, to economic, to all these problems; are the creation of human beings. So we have missed some point somewhere that’s what we have to find out, what is that we have to be.

If you look at the development of the civilization, of this modern civilization, you can easily find out that we have really outgrown ourselves without any sense of proportion and limitation. As a result even in science we have discovered horrible things like atom bomb, hydrogen bomb; all these horrible things which are just destructive. So somehow or other, whatever we try, whatever is the mental projection of human beings it boomerangs back. Whatever we go up to a point, comes back to you and is destructive. So what is the reason why we cannot reach that point where we are at the best and then stop there? This cannot be worked out because at a human level we always go to extremes. To understand yourself first of all you have to become the Spirit. We do not understand ourselves. We think we know ourselves; this is not true. Because we are made up of these seven centers which are subtle within you and unless and until you know about these centers you cannot know yourself and you cannot know others as well.

Now then many people who are fed-up and are seekers; I mean this is a special category of people as William Blake has said that, there will be men of God who will become Godly, and make others also Godly. These are the seekers. Seekers which are trying to find out why, when we have done everything that is prescribed, we have acted according to what is written down, still why is it we haven’t got the satisfaction and the joy of life, which has been promised? There is nothing wrong with Bible; there is nothing wrong with Koran; nothing wrong with all these great books, no doubt. But why it is not going into our heart? It’s all mental. When we read about Koran, I am surprised. I was reading a book about Koran written by some intellectuals like this Christian Science or even other books in Indian philosophies, is all a mental process. Adi Shankaracharya has called his as [unclear sounds like: “Subkajalum”], meaning: the net of words. You get lost in the net of words. But there is no experience of it, and that’s why whatever we may follow. We like to follow. Everything that is given to us: all right, follow this, follow that, follow that, follow that, and then what? Anybody who follows any religion, any religion whatsoever which are absolutely all right, can commit any mistake, so they don’t follow actually. That shows that it has not gone inside them. It’s not ingrained; it’s not innate with their being. So what is the reason why we cannot have it?

Those who were saints in any country; take it Lao-Tse, you can take from Socrates onward this side Mohammedsahab, Nanaksahab; all of these people. You’ll be amazed to find that all these people behaved in such a manner that we cannot find faults with them. I mean if you want to find, you may with your ignorance. But the kind of life they led; how is it that they were like that? What was so great? It was the Divinity which expressed. While we all have this Divinity within ourselves, we have all these powers within ourselves, only thing, we have to use those powers, we have to manifest them and for that manifestation it is important that we have to become self-realized in the sense that you have to get your second birth.

In Sanskrit language for a realized soul they use a word called Vijaha, means twice born. And also for a bird, they call it the word Vijaha meaning twice born; first is the egg and then it becomes a bird. So our freedom is also limited. We do not have full freedom because we lack in our confidence in our wisdom, because the wisdom has also not manifested and has not shown us how it asserts in the right way, so most of the time we are living in the relative world, not in the absolute world. What one has to understand that there is something missing and that missing point we have to find out.

Now let’s see what is the truth? The truth is, the first and foremost truth is, that there is an all-pervading power of God’s Love, which is called as Brahmachaitanya in Sanskrit, Rue in Koran and in every, every scripture it is described. Now this all-pervading power resides, which does all the living work. We see beautiful flowers all over; I saw the beautiful trees you have in the Botanical Garden, you have such nice things there, we never even think how this miracle has taken place; how this Mother Earth has done this job. How she got this power to sprout a seed? We just accept it. We don’t think it’s a miracle, we just accept it and without thinking about it, it becomes just a part and parcel of our life. Look at your eyes. Your eyes are also absolutely a miracle; they are such a camera. Look at your brain; it’s such a computer, but we just accept it, accept our human life also just as if it’s nothing great. Even the miracle to become from amoeba to human beings by any law of chance you would not have become a human being. But we just accept it and we don’t want to think that there could be any power that could have achieved it. This is what one has to little bit project, and see for yourself that there must some power and if I say there is a power you have to feel it; we have to know it.

The second truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings, Ego, and your emotions, no, you are the pure Spirit. This is the fact. That is the Divinity within you. Unless and until you become that, no use reading books; by reading books you become fundamentalist. Absolutely fundamentalism has the basis in the books, because the book said so; so I say so. Everybody tries to read the books and just want to use it as a norm for oneself; is not true. Whatever is written in the book, whatever you have read in the book has not gone inside your heart and so there is a problem that today we are having the first problem not so much of political because thanks to Gorbechev who is another realized soul, that one problem is over; the second problem is of fundamentalism.

We look at the Islam as if they are Moslems. Moslems and Islam are very different, as Christ and Christians are. One has to understand that the life of Christ was of sacrifice and great penance for us. He did such a great penance for us. But what about the Christians; they went all over the world to conquer everything and to kill so many people. How can they be the people who are following Christ; without any compassion, without any mercy? Same about Hinduism when it is said that in everybody’s heart resides the Spirit. If so then how can you have caste system? How can you justify caste system? But caste system is very strong among them and they will also become fundamentalist if they just follow what ever written in the Purannas or in their scriptures. So this is what we are now, after this political and also economical things that we had on our heads; now it is coming to fundamentalism and it is taking charge.

I was amazed to read in the newspaper that now many Christians are leaving the church and joining Islam and Buddhism. It’s nonsense. It’s just the same. What is the difference? Going from as they say that: from one end to another end, reaching nowhere. And that is what one has to understand, that the religion is within us. It is like a valency. As carbon has four valencies, we have ten valencies, which are, we know as the Ten Commandments. Unless and until they are awakened within us, unless and until we become innately enlightened by them, we cannot, cannot behave in the manner that the scriptures wanted us to behave, but not only that but this. Religion that is within us when it is enlightened, you become absolutely aware of what the mistake people have been committing, what the mistake you have been committing, and that this God’s love how it works. Also you become a witness; witness of the whole play. When the Kundalini goes through this centre of Agnya, you just become a witness. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama.

If you are standing in the water and there are waves in the sea, they come up and go and you are frightened of getting drowned, but supposing you are in a boat then you enjoy the waves and supposing you know how to swim you can jump back and get so many people on the boat. This is what happens to you that when you get your realization you reach a state of self-awareness meaning not selfishness but the awareness of these centers, awareness of your self, and awareness of others also. You can feel the centers of others on your fingertips, so you become collectively conscious. Then who is the other? You can feel anyone on your centers so easily.

It’s a fact that through this Kundalini awakening many people have been cured automatically by your own power which is there, residual, waiting for you. Because when She passes through these centers, She penetrates through them and She puts them right. For example supposing, this is the left and the right side and we are using too much of right side, then it is pulled on this side and the centers become very constricted. But supposing the Kundalini passes through them, She puts them right like this and nourishes them. Now cancer is caused when this union is broken like this by some sort of a jerk. Now supposing the Kundalini can go through this and this like this because She understands everything then cancer can be cured and we have done that. There are three doctors in Delhi University who have got their MD after doing MBBS through Sahaja Yoga. One of them is blood cancer subject, another I think is epilepsy and the third, third one, is ssthma. These three doctors have got their MD in Delhi University and they know of many cases which have been cured.

So now not only the health; also the mental [sounds like: health]. People are really these days under stress with schizophrenia all kinds of mental problems. Most of them can be cured if you really get your realization and fix your connection with this all-pervading power. If it is fixed then you don’t have to go to doctors, you don’t have to take to medicines and you yourself can diagnose people and you can cure people. But first you have to get to your self and establish your connections with this all-pervading power so that you become collectively conscious and you can definitely help anyone who needs help from you.

The third thing that happens to you is very interesting that you, you become the joy. You become the source of joy. Joy is not happiness and unhappiness but joy is an absolute thing and you jump into the ocean of joy. And when you jump into the ocean of joy you just start enjoying everything and the state that you achieve is first is thoughtless awareness. You are aware but without any thoughts. The thoughts will not bombard you. If you want to think you can think but if you don’t want to think you can stop it. So the thoughtless awareness comes to you as a blessing first and then the second awareness is called as the doubtless awareness. This is all described in the Hatha Yoga that you get into Nirvichar Samadhi and then Nirvikulpa Samadhi.

This old science is not only from India it comes from everywhere as I told you Confucius knew this, Socrates knew this and also many people like William Blake, and C.S. Lewis all these people knew about it but nobody could put it through to people because I think people did not want to accept it. Like Kabir has said how am I to explain when everybody is blind? He was quite frustrated about it but today we have so many people who are really seeking honestly the truth and they would like to find it out and it is a remarkable thing that so much is happening even in Christchurch. I am very happy to come to Christchurch to see that you still have lots of English traditions. I have known England for so many years and it has so much changed now in this like twenty-five years. It’s all gone into another kind of a wasteland I think the way people are lost into the maze of this modernism, hippyism, all kinds of funny things going on there and I don’t know what will happen to it if it doesn’t stop. For about twenty years what will be the situation of England?

In the beginning I had to work on about seven Sahaja Yogis, who were hippies actually, and I took four years to give them realization. So I said the English have hard nuts but once the nuts are broken they are very good Sahaja Yogis but immediately after that they went to libraries and to all the places and they found out everything about Kundalini. I mean they’re very scholarly. They were all professors and teachers, very well educated, scientists; they all had become hippies you see. Some sort of a fashion of hippyism started; they all had become hippies. Can you imagine a professor of physics in Cambridge University was one of them and he was an Australian but I don’t know, he is lost after that because they said he is no more. He was quite an old gentleman, he came here and I think he is no more. Whatever it is but it was quite a hard time for me but I found out that they were very, very, good Sahaja Yogis and they are the foundation of Sahaja Yoga in the Western countries.

It can work out very well but we have to understand that we are seekers of truth and honestly if you are seeking the truth we should keep our minds open. Of course you can’t pay for it because it is a living process. You cannot pay for living processes anyway. See the Mother Earth: how much do we pay to her for giving us these flowers? How much do we pay to our heart for pulsating? How much do we pay to our intestines for digesting our food? It’s all done free. In the same way this has to be absolutely free. Another reason why religions have failed because they are either money oriented or power oriented. They are not Spirit oriented. So because of that you should not blame them but it was a wrong deviated line they took and that’s why it has failed.

Now as it is, I am here only for one day. I am happy Brian has agreed to be here and he is going to work out something I am sure. I would of course like you to ask me some questions if you have before we start our self-realization. But of course we cannot force it on anyone. It cannot be forced. It has to be asked for. It cannot be done by force. So if you have any questions you can ask me and I am quite good at it I must tell you. For the last twenty-two years I have been doing this job of just answering questions, but this is just a mental feat and this mental feat is not going to guarantee your awakening but if you have any questions you better ask otherwise at the time of Kundalini awakening your mind will come and tell you, oh you didn’t ask this question. [I don’t know throat has gone out today. I’ve been speaking everyday for hours.]

What happens, Shri Mataji, if you have realization without understanding all about chakras and the subtle energy system?

That’s the best, if you could do. I mean see, now there are so many lights here and if you have to put on the light you just have to go switch on, finished. But those who don’t believe in it you have to say there are lights, you see this electricity was discovered at this time; you have to talk of all these things. There is no need at all, you can just put on, because it is all built in, it is all built in within you. There is no need at all to know about chakras or anything but later on when you have to talk to others, because you can’t enjoy it yourself you have to give it to others. Look at me. I don’t need Sahaja Yoga but I am traveling at this old age all over the world. So you can’t, you see, help it. It’s like capitalist like me who has the powers and can’t live without giving like a real communist. I am going around the whole world you see so you won’t be able to rest. So then you have to know about these things, but for getting realization you need not know. At all.

You mentioned quite a lot about the spirit, Shri Mataji, but nothing about the soul.

Spirit and soul. You see in this small lecture how many things can I tell you? But spirit is the one which is enveloped by the subtle causals of elements which have made this body. That becomes the soul.

God says we must live abundantly. What is your attitude, Shri Mataji, about money which is necessary to abundance?

Of course you will have; lot of it. So many people have got it and some of them did get lost because it is a temptation also but I have seen people say who were taking drugs, this that, they were completely cured. Their attention is all right, they have started working, they are getting good jobs, so you see once you are a normal person and all your capacities are expressing. Like there some artists who came to Sahaja Yoga and now they are world famous artists. In India lots of them are world famous and some of them were Muslims and they are world famous today making, minting money.

Is there a connection between the body and the spirit? Are they connected or are they separate?

No, connection in the same way as a mirror has the reflection. Body is the reflector of the spirit. Without the body you cannot have spirit and if you have the spirit which is enveloped as I said in a soul that also contains a kind of a body in the [unclear…] in a subtler way. So the spirit can only be expressed in a body.

Do you put more emphasis on the spirit side of things than the soul side of things?

Of course. Soul is not so important because you see those people who have, everybody can have a soul, say a criminal can have a soul, a person who is frustrated in life when they die the soul comes out you see. So depends on the person what sort of a person he is, what sort of a soul he has. But supposing if you your get your spirit, means your spirit shines in your attention, means all your elements are enlightened and you are an enlightened soul. There are two types of souls we can say, minimum. One is enlightened, one is unenlightened but amongst the unenlightened there could be criminals, there could be horrible people, could be very, very horrible people some of them hang in the limbo I think and some of them hang around us also sometimes to possess us.

What are your views, Shri Mataji, on reincarnation?

Oh reincarnation is only possible for the great souls or absolutely devils; is not done for young people. You see sometimes I hear that people had said about their previous lives and all that but it is a possession; it is a possession of some spirit which is hanging around, takes over and talks. But that’s not any reincarnation means the same soul coming in developing into another. That’s only possible if you are a realized soul or if you are saint, you are a prophet, or if you are an incarnation or if you are a devil; one of the two things.

Where do animals come into all this, Mother?

Animals are under the bondage of God you see, so they haven’t got the freedom as we have. A tiger will be a tiger, a lion a tiger, a snake will be a snake, but human beings you cannot say. They can be a tiger at the same time they can be a snake. They have the freedom to be anything.

Reincarnation you said, Shri Mataji, was for the great souls. What happens to the rest of us?

Why are you worried so much about this, the future? You have to be in the present. Future doesn’t exist, you see, and we should not waste our time about the future so much. What we should think about the present because that is the reality. In the present you exist and in the present only you can grow in your spirituality. When you are meditating, you get into this state of thoughtless awareness because one thought is from the say from the future, maybe another from the past, it comes and falls, again another thought comes and falls and we are jumping on the cusp of these, either future or past. But there is a space in between two thoughts. That is the thought, that is the time that you are in the present and with realization that space starts increasing and when you are thoughtlessly aware, means you are in the present. Then your memory becomes so clear cut, like a photogenic memory. You are in the present, you see someone, you see someplace, anything, it just goes into your mind like a photo. Whenever you want you can think of it. I mean you really become so dynamic with that because you live in the present. In every way you become extremely alert and immediately you understand the depth of every problem. It’s a very different human being you become that people start [unclear sounds like: “wanting to”] understanding that how this man has come so intelligent. Actually it’s not the intelligence but that state where your intelligence becomes so expressive, so manifesting and so absorbing.

Some people have an understanding and a feeling on the chakras. Does one have to have that feeling to understand them to develop? Have you got to understand the feelings that come from the chakras at all?

Not at all, you don’t feel anything; you just feel it on the finger tips if you are a realized soul, but maybe, if you are going to some wrong type of people, they enter into you through your sympathetic and then maybe. Like they will make you stand on your head, do this, do that, jump and do all kinds of things, say mantras this that and then they are on the sympathetic, that is on these two things, left and right.

Like TM for example, take for TM: TM now is one of the most dangerous things I think because we had one gentleman, long time back, from a place called [unclear sounds like:Ronock] near Scotland. He was the director of the flying academy, director. His wife was the grand-daughter of a duke, he was himself was a diamond merchant and he had a friend who was his deputy director also very rich man and the daughter. All of them got epilepsy. They came to us and we had to cure. When we cured them they told us the whole story. Is horrible story about it. You see they are all epileptic, absolutely suffering and they went to a doctor then he came and asked Me how did you cure these people? So what they do is to give you some sort of a mantra. Now the first thing is three thousand pounds they had to pay to get a mantra. The mantras were to begin with were three very funny ones. This gentleman, this so-called Maharishi, doesn’t know a word of Sanskrit. He gave them three mantras. One was inga, pinga and tinga; these three mantras he gave them. Now inga means, not in Sanskrit but in local languages, means the scorpion bite. The pinga means when you get possessed you go round and round and tinga means when you show somebody like this. Now what do you see? And they are going on and on and on, and concentrate and concentrate and keep the husband separate and the wife separate and all that and they develop all kinds of funny things, very unnatural. And when you go on concentrating on anything you see this center gets spoilt. They all got possessed. All got possessed.

After that they had a program for seven days for meditation in some remote hotel in Switzerland where they asked them to sit on some foams and jump. They all broke their bottoms you know and they also filed suits against them and they got money, in America there is a case like that. But this gentleman, you see very nicely told them that you have to be very light. For that you have to take a course, of some sort of a diet, in which they had to have for six days the water that has boiled some potatoes and the seventh day some rind and the eighth day they have to take the potatoes. Can you imagine? And they paid six thousand pounds for that kind of a nonsense. But why do, people are stupid also, why do they want to fly about three feet higher, what is the need? What is the saving in that? I mean imagine already we are having traffic problems and this. It is also complete stupidity on the part of the people who are seekers who are seeking to fly about three feet high. What are you seeking? One should know. What are we asking for? That’s how things have been going on. I mean I am just giving you one example. There are thousand and one. Thank God most of them are exposed and this TM is also exposed very much in Europe but it has not come up here I think. They will have to send all the pamphlets out. He smuggled from Philippines lots of drugs for people. It started with the drugs. It’s a fact. And this is what it is.

What are we seeking? Whatever they promised why should we go there? We should find out what are the disciples doing. Where are they? Most of them are recluses. Just go and see. They can’t even see a garlic. If you show them a garlic or a lemon they will run away. Most of them are like that because of what he does, he puts some sort of a spirit on them. That’s what is called as [unclear sounds like: “pretavidya”] we call it. Is the science of the dead and then they use those dead spirits on them and on one personality there are two or three spirits sitting so such a person for the time being becomes over-active and then is lost completely.

It’s a very interesting thing that people don’t know what they are seeking.

There was Rajneesh who was buying Rolls-Royces. Why should any Divine person care for a Rolls, I just don’t understand. Why should they? Rolls-Royce, buying so many Rolls-Royces, and then another 14 year old fellow buying Rolls-Royces; for such a person they should be put to the dust of his feet. Somehow or another I was born in a very rich family and also My husband is very well to do and all that, but I never care for anything like that. I can sleep here, I can sleep on the street, I can sleep anywhere, I have no problems. On the contrary if there is too much comfort I don’t like it. I prefer my comfort of my spirit. This is happening to the Sahaja Yogis also.

Apart from that a great society has been created, a great society just like angels. We have people from all over the world, especially sixty-two countries Sahaja Yoga is working. Out of that at least fifty-two we have good centers, especially in Australia we have many, and if you see them, they are so beautiful, so angelic. I have never seen them quarrelling, fighting except for some places where some spirits have entered or some sort of a sabotage has been done, most of them are beautiful people. So why not have that beautiful life and that promised society which is so kind and nice? We do not have these problems of marriages, we don’t have problems of children, we don’t have all these problems at all that you are facing; beautiful families, beautiful relationships all over the world, imagine.

The best are Russians, you will be surprised, apart from Indians of course, because Indians have this background, but best are Russians. In one village, [spelling : Taliati] I had there told 22,000 Sahaja Yoga practicing and the embassy in, this Russian Embassy in India wants to honour me, and Gorbechev wants to meet me; can you imagine, how sensitive they are, because they didn’t have these conditionings, they are not materialistic people, they are very good seekers. There are about thirty, forty percent who are not, who are just doing menial works but most of them are scientists, this that, and I was surprised the scientists, two hundred scientists, one of them who was the sputnik man, invited Me for their science conference and when I started talking about science they said Mother don’t talk about science, let us know about spirit, don’t want to hear, we have had enough of science; such sensitivity they had. Just with my photograph, I don’t know how they can recognize. They are very introspective. Even if you read Tolstoy, or any of those writers, they are very introspective. When their heroes are introspective they do not take things for granted, they don’t think end of themselves, nothing. They are never in a fool’s paradise, I have seen. They try to see what’s wrong with me, why am I doing this? It’s very interesting.

Have you read Crime and Punishment? Isn’t it so, with the hero? It’s very interesting. They have had the best writers, scholars, musicians, dancers, all kinds of things they had but still they are very humble; very, very humble. Even their media is so humble. They said, Mother we are nowhere in spirituality, how do you say we are sensitive to spirituality? Such humble people they are, extremely humble. No arrogance, no arrogance at all.

Yes, there is some question.

The essence of this question I think is, Shri Mother, at the separation at the time of death, at the separation of the spirit and the body, what happens? What happens to the spirit?

Again, you all seem to be quite infatuated by death I think.

You see when you are a realized soul, then what happens you see that it is just another dress that you have to change. You never worry about death. Never, and those who have written about death, Kabir, has written beautifully. He says that, when my beloved left me, means my life, I didn’t cry, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t fuss. I just asked my friend, I was nicely covered myself with a little sheet and I was lying down and just seeing my beloved left me. He said that all the doors were closed, but I don’t know some window was opened must be the Sahasrara, was opened, because he was a realized soul, so the life went through that.

So you see the thing is this problem is always haunt you when you are not a realized soul. Be so much worried about death, but after that you will know that death is just a change of life; it’s just a change of life. Then whenever you want to take your birth you can take if you are a realized soul, but if you are not, I have told you, you may possess someone, or you may hang in the limbo, I don’t know whenever. Some people take birth just after thirteen fourteen days, again into another nonsensical place.

Whatever you’ll earn now will show at the time of your death but if you are not earn any good deeds you call it, punyas, then it will show at the time of your death whether you go to hell or to heaven. It is your choice, is your freedom. What do you what? You want to go to hell or to heaven is your own choice and your own discretion. That’s very important.

He wants to know what your thoughts are on the teachings of Maharishi?

I have already told you, this Maharishi TM fellow, about him I’ve already told you. Horrible what is he teaching? Nothing. What is he teaching? He is incapable, he is not a learned man, no way, nothing at all, and he has no sense, he has no sense of culture or anything. He was actually used to giggle at people because he thought he was nicely befooling everybody, and so he was called as the giggly guru. He used to giggle at people because they were all befooled and so he used to giggle at them. What is his bona fide? He was a ticket collector, did all kinds of wrong things.

Shri Mataji, what is the best quality we can develop to gain our self-realization?

God’s realization. That you will know gradually. You can develop all that, is very nice. After sometime, like a drop becomes the ocean, you become the ocean that’s all. That’s a good idea, about the future, instead of death.

All right, now I think we should have our self-realization, all of us. Those who do not want to get their self-realization should leave the hall. They should not sit down and watch others.

The second thing is important that you all have to have full confidence in yourself that you will get your self-realization. Nobody should think that how can I get it, this and that, nothing of the kind. I assure you will be in the present; you’ll be just in the present and know that you all are capable of getting your self-realization. No doubt about it.

This is one condition; the second condition is that you have to forgive everyone, without thinking about them. Now for some people it is very difficult to forgive but logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. What do you do? Nothing. It’s just a mental idea that I don’t forgive. But as a result of that, as a result of that what happens; you play into wrong hands. Those who have troubled you, tortured you, now you are torturing yourself while they are very happy. So what’s the use of remembering such people? You don’t even have to remember them; you have to just say in your heart with full faith in yourself, that I forgive everyone, everyone, in general.

The third condition is that none of you should feel guilty at all at this moment. Forget the past. At this moment forget the past; not to feel guilty. This is another thing that has happened to us by conditioning, that we should feel guilty for everything, we should confess. Nothing of the kind, there’s no need, after all you are human beings and only human beings can do mistakes. How can you not do mistakes, after all you are human beings. You are not Gods, you are not realized souls, so doesn’t matter. So don’t feel guilty at all. Please if you are feeling guilty, is also physically very wrong, because this centre here between, in the corner of your shoulder and your neck, here, you get a catch of this left Vishuddhi we call it; the left side of the center. As a result you get angina, or you may get spondillitis, or you may get very lethargic organs on the left hand side. So is very important not to feel guilty, because this is also mental idea I am feeling guilty. Who has told you, you are guilty? No judge has told you. Why do you feel guilty? You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. For that you should be really pleasantly placed towards yourself. In short you all have to be respectful, loving toward yourself and will be the best for Me.

So these are three conditions which are very simple and they are just your mental attitudes which must be, at this moment, must not be used. That’s all.

So now we’ll show you how you have to do the nourishing of your centers. It is absolutely spontaneous, and doesn’t need much effort, but I just want to show you the different centers on the left hand side, how you can nourish it. This has to be done only once. You don’t have to repeat it again and again.

Now please take out your shoes if possible, because this Mother Earth helps us a lot to suck in our problems. Please take out your shoes.

You have seen these Australians singing Indian songs and one of them is a song sung about sixteenth century, you see sixteenth century they are singing, which says in the last one, that oh Kundalini just rise and let us have the Yoga. Oh, Mother give us the Yoga, is the one they are talking about; the union with the Divine. But they just singing all these years, nothing happens to them, nor did they think what are we singing about? So from the sixteenth century, is going on in the villages of India. Of course this just has given them an understanding, that’s all, but they are not seeking the Yoga, there is just singing all over in the village.

Also they can sing Sanskrit songs. I mean it is not easy thing for Western people to sing Sanskrit. You see the English were in India for three hundred years they couldn’t speak one sentence of Hindi language, it’s so difficult for them. They used to call it a tongue twister. If Hindi is tongue twister I don’t know what they will call to Sanskrit, so but now look at these people, how they have become, they sing so well, in proper melody, in proper rhythm, everything. It’s very surprising in such a short time they have picked it up, and also the Indians now sing very beautiful English songs and everything. It’s very surprising how it has become so easy for them.

All right, so please put your left hand towards me as he will show you, just like this. Now the left is suggestive that you want to have your realization, because the left side represents your desire, the left side, represents your desire, and you have to use your right hand because this represents the power of action; the power of desire on the left, the power of action on the right side. So you have to use your right hand on the different centers on the left hand side which I will tell you later.

Now you have to know that this is a normal desire which is never fulfilled. You go on jumping from one desire to another and the pure desire is the power of Kundalini. The pure desire whether you know or not is to be one with this all-pervading power. So you should have desire within you that you want to have your self realization. That is important because I respect your freedom.

So put your left hand like this and with the right hand we put it on our different centers. In Sahaja Yoga you have to be comfortable, you have to sit comfortably, neither too much slouching or bending behind, but you have to sit straight and put your hand on your heart. First you put on your heart. In the heart resides the spirit. In the heart resides the spirit. So if you become the spirit; you become your own guide, you become your own master.

So you have to put now your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side and press it hard. This is the centre of your mastery; mastery over the knowledge, the pure knowledge, the true knowledge of the divine laws and also you become your own master.

Now you take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, press it hard and this is the centre of your pure knowledge. This knowledge is the one which works through your central nervous system and gives you ability to work out the divine power which is flowing through you.

Now you raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, again on your heart, now in the angle which is created by your shoulder and by your neck and now put your head to your right, full right. Please put it. All right, now, you have to now take your right hand on top of your forehead and bend your head as far as possible by putting your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Press it hard and put down your head as far as possible. This is the center where you have to ask, you have to forgive everyone in general.

Now you have to take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head, and here you have to ask forgiveness from this Divine power without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction.

Now the last center is very important, stretch your hand, stretch your palm. Put the centre of your palm on top of your head. Now push back your fingers so that there’s a good pressure on your scalp. Now in the fontanel bone area is the soft bone which you had in your childhood, there you have to put it, the centre of your palm, push back your fingers, put down your head. Here now you have to move your scalp, not your hand so much as your scalp, with pressure, seven times clockwise. Seven times clockwise. Slowly. That’s all we have to do altogether. That’s all. Now please remember to push back your fingers, is important.

Now you have to close your eyes. Please put both your feet apart from each other because these are two powers. If there is anything tight on your neck or in your shoulder you can loosen it. Now put your left hand towards Me like this, could be on your lap if it is uncomfortable. Now, please, put your right hand on your heart and now close your eyes. You can remove your spectacles and don’t open your eyes please till I tell you. Please don’t open till I tell you. Here now you have to ask Me a very fundamental question about yourself. You can call Me mother or you can call Me Shri Mataji, whatever you feel like. Now please say it three times. Mother, am I the spirit? Ask this question three times within your heart. Mother, am I the spirit?

If you are the spirit, you are your master. So now take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, put your fingers there and press it hard, not very hard, press it and again ask another fundamental question in your heart, three times. Mother, am I my own master? Ask with full confidence.

I have already told you that I respect your freedom, so I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to say six times, because this centre has got six petals, Mother, please give me pure knowledge. Please say this six times, Mother give me please, pure knowledge. Say it six times. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts moving upward.

So now we have to nourish all our upper centers with our self confidence. So now please raise your right hand into the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Here you have to say with full confidence, with full self confidence, you have to say ten times, Mother, I am my own master. Please say with full confidence, Mother, I am my own master.

I have already told you that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, emotions but you are the pure spirit. So now please raise your right hand on your heart, and with full confidence again you have to say, Mother, I am the pure spirit. Please say it with full confidence, Mother, I am the pure spirit.

This all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love, compassion and bliss but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistakes you might commit can be easily dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself and put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your right hand as far back as possible and now turn your head to your right. Please don’t feel guilty, this is a centre very badly catching up, so please don’t feel guilty. Now here with full confidence you have to say, sixteen times, Mother, I am not guilty at all. Please say it with full confidence sixteen times, Mother, I’m not guilty at all. Please say it sixteen times with full confidence, Mother, I am not guilty at all.

I’ve told you that it is a myth that you cannot forgive anyone because you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and it’s very important to forgive at this moment because this center is very constricted and if you do not forgive then it won’t open and you lose your chance of self-realization. As it is you have tortured yourself by not forgiving and now you shouldn’t lose your chance of self-realization. So at this point please take your right hand on top of your forehead, putting fingers on one side and thumb on the other, and put down your head as far as possible. Here you have to say again with full confidence, not how many times but from your heart, from your heart, Mother, I forgive everyone in general, Mother I forgive everyone in general. Say it from your heart not how many times. From your heart you have to say it absolutely so that this centre opens out.

Now take back your right hand to the back side or your head. Press it hard. Push back your head as far as possible. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to say from your heart not how many times, Oh Divine Power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. Oh Divine Power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. Please say this, from your heart, not how many times.

Now please stretch your hand, stretch your palm, put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood, properly. Now please remember to stretch back your fingers, is very important. If you don’t stretch it back then it won’t have a proper pressure. Now put down your head, here again, I cannot force self-realization on you. I respect your freedom. So you have to ask for it. So now moving your hand seven times, slowly, you have to say seven times, Mother, please give me my self realization. Please say it seven times, Mother please give me my self realization.

Now please take down your hands. Open your eyes and you can put on your glasses. Now please put both the hands towards Me, like this. Now watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking. Now put the right hand towards Me and put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze or a warm breeze, like waves coming out of your head. Now please put down your head and see for yourself, but don’t put your hand on top of your head but please keep it little away and see for yourself. Now some people get it also very far, some people get it here. See if there is a cool breeze like waves coming in your head. Now could be warm also if you have not forgiven specially. Little bit behind, it is not on top of your head. Keep away, away from, still away, yes so you can see it. Now please put the left hand towards Me, put the left hand towards Me like this. Now please bend your head again, see with the right hand, now bend it, properly bend it and see for yourself. Keep away at least it should be three, four inches away, so that you can see. Three inches at least I think, some people might get it even further; maybe two inches some people, I don’t know, depends on. They didn’t have the right hand towards Me. Now if it is hot then please forgive, please forgive everyone. Now put the left hand like this again last time, with the right hand towards Me.

Now you have to just put all your hands up there and look at the sky and ask a question three times, anyone of these questions; Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God’s love? Or Mother is this the Brahmachaitanya or the Paramachaitanya? Ask any one of these questions three times, putting up your head.

Now please take down your hands. Please. You can put your hands like this, you will feel the cool, and very relaxed. Just feel. All those who have felt cool or warm or hot breeze out of their fontanel, or on their fingers or on their hands, please raise both your hands, please raise both your hands. No? Just put it like that. Why it should feel. They are seekers. Thank God, all of you must. May God bless you. I bow to you all. Your saintliness has started now, but look after it. Don’t leave it half way. It’s like sprouting of the seed. After sprouting it, it must grow into a tree. So respect it. Thank God we have Brian here, and we have other people and I hope they’ll be having a good center here and they’ll be having a follow-on. Look after your growth. Next year I’ll be coming again and I hope to meet you all. Anything you want to know you can write to me also.

Isn’t it not working, this side? What’s the matter with these three persons? Sure? Did you forgive? No, no it’s not. It’s from your head it’s coming out. How can an air conditioner be in the stomach? Then you’ll start using this, then you will know what it is. When you will start enjoying it, then you will know what it is. Now better? You’ve been doing some TM or something? Is it? There are two people haven’t got it so just have a look at them and it will be alright. [unclear] Can I see you? Come along I would like to meet you let’s see what’s the problem, come along. I would like to meet you, yes. I would like to meet all of you.