Talk to Sahaja Yogis: You should never say that: “Mother said so.”

Sydney (Australia)

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Talk on Arrival at Burwood. Sydney (Australia), 27 February 1992.

. . . but all of you are not here. It doesn’t matter. There’s a certain thing I’m discovering, that you people always say: “Mother said so, Mother said so”, and making a fundamental thing out of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not proper. You should never say that: “Mother said so.” It’s not needed at all, why to say? You all have freedom, you have absolute freedom. Because you are all Spirits, you can see for yourself and you know what is right, what is wrong; and if you commit mistakes, can be corrected also. But first thing is you should grow deeper into your Spirit, so you become absolutely free from conditionings and from egos that you have. And then, there’s nothing to, sort of, limit yourself by saying that: “Mother said so, Mother said so.” And whatever I might have said, you see, also to be understood.

Like, the other day, somebody told Me that he used to meditate for half-an-hour, but then somebody said that: “Mother has said you should meditate for five minutes, ten minutes, so I stopped meditating for a longer period.” So I said: “That’s the minimum I said, the minimum, you should meditate for five minutes. That doesn’t mean that you cannot meditate for half-an-hour.” So you see that this is how people go on correcting each other: “Mother said so, in Her some nineteen-hundred-and-seventy-five or something.” That should not be. This is again, you will become fundamentalists, you see, that’s what they do: they quote Bible all the time or quote some book, and create a fundamentalism. So that should not be done. It is better that you for yourself understand what is written, what is said, and try to relate it to your wisdom, and then you will know.

So there’s so many things like that. Also, I have said that we must look after the children and you must also do the needful for the children, they are all your children. But that doesn’t mean that the mother or the father leaves the children with other Sahaja Yogis: “All right, you manage everything,” and now they come back from, say work, and tired and here all the children are passed on to them: “Now come along, do this, do that.” It’s not the way. They’re your responsibility, children are your responsibility and you have to look after your own children. You should not put children on to other people like that. Oh, Saturday, Sunday, it’s a little bit they can play and do something, but it’s not proper to put your children on somebody else who is a Sahaja Yogi, because he’s staying in the ashram. It’s not proper. Or say, supposing, tomorrow you will say: “All right, you clean my room because I’ve got children.” It’s not proper. That’s your responsibility to see that you look after your room, look after your own children.

And there are so many other things I have heard about that people just say that: “Mother said so, Mother said so.” I mean, it’s going to become another, really, a fundamental religion, Sahaja Yoga? Not at all. You see, only the – it’s like a spiral. Sahaja Yoga is like a spiral. Spiral has the beginning, but end is eternity. You have to move on. If you go like this, delimiting yourself, what will happen? I don’t want to delimit you, by any chance. You are realized souls, you are saints. Assume your powers.

Only thing, you must go deep down into yourself first of all, and see for yourself. You see, knowledge is so extensive. I never said: “Don’t read any other book.” I never said so, there’s a – they said: “Mother said that don’t read any other book.” How can I say such a nonsensical thing? I never said so. You should read, and whatever is needed, you should be selective; and you yourself only see that whatever is good is there, you should have.

And I never said that all the pop music is bad, I said some pop music is very bad. That’s My own opinion. But I am not – leaving it to you to decide what you like, what you don’t like. You see, that is how you are going to judge yourself. All this kind of saying that: “Mother said so,” indeed it’s another false-style behavior, which one should not follow at all. There’s – nobody has right to say that. Anybody who says: “Mother said so,” you should keep quiet. You can yourself find out. You see, Bible says so, everybody can read Bible, there’s no need for somebody to quote it that: “Bible said so,” we’ll see for Bible ourselves.

Otherwise, what will be the difference between you and others, other religions, where people have faltered with this kind of a fundamental things? So this is very important to understand, and I came to know. Especially I have seen in Australia, people are very systematically unsystematic. They’ll tell: “This is what Mother said, this is what Mother said.” I don’t want to put you into any compartments, nothing, no. You must grow your wings, and now I’ve just embedded you in the roots, and the tree has to grow. You see, the tree has to grow with all the freedom, and this one should remember, that all of you are intelligent, all of you are realized souls, all of you have got vibrations.

Sometimes, of course, it can be some negative force can act suddenly and act on you, and you might go astray. Then you have to consider and consult your leader. Blind-folded you consult your leader, or if not, consult Me. I am open to you. There are many people who have said that people have fear for Me. I mean, I’m not that frightening, am I? You can always telephone to Me; if not, if don’t you get Me, you write to Me. Why don’t you write to Me? I get all the letters, and practically every morning I go through them. I’m sometimes are delayed, but doesn’t matter, I go through them, and if something has to be done I immediately answer, or I work it out. So one should not have all these inhibitions or those fears about Me at least, when I am with you. I’m your Mother. You can tell Me everything, and I have to work it out. Otherwise, unnecessarily Sahaja Yoga will completely be dissolved into nonsense, which should not be.

We have to be absolutely fearless. First of all, such a fear exists in Australia. Why, I can’t understand. You’re not in jail. What is there to be so frightened about? Historically it has been there, but now forget it. Just be very free people. I talk to everyone who wants to talk to Me or meet Me, and all that. So there is no reservation of any kind. But as long as you know that you are doing right and you’re meditating, you are all right. And if there’s any need I will definitely meet you or I’ll definitely receive your letters. I’ll definitely answer, do everything that is possible. Because to Me you are very precious and you should never think on those lines, because I’m really amazed that this kind of a fear, I don’t know. I am not a wrathful person at all, by any chance. I am extremely forgiving. But, of course, if some person tries to go to, say, do the tantric thing and then tries to do the tantric on others, naturally that is in the open I’ll say that such and such person is not all right. Nothing secretly, I won’t call them in the room and tell them that you are doing like this, nothing. I openly, I tell before you that such and such person is to be abhorred and should be given up.

Of course, you should not also cross your limits of just asking Me questions or saying things which are not necessary, just talking to Me too much; there’s no need. Sometimes they come out very good questions, and even I may not have said those things I say, when they ask such questions, so it’s nice to ask some questions also. You are all free to ask questions. I’ve never said: “Don’t ask Me questions”; but questions that are sensible. Like the other day we saw one film, what was the name of that film? “Henry the Fifth,” you see, and it was a miracle how he won against the France. So somebody asked Me: “Mother, how this miracle has taken place?” I said: “Because England is the country of Shiva. Nobody can conquer it, that’s a fact.” But that doesn’t mean they should all lose their heads. You see, Shiva blessed so many rakshasas all His life, all His life, in the sense “lives”. See, Ravana was blessed by Him, so many people were blessed by Him, because He is such a innocent person, Shiva. He doesn’t think what harm this person can do to others, and that’s how He has been blessing. And so many were blessed, so there are some rakshasas also blessed, I think, were blessed definitely, in England. They conquered us and they tortured us and did everything in India, did it all over. But still that country cannot be conquered, because it is Shiva’s place. But that’s how they have become more arrogant. But now so many things are coming, pinching them, and I think they’ll come round after some time. They are just under the protection of Shiva, they have a little bit become arrogant and forgotten what is dharma is. That, they will have to learn.

While here it is the fear. I’m just bothered about this fear part of it. See, it’s something I can’t understand. One should have no fears. You can always tell your leaders, you can always telephone to Me, you can always tell Me about it. We are all open, open people, we have to open out our hearts. Of course, if you do anything wrong, then I have to say it. Because, you see, if you are doing wrong I can’t ask you that: “All right, you go to hell,” I can’t say that. I have to tell you: “This is wrong, you should not do this wrong”, and you should come round.

I’m of course, concerned about you, every one of you, if you have problems I try to find solutions and things, whatever is there; because I want you to be happy people, joyous. Now you should have reward of all your punyas of last lives, that’s what you have got it. You must know ours is a different society than others is. Otherwise we’ll be like Islamic fundamentalist or Christian fundamentalist, or Sahaja Yoga fundamentalist!

So the freedom is there all the time. Also you can read books, why not now? That way Austrians are very, very much there. You see, they meditate very – every day they meditate in the morning time, and I have seen they are the ones who are producing lots of good results. Like, they’re finding out books, you see, about this Koran now. They are reading Koran, finding out what’s in Koran and Bible, this, that, they are trying to find out what’s wrong with this; who edited Bible, why this wrong thing was put there, and they use Me as a model. I would never say such some things, that how could Christ say that? But that’s how they are just trying to read books; and we have to be scholars, we have to be real scholars, read books; and it’s not that you should be mediocre people.

We must also, whatever we are doing, so for example, we had Pat there who came out of the drugs and all that. I said: “Pat, you must get to something, seriously.” Then he took to plumbing and other things. I said: “Go to the end of it, you should be masters of this. You must have masterly knowledge about these things.” I would encourage you as much as possible that you should not just be a mediocre, there should be no mediocrisy . You must read more books, you must understand, you should have intellectuals who can explain Sahaja Yoga. Only one or two people can talk about Sahaja Yoga, the rest of them cannot. It’s not proper.

So open out yourself. All the time if you have fear that whether we’ll be in Sahaja Yoga or not, you might be thrown away, then you will never prosper. You should have no fears. So there are so many books you can read, find out from other books, find out from other things; and grow, you have to grow in that is. In anything you do, I was telling that if you are doing say art work or paintings or anything, so you have to become masters in that. Just mediocrisy, is something you do, what is there so special? You all can shoot into a very higher atmosphere because you have powers to do that. You can do it, because you have got the awakening, you have got all the powers flowing into you. The more you’ll use, the more you’ll get it. So why not do it?

So it’s a wrong idea. So we’ll have not only the fundamentalism, but also a static society, which doesn’t grow. So we are enjoying, but we have to grow, we have to learn more, we have to understand more, think more. There are so many things to be done, I mean. How many of you read newspapers, now raise your hands, let’s see? Everybody must read newspaper and discuss the world problems. You know, what you think will work out. Discuss what’s going on. You must read newspapers and understand what are the world problems today, what’s happening where. Wherever your attention would be it will work out, it works out. That’s why I read, you see, what’s happening now in Israel, and what’s happening with Mr. Baker there, all of them.

So you see, in the same way you should be well-equipped, you should know everything about what’s happening where, what is what. Don’t read scandals, that has no meaning, but read something substantial, their editorials and things like that. Also you should get hold of books. We really need intellectuals who will really face tomorrow’s world to tell them what is Sahaja Yoga. But not to show off. Some people have a habit of showing off they have this knowledge, they have that knowledge, just jump on the stage. Not that. But it’s a deep understanding within yourself. You must try to have deep understanding within yourself, whatever you are knowing. Now, you have to bring it to the pattern of Sahaja Yoga, what these people are saying, all right, this is the pattern of Sahaja Yoga.

Also in this Shiv Puja I’ll tell you certain tricks about it. But whatever it is, you must take to writing, you must have books here in every ashram, you must have books, you must have reading, you must discuss among yourselves and talk. I told you I’d never studied English language, you see, because somehow My father put us in the vernacular, and so I couldn’t even study Sanskrit or English. But I was a reader, and in My family people are like that. You see we had a huge library, and then My father would just ask us: “All right, remember this chapter in Gita?” Then he would discuss, talk about it: “What is this?” So the brain also develops, and attention goes to something sensible. That’s how it should be. You should all get out of this kind of thing. But not that: “Read Number One, the page, verse Number One”, then you put your finger, then: “Now another one”: not that way. But your light of the Spirit should fall on to the thought, and you should see for yourself what is happening, how it is going to be brought to your Sahaja Yoga flavor.

So I want you really to be very, very bold. But those people who just want to show off, and want to take the charge or want to take the stage and all that, I’ll put them right. But you don’t worry about them, you just see your own development, how far you are working it out. There’s so much to be learnt, so much to be understood.

You should not feel guilty also, for nothing at all. I mean, whatever I say, you start feeling guilty. It’s very wrong. I’m not saying it to punish you in any way! Just saying it that you should be really free of these fears, absolutely free of these fears.

You do not know, we are the creator of a new world, new age and a new society. We are very great people, not ordinary. It’s a big revolution we are playing into. Like just now they told me that from Austria, I told them that they can publish – they wanted to have a demonstration against Catholic Church. I said: “You don’t do it. You just type something, publish it, and put it in the – go to some remote village and distribute it there.” So they did it. Nobody knew who did it, all that; and after that, now, there’s going to be a demonstration from that village against Catholic Church…

…So if you have any questions, anything, you can write it down and send it over to Me, and I will see about it; if there are sensible questions about. Also I am going to work out something for the children. Something, how to make them more sort of contented among themselves and not to make them so wild as has been described, the “wild West”! So I’ll talk to you about the children, also, one day, and I’ll tell you what is to be done.

So now can I take your leave? Now I am getting afraid of you people!