Evening Program and Talk to Sahaja Yogis The Day after Mahashivaratri Puja

Glenrock Scout Camp, Newcastle (Australia)

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Day after Shivaratri Puja, Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Laguna of Glenrock, Newcastle, (Australia), March 1st, 1992

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s puja very much. Today I wanted to talk to you about certain matters where people get quite confused. There are certain things we must understand in Sahaja Yoga.

First point there is no fundamentalism in Sahaja Yoga. Nobody should use My words or say: ‘Mother said so’, nobody should. That is how all this hierarchies have been built, in the churches, everywhere. Everybody can read, everybody can find out.

There is no way of controlling people by saying: ‘Mother said so’. That shows that you are trying to use My Words to tell people off. You are not in charge.

If I say something in the program of Sahaja Yogis, I say it because it is heart to heart talk between My children and Myself, you see. And it should not be just sent over through your computers all over the world without consulting, without censoring it by the leader. There’s no haste in Sahaja Yoga. So that should not be done. Now this I have said, definitely.

Whatever I’ve said nobody remembers, only they use My Name. Mother said so in 1970. In 1970 I never spoke in English. So all this historical utterances should not be used. We live in the present. That time maybe, the situation was such I might have said something, but today the situation is different. Maybe because Sahaja Yogis were just coming to Sahaja Yoga, maybe they needed some sort of a guideline.

It’s a journey, first of all. It’s a journey. You are passing, supposing passing through a slope, then you have to use a different type of method. Now you are walking on a plain land, then you don’t behave as if you are climbing a mountain.

So it’s a journey, journey of Sahaja Yoga to our destination. The destination is that we have to emancipate maximum number of human beings into Sahaja Yoga. But that should not be taken over. I again tell you, nobody should take over things from the leaders. I have appointed the leaders just to co-ordinate with you people, but you have a direct, always a direct relationship with Me. So far all these people who believed in God had no direct connection, but now you have: so why not use Me? And if there are leaders, you have to ask the leaders. Nobody should take things upon themselves and start preaching people. We don’t like preaching. We have had enough of it. There’s no need to preach other, if you have to preach, preach yourself, but not to others.

One has to understand that it’s a living process. We can understand from a cell at the end of a root. It has intelligence, it is completely in control of itself and it has a direct connection with the Divine Power. So it moves by itself, but the attention is on the collective, collective means the tree. It moves in such a direction, that there is no argument, there is no quarrelling, in the sense there is no obstacle, moves.

Now supposing, there is a big obstacle, like a stone, it goes round it, encircles it many-a-times for the future tree that has to come.

So from the past what do you get, is the relative idea as to where you have reached. And from the future you have to know how far you have to go. This is very important to understand because these things creep into the western mind very easily. They don’t want to have direct relations with Me. That’s how then you’ll start forming groups. One person will stand up: ‘Mother says so.’ Finished. One tent is raised. Another one say: ‘Mother says so.’ Somebody will use My tapes. Anything.

There’s no need at all for you to get to these things and listen to them. If they want to create something, they should talk to Me directly, and not to do it themselves on their own, which is a very wrong attitude towards Sahaja Yoga.

So first of all, we must know it’s a living process. You cannot put on it artificial types of things, which will curb the growth of Sahaja Yoga. It’s very important to understand. There where I find that people don’t understand Sahaj Yoga.

You cannot mould into any pattern. It moulds by itself. Works by itself. So we cannot have any hierarchy, never. These hierarchies ultimately become a barrier between you and Me, which I don’t like. All the leaders are told that whatever letters you get, whatever things you have, you should send it over to Me. I would like to see them Myself. But sometimes they do, some of the leaders, specially in Australia I had a very bad experience. But now you have a very wise leader here, and a very sensible person. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. Only thing, I think he’s rather too mild sometimes with some people.

He should have told. Yesterday I had to suffer so much because of two ladies, because he never told them how horrible they were. So I had to absorb all their nonsense quite a lot. Because if a leader is not mild, you’ll sit on his head. If he’s little strict, you’ll get after him. Only thing one has to realize, that everything is a living process, and through some sort of a coordinator Mother is trying to work out, in a more simpler manner.

For example if everybody writes to Me for a small little thing… I mean, they write for everything, I must tell you. Absolutely something so useless sometimes that I really laugh. There’s no need to ask Me like: ‘Mother, we cannot get Indian spices here’. All these stupid things.

Then second is about the husbands or about the wives. Because you should not see those films or those televisions, which if you see invariably show the fight between husband and wife. So if you go on seeing that you will learn, you’ll pick it up. It’s like a parrot, you know. You pick up all the words which are to be said to your husband, harsh words, or to your wife, and then you work it out that way. And so many questions could have been easily solved. I think, to work out the marriage is only question of a woman, not so much of man. Normally men don’t want to marry, normally. Though they have no responsibility, they don’t have to produce children, anything. But still they don’t want to marry.

They are sort of little bit afraid also, in the west specially, not in India. In India men want to marry because they get somebody who will spoil them, who will never answer them, listen to them, be humble. So they want to have, see they marry. But here in the west I’ve seen men don’t want to marry. One fellow I told him that you have to get married, he disappeared for three days. So this marriage problem… we have to have marriages. But this marriage problem comes when women don’t know how to adjust, mainly, I must tell you.

The first thing is you have to really spoil your husbands. Actually, they should entirely depend on you for everything. Then what will they do? But in a loving manner. Not in an oppressive manner. Do not demand anything. Do not expect anything. Just be gentle, kind, express your love. Then they get used to it, they can’t live without it. These tricks should have told to you by your parents, but they might have been the same as you are, so you don’t know the tricks of the trade.

After marriage we have to say: ‘We are, we’. Shouldn’t say: ‘I’. And also understand, you see, men are different from women. They are different. You are the preserver of the society. They are the creator, but you are the preserver, and you have to have much more patience and compassion which you have, no doubt. You must take to your feminine qualities and you’ll be amazed that you are shakti, for men. You are the power for men. That’s why men must respect women. If they don’t respect women, not their romanticism and nonsense, but as personality. If they don’t respect, then they suffer every way. Specially materially. Materially they suffer and also reputation-wise.

Some women are extremely demanding and expecting too much. Perhaps maybe they see those pictures of Romeo, Juliet and things like that. But if you see Romeo, Juliet, you will see what Shakespeare wanted to communicate. He was an avadhuta. He wanted to communicate that these are all futile enterprises. Both of them died. They could never enjoy companionship. We had so many problems like this in England also, so I told them: ‘What books you read?’ Most of them read books of romance, all right, but romance before marriage. There are no books about romance after the marriage, can you imagine?! So naturally, there’s a problem. After marriage is quarrelling, before marriage romance. So why marry?

And when I said that man is the head of the family, it doesn’t mean that man should dominate a woman. Never. You interprete also, sometimes I think, some of the brains are other way round. What I was saying that he is head of the family. Supposing I say he is your leader. That doesn’t mean that he should dominate you. If head of the family start dominating, if the brain of the body starts dominating what will happen to this body? It’s stupid to conclude like that. But you are the heart of the family. Brain can die, but heart dies the last. So try to understand, there should be a complete integration between heart and brain. And children are the attention, in the society of Sahaj Yoga. So here, how can you have such an idea that if I say the head, then he dominates the heart. How can it?

So they pick up few words from here and there and use it for justifying their own weaknesses in Sahaj Yoga. But this kind of escape is not going to help you to rise. You are going against yourself, is not for your benevolence. What I’m telling you, is that if you try to accept all these outdated ideas in Sahaj Yoga, you’ll go down, you’ll rot. No use coming to Sahaj Yoga. We are fresh, we are new and we are living. We don’t accept these kind of ideas about men or women. But when I said that man is the head of the family, that doesn’t mean that you dominate your wife and torture her. Nor does it mean that the leaders should dominate, never. They should never dominate. They should use their wisdom, their love, compassion and guide you in a proper way.

I’ve received a letter which is very funny, that one leader’s wife, not the leader, the wife forbid one of the Sahaj Yoginis not to come to the house and to the program because I could not go to her house. Can you imagine? This is absurd.

Now if I tell her, she’ll be more harsh on that person. But by doing that, she doesn’t know how much she’s missing points in Sahaj Yoga. I mean, I’m a whimsical person. I can go anywhere I feel like. But she should have taken the blame upon herself, if she thinks I did not go to her house, instead of on the another person. Also, there’s a thing that: ‘This is my house’. This is the biggest nonsense. ‘Mother should come to my house’. With Indian specially, it’s too much. ‘Please come to my house, Mother. Come and have dinner with me’. Who are you? You are a Sahaj Yogi. So your house is Mine, you are Mine, everything is Mine. What is there to come to your house? Then you separate.

This is also an Indian mind, I must confess. ‘My house’. This is nonsense, all your houses are Mine. If I go there, it doesn’t mean that I love you more than anybody else. Doesn’t mean that. I have to go somewhere, you know. Like somebody asked Me: ‘Why did you take your birth in Christian religion?’ I said: ‘I had to take My Birth somewhere’. But better was for Christians because Christians are absolutely fundamentalists mentally. Mentally they are absolute fundamentalists. Mentally. That’s more dangerous. Muslims you can make them out they are fundamentalists because they do not have that finesse about them. Openly they are fundamentalists, but Christians are very great fundamentalists. But they go into somebody’s house now is becoming a problem for Me.

Because if I go to somebody’s house that person gets the ego: ‘Oh, She came to my house’. So again you are not to say that: ‘Mother, this is my house. Mother, this is your house’. If I go there well and good, if I don’t go there well and good, what does it matter?

Now again I tell you, nothing has to be sent through your IBM or anything without the consultation and censoring by the leader. It can land Me into great difficulties and tomorrow I could be in jail. Why don’t you understand? I mean, you write whatever you feel like. So this kind of irresponsible behaviour is, I can’t understand, and things I never said also can be said. This shows immaturity and haste. Such things should be consulted, and use your discretion.

Main thing is discretion. What you need to consult your leader which are vital, important. Specially things which are written down and published, things which circulate, is extremely important to be seen by the leaders. There is no hurry about it. Any book written, any tapes to be released, anything, should be done with the complete consent and understanding of the leader. I would say, the leader must sign those papers. Then I can hold him responsible. But if you are arbitrary and start doing things, then it could be dangerous.

Simple things I’ll tell you what, they asked Me: ‘Mother, what do you think of starting a Vishwa Nirmala Dharma in Melbourne?’ I said: ‘All right’. I didn’t know that it’s going to be an association. There is going to be an election and all, nothing. Just I said: ‘All right, just to start is all right’.

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma is everywhere, but they don’t have any association, nothing. It’s just a kind of a society, which is just spreading Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. There is no sort of a, any organization about it. We only have Trust, and we don’t want to have any electioning or all that. Again if some wrong type of people get in, then Sahaja Yoga will be ousted completely. So you can only have Trust, and if you want to do something else you can form it separately, but it should not be Vishwa Nirmala Dharma or Sahaj Yoga. Nothing doing. Because I said: ‘Yes’ that doesn’t mean that you should go that far with forming this, that association, and all that. It’s a news to Me.

All right, whatever has been done, has to be rectified. Absolutely to be rectified. And we have to bring it down to a proper level, and should be there people, who should be elected as good people who are in Sahaj Yoga, who have so far have been doing everything in a straightforward manner and who have been very very sensible about it.

There’s also a suggestion that we should project ourselves to outside things. If it means that we have to go to other organizations, is wrong. All these organizations are dead organizations, they are not living organizations. But if they want to come to us, all right. But we should not go and break our heads with them, because you’ll land up not only with opposition, but you will catch from them, negativity. Try to understand. We don’t have to grow that fast that we get all the lunatics in Sahaj Yoga. We have to be very careful. You can only have Sahaja Yogis who are seekers, who are honest, who are humble, who do not want any money or power, out of Sahaj Yoga.

It will grow. It has grown, just imagine.

Two people came from Australia and see how many are there. It will definitely grow, no doubt, but do not try to organize it. You cannot organize. Once you start organizing, then the growth can be stunted. Like you have seen bonsai. Bonsai, when they cut it and organize it, it becomes a small tree, but I haven’t seen any tree which grows, if it is organized grows more, never. At the most you can nourish it, at the most you can water it, at the most you can see the needs of this, but you cannot just make it grow more.

All organizations cut the growth. In the beginning, it may look that by organizing it, it has increased. We can say Christianity, what is this? Like a pumpkin, has no meaning. Absolutely empty hollow nonsense. Like Islam. Another nonsense. I mean, they admit that Islam is different from Muslims. It is being admitted now. What is Buddhism? Another nonsense.

So this kind of an artificial growth if you want, you can take to artificial methods. We really want substantial people, substantial dharma, innate within ourselves. We don’t have to take to these artificial things.

We are using lots of artificial manure now, and people are revolting against it because they think that all these artificial things are harmful to us. So allow it to work out through the grace of this Divine Power in a more natural manner than putting artificial organizations, artificial this and that. I think, some of you must have been to Harvard or something to learn how to grow the business, and that’s how you try to grow, but ultimately comes to recession. All those, who had education in Harvard, are responsible all over the world, and all over the world there is recession. I think, this university should be closed down.

[Hindi: Shri Mataji says something about the glass.]

So now, regarding your children. I have been really studying the nature of western children. Now the nature of western children is, that their attention is never on the right things. Not on studies. I should say, not at all on studies. Now, on food yes. Like in England they asked for baked beans in the morning. Now these horrible tinned baked beans, which you have been giving to them, are not at all suitable for Indian climate and they are no good. You see if you see a western health of a person, I mean, when you go to India you get diarrhea. You cannot stand heat, you cannot stand cold, anything that changes, you feel so much the sickness. Apart from that, all the time you are tired. You must introspect. Little work you’ll do, and you are tired. I mean, you see in the films or anywhere I’ve seen, even in the television, they’ll came and sit down, huhh. What work have they done, God knows. All the time, huhh. What is the reason? The reason is to think too much. Same with your marriages. You start thinking: ‘What are my priorities, what should I do? Start analyzing. Just do it what you want to do. This thinking too much is responsible for your susceptibility to diseases.

Of course, Mooladhara is one of the most important chakra, no doubt. If the Mooladhara is weak, you can catch any disease, for example: cancer, aids, schizophrenia, yuppies disease, also the secret diseases, herpes and all these things are very common in the west. But not in India, very few, because of a strong Mooladhara. So now, first problem is how to strengthen your Mooladhara?

The second one is the kind of food you are eating here is not so fresh. Try to eat fresh food. At least in Australia you can get it, as far as possible. Take to more carbohydrates, if you are thinking too much, best is to take to carbohydrates. You are so much worried about putting on weight or this thing. I don’t know why you want to be skinny. What is the need?

On the contrary, a person who has little plumpness, absorbs vibrations much better. But do you know that vibrations sit on the fat? Medhastitha – they sit on the fat. And that’s why they go on the nerves because nerve is made of fat. Your brain is also made of fat.

So this new idea of having mosquitoes around… Sometimes, you know, I get frightened in a way, I think, next moment that person is going to fall on the ground. So whatever is pumped into your head, you accept. That’s why the entrepreneurs are definitely controlling you. You have no idea! Because we don’t have that wisdom to see. Now they said: ‘All right, you shouldn’t put any oil in your head, all right? Never put any oil.’ So you become bald. So they can sell wigs. All such things are there.

You can put oil before, previous night, just to make your hair grow properly, you must give them nourishment. Why do you starve them? What’s wrong with oil I just don’t understand? You must massage your body also with oil. It’s very important. Sometimes, Saturday if you use oil to massage your body, is a very good idea. Also massage your head, you must look after yourself. But just because there’s a fashion not to put oil, so you just not have any oil anywhere near. They all used to put oil if you see films about say thirty years back, they were all nicely… Nobody had dry hair, all shining nice hair. They were supposed to be quite good-looking. And this bhootish type of hair then, when you have, all the bhoots will take over because they’ll think: ‘This is the head for me’.

So try to understand what is good for your body, and what you should do. Massaging your body is a very good thing. I think, without oil I cannot exist, really. Because My work is on Sahasrara and if I starve My Hair, either I’ll become completely bald or mad; one of the two. It’s very soothing to massage your hair, very soothing for your nerves, everything, and you are realized souls, there’s vibrations flowing. You should massage your head nicely.

Take about an hour, on a Saturday. Saturday is the day of shani, is the day of Saturn, the day of Shri Krishna. He is so fond of butter and oil. All these small small things should be understood.

Also you people are very fond of sun, I can understand that. But I don’t know why in Australia you are so fond of sun, when it is so much? But because it’s a fashion in the west, we are all going to the sun, to the sea and spoiling your skin. Your skin cannot have the glow, while you see, if you do not use sun bathing as some sort of a treatment. It’s all right, there’s lot of sun, you can move about. Indians used to wonder about the English, and there was a saying that an Englishman and a mad dog in the sun. Even a sane dog won’t go. All such things should be understood.

Personal hygiene also has to be seen. Use lot of water to wash your hands, and when you are using toilets, water should be used every time. Very important. Otherwise, your Mooladhara can never be all right.

Your children, I’m surprised, they don’t want to brush their teeth. And if you tell them you have to brush, they start crying. If you tell them you have to have a bath, they start crying. Imagine, in that sweltering heat of India, they don’t want to have a bath and they smell. But when you tell them: ‘Our parents also smell like that’. Their mouths smell.

In India at least twice we must brush, once in the morning, once in the evening. Minimum. Evening time, we all brush our teeth, in India. Is very important. Now these are such small small things, which I think, our culture in India has already taught us long time back. I mean we don’t have to tell anyone like that, they’ll say, “What are you telling us this nonsense”. But they should be fond of doing this, so the way is that when your children are growing, you take them in the bathroom, make a fun out of it. Now let’s see, we’ll brush our teeth. You brush your teeth I’ll brush my teeth. Now see whose are whiter, like that. Make a fun out of it. You are the one who can teach them good hygiene. Then bathing.

All these little little things are very important for you and for your children. So the hygiene part is very poor, personal hygiene. Of course, your house is very very clean, absolutely. If anything falls on the carpet, immediately you’ll pick it up, because this carpet maybe sold later on. Whatever is saleable, you look after. Now your teeth also can be saleable, you need not neglect them, but you will not be careful. Whatever is saleable, you’re very careful, your house – very careful, your carpets – very careful, but whatever is not saleable, is not worth anything.

Now in Sahaj Yoga, we should know that nothing is saleable. Whatever we have and own, we’ll keep it with ourself or give it to our children, or give it as presents to others. You are not going to sell anything. Everybody is a seller. House is to be sold, very particular about the house. If something goes wrong, you’ll shout at children. We were surprised that these children were more careful about nonsensical things like carpets than their teeth. Something fell down on the carpet, immediately they all rushed and cleaned the carpet so we started wondering what’s the matter with them. That’s not their job. That’s the training they have. Whatever is saleable, they try to put right.

So we must change our mind and say that: ‘Whatever we own, we are not going to sell it,’ or sometimes you have to sell the house, all right, but it’s not so important. In any way, whether the house is clean or dirty, you’ll fetch the same price, that’s My experience. Whether you decorate or not, on the contrary, undecorated houses they like, because of their ego, very surprising.

We had bought a house, in Hounslow, and one side belonged to one of the Sahaja Yoginis, one side to Me. I had no time to decorate or anything, and she, poor thing, spent so much money to decorate it and all that, and some people lived also. Of course, she made little money out of it, whatever it is. But My house sold for a higher price than hers. Why? They said: ‘It’s already done, we can’t do anything about it’. So also the ego is there, that we should be able to do something, in the house. And thus, it doesn’t make difference. In any way, they don’t pay for your carpets and don’t pay for your thing. But people are so particular about their furniture, about everything.

So now, this is what is materialism. Is absolute materialism, that we try to get things just for selling off. On the contrary, we have to look out, what are the beautiful things made by hand. What can we have, whatever is made by hand by people. Can have few, and that can be given to your children, to the progeny.

Also sometimes, the idea of antique…

Who is this child? Please take away. Who is the child? Who is the child crying? You must find out why the child is crying in My Program. Must be something wrong. Must be some baddha. If a child cries in My Presence or is afraid, that means there’s some sort of a baddha, which you should try to remove.

So now, we have to change our attitude towards ourselves. We are specially blessed people, we have to look after our body, look after our children. We have to look after things, which are of much greater importance than material things, that is the spirit. So ultimately, we come to the point that the spirit which has given us all this beauty, which has given us such moonlight in our life, such sunshine in our work, she has made us so sweet.

After all, what we have done for the spirit to satisfy it, to enjoy it? So the most important thing for us is our spirit, and we should seek the comfort of the spirit. The more you think about your spirit, the deeper you’ll go, and the joy you’ll get will be also very deep, and you’ll settle down, very nicely embedded in spirituality. So you have to, all the time think: ‘Am I doing this for my spiritual growth?’

I mean, in a place like England people get up at four o’clock to meditate. Nothing doing. This time there was a big number. I told so many English that, ‘You have been coming every time to Ganapatipule. Can you not reduce your number?’ They felt very sad. ‘Mother, we need it. We have to.’ But I said: ‘This time you can avoid, there are so many people coming. If we have too many people…’, because about hundred and fifty people came from other countries, you see, who were not even paying and who were not such Sahaja Yogis. So I said, ‘We have to work it out with them’. They said: ‘Mother, but we can’t help it. We have to be there. We can’t do without it.’

So this kind of understanding, I’m so happy that you all managed to come all this way here and you are settled so well. You are living in tents and enjoying this discomfort because you have got the comfort of your heart, comfort of your spirit.

So as it is we have suddenly come up, very high up, and whatever I said yesterday was not in any way to pamper your vanity but the truth. I just told you the truth. It’s truth for at least ninety-five percent people of Sahaj Yoga. But they should also go deeper and deeper and enjoy themselves and enjoy the collectivity.

Now in general, I can talk to you about things, that firstly that you have to ask your leaders if you have to do anything extraordinary. Now is your discretion. And the last but not the least is this: all the leaders complain that no one wants to pay any money whatsoever for Sahaj Yoga.

Now you see, actually, as you know that, whatever money you give Me for pujas, I buy silver for you, and you are given the equal amount of silver as one would give to Europeans. But as far as the puja money is concerned, it’s very low. First they used to just give Me one dollar. Of course, that was all in coins, which I have brought it back, but otherwise whatever is there, is… I’m not using it for Myself, I don’t need it.

I should normally, because it’s given to Me, but I just thought, that instead of that, if I give you silver, you will have silver for puja, which is very important, and that it will be very auspicious.

But the way people want to pay is rather reluctant. I agree that you people are now running into problem about money, but maybe one of the reasons may be that. Do you know you pay the lowest in the whole world? No one pays so low as that. At least, they pay twenty-one and eleven, even in India. Minimum. So whatever it is, whatever suits you, I’m not going to say anything. Whether you collect less or more, I’m going to give you the silver because you are so many people, and I have to do that.

I always put the maximum amount between you and Europe. You are also a continent, as Europe is, but one has to understand, that at least, we should really think of doing something for Sahaj Yoga. What can we do for Sahaj Yoga?

As you know very well, that I’ve used My husband’s money quite a lot, and again I’m going to work out something in Australia, because I think in Australia it will be very good for people, and I can involve My money with them. But despite all that, people don’t understand that why My husband allows Me to do that, because he knows it gives him all the blessings. He told Me many-a-times, he told group of people, he told openly to Sahaj Yogis that: ‘All these awards I’ve got because of my Wife, but She is working for God’.

But I wanted to say also you donated a lot of money. It’s the generosity and if you donate,then you get it also from another thing. But I don’t want it for My Personal thing at all, but is a sign of your generosity. That is a common thing from all the leaders… Melbourne leader says that nobody wants to pay. Only they want to take advantage of Sahaja Yoga.

This is not a very good thing from Lakshmi point of view. Also one has to understand that once you joined Sahaj Yoga, whether you pay or not pay or anything, you think you are a liability, that’s very wrong also. For every small thing they want help. Of course, they are to be helped. We try to help people who are, who haven’t got money or who are… but they become sort of liabilities and then they expect so much from other Sahaj Yogis, or from Me also, that one can’t understand, I mean.

You marry someone, then that person becomes a headache: letters after letters, telephones after telephones. Is not proper. Of course, some child is sick, all right, you can inform Me. But a child is hot-tempered, is misbehaving, is on My Head. Maybe you have been hot-tempered, maybe you are fighting with your wife or your wife is fighting with you, may be that. Why not correct that part? Even the smallest thing they think, should be done by Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga must look after this thing, Sahaja Yoga must do that.

So one should understand that to you Sahaja Yoga as a liability, not you are a liability to Sahaja Yoga. That’s the best attitude. Of course, in a way you are a liability.

But what should be your attitude? Now you’re matured enough. When the son grows up and matures, then he looks after the parents. In the same way, you have to look after the Sahaja Yoga, than Sahaja Yoga looking after you all the time and pestering Sahaja Yogis about it.

This has to be understood very well, that Sahaja Yoga is not liable for you. You are liable for Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga has given you so much. God has done so much for you, what have we done for God? Always think like that. If you start thinking like that, the more work you put in for Sahaja Yoga, the more you exert your mind for Sahaja Yoga, in a proper living, balanced manner, the more you are helped, the more you grow, the more you enjoy. It’s like that.

And so, today’s lecture is for all of you in a way, because I don’t know what applies to whom. But you should not put it on somebody else, but take it for yourself that we are not going to be liabilities on Sahaja Yoga, but a support. We have to look after Sahaja Yoga, which is a very, very beautiful attitude. That’s My attitude is.

I don’t need Sahaja Yoga at all. Not at all. Why do I need? I don’t have to do Sahaja Yoga. But I am worried about Sahaja Yoga, about Sahaja Yogis. To Me they are all My liabilities. I have to look after them, I have to worry about them, I have to listen to them. I receive letters and all that. I mean, this kind of work if somebody has to do, nobody would accept. In every way I have to support, because My Spirit gets satisfied. It’s for the satisfaction, My own satisfaction, I’m not doing for your satisfaction, I’m doing for My own satisfaction. Is selfishness.

So when you reach that selfhood, you will understand what this self needs and you’ll put your mind to it and you’ll be surprised that when you start doing something for others, for Sahaja Yoga, it’s very much rewarding and very much like a prayer. Everything is a prayer in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever you do for Sahaja Yoga is a prayer, is a rapport. Is the oneness with God. Is what we can call the worship. And once you start doing that, you’ll not bother as to who criticizes you, what people say to you, nothing. But you’ll feel such relationship and understanding.

I’m sure, this Shiva Puja will definitely establish you at a much higher level, I’m sure. And you will know where you are.

I’m very happy about it, that a Shiva Puja was arranged here. Once it was arranged in Europe. It was all full of storms and snowfall, and everything. But so many came to Rome for the Shiva Puja. They all asked Me: ‘Mother, we should have one Shiva Puja.’ And the whole thing was so surprising, that people came from Greece and everywhere, driving down, I don’t know. And there was always report of snowfall is there, flood is there, and they were all there.

And suddenly, I found a level had risen, because here we are in direct contact with our spirit. Here we know about our Spirit. We are obliged to our spirit what it has done to us, we respect it. And that’s how I’ve seen the certain change, and a very great height suddenly they achieved. And I am sure, this will happen to Australians.

Now forget your small differences, fighting for power, fighting for money nonsense. Try to be all right. There are some people who got caught up, because of this nonsense in Melbourne. They should all cleanse themselves out, put themselves right and look after themselves. All My blessings with you.

May God bless you.

[Hindi: If you all want to sing some songs and then we will move.]

So I’ll be bidding you farewell. [Hindi: Did you bring the gifts?]

At the parting I want to give something small for all the leaders, because I want them to write the diary. So it is for other leaders, apart from our main leader, the National leader. This is for everyone.

Yogi: John Henshaw, Melbourne.

Shri Mataji: Are you all right, John? All right now, try to keep your blood pressure low by not discussing, talking to all nonsense, all right? And just put your right hand towards the Photograph and you know the right hand treatment. So may God bless you.

Shri Mataji: Brian Bell.

Yogi: Brian Bell.

Shri Mataji: Yes. May God bless you.

Yogi: (Inaudible name).

Shri Mataji: May God bless you.

Yogi: (Inaudible name).

Yogi: John Fisher.

Shri Mataji: Is only for the people where I visited and also for the different states as you have. But you see, your Customs are so funny, you’d better give them a bandhan, that I can’t bring any presents for all of you.

That’s the only thing I didn’t like about Australia. Because they are very strict and really funny people. In every country presents are allowed except in yours.

So now… [Hindi: If you want to sing anything?]. Then we’ll have to go. I’ll have to go back, going back to…[Hindi: What time is it?].

I have to leave for Sydney now.

[Hindi: Sing what pleases you.]

Yogi: All the musicians take their place as quickly as possible.

Yogini: (gives a photograph as a present) Mother, please have it.

Shri Mataji: Oh, the children are reflected in it. It’s a beautiful photograph I must say.

I’m so happy with them. Thank you very much, it’s beautiful.

(The video continues with a musical program, during which many yogis go to speak to Shri Mataji one after another.)