Sensitivity to Spirituality is Important

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

1992-03-02 Sensitivity to Spirituality is Important, Sydney, Australia, 106'
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Public Program Day 1. Sydney (Australia), 2 March 1992.

Welcoming address by Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney Mr. Henry Tsang.

[Shri Mataji speaks from minute 16:26.]

I would like to thank you very much, the Deputy Mayor, sir, for your kind introduction to the subject of yoga. 

In Sahaja Yoga… Yoga means your connection with the all-pervading power of God’s love which we call as “Self-realisation” which is really very important because once it happens, automatically all those things that are promised in the yoga system of Buddhism or yoga system in Zen, Tao, anything – is the same as being practiced in ancient times in India in yoga.

It is called as Sahaja Yoga: “sahaj” means “spontaneous” because it is the yoga of the living process of your evolutionary process. That’s why it is called as “sahaj”. Sahaj means “born with you”: Born with you is the right to have this spontaneous union with the divine power which is all-pervading. As it is we are not aware of this power but it exists. If you see these flowers, you see yourself – how you are made? Who has done this great job of evolutionary process? It has been done by some power and that power is the all-pervading power of God’s love which is described in all the scriptures everywhere.

Buddha was so anxious about the Self-realisation and meditation that he said, “First let us not talk only of God. Let us not talk. Let us talk of the Spirit first.” That is the first step we have to take: that we should first understand ourselves because unless and until we understand ourselves we cannot understand God. 

And as I told you, any religion you want to follow, unless and until you have got Self-realisation you cannot follow because you do not have absorption. You cannot absorb things inside yourself and it cannot become innately within you. It has to be innately within you. And now we have found: after people have come to Sahaja Yoga automatically they become sahaja yogis, automatically they give up drinks and what you call alcoholism, they give up also horrible things like drugs and so many things just disappear. 

But most surprisingly that so many diseases are cured with Sahaja Yoga. We have got now, as I told you, there are three doctors who have got MD for three diseases they tried: one is the blood cancer, on epilepsy and then the third one was asthma. But there are so many diseases which are automatically cured by your own power. It is your own divinity, it is within you and nobody has to feel obliged about it. It is just within, it’s built-in within you. All this system that you see there is all built-in within you. This is Tree of Life and once this power awakens it just passes through six centers, pierces through your fontanel bone area: this is actually the actualization of baptism, or Self-realisation. In Sanskrit it’s called as Brahmarandhra: this is called as the “hole which opens to the Brahma” – means this all-pervading power. So the words are different but have the same interpretation.

Now the days are such that we are understanding that we have gone into lot of imbalances within us. Also in nature, as he said, it is very important to understand what is our relationship with the nature, what is our rapport with the nature. As it is, we are [UNCLEAR 20:29] because of too much of materialism perhaps that we have gone out of control. But whatever it is, once you get your Realisation, you are just immediately established.

As I said, this is an instrument [the microphone]: it’s made nicely, all build-in, but unless and until you put to the mains it has no meaning. In the same way you have to be put to the mains. Now there are so many lights here, you see them. Now if I try to tell you about all the lights, how they came, electricity how it came and all those things it’ll be quite a headache. But if I just say that there is a switch, “you just put on, it will work out because it is built-in.” Because it is built-in in you it can be done with great ease without any difficulties: that means “sahaja” – also means “simple, easy”. Also it means “spontaneous” because it’s a living process. It’s just there ant it works in no time. It is remarkable how people get their realisaiton so fast. And I tell you, sir, that Chinese are one of the best Sahaja yogis you have come across. They are wonderful people.

Now we have to thank you very much for coming now. And he has to go to a meeting, he found out time to come here and help us so we should give him a hand, I think.

Thank you very much, thank you.

As it is, lot of introduction is there about Sahaja Yoga. And I’ve been coming to Sydney many a times and it has worked wonders, I must say. So many people have got their Self-realisation, not only in Sydney but in so many places and it is taking roots now.

Still, I told you that I was surprised that in Russia it is spreading like fire, spreading really like fire. In one place called Tolyatti we have 21 000 sahaja yogis who are practicing Sahaja Yoga. It’s very remarkable: so many doctors, scientists, all very very educated people. Also there are many others who are farmers and who are doing other kind of work. It’s very surprising this Tolyatti, even in the state now where so many people have got Realisation. 

It is the sensitivity to spirituality which is important. You see, people get money with false leads, tell stories, “we’ll do this”, they claim this, claim that. And we get interested in it. They have money, they get money: they can go to television, they can put a big poster, they can do lots of advertising and these are the days of advertisement. Any hope [23:40 UNCLEAR], if it is advertised we just take to it. But we must understand that it’s not the advertisement that should be appealing but one simple understanding should be there: that if it God’s love, if it is divine power, if it is a living energy, then how can you pay for it? You cannot pay for it. But it is so much in our mind that you have to pay for everything. Unless and until you pay for something people think it’s not worth it. 

Also all the religions that people have being following: as he said Buddhism is there, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, anything – all religions, I must tell you, are all wonderful thing. If we read them, we would be amazed we have very wrong ideas about Islam, wrong ideas about Judaism, very wrong ideas about Christianity and wrong ideas about Hinduism. If you read their books, scriptures, you’ll be amazed whatever they are saying is absolute truth. But where are we going round is that we cannot absorb them. 

There’s such a disparity between a Muslim and the Islam; there is such a disparity between a Christian and Christ. I mean, you just can’t imagine how can that be. Now just imagine, now in Azerbaijan – you must have heard about it – these people, who are supposed to be Christians, are Armenians who have killed thousands and thousands of people in Azerbaijan. How can they do it? They are Christians, how can they do it? Vice versa, Muslims have killed so many. Hindus have done, if not so much killing, but they have what we call as the caste system. When it is said again and again, and again, that everybody has the Spirit within their heart. Everybody is a spiritual personality. So how can you have caste system? So all these things have deviated from the right path and that’s why people feel frustrated.

I was surprised, I heard that people now here are so frustrated that they go taking to Islam religion or to Buddhism from Christianity. It’s just the same; there is no difference what’s so ever because you will never be able to follow these religions because they cannot be absorbed by you. 

Religion is within us, as you see there, this green part there, ten petals as you see there. That’s the Void: it’s the area where we have our valences. As carbon has four valences, we have ten valences. And these valences once enlightened you just become righteous, you just enjoy your righteousness. You don’t have to think about it, that whether “I’m righteous or not”, you just become – automatically. And this is what is your own power which has to be just awakened. Like this instrument [the microphone] without the connection has no meaning, you cannot use it but as soon as you connect it, it becomes useful. In the same way your own personality, the glory of that, the beauty of that start expressing and manifesting and you are amazed at yourself: “I never knew I was like this.” 

All these conditionings you have had so far through religion maybe, politics maybe, economics maybe – whatever it is, these conditionings are just your mental projections which are linear: they move back and they boomerang also. You can see: you produced so many things – now recession. If you produce science, out of science something, then hydrogen bomb, oxygen bomb, this bomb, that one, atomic bomb. This is what happens because when you start thinking from your mind, you have no balance. It doesn’t move all sides. But Spirit is something, the light of the Spirit moves everywhere. 

So today we are having the first program today. They said I should introduce Sahaja Yoga to you and tomorrow I’ll be telling you in details about the Spirit: what is the nature of the Spirit and how it acts and how it is benevolent to you, to your family, to your country and to the whole world all over. It is something that has to be done with understanding, with an open mind like a scientist. Whatever I’m telling you today should be not followed blindfolded but what you have to do is to keep your mind open. Whatever I’m saying should be a hypothesis and if it is proved and you find it works out then you must accept because this is for your good. What is the need to be identified with this group, that group or this name, or this brand? These are all brands. You are a human being and you have to become a super human being. In a simple thing as that you should not have any brands on your head. 

So the Sahaja Yoga is just a natural way of achieving that higher state of spirituality which we call the Spirit. And this Spirit when it starts manifesting in your attention you are amazed at yourself that how you could do all these things. 

First of all you get a state where we call it as “thoughtless awareness” when it crosses this center [Agnya], as you see there when it crosses this one [Shri Mataji shows with her hands]. Thoughtless awareness means you are completely aware but you are without thoughts. For the thoughts rise and fall, again thoughts rise and fall and you are jumping on the cusp of the thought. But supposing you try to be in the present – you cannot. You are either on the future or on the past. You cannot be on your present because you are jumping on these cusps of these thoughts which come from your future or from your past. 

So now how to come to that point when you would be in the present? To come to that point is very simple: that when this Kundalini passes through this center [Agnya] she takes down these two institutions which you see there – left and right, which are conditioning and ego – and makes you stand in the present, into thoughtless awareness. Then whatever you think comes as original thoughts, as spiritual, awaken thoughts, as inspirations, as new ideas. It’s tremendous because this all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge and once you are connected with it all that knowledge starts flowing through you. 

Then the second thing: when it pierces through your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, you become what we call “doubtlessly aware” – means that you have no more doubts, you are sure about it, you know that you have achieved it. You can feel it on your fingertips. This all-pervading power which you have never felt you can feel it on your fingertips and you can feel your Kundalini coming out of your fontanel bone area. But this connection has to be established. And to establish this connection one has to little bit know what’s wrong with yourself and what is to be done. That takes hardly any time once this connection is established. With some people it is established in no time. Some people think too much, argue too much – it is beyond mind – then it takes little time but you get it and then you are amazed at yourself. It’s already a very huge, big society where there are 62 nations, people from all over who have become beautiful, very beautiful: such brotherhood, such sisterhood relations, they are becoming dynamic.

Look at these these Australians singing Sanskrit and Marathi songs. Hindi which is the easiest language but the English who lived there for 300 years could not say one sentence. We had to break our heads with them, “Now say this.” They couldn’t pronounce, their tongues were so thick, I should say. They said, “This is a tongue-twister language.” Whatever you may call it, they couldn’t just say it. And look at these boys and these girls: how easily they are singing, how did they get this dynamic force within themselves. 

Apart from that we have got, even in Australia some people became very well-known artists, they became very good musicians. Everywhere it is showing results. In India we have got some great musicians who are now world-famous. So it’s not … it’s just as a by-product you get it. It is just as a by-product of this awakening of the Kundalini you get all this. 

But the main thing you get is the Spirit. And the Spirit is the source of joy, source of absolute knowledge. Of course, about this I’ve told you that I’ll tell you about it – it’s just tomorrow. But one thing one has to know that it’s such a unique thing to know yourself. We don’t know ourselves. It’s important that once you know yourself – you know your centres – you know yourself what’s wrong with you. And if you know how to correct it you will be all right. But you also know others because you get a new awareness called as “collective consciousness” where you can feel what’s wrong with other people, what’s wrong with you. And again, if you know how to correct the problems of other people, 99% people you can help and cure them. If they get Realisation you can also cure them. 

Above all, you can give Realisation to people, you can change them, you can help. I mean, I cannot go to the 62 countries, you can imagine at this age. But it’s working like this: that one light gets enlightened then that light can enlighten another. That’s how many people have been enlightened. But for that one has to understand: in Sahaja Yoga you have to be collective. We don’t have elaborate things that people have – these big places, because they make money out of it. But we have humble nice places where you come forgetting what your position is, what your standards are. Just as ordinary seekers you come there and you become a master of this art. Once you become the master, anyone, any race, anyone can become the master and can make so many people “yogis” – means realised souls. This is the blessing of the modern times. It could not have been possible in the olden times. You see, it’s a myth, you can call it the illusion and the whole stress and things, as he was saying: all this put together has brought forth the necessity for people to seek something beyond. And that’s how you are here as chosen ones who want to have your Self-realisation.

This is for the introduction today but tomorrow I would like to tell you all about Sahaja Yoga. The collectivity is the only way you can be cleansed out, there is no other way out. But very simple … Formerly people had to go to the Himalayas, standing on your one leg, on your head for years together, do this, do that. No penance, no sacrifice, no sufferings, nothing but you have to come to the collective. You have to give some time to yourself and to your Realisation.

Now about meditation: you don’t have to meditate – you are IN mediation where you become thoughtlessly aware. When you are in the present spirituality starts growing. So the meditation is only to achieve that state which is very easy also in Sahaja Yoga. So you are in meditation, you do not have to meditate. This is what it is and also, as he said about Buddhism, Buddha also said that the future Buddha will be bodhisattva. Bodhisattva means not that they only will get enlightenment but that they will spread it to their society, to their country. And this is what it is, today’s Buddhism. I hope the Buddhists understand that and get the benefit of it instead of thinking of sacrificing and becoming ascetics. There is no need to that: those days are gone. You have already done all these things in previous lives. In this life now you enjoy the fruits of that. 

Thank you very much.

Of course, today is the first day and I would like you to ask me some questions about Sahaja Yoga, anything like that.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi from minute 38:47 to 40:20]

All right. If you have any questions, please ask them.

Question referred: They would like a little more explanation of the superego, top of the left channel. 

These are actually psychological terminology but in the actual Sanskrit scriptures they are called as some other name. But in psychological terminology it is expressed like this. Especially Jung has done lot of work on it: that the mother is nursing the child and the child is very happy. So then the mother wants to take the child from one side to another side so the child feels getting hurt, his ego is hurt – he is enjoying something –  so his ego develops. Then he says, “Don’t do that to me.” so the conditioning comes in, so the conditioning develops. 

But actually it has something more scientific then that which I will explain to people what happens. Because our brain is like a prism and when the rays of awareness pass through it, it goes into refraction. And because of refraction the right-side rays go to the left and left-side rays go to the right. That’s why if there’s paralysis of the brain on the right side your left side gets paralyzed. But the central path is straight forward and that’s how the Kundalini goes down and settles there. Because of this refraction we have a problem. 

This refraction if it is broken into two resultants: one goes inside the spinal cord as left sympathetic or right sympathetic and another goes out. And the one which goes out reacts, especially in human beings because their brain is more conical and has refracting quality. So when you see something you start reacting. And this reaction builds upon on one side, it builds up from this side, from the left side whatever comes in builds up the right side thing, what we call as the “superego”, and from the right side whatever has entered builds up the ego. But it’s quite a long theme and can be explained to you much more. When you come to Sahaja Yoga, you would be amazed that it explains this Chinese idea also of the brain very clearly.

Question: How do we get into meditation without being quiet?

So the question is how can we get into meditation without becoming quiet. This is what I’ve explained already but I will explain again that brain is all the time bombarded with thoughts – that’s why we are not quiet, isn’t it? And these thoughts are coming to us from the past or the future and we are in between. The problem is that we are jumping on these thoughts so we are not quiet, we cannot be quiet – agreed. But when this Kundalini rises she pierces through this area as I told you, this Agnya chakra, she pierces through then she sucks in those two areas – conditioning and ego – and you become quiet as a result of that. And you then stand in the present, not in the future or past so you automatically become quiet. Yes, you’ll will, just now.

Question: Are you saying that no matter what is going on, you can sit down and raise the Kundalini and you will be in meditation?

Of course. You become a witness, you become a witness of the whole thing. Another analogy I’ll give you. If you are in the water and there are waves, you are afraid of them. But supposing you get into a boat: when you see those waves you are not disturbed. But supposing you become a great swimmer, you can go down and get many more in the boat – it’s like this. It happens like this: it quietens you, absolutely. That’s the first thing happens that you become thoughtlessly aware. All right? May God bless you.

It’s a very good question because many people say, “we meditate, meditate”. Without quietening you, how can you meditate? When you are meditating you are thinking, “I’ll miss the bus.”, “I’ll do this, I’ll do that.” [UNCLEAR 47:23]. How can you meditate? People are worried about “what’s going to happen to my chairs”, “what’s going to happen to that” and at that time you are thinking of meditating. You cannot meditate, it’s not possible. But this quietness you and it gives you a state what we call the “witness state” where you start see everything as a drama and a play because you are away from those problems, you see them clearly. And then, because you can see them, you can solve them also. That is the state you have to achieve, that’s all. And very simple it is. You just automatically achieve it because it’s built-in within you.

Question: How can one cope with the pain of witnessing violence and difficult things happening in the society?

Because you must learn how to protect yourself. After Realisation they’ll tell you how to protect yourself, to begin with. Afterwards you are protected automatically. You don’t know how to protect yourself is the point. It’s very important. 

Question: There must have been a state in our lives when we were connected with this power. How did we lose it?

We lost it long time back, that’s it. We were connected, that’s true but these Adam and Even – that’s the point: when we lost God we had to take to this course of evolution. They won’t accept it so we had to go through this long process.

Question: If the body is in a worn state, if it is unhealthy and parts of the body are worn out can the Kundalini repair this damage?

Yes, it does, that’s what I said, of course. You see, all our health, all our mental being, physical being, emotional being, spiritual being – is all managed, nourished by these centres. Because they go out of gear: for example, this is the left and the right side center links [Shri Mataji shows with her hands], and once you start using them too much there is a constriction, it can sometimes break also, then all these psychosomatic diseases start. But the Kundalini passes through this and this [Shri Mataji again shows with her hands] and just nourishes them so it’s all right.

Question: [Seeker complains about the acoustics.] How does one start the practice of meditation? What can one do?

Oh, very good question. You are a real seeker, I must say that’s why I could hear you so clearly also. That we will do just now. We are starting just now. It’s nothing, it’s just to connect you, that’s all. And that will take no time and then, of course, you have to go to our collective to know what’s the problem it’s there. But connection is not difficult.

Question: But I fail to hear anything myself. I find that I’m not meditating at the present moment, I don’t see how anybody else can, quite honestly, with all due respect.

You can’t hear me? All right. Can you come this side, lots of [UNCLEAR 52:39], please come this side. Is everybody finding it difficult to hear? In this area it’s difficult? Such a big hall you have made it, I don’t know.

All right, come along, just you stay here because you are a great seeker. Come along. It’s all right because I think that area is ….. 

[Shri Mataji asks a question in Hindi 53:01 ] She can hear, she says she can hear. You should move into this line, I think that this line may not be … What do you say there, you can hear me that side? Not Sahaja yogis, they always hear, but otherwise. If you can just go one seat inside, maybe. All right? Please come, you are a great seeker, I must say. The question is for good. Now can you hear me? It’s better now?

[Seeker expresses concern about the acoustics.]

I know, it is but what to do now. You know this hall is so famous, you have no idea. I went to New York and they told me, “Mother, they want to call you to Harlem. Will you go there?” I said, “Why not?” They said, “No, it’s very dangerous.” So I said, “There is no danger for me, I am just ready to go.” I went there and they were having a television show out of me and the hall was just like this, I was surprised. And then they showed me the picture, the gentleman who was the compere, he said, “Mataji was in this hall in Sydney” which is the absolute copy of our Harlem.” Some American came and did this, imagine. And they were telling me that this hall is exactly, every bit of it, is what is in Harlem. And I thought it would be a good idea to be here but I’m sorry if you can’t hear me sitting in a such world famous place. Must be something told to these people that they should do for acoustics.

Question referred: A lady would like to know more about the left side of the body, the feminine side. She has pain in that area.

You want to know everything today only, is it? You’ll know everything, all right? But just for God there is nothing like feminine and masculine, that’s our quarrel. The power of God is the feminine. Without the feminine God is just a witness, just like the Moon and the moonlight. Will you differentiate between the two? It’s only human error that we differentiate them. Between God and his Power there is no differentiation. So this problem of feminine and masculine is our mental problem: comes from both sides. But after Sahaja Yoga you know what it is: it’s nothing, it’s just a myth.

Indians, we don’t have this problem at all, much. Of course, there are some men who are very oppressive and all that but the girls are taught how to handle these men also. Because you see, men are like children, really. And women have to be more deft in handling household because they are the preservers. They have to preserve the society; they are responsible for the society. 

There is nothing wrong if a husband says, “do like this” and “do that”. You see, it’s all right, just like a child after all, doesn’t matter. But the way things are now is we don’t know how to handle them. Now we are lost a little bit. Doesn’t matter. In Sahaja Yoga you will learn everything. Such nice relations we have, beautiful families, beautiful children: you would be amazed to see this society. Once in a while, of course, there could be divorce, once in a while there could be something wrong but mostly they are wonderful people: very loyal, very family loving, beautiful people. This problem gets solved because it’s out of ignorance we see it that way. All right? This problem just gets resolved in Sahaja Yoga completely. [UNCLEAR 58:31]. 

Question: What is your position on “Shaktipat”?

Now that’s, It’s now becoming a misnomer – “Shaktipat”, since Shaktipat has become like a dead spirit being put into people. Shaktipat means the person who is powerful: through her power or through his power can awaken the Kundalini. But it doesn’t happen like that – it’s always a spirit. They put a spirit on the person and the person starts behaving like a mesmerized personality: gives away all his money, gives away everything, he suffers bodily. What about TM? See now, TM takes such a lot of money. That is one of the worst type of exploiters.

I came to know about it because the director of the TM, of the Flying Academy, came to me. It’s an absurd stuff.   And he, his wife, his deputy director and his daughter: all were suffering from serious type of epilepsy. They got cured of course, then they told me the story which was horrifying. This gentleman was a diamond merchant and his wife was the granddaughter of a duke, very rich people. Because it came as the first thing to them and big promises, they joined. In the beginning so many people – even barristers in England – so many people joined thinking that something new is going to happen to them. And this happened in such a manner that they were all enamored by it. So first they said they would be given mantras: they’ve never heard the word of “mantra” or anything. Poor English, you see, so many years they lived in India, they didn’t know the meaning of “mantra” also. I wish they had learned something: would have not been so much deceived by these people. So they gave three mantras, one or the other; which were not Sanskrit, which were not mantras and they paid 3000 pounds at the gate for these mantras. Three thousand pounds. And the mantras were “inga”, “pinga”, “tinga”. Now any Indian would know it is: nonsensical. It’s not Sanskrit, it’s in some local thing. “Inga” means the “bite of a scorpion”. Then “pinga” means when the person goes round and round and “tinga” means you show like this [Shri Mataji shows her right thumb up]. Can you imagine paying 3000? All right, this was over.

Then they said, “We can make you fly about 3 feet higher than the ground.” I don’t know why should we fly at that level, what is the use? In any case you are flying. I mean, if you want to fly you can fly anywhere in the world but these 3 feet I didn’t understand. Already we have a jam on the road and these 3-feet people flying, what could have happened? 

So, I mean, the English could be that stupid, you know. I can understand other people but English? So many of them went to Switzerland in a remote place and there they were given some foam mattresses to jump on with some mantras. They had to pay 6000 pounds that time. And for six days they drank the water which had boiled the potatoes. Then the seventh day they ate the rind of the potatoes and the eighth day they were given the potatoes: for 6000 pounds. And they were jumping on these foams and they broke their bottoms, many, and then they put a case against TM and you would be amazed that TM has paid them. 

So every time they started a new stuff like Rajeev, you see – from one to another – so ultimately now they are on Ayurveda. Now, why should you have TM for that? If you want to have Ayurvedacentre, anybody can have it directly. 

All these stupid things they are doing and people go to them. It’s absolutely wrong. First of all you must see, before going to anyone of them, what is the achievement of a person who has been there. What did he gain? Firstly. This is first question and second is: why did they take money? They have collected billions and billions of pounds and these Rolls-Royces. I mean, what is the interest of a saintly person in Rolls-Royce, tell me. It is equal to the dust of his feet. 

This life I am sort of born in a royal family and married to a rich man and all that thing, he has cars and this. But it makes no difference to me what car I use, where I sleep. I don’t have to seek any comfort as long as there is the comfort of my Spirit. 

It’s very surprising that how you people really fell into these traps. The best part: they would say that, “But Mother, how could he tell us lies?” Oh, Indians are very good at that. They were not, they’ve learned it from English only but very good at it. Telling lies is very easy for them. There are some who have to at least tell 100 lies morning till evening otherwise they won’t eat their food that time. So what is there? How could you be that naive? That’s what I told them. So many have now become just recluses because all were mesmerized, they were all possessed, they are in a very bad shape. They couldn’t even see a garlic or a lemon: they shake. I don’t know what sort of spirits they are possessed with. 

Of course, these people are cured now. That fellow become bankrupt so he has gone to South Africa. His wife is also there. It’s a fact. He is writing a book. Somebody tried to kill him also. 

So one has to understand: what do you want? And you are not to ask any questions, just “you pay the money otherwise you can’t get it.” This is what has happened with religions also. They have become money-oriented or power-oriented so they have deviated from reality. I have to tell you the truth. Now, I am not here to collect anything from you but to give you something substantial that’s your own.

What’s it you want to say?

Question: Other people, such as Satyananda and Muktananda and Yogananda have all taught Kundalini techniques and initiated people into Kriya yoga.

All nonsense. If you ask me Muktananda, better – there is a very good article on him – better read it and you would be horrified, all of them. If you have got …. Now, see, once you get the Kundalini raising then you don’t go into funny gestures and things. You become the most normal person and knowledgeable: you should know how to raise the Kundalini, you should know what the chakras are, how they are working it. You have to become a Self-realised personality. Just because you brand something you don’t become anything. You must respect yourself, you must have self-esteem. What did you get out if it? Why are you retaining someone like that? It’s important. Why should we stick onto someone? What have you got? Have you got powers to raise Kundalini? Can you feel the chakras of others? Can you feel your own chakras? That’s it. All right. So you should know your own powers. It’s no use talking about these people because I’ve got so many people sick from them. I just don’t want to say but if you want I’ll send you all the articles that are published now against them. Horrible ones, what they have done, especially this Satyanand… Nityananda – Nityananda was a realised soul – Muktananda.

Question: Are their techniques false?

Absolutely. They are false, they have no techniques, nothing. They just put a spirit in you, simple as that. We call it as “preta-vidya”, “smashana-vidya” – means the “knowledge of the dead”. That’s what they do – mesmerize. Even your Charismatic is the same and this Pentecostal is the same. They are all the same. What powers you get is the point. What did you get? I am a mother so I say, “My child, what did you get?” All right?

May God bless you. Thank you.

Who else is there?  Yes, gentleman. 

Question: How do you make the Kundalini stronger?

Ah, that’s a good question. First you will get your Realisation. Then you go to the collective and the Kundalini will rise by itself. And there are people – Sydney, especially, is a very good place for becoming a master of Sahaja Yoga, very good. So we have already arranged, they are very anxious, they’ll do it all free of charge. It’s not like one introduction is free and then, “Come along, give the money” – nothing of the kind. All free they will work it out. They are not even aware of it that they are doing all. It’s all right for me but what about them? They are doing all this work for taking no money. These Sahaja Yogis are not even aware of that. I might be the only one, crazy one, doing that but what about them? They are so anxious to work it out: they know how to raise Kundalini, they know how to strengthen Kundalini, they know how to detect your problems and they are there to help you, out and out. All right? May God bless you. 

Question: What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other meditations, such as Buddhist meditation, TM, etc?

The Buddhist meditation is the meditation that was followed at the time of Buddha. That time you had to renounce everything and go to his stupa where is the place to meditate. “Now the time has come that you have to get your Realisation.”: that is how you prepared the Buddhists to get their Self-realisation. All right? So that was the beginning. Every religion, every religion said, “You must pray, you must balance yourself.” Every religion wanted to do that. That is at that state [Shri Mataji points out of the screen.] but now you have to get your Self-realisation for which you have worked. Because he has talked of a future Buddha know as Matreya and also Bodhisattva. So this state is there so that meditation is just a ladder to reach the state where you can get the your Self-realisation. All right? There is nothing wrong with that but you have to go further beyond.

Question: What about Bhakti Yoga?

You see, bhakti also has no meaning without connection. Supposing you have no connection on the telephone and you are telephoning – what’s the use? Bhakti is only possible when you are connected.

Question referred: In Canada there is guru and they go into meditation and leave the body.

That’s very wrong, absolutely. Where is it described as meditation? It is the body is taken away by the spirit: it’s a very wrong thing to do. It’s very very wrong, absolutely. If your body is removed from your soul, it’s very dangerous: you cannot sometimes return. And you know in many countries the children are being taken away by spirits like that, especially in Switzerland. The children are sleeping in another room and suddenly they die. Nobody knows, because the Spirit is taken away and the Spirit is kept away like that. It’s a very bad thing to do: is to remove the soul from the body. Instead of that you must give Realisation to the person so that his soul is enlightened. It’s a very dangerous thing: never try that trick. You see, all those people who do like that get into trouble, very much, great trouble. I must warn you because I’ve had cases like that. All right? May God bless you.

Question: Once you have awakened the Kundalini how do you control it?

How do you control? You know about it, you know on your central nervous system. This is what should happen in evolutionary process: that you should know everything on your central nervous system. So it is only in your conscious mind, you can control it. You can control your complete parasympathetic nervous system. That’s what (it is): first you get it and then you’ll be amazed. But if you’ve done too much guru shopping, I don’t know how far it will work out but let’s see now.

Now I think it’s going to be late.

Sahaja Yogi: Can we have one more?

I’ll take it. It’s all right.

Question: At what age is it good for a child to get Self-realisation?

Any, there is nothing, no limits on age at all. Any age. Even when the mother is pregnant they get Realisation. Yes, there is no age limit on it.

Now I would like to say that I’ve been answering questions, I’ve been answering these kind of questions for the last 21 years, or 22 years I should say. And I’m quite an expert now. I can answer most of your questions very well but that’s just a mental field, you must understand. If you have to have your Realisation then there is no guarantee about it: that you will get your Realisation. There is no guarantee. I may answer your question but that doesn’t give you the guarantee. 

Kundalini is something very different: she is your mother, she is anxious to give you Realisation and it takes you beyond the mind. So this mental field is not the way that you can get your Realisation. 

So what should you do? It’s to desire, first and foremost thing, that, “I should get my Self-realisation.” The pure desire, that is the pure desire: the Kundalini is the power of pure desire. All other desires, as you know, are not satiable in general. So there has to be some desire which is pure desire: when it is satisfied you get the complete contentment. And this is what, and this is the power of pure desire within you because Kundalini is the reflection of the power of God which we call as “Holy Ghost” in Christianity, “Ruh” in some other Islamic places, “Brahma-chaitanya” in Sanskrit language – that is “all-pervading power”, and the reflection of that within us is this Kundalini.

So you too should have just pure desire, “I should get my Self-realisation.”, that’s all. All these discussions and arguments are of no help. But why I allow you? Because you have freedom to ask me questions, first of all, and secondly, you have to go to the ultimate freedom. Another thing is very important: that while we are raising your Kundalini, your minds should not say why didn’t you ask this question. That’s why, it’s better to satisfy it. But I would say that by asking question it is not going to work out. 

It’s going to work out spontaneously, by itself. It’s a spontaneous, living process and you should only desire that it should happen. It is very simple but if you complicate it then it may not work out. 

So now, we’ll have now the session for Realisation. It will take about ten minutes: much less than questioning and all that. But I’ve to tell you at the very outset that I cannot force Self-realisation on you. I respect your freedom. You have been given freedom to choose whether you want your ascend or not. Nobody can force it on you. So those who do not want to have should please leave the hall. But those who want to have are very much welcome. But those who don’t want to have should please leave in all civility so that they don’t watch the other people all the time. But you want to have your Self-realisation, if you are a seeker, should just desire for it and you’ll get it. Because you have been doing something before don’t stick to it, don’t worry about it. What you need is your Self-realisation, that’s all. 

So there are three conditions which are very simple. The first condition is that you should be absolutely confident about yourself that you all can get Self-realisation, whatever you might have done. Whatever wrong you might have committed, whatever it can be: doesn’t matter, you all can get your Self-realisation. Most of you will get tonight, if not – tomorrow. But be confident, don’t doubt yourself, “How can I get this? I never got it. How can I get it?” So please have full confidence. This is first condition.

Then the second condition is: you forget your past. Means you don’t blame yourself, don’t think that you are guilty, that you have done anything wrong. You are not to feel guilty, not at all at this moment. Whatever has happened is the past, it’s finished and at this moment you are not guilty in my eyes and in the eyes of the divine. You are absolutely all right, there is nothing to feel guilty about anything. This is very important because if you feel guilty then you catch on this center here, on the left side [Shri Mataji touches her left Vishuddhi]. Also with mantras you also catch it, but it is guilt. And as a result you develop a kind of a funny disease called as angina, also spondylitis, also your organs become very, very lethargic. It’s such a dangerous thing to feel guilty. Those who have told you, “you are sinner” and all that – forget it. It’s nonsense to say like this to human beings. You are human beings after all, you are not gods. If you have made mistakes it’s all right: to error is human and to forgive divine. It’s all forgiven and you’ll be surprised that how we have burdened ourselves with this idea of guilt. And it goes to any extend. Like one gentleman said, “I feel very guilty because so many are killed in Vietnam.” I said, “How are you related to that? Why do you feel guilty about it?” I mean, something far-fetched, he is feeling guilty all the time. All right. 

So this is the second condition and the third is even easier: that you have to forgive everyone in general. Now see logically: whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. What do you do? Nothing. But if you don’t forgive than you play into wrong hands. The person who might have troubled you, tortured you, whatever he might have done, he is quite happy or she is quite happy, and you are the one who is torturing yourself on their behalf. So what’s the use torturing yourself? But apart from torturing yourself, which is this center – Agnya chakra, this one, is like this absolutely, completely blocked, you can say very constricted chakra [Shri Mataji shows with her hands]. It has to open out and for opening this you have to forgive everyone. Otherwise all you life you have tortured yourself and you’ll miss out your Self-realisation. What is the logic for this kind of thing? It’s all a mental idea, it’s just mental. Throw it away. Forgive everyone in general. You are not punishing them, you are punishing yourself. This is the third condition you have to do. 

That’s all. But I hope I’ve been able to convince you: don’t feel guilty, forgive everyone – don’t even think about them, in general, don’t think about them, in general- and the third thing, as I said the first one: you have to be absolutely confident about you. So on the whole, you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You should be absolutely pleasantly placed towards yourself because you are glorious. You have to discover your glory, that’s all.

Now what do you have to do? Few things. It’s all spontaneous but I would like to show you the way you can give Realisation to yourself, work it out. This is only for today, maybe tomorrow and then you don’t have to do all this.

So now, as the left side – I will talk about the left and the right tomorrow – but the left side is the power of your ordinary desire. So you put your left hand towards me like this, you can keep it on your lap, symbolizing that you want to have, you desire to have your Self-realisation. Comfortably. In Sahaja Yoga you have to be seated very comfortably: not bending too much, not bending backwards too much but in a comfortable manner. Don’t turn your head left or right, just you sit in a straight manner. Then you have to use your right hand which is the power of action to nourish yourcentress on the left-hand side. It’s very simple, we’ll show you now how do you do it.

So first you have to take out your shoes to take help from the Mother Earth. It will be very helpful to you to take out your shoes and the tightness on the feet is not all right. Just take it out. Now both the feet should be apart from each other as they are left and right. 

Now the left hand is just like this, simple, there is nothing to be done much, not much. Now, be pleasantly placed towards yourself, again I’m telling you. There is nothing to be serious about anything. This is a spontaneous thing, living process which works automatically. Don’t be serious about it. Just watch. Don’t try to control your thoughts, don’t try to make some sort of a sound or any mantras, nothing. Just keep quiet. Put your left hand towards me. 

Please now, first thing you have to do is to put your right hand on your heart. Now they are telling you what is to be done later on but just now you see first and you can do it. Now, in the heart resides the Spirit, it resides in the heart. If you are the Spirit you become your own guide, you become your own master. 

So now you take down your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. This is the center of your mastery. Then you take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side and push it hard. This is the center for pure knowledge. Surprisingly people are sometimes shocked to hear that the knowledge is near here sitting. This is the fat which is transformed to the brain and conveys the knowledge that is enlightened knowledge. So this centre gives you the pure knowledge of the divine laws which you automatically follow. 

Then you raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now take it on your heart again. Then in the corner of your neck and shoulder you put your right hand and turn your head to your right. I’ve already told you about thiscentrer – which is really catching very much tonight here – not to feel guilty. 

Now please take your right hand onto your forehead and put your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other and try to take down your head as far as possible. This is thecentrer where you have to forgive everyone in general without thinking about them. Now please take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction you will have to later on ask forgiveness from the divine power.

Now the last centre, it’s very important. Stretch your hand, stretch your palm fully. Now put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard. Now put down your head. And the most important thing is that push back your fingers so there is a good pressure on yourscalp. Now put down your head and please now move your right hand slowly clockwise seven times. It is not the hand but the scalp you have to move. That’s all you’ll have to do. 

Now, please close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles and till I tell you, please don’t open your eyes. Till I tell you don’t open your eyes. So please take out your spectacles. Please put both your feet apart from each other, put left hand towards me on your lap and the right hand on your heart and now close your eyes. Not with any stress or any strain, just slowly close your eyes. And you have to put your head in straight manner, that’s all.

Here now, you have to ask me a very fundamental question about yourself, very fundamental question about yourself. You can call me “Mother” or you can call me “Shri Mataji”, whatever you like. Now please ask the question in your heart – all the questions are to be asked in your heart, not loudly, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” This is a very fundamental truth about yourself.

As I said, if you are the Spirit you become your master. Now please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and here you ask another fundamental question, “Mother, am I my own master?” This centre is created by very great saints. We can call them as the real prophets, the people who were truthful prophets. 

Now again, I cannot cross your freedom, I respect it. I cannot force pure knowledge on you so you have to ask for it. Please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to ask six times because this centre has got six petals, you have to ask six times humbly, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge. Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Please ask six times. 

As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising. So you have to open the upper chakras, upper centres, with your self-confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, press it. And here you have to say with self-confidence, full self-confidence you have to say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say ten times with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own master.”

You have to know that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, your emotions but you are the pure Spirit. Raise your right hand on your heart, on your heart, and say twelve times with full confidence, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.” Please say twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.” Put your hand on your heart. 

This all-pervading power of God’s love is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of compassion, is the ocean of bliss but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever wrong you may do it has the power to dissolve all your mistakes. So now please raise your right hand into the corner of our neck and your shoulder and forgive yourself. Turn your head to your right and just say with full confidence sixteen times, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” Say sixteen times, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” with full confidence. 

I’ve already told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So you have to forgive everyone in general even without thinking about them because they are the ones who have tortured you and now you are torturing yourself. Plus, if you do not forgive Agnya chakra won’t open and the Kundalini won’t rise and you won’t get your Self-realisation. That’s how you’ll miss the greatest opportunity of getting your Self-realisation. So now please take your hand onto your forehead across, put your thumb on one side and the fingers on the other and press it hard on both the sides of the temples. And now put it down, your head, as far as possible, put it down as far as possible. Here again, as I told you, you have to say from your heart – not how many times, from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” Please say it from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general. I forgive everyone in general.” 

Please take your right hand to the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Push back your head as far as possible. Here without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to say again from your heart – not how many times, “Mother …”, or you can say, “Oh, Divine power, if I’ve done any mistakes, please forgive me. If I’ve done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me, oh Divine power.” Please say this from your heart.

Now the last center. Please stretch your hand and your palm. Put the centre of your palm on the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please try to put down your head. Stretch your fingers, again I say, stretch your fingers. Here again I cannot cross over your freedom, I respect it. So you have to ask for your Self-realisation, I cannot force you. So move your hand clockwise slowly, pressing hard on the scalp and seven times you just say, “Mother, please give me my Self-realisation.” Just say that. Please put down your head properly and please move your scalp seven times slowly. 

Now please open your eyes, take down your hands and put them up out like this towards me and watch me. Please put your hands like this, sit straight and just watch me without thinking. Now, put your right hand towards me now and bend your head a little bit and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now you have to take the hand little away from the head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze or a warm breeze coming out of your head.

Now put your left hand like this and put down again your head and see for yourself with your right hand if you can feel cool, warm or hot breeze, like wind, coming out of your fontanel bone area. Some people get it very far, some get it very close. You have to move your hand and see for yourself. 

Now the right hand again please. Again with the left hand see if there is a cool or a warm breeze. All right.

Now, please put both your hands towards the sky like this and put your head backwards, towards the sky and ask the question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” or another question “Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?” or “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions three times in your heart. 

Now see. Bring down your hands. Put them like this, without thinking. All those who have felt cool or warm, or hot breeze-like thing in the hands, left or right, or out of the fontanel bone area, on their hands or on their fingertips, please raise both your hands. 

The whole of Sydney. I bow to you, you all have become saintly people. Some have not got it, doesn’t matter, but you’ll get tomorrow. Doesn’t matter, maybe some sort of an obstinacy is there, maybe something, it will work out, I’m sure. Please forgive yourself for that. 

I hope tomorrow I’ll be here and will not have any questioning now anymore. If you have any questions, you write them and give it to them beforehand so that I’ll answer them in my lecture. Now, it cannot be discussed, cannot be talked about so be silent. Now you are silent within yourself so keep the silence on. Tomorrow again I’ll explain to you what is the Spirit and how it manifests. 

Apart from that, you can telephone to your friends – this is the best thing you can invite them for – and they can come along tomorrow and we can work it out. Enjoy now, enjoy.

May God bless you.