Public Program

Hong Kong (China)

1992-03-07 Public Program, Hong Kong DP-RAW, 164'
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1992-03-07 Public Program, Hong Kong

Public Program – Nirmala Vidya Amruta

Sahaja Yogi: Good evening. On behalf of Sahaja Yoga, in Hong Kong, may I welcome you to this evening’s program. May we begin by asking you if you would (unclear) a show of hands, would you be able to tell us please how you came to the programme or came to hear of the programme this evening? Was it by word of mouth, somebody asked you or told you about the programme? 

Great, thank you. Those that saw posters or banners? Thank you very much. And those of you who saw, or beg pardon, who heard something on the radio. Oh great, thank you. And those who received a hand bill? Hand bill, person – in person. Thank you very much. 

We are very fortunate this evening to have Her Holiness Shri Mataji here tonight, in person. Our programme this evening will consist of a short overview of Sahaja Yoga, and a description of our subtle body, then when Shri Mataji arrives She will address you, and if time permits answer any of your questions. Then She will give you the technique, the actual technique to enter true meditation. Two things we would like to cover in our talk before then, is one, what is true meditation, and who is Shri Mataji. 

Great. So, what is true meditation? We live in a very materialistic world. And usually we are seeking some security, some power and sensational things. When we start to talk about truth and beauty, and our awareness, then these things may seem vague and undefinable. So what is the truth? And what constitutes beauty? Well, we can say something is true when we can touch it. When we can see it and hear it and feel it in our body. That is when it touches us, when we experience it on our central nervous system.

We’re sorry this chart might not be visible to everybody but this chart is our central nervous system. I have – if we explain it on my body you will understand. We are all built very much the same. Our subtle body – (unclear) in our body, in our being – is composed of three channels. On the left side, culminating in the right lobe of the brain, is the left channel. This channel is to do with our past and our conditioning. It’s to do with our emotions and our feelings. It’s to do with our feminine, emotional side. 

On the other side, on the right side, we have the right channel which culminates in this lobe of the brain on the left side of the brain, the right side of body. We call this the right channel. This channel is to do with our thinking and planning. It’s our assertive, masculine side. 

In addition we have one other channel, the central channel. This channel is to do not with the future or the past but the here and now, the present. At the base of the spine is a triangular bone called the sacrum bone. The sacrum bone. And within this bone, from before birth, is a subtle, spiritual energy. 

Many things pose as true meditation. Many things pretend to be meditation. For instance, if we concentrate on something. We are using the right channel. If we do, say in China, tai chi, is very popular, this is using the right channel. True meditation is not concentration like this. Now there is a relaxation which uses the left channel, like when we go to sleep. True meditation is not relaxation nor concentration. True meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness. Thoughtless awareness, not thinking but aware. This true meditation is achieved spontaneously, naturally. Spontaneously, in what we call Sahaja fashion. This potential energy is within everyone and it can be awakened if they desire it. The Buddha spoke about the state of self-realisation, about becoming a Bodhisattva. This state of enlightened awareness is true meditation. But again, it is not concentration or relaxation. True meditation happens when the subtle energy at the base of the spine is awakened though the central channel, going beyond the ego which is our sense of individual self, and beyond the conditioning which is on the right lobe of the brain. So it’s beyond the mental level. 

How do we know when we’re in true meditation? Firstly we are not thinking. And secondly when the state of meditation is established correctly we feel a cool breeze on the palms of the hands and emitting from the top of the head. This cool breeze phenomenon has been testified to by many saints from many religions. It is the awakening of your spiritual body. Before this awakening this body is not in your attention, you are not aware of it. But after the awakening you begin to sense this subtle body on your central nervous system. This subtle body on the chart. You begin to feel in your body and on your hands and fingertips. You can feel if you are imbalanced on the right side or the left side. And you can balance yourself and master this energy. Best of all, if – your physical health starts to balance by itself and stress related disorders are immediately healed. All manner of disease can be healed by this awakening. Emotionally we feel the joy of our existence, mentally we become much clearer and if practiced regularly a sense of integration and well being happens naturally. All of these things happen spontaneously, without effort and beyond the mental level. 

Our ego and conditioning find this hard to accept. Children accept it readily but adults take a little longer. It’s a natural state and it happens spontaneously. This is not book learning, this is something that happens, the actualisation as Buddha has spoken about. It’s not mental concepts, it’s an actualisation, something happens in your experience. And tonight you can have the beginnings of that experience.

We have seen Shri Mataji give this awakening around the world. (He breaks down this same sentence.) So the question is, who is Shri Mataji? The simple answer, the short answer, is that Shri Mataji is the first person in the world capable of awakening this subtle energy en masse. Sahaja Yoga is now practiced in more than sixty countries. She developed this technique and She travels the world, continuously giving this experience to everyone who wishes to have it, and for free. She is officially invited to Russia regularly, where they are using Sahaja Yoga in schools, in factories, even in orphanages. They’re studying its effects very closely and it’s a very great (? event) they have. In India She is recognised as India’s greatest living saint. She comes from a very important and very wealthy family, so she expects no money. Her husband, for sixteen years, was Secretary General of the United Nations Maritime Division (in control of the oceans). And he was knighted in England for his exceptional service. She is a mother and a grandmother. In Her childhood she was recognised especially by Mahatma Gandhi. Her father and Her family were especially prominent in India. In politics, when India was founded, Her father was elected to Parliament, yet her family has become all of us, all the world.

The fact that Sahaja Yoga is the true meditation, free for the asking, as is all the knowledge on how to master it, proves that Shri Mataji is a truly special person. We are very blessed to see and hear Her tonight, and if you desire it, you too will experience the truth and the peace and the beauty of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth and reality. At the very outset, we have to understand that truth is what it is. You have to understand, at the very outset, that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You have to accept as it is. Also it’s a fact, unfortunately, at human awareness we cannot know the truth. So something more has to happen to us to know the truth. That is why, in every scripture, whether it is Dhammapada or Bible. In any scripture, whether this is Dhammapada – it is a Buddhist, Dhammapada is a scripture – or any Indian scripture or Bible or Quran. It is said that you have to have a transformation through self-realisation. That is what is the meaning of the word Buddha. Boddha is the Sanskrit word. Bodh – Boddha, from there. And bodh means to know the reality on your central nervous system. 

Now, in our evolution, we have become human beings. And there is a little step left, where we have to achieve this selfhood, the Buddha state. To achieve this state, Buddha was most anxious. Lord Buddha was very anxious. Also we had one Lord Mahavira who was also very anxious, both were born at the same time. Now both of them were so anxious that people should get their selfhood, their self-realisation, that they did not want to talk about God even. Because they thought if you talk of God then people just start worshipping without becoming enlightened. But without enlightenment we cannot absorb any principle of religion within ourselves. For example you may be a Buddhist, you may be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anyone can commit any sin. There is no difference. These are all brands. But we have to become an enlightened personality. 

Now whatever I’m telling you, you should not accept it blindly. But, like a scientist, keep your mind open. Treat it as a hypothesis. But if it is proved then you have to accept [it] as honest people. So now, whatever he has told you about the subtle body, it is there within you. And when this subtle body rises through the six centres and pierces through your fontanelle bone area, then you become [an] enlightened one. Then you do not have to meditate but you are in meditation. 

There are two truths you should know about yourself. That fundamentally you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings. These emotions. This intelligence. But you are the pure spirit. That is what we have to become, in the next step of our evolution. For that this beautiful thing is within you. The second truth is that there is an all-pervading power of love, divine power, in abstract. You see these beautiful flowers, you take them for granted. It’s – they are so beautiful coming from Mother Earth, but we don’t think even what a miracle they are. Even see your eyes, such a camera. Your brain is such a computer. So, we take all these for granted. Pulsation of your heart, we also take it for granted. But we don’t think who does all these things. We don’t even think how have you become human beings. All is done by this all-pervading power of love. That power regulates everything. 

So the spirit in your heart has to come in your attention to enlighten your central nervous system. So you become Buddha – knowledgeable. Not by reading books. If you read books it’s just mentally. As it is we are having stress and strain because of too much mental activity. So we have to go beyond. So when this Kundalini rises, She crosses through this centre, on the optic (unclear). Then She sucks in from one side the ego and the other side the conditioning, the ego and the conditioning like that. By that your brain is opened out here and the Kundalini passes through, through the fontanelle. Like in Sanskrit language a bird is called “dwijaha”, twice-born. The first as an egg, first as an egg and then as a bird. In the same way an enlightened person is called also “dwijaha”. So when this opens out then we are open to the enlightenment. Now as this instrument has to be connected to the mains, it has no meaning. It has no meaning, no direction. In the same way once we are connected to the mains, we know what we are. Then you know your beautiful divinity. And then you know all about yourself. Also this attention comes through your fingertips, on your nerves. 

They have shown here, in the picture, all the seven centres, as they are denoted with the colours. So all these centres are enlightened on your fingertips. So there are seven centres. First here they are five, then six and seven. Right side is for your physical and mental side. And the left side is for your emotional side. Of course, in medical science they say left and right sympathetic nervous system. And the central one as the parasympathetic. So when you are running you can increase the rate of your heart through the sympathetic nervous system. So we use the sympathetic in emergencies. But it comes to normal – it comes to normal through parasympathetic, the normal beat of the heart. 

So now when this Kundalini rises and passes through this centre as I told you, the optic (? chiasma), opens it up like that, then you reach a state which we call as thoughtless awareness. So you are very aware but there is no thought bombarding your head. Then it passes though your fontanelle bone area, and when this connection is established properly then you reach a state which we call as doubtless awareness. Then if you want to think you can think, otherwise you are in a very peaceful state of mind. Then you never get the strain or stress of mind. See, the thought in our mind rises and falls down, again rises and falls down. And we are jumping on the cusp of the thought all the time. Cusp is the top proportion. The thoughts come to us from the future or from the past. But we are never in the present. In between there is a little space. So when this centre opens up like this, your attention can be thoughtless and you are in the present, and the present is the reality, and that is the time when you grow in your divinity. You grow in divinity, at that time in the present when you are. Alright, so, that is to be in meditation. 

Now the nature of the Spirit we should understand. First of all, the Spirit is a universal being. It is reflected in everyone. So when the Spirit comes into your attention you develop a new awareness. This awareness is called as collective consciousness. Means you can not only feel your centres but also you can feel centres of everyone. So who is the other? There’s nobody is the other, this is the microcosm becomes a macrocosm. Like a drop becomes the ocean. Thus we cannot have wars, we cannot have any quarrel, because all of us know the absolute truth, absolute. Absolute truth is something that cannot be challenged. Now I am sitting before you and you are seeing me, all of you. It’s the truth. And nobody is going to quarrel on that point. But when you become the Spirit you all know the same absolute truth. If you have ten small children who are enlightened and put a man on their eyes, and ask them what is there wrong with this gentleman, then they will all point out the same finger. Supposing they point out this finger. You ask the person; do you have a heart trouble? Said; how do you know? Because the children are telling us. This is the heart. You can see there, see? This finger. 

So when the Kundalini rises, She passes though these centres, the centres are like this, made of the left and right sympathetic like this. Left and right. And in the centre is the parasympathetic, in the centre. So when we use right side too much or left side too much this becomes very constricted, the energy is less. That’s how you have physical, mental and emotional problems. But when the Kundalini passes though this centre, this centre puts them together. And nourishes them. And then it connects you to the mains. So all the time the vital energy starts flowing. So you become extremely dynamic. At the same time you become extremely compassionate. You are very relaxed and you do not feel the stress of life. As if when you are standing in the water, in the sea, you are afraid of the waves. But when you get into a boat you enjoy the waves. But if you know how to swim, you can save the people also. This is exactly what happens in Sahaja Yoga. You get the power to solve the problems of others. You can solve their physical problem because you can raise the Kundalini. You can solve their mental problem, emotional problem, spiritual problem. In Delhi there are three doctors who have got their MDs in Sahaja Yoga. They have got MD degree. This is on blood cancer, one subject, and epilepsy, asthma. Blood cancer, and also one in asthma. And there are seven doctors in London who are tabulating how many people are cured with Sahaja Yoga. It’s your own power which cures you. Their own power that cures them. It’s all your own. There is not my obligation at all, of any kind. This is just like one candle which is enlightened can easily enlighten another candle. Because you are ready and the whole thing is built in within you. This thing works out spontaneously, Sahaj. Because it is a living process of a living energy. 

So now, this has to happen to all of us. But it is said that future Buddha is Matreya. Means three powers. One of comfort, comfort is curing, counselling, and third is redemption. Redemption is to elevate, evolve. These three powers will be there in the future Buddha, Matreya. And He will be Bodhisattva. This Bodhisattva is the one, is described by which, people will become enlightened. But they will enlighten other people. Even a very great poet, called as William Blake* from England, has said the same thing. That there will be men of God. And they will make others saintly. So this is the time when you have to achieve it. For this we have to do nothing. It is effortless. 

You might ask why all these great religions have failed. The reason is they were – they became power oriented or money oriented. They were never spirit oriented. They got deviated. Nothing wrong with religions, nothing wrong with the prophets, nothing wrong with incarnations. Is wrong with human beings, that’s why all the problem. All ecological problems, political problems, economical problems, family problems, societal problems are coming from human beings only. If these human beings can be transformed all these problems can be solved. So only this transformation has to take place. And you have everything built in within you. 

So the greatest quality of the Spirit is the nature, is that you become the source of joy. For yourself and for other. Joy has not a double face like happiness and unhappiness. It is an absolute experience. It is an absolute experience. And I feel very confident about Chinese people. I’ve been to the mainland China three times, also I’ve met the prime minister, and all of them were asking me about spiritual life. It’s very surprising, and also Russia is the same. Now as you know Sahaja Yoga is working in many countries. 

We have tried in Hong Kong also but so far I don’t know why people didn’t take interest in themselves. It is so important. It is so vital. First of all there are so many diseases in the modern times which can be easily cured by yourself. And all the problems of ignorance will be finished. Now it is absolutely free, and it is within you. It is within you, so why not have it? Like this Mother Earth, She has a built-in capacity to sprout these flowers. But how much do we pay to the Mother Earth? She does not understand money, She doesn’t understand banks, that’s Her nature, that’s how it works out. I hope this time you will all get your realisation. It hardly takes ten minutes. But, later on you must respect it. 

Now you don’t have to take sannyasa like Buddha had to do that. You don’t have to take sannyasa, you don’t have to become an ascetic, sannyasa is. You don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on your heads. Only thing, you have to come to the collective. Now, there are some Australians who have come all the way, and are living with you, just to spread this for Hong Kong people. Such feeling of sharing. Sharing the joy. 

When I first time went to Russia I was surprised, twenty-five German Sahaja Yogis came, German. Now these German Sahaja Yogis have become so gentle, so gentle, that you cannot believe they are Germans. So I said, how is it you all have come? I said, how is it you have come all the way? They said, Mother, we have to do something [about] what our forefathers have done to Russians. And in My heart I felt so great. Thus we can have a world of beautiful people. My husband says that You’ve got all the angels of the world to Yourself. So, such a new society, such a new race is already formed, already there. You have brothers and sisters all over the world. But you have to just become. This is no organisation, you all have to become, becoming is the point. The seed has to become the tree. So you have to just come to the collective and the cleansing takes place automatically. 

In this one day’s programme I know I cannot tell you all about it. I have come to Hong Kong many a times also. But I did not meet Chinese at all. I am very happy to see so many of you are here. Because you are serious people. And very good hearted. I am sure you all can do a lot. We have got Chinese in New York. New York, we have lots of Chinese. And also in Canada. Also we have some Iranians in Los Angeles. We have many Muslims and many Christians, Hindus, all religions. So they worship Christ, also Buddha, all of them. Because all these great incarnations were like flowers of one tree of spirituality. But people have plucked the flowers. They came at different times, so they plucked the flowers and now [are] fighting with the dead flowers, this is mine, this is mine. How can you fight?

So I request you and invite you to get your realisation. Now, of course you must be having some questions. I am very good at answering all of the questions now, because I have been working for twenty-two years like this and facing all kinds of people. But also the questions, if I answer, is a mental feat. It’s a mental feat, even if I answer all your questions it’s just a mental feat. But Kundalini I cannot guarantee. Though all of you can get realisation. Whether I answer you or not. So if you have any questions, we could have few, one or two, but it should be related to the subject. Because no use wasting time in discussing something which is not related. I have not come here, I have not come here to take anything from you. But give you your own properties. Properties of your beauty and glory. So if you have to ask questions, please keep it in mind that it is for the benevolence of your being. And for the benevolence of the whole humanity.

Translator: This gentleman asks, if you practice very diligently – daily or very diligently, continuously, how long will it take him to achieve your state –

Shri Mataji: I don’t know. Only five minutes in the morning and ten minutes before sleeping. It’s the minimum, that’s all required. Not much, once you are realised. No, no, you see, you will yourself enjoy, it’s like bathing yourself. Even if some days you do not do, doesn’t matter, later on you are in a state that you enjoy it. But you want to master it and that is how you work it out, to master it. And then you give realisation to others and you feel very happy. And then you want to do it. It’s not only I do not take money. Even all these Sahaja Yogis do not take any money. They travel all over the world. No one takes money at all. Because they enjoy it. Nothing is compulsory in Sahaja Yoga.

Translator: That gentleman asks whether there is any difference between the general Buddhist type of (unclear) meditation?

Shri Mataji: Yes that you have already done. Now forget it, it’s done already. You see these were the steps to enter in the Kingdom. And now that’s over so now you enter in. Whatever you were doing is the thing that brought you here. You have done it in last lives, last lives, and this life also. That is for your self-realisation. Now the time has come for you to get it. Tell him now the time has come for him to get it now. (unclear) 

Translator: He would like to know the method.

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s what we are going to do now. That’s what. I am very happy to hear.

Translator: He is also interested in the procedure.

Shri Mataji: Yes that’s very good. I am very happy. (She speaks in Hindi.) Next please.

Translator: (unclear) the relationship between the Kundalini and the Shakti. 

Shri Mataji: Shakti path. You see, Shakti path is now misused by everyone. Means, there’s a power which has to come, it’s the point, Shakti means power. Nothing of the kind, they put a spirit. So it’s not, no way in your power. Power is a divine power. They put a spirit all these – because they are making money, all these false gurus. I’m so ashamed of them, I’m an Indian myself and I feel very ashamed that they have come and looted so many people with these big, big, names. This TM is another horrible thing which is happening, I must tell you about TM, it’s terrible. Please say. Also there is a gentleman who is using the word Kundalini Yoga, he’s using a word Kundalini Yoga and amassing money. 

First thing you must know, that you cannot pay for it. Secondly, when you go to anyone like that, any master, you should find out what sort of disciples he has, what have others (? got) it? There are many like that who have come from India, also from America, from all over, who are just making money by mesmerising people. But one should understand that you must know the modus operandi of the whole thing. Modus operandi is the – how it works out. Also you should get yourself the power to do it. That you should become yourself the master. And it should explain through medical science, also through all the scriptures. Also, just something like a mushroom they will take it out and say this is it, this is it, don’t believe all that nonsense. First find out what did the disciple get out of it. Most of them will tell you that our pockets were emptied. Our pockets were emptied, we have become – or we have become mad. It’s terrible. I am a Mother and I am going to tell you the truth. 

Seeker: You have been talking about realisation, without mentioning karma or vegetarian lifestyle. How can these obstacles be overcome?

Other translator: How does self-realisation relate to the karma?

Shri Mataji: Karma?

Translator: Vegetarianism.

Shri Mataji: Very good, either, very good question.

Translators: And vegetarianism.

Shri Mataji: All right. You see this vegetarianism is wrong. It’s just – should be no -ism at all. See Buddha Himself died, you know that, because he ate the meat of a boar. Of a boar, which was just being killed by a hunter. So it is a fact, it’s a – nothing is amiss there in Sahaja Yoga, no -ism. We have no -ism in Sahaja Yoga. 

Sahaja Yogi: There are absolute rules.

Shri Mataji: No fundamentalism. But whatever is good for your health, according to your nature, that you have to take. For example some people are very right sided as we call them, very futuristic. Overactive. So they should take more to carbohydrates. They should take more to carbohydrates. And those are not that overactive, left sided, they should take to proteins. It’s very scientific.

Seeker: What about the karma? Karmas?

Shri Mataji: Karma. Now the karma is done by only human beings, think that they are doing karmas, animals don’t think. Because of this ego we think that we have done this, we have done that. And because of superego we feel bad about it. But when the Kundalini passes through this Agnya, it’s like this. It is like this. And it opens like this. Optic chiasma. They call it the third eye, also some of them call it the third eye. But when it opens then it sucks in your ego and your superego. So your karmas are finished. Then you don’t say I am doing. Then you speak in third person. You will say this Nirmala is doing. You don’t say because you get into the Spirit, you get your selfhood, then you see yourself as different. Like small children always say like that. That’s how you become. So no karmas left. 

Translator: She’s like to ask the difference between Yoga and meditation. The difference between Yoga and meditation.

Shri Mataji: Yoga actually means union with this divine power. Nothing else. And once you are in Yoga then you are in meditation. That is reality, real meditation, it’s not this I’m meditating, I’m meditating and nothing happens, it’s really. It’s reality. You can say it’s the actualisation of the experience, actualisation. It’s too good to be true. Maybe too good to be true, too fantastic. But say, it’s all built in. It’s all built in. Now supposing you take a television into a remote corner of some village. Television into a remote corner of some village, if you take. And tell him, tell them that you can see pictures from all over the world. So they will see what, this box, how can it be, not possible. Then you put it to the mains, that is, that they are surprised at their fantastic thing. In the same way, when you are put to the mains, you are surprised at yourself. Alright?

Translator: She is asking, are there many different groups or schools of yoga and this is only one of it?

Shri Mataji: No, all yogas are the same thing, which I will explain. This Hatha Yoga is based on the same principle but the whole book is like this. And there are eight ashtangas, eight sides, eight things to be done, eight chapters. And this was done thousands of years back. So first they used to cleanse the whole body. Whole, chakras, they used to cleanse the chakras, they used to in ancient times. This modern Hatha Yoga exercise is a very wee bit of it. And also very unscientific. In Sahaja Yoga also we have to sometimes use some exercises for some people. If they have some sort of a bone problem. But first the Kundalini has to rise, so you know where is the problem, in what centre. But the way these people do it now is like taking all the medicines from the medicine box without any discrimination. And they come to me and say we are doing yoga, we’ve got heart trouble. You will get. 

Then there is also a Raja Yoga. In that the Kundalini rises and when She rises they open – the chakras open and then they close to stop It. First they open then they close to stop It from falling down. But Raja Yoga as a practice is artificial. They will tell you close your stomach, without raising the Kundalini. Even they cut the tongue of the people and pushed it back into the throat. Because when the Kundalini rises the tongue is little bit pushed inward because it closes the centre. This tongue, little bit pushed inside, to close, when you close the centre you see, because it should not fall down below the Vishuddhi. 

Translator: They cut the tongue to stop the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no, we – automatically it happens to us but we don’t feel it. Little bit, very little, you don’t feel it, to close the centre. You see, every centre opens and closes. But you don’t feel anything. But these people are doing horrible things, it is like moving the wheels of the car without starting the wheel. 

While Hatha Yoga is, ultimately, it’s the same what I’m telling you which is discussed, is this whole power called as “Rittambhara Pragya”, is a big name, this whole power is there. Also in Hatha Yoga you have to have a Nirvichar Samadhi, meaning thoughtless awareness and doubtless awareness, same thing for Moksha. 

Translator: Is this Hatha Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Same thing in Hatha Yoga at the end of it. I mean the main book is on that, the main book is on that, of Patanjali. The main book. 

So all these yogas are artificially done, which are automatically working inside when the Kundalini rises. 

Translator: You said that this energy will arise from our sacrum and go all the way up to here, and he is worried that when this energy going up here, will that dissipate and go away, and you lost energy?

Shri Mataji: No, no, it’s the connection. Energy is the connection, it’s like the connecting line. And you feel a cool breeze coming out of your own head. Sometimes it is warm, and also on your fingers for the first time you for the first time feel the cool breeze-like vibrations which is this all-pervading power. For the first time you feel this power. Tonight you are going to feel it. 

Translator: The gentleman in the back asks how can we have this experience, are you going to demonstrate?

Shri Mataji: Now we’ll do it. All right, so now I think we have had enough of questions. It’s just to know that you are all free to ask Me questions. 

Translator: One more question if we might?

Shri Mataji: What is she saying? 

Other translator: Is there any connection between Sahaja Yoga and reiki?

Shri Mataji: Reiki, is that? I don’t know this one. There are so many like that, you see, thousand and one. Even Zen is the same, Tao is the same. Even Confucius is there, Socrates is there. All these people, whatever they have said. We can give the complete connection. Whatever all these people have said, like Tao, like Confucius, like Zen, we can show the connection, what is the connection. 

Now the best part is to ask a question yourself. And if it is yes you get a cool breeze. If it is no there is no cool breeze. But supposing there a very nasty person or a hypocrite. Then you’ll feel very hot. Or a cancer patient. Or a patient form AIDS, anything, you can feel very hot from that person.

Translator: I think we are…

Shri Mataji: All right. So now let us now have the realisation. It’s good. 

Shri Mataji: I would request all of you first of all to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us. 

You have to put both the feet away from each other because these are two powers, one, left is the power of desire and right is the power of action. Left and right. And be comfortable. You have to be absolutely comfortable now. Yes. So now please spread your feet like this, carefully, on both the sides. Now, I have to tell you that you all can get your self-realisation tonight. But please have self-confidence. Do not in any way feel diffident. Do not feel diffident at all. Now there are three conditions. The first condition is – while meditation we shouldn’t have, all right, it’s all right. You can keep it down this, thank you. First condition is that you have to be in a state of – which you can say the, pleasantly placed yourself. Very pleasantly placed yourself. Not (unclear) but pleasantly placed. That is you should not feel guilty at all for anything. At this moment you are not at all guilty. Meaning forget the past. And you should be absolutely feeling that you are going to get your self-realisation. But for that, only thing you have to have pure desire. Pure desire. Because this Kundalini is the power of pure desire. Because all other desires are impure. Because they are never satiable in general, according to economics. So you may know or may not know but you have one pure desire to be one with this all-pervading power. So you should desire, I cannot force self-realisation on you, I cannot. Because I respect your freedom. You are free to choose. 

Then the third condition is to forgive everyone, in general. Now see logically. Some people say it is difficult, but I’ll logically prove it to you. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. Then you play into wrong hands, if you don’t forgive. Those who have troubled you, you play into their hands by torturing yourself, while they are very happy. And you are torturing yourself. And if you don’t forgive this centre won’t open, it’s very constricted. So you will miss even your self-realisation. So first thing is to forgive everyone in general. And you’ll feel very comforted. All right. These are the only three conditions. 

Now, (unclear) first show you how you can also nourish your own centres, very simple. We’ll show you now. Now this left hand you have to put it on your lap. Please put like this your feet, both the feet like this. (unclear) comfortably at the back. At the back, yes. Little straight, little straight, not too much straight. Now, put the left hand towards me like this. Put the feet here. Little away. Left hand towards me, left hand towards me. Like him, please show him. On your lap, comfortably. On your lap. Very comfortably. Now the right hand on your heart. Because left heart, left hand suggests symbolically that you are desirous of your self-realisation. Because this is the power of ordinary desire. Desire. And the right hand, the right hand, is for action. So you put right hand on your heart. And now you must know that in the heart is the Spirit. Now if you become the Spirit, in the light of the Spirit you become your own master. So you take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on your left-hand side. Now this is the centre, this is the centre, of your mastery. This centre is created by great prophets and great masters. We are working only on the left-hand side with right hand. So now you take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen of – on the left-hand side. This is the centre which gives you your pure knowledge. Pure knowledge about the laws which are divine. Now raise your right hand again on top of the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Again on the heart. Now, you have to raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. To your right. This centre we catch when feel guilty. And also you can develop diseases like angina and spondylitis. Also your organs can become very lethargic. Now, raise your hand on top of your forehead across, one side you put your fingers, another side your thumb. And now put down your head. With this centre you have to forgive everyone in general. Put down your head, put down your head. Bend it a little. Now, take your right hand now on the back side of your head, and hold it tight. Now bend your head as far as possible. This is the centre where, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction you’ll have to later on ask for forgiveness from this divine power. Just now you can keep your eyes open and see for yourself. Now, stretch your palm, stretch your palm fully. This is the last centre. Put the centre of your palm just on top of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now, push back your fingers. And put down your head as far as possible. Please push back your fingers, there’s a good pressure, should be good pressure on your scalp. Now please move your scalp, slowly. Seven times. Clockwise. Push back your fingers. And put down your head. That’s all we have to do. Now push back your fingers, push back, push them back like that, otherwise the pressure is not there, push back, upward. That’s all we have to do now. Now you will have to close your eyes, you can take out your spectacles, and don’t open your eyes until I tell you. Now if you have anything tight on your neck, a button or something you can open it out, or tight on your waist, you can take it, make it a little loose, if you think it is tight. Now you should be comfortable, with your left hand on your lap, sitting comfortably, not slouching or not (unclear). Now, so please put your left hand towards me and put the right hand on your heart. Now, see that your feet are apart from each other. Now please close your eyes, till I tell you don’t open them. Now here, in your heart, you have to ask the questions. You ask the question here about yourself, a very fundamental question. You may call Me Mother, or you may call Me Shri Mataji. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times in your heart, with full confidence. If you are the Spirit, you become your master. So now please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Now here you ask another question. “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times with full confidence. Loudly (to the translator). Loudly. Again. Now, please take this right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Here again I respect your freedom. I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. Loudly. Now this centre has got six petals. So you have to ask six times. “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising. So we have to enrich our upper centres with our self-confidence. So now take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. On the left-hand side. Now here with full confidence you have to say, ten times. “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times please. Loudly. I have already told you the fundamental truth about you. Say I have already told you the fundamental truth about you. That you are not this body, this mind, this intelligence, these emotions. This ego, this superego. But you are. The pure Spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart. And with full confidence you have to say. “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.” You have to know that this all-pervading power of love is the ocean of knowledge. It is the ocean of compassion. And it’s the ocean of bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you might have committed can be dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So now you have to raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. And please turn your head to your right. Here you have to forgive everyone. Forgive everyone. And then, especially forgive yourself. And here you have to say sixteen times. “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Sixteen times. “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” I have already told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands of people. And you torture yourself. Moreover if you don’t forgive then this constricted centre won’t open. And you will miss your self-realisation. So now raise your right hand on your forehead across and hold it with your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. And now please bend your head, as far as possible. Here now you have to say with full confidence, not how many times, but from your heart. “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” You don’t have to also think about them. You have to just say in general. Now, please say it from your heart, please say it from your – very important. Now, take back your right hand, to the back side of your head. And push back your head as far as possible. Hold your head tight. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, for your satisfaction, you have to say from your heart. Not how many times. “O, Divine Power, if I have done anything wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” “O, Divine Power, if I have done anything wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” Now the last centre. Stretch your palm please. Put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area. Now please remember to push back your fingers. Also to bend your head as far as possible downward. At this point again I respect your freedom. Loudly. Again, loudly. At this point I respect your freedom. So I cannot force self-realisation on you. So I cannot force self-realisation on you. You have to ask for it. Now move your right hand. Slowly, clockwise. Pressing the scalp. Say seven times, “Mother, please give me self-realisation.” Move it seven times. Now please take down your hands. Please. Now, please put both the hands like this towards me, like this, little higher, like this. Please open your eyes. You can wear your spectacles if you like. And now put both the hands towards me like this, higher. And watch me without thinking, can you do it? Now, put the right hand towards me. And put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Feel it with the left hand. Right hand towards me, right hand. Put down your head, put down your head. Now don’t put the hand on top of your head, (unclear). If you have not forgiven then it will be hot. So now please forgive. Some people get it far. Now please try with the left hand now, put left hand towards me. Now please put down your head. And see with the right hand if there is a cool breeze or a warm breeze-like thing coming out. Take it a little away from your head, not absolutely on the head. Now once more with the right hand. Please put down your head again and see with the left hand. Little away from, not on top of the head, little away. Bend your head, bend your head. Little away. Some people keep it far away. Don’t think, it will not work out. Now please put your both the hands towards the sky like this and push back your head. Now here you have to ask another question in your heart. “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the all-pervading power of love?” Or “Mother, is this the Brahma Chaitanya?” Or “Mother, is this the Brahma Chaitanya?” It’s for Indians, Indians will know. Also you can ask, Christians can ask, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Wonderful. Now take down your hands. Like this now. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. Both your hands like this, all those who have felt hot or cold. Anything, makes (unclear). You felt it little higher? Put it higher so I’ll see. See now, most of the Hong Kong people have got it, most. Just raise it higher. May God bless you. 

So now your enlightenment has started. You are already saints. I bow to you. Now you have to enjoy it. And please come to the programmes that they are going to arrange for you, and you have to grow into it. We can have it on Saturday night, if that suits them, whatever suits them. We can have it on Saturday evening if that suits them.

Sahaja Yogi: We have now two follow-up programmes on the Tuesday night and on the Wednesday night, and (unclear) on the Tuesday.

Shri Mataji: Feeling very silent. So it’s a – you cannot, now you cannot argue it, you cannot argue it out. It is beyond the mind. Those who have not felt also should come. They will also get it. Everyone will get. Everyone will get, no problem. So you are all welcome but you have to grow. We have, luckily, some people here who will tell you everything. You don’t have to pay anything. But once a week you must come. Otherwise it would be just like a seed which has just sprouted. If you haven’t felt it also don’t get disappointed. It’s all there. It will definitely work out. So they will also give you the books, we have got books which are translated. When you come to the centre. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi: Just for those that didn’t understand the Chinese, the programmes will be starting next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they will be at the Mariners’ Club, 11 Middle Road, Kowloon. Tsim Sha Tsui. And it will be, it will be on the third floor and it starts at 8pm, okay? So every Monday, at the Mariners’ Club we have a regular meeting at 8pm. But come, next week we have it on a Tuesday and Wednesday as well. You can learn about all the techniques and you can also clear yourself and learn the mediation, so we teach the practical lessons. Everybody is welcome.

Shri Mataji: You felt it, sir? All right. (unclear) very happy. So many have felt, like this lady. So many. No, no, no, no, it’s your power. It’s your power. You see, so many have felt. You were thinking too much. 

Sahaja Yogi: Your mind was thinking too much.

Seeker: This is my job.

Sahaja Yogi: She is a reporter. She is here from the newspaper, she is thinking about the…

Shri Mataji: (unclear) don’t do that meditation, it’s wrong. Chakras are not like this, there are on this side. You see, this (unclear) meditation that has put them that way, that what you call, the Western (unclear) the Nabhi, try to join both the Nabhis backward forward, that’s wrong.

Sahaja Yogi: Is this the same?

Shri Mataji: That’s better, yes. Better now? You’re a seeker and you should get it. All right? 

Shri Mataji: Better now? Here same in her shoulders. Now she is feeling better.

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