Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Mr Ng's house, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

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Talk to Sahaja yogis in Malaysia, 15 March 1992.

You really need now a very big place, if the people yesterday you saw was, more than six hundred people were there and you’ll have to, I don’t know, at least if hundred come that place I don’t know if you’ll be able to manage but he says they couldn’t get a hall. But I was also very happy that Sikhs have started coming because it’s a very stronghold for the Sikh people here. They’re very stronghold here, lots of Sikhs are here and they have a lot of hold with the government also, definitely. So if the Sikhs are coming to Sahaja Yoga they will be of a very great help, so you must look after them.

Today I have called you for a special reason, couldn’t have the puja because of the, it was not properly prepared. So next year I hope we’ll manage everything and it will be done. And also suddenly Shyam Gupta had to, he got his ticket, so [INAUDIBLE].

Now so many people came, was miraculous thing has happened that so many people came and I think the maximum number here compared to other places like Hong Kong or Taiwan, Bangkok. There were people, about three hundred and fifty or so. But here I think they were saying it was more than six hundred, so it’s something remarkable it has happened and so now you people are the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. And you have to be very careful as to how you talk. The first thing is that you people must come to collective, that’s one thing I’ve seen that without collective you cannot be cleansed fast. Now we don’t use any other method for cleansing and we do not do any kind of special meditation in the rooms or we don’t go to the Himalayas, we don’t stand and starve and fast, nothing of the kind. The only way in Sahaja Yoga you can improve is to come to the collective. And in the collective, somehow or other everything churns out and you feel better. That is very important. Even if you are meditating in the house, of course it helps you quite a lot but these can attack you back, so it is best is you must at any cost come to the collective, it’s very important.

Now when these people come you must know that they are just now coming to Sahaja Yoga, you’re all matured Sahaja Yogis, you know a lot, you’ve done a lot in Sahaja Yoga and you understand it. But they’re coming for the first time so you have to be very careful that Sahaja Yoga is pure love and this pure love must be expressed in our relationships. So first when we talk to them, we must talk to them in a very sweet manner and also try to convince them something that they will understand and not to sort of say, “You’ve got bhoots, you’ve got this chakra caught up,” this, that. You shouldn’t talk about this. Talk in such a way that they feel relaxed, they feel very happy and they feel that they have come to real place of peace, love and joy.

So this is what first you have to establish, because first few days when they are just coming to Sahaja Yoga, this is the Kundalini moves up and down. So the establishment into Sahaja Yoga is only possible by you people Sahaja Yogis. I’ve seen many Sahaja Yogis who come to follow-on, then they disappear. The reason is they find that nobody is sort of paying attention to them, looking after them. Some people are treated in a different way, some are treated in a different way, somebody very official comes in or a rich man comes in then you look after him more and you don’t look after others. That kind of a thing upsets them. So now as we have lots of people here from all religions, they were also two Muslims, I saw yesterday. So I think there’s hope for Muslims here that they’ll get their Realization.

So it’s a very big achievement for Kuala Lumpur that you have so many people and as you know that TM first started in Kuala Lumpur. So it’s a very old system which has ruined people here, quite a lot and you have to be very careful. So even if somebody has done TM or has been to some guru and all that, you should immediately say that, “All right, if you are satisfied with TM you go there, but if you want to get all right then you have to give up this,” in a sweet manner. Like yesterday that fellow said he has been to some world master of Kundalini awakening. I said, “You go to him, why have you come here? If you are satisfied with your guru there’s no need for you to come here, and now if you’ve come here you should see that you adhere to something that is reality. You cannot just keep on with that.” So they themselves will tell you, “We are getting this pain, we’re having this trouble, we’ve this thing,” and they themselves will tell, everybody suffers. Nobody is there, now doctor can tell you, everybody suffers isn’t it? In TM. Anybody suffers… .

Yesterday they were telling Me about Satya Sai Baba. Somebody at Satya Sai Baba and he had a heart attack. So they all suffer, they themselves suffer, they know there’s a suffering, so they tell you that, “We’re suffering.” Then it is better, you have to tell them, “All right, now you have to get all right.” But let them speak, what I’m trying to say, let them speak, you don’t put ideas into their heads and also there should not be much speeches done. What you can have is to have My tape or something for them to listen to, also you can tell them the photographs have vibrations. If they want they can take the photographs. But slowly and steadily because they’re conditioned, they’re very much conditioned and you’ve to be very careful with them when you tell them something that, “See now this is your conditioning.” Now somebody is a Christian, somebody’s a Hindu, somebody’s a Muslim or a Sikh or something they have their own conditionings and these conditionings can be very strong. So try to see that you do not in any way hurt them and that they miss their self-Realization. It is not that we need them, they need us but we have to be compassionate.

Then another thing, we’re not fundamentalists in any way, so one should never say, “Mother says so, Mother says so.” Nobody should say that or should take My tape one word from there and say, “Mother says so.” Otherwise we’ll become like fundamentalists. Nobody should say this, “Mother says so.” This should not be used. If you start using again you’ll have another fundamental thing that, “Mother says so, this is in Mother’s book, this is… ” Under what circumstances, I might have said something. Like there were two children were horrible, they were just like devils, their father was a bad man, he had abused them and all that; the wife divorced. These children were staying in Shudy Camp and they were so horrid like Satan, they brought two needles, knitting needles and were trying to put in the eyes of a sleeping yogi. Then they brought a dagger to put into him and all these things were happening and then the mother said, “What should I do with them?” I said, “At least slap them, you can slap them and say this is wrong. If you don’t even do that then they’ll go on like that. It’s not a very good thing that they’re like this.” And that sentence they picked up.

So one has to understand that you should never say, “Mother says so,” without reference to context and all that but gradually you can give them books and things to read and understand. Now even if you tell them Mother is Adi Shakti they won’t believe. “She’s the Holy Ghost,” they won’t believe. It would be a shock to them that she’s the Adi Shakti. But the other way round one can talk like this that, “See, nobody has given en masse Realization so far, she doesn’t take any money, nothing, she has given en masse Realization, she has changed the lives of so many people, everybody has got that inner growth within themselves, so how could it happen? She must be something, now it is for you to find out, we’ll not tell you.” Put it on them, that problem will be solved very much. In this manner you can talk to them. But you have to be extremely soft and kind.

Sahaja Yoga has spread maximum in Austria. The reason for that is the people have become extremely gentle. Not only that they have become gentle but also they have understood how to deal with people, how to talk to them. So I’ve seen in Austria if there’s a program, after that those people who come never go away and there’s so many now in Austria. And they’re doing lot of positive work also in Austria.

Now you’re all welcome to come to India and if you come by ship if there is time but ship is cheaper, very much cheaper than I think… , I don’t know what is the price of ship is but if you want to come by ship you’ll come to Madras. But from Madras the whole tour starts, so that’s a difficult thing to adjust but still I’ll find out if you can at least some of you on the whole tour there are few people we can adjust. We have a train for only five hundred people and we have to have at least some Indians to organize things. Let us see how it works out, I’ll let you know. You’re all welcome to come otherwise to Ganapatipule. It is quite easy from here to go to Bombay or from there you can be taken to Ganapatipule and it’s about seven, eight, ten days about. Seven to ten days we’re in Ganapatipule, so all the marriages take place, it’s quite nice, those ones who go to Ganapatipule they feel very much better and very happy.

Now we have to look after people who are Hindus, we’ve to look after people who are Buddhists. We’ve to look after the people also who are Muslims and Sikhs. But Sikhs are very important and I know you can manage them because look at them, how nice they were yesterday and how they got their Realization and everything. So they’re very near us and you can find it very easy to talk to them.

I’m going to write a book on it, in My book about Sikhism, also about Islam. Hamim I wanted to tell you, I’ve read some of the intellectuals of Islam. There are three, four of them, very good writers. They’ve written and they said that what’s wrong with Islam is that the Muslims are very far away from Islam, they’ve said it. The reason is, according to them that they’re not educated in Islam religion. That’s not the point; by education you don’t become all right. What you need is Self-Realization. You see, Mohamad Sahib has said you have to know. He does mean “know” means reading because he never read, he never went to university, he never studied, he did not know even how to write. So how can he say that. When he says you should know is the same word as gnana, as we say, gna, English word is gnostics, gna. Because they say they’re the people who are knowledgeable. I was amazed there are four, five very great writers from Kuala Lumpur, one of them is a Chinese. I’ll give you the names of these people. So if you could approach… , he need not, but if you could approach these people, take their addresses, we can ask some people to approach them and talk to them that whatever you’ve written is sensible, no doubt but the missing point is you don’t understand, knowledge doesn’t mean words; you’ve to go beyond words and this is what you have to get your Self-Realization.

Unless and until you get your Self-Realization you cannot understand. And there is no fundamentalism once you become a self-realized soul, everybody’s just the same. Every religion we worship, every prophet we worship, every incarnation we worship; so there’s no fight, we finish all the fights of fundamentalism. But these are very good writers I must say, I was so surprised, very enlightened, very good and they’ve tried to show how Muslims are so far away. They said there’s poverty, they’re like this… . Now see, this Azerbaijan killed so many Armenians, so now the Azerbaijans are killed by Armenians. And they read Koran and they kill them and they read Bible and kill them. So what is this going on. Same about Sikhs now Sikhs have gone mad, absolutely mad, they’ve finished that country which was so good, so rich. This Punjab was a very good country and the whole thing is finished by these Sikhs and they’re killing even Sikhs.

Now it has become a sort of a, all the terrorists, that’s all. They have nothing to do but sort of they want to kill everyone whether you’re Sikh, anything, Hindus, they’re killing everyone. They’ve destroyed the whole of Punjab. So also these people understand because they are Sikhs and they understand and yesterday when I told them they were saying that, “Mother you do something for this Punjab.” I said, “Now you people first organize yourself.” Once they get their Realization you can do a lot with the Sikhs because they are the, I should say, the latest religion, that is the latest, Sikhs are the latest religion, as far as the religion is concerned. And many things were connected in Sikh religion like the book that is Granth Sahib was written not only by Guru Nanaka but all the realized souls, even there’s a Maharashtrian, Namdeva, he was [INAUDIBLE]. So all this was done at that time to show to people that what is the right path but as it is once the book comes in, book means they become bookworms. “This is written in the books.” “You read the book, finished.” But what is written in the book is the prescription, you have to take the medicine and they don’t think of the medicine, they just think that all right, “This is the book that is written, so-and-so, all right,” that’s how fundamentalism has started.

So now if you have any questions you ask Me, that’s important. If you have any questions that you’ll have to face. If you have any questions please ask Me, it’s very important. About curing people. I think there’s a book about it, how to cure people. You don’t have to touch them, you take a bandhan before giving Realization to anybody yourself. And give a bandhan to that person, then give Realization. Otherwise there could be complications. Also use the photographs. Photograph is the best because you don’t suffer. Put person before the photograph, you stand behind and raise the Kundalini. First see what’s wrong with the person. Supposing his right side is hot then you have to raise the left put it to the right, at least seven times. Then his right side will be cooler. Then you raise his Kundalini. Without giving the balance don’t raise the Kundalini, first you must give the balance and then raise the Kundalini, is safer. And also you can give this balance with very great ease if you first take yourself into bandhan. But don’t touch them, just don’t touch them. You can raise the Kundalini standing behind them, there’s no need to touch them.

I brought something to be given. Now we got some, not many but I think you gave them the badges. There’s a very good speech on Shiv Puja. I wish you could all listen to that. I was going to tell that they should listen to it, the speech that we have but it is on a video. You have to show then on a VCR but can be taped also, I wish they had taped it. So these are some of these what you call the… Those who haven’t it come and take it. These are some of them like this, and some of them are lockets, so you can take whatever you feel like. Those who don’t have. So those who don’t have… .

Yesterday I made it very clear in My lecture that you may follow any religion, anything you may do but unless and until you’ve got Realization you cannot become that; only you follow it outside which has no meaning, it’s outside, inside there is no religion.

And also we have got badges for you. How is she? All right? Ask her to put both the hands like this.

Now who is the agent for Shipping Corporation here? There is a ship going to Madras or not. Which ship is that? It’s not under Shipping Corporation? Who’s the agent? You don’t know. All right, because certain things we want to send, so they can send it and you can inform this Moorthy about it.

Ask them to ask the question. First you say theKundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, all right? And then you say, “Now you ask the question.” First let them have Realization, then they will… . But I’ve seen one thing about the Western Christians are very different eastern Christians. You see the Western Christians are very alert about religion and they understand very fast that Christianity has not delivered the goods; they understand, very clearly, they know it but eastern Christians are worse than Muslims in a way. Because they’re so slavish and they’ve been told that, “If you do like this, you’ll go to hell.” The whole fright is there is absolutely, “You’ll go to hell.” “If you do like this, you’ll go to hell.” And they believe in it and also they don’t know what Christians are doing abroad.

Like they had nine million dollars counterfeited and was distributed through Vatican. The first pope was murdered and there’s a book called “In God’s Name.” The conclusion that gentleman has reached is that this present pope has killed the first pope. I don’t know how far it is true but like that you see now there’s another book that has come out in German language in Austria that one priest confessed that he had wives who were married women and who produced children and he has children also. But then he told about many priests who are doing like this. This is in every religion. The kind of life they lead, nobody wants to see. Even Hindu religion has the same problem, everybody has the same. But because these are organized religions the people when they came, same for India also. We haven’t got one single Indian Christian in Sahaja Yoga, can you imagine, not one. They’re so slavish, except for My brother and all that, it’s different but otherwise there’s not one.

And same with Chinese. Chinese Christians are impossible. They’re told, “You’ll go to hell, this will happen to you,” so much brain-washed, can’t even see anything wrong. And in Protestant religion also there’s so many things which I can tell you. Like they said that Christ was a human being, it came to that point. Or something somebody said, so the Archbishop of Canterbury honored, can you imagine? But they honored him in a particular place near Durham, York. The church where they honored him, they say that after some time a luminous type of this electrical charge from some sort of a lightning came and was looming around and then destroyed the whole of it, that church. But they’re so shameless, they said that, “See, God was so gracious, He did not destroy the lower part.”

So this is what it is and now they are having homosexual priests and the Protestants are marrying homosexuals. They’re actually marrying in the church. You have to talk to Christians, “Is it Christianity?” What about these people killing so many Azerbaijanis, you know. Azerbaijan is also created by human beings, whatever may be. And the atrocities of Christians are known. In India they came with a Bible in one hand and a gun in another. And Islam also spread like that with fear.

In Algeria now they’ve banned fundamentalism. In Turkey they’ve banned fundamentalism. Iraq also but this Iraq of Saddam has really finished… , I don’t know what to say. There’s a big lesson, big lesson to Christians also because Christian nations helped Saddam to kill the Islamic fundamentalism. They gave him ships, everything and actually the Americans were bombarding their own ships. And the Germans went and built all the bunkers for this Saddam. Christians are no less fundamentalist, terrible fundamentalists they are. And now we are facing them very much. So it’s with everyone,

Hindus also, in Hindu religion Gita has written that everybody has the spirit. So how can you have caste system? You cannot have. The one who wrote Ramayana was a fisherwoman and also a dacoit and he wrote Ramayana. The one who wrote Gita, Vyasa, was the illegitimate child of a fisherwoman, illegitimate child. So how can that be? If the Brahmins were the highest, they were not Brahmins by any chance, the fishermen, outcastes. So this system also was based on your aptitudes, the one who was seeking God was a Brahmin, the one who was seeking power was a Kshatriya, the one who was seekng money was the Vaishyas and those who are doing menial work were the Shudras. But that was an aptitude, not, it was not a kind of a pre-natal stamp on someone. But it is too much, among Hindus it’s too much. What caste you are, what godras you are, what is this, and in the south specially ritualism is the worst and that’s how you all became bhootish in the south, bhootish people. All kinds of ritualism, nonsense.

Now of course Madras has started getting good Sahaja Yogis because they saw five hundred white skinned people coming there. They have a great sort of a feeling for the white skins. So they came to My program, they respected Me, did all kinds of things, otherwise they would never look at Me even, with the white skin. We all get dominated by them in the east, that’s our common failing. And they’re the ones who have ruined everything, see now, they went to Vietnam, they created prostitutes. Now in Korea same thing and these prostitutes are now suffering in Bangkok, they’re victims. Wherever they went they have been a problem. Even the English, wherever they went they created a problem. It was just like a plundering, going to somebody’s country, deceiving them and taking over. Even China, they went up to China, they drugged China with opium and took over. Not very straight-forward, very cunning, too clever for us. And we started imbibing their culture now very much, you see newspaper, you see how their women are dressed, how the men are talking about nothing but horrible things. This is supposed to be Islamic country, here also if you see the newspaper it’s horrible, absolutely horrible. They’re not doing anything about it.

So dealing with Christians is not easy, they’re so conditioned, take it from Me, doesn’t matter, try other people. Buddhists are better. If you tell them this is Bodhi Sattwa, this is the Maitreya. You see, Matreya is three mothers, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati – Maitreya. Called him Maitreya, the Buddhist Sattwa, the one who’ll give Realization, make you Buddha and also will create power in them that you can give Realization to others, it’s Sahaj. Buddha has said all these things but then you know there were two groups, Mahayana and this and that and they started, one started going to the right too much and they became very self-indulgent. And the other started going to the left so they became very sort of ascetic type. So the middle path that Buddha has said, they forgot, it’s very common to read their books or anything, immediately you’ll find out how they got lost. They became power-oriented, to begin with and then they became left-sided tantrikas. So the right-sided people are all the ascetic people doing all these kinds of asceticism; the left-sided are the tantrikas.

Some people criticize Islam saying that there is no talk of ascent, it’s wrong, there is all the time talk of ascent, to know but that doesn’t mean that you go to the university and learn about Islam and books, no, it means to know on your central nervous system. But this is the point they missed out. How can it be Mohamad Sahib could not say about this, it’s impossible. Also he said, “Those who came before me are all right,” and these people are saying that he put a seal, seal means it’s just a, what you call, a stamp, that he was a mahaguru, that’s all. But that doesn’t mean that he cannot come back. If he had said that, then he again said there is a resurrection time; resurrection time means Kiyama and all these again should be observed till Kiyama and after that you become knowledgeable. Even he had said there you’ll meet guls and gulis, guls means beautiful men and beautiful women, that you meet. But they won’t have this lust and greed, it’s the point, which we’re good at. But nobody has said all these things, all nonsense they have preached. Imagine calling Christ as homosexual, it’s a sin to say such a thing against a great incarnation. In the name of God, God knows what they’re going to do more, already they’ve committed all kinds sins.

I’ve given Realization to your father also but he doesn’t care much. I wish I could talk to him and tell him. I would like him to talk to these people. There’s one Chinese Muslim also, you can talk to him and tell him that this is what it is. You know that there was buying some books, remember now this is the book. This is the airport. Wanted to buy some books, this is the book I’ve picked up. It’s nice because these are intellectuals, you see, read Koran, it’s difficult because if you say this Koran they’ll say you’ve misinterpreted, but these are Muslims. So you can put them on their faces, let’s see now. It’s a very good book that one, Faces of Islam. The missing point is this that they don’t understand knowledge means on your central nervous system.

So I was very happy for yesterday’s program, very joyous and now you people have a special responsibility, try to understand. You have to be extremely kind, nice to them and work it out, I’m sure it will one day be great. Any other question now?

(Question inaudible.)

You see, it’s a way of talking to them, be gentle to them, be kind to them, not to hurt them. To love is very easy, to hate is difficult as far as I’m concerned. So try to be nice because they’re coming for the first time; just little kindness helps a lot. For such people, these people you should cultivate; those who are offensive and troublesome you forget, give them a bandhan, leave them to God. Let’s give them a bandhan and leave them to God, that’s the best to do not to get worried about them, thinking about it, nothing of the kind. You have so many people to love.

(Question inaudible.)

Yes it’s all right, church is not such a bad place, you can go to the mosques, churches. You can go to the church, we believe in Christ, we believe in everything but this church was founded by Mr. Paul, not by Christ because St. Peter was a man whom Christ has called as Satan, in the Bible, called him a Satan. And He told him, “You deny Me three times,” He told Peter also. And how could He, by any reasoning give the keys to Peter? He would not. But Peter was an ambitious man and that’s why he got hold of this fellow, Mr. Paul who was a very big officer in the Roman regime and he wanted him to come down to Christianity to help him and also mutual help. So this Paul appointed him as the head of the church, also tell him, “This is the rock on which… ,” Christ never said that, how would He say, why would He say like that? It’s very unreasonable and the person whom He called Satan, how can He tell him such a thing? That, “You start building a church.”

(Question inaudible.)

You cannot force them to come; they will see your own life and they’ll change. They have to see your own life and then come, nothing can convince them, they’re so, sort of, blasted, such a brain-washing, nothing will go into their heads. If this can work out we can get you some pamphlets about them from Austria, you can write to Austria to send you some pamphlets about the Christians. They’re Catholics? Then it’s much better.

(Question inaudible.)

You’re all right, you’re all right. You take a bandhan and don’t worry about people who don’t want to come, they’re difficult words, we should first learn the simpler ones, doesn’t matter they’re Christians or anything. Now like Russia, thousands and thousands, so I said, “Now better work on Russia.” What’s the use of wasting your energy on stupid people. Because you feel attached, you should have a detachment, you can’t help it. They’re stupid, that’s all we can say. No use fighting with them or argue with them, they never listen. Wife is also a Christian? Very difficult. Paulo’s wife is a Christian and her daughter from first husband is a Christian; she’s a thief, she’s this, she’s that, still she’s very difficult. Gradually they’ll be . In India whatever is the religion of the husband that’s the religion you have to have, so now yours is Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. They will never understand, what they need are great shocks, your newspapers have to publish these things they’re doing and all these, the Christians are doing. She’s a Catholic? You ask these people in Austria to send everything about the Catholics and show it to her, let her see. Let her also read these things, she will know what is this about. What is happening then gradually of course, if she’s all right then you’ll enjoy but she’ll get it. Sahaja Yogis don’t do all these things, they do not kill anybody, don’t speak harshly to anybody, they’re very different people.

So I think that should be sufficient, what else?

(Question about Sikhism.)

Granth Sahib was written by Guru Nanaka. At that time they were not there and all ten gurus were not of the same level. These gurus became later on, till the time of Guru Nanaka they were not there. He edited it. So that means Granth Sahib was not written by Nanak Sahib, might have been edited by him. (Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi.) How can that be, you see, Nanak Sahib knew who to put there. No, no, because all these gurus who were involved, I don’t know about them much but I can tell you he’s the last guru who had to fight the people so much that the whole thing became like a military stuff. And I think that they cannot give it up that part, like Islam also they had to fight to exist and still that thing is lingering in their heads. What could they do because the situation, they had to fight. But that was the situation and the result of that they have become quite fighting type. Moreover at that time because of these fights, because they had to defend themselves they had to fight and so many people died. And very few men were left. So Mohamad Sahib said, “All right the few men you marry, in any case you marry, you can have four wives, but marry, don’t have extra marriage relations.” So he said, “All right you marry four wives, doesn’t matter, makes no difference, you can marry four wives.” But that doesn’t mean compulsorily every Muslim should marry four wives, he doesn’t mean that. It’s a complete . There’s no addition in this and that.

(Question inaudible.)

This is the trouble with the books also, you know. And also they don’t read the whole thing, they just read part of it. And then this problem is there, like supposing Koran has written about Kiyama, that means the time will come when you’ll be saved, you see, Kiyama. So somebody has to do that job. If he has sealed, he’s the last one, then who’s going to do this job of Kiyama, when your hands will speak, who’s going to do Sahaja Yoga. So just because these people want money, they are money-oriented, power-oriented, they just interpreted the way they wanted to have.

(Question on the difference between soul and spirit.)

Spirit is the one which resides in the heart and soul is the one that the spirit is enveloped by the causal of the five elements, causal, that is the soul. When a person dies then the soul comes out, means the spirit is there and this Kundalini plus these five causals, causal means the causes of these. Like you have got Mother earth, you’ve got fire, you’ve got five elements, that’s the soul.

(Question inaudible.)

It is universal, you see, connection with this big power which is so communicating, so there’s no question.

(Question inaudible.)

Depends on, supposing it’s a ordinary person and he dies then maybe his spirit might come back after thirteen, fourteen days, immediately. But supposing there is an incarnation who dies then he comes after two thousand years. And same with the devils who are dying, they also come to face the incarnations who are there or anyone like that. So there are categories; incarnations are born after two thousand years and devils also are born like that to fight the incarnations. And the ordinary people also there are types, some of them want to be born again very fast, some wait and realized souls can decide when they want to have a birth. It’s different birth for realized souls; if they want to have their birth, immediately they can have it, if they don’t want to have it, they need not. But some of the souls hang in the limbo as and then they attack people.

(Question inaudible.)

It is the residue of the desire of the person. Ordinary persons are not detached, so they get born. Supposing a mother dies in an accident and she’s worried about her children, she gets her birth very fast.

(Question inaudible.)

You see, in Sahaja Yoga the karmas are sucked in because the ego is sucked in. Only our ego thinks we are getting karma, animals don’t think like that. We’re the only ones who think of karmas, now we are doing it, because we are engulfed like this, like an egg. So we think that we are doing it, actually it’s all not done by us but it’s done by the Divine. Of course the karmas are on the sides, on the ego, when the ego and superego both are sucked in, you’re without any, your karmas are forgiven completely, finished, that’s a myth, that’s a myth to feel that you have done this karma, that karma; only human beings feel that.

(Question inaudible.)

You can, you are a realized soul, a realized soul can… . Any realized soul can do it, without feeling the karmas because he says, he talks like this, “Kundalini is rising.” He never says, “I’m doing it.” Sahaja Yogi doesn’t say that way. “It’s not coming, it’s not going.”

So these questions are, they might ask you, they’re not so important. You should tell them that first thing you take your Realization, insist on that. But of course they might ask you, so you have to tell them that.

So should I take your leave now?