Birthday Puja

Mumbai (India)

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Birthday Puja Date 17th March 1992, Mumbai

[English translation from Hindi, scanned from English Divine Cool breeze]

You have celebrated my birthday with so much love. You got your self realisation, and the special thing is that you became something and gained something. I am what I am. I don’t have to become anything. It is such a great thing that you got self enlightened through your Spirit. All Sahaja Yogis have now become so good and dharmic. If you see people who belong to other religions they follow their rules and regulations with great difficulty: they fast, go to the Himalaya stand on their heads and do various things but still their Spirit is not enlightened. They will believe in some guru or God, but do they try to become like that guru? To believe means nothing when their gurus’ shaktis and qualities have not enlightened them. No religion is bad in itself. It is the way people have followed them. Some went into the.right and some into the left. dead body. Even in Nepal the left side has grown so much that they do tantrik vidya, bhoot and shamshan vidya. Thus two types of people were created in Buddha Dharma. Buddha has no connection with them and vice versa. The same thing is there in Christianity. They wanted to gain some powers within so they crucified people and did all sorts of things in the name of Christ. Even now you will see in Armenia how they killed thousands of people in Azerbaijan. When they used to kill they would take the Pble in one hand as if God was with them. and they think that only their religion is correct and the Muslims are bad. The Muslims do the same thing. Islam is beautiful and a tremendous religion., Even great Muslim scholars say that there is a lot of difference between Muslims and Islam. They feel it is because they are not educated. But education also creates foolish people. Like Kabir has said “By reading the pandits have become foolish.” Till the spirit is not enlightened nothing is going to happen. You cannot imbibe any religion within. It will not enter. It will just remain on the outside and then you will get lost. Either you become money oriented or power-oriented. But never spirit The right sided ones became ascetics. They made very laborious and complicated paths. They thought if Buddha got enlightened through so much suffering and through a very difficult path why should we not follow the same if not more laborious paths. So many people became entangled in these paths. Eating only once, sleeping on the ground, living in cold weather with little clothing, staying alone etc. They completely suppressed what was given to them by nature. By suppressing their natural instincts and behaviour patterns one becomes very iritable and aggressive. Such people have a lot of anger in them. By suppressing anger it grows more. Such people sometimes go into the supra-conscious. They may then gain such powers or siddhis by which they can dominate others. For example Hitler. Hitler’s guru was a Lama monk and he learnt from him how to control and subdue people. Buddha had created such a high dharma on how to reach Nirvana and that religion went into the right side. oriented. When the Spirit gels enlighted then a person unexpectedly finds that tattwa within himself. He does not have to struggle. This feeling comes within spontaneously, In Hinduism it is told that the same spirit resides in everyone. Then how can we have class and caste consciousness? One should think that the one who wrote Ramayana was a robber and a fisherman. Ram did not write the Ramayana, Ram ate the half eaten berries of Shabari who was a low caste woman. The Gita was also written by Vyas who was the illegitimate son of a low caste woman. All this was done to show that there is something ourselves that we have created castes and class, The one who is inclined towards God and knows Him is a Brahmin. So then Valmiki was a Brahmin. Great incarnations came and refuted this again and again that you are a Brahmin by birth. Kabir’s lacking within Then the other type of people went into the left side and tantrism was born. There are places in Ladakh where they will pray to the hand of a guru was a Brahmin and he accepted Kabir a weaver as his disciple. Namdev was a great poet saint of Maharashtra who was a tailor. Namdev’s will not do it. You do not listen to dirty nonsense because now you have become so pure. If you do have to go to some such dirty place you will go OS wilness looking at it as a drama. You have now got the witnessing power within you. There is lot of love for each other. You may go anywhere in the world and you will find Sahaja Yogis will look after you with so much joy. Of course some people take advantage and tell lies. Even then they are looked after. One person went to Madras and told them lies that Shri Mataji has sent him. He asked for a horse, for various things and they gave it to him with great love. Later on I got to know that this rogue had gone there on his own, Ihave seen that people bear it even though they sufter, but will never complain. But I have seen that if sormeone says anythirig against me you cannot bear it. And this is the proof of your love for me. poems are included in the Granth Sahib, the holy Book of the Sikhs. Guru Nanak recognized all this because he was an enlightened soul. The ones who reach there understand who is real and who is false. We should have compassion towards the people who are following these false things in the name of religion because we know they are blind. Like Kabir has said “How can l explain when the whole world is blind. Some will say I am Christian, Hindu or Muslim. You are making yourselves seporate. In Sahaja Yoga you have understood that the essence of all religions is the same. When we believe in all religions then this fundamentalism which is spreading in the world will finish off. You should not only realise thot all religions are one but it should be imbibed within. It should sink within. In You have given me so much love and I have great faith that the dream I had of the whole world getting realisation will be fulfilled. Till this does not happen the world will not improve. We have all sorts of problems. Ecclogical, economic, political and family problerns. The responsibility of this lies with human beings because they have created these problems. But when man changes and universal brotherhood enters within him then Sahaja Yoga there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists: When you beleve in one Vishva Dharma then ali the religious are in that one religion. This is the wisdom. And then you believe in all the incarnations and saints. You cannot make intellectualising. It happens by the light of the spirit which sinks deep within you, then you don’t need to say. You are Sahaja Yogis so you just cannot tell lles, steal, torture or kill anyone. Now you cannot do anything that is bad. You do not try to pull anyone down or get into competitions. You are sitting in profound satisfaction and meditation and know that everything is getting done. Even in your married life there is deep understanding between husband and wife and no husband or wife will look at other men or women even though there are many beautiful women and handsome men. This outer attraction which happens to others does not touch you. You have respect for yourself. Your eyes are steady now and even such thoughts do not enter your mind. Even other people are impressed by you. How you live in such peace and harmony. it happen by talking or what would be the need to fight. Then all these problems will get solved by themselves. Whenever you read the paper you should collectively desire that the Punjab problem be solved and it will be solved. The problems of poverty will not be removed by shouting ‘remove poverty.’ We are in the middle of the river. Neither are we too rich or too poor. When this current grows then the poor and the rich will both come in. And in this way our problem will be solved. All your faces shine so much. The kind of love we have in Sahaja Yoga is not there in any society. The followers of other gurus look like they are just about to enter into a hospital. That is why you should have self respect and there should be something special about you. You pray to me and tell me that you have benefited. But you are behind these beneficial pujas. If you were not like this you could go on praying and it would not have worked out. Are there less prayers or Pujas in temples? But nothing goes inside. They do so much offering to the Devi and Gods but still it does not go in. They are just the same. They go on committing sins and atrocities. There is nothing, People tell me that I cure so many and do not take any money. But neither do you take money. You will not kill, steal or make anyone a widow. You connot kidnap anyone’s child. You do not smoke or drink or take drugs. You will not go to any dirty places or make obscene paintings or read dirty books. I don’t need to say.

You yourself special about them. Now Sahaja Yoga has spread so many countries, I never thought that in my lifetime it would happen. The dream thatI had has really come true. So we must remember that we are not, just simple Sahaja Yogis but we are special. We should try to make as many people yogis as possible. Then only can the world benefit and we will benefit. all have these powers. And I desire that all my powers also come within you. A mother always thinks that all her powers come within her children and they all become great stalwarts. You are sitting in such joy and taking the pleasures of Nirvana for which many had to struggle. All this has come to you in such a Sahaja Way. This is your punyas of previous lives, My blessings are always with you but this thought is always there that when I leave you my heart is wrenched. But when I think of the people in the other places waiting for me then I feel that those are my children., I travel a lot but when I see you my heart fills with joy and I never have time to think of my age. Today is my birthday but your birthday should also be celebrated. At every birthday you grow in age but with this growth in age if maturity does not come then its no use. You are also growing in Sahaja Yoga but it is important that we grow in maturity. Once you are mature you will become like a large tree and benefif others.

You May God Bless You.