Birthday Puja: You can absorb the essence of all the religions

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Puja. Delhi, India. 21 March 1992.

Translation from Hindi

You people have celebrated this birthday, with so much love and affection, that I do not understand what to say. It is true that you all have got self-realization in Sahaja Yoga, and I might have told you about this, but the energy is yours alone. Your energy got awakened, and you achieved it due to your own energy. So, I don’t think there are many contributions from my side. You have to think one more thing that I am, whatever I am, there was no need for me to become anything, but It is your specialty that you all became something special. You received and achieved something which was your own. It is such a great thing, that you got enlightened by your own spirit.

Earlier, it was told that only the Masters got enlightened, but today all the Sahaja Yogis have got enlightened. And also, think that Sahaja Yogis have become such nice people, how honest you all have become. People follow different religions and follow all the rules and regulations religiously, they do fasting, go to the Himalayas, stand upside down, they do different things, but there is no enlightenment of the spirit inside them. That is why, whatever religion they follow, Whatever system they follow, whichever Guru (master) they are with, there is no light within them. For example, you may accept a Guru, but you cannot become like him. You have just accepted him. Like you have just accepted the God. And the meaning of accepting him is that, the powers in him and his personality does not reflect inside us. We just accepted them because they are on a higher level. Now whichever religion you consider, no religion is bad. Like supposing there is Buddhism, I have read about Buddhism, and I was really surprised that center path (Madhya Marg) was mentioned in that. But later people took it to the left and right. People who went to the right became ascetics or sanyasis, completely. And formed very difficult rules and difficult path. Very difficult path. The reason behind this was, they thought “since Buddha has become an ascetic, and achieved self-realization after following a very difficult path, we also should do the same thing”.

But they made it so difficult that most of the people, were finished in this process. By following the rules like eating once a day, sleeping on the floor, living in the cold weather,  by doing several things like this, they suppressed their basic natural requirements. And, when a person is pressurized this way, his nature becomes agitated. Not only that, but his nature becomes aggressive also. And he becomes a very angry person. Our anger increases when we try to suppress it. And this kind of people goes to the state of supra-conscious, where they can achieve certain paranormal powers by which they can influence others.  This is what happened with Hitler. Hitler’s Guru was a llama. And from this llama, Hitler learned how to possess other people, and make them accept him.

So, the great religion which was made by Buddha, for us to achieve a state of freedom from all sufferings (nirvana), that religion got carried away by the right side. Some others thought, let us move towards the left side, as a result of which many occultists originated.

Apart from this occultists, in places like Ladakh, people started things like, if a person is dead, his hands should be worshipped, and things like this, I saw in Nepal also. Like this, people started going toward the left so much that, people started believing in spirits and ghosts, and started practicing “smashan vidya”. So like this, two kinds of people were generated from Buddhism. Neither Buddha havs any connection with this, nor religion of Buddha has anything to do with this.

If you take Christian religion, In that also people thought that let us acquire some power in the first place. Weather so the Crusades started hitting and thrashing people, and did all sorts of things. Jesus Christ had taught that a Christian should forgive others, even after going to the cross. This is happening today also. You must have heard that recently Armenians killed thousands of Azerbaijan Muslims, and before going to kill them, Armenians used to read a bible and go. And after reading the Bible they used to kill the Muslims, as if God is on their side and whatever they are doing is spiritual work. And they started thinking that our religion (Christian) is the best and Muslim religion is bad.

Same is the case with Muslims. If you read about Muslim religion you will feel as if it is the best religion. This is something amazing. And, the certain rationalist in Muslim religion also believes that there is a lot of difference between the Muslim and Islam. That is because they are not educated. Once they get  educated they will be alright. Even with education, nothing is going to happen like ” too much education leads to stupidity”. Until your spirit is awakened, you cannot absorb any religion within you, you cannot manifest it inside you. A person cannot turn inwards, his attention will always remain outside, and with this external attention he gets carried away and becomes either power oriented or money oriented, that is, he runs behind money. He does not turn towards the spirit. He does not become spirit oriented.

When he gets enlightened by his spirit, a person suddenly finds that the essence of religion has been established in him. He does not take any effort to do so, this happens in a Sahaj or easy way, like a deep spiritual Bliss, which happens effortlessly. This feeling manifests inside you without any effort. In Hinduism, it has been told that there is spirit inside everyone. The spirit resides in every person, then how can their cast and Creed be different? We should give it a thought.

Who was Valmiki, who wrote Ramayan? He was a dacoit. He was a dacoit and he was a fisherman. Shri Rama made him write Ramayana. He ate the berries which were already tasted by a tribal woman. And the Geeta also was written by a person, who was an illegitimate child of a tribal woman. All this he did just to show us that, the caste and creed by which we are separating one-another, is an aptitude within us. only a person whose aptitude is towards the God can be called as Brahmin. According to the rule, Valmiki was a Brahmin and Vyas also was a Brahmin. So, the cast according to the deed was accepted much later here. And it was again and again rejected by the great incarnations.

You know about Kabir Das Ji that he was a Brahmin. One day Kabir went and lay down on the way of his Guru. And when the Guru stepped over him, he caught hold of his feet.  Because the Guru was a great personality, he took Kabir along with him, and accepted him as his disciple and gave him importance.

So, Namdev was a great poet, in Maharashtra, who was a tailor. His maidservant, who might have belonged to a low caste, But her poems also are found in Granth Sahib. and Namdev’s poems are anyway there. Guru Nanak Ji recognized all this because he was a great personality. whoever reaches that heights, understands, who is fake and who is genuine. so, the fake religions, because of which we get disturbed, we should be merciful towards them. We should be kind towards them because they are blind. Like Kabir Das Ji said, ” how do I make them understand, there is blindness everywhere”. these blind people remain in their blindness. One will say “I am Muslim”. “Another will say I am Hindu”. Another will say “I am Sikh”. The moment you say “I am this”, you separate yourself from the others.

But in Sahaja Yoga, you have understood that the essence of all the religion is one. We accept all the religion. As soon as we start accepting all the religions, then the fundamentalism, which is today’s major issue, That is what is today’s problem, religion and Bigotry. whatever dispute is prevailing due to this, will end within no time, as soon as you start understanding that the essence of all the religion is same. But, just to understand also is not sufficient, this should get absorbed inside us, should get manifested inside us. And that has happened in all of you. This has happened all over the world. You know in Sahaja Yoga there are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist, all kinds of people are there. And all of them are following their own religion, and along with that, they are following the “Vishwa Dharma” (world religion) also. When you have started following Vishwa dharma, all religions are there in that one Vishwa Dharma, and to respect all the religions is the wise thing to do, clever thing to do.

And also we should respect all the Incarnations, all the saints, seers, and sages who have taken birth till now. This doesn’t happen just by saying or making one understand. In the enlightenment of the spirit, this quality gets manifested by itself. There is no need to tell anyone, anything after that. Now you understand that you have become Sahaja Yogis, meaning you have become excellent people. You see, you cannot murder anyone, you cannot kill anyone, you cannot snatch anything from anyone, you cannot indulge into stealing things, you cannot do, means, you don’t do. You don’t backbite anyone, you don’t try to pull down anyone and you don’t get involved in any competitions. You never feel that you should sit on someone’s head, and slit his throat. Where ever you are, you are sitting peacefully and ascending by yourself. You don’t ill-treat anyone.

You see, there is mother-in-law, there is daughter-in-law. Sometimes mother-in-law troubles the daughter-in-law, and sometimes daughter-in-law ill-treats the mother-in-law. But in Sahaja Yoga, this is very rare. Almost invisible. Same way in your family, men and women have a unique position. Between the husband and wife, there is a kind of tuning where a husband does not look at any other women and a wife does not look at any other man. There is so much of purity. Here, there are many Sahaja Yogis, and Sahaja Yoginis, some of them are good looking, some are not, Some men are handsome looking, some are not. The external attraction does not bother you because You are in your own pride, your own self-respect. Your eyes have become steady now. It is no more adulterous. It doesn’t roam here and there. It has steadied by itself. And now your attention does not go on these things.  This does not come to your mind also. Not only you, but your children have also become like this. And when your parents see you in this state, they get surprised and overwhelmed, that” see how these people have changed so much that they don’t steal, They don’t tell lies, they don’t fight with anyone, they don’t get into any dispute with anyone”.

You all have become very peaceful and very joyous people. And people tell me that” you are curing so many diseases but you don’t take money from us”. And you also are not taking any money. You are doing all the Sahaja work, free of cost. I have not seen anyone taking any money for Sahaja work. You write one poem better than the other, you sing excellent songs, but I have never seen anyone demanding any money for this. You have given Awakening in so many people, you have given realization to so many people, you have established so many centers. But I have never heard anyone saying that ” mother! We have given realization to so many people, so you give us money for that or give us some title for that like ” people with 108 realizations” or “1008 realization”. Nothing like that. And this sentence makes you laugh also that” what is all this”?

You have come above all these external things. And You do not know anything about yourself. I really get surprised to see that you do not know about yourself, and you are giving me all the credits. I don’t understand, what have I done to receive this kind of respect from you. Your own energy has awakened inside you because of which, you attained your spirit and in the enlightenment of your spirit, everything has happened.

And, it is such a respectable thing that you achieved your glory. You’ll never take a revolver and kill anyone, you will never rob anyone,s house. You will never make any lady a widow, you will never kidnap anyone’s child. You can never do all these things. Not because I’m asking you to do so. You can never consume liquor, never take drugs. so many dirty things I happening in this world, but you will never go to any dirty place, you will not see any dirty picture, you will not read any dirty book. I don’t have to tell you anything, you yourself will not read it. If anyone is talking anything Dirty, you will never listen to it. You will not like it at all.

How pure you have become. And you are maintaining your purity with patience. And you have not understood your patience. You will run away from places, where something wrong is happening, and if you are forced to go to such places, you will watch everything as a witness. Many people tell me that, I went to that place and I saw how people were behaving after drinking, and  they tell me what all they were doing and how they were behaving with women. They come and describe everything to me. So, this Witness state has come inside you casually.

Secondly, the feeling of love among one another, about which there has been a lot of talk in Islam, about the Brotherhood and sisterhood for women also has he mentioned, which can be seen in among you.

A long time ago, a girl from England had gone to Sicily. It’s not known if she had gone there On some work or she went as a tourist. Another girl from France also arrived there. Both of them were in the scene restaurant eating something. Suddenly they looked at each other, both of them felt that they were emitting vibrations. One got up and went to the other and asked ” has Shri Mataji given you the Realization?”. She said “yes, and she has given you also, right”? And they hugged each other.

Where ever you go, whether you go to America or any other place, a Sahaja Yogi always tries to take care of the other, by thinking “where to accommodate them”,” how to serve them” and how to keep them”. I have never heard that any Sahaja yogi has troubled the other, anywhere. Sometimes, people take advantage, tell lies and stay somewhere, but still Sahaja yogis will Show hospitality towards them. They will never ask anyone if you have any Authority to come here, or who you are? They will simply serve them. Everywhere.

One person went to Madras and told that Mataji has sent me and I am going to work here.  They didn’t ask me, and when he said he wanted a horse they got him that also. He said I want this and they simply gave him that. Later, I came to know that this fraud has gone there on his own and I have no connection with him. So, this kind of love overflows in people.

And secondly, if a person has some problems in his chakras also, people (Sahaja yogis) deal with him very affectionately. Yes, they tolerate him until his condition becomes intolerable. There may be problems with this man, problems with that man, but they still tolerate. Sometimes I get really surprised that some people come with plenty of catches, but still, no one complains that this person is totally caught, so send him out of Sahaja Yoga. I have only noticed that if somebody talks ill of me, then you people can not tolerate that. Then your tolerance level comes to an end, that I have seen. And this is the indication that you all love me very much.

And, you have given me so much of love, that I have developed a lot of trust in you. I had a thought that self-awakening should spread all over the world. Until the Awakening happens, the problems of the world cannot come to an end. Because you see, we have all ecological problems, Economical problems, political problems, problems of the whole world, family problems, this problem that problem, problems, problems, nowadays we have only problems. And who is responsible for this? It is a human being. A human being has raised all these problems.

And if the human beings change, and if universality gets established inside him, then that is all! where is the reason for any dispute? And if everyone understands the same thing, and knows the same thing, then where is the reason for any fights? And then, all these problems which are there, get solved by themselves. Now see, how beautifully your ashram has been built. Your desire and your wish is a great thing. Whenever you read a newspaper, always desire collectively that “mother, all the problems of Punjab should get dissolved”. It’ll happen. Something or other will happen. If you have any other problems like penury, which is a major problem of our country. That will not go if we just say “penury, penury”. For example, we are in the center of the river stream. We are neither too rich nor too poor. When the  center of the stream will widen, then the rich from one side and the poor from another side will start fitting in the center. And this is how our problems come to an end. Many people want poverty to continue so that their influence remain intact.

Now, you all see your faces, how radiant it has become. When people see you in the airport, they say that ” whose disciple are these people, whose faces are shining so much”? I have seen many people who wear saffron clothes, with cut hairstyle, but they look as if they going to the hospital straight away. And some of them look so angry, that you feel  you should talk to them from a distance, otherwise, so much of heat comes from them that, you feel they may slap you.

So, you will not find this kind of affection, this kind of graciousness, this kind of love, In any other Society, but in Sahaja Yoga, it is there. And for this, you people should be complemented, and you should be merited. You people are paying homage to me, and you say that you are benefited by that. What can I say about this? But I can definitely say that, you people are behind this honor. If you people were not like this, then how much ever worshipping takes place, like in the temples is there anything less happening, there are many swyambhus, which are being worshipped, and so many other things are happening but nothing is going inside people’s mind. So many things, like washing Devi’s idol with water, honey etc is happening everywhere, but it doesn’t get into their head at all. They are the same as ever. Whatever mistakes they were doing, they continue to do. There is nothing unique about them.  But Sahaja Yoga is a very unique thing. Today you see, Sahaja Yoga has spread in so many countries. It has spread in so many countries that, I get very surprised. I never thought this much could happen. I had thought that some people will get a realization and they will carry it forward.

But I never thought, In my lifetime, these many people will attain realization. And the dream which was there in my mind has become true today. And, now whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you try to do, always remember that we are saints, we are not ordinary People. We Saints are unique, and we should look at others with unique vision. And, We should see to it, that as many people as possible should become saints. This is what is going to emancipate the whole world, and this is what is going to emancipate us also.

Today, on my birthday, I have to tell you that you are to have taken rebirth. With each birthday, your age increases. With increasing age, if your maturity does not increase, then there is no use in increased age. You are also now growing in Sahaja Yoga, but it is important that the maturity also comes inside us. When once you become mature in this, then you yourself like a huge tree can be beneficial to many other people.

You all have got this power, and I wish that whatever power  I have according to you, should come in you also and I want you all to become, one greater than the other. A mother always thinks that her children should always get more than what she has, and should get more happiness. It is a pleasure to see you all sitting so happily, and enjoying the state of total freedom, for which many people tried different methods, and you have achieved it in a very Sahaj way. This is also because of your previous Good Deeds. My boundless blessings are always with you, but I also keep thinking you all, keep thinking of every place. Whenever I leave you all and go, I feel as if someone has pulled out my heart. But then I think whatever I have to visit next, many will be waiting for me, and when I see them I feel okay! I have children here also and children there also, and everything will be satisfactory. This is how it is going on, and a lot of traveling also is happening, and I don’t feel that I have become 70 years old. After seeing you all, I feel so delighted that I don’t find time to think of my age.

My infinite blessings to you all.


I had to speak in Hindi language because most of them understand only Hindi language, not English. Whatever I have said is very simple that because you have got your realisation you can absorb the essence of all the religions and once you understand that essence of all the religions is same and that we worship all the incarnations and all the saints there will not be any more fundamentalism left. It is the end of fundamentalism. Because we believe in all the religions. We believe in all the incarnations. With Sahaja Yoga the transformation of human beings has taken place so the problems which are ecological, economic, political and all that are automatically solved as soon as you get your transformation. Moreover it is very creditable for you to become something. I have not become anything. I am like this. I have been like this and I will be like this. But you have become something. So it is very creditable. And moreover Sahaja Yogi does not know, how great he is. How beautiful he is. He does not know his glory. He is not like other people who shoot others, who kill others, who are thieves, who plunder others and in the name of God they murder others, make money, torture others in the name of religion. They are very unkind. You are not like that. You are changed completely. You cannot do that. Moreover people are extremely immoral. They talk of God. They will go to church and temples while they will have eyes on other’s women and they will have very immoral attitude towards life. And they will deceive their husbands or wives and do all kinds of things.
But those who have come to Sahaja Yoga now have got very innocent eyes, very pure. Their life has become so pure now. You are not even aware of it. Many people say that I cured so many people and I don’t take money. But I would like to tell you that you also do the same. You also don’t take any money for doing Sahaja Yoga work. You spend your own money and work it out because you are enjoying it. So what a great thing it is that you have become the spirit. These religions are not spirit oriented. They are power oriented or money oriented. They are no religions. They are nowhere near what they have been preaching about, nowhere near their religions and they call themselves religious. They are not.
So the fundamentalists are really anti-religion. While we are the people who have found the essence of all the religions, the same. And that’s how we have finished this problem of fundamentalism. Once it happens we will have no problem at all, of these people, fighting each other. Like I was told that when these Ajarbaijan people were killed by the christians-Armenians, they used to read Bible first and do that. And Ajarbaijan had also done the same that they would read their Koran, do their namaz and then go and kill people. How can that be connected with righteous people, who believe in God and who believe in the Truth? The love also that is being told everywhere, the kind of brotherhood, that is also absolutely with you. Spontaneously you are so kind, nice and affectionate to each other. I don’t have to tell you anything. How nicely you organise everything among yourselves just as if its one body that’s organising itself. So beautiful it is and such understanding, such wisdom, such maturity. I am very proud of all of you, all over the world.
May God bless you all.