Public Program Day 1

New Delhi (India)

1992-03-23 Public Program, New Delhi, 51'
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1992-03-23 Public Program Day 1, Version 0, Delhi, India (Hindi), 95'
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Public Program Day 1  23.3.1992

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. We have to accept that till now we have not got the truth, i.e absolute truth we have not got. If we accept most humbly that we have not achieved that absolute truth, which is established in the same way, same thoughts and same emotions inside everyone. Whatever be the reason for this, we can see  that later but if we think about ourselves, then human beings have not achieved the status yet that they can know only absolute truth. If he had known about the truth, then today  so many types of quarrels, so many conflicts and so many different types of opinion and systems would not have started. If everyone had followed the same thing, because we do not know the absolute truth, just like in blindness, six blind people had gone to look for an elephant, and in their blindness, they all  understood in six different ways, just like that we do not know the truth,  the reality. And that is why all these disasters are there. Just like there are so many questions in front of us and everyone thinks there is no solution to this. Like today we have environment problem, ecological problem is there, political problem is there, economic problem is there, family problems are there and we have our own personal problems. Physical, mental, material and also spiritual problems are there. For everything there is a question. Life has become a question.  When we try to solve these problems with our wisdom, we fall into the trap of words. If we try to solve something with our thoughts, then we become more entangled. Because slowly thoughts try to build new buildings and in those buildings, we  get lost. This illusion is like a blessing in this Kaliyuga. And because of this illusion, today human beings  want to come out of darkness to light and want to achieve this light because now they cannot tolerate this torture any more. Everyone feels this and now want to somehow escape from this difficult situation and come to a life where we can witness all these drama in witness state.   

When we move towards science and find Western countries so forward and  its progress, it mesmerizes our eyes. But you will be surprised when you go and visit those countries and find that we are very happy and content. We do not know what is the gift of this great India or land of Yoga that till now in our country, we do not have these type of diseases. It is said that in America after some years, minimum 65% of people will be inflicted from some secret diseases. And because of the blessings of India, our moral standards are very high. You won’t believe this, the maturity, the progress which is seen from outside will take you to the path of complete destruction  and if human beings have to progress in such a way, it is better that they do not progress at all. 

Last time I had told you about   how the progress is taking place. In London, every week parents kill at least two children. Then you can imagine how people will be living in such a place. Lot more dirty things are happening with children  about which you cannot think or imagine. You have not progressed so much still. If you people go to New York, you cannot wear any gold ornaments. It is said America is so prosperous country. They have so much gold reserve, etc., etc., etc.  But if you wear a small  gold thing and go there, they will cut your throat.  You cannot wear watches even.  There is no arrangement for wearing even Mangalsutra. So much chaos is there.  Such anarchism is happening in so big progressive countries. Such stupid and foolish people are there that we cannot describe their foolishness. Like one actress got married for the eighth time, eighth, in our country if someone is getting married for the second time, people will not look at  their face or allow them to come home,  this actress got married for the eighth time and to see their honeymoon, there were lot more  people in numbers than you are here. People were parachuting from ten helicopters to click their photos and they came and started falling on the spectators below who were wanting to click pictures. Some came and fell on these people and some got stuck in  the palm. No one will think of such foolishness in our country. You have no idea about the maturity which is seen in people in India. We feel like laughing at those people who say every time “I hate him”.  Think if people say this in our  country, you will say “He is mad.  Let me put him in mental hospital”. It is a sin to hate anyone and in our country, everyone knows this.  Have you heard of anyone who will tell this every time either in Hindi, in Urdu,  in Marathi or in Tamil who will say “ I hate you”. There everyone will say this.

Till today, I have not understood their  culture and they are going towards dirt. You cannot talk about any  morality nor can anyone understand it. Ninety year old actor and actress were going for a shake dance. This was being shown in television  and  when they got down from their car, they were   shaking  so much that I said what more shake dance they will do now. If you watch their misery in a witness state,  you will understand that lot of maturity is there in our country. No one can talk about foolish things in our country and if someone does it, immediately people will take care of him.  Some effect has come among us also.  As it is, there is no dearth of foolish people. Ghalib says he meets thousands of foolish people. But if thousands can be seen in India, crores of people are there in other countries. Even though we have this maturity, we are still caught in other things. And because of this catch, even we are not able to  rise to the truth which will give us light and the catch we have is  blind faith. If we believe in something, that becomes absolute belief.  Whether you believe in some one or not, unless you search something, till then  it will not be of any use, whether you believe in something or if you do not believe, then also it is of no use. So when we have started in the search of truth,  we must understand first what is the truth. If you see this truth also, it is said in every religion. There is nothing wrong in any  religion. If you read Islam, you will think what a great religion it is. If you read about Hinduism, you will say what a good religion. How great is Sikh religion, how great is Buddhism, how good is Jainism. But all these best flowers which were in one religious tree, have today been plucked by everyone and for all these broken, withered, dead flowers, they are fighting that this is ours, this is ours. There is one reason for this also, why  these living flowers have been broken, is that this religion or any religion is either behind money, money oriented and or behind power,  power oriented. But no one has paid attention towards Spirit, which is said in every religion that without experiencing the Spirit,  you cannot know what is the Truth. So much so that  Mahavir and Budha did not talk about God Almighty and they came into atheism,  leave God Almighty, first you know about your Spirit.

Everyone said, one after the other, how many people said this, not only in our country but also in other countries,  so many poets, Girter is there, William Blake is there, Louise is there, lot of people have discussed about the Spirit that unless you know your Spirit, you cannot know the truth.  In Christianity, it is clearly written that unless you are born again, you cannot know the God.  So they put a slogan on their head that that they are born again. Only put the party’s name, I am Christian, I am Muslim etc. I am so and so. But  Christian,   Muslim or from any other religion, he can commit all the sin. He can commit any sin then what is the necessity of putting a brand on your head. It  is not effective at all.  And then with the same thing, he can fight also. Like I heard now,  that Ajar Bhaijan, people who were there, Armenians killed Ajar Bhaijan and before killing, they used to read Bible. Tell me, Jesus Christ, who forgave everyone in the Cross, those Christians used to go and kill everyone after  reading Bible because you are a Muslim. The only reason for this foolishness is that the foundation of religion is not based on Truth but on falsehood. This was the case during Budha’s time, After Christ also, this was the case. The real disciples of Christ ran away from there, and there a wrong person by name Paul, came and spoiled everything. Like this, in Budha religion, leaving the central path, some went to left and some went to right.

Those who went to right, became such that they were not eating, or drinking and sleep on thorns. They were so angry people that if you go near them, you will feel that some oven is burning here. And if you want to talk to them, talk from a distance otherwise they may slap you.  This is called aesthetism. This is not necessary at all.  Budha did this at that time because lot of work was to be done. Some have become tantriks. I have heard in Delhi lot of tantriks have come and everyone is worshipping at the feet of these tantriks but when you get the fruits of this worship,  you will not be able to bear this. 

You will get lot of catches from these tantriks also. You should be careful of all these people, they spread such diseases and create so many problems.   It is all a question of money. Every one wants money.  “If you keep hundred rupees here or two hundred rupees, or keep thousand rupees, then I will send one cow to your mother in heaven.  Where is such an aeroplane which will do this type of work? But there are people among us who believe in such things. We have done this type of work. It is necessary to come out of this condition also. Human beings have to understand that to know the truth, they have to understand their Spirit. Every one has  said “why are you  searching for this in the forest. It is every where, in every place,  every time, it is in you also.

Like in front of flowers, they smile,  similarly it is with you every moment,  search for him inside you.  The God which is inside you is outside also. This is what our Teacher is telling us. If Guru Nanak had not told us this, we would not have known. If you do not understand your Spirit, you cannot be pure. Putting a brand in you will not make you pure. Meaning of khalis is to become pure and to make you pure,  Kundalini is there.  This is really written.  Kabirdasji has written so much but people take it also in their own way. Only Kundalini can make you pure. And this Mother Kundalini is, who will make you pure is inside you. And when this light of Spirit is awakened inside you, then you will understand the essence of all the religion and accept them, and you will recognize, respect and worship all the incarnations, all the great people, all the scholars and prophets. In Sahaja Yoga, we have lot of Muslims and more than them, we have Jews, who do not believe in Hizbul  Mohammad Saheb or Christ but both pray to Mohammed Saheb and Christ. Similarly Hindus also respect all the religion. When all the religion becomes one, then with what will you fight, where will your fundamentalism go then?

But in today’s special time, we know that Gorbachev has reduced the political problem because he is also a realized soul.  But the question of fundamentalism will be broken by Sahaja Yoga.  Without Sahaja Yoga, this question cannot be broken and I cannot see any other way by which people can get light in their brain that all the religions are standing in the same fact. The basis of all the fact is  inside them and that is we should have balance in our life and because of balance we can get our self realization. These confusions, blind faith and all the wrong ideas we have in our brain will all go away. It is very necessary. When we are progressing, it is seen by everyone.  Everyone can see its light. Its effect also come on everyone.

Today whatever has been told to you about chakras, it is really a ready made instrument inside you. From the time you are created to the time of your evolution, everything is in these chakras and now in the end, you have to move a little further, little. When your Kundalini is awakened and pierces your fontanelle bone area, simultaneously, it does all your physical, mental, material and religious work also. That is why the moment, Kundalini is awakened in all these chakras, it will nourish them and integrate them.  It will integrate the chakras, string them in a thread, meaning you will have integration and you can feel them in your central nervous system. You can feel, you can feel the truth.  Now what is the truth?  One thing is, you are not this body, mind, brain, ego etc. you  are pure spirit. It is a very great thing. It is a very dignified and a very beautiful thing.   You are such a great person but this is covered up due to ignorance. 

And second truth is, you call this Holy Ghost, All Pervading Power, Power of God, or all pervading power of God’s love or whatever name you want to call it, or if you want to talk about this formless energy,  these beautiful flowers are created, all living work which this energy does, for the first time, you can feel them in your fingertips. Meaning your awareness gets a new dimension in which you can feel the energy, which you have never felt before.  Only after Kundalini awakening, you can know this energy. Then with this energy only, you get self realization and acquire self knowledge. Meaning, you get to know about your chakras completely and, all these three great things you get, only truth, attention getting enlightenment and third, life with happiness.  You get all these three things. Apart from this, you achieve a witness state because when Kundalini awakens and crosses this chakra, then you achieve thoughtless awareness state. Budha has said this as empty your brain, empty mind. Empty your brain because these thoughts do not come from present.  And from where does it come?  It comes from future or from past.  It does not come from present.  And in present, you cannot come.  If I tell you to go in present, you cannot do so and present is the only truth and everything else is false because whatever has happened is over and we do not know what is going to happen. And when Kundalini comes to this chakra, you become thoughtless  because these two things which is shown here, Ego and Superego, your conditionings and your ego both gets pulled and then your fontanelle bone area, which we call as Talu, opens up and the moment it opens, Kundalini crosses the same. All these are built in inside you like now you see you all have come here, so many bulbs are there, and to light it you just press on the switch there and all the lights are illuminated. How does it happen? Because all these are made up. All these are made up inside you. Just like how many saplings or how many trees are going to grow from one seed is all mapped out, you put the seeds in Mother Earth and it will grow. Now what have you done?  Did you stand upside down or put all your strength for this or did you go to Himalayas? Nothing. In this earth, so much energy is there.  It is Mother Earth.  You put the seed in this and it grew. We don’t feel surprised about this. We take it for granted. Similarly, this is the living process of evolution. Today we have become human beings from amoeba. Ok. How did we become. Who made this? How did it happen? We don’t think at all.  We have become human beings. That is all. We have to think if anything further is from here.  There has to be something ahead of this otherwise we would not be in so much confusion, why are we in so much chaos. Have we become human beings to fall into this chaos?  Lot of people think we should commit suicide so that we get rid of this life.  Is this life? If this life is not going to be happy, if in human form, we are not going to feel happy, then this life is not worth. Something has to be ahead of this life and what is that? That is God’s Kingdom. You don’t have to achieve that. You are all invited there. You all come there,  you all have been called there.  That is why you all are seekers because you are all seeking something and that is why you will achieve these things. At this time, you will get a new dimension inside you which is called collective consciousness. Meaning of collective consciousness is that just like you can feel your chakras, similarly you  can also feel the chakras of others. Not only that, who are these others when you all are part and parcel of the same human form?  Is this finger different from other fingers, if there is any problem in one hand, doesn’t the other hand immediately comes to the help of this hand? Like this you become enlightened in this great human being, in that vastness, in that Akbar and then you are surprised that you are not in the collective but the whole world has become ours. 

When I had gone to Russia, what to say about Russian people, I must say  they are far better than us. We know about religion more than is necessary that this Kundalini does not work and in Russia, you think where they do not know anything about religion, do not know anything about God and neither are they so much materialistic but for them Sahaja Yoga is so easy that in every program at least 16000 people attend and everyone gets realization and settle down and give respect. In India it is easy to get realization but just like they do not have respect for their freedom, they don’t have respect for their self-realization. We are hanging on to them and keep doing the same thing and they have settled so well that in one town, Tariyati, there are twenty two thousand Sahaja Yogis. One day  Russia will become  a great country and we will be nowhere. Same going to temples, going to Mosques and going to Gurudwara, Oh Brother, if you go to hospital, will you be cured.  If you read the prescription, will you become alright? Take medicine, medicine. Without taking the medicine, going on reading the prescription. It is written in the prescription take this medicine. Meaning if you go on reading, will illusions fade away? Someone is reading Bible here,  there someone is reading Quran and there someone is reading Granth Saheb and someone is reading something else. Nothing is going into your brain because your Spirit is not awakened inside you. After your Spirit is awakened, religion automatically comes inside you and religion is established.  You will be surprised, you know how people in London are, how much hard their mind is. There whoever got realization, next day they quit drugs, drinking,  quit everything. I don’t tell anyone that don’t drink because more than half the people will go away. My God, it is very bad to say don’t drink alcohol or don’t smoke.  I don’t say anything.  You will leave all these on your own.  I tell them come to this street and then we shall see. You will leave everything on your own because you get the strength to see that alcohol is bad. I don’t have to say anything. Leave this or leave that. You leave everything and become straightforward. Do I tell you to leave anger?  Anger itself runs away from self realized people. So we have to achieve this energy and after getting this energy, you will be surprised that thousands of people in this world have been enlightened by this energy. This is not my energy. This is your own energy, your own Mother.  You have to achieve this dignity. I am like one lit lamp which lights another lamp. I light your lamp.  Then you go on lighting the lamp of others.  You will get the energy  then you can raise kundalini of others and cure others and you will get an ocean of knowledge. Pure knowledge.  You can know immediately in your fingertips what is true and what is untrue. Kundalini will move on your signal. You have such energy inside you. Now you will say “Mother earlier only one person used to get realization”. Whoever were seeking earlier are all sitting  here and everyone has to get this. Only you should have self confidence that you all will get realization. And second is you should have the determination, strong determination that after getting realization, we will grow further in this and shall move forward and grow totally in this.  Otherwise, just like a seed after sprouting becomes waste, like that in India, people get realization very fast.  I don’t have to do anything. This is the blessing of your Earth. Outside I have to work very hard. In India I don’t have to work hard. People get realization just like that. His Kundalini gets awakened very fast.  Because of blessings of so many people you are born in this country. Lot of blessing.  That is why  you are born in this country. Now you will understand how fast your Kundalini rises. But after that you have to grow in this. Once the connection is established with this divine energy, union takes place.  What has Shri Krishna said “Yogakshema Vahamyaham”. He did not say “kshema yoga”. Just now someone was telling ‘I take Shri  Krishna’s name so much my throat is spoiled’. I told her “Krishna is sitting in your throat only. Why is your throat spoiled ’? Because you do not have a right. You have not got the union. Till your connection with the union is established, what is the use of telephoning, if you do not have the connection? That is why  your throat is spoiled and may be Shri Krishna is also angry with you. Is he your servant that you take his name always.  Like if someone calls your  name ten times, you will say ‘has  some mad dog bitten him? why is he taking my name like this’?  Here if you take  the name of your President and reach somewhere, police will arrest you. There has to be some reason.  Unnecessarily you are taking His name. He Himself is angry with you. Just by taking the name, you will not get God. And many people have inserted things like this in our scriptures that go on taking the name. Probably they must have said instead of going here and there, go on taking the name. Now leave everything. You have come to the end of the steps and still you are hanging on to the same steps.  Leave it and move further.  It is a very simple and easy thing. It is said  to do sahaj Samadhi means concentration happens very easily. They have not been a hermit who left their wife, children, this worldly life, nothing. Very simple. Same wife and children become beautiful. In your heart lotus blooms because everything is in your body. Only Kundalini has to be awakened and then with lot of respect towards it, you should keep this Kundalini connected with the divine energy. The union should be established. In Delhi lot of centres have started. I had never thought that in Delhi, Sahaja  Yoga can be established because I have always been with government servants and I always used to say “Oh God, these government servants think only of their government job and government.  Except these, they cannot think of any  third thing. How can they think about God. When they are working, they think of promotion and when they retire, they think how much pension they will get. Except these, they do not think about anything.” But in same Delhi so many lotuses have bloomed so nicely  that I am surprised that in this Delhi from where so many wonderful people have come. This is also from some past life that even in this Delhi so many seekers with great devotion are there and want that they should get the blessings of this Kundalini.  

What is the time? 8.30. I had thought that today some time is there and if you want to ask questions, you may ask because people in Delhi think a little  more and their mind also works more. You should also ask questions because when later we are raising your Kundalini,  at that time your mind will say “ask the question. Ask the question.” That is why you must ask question.  Second thing is you are totally independent.  If you want, you can get realization. If you do not want, I cannot give the realization.  Impossible.  If you want, then only you can get realization because you are totally independent and I have to respect your independence.  You are going to get absolute freedom and I have to respect this freedom. Whoever wants realization, please stay back and those who do not want may please leave this place.  I  cannot force anything.  And that is why I have said  you may ask any question in  your freedom.  And second thing I want to tell you is for the past twenty two years, I have been doing this same thing.  

Someone has said “You told me you will get well on Friday.”  There is some misunderstanding.  I can never say something like this.  It has nothing to do with Friday or Saturday.  You can be cured at any time.   And if you think you are getting very angry or something  even now, you should understand  how to take the treatment and you will be cured completely.  But  Friday, Saturday has nothing to do with this. You become beyond time.  What is this Friday, Saturday.  You have become confused.  Please understand properly and you will be alright. It is alright. You understand completely how to get cured.  Who is doing your treatment . Dr. Shailendra Kumar. Ok.  I will talk to him. He is in Ranchi. In Ranchi. For the past 13 years I am taking treatment.  Who is Dr. Shailendra Kumar. Do you all know him?  Ok.  Since you are a Sahaja Yogi, better take Sahaja Yoga treatment. I don’t know who is this Shailendra Kumar.  Today I am hearing his name.   Alright.  You take Sahaja Yoga treatment.  This Shailendra Kumar I cannot say what he will do though the name is very big.  Take Sahaja Yoga treatment, Son.

Seeker: Do we have to become vegetarian? 

Shri Mataji: Nothing, Nothing. You don’t have to become anything.  All these are nonsense, only outwardly things. Actually you have to go according to your nature. If someone needs protein more, he should eat more protein in any form. If someone is in need of carbohydrate, he should eat carbohydrate. This is purely a scientific thing.  There is nothing like you should become vegetarian or you shouldn’t kill  even mosquitoes, or keep bedbugs as pets. There is nothing like this. Such foolishness is not there in Sahaja Yoga. 

Someone has asked She has considered someone as her Guru. Can she come in Sahaj and take deeksha. In Sahaj, there is nothing like deeksha.  But if you have considered someone as Guru and he is a real Guru,  your Kundalini will awaken on its own definitely. Then you need not have any Guru. When your Spirit gets enlightened, you will become your own Guru.  There is no need  to make anyone Guru. Gurus have only made this special chakra inside you so that you become your own Guru.

Please enlighten us on Past life and next life and secondly what happens to a human being after he dies. Ok. Now you sit down. Answer to this is either you are thinking of past or of future.  I told you just now you have to be in present. What will you gain if I tell you in your past life you were this. There should  be something logical. Whatever you were, how  does it matter.  Even if you were King Bhoj, then what. What are you today? This discussion itself is useless and when the time of death comes, if you are a realized soul, you will make fun of it. Death is like changing clothes. All these are useless talks.  Past life etc. There are people who make  money saying you were so and so in past life. You were such great king. “Oh really”.  In this life also, if you give me some money, you can become great even though now a days there are no kings. But foolish people will go and give money.  It makes no sense really. It will make no difference. If you get realization, it is because of your good work and you can take birth anytime you want.

I have blood cancer. Ok. It is  seen that in Sahaja Yoga blood cancer is cured.  If someone has blood cancer, definitely meet Sahaja yogis.  In Delhi, we have got seven eight good doctors and blood cancer definitely gets cured in Sahaj.  

You belong to which state in India?  You tell me. You can never say.  Meaning where I was born.  It was in a hill.  Think I am a hilly person.

This person has asked how many people’s Kundalini is awakened till now.  Look here. I do not know to count.  Whoever has asked this question, if he wants to count, he can come.  People say thousands. Thousands have been awakened but I do not know.  Whoever’s has happened, has happened.  I do not know.  I don’t have time to go on counting.

Which is the best food?  Whatever food your mother makes and feeds you is the best food. Who will feed you with so much love except mother. Wife also. It does not mean wife doesn’t. 

Someone’s child is sick for the last twelve years. Please go to the centre and take treatment.  Yes. Sahaja Yoga treatment.

Now you have brought Tulsidas in between. Says Tulsidasji has emphasized on taking names. Yes. I told you. Tulsidas must have thought instead of mind wavering here and there, it is better to take the name. But he did not know. I am saying even Saints did not know about human beings, like mad people they will take the name every where. He has even said whoever reads one word of love, he is like a scholar. This is the love about which I am saying.  

Someone is saying he is very much aggrieved by his situation. Should we change the situations or remove them ourselves. The moment you  change, your situation also changes automatically.  Only today, a couple had come to me and said “Mother our whole situation has changed and how much we have also changed ”. First thing is you have to change yourself on your own.

Seeker: What is the difference between spreading of Sahaja Yoga and the yogas by Mahesh Yogi, Dheerendra Brahmachari, Acharya Rajneesh?

Shri Mataji: Now what to say.  First thing is I do not spread Yoga.  I donate yoga.  I only want to tell about Mahesh Yogi is that whatever work he has done, God will never forgive him. I knew him like this. One gentleman, by name Peter Piers, who was a Director of a Flying Academy in Scotland, he, his wife, his child and his deputy Director, all had problem of epilepsy. In those days, my husband was not in London. He had gone somewhere.  At that time these people came to me in a very pathetic condition.  I treated them then.  This Peter Piers, was a  diamond  merchant , a very rich man and used to stay in big hotels etc., he  was caught  and his wife was the grand daughter of a Duke. Everyone had lot of money. Mahesh Yogi told him in Runoff, Runoff is a very big place, a big pond is there, you open a center there.  I will send you people there.  You give them training there. Training for what? That you would fly three feet in air.  I say why people listen to such nonsense. What will you do if you fly three feet.  As it is, there was so much traffic jam on the road today and if people start flying three feet, what will happen? However, I will tell you what he said. I am not afraid of anyone.  He told me,” in the beginning, we were told, we will give one mantra and for that you will have to pay 300 pounds.  First you deposit 300 pounds and then you go inside.”  After crossing seven doors, when he went inside there this four feet Guru was sitting.  He will tell you a mantra in your ears and you have to give him kerchief, this and that. Three hundred pounds was given outside. You should not tell the mantra to anyone.  It is a very secret mantra.  Inga or Pinga or thinga. Really.  If he tells this to any one from India, he will tell what is this? This is not even Sanskrit. We have in India such intellectuals who are very intelligent and they will go behind Inga Pinga or thinga. They were given mantra for Rama, Krishna’s mantra was given and were fooled. Ok. This was one. Second was that you can fly from the ground.  He called everyone in a place, which is this place,  in Switzerland. There he took an old hotel and put big foam beds and asked people to jump on it. It was broken from bottom and people broke their bones.  They filed cases against him and he had to give  money for it.  He gave food. For six days,  the water was only boiled potato water.  And 7th day they gave  the skin of potato and 8th day gave potato. And the fees for this was 6000  pounds. Now a days, one pound is 45 rupees. At that time it must have  been 21 or 22.  Now you tell me. This is your great Mahesh Yogi. Now he has started new new things.  Now one new thing is Ayurved, now why Mahesh Yogi is needed for Ayurved. He told all intellectuals and government servants that he can increase their working capacity. And these people went there to increase their working capacity.  They underwent so many problems. If you ask them, they will tell you the whole body is broken and so many people are now hiding and living somehow.  In London, so many people have sold their houses, removed the children from schools to pay this man.  It is a real disgrace for our country.

Second Rajneesh.  There are no words to describe him.  He is such a dirty man.  I have a film of him.  Someone had recorded this while hiding himself.    It was worse than hell itself.  Slowly he got out from there, then became this and then that.  First he was God then he became this and now he is OSHO because he wanted to extract money from Japanese. I went to see, he was behind me saying you are Bhagwati, you are Adishakthi. I thought how does he know this. So I went to see him. I was so surprised how this man is mesmerizing everyone.  He is ten years younger than me. Look at his age and look at my age. In America he was arrested.  He was not allowed to stay in any country.  He came to  our country and settled down here.  And even now lot of people are running behind him. Stupid people. He has taught such dirty things that Indians can never accept them. He has spoiled the life of so many people. He has made so many people impotent. I became tired of treating these people and even now the condition is if some people come from Rajneesh Ashram, they will fall unconscious before me. I don’t want them to come. It has happened once in Delhi.

Now you all know about Dheerendra Brahmachari. I don’t have to tell you anything.   He is your own man from Delhi.  

Today you have asked so I had to tell you. You cannot pay for any living process. How much money have you paid to this earth that so many  beautiful flowers have bloomed?  Does  it know about money or bank? These are our doing.  So wherever they ask money in the name of God, you should not go there at all.  God does not understand money.  If you make this as a stipulation, 99% of these Gurujis will run away. Now 1% are remaining.   You see in them what their disciples have achieved. Have their disciples got some power or not? Have they got some knowledge within them? This doctor, who was  giving a speech in front of you, was also caught up in a web. His whole family was getting spoiled and he broke away from there and came to Sahaja Yoga. See how  much knowledge he has.  If you see any Sahaja yogi, see how much knowledge he has, what is his lifestyle,  what is his nature. Sahaja yogis will never  do any harm to any one,  will not trouble any one, will not kill any one or will not torture anyone. You will be surprised Germans who are so hard, if they come into Sahaj, you will feel some angels are standing in front of you. They are so exquisite and talk so lovingly that no one can say they are Germans. This is the miracle of Sahaja Yoga but in reality, it is your own miracle.  

One doctor has written “when I take your name and give vibrations to any patient, he becomes alright but after that I feel I become weak.  What is the reason”. First  is “you must  first take bandhan and protect yourself.  Secondly, you must think Mother is doing everything and not I.  Then weakness will come on me and not you.” It is better you surrender  everything  to God. Then all the problems will come on Him.  

Someone is talking about Mahavir.  What to say. He was Mahavir.  There is no time now but one day I will tell you about Him. They have made an specimen out of him. They are not ashamed. One day he was sitting in meditation and when he got up, his cloth got caught in a bush. He tore half his cloth. He was a Prince. When he was walking with half cloth, Krishna decided to test him. He said “you are a Prince. You will get clothes but I don’t have anything.  Give me this cloth”.  He gave the cloth and from there only took some leaves, covered his body and went to the Palace. Now  people are making his idols so dirty and walk on the road also in nude.  Are they showing greatness of Mahavir or degrading him? And secondly,  they make one Brahmin sit in a hut and put lot of bugs and when the bug sucks away his blood, they give money to Brahmin. Am I going to give realization these bugs or mosquitoes or these hens or these goats?  Instead of taking  care of these bugs so much, if these people take care of human beings, it will be a very good thing. Moreover, Jains keep the cloth shops the most and they don’t have cloth for Mahavirji. It is an insult to him.  All the time they are fighting with each other and roaming on the streets naked. They all should be caught and beaten. It is such a shameful thing for women. They think they are great hermits but behind them their dirty mind works. Is this religion? Where is Mahavir and where are his followers. 

This is said for all the people. I was reading a book just now on Islam. In that all the learned people have said there is no oneness between Islam and Muslims. Both are entirely different.  It is the same for all the religion.  Same condition is for Sikhs and Christians are the worst hit. What can I tell you about Christians? You all don’t know.  In Vatican, they printed 9 million dollar counterfeit, fake notes and distributed it through their Vatican bank. Just now one gentleman told me that he is a Mafia man and he murdered someone but the money was given by Vatican. This is the condition of Christians. No one knows how many people were tortured or murdered.  And what can I say about Hindus. When everyone’s Spirit is inside them, from where does caste and other things come. For their own selfish reasons, man has created this difference between caste and other things. Shri Ram  ate the already tasted fruit of a tribal woman.  And who wrote Ramayana? A robber who was a fisherman.  Didn’t they get any Brahmin? And Shri Krishna went and ate food in Vidhur’s home, went and ate food in Vidhur’s home who was a maid’s son but he was a spiritual man and a realized soul.  And His Geeta, who has written. Vyas. Vyas  was the illegitimate son of a fisherwoman. Brahman is the one who has understood Brahm. Until we recognize the caste according to the work done, the problem of our country will not go. There is new thing they are starting now in the name of Caste, is very wrong. There is no need to fight but it needs to be revised.  There should be divisions only between who has and who has not, ‘have and have nots’.  All the other things will go away.  Mr Mandal who was such a rich man himself who can say he was from a backward class. Do you know when he was a student, he owned a car and no one else had a car. And he was  from a backward class. And poor  Brahmin children who were studying there, they became forward class.  Since you asked  me I am telling you. Caste, creed etc are also false and hypocrisy. According to your karma, today Brahmin,  is the one who is a Sahaja Yogi. Or who are real Saints. If there is some Saint like this. Sahaja Yogi  means though they are not only enlightened, they know everything about Kundalini and Sahaja yogis can awaken the kundalini of others. Whoever can awaken the Kundalini are only they are called Sahaja yogis. You all become Sahaja Yogis.

I have told you after Kundalini is awakened, how the behavior of man becomes. Extremely subtle and loving, very dynamic and very compassionate. He never gets tired. You all know I am now 70 years old. Yesterday I slept at 4 O’ clock and got up at 6 and here I am in your presence. Because the whole time energy is working.  There is no question of getting tired. You should absorb such source. Why should you stop for  anything, I don’t understand. Lot of people think our Guru has said this. Alright. What has your Guru given you? I am a  Mother.  I will ask what have you got from your Guru. Mother will always ask. What have you got Son.  What have you got from your Guru? Except emptying your pocket, what has your Guru given you. Or if you are from a particular religion, have you become religious. No. Then awaken your Kundalini and then follow the religion. That is why in Sahaj Yog, we follow Universal religion.  We follow Vishwa Nirmal Dharma.  It does not matter from which religion they are.  All are pure.  He may be of any caste, any country, any color, or of any guise all are from one religion. We call it Vishwa Nirmal Dharm. In this a man’s behavior becomes pure on its own becomes bright and becomes loving.  Some Sahaja Yogis who have come recently, it is possible they may still be wavering. It does not mean that in Sahaja yoga people are like that. Once they progress in Sahaja Yoga, they immerse into it.  But I don’t take money.  No Sahaja Yogi has taken money.  They work so hard day and night but no one has  taken any money ever. You will be surprised the Chartered Accountant of our Trust says he has never seen such clean Trust. Indians have become so honest. Because in Sahaja Yoga there is no need for any bribery. God does not understand any bribery etc. He understands only love and when you have true desire, Kundalini will definitely rise.  

Now everyone is telling Mother please give realization. Someone has said “I want to touch your feet”. First of all, what have I given that you want to touch my feet. This is first question. It is better you end this culture of “touching feet”.  Otherwise I see if someone becomes a Minister, they touch his feet and when his Ministry goes, they beat him with a shoe.  There is no need to touch feet.  Whatever you are, try to achieve that. No need to touch feet.

Seeker: What is the connection between Gyan yog and Bhakti yog. Which gyan yog.

Shri Mataji: Yes.  I will tell you this and then we will give realization. Shri Krishna was a Divine Diplomat. He knew how a man’s mind is upside down. Whatever his words are, you should see it very minutely. He was not a business man. So first thing he said is gain knowledge. Now the meaning of knowledge can never be reading, writing, books. etc. Kabirdasji has said those who read too  much becomes fools. Earlier I never understood this. Now I see them a lot. By reading, I have told you earlier, you cannot get knowledge. The word Gna means feel, means when you feel this divine vibration in your central nervous system, then you have acquired knowledge. That is why He has explained first about ‘being wise’.  If by reading, no one can become wise, I have seen so many scholars when they come to give lecture, it will look as if they have come from some war and if you look at their own life it is so dirty.  Nothing has  gone inside, everything is outside and  they will go on talking like a radio.  The word Budha is derived from the word bodh and the word Gna. Thomas, who was the disciple of Jesus Christ, who came to India later,  said Gnostics , Gna, Gnostics, who acquired knowledge. Knowledge means who attained enlightenment.  Shri Krishna said this first. Several people are reading Geeta, byhearting them or keeping 500 500 coins. This is not knowledge. Second thing He said is be devoted. But, I have told you he is a Diplomat, he will not talk straight. Pushpam falam means you give Him flowers, you give him water or fruits, he will accept it but how should the devotion be, in this He has created confusion, He was a confusion Master. Where He confused everyone? He said do Bhakti,  which should be Ananya Bhakti. Ananya means second to none. When your union takes place, He has also said Yogakshema Vahamyaham. First union then welfare. He said this clearly. He confused in Ananya. People think Ananya  means from the heart.  You cannot do anything from the heart because you are outside. You can do this only when your Spirit is awakened in your heart. So do Ananya Bhakti.  You are going on chanting His name. What did you get? And there are lot of type of devotion.  So strange, My God don’t ask. Because of that Vishuddhi gets caught in people. They are moving around saying Hare Rama Hare Krishna and beg. Shameless people. They wear a dress called dhoti and that also  it looks it will fall any time.  It is available in even Super Markets.  They have made Krishna’s condition in such a way.

One minute. I  am answering. Till then sit quietly.

Secondly  he has said about devotion is that there should not be blind faith. Faith comes only after self realization.  At that time you don’t get entertainment but your Spirit gets entertainment.  This is real devotion. The devotion after enlightenment of Spirit is the real devotion because think if your telephone is not connected, whom are you telephoning.  This is straight calculation.  On the other hand, you end up in loss by this devotion.  He has said unconditional devotion. You only concentrate on this. Then he has said a very good thing on Karma (action). Whatever work you do, surrender it to my feet.  One murderer was a devotee of Krishna. He was a murderer and a devotee. “My father was a lawyer”. He came to my father and told him “I am a devotee of Krishna. I murdered someone and surrendered it to His feet.  I have left it to God. So God has murdered him. I have done nothing.” Krishna said “do the work and surrender it to my feet.”  This can never happen.  Till ego is inside us, this cannot happen.  Whatever work you do, you will know you have done it. This impression is only in human beings that “I have done it”. Animals don’t behave like this that I have done this.  But after Sahaja Yoga when your Spirit is enlightened, you don’t say “I am doing this”. Then what will you say. “This Kundalini is not raising.  His this chakra is catching. This chakra of mine is catching.  This Nirmala, like this you start talking in third person like children. You will never say “I have given realization to so many people but “Mother so many people have got realization.  So many have been realized.  You don’t use word My. ‘My feeling’ leaves. Krishna talked about this Karma but lot of people believe that whatever they do, they should leave it to God. This is misconception. If you are in this misconception, you are cheating yourself.  Until your Spirit is enlightened, this cannot happen. So He created such impossible situations, made such conditions that if you want to get out, like lot of people say Mother whatever I do I leave it to God, even profit I leave it to God, everything I gain I leave it to Him.  So I said “Ok. When you don’t have connection with Him, without connection how are you leaving it to Him.” God only told me but you do not have connection, how did HE say.  First thing is getting the  connection, isn’t it. Once the connection is established, then you have proof. There is no certificate but the vibrations flow from your hands. You feel vibrations all around you, you can give realization to others.  There are so many things about which if I go on telling you, it will not end at all because you go into endless situation.  

Seeker lady: This body is made up of seven elements which means Spirit is God. This is devotion.  Is Sahaja Yoga also devotion?  In Sahaja Yoga, we see that we are giving realization from our Spirit. That means we have two spirits. It means I am a devotee of God and I have come into this. 

Shri Mataji: Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Don’t get caught into the web of words.  You understand. If you get caught in the web of words, you  will end up in loss.  Like if someone is singing the songs on separation, people feel very nice.  How nicely he is singing on separation. If you want to enjoy separation, then do it. The word divider and devotee are completely different. When you  divide the word devotee, you yourself understand the meaning of this. When you divide the word devotee, devotee means oneness and divider means breaking. You yourself understand the meaning of your words. Meaning of bhakta is united. That is why we put V before the word Vibhakta, like Mata, vimata. Exactly this is the reason.  You can manipulate it in any way. Straight calculation. When you put V, meaning becomes different. Being devotee and divider. Devotion means oneness with God and vibhakt means going away from it.  If divider people are devotees, you will never get any results. There are lot of people  who are doing this. Ask people in our Maharashtra. In Pandari, they go on chanting Vithala, Viithala, Vithala and they will chew tobacco.  Vithala hates Tobacco.  These people go there and bow down. What did they get. I am a Mother. First question I ask is what did you get. In Bhakti, you feel very joyous, entertainment but not the entertainment of the Spirit. You should get the entertainment of the Spirit.  Understand.  Why are you doing all this bhakti. Because you want to achieve it. Now you say “God when will I meet you”? I want to meet you. Okay. Even if God comes and stands in front of you, you will say “God when can I  meet you?” Like Tulsidas was grinding sandalwood on the  banks of Chitrakoot when Shri Ram comes in the form of a Prince and asks Tulsidas to apply sandal on His forehead, Tulsidas did not recognize Shri Ram. He did not recognize Shri Ram for whom he was making the sandal paste.  What is the use of such bhakti? If you don’t recognize when God himself comes and stands in front of you, what is the use. Even then you will go on chanting Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Hare Ram. You only spoil your throat. The throat which is the place of Lord Krishna himself gets spoiled. This is only entertainment. Don’t get involved in petty things. Someone said the moment I go to sleep, Shri Krishna comes and talks to me. So I asked what does He say.  Oh He says “I am very healthy”. Then I said “what is this joke Son”.  Afterwords I found he is getting fits.  Which ghost comes and tells him don’t know. Such devotees of Krishna are there now. In Sahaja there is no separation. Songs of separation, once Surdasji  went to ashtachap and sang the songs on separation first. Alright. He sang the song of separation. Why are you imploring. You have to understand like this that we have to get this at any cost.  You should have complete faith that you will get this and you should get it. In Sahaja you get this. Then you get self confidence.  You should have confidence in yourself first.  It is very important.  

Now stop questions.  You Delhi people want to go on asking  question or you want to achieve. Yesterday I heard you and I have become a Sahaja yogi yesterday. Ok. Very good.  This is not a question.  You are telling a beautiful experience.  All the speeches are correct if you see the speeches properly. Everything is correct. I don’t say anything wrong at any  time. Same things I tell in different ways according to situation. And this society, society of Delhi is special. You should know I have stayed in Delhi for a long time and I know Delhi society very well. First thing, don’t take any burden on your head. This is not something very difficult. This is very easy and simple thing.  First of all, you should have total self confidence in yourself that today you will get realization. Whatever religion you are from, forget what I told you today. You may think you are going  to some Guru. Forget everything.  In this present situation, you are only a seeker to me.  Whatever your past is, forget everything.  Have total self confidence.  

Second thing is lot of people are told “You are a sinner”. Like this there are lot of system. Do fasting today. You are a sinner. Your this is this and that is that.  All these are very wrong.  Oh. You are a human being and not God.   You can make mistakes and if you were an evil person, you would be in jail now.  Why would you come here.  Please remove all types of guilt from your mind. Absolutely nothing. You are a seeker and you should get the fruits         of your seeking. Third thing is you must forgive everyone together.  Lot of people think “This is very difficult Mother to forgive everyone together.”  But I ask you one thing whether you forgive someone or not, what are you doing. You do nothing. But if you don’t forgive the person who has been troubling you, you are playing in his hands and in his place you are torturing yourself.  So what is the use? This is logical.  You only say this in your  mind “I forgive everyone”. That is all.  Meaning you should have a happier attitude towards yourself. It is not that you are putting down yourself or feel unhappy. But your attitude should be happy.  At the moment you are divider but you will become a devotee.  This is a very easy thing to get. All of you please remove your shoes and you don’t have to do  anything. Now I will tell you a specialty about Indian soil. Put your hands towards me like this and look at me but don’t think anything. Your thoughts will stop. You will immediately go into thoughtless awareness. First have confidence in yourself. Don’t doubt.  Now put your right hand towards me and bend your head and put your left hand on top of fontanelle bone area. On top like this. your left hand and first forgive everyone. Otherwise nothing will happen. Now see if you are getting cool or hot vibrations. Some will get cool and some will get hot vibrations. If you don’t forgive, you will get hot vibrations.  Forgive every one including yourself.  Now put your left hand towards me and again bend your head and see. Bend your head and see. Some people feel right on top.  Because this is a very subtle thing.  Now again see with your right hand. Now again feel from your left hand.  Bend your head. If you want you can remove your glasses. Now put both your hands towards the sky and bend your head backwards.  Ask one question. “Mother is this Divine vibration? Is this Brahma Chaitanya? Ask any one question. Is this the power of God’s love? Ask. Your head should be towards the sky. Ask the question three times. Now bring your hands down. Put your hands towards me.  Those who are getting cool or hot vibrations in their fingers or hands, or head, please raise your hands. This is our Indian Earth.  My greetings to all. This is the miracle of the earth you are sitting on otherwise I  will have to work for at least half an hour on each chakra but you all have got your self realization. Most of you, may be some are not. But most of you have got your realization. Now to grow into this, you will have to come to our centres. 

As it is, my program is in three four places. You all come there and understand that this knows your thoughts so there is no argument.  You all have to come because you have a responsibility towards Indian soil.  Whatever you want to know about this, you can learn all this without spending any money. This has no value.  This is priceless. See. See.  You are getting vibrations even now.  You can feel the same in each other’s head also. Shouldn’t have any doubt. That is all.  You will feel joyous. I have seen lot of people start laughing.  Kabirdas says it is a very happy occasion.  Please sing the song of those who have sung the song of union because you are also sitting in unity. 

My blessings to all the Saints.