Shri Saraswati Puja

Yamunanagar (India)

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Shri Saraswati Puja, 2nd April 1992, Yamuna Nagar, Translation from Hindi

We should worship Shri Saraswati. Shri Saraswati’s work is very great. MahaSaraswati made the Space(antariksh) first. In this, the earth element is special. The earth is placed in between the sun and the moon so that all kinds of a living organism can grow there easily. From this living organism gradually evolved human beings. But we must understand the great power of ourselves. That power in us which is called srajan shakti, the creative power in us. This power is the blessing of Shri Saraswati due to which all the various art forms originated. The outback of art is due to the blessings of Shri Saraswati. I am very happy that today the Saraswati puja is in a college. In the neighbourhood, there are also many schools and colleges. Seems like this place is specially made for Saraswati puja. Our children learn in schools. But we have to pay attention that without Self realization, (without the attainment of the soul, Atma) all the education, learning is not learning. Without( Atmasakshatkar), self-realization whether we study science or economics we cannot understand that fully nor can we bring about any creativity in it.

Children are of two types. Children who are interested in studies and children who are not interested in studying. Some children have less intelligence /brain and some more.Brains(buddhi) is the gift of Shri Saraswati but from the spirit(Atma) Man develops good sense. Until the knowledge gained from the brains is weighed with good-sense, the knowledge acquired becomes harmful. Because of this many people think if you make the children study they all become useless, “ they will become “white collar” and will not do farming. They will consider themselves special and be under this false illusion. On the contrary, a person who is realized becomes discreet, wise (Vivek) with education. They understand what is good and what is bad. What to learn and what to not learn. Before that, they do not have limits/dignity (maryada). Man can take any path and turn towards any bad /dangerous habits and can indulge in any bad /dangerous things. Nowadays you all know the possibility of small children getting prone to a lot of bad things and the older children experiencing it like drugs and all sorts of bad things of the world and getting trapped into all kinds of trouble. The only way for curing all these things is through soul searching inside and through Self-realization (Atmasakshatkar). With the realization of the Atma itself, the brain gets the incandescent of Shri Saraswati and even the children who are weak in reading and writing start doing good work. After this, the growth of art begins. If one wants to develop art without Self-realization the art is not treated with respect/is unrecognised and there is no name or sign of it and is eventually lost. So, first of all, getting the Self-realization and then doing Saraswati puja is in itself a great thing.

As you all know today is the first day of Navratri and it is also the first day of “Shalivahan’s couch”. Meaning that this work is being done on a very auspicious day. So we should not be indifferent towards Shri Saraswati. I have seen that the people who are doing farming gradually get associated with nature and then they try to portray the beauty of nature. The one who is an artist also looks at the beauty of nature and then tries to literally produce it in his own art. Whatever you all have made here is very artistic. The chakra made here is so beautiful and the Shri Ganesh. When you start accomplishing aesthetic sense and comprehend the good feelings of art (Shub Samvedna) then you all will be for aesthetic, artistic things only. People make a lot of things but it is only in a few things that have the flow of vibrations. Lots of ‘self-manifested’ idols (swayambhu) come from the earth element (Prithvi Tatva) but if a self-realized person makes any artistic things then the vibration starts coming out from it. Along with the beauty of the artwork you get some kind of infinite power also.

Art from an ordinary artist dies out very fast. People do not have any faith or esteem towards this artist but if the artist is Self-realized then the art lives infinitely because he has the infinite power (Ananth ki Shakthi) inherent in him. Whatever he has made, he has made from the feelings of the soul (Atma ki Anubhuti), liking of the soul. He makes soul pleasing things which please the soul. This kind of art made by man thrives beautifully and all, this kind of art which is made is recognized and valued forever in this world.

Outside India also I have seen that the art from a self-realized person is valued by the people. One great and well person artist was Micheal Angelo. He made beautiful compositions/creations. Everything he made is beautiful. Even to this day, he is looked upon with respect and pride by everybody. The art of the self-realized person is flooded with the infinite power within them. So now you have all become Self-realized.In Haryana, there are lots of people who are Self-realized and now a lot more people will come and they will also like you all become Sahajayogi and will be able to understand what is Sahaja yoga. But now that you are Sahaja yogi you should pay attention to the art side. If you direct your attention on art, firstly you bring beauty in your life and your life becomes charming and the way you live also becomes beautiful. For this, you do not have to spend a lot of money. Even the soul is filled with art. Even if you made something from the soul it can be artistic. In our hustle-bustle life, a little bit of artistry gives us happiness and joy. That is why if people pay attention to art it will be really good for everyone. The people here should try making some artistic things. The vibrations flow in the things which are made by hand. Too much mechanization has made the environment polluted. The cure for this is to move towards artistic things made by hand. When people move towards artistic things then a kind of faith, adoration(Shradha) will develop for art.

The great thing is, we will stop buying thousands of useless things which we used to buy. When we give things made by hand to others we dedicate the heartfelt joy from our hearts. These flowers are decorated very artistically. Looking at it itself makes us go into thoughtlessness(Nirvichar) immediately. I have no thoughts coming and am watching with unrestrained thoughtlessness. The happiness went into it to make it flow abundantly from’ My head’ like the flowing Gangaji. With that, you at once get a lot of peace and a feeling of happiness. Until we have artistic things, our thoughts will keep on working. Aesthetic things will at once make you go into a complete state of thoughtless awareness (Nirvicharita) and its beauty makes you feel that you are in thoughtless awareness because seeing beauty itself the vibration starts flowing. That is why Sri Adi Shankaracharya called this ”The waves of beauty”.

Now how to establish this beauty (Soundarya) has to be found out. First of all, it should be novel, it should have a variety. If the God Almighty had made everyone’s face the same how will we all look? We all wear different varieties of clothes. All the women wear different styles and colours of saree in our country. This is unique only in our country. In developed countries, females wear the dress in the same manner as slaves (Gulam) they all have the same hairstyles. There is no difference found in them. The Atma inside them is suppressed. They do not have variety nor creativity power. Even their art is in the same condition. In foreign countries, good art creations produced are not many. Only critics are present. Critics indulging in criticizing other critics. Now artists are scared because whatever they produce, there are critics sitting who check whether it is right or not. And secondly, tell as to how much the work will fetch. When the work of art is compared to money then the Atma (spirit) of the work itself is finished. Art should give pleasure, joy, not weighed or valued by money.

When your belief and aim becomes this, then the Atma gives you the inspiration to make beautiful things which were not made in the past or future, things never made before or will be made hereafter. People will make artistic things one better than the other and the peaceful nature-loving village people will be able to create it. Without being peaceful and in a meditative mood the art of creativity is incomplete or devoid of dignity. You should know the doctrine and systems (tantra) and technique of art. When you are self-realized then your ability to create art increases. We have seen that once you come to Sahaja Joga lots of singers have become world-famous. People who are chartered accountants familiar with maths have become poets. They have never written poetry before. Similarly, people who have never been on stage have started giving speeches, people who never sang before have started singing beautifully. In Australia, one Sahajayogini was an ordinary artist but today her name is all over the world and she has become famous. In this way when you have the blessings of Shri Saraswati then you become an artist and that to a self-realized artist. When you become a Self-realized artist then your whole personality changes, and whatever creativity you do that has the power, the power which I call ‘infinite power.’ That power is contained in them and things made with this power, any work is done with this power the value of the things become eternal, everlasting and till the end, the beauty manifests itself permanently. Even if the artist has died a thousand years before the art remains forever and the people see the art and say how beautiful it is.

It is very essential for Sahajayogies to get down to the skills of art and understand art. May you always have the blessings of Shri Saraswati. Especially the one who has got self-realization today, it is a very good thing that after getting self-realized if art is taken up, then it becomes very fragrant and beautiful in the hands of Sahaja Yoga. Like the children who come to our school from abroad, they never did any drawing, they did not know anything. They come directly here and now from the time they received self-realization they all of a sudden did well in learning. One, they have learnt Hindi language, then they draw beautifully and now they have started to make pots out of clay. Now they feel what to make next. They made a house and then constructed a top floor and were busy making all kinds of different things. Like this, the imagination which comes from within us is due to Sahaja yoga, and the power to fulfil this power of inspiration also comes from Sahaja yoga.

Infinite blessings to you all!