Public Program: Satya Apni Jagah Adig Hai

Yamunanagar (India)

1992-04-03 Public Program, Satya Apni Jagah Adig Hai, Yamunanagar, 51'
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1992-04-03 Public Program Hindi Yamunanagar NITL-RAW, 51'
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I bow to all the seekers of truth. First of all, we have to understand that Truth is firm in its place, which we cannot change, about which we cannot even imagine and we cannot know it in this human awareness. Today, whatever questions are in front of us, all those questions are focused in human mind. Man has raised these questions and he is standing in his own belief. In darkness, in his ignorance, man cannot see and because of this, he adopts all types of destruction and all types of problems. By giving lecture or advice or speech, it will make no difference to him. As such, lot of people give speech and everyone starts talking about Truth and give lectures. They read some books and start giving lectures on this. But, it is very difficult for human mind to accept this. The reality is that we have still not achieved the status where we can imbibe all this in us and know the truth.  That awareness has to be awakened within us and that Truth is established in our heart in the form of Spirit which watches us as to what we are doing and keeps an eye on all our activities and what is its effect on human mind. That is why it is not in our attention. To bring it to our attention, there is only one way God has created and that is you have to establish your connection  with the God  and that incident can be achieved only through Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja means you all know  Saha means with us and ja means born and you all have the right to this union. 

Truth about which I am going to tell you, it is not necessary that you should accept it in blind faith but there is no other way. Once you get the proof, you should accept it in all honesty, because in this only you will benefit, and your country will benefit and is beneficial to the whole world. If this is not done, we cannot imagine to which hell the world will fall into. Truth is, you are not this body, mind, intelligence, ego.  So much so that the religion which you follow is also not integrated in you.  You are only pure Spirit and since you have not reached there yet, you are in darkness. And also the second truth is God’s love is surrounding us from all the four sides.  Brahma Chaitanya from all the sides. That is why when you look at the sky,  so much light is there. All this light is of that Brahma Chaitanya, which is doing all the work, however minute,  at every moment, every hour, every place.  We are not able to understand this. So much greenery is there and we look at all the work being done but we never think how such great miracles happen. We leave all this on this Mother Earth and She grows it and gives us fruit.  We don’t even think about this. It is said we are transformed from amoeba stage.  Which is that energy which has made us into human beings?  Who is doing all this work?  Everything has its own limitations. Understand it like this. One mango tree, it will grow to an extent only, or a rose plant. It will grow to a certain height only. Similarly human being also grow to an extent only. Which is the energy which produces this? Who is doing all this? How is our heart beating? In our heart, Anahat chakra is situated. In Anahat chakra when two different type of things collide with each other, then sound comes. That is natural. But without any reason, when the sound comes from our heart, from where does it come? Doctors also do not know the source of this and they in all honesty say that “ we do not know anything about this and we do not know about parasympathetic nervous system”.  When we do some work or run, our breathing becomes faster, then our heart beat grows but we don’t know how the parasympathetic nervous system brings it to normal. They do not have any answer for this. It is its religion. In all the religion, it is written that you must first get self realization. In all the religion, it is written but no religion follows this because they do not know how this has to be done. Slowly when the great religion came to the forefront, very great people started talking about chakras and that religion became strong and only those religion survived because they did not run behind power or money. When we do not have power to control ourselves, what should we do with acquiring power of others. And to become slave of money, we cannot explain about human being. Therefore, it is necessary that we should think that Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or from any religion, from Sikh religion or from Hindu religion, he can commit any type of sin. It has no connection with the religion. He has no religion inside him.  Then what is the reason we are becoming mad about religion and are talking so much about religion? Then what is the reason that we cannot become secular.  What is the way by which we can become secular. One thing is, unless our Spirit is enlightened inside us, we cannot have intimacy and have oneness with everyone.  Whatever religion you want to adopt, it will flow inside you but it is necessary that to achieve this, you must first get self realization and to get this, it is not difficult at all. It is very simple. Sahaj Samadhi. Saha ja You can achieve all this through Sahaj only. It should be very simple. If it is very difficult, then no one can do this work. But because people do not have a right to this, there is no knowledge and do not know about this and are running behind money and  power, they can not get this.  That is why, they are told ok. You take this name that name, do this, do that. But no one gets benefit of this. No one gets anything.  Every type of problem comes.  People say ”Mother, We are doing so much even then we are we having so much problem in our home? Our country has so much problem?  The reason for this is there is no knowledge inside us. Nothing is inside. Everything is outside Everything is being talked about outside. That is why we must understand that first we must get self realization. I cannot describe the amount of benefit human beings can get out of this. I am surprised myself that  people are benefitting so much and so fast from this.  So people have never thought or got idea to correct this that it should be done like this. From time immemorial, it is written about this in scriptures. Though one thing is certain that awakening of Kundalini is described in all the scriptures but no one has been able to do this. It is said that Raja Janak once gave self realization to one dancer and then till 12th century, only one Guru was able to awaken the kundalini of one of his disciple. This was the culture for a long time. In 12th century Sant Gyaneshwar, in his own language, for the first time wrote about this.  Before that only in Sanskrit language it was written and no one understood Sanskrit language. Whoever understood could give self realization to only one disciple. When Gyneshwar wrote about this in Gyneshwari that there is energy called Kundalini within us and it can be awakened, union takes place, then every one thought that it is not our cup of tea and said read Gyaneshwari but don’t read 6th chapter where this is described. Like this, even that was not followed.

Here in North India, no one had heard the name of Kundalini.  In the beginning when I talked about Kundalini, they thought I am talking about Kundli (horoscope). There is lot of difference between the two. It is also written that Kundalini is established within us and how it can be awakened. The awakening of Kundalini is very limited but today this is happening in thousands of people. If this is not done and the special energies which are inside human being are not reflected, then human beings will be lost.  So much energy is hidden inside a human being, so much power that it is absolutely necessary for it to be awakened. 

Today we have become human from Amoeba and now we have to rise a little above human so that we can get self realization.  That light, the light of our Spirit will show us the difference between what we were and what we are.  First of all, you will get into thoughtless awareness. Meaning in your mind you won’t get thoughts and peace will be established. Like thoughts will be rising and falling, again some thoughts are rising and falling and we are floating on top of the thoughts. The thoughts come either of future or from the past and if I tell  you to stay in present, you cannot do so. We have to be in present because past is over and no one knows what is in future. Therefore, present moment, this moment is the truth.  This is the reality. We are not able to settle down in present. That is why, when Kundalini is awakened during Self Realisation, these thoughts become longer and longer and the gap between the two thoughts is called vilamb (delay). There the present comes and stays.  From this, mind becomes totally free without any thought. Totally open. Budha has called this language of love. Once this comes, you get into a state which is called Doubtless state. Here if you establish yourself a little and become indestructible,  doubtless state comes on its own.  Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a state where a man is not concerned about anything and all the energies start flowing on its own, inside and outside. Inside you get self realized and know about all the chakras on your fingertips.  Not only that, from inside you start imbibing everything.  You become totally clean. Like one wheel is moving on its centre point.  This is from outside also. Similarly your mind which was moving in all direction, will settle down at one point on its axis.  From there, you watch everything peacefully. You only watch it and do not get agitated with it. You get so much energy that when you watch, from inside all the questions get answered.  Like,  think if you are standing in water and you are afraid of the flow of water and are going deeper but somehow if you climb a boat, you are able to watch the waves but if you become a swimmer, you can swim yourself and save thousands of others too. Similarly, when you are enlightened,  you reach a stage where you can enlighten others also. If you get established in your realization, you can give realization to others also, you can give them mental peace and not only that, you can establish them in total happiness which is spiritually ultimate. And to achieve this happiness, man starts leaving behind all unwanted things. This does not mean that you leave your home, you leave your family.  You don’t have to leave anything. Nothing like this leaves you but all the unwanted things which are stuck within us, you start leaving them and not only that you start establishing a balance between husband and a wife and your children and a very sweet relationship is established. Like this there are lot of families in the world who have, after coming to Sahaja Yoga, are leading a very smooth and balanced life. It is really surprising that everything happens so easily. I don’t say anything to anyone like the Saints used to say “don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke”.  Some have said don’t do this, don’t do that. I don’t say anything to anyone.  I only say “awaken their Kundalini”.   Once they get some light within themselves, they will leave everything on their own and will get established. Then you become your own Guru and start understanding yourself. You look at yourself and realize that this is wrong, this should not be done, and leave it. Not only this, you get so much energy that if you desire something, it happens immediately, instantly. I have seen such Sahaja Yogis also that they wished for something and because of that, I don’t know how so much will power was there in their wish that their desire worked out instantly. Once you become a realized soul, your thought process also changes and your desire also changes and everyone stays happily in the ocean of happiness. The second thing that happens is you come into collective consciousness.  Today if you see, you may not even know about yourself, what sickness you have or what is gripping you. You cannot understand but after realization, you will immediately understand which chakra is spoiled. You will start knowing about chakras of others also.  If you learn how to correct the chakras, you can help others. This collective consciousness comes into our nerves from which we can understand what is the status of his chakras.  Like if this hand has some problem, immediately the other hand will know and come to its help.  Similarly if some Sahaja yogi gets into trouble, all the Sahaja yogis in the world will know and everyone will come running to help. When I had gone to Russia for the first time, I was surprised, I saw 25 Sahaja yogis from Germany there. German Sahaja Yogis are entirely different from the way we imagine Germans. I have found that German Sahaja Yogis are the most responsible and intelligent, very humble and very loving people. They will talk to you so humbly and sweetly, you will think from where your relatives from past life have come here.  All the way, they came from Germany to Russia. When I asked them “how come you are all here”. They said  “Mother don’t you think this is our responsibility. Our ancestors had created so much havoc here, we only have to correct it. Who else can do it. I was filled with happiness that such wonderful thoughts are coming into them that Germans have come and killed Russians earlier and today it is our responsibility to correct them and help them. Such type of goodwill which is worldwide gets awakened in you and such worldwide thoughts come in you like all the Incarnations, Prophets and all great people, I will say all the Saints are also integrated in them. Like this in this worldwide religion, you won’t start disrespecting any Incarnations or any Sadgurus but you will start worshipping them. You will be surprised that Christians worship Mohammed Saheb and Buddhists worship Christ. Like this, Muslims worship Ganapati and Hindus worship Mohammed Saheb. You must have heard such things but this miracles happen once you are enlightened when you see that all these flowers have come from one spiritual tree and we have broken them from the tree and we are claiming all these dead flowers as our own although we do not have any such religion and proof. We realise that the fragrance is spiritual and once we turn towards Spiritualism, then you understand that these people have done all the work, as a result of which you are growing and sitting here like a Seeker seeking the Spiritual ascent.  At that time only you realise that how much we should be grateful to them and how much we should be thankful that these people have been tortured and suffered so much for us and every time have tried to establish Dharma but we have only not understood it and have broken it into many parts and have started to fight.  All these things will vanish once you get your self realization when you will become pure, refined absolutely pure. Nanak sahib has talked about this purity only. Whoever is clean is really pure. If someone puts a brand on them that they are self realized, Saints or sages, no one becomes saints by this, no one becomes pure. In reality, until this happens, you will not become a Saint or pure even if you put a brand in you.  I even heard that in Haryana, very great Sadhu is sitting, who is robbing everyone.  You all are so innocent and simple. I see lot of people from Haryana are sitting here. So much so that even young children are not able to talk. They have brought so many young children with them.  I see lot of children with so many problems. All these problems have come to them from this man because he is doing black magic etc. and he calls all these people which affects the whole community.  Going to him once or twice or taking help from him is also very wrong. If you have any problem at any time, don’t go to such people. I am telling you very clearly. I am a Mother and I know how wrong these people are. In Switzerland they have spread such diseases that small children die in their bed.  All these are black magic. It is a very bad vidya.  They do all these only to make money.  If only making money is the main thing,  it is better they become robber or do something else or get into black money racket but why become a Tantrik (occulist).  From this, you will also go to hell and those on whom you do all your black magic will also go to hell. It is really sad that because of these people Kundalini of many people is also spoiled.   Such type of people are spread over in so many places.   You see them once and decide to go as far away as possible from them. You all are very simple and easygoing people.  In Haryana, because of agriculture, people have lot of respect. I see people are very simple and straightforward and it is very easy to rob such innocent people. But you innocent people will make great Sahaja yogis.  Like this, in Europe, there is a place called Austria. There also lot of people do agriculture.  There are very great Sahaja yogis.  They are so devoted that I am surprised  myself that from where so good people have gathered.  They are very focused and also educated and are doing so much for Sahaja Yoga that except Sahaja Yoga, nothing is important to them.  They are doing all the work in a very Sahaj way. Though they are married, have children, everything is alright.  But their attention is always on Sahaj and their desire is that in the whole world, Sahaja Yoga  should spread.  And for this whatever is possible, they are doing.  Like this,  here also such people will become ready who will go to the whole world and spread Sahaja.  I am very happy to see you all that so many people are here who are seeking the truth. But while seeking the truth, you must remember one or two things.  One thing is while seeking the truth, you must be humble.  If you catch my neck and ask me to awaken your Kundalini, Kundalini can never be awakened.  You have to be very humble and ask to give you self realization.  Very humbly.  You must be worried how is it possible.  But you don’t have to worry.  You don’t have to spend any money.  Moreover, for such a priceless thing, what money can you give?  This is a living process.  Can anyone know this or can anyone understand this?  In this money does not work.  What works is your strong desire than anything else.  Only you must have pure desire.   You all know that where you are sitting, this is a yoga bhumi, karma bhumi and on this earth, we don’t know how many Saints and Sages have worked?  How many incarnations have come?  You are sitting on this Bhumi, this Yoga Bhumi, it is very easy you will get this benefit. I have told you earlier in this, there is no  role of mind. So don’t fall into the trap of mind. This is beyond mind.  That is why it is said, “you must surrender”. Until you surrender your ego, how can Kundalini rise.  It does not mean you must surrender money to me. I don’t want anything. And to surrender oneself in front of this all pervading power.  What have we achieved till now?  We have learnt to talk, apart from this, what have we gained in this world?  As far as achieving is concerned, we must realise that we should humbly request.  If there is no humbleness, it is very difficult.  With humbleness,  you must accept this and experiencing this. Whoever does not want this experience, you may please leave and go home because sitting here and looking at others is wrong and it is not good culture. That is why whoever do not want, may please  go home because this cannot be forced on you and you have total freedom to experience this or not.  We have to recognise this and respect.  We cannot ignore your freedom in any way.  You are free.  If you want  only, please take self realization and if you don’t want, don’t take.  Tell me like this, can you get any living process by force.  That is why human beings have total freedom and we have to respect that freedom and that is why whoever do not want, please leave and go. 

I  have told you keep your hands towards me like this and sit. This is a very great yoga bhumi and from time immemorial, lot of Saints have done lot of work here and we get the benefit of that. The greatest benefit is that, Kundalini awakens very fast and rises very fast. After Kundalini is awakened, people don’t get established which is very wrong.  Once your Kundalini is awakened, you must establish yourself.  I hope after getting self realization, you all will definitely try to establish yourself in this and you will see within one month, you will rise from where to where.  It is my request to you all that you should respect your self realization and respect yourself too.  In this, there are three conditions.  One condition is that we must have total self-confidence within us that we shall get self realization today. This confidence you must have.  You must not think that you are a Sinner or you have committed sin or such wrong thoughts.  First remove these from your mind that you are guilty.  To think you are guilty in everything is also wrong, because of this,  this chakra here gets caught and if this chakra is caught,  you may get spondylitis, or angina.  All the organs in your body are weak. That is why, don’t think you have committed this sin or are guilty.  Just think you are going to get self realization with total confidence in yourself and second thing is don’t think you are guilty at all.   Whatever is past is over and today you are sitting in the present.  And in this present only this self realization is going to take place.  So please forget about your past and settle in your present.  You must be some great seeker in your past life. That is why you are sitting here  to get self realisaiton. And the third simple thing is you forgive everyone together.  Forgive everyone together.  No need to think about anyone.  Even though it will not matter whether you forgive anyone or not but think.  If you don’t forgive anyone, what are we doing. Nothing. On the other hand, if we don’t forgive, we fall prey into wrong hands. And by this we torture ourselves. Whole life, we have been torturing ourselves and whoever has tortured us, they are happy doing something else and we are thinking about their behavior.  Second thing  is this Agnya chakra is twisted like a cross here and to open this chakra, it is important to forgive everyone.  If you do not forgive, Kundalini will not rise upward. Whole of your life you have troubled yourself and now during self realization also if you don’t forgive, your Agnya chakra will not open.  You don’t have to think about anyone.  All you have to do is say “Mother I forgive everyone from my heart.”  These three things I have told you.  I hope you will keep them in your heart.

Now all of you put both your hands towards me like this. First remove your shoes and slippers. Keep your hands like this. Keep your right hand towards me and your left hand on your  Talu, that is fontanelle bone which was very soft in your childhood. Put your left hand on this, not on top of this but a little above and watch if you are getting any cool vibrations  or hot vibrations from there.  This is the effect of Kundalini coming to your fontanelle bone area. Keep moving your hand because some people get it very near fontanelle bone area and some get a little away. Keep watching. Now the other hand.  Put your left hand towards me and keep your right hand on your fontanelle bone area and watch.   If you think you are guilty, even after rising, Kundalini will fall again.  That is why with full confidence, tell in your mind “I am not guilty.  I have not done anything wrong”.  Now again right hand.   You don’t have to touch it.  Some people get it very far.  If you don’t forgive,  you will get very hot air.  So again say “I forgive everyone”. Bend your head. Now put your right hand towards me and check the vibrations with your left hand. Now put both your hands towards the Sky and bend your head backwards and ask one question in your mind. Ask any one question which I tell you. Ask this question in your mind three times. You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji. “Mother is this all pervading power? Or “Mother is this God’s power of love”. Ask any question three times in your mind.  Now put your hands down and keep both your hands towards me and don’t think.  Now whoever got cool vibrations in your hands, fingers or palms, head, please raise your hands.  This is param Chaitanya which you have experienced for the first time today.  Now whoever got cool or hot vibrations, please raise your hands. 

Blessings to all! All Saints and Sages are sitting here in Haryana.