The last judgement is here now and the kundalini is going to judge you

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

1992-06-12 The last judgement is here now and the kundalini is going to judge you, London, DP-RAW, 99' Chapters: Preparations, Yogi introduction, Music, Talk, Self-Realization, Music Part 2
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Public Program Day 2, Royal Albert Hall, London (UK) June 12th 1992

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
I’ve already told you that truth is what it is, we cannot change it, we cannot conceptualise it. With this human perspective, we cannot know it. If this is the case, then we have to understand that in our evolutionary process that something more has to happen. Because as we see, take case of religions. You may be Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh anyone, you can be branded as anything when you are born into any family, but you are capable of doing any sin. Any sin can be committed. There is nothing to debar you. So as if this religion that we are proclaiming is outside, it’s not within us, it’s not innate.
Yesterday I told you about science (unclear). That it is (unclear), it does not relate to your spirit, to your soul, it does not give you any human dimension. For science, you are not a human being, you are a robot. Same with modern psychology, you are not a human being but you are a sex point. With medical science, as I told you yesterday, the advent of this theory of DNA, they will just tell you what is your origin but they cannot tell you what is your future, and the future is so great, which we have to know. We don’t have to go to our past. There’s a gentleman, a muslim gentleman, I’m happy he asked me a very nice question about Imam Hussain Saab, son of Ali. The mother was Fatimabai. He was killed in the war, where they were absolutely correct, what they said was correct no doubt. Both the brothers were killed and he said we have to fight our enemies. It was alright for them to know who was their enemy because they were realised souls, we are not. We do not know who are our enemies. These are age old things also, we need not carry it on.
If you really become a realised soul, then what happens? You get the awareness, a new dimension, it is called collective consciousness, meaning you become part and parcel of the whole. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm, it happens, it’s not a question of just giving a big lecture. It actualises. Then who is the other? When the light of the Spirit comes into your attention, then you can feel it in your fingertips. The all pervading power, which tells you what is wrong with you, that is self knowledge, also it tells you what’s wrong with others. Who is the other, you can feel everyone on your fingertips.
Especially, Mohamed Sahib has said one thing. He said at the time of qayamat, this is the time of qamayat…resurrection time…your hands will speak. But where are the muslims? What are they doing? For Sikhs, Nanak sahib has said that you have to be khalis. Khalis means pure. You have to be pure people, where are the pure ones? Here at least in England I find all of them drink more than any Englishman can drink. Then about the hindus it is said very clearly that in everybody’s heart resides the Spirit. Then how can there be a caste system? If everybody has the same Spirit reflected in them, how can there be a caste system? What about Christians? Christ has said ‘thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’. The essence of all Christian nations I’ve seen is this, to see and to be seen. Just the opposite of what Christ has said. To see every woman, to see every man with lust and greed and make yourself in such a manner that others should see you with the same. I mean, imagine this is what they are doing in the name of Christ. So everywhere, what we find, that in the case of religion also, not only that it is money oriented, that it is power oriented, also escapes have been found out. Compromises have been found out and people justify it.
It is not the book which is important, it is not important what is written in the book, but what is important is what it has given you. Like supposing I have a headache and a doctor gives me a prescription that you go and take some paracetamol and I go on reading ‘I take paracetamol’ will I be alright?
Islam is a very great religion, no doubt about it and many intellectuals can talk big about it. Same about Christianity, same about any other religion that you tell me. Mahavira’s religion Jainism, Buddhism, all of them and they all tried their level best to bring the truth to us, but we have made a farce out of it, all of us and we are living with that farce and then we are fighting. But now the time has come, the qayamat time has come, the resurrection time has come, the last judgement is here now and the kundalini is going to judge you. He said that your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you. Clearly, you see that. So let us face up to it. Where have we gone wrong? We have to seek our Spirit. In seeking the Spirit, also we had lots of people, fake people, who came here making money, because we are used to all religions where people make money, we never even doubted that how can they take money? God doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t understand your banks, he doesn’t know all these things that we do. It’s our headache. Alright you can pay, say for this hall you can pay but you cannot pay for your self realisation, you cannot.
You cannot pay to ascend, how much did we pay to become human beings? To inherit this Earth? But when you become a realised soul, then you become a universal being, because the Spirit is the universal being within you. Innately we are built in that way, God has made us like that, we are special people. He has made it with all these divine qualities, they are all within us, dormant, we have also supressed them. The surroundings have, the cultures have, we can say so many intellectuals like Freud and all those people. Then there are other people who are just trying to make money and producing some theories, and we believe them. Anything black and white, we want to believe, anything black and white. That is how we are conditioned. Anything on the television, we want to believe. It’s not true. Everything is not the truth. How will you know if it’s the truth or not? First of all we must achieve that state where we know the absolute truth. If we know the absolute truth, how can we fight? If we know everybody knows this is the absolute truth, now you see these flowers here. You see them, they are flowers, everybody sees them as flowers, nobody is going to fight that they are not flowers. So those who find the truth cannot fight because they see the same thing, they know the same thing, how can there be arguments? All of you have got this potential within you, every one of you have got it, but either you are sticking onto some sort of a religious idea which is not religious. Some sort of a cult, some sort of a sect, I think all of them are sects and nothing else.
We have achieved nothing out of this farcical life, and nobody wants to get out of it. So it is important for us to understand what is the aim of our life, why are we here? Especially in these modern times. You all have the right to get your self realisation by which all your innate qualities will rise. Now they’ve talked about (free yog? Unclear) The basic problem is they are not innately compassionate. If you are innately compassionate, you will do it. You will achieve it, there’s no hypocrisy about it because you are innately involved. All the saints were innately compassionate people. Why not you all become saints? The fun that you are having is so transitory, the things that you enjoy sometimes are so stupid. I mean some things idiotic also, like this lady Elizabeth Taylor getting married and there were parachuters and 3000 people there to watch her going somewhere, can you imagine? Only idiots can do that. I mean, can’t understatnd and people came from all over America just to see her. No sense of proportion, no sense of auspiciousness, no sense of holiness but all of them are existing within us. They are all there. Nothing is lost, nothing is destroyed because these are eternal qualities, they cannot be lost. Your innocence is absolutely intact, believe me. All these powers are there, just your kundalini has to be awakened, that’s all. This power, when it is enlightened, or when it is awakened it enlightens all these beautiful things with which you are built. All the fragrance of your glory just starts manifesting so beautifully, I’ve seen people overnight change! I’ve seen it.
As my husband has told you, he couldn’t believe me, always used to say you are a saint, you are an (oudia? Unclear) but you can’t make others. Now he’s surprised. I’m not doing anything, I really tell you. If something like a light is a candle, it is enlightened can enlighten another light. All these Sahaja yogis sitting here, those who are dressed up just like you, who talk like you, they are just like normal human beings. They all can raise your kundalini, I’m not necessary. But see how humble they are. I’ve seen these fake gurus, they don’t know a word about kundalini, they don’t know anything about divinity, they only know how to make money and befool people and how bombastic they are, they talk so big, no love, no compassion.
So all these qualities which are dormant, which are already placed within you, human beings were specially created by God, special people. This speciality has to be just manifested. If it is manifested, you’ll be amazed. First of all you should get rid of your conditionings. You belong to this organisation, that organisation. They have organisations here that have a (unclear left side or right side) we have a tendency to club together, but we club together under artificial ideas and artificial circumstances. In Sahaja Yoga you do not club together, you are aware that you are part and parcel of the whole. Like this finger, if it is hurt, the whole body is bothered about this little finger. Such concern, in that concern there is no hypocrisy, there is no obligation, there is no way you will find people are jealous. Supposing somebody knows better, I’ve not seen Sahaja Yogis getting jealous of that person, but will go and ask, how do you do it? How do you manage it? Let’s know it. The other person, the one who knows, will say, alright this is how it is, nobody keeps secret, there’s no secret in Sahaja Yoga. There’s no secret knowledge. You know about yourself, self knowledge. You know about others. This is the minimum. Then you know what are these negative forces. I was told they are starting a parapsychology institution here, they should be careful. There was one parapsychology organisation I saw in San Diego in 1972 and they wanted me to address them. I frankly told them, don’t indulge into all these nonsensical things you will be in trouble. They were very angry you see, they said that you were our guest you should not have said that. I said I didn’t even take tea from you, I didn’t even charge you money for anything but you did make money out of me. How I was your guest? But I had to tell you the truth and you will be surprised, the founder of that became mad. The lady, his wife, such a nice person, she got a horrible disease, she died in Australia and all the members were suffering from terrible mental problems. What are these negative forces that are acting? You will know about them in Sahaja Yoga, exactly what it is and you can find out also who has got these negative forces. Also you will know how to throw them away and work it out. Just by saying there are no negative forces, we are living in darkness then, there are. Then there are also forces which compel us to do things, like I told you yesterday, like a six inch skirt or eight inch skirt. We are not aware that these forces are trying to push us down because they have money, they can advertise better and our children also. Our children, when they see television, they must immediately ask for this toy or that toy, we want this, they are headaches. All the time they start asking why? Why? Why? Now what’s the solution? Very simple solution is you ask your child, what question you asked me yesterday, you write it down and what answer I gave you, you write it down. Then they are alright.
So all this aggressiveness that has come into our character somehow or other is another very very destructive force that is acting in us, which has the word ‘I like’
There was a lady who was suffering from cancer and her husband was my professor in my medical college and I used to treat her. She was alright with Sahaja Yoga but she said ‘I like my sherry’ I don’t know what sherry is, ‘I like my whiskey’…but you are not well? But ‘I like’, it’s like I like Satan, alright have it. This is how these forces, hidden forces which act upon us and we accept it, we think it is fun, it is not. These are destructive. They destroy you, they destroy your prodigy. This is the destruction standing just outside, it can grab you anytime. It’s a big shock we are waiting for. And as you know, there have been prophecies about America, about the western people, what is going to happen to them if they go about like this. While they are the cream, and that’s the concern. It’s not the number of Sahaja Yogis that matters with me, I know if I go to Russia or to India, this whole hall will be full or must be at least thrice more than this. You can’t have a programme in India like this. I know India, we can manage in no time, but what about the people who are so much in need of it? And they are seekers, Indians are not such seekers as you are. You are real seekers, I know you are real seekers. Many people took drugs because they were seeking. You are seeking your Spirit, know that, and with that so many things happen.
First of all your attention becomes enlightened. With the attention being enlightened, you put your attention anywhere, it works, it acts. A person who is a realised soul, very steady, steady stage, even one glance of such a person can create benevolence for others. The eyes become pure. In Sahaja Yoga we never have this problem, somebody’s wife running away with somebody’s husband, running with somebody, all the time living on shoestrings, nothing of the kind. You’ll be surprised in this country where there is so much unemployment, it’s hard to find a Sahaja Yogi who has no job. Because we must know God is almighty. You are entering into his kingdom, there’s no dirth of anything. It is of course, self contentment is there no doubt but also Divine discretion, one knows how far to go, how far not to go. Where is the danger? Where is not the danger? People are there, who say there is no God, alright, after realisation you just put your hands and ask the question simple. Is there God? The cool breeze will start blowing completely.
Now you may say that, how can you say that this is the truth? Supposing you get a cancer patient, put your hands towards that, all your hands will start burning, especially where he has cancer, that finger will burn much more. You bring a mad man, immediately you will feel that he is mad. Bring a cheat, you can make it out. He may be dressed well, he may be wearing saffron coloured clothes, you will know immediately that he is a cheat, because you know the absolute truth.
This attention, when it becomes enlightened, it can feel the centres of others. This is what happened to the disciples of Christ when they had blessings from the Holy Ghost and they became realised souls. They didn’t speak some language which was like latin or greek, but they spoke the language of chakras, the centres. That’s what the Sahaja Yogi’s also speak. You are not considered by what your position is in life, what is your dress or how you live, whether you are in Belgravia or somewhere else. You are not judged by that, you are judged by your centres. And you can judge yourself, that’s the best part of it. Like somebody came this morning and said to me, Mother please remove my agnya, it’s horrible, I have a headache. What does that mean? The ego has gone into my head. Nobody will say I’ve got ego in my head, nobody would say but Sahaja Yogi would say definitely because it would hurt him. Mother please remove this, it’s too much. Another will say Mother can you stop my thinking. You can. You get that empty mind, thoughtless awareness, which is described by Buddha as empty mind. Everybody has described about it. When the kundalini rises, the thoughts become elongated and there’s a little space between where you stand and here you become thoughtless. See this hall, thinking about it, you’ll go mad. Because it’s so beautiful, there’s nothing to think, just to enjoy without any thought, just to enjoy. In complete silence, the joy that created this hall just starts pouring on you. That joy, that (unclear), the artist, the architect, the builders who have put into it starts flowing through and absolutely relaxes. All these new diseases of tensions and all that, they disappear because everything is taken over by the Divine power. It is much much more but you won’t believe if I tell you. So it’s better if you experience it and know what greatness lies within you. How great you are, what you have. Achieve it. One has to have sincerity about it, it’s very important. It should not be just one guru’s lecture you have come, then another, it’s not like guru shopping.
If you are honest yourself and you really care for yourself and if you have self esteem, you must really find out all the beautiful properties you have. All the powers you have and all the opportunities of enjoying every moment of your life. It is important, of course, we must all have self realisation. There’s no end to lectures, I don’t know how many thousands of lectures I’ve given only in English language, but it is still outside. So I think we should not so much worry about understanding Sahaja Yoga but imbibing it. I assure you, you are all capable of getting your self realisation, absolutely and why not? Why not have it?
I promised yesterday, today we will have the session of realisation. Of course there’s one thing I must tell you, it cannot be forced. I didn’t even force my own children, I didn’t even force my husband, I didn’t force anybody, it cannot be forced. You have to ask for it. You have to humble down, if you are arrogant it won’t work out. I want to have it, you have to have that desire. Because kundalini is the pure desire within you, and this pure desire is not like other desires which are in general not satiable. This desire is the complete connection with the all pervading power, then you don’t even have to desire, it just works. Your desires change, your (unclear) change, you are a transformed personality, no doubt about it.
So we’ll have now the session for Sahaja Yoga. Those who do not want to have should leave the hall please, in a civil manner.
The song they sang about the rising of ‘ambe’ means kundalini, in the Mahalaxmi temple they sing it. They have been singing since the 16th century, but nobody got realisation. So it is a happening, it’s the actualisation. Some people may not get, may not, but that doesn’t mean something wrong with them. Everyone who has tried, has got realisation. You should not have any worry on that part. So many people are also diffident. I assure you, you will all get your self realisation. Some of you are also being, I don’t know how but they make you feel guilty for nothing at all. You are a sinner, you have done this, you have done that, nothing of the kind. At this moment, you are not a sinner, you have done nothing wrong, at this moment you are seeking the truth, that’s all. So don’t have any diffidence, don’t have any complexes about it, just know that you all are going to get it. This confidence is very important, without that confidence, it may not work out. So don’t try to any way condemn yourself, or please don’t feel guilty. Feeling guilty is the worst thing. It’s just imagination to feel guilty also.
So there are three conditions before we start. The first one is that you have to have self confidence, you will get your self realisation. Whatever you might have done, forget the past.
The second one is that you are not to feel guilty about anything whatsoever. I mean people are really funny, there was war going on in Yugoslavia and they are feeling guilty here, I said why? Because I’m a human being, I should feel guilty. One should not feel guilty at all, it is a myth. Of course you have made mistakes, you are not Gods, only human beings can make mistakes and God can forgive. What mistakes can you commit which cannot be dissolved in the ocean of his compassion and love. So just completely forgive yourself.
The third one is that you forgive everyone else, absolutely. You have to forgive everybody else because whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. What do you do? Nothing. But those who have troubled you or tortured you, who you cannot forgive are enjoying their lives, while you are the one who’s suffering. Playing into their hands, so logically, why should you not forgive? Just forgive and you’ll feel much lighter, forgive all of them, don’t even think of them. In general, you forgive everyone. It’s a very simple method of getting rid of half of your problems, if you just say ‘I forgive you’ finished!
So one must have a very pleasant attitude towards oneself, one should not condemn, we are going to enter into the kingdom of God, how can we be guilty? It’s not auto suggestion, but it is the way we clear out our centres. We ourselves can clear out our centres, by these suggestions, and that works out well. So all of you should follow what I’m going to tell you, just before that I will request Dr Wells to come and show them how to treat every chakra.
This one is a very well known doctor for all kinds of addictions. He cures them. So now, first a humble request, I hope you don’t mind if I say we have to take off our shoes because we have to take help from our Mother Earth. I hope you don’t mind taking off the shoes, sometimes that also used to make people upset. Why should we take off our shoes? Situation is not that bad now. If you have something tight on your waist or your neck, very tight, then you can reduce because it should be done in comfort. You don’t have to go to Himalayas, you don’t have to shave off your head, you don’t have to starve yourself, nothing of the kind, it should be done in complete comfort and peace. So you have to be comfortable, sitting on your chairs you have to get your realisation.
So now, before closing your eyes, doctor will show you how to nourish your own centres yourself. Where are these centres, it’s very simple. Very very simple.
Now please put your left hand towards me like this. In this short lecture, I couldn’t tell you what is left and right but the left is the power of desire, ordinary desire and the right is the power of action. So when you put the left hand towards me, means that symbolically you want to have your self realisation. Now we use the right hand for nourishing our centres, doctor will show you. So first we put our hand on our heart, in the heart resides the Spirit. Now if you become the Spirit, you become your own guide, your own guru, your own master.
So now we put our right hand on the upper portion of our abdomen, this is the centre of your mastery, which is built in by great prophets, great masters.
Then you have to put your hand on the lower portion of the abdomen, on the left hand side. You will be surprised, this is the centre of pure knowledge, can you imagine? But it is. You will know about it, how it works out.
Then we raise our right hand again on the left hand side of our abdomen, the upper part and then we raise our hand onto our heart again.
Now you have to put your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. This centre is in trouble when we feel guilty and we develop a disease, many diseases but one of them is angina. Another is spondylitis and also the organs become very lethargic. So imagine this feeling guilty, how terrible it is. So you have to put your left hand towards me and right hand here (as shown) and turn your head to the right fully.
Now we have to take our right hand onto our forehead across, like that (as shown) and put your head down as far as possible. This is the centre where you have to forgive, everyone. Then you have to take your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here is the centre, where, just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine power, for your satisfaction.
Now the last centre, which is very important. Put your palm like this, stretch it. Stretch back your fingers. Please now take the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area on your head, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now press it hard but pushing your fingers outwards, this is important. Now put down your head as far as possible. Here now, press your scalp nicely and move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise. Put down your head please, bend it as far as possible. That’s all. That all we all have to do.

Now, we have to close our eyes, please don’t open them till I tell you and you have to take out your spectacles. Now, both the feet should be away from each other because these are two powers, left and right.
Please put the left hand towards me. Be pleasantly placed towards yourself and have all the confidence and put your right hand on your heart. Here, close your eyes, please close your eyes. Here you have to ask me a very fundamental question about yourself, about which I’ve already told you. The truth about you. You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji in your heart, you don’t have to say loudly.
‘Mother am I the Spirit?’ ask this question three times. It’s just like a computer. Now if you are the Spirit, you become your own master, your own guru. So now please put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard, on the left hand side.
Here you have to ask another fundamental question, three times, ‘Mother am I my own master?’ please ask this question three times. ‘Mother am I my own guru?’
I’ve already told that I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now please take down your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen and here you ask for pure knowledge six times because this centre has got six petals ‘Mother please give me pure knowledge’.
As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, your kundalini starts rising upwards. So now we have to nourish our upper centres, to allow the kundalini to rise without difficulties. So now raise your right hand to your upper portion of the abdomen, on the left hand side.
Here you have to say ten times with full confidence ‘Mother, I am my own master’ you have to say it with full confidence. I’ve already told you that the fundamental truth about you is that you are the Spirit. Not this body, not this mind, not these emotions, not this ego, neither those conditionings but you are the pure Spirit.
So please raise your right hand onto your heart. Here you have to say, again with full confidence in yourself. ‘Mother, I am the pure Spirit’ please say it twelve times. You are the pure Spirit, believe me, you are.
Please say it with full confidence. This all pervading Divine power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love and bliss and joy. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you must have committed, you think to be very bad, all of them can be easily dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness.
So now raise your right hand on the corner of your neck on the left hand side and turn your head to your right. Here now with full confidence, you have to say ‘Mother I am not guilty at all’. Please say it sixteen times. I’ve already told you that if you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything, but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So better to forgive once and for all, in general, not to think about them individually. It is not at all difficult to forgive because it is just to be said that I forgive everyone.
Now raise your right hand on top of your forehead across, press it on both the sides. Please put down your head and you say from your heart, not how many times, from your heart you have to say ‘Mother I forgive everyone’ please say it. Without this, this centre is such a constricted one, it’s the cross, it won’t open. So please say it, as it is you have tortured yourself by not forgiving and now by not forgiving, you will be missing your self realisation. Just say it from your heart, ‘Mother I forgive everyone’.
Now please take your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here you have to say for your own satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes. Just for your satisfaction, you have to say ‘oh Divine power, if I have done any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me’ This you have to say again from your heart, not how many time, from your heart, please say this.
Now, the last centre, please stretch your palm. Please put your left hand towards me and see that your feet are apart from each other. Stretch your palm and put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area and now please put down your head, as far as possible. Now it’s very important to push back your fingers…..(Shri Mataji blows into microphone)
Now please take down your hands and open your eyes slowly. Put both the hands towards me and watch me without thinking, you can do it. You are quite aware but you can watch me without thinking.
Now please put your right hand towards me like this and bend your head and see for yourself with your left hand, if there’s a cool breeze or a warm breeze or hot air coming from your fontanelle bone area. You just bend it and see for yourself. Just put your hands a little away or on the sides and see for yourself. Maybe it can be quite closer or quite far away, please put down your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head.
Now please put your left hand towards me and put down your head and see for yourself, with your right hand if there’s again, a cool breeze coming or a hot breeze, doesn’t matter, whatever it is, because if there’s some heat, it has to come out. Could be quite hot also might come out, with some people, not with everyone. See for yourself.
Now again, put your right hand towards me and put down your head again and see for yourself with your left hand.
Now put both your hands towards the sky and ask a question, any one of these questions you can ask three times:
‘Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’
‘Mother is this the all pervading power of God’s Love?’
‘Mother is this the Paramchaitanya?’
Ask one of these questions three times.
Now bring down your hands and again put hands towards me like this…and watch me without thinking. When we are without thoughts, we are in meditation. We cannot do meditation, we have to be in meditation and that is the time when spiritual growth takes place.
Now all those who have felt cool, warm or hot breeze on their hands or out of their heads, please raise both your hands.
May God bless you, all of you, so many of you, may God bless you.
Again the request is, respect your self realisation, it’s a very great thing that has happened. Let us see how many are going to grow like great trees of spirituality because the whole world is waiting for you. The emancipation of this world is not for the people who are supposed to be in charge but for the people who are meek. They will inherit the Earth as Christ has said. So it is our duty to ourselves and others that we develop our self realisation. Very much thankful to you.
May God bless you.
Now you know that you have gone beyond mind and you are aware so there’s no discussion about it. Just be at peace with yourself and just enjoy. Enjoy yourself and everything else. The whole thing will change in your attitudes, in your understandings, everything will change because now have the light. You can see in the light everything very clearly, so may God bless you.