Shri Vishnumaya Puja: She is the daughter of Mahakali

Ashram Everbeek, Everbeek (Belgium)

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Shri Vishnumaya Puja, Ashram Everbeek (Belgium), 4 July 1992.

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It’s a unique opportunity today to do Vishnumaya Puja because She entered into this house [Shri Mataji laughing], we have to worship Her.
First we should know who is Vishnumaya. It’s very important to know because in the Devi Mahatmyam She is only described as the Incarnation of the Goddess: “Vishnumaya iti shabdita” [chant 5], She is called as Vishnumaya.
But let’s see who is She? After all, this Vishnumaya is who? So Vishnumaya is the Kali, we can say, and is the daughter of Mahakali. She came on this earth and killed many, many devils and many rakshasas to save the saints from their aggression and She always acts in that manner to kill all the negativity of the world. She is very quick at it, I should say, and She knows where is the negativity and She tries to burn that negativity as fast as possible.
Now the origin is like this that this Vishnumaya was the daughter of Mahakali who was created by Mahakali Herself to fight these demons, but also She was given special weapons to do this work.
But at the time of Shri Krishna She was born as the sister of Shri Krishna, and instead of Shri Krishna being killed by Her uncle, as you know the story is, She was exchanged, She was actually the daughter of Yeshoda, exchanged for Shri Krishna. And this girl, little girl was killed by the uncle of Shri Krishna, who became the lightning in the sky and announced that “Shri Krishna has already incarnated, and your destiny is in His hands and He is going to kill you,” She told Kamsa. So this is the Vishnumaya.

Then again She took Her birth at the time of Shri Krishna when He was the King of Dwarika, and She married, I should say, these five Pandavas. Because She was Draupadi. There’s a significance in that, that this is the one who joins five elements. And these five Pandavas represented that five elements and so She joined them as one wife because She’s the one who joins all the five elements that have created this material universe.
Thus, we have a relationship established with Shri Krishna, and Shri Krishna as you know that, treated Her as a sister.
Now once when you know that they tried to insult Draupadi by pulling out Her saris, it was Shri Krishna who helped Her because She was His sister and such a powerful lady. She’s also responsible for the Mahabharata. She’s the one who brought forth, She’s the one who told that: “You have to fight these Pandavas.” She absolutely told them very clearly that: “You have to fight the Kauravas and in such a way that they should be defeated not only but they should be destroyed.”
Because the chastity of woman is very important and in India anybody who tries to molest the chastity of woman is to be cursed, is to be destroyed. And this was a very great message of Mahabharata that only because She was insulted so much, all the war took place and all of them were destroyed.

So this is the story of Vishnumaya. But as all the Deities are now in Adi Shakti residing, She is on your left Vishuddhi, reflected. And the left Vishuddhi is very important because we have problems of our ego. And you really need someone to remind us that we should not have this ego to oppress others. So this reminder comes to us maybe from our conscience or wherever it is, you may say, from our upbringing, and settles down in our left Vishuddhi as the clouds of guilt. Also, as you know, Catholic Church and all these people, every religion start saying that “You are a sinner” and all this settles down in the left side of your Vishuddhi chakra. So the guilt is there. Now the guilt is there, then it is there, She is sitting down. This guilt when rubs against each other as the clouds in the sky, Vishnumaya gives you a feeling of burning, She burns the bhoots there, She burns our guilt and also She removes our doubts about ourselves with Her light.
But in the beginning in Sahaja Yoga, as you’ve seen, when the Kundalini rises you feel always the left side, very clearly, the pain or sometimes the burning. And sometimes people say, “Mother, why am I feeling such burning here [left Vishuddhi] when the Kundalini is rising?” Because is the Vishnumaya, She’s trying to burn them out. This is one of Her capacities, to burn some of them. Like we can say, the water element can dissolve, then the ice can soothe you down, but Vishnumaya is an element like electricity, which really puts you into proper shape by burning away your negativities. Is very surprising that this power of Vishnumaya is of the left side and despite that it has that fire in itself that it can burn away the, I should say, the negativity bhoots on the left hand side.

Now let us see how we develop these left hand side bhoots, it’s very interesting, because as we are dealing with Vishnumaya we should cooperate with Her and should not have any more pains upon us.
It comes to us, specially in the west, I mean in India I don’t think anybody feels guilty about anything. It’s something that very surprising, I’ve never seen any Indian feeling guilty. The reason is that, if they have done a mistake in India – as it is, you know, the culture is such that this is bad manners, that is bad manners, like that. Now if somebody by mistake does something, then he can bear a grudge against that person, but he’ll never feel guilty that, “I’ve hurt that person,” or “I’ve said something wrong,” or “I should not have said that,” because in the whole culture there is nothing like “sorry” and “thank you”. It’s funny culture Indian is. There’s nothing like saying “sorry” and so much “thank you” also they don’t say. And all the time saying, “Thank you”, and “Good morning”, “Good evening”, I mean all the time, it’s more sort of a artificial thing for us.
Even in Maharashtra the women never even say “Namaste” except to the Goddess or to God or to Incarnations, or in the temples. They’ll never say to some man, “Namaskar” like this [joined hands]– just like this or they might just smile, that’s all. So it is because we have to only bow to God. Why should we say “Good morning” to everyone, “Good evening” to everyone? We should we say, “Good morning” only to God. You see that’s the situation, [Shri Mataji laughs] it is the way it is being done. 27 :32

Now if you have done anything wrong, say in the East, I mean in India, as it is – if you have done anything in a way that you should not have done. So there are only two ways they deal with it, either they will confess it and go that person, that “I have done this wrong, now you can cut my throat, do what you like. Whatever punishment you give me I am willing to do.” This is the first thing, they’ll admit it, that “If you think that I have done wrong you can slap me immediately, I can pick up the slap.”
Supposing you say something rude to your father. It’s not to be said, is bad manners because he is elder. If any elderly person has been insulted then it is wrong, then you will go and touch the feet of that person and say, “I am sorry, I’ve said this and I hope you forgive me.” So the other person says after that, “I forgive you.”

I’ll give an example. We were in Russia and a little problem started between two persons. One was much younger and one was much older, Sahaja Yogis. So the reaction I’m telling you how it was.
So the elder one came and complained at two o’clock in the night that this man said that, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” I said, “Really. That’s, he should not have said such a thing to you.” So I called that fellow, woke him up at about 2:30. [Laughter] I said, “Why did you say such a thing to him? You should not have said. He is your elder, you cannot say like that.” “Because he said that, Mother, he talked to me as if he would talk to his own servant. He didn’t talk to me in the way he should have talked to me, so I said this.” But I said, “Despite that you cannot say this to your elders, you cannot say like that.” “Yes, of course, I know I made a mistake and actually I was not sleeping, I was not awakened, I was not sleeping, I was thinking I should tomorrow morning go and ask for his forgiveness and finish it.” I said, “Just now.” Immediately he got up and got hold of his feet and he said, “Now forgive me, because you were also too much of it.” He said, “I agree, that was my mistake so you also forgive me.” Finished!

And in the West, formerly, it was not so bad also. What they used to do supposing there’s a quarrel between two men, they would use their boxing, box each other nicely and everybody will box each other. Finished! [Laughter]
Nowadays you cannot box anyone, you cannot ask for forgiveness, and it’s too much of prestige, this, that, all these artificial things have made you feel guilty because you are supposed to do that. If anybody – it’s natural – if anybody has said anything to you, you’ll just go and box him and say, “Why did you say such a thing to me?” and that fellow will box you back and finished. [Laughter] Was a very common style, you see in all these old American pictures you see all this, I’ve seen it all the time. [Laughter]
Shri Mataji aside: Let the -Indian musicians can come this side.

But this guilt business has come because of sophistication. I used to think, “Why do they feel guilty for everything?”
First is sophistication, first reason is. Because you cannot go and say somebody, “Oh I’m sorry I’ve said this and please forgive me,” and another person may not even forgive. So, this is due to sophistication and no communication. There’s no communication. I mean in a country like India people will fight and next thing, you’ll see them hugging each other. It doesn’t last long very much.
But if there is any, sort of a very big problem between the families or someone said to an ancient one, then they’ll keep it up. They will not talk to that person, they’ll keep their distance, they’ll keep it all the time. But here it is not so. Superficially, they’ll meet everyone. Superficially, they’ll talk to everyone but inside they have that guilt.
So because of this superficial sophistication what has happened that we suffer from this left Vishuddhi. And then Vishnumaya gets angry. That’s why most of the people in the west, I have seen, have left Vishuddhi and even I have got it from you all. It’s like that.
So it’s nothing, it’s artificial, it is mythical, nothing to feel guilty about. After all even if you have done anything wrong you would have been in jail. You are sitting here, so how can you be guilty ?
So this guilt business has killed our growth in Sahaja Yoga very much, I know that. So first of all, how to overcome your ego is the problem. Ego is there and when you see your ego and you cannot say that you are egoistical, you have to put the result of that as a left Vishuddhi problem.

So the first thing you have to do is to see that you have ego. All right, then you stand before the mirror, separate yourself from your reflection and start telling off your own reflection: “Now what do you mean by having ego in yourself? You are a Sahaja Yogi, you have no business to have any ego.”
But if you have the guilt, you will never see you have the ego. You will just feel the guilt but never see you have the ego. And that’s how ego remains and the left Vishuddhi also remains. Both things can be easily conquered if you face yourself, just see yourself. “It is from my ego? Yes. Why should I have ego?”
Now there are ways of removing all these imbalances within ourselves through Sahaja Yoga. It’s not difficult. And has been removed. So you know right side, left side, it’s so simple. Sahaja Yoga is just movement of your fingers and hands, that’s all. It’s not a thing diagnosis, where they take out your blood, take out your tongue, take out your eyes and declare that you are healthy. It’s not that way. It just, you can feel it, that you are all right, you are in balance. Once that balance is established there is no problem with Vishnumaya.
So this Vishnumaya who was the sister of Shri Krishna and later on came as Draupadi and all that, is today also existing in this light, and in your left Vishuddhi.

But people do not want to see what’s wrong with them. This is the big problem.
Like in York they had a church where a bishop of Durham, useless fellow, he declared that Christ was an ordinary man and he could have been a homosexual. Can you imagine, such a thing to say, I mean, even to hear is too much! And we should make some experiments, we should find out through some discoveries. Can you imagine such a hopeless thing he should say in the church ?
So when the whole thing was ceremonious, he said it, then our Archbishop of Canterbury, who is another one, was so enamoured by the new discovery of this fellow that he honoured him in a church in York. And then after the thing the whole working was about to be over or something, they saw lightning looming round the church, around it. When the all the people were out this lightning completely fell on that thing and destroyed the whole of the church, except for the lower part. Now instead of seeing that what they did was wrong, what they said that: “See, look at the grace of God, and the grace of our faith that the lower portion of the church was not burned.” [Shri Mataji laughs] Such an explanation to be given! So then explanation come.
I’ve seen is very common here, because mind is very intelligent here: “I did this because I thought like this, I thought like that.” Always there is an explanation for everything that you did wrong. “I thought like this.” But why did you think like that, is the point nobody wants to see.
If you think, “Why did I think like that?” So this is an escape from the assertion of your ego that has harmed others or also it has harmed some Gods. It’s just an explanation, and people wriggle out. Actually there are so many wrigglers I’e seen like Mr Waldheim, they just wriggle out of all these – all the problems they have created, all the bad things they have done, I mean, somehow or other, they know how to wriggle out.
Because this method they have developed, is to just to say something that would somehow or other give them a little capacity to escape. But they don’t want to face it.

So now, we have to understand that we must face it. And I know of Sahaja Yogis also say there are certain, whom you tell them by now: “what, why tell that? “
-“I thought”
-“But why did you think? You should have seen the vibrations. You are not on the thinking level, you are now on the vibration level. Why not use your vibratory awareness?”
“I thought. ” Once this “I thought” comes in your attention is on something that is mythical. The reality is that you have committed a mistake, all right admit it’s a mistake and is to be corrected.
Now take a car, now there’s a car. If the car gets out of order or something, the car doesn’t think, “I thought”, does it? And we also don’t think that the car thought, never. What we do is to correct the car, finished!

If we have to drive the car we correct the car.
In the same way, this mind which says “I thought” should on the contrary correct itself.
So this sentence of “I thought” should be out of the language of Sahaja Yogis. So we don’t think, you know, we are in thoughtless awareness.
And then things work out, properly. When you start thinking that: “I think I am responsible” finished! When you start thinking: “I am not responsible, it’s all done by God, I’m not responsible for anything”. If some mistake is done it’s God’s mistake, let Him have this left Vishuddhi. [Laughter] “But I haven’t done anything wrong”. But when I say “I thought” means I take the responsibility and I create my own problems. So to take a decision you should be in that state of thoughtless awareness.
Many times I see all these things happening like a drama around Me. I keep quiet. I say: “All right, all right, everyone all right.” I take the consensus. But whatever has to be done is done according to God’s will.
But it doesn’t amazes people now, it used to once upon a time, because it corrects people, it is fruitful, it achieves results.

Ultimately now they have accepted that whatever Mother decides is the best. But I don’t decide, actually, to be very frank I don’t do anything. But I see it so clearly, so evidently that this is the right thing one should do, so why do wrong things?
That’s how you have to develop yourself, to get over this problem of Vishuddhi. But Vishnumaya has to be worshipped, has to be really remembered every day, because that is a common failing in the West. Now if your Vishnumaya is bad, angry with you, then what happens? You go on adding guilt after guilt, guilt after guilt, guilt after guilt. But all the time if you are alert and keep your Vishnumaya intact, then what happens? That She looks after you, She doesn’t allow any guilt to come in. And then the enjoyment of your Spirit is maximum.
with the guilt, it’s a dent in it. You see, you [say]: “Ah, I am so happy Mother, happy, very happy, I rejoice,” And suddenly what happened? “Oh, I did that wrong.”

I have seen people getting upset for small things, I mean, of course I have another life also, a very sophisticated world. One gentleman was eating all right, and suddenly, “Uh!” “What happened?” “Oh, I was supposed to telephone to that person and I did not telephone.” “But now you eat your food, now. Why are you worried about that?” “No, I should have.” “But what is going to happen in any case? You have not telephoned so you have not telephoned now. It’s all right, now you better have your food and telephone.” Then he finds out that the man was not there at all, he could never have got him.
So all these things are, sort of, have created a kind of a norms in our life and these are so artificial norms. Now I was supposed to be there, say at this time, I am not there, so what? I should have been there, but if you are not there what’s the use of feeling bad about it? I should have reached the place. You’ll be surprised, the planes will wait, the man will wait, everything will be there even if you reach eight hours later. It would all happen that way.
But first you must get in tune with this All-Pervading Power, with Vishnumaya. If you are tuned with that, attuned with Her then you will never fight, it’s all in front of you. It’s just there because remember now you have entered into the Kingdom of God, just test it!
But on the contrary you are all the time using your human ignorance, and then you get deceived.
Try to know that you are enlightened people, that you are not any more ordinary. But unless and until you use your powers what’s the use?

It’s like some beggar – you put him on the throne. And when people come to Me, he begs: [Shri Mataji mimes a beggar presenting a plate] “Whatever is all right.” “But Baba you are made the king, why are you begging?”

So not to feel guilty is our religion. Not to feel guilty. We have to face it. If we have done any mistake with open heart we should accept we’ve done this mistake, go and tell the person, do the thing or correct it, or attend to it, instead of making a capital out of it and putting it down on your Vishuddhi. It is a very big problem in the west and I was surprised that it is very much on the increase and they are very proud, “Oh, I’m so guilty!” (Laughter) Better go to jail.

All your pleasant temperament, all your joyous temperament absolutely gets poisoned by this guilt which has no meaning. Neither it can help you nor can it help anyone. I’m telling you with such earnestness, because I know it’s a, in the beginning of course, all the Sahaja Yogis whom I’ve met in the west had this guilt.
Also Catholicism is another one. In the Catholic Church you are supposed to confess.
But I have seen Protestants very badly guilty. Protestants are no less. But in India you take any Catholic or a Protestant – nobody is guilty there.
As I told you the other day a story My granddaughter asked Me, “Grandma, what sins You think I am committing?” I said, “What?” “I didn’t commit any sin, but can You tell me if I am committing any sin?” I said, “I don’t see any sin in you.” She said, “But You know in our school they asked me to confess my sins – so what should I confess?” (Laughter) I said, “What will you say?” “Oh, only thing I ate two ice-creams.” So I said, “Go and tell them.” (Laughter)

So it’s so stupid as that. If you see the point it is very stupid and this stupidity you should, Sahaja Yogis should not engulf. Keep yourself happy, makes no difference whatsoever.

And sometimes I make mistakes. Like suddenly, I don’t know why, I, Aristotle, I confused with Tolstoy? I don’t know why Tolstoy came into My mind, though I don’t think Tolstoy was anywhere near Aristotle or Aristotle was any near like that. But I did commit mistake and I’ve been thinking, “Why, why it was so?”
Still it is very important. Even these people, you see, when they are described like – you see Aristotle had no influence on Tolstoy at all, is a fact. He had no influence. Aristotle was a man with politics and all that and he displaced all the philosophy on one side. Here is Tolstoy who tried to show how a person can resurrect.
I don’t know if you have read him or not, but I think he is one of the great writers of those days. And the other day only I was comparing both of them and I said : “Look at this man, he is absolutely different from Aristotle, absolutely, two ends of the thing we can say, and how is it that he never read Aristotle? He was such a learned man, he never read Aristotle.” Then I just felt it’s a Russian mind, and Russian mind is extremely introspective and this introspection was missing in Mr Aristotle, was taking out everything out of his head, the yarn, and putting people on the other line altogether of this politics.
Plato was even in a way worse than him, but this one is another.
So Socrates was finished and Aristotle became everything.

But because I have been judging both of them on their merits, that how is it Tolstoy? Because Tolstoy was a born Realised soul.
So he saw life very differently. If you have read Anna Karenina there they have shown this lady, Anna Karenina, carrying on with another man, when she was a married lady and her husband very tolerant, working very hard and all that and could not give her sufficient time so she thought she has a right to be romantic. And then at the end he proves that she was never happy. But her husband was very peaceful, very forgiving, but she was never happy and ultimately she had to commit suicide. I mean these are old writers, used to write like this – specially those who were Realised souls. But if you give the same thing to somebody who is a modern writer he would show that the husband committed suicide, not the wife.
And that’s what now we are in the modern times and that’s how we are, that we feel guilty for none of our faults. Here is a wife carrying on with another man and the man feels that I am guilty because I am not so attractive, that’s why she’s carrying on with another man and he commits suicide. It’s not so. It is the wife who is wrong – not the man.

So also there is a shift of guilt or wrong from one to another by our perverted thinking.
I have seen some men who are just like cabbages before their wives – specially in America. Just cabbages! I said : “Why are you such a cabbage?” So they say, “Mother, You see it was our guilt – the way we suppressed women.” “But why do you allow your women to suppress you? That’s also wrong.”
So they allow their women to suppress them because they think their forefathers suppressed the women. I mean, doing the same thing, I mean, you are imbalancing yourself. Because you feel guilty. For whom? For your forefathers. I mean they are dead and gone – you are different.
Like that we try to make ourselves guilty, it’s a fashion, you know, like dressing up in a funny way. All the time try to find out what wrong we have done is a typical Western mind.
And then you become “Les Miserables”. How can you be happy people?
All the time you start blaming yourself, putting yourself down. All these theories and all those things that have come to you have just made you miserable people, without going to jail you are in jail.

Now this I was telling you about the dresses. There’s a six inches skirts have come. Now girls feel guilty if they don’t wear six inches. So actually it is wrong to wear that – but they feel guilty that they are not wearing. Because these are funny norms we have created that whatever the entrepreneurs take out we should be slaves to them. Immediately we should start throwing away all our clothes, take new style, another style. It is in Paris something comes up everybody should wear.
On the contrary if India anybody starts such tricks, we’ll never accept. “Get lost! We don’t want all this nonsense.”

So by that we throw away all the tradition which has grown us to this level. All our traditions we lose – because these entrepreneurs are working on us, we are playing into their hands and all these people are putting their yarns every day, all kinds of theories coming up from all over, we start accepting. If we do not accept we feel guilty.
It’s very surprising how people accept nonsense.

There’s a very painful experience of Mine when I went to America once and there was a little child of eight years and she said, “He takes drugs,” the mother. I said, “Really?” I felt so shocked I just took the child to My Heart and I said, “Why do you take drugs?” He looked up at Me. He said, “My mother never hugs me like this.” I asked her, “Why don’t you hug your child like that?” She said, “Because I’ll develop a guilt.” I said, “How?” “According to Freud it would be a guilt.” Now Freud is dictating that it’s a guilt to hug your child, so you develop a guilt.
So from where is it coming this guilt to you? It’s from these books that you are reading, these useless people who are guiding you, they have no character, they have no sense, they have no idea of reality and that’s what you accept as Bible ? Then naturally you will be guilty.
If a little coffee spills in a party, “Oh My God!” then I think you are worse than a criminal. Or else, somebody’s carpet is spoiled then of course, I mean, you should go to jail immediately. [Laughter]
More on very superficial things these norms are made, on very superficial behaviours these norms are made and then you start feeling guilty.
You don’t feel guilty that you are a racist, you don’t feel guilty about the things about which you have to feel guilty. That you aggress people – in America killed thousands and thousands of people, millions of people there – nobody feels guilty about that. Or you dominated the whole world – nobody feels guilty about that. You feel guilty about things which are extremely superficial.

But for Sahaja Yogis, they are so deep, so deep that if they have to feel really bad about anything it is- I have to find out now what they have to feel bad. [Laughter]
So I’ve found out a simple solution if you feel bad please pull your ears, finished! Or if you feel guilty just pull your ears and the Vishuddhi will be all right. It’s a very simple method just pull your ears like this, finished! But sometimes I find people all the time walking before me like this [Shri Mataji pulls Her ears and laughs] [Big laughter& applause], then I think what have I done to them now? [Shri Mataji bursts into laughter]
Even while dancing they’ll do the same. this [Shri Mataji pulls Her ears and laughs] [Big laughter] It’s too much.
This is a bit too much for Me to see these people feeling. So I mean, in Sahaja Yoga it’s not such a hard and fast rule about anything. I mean you are absolutely free people and you have to use all the freedom, absolutely. You are not to sort of be guided by some hard and fast rule that all the time you keep your ears pulled down like that. Just to overcome this nonsense of your guilt I said, “All right you can pull your ears.” And every time I see people just pulling their ears.
Yesterday one girl was wearing a big earring and she was pulling her earrings, you see, I was quite worried it might… [Big laughter] Sahaja Yoga is just a play, just an enjoyment it is not this kind of hard and fast laws and regulations as you see. Because you are now innately religious, you’ve got your Spirit to see. What mistakes can you commit?
But where you have to be careful you are not. For example, I say that before going out please take a bandhan. It’s a kavach, we call it a kavach. Means, kavach, in English there’s a word for Kavach?
Sahaja Yogi: Protection
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: Protection, protect.
That’s rather, protection is abstract, but this is a protection of the Mother is a concrete stuff, you see, kavach. So you take the kavach. Kavach is something you can say, that people wear those, hum-
Sahaja Yogi: Armor
Shri Mataji: Armor, inside, you see that sort of a thing, is kavach. So you must take that before going out or talking to somebody. That you don’t do.

Then I find there are, I said: “From where are you coming?”
“Oh Mother, I went to see my one- I went to a cemetery.”
I said: “For what?”
“Somebody died so I went there.”
“So did you take your kavach?”
And you can see all the bhoots dancing here on the head. [Laughter]
This is the thing is that where you are– and then you pull your ears, what’s the use? It’s just a simple thing, take your kavach when you are going out. It’s so simple, I mean, in Sahaja Yoga we don’t have to do horrible rituals that people do, nothing of the kind. Just take your bandhan in the morning when you are going out and if somebody is argumentative, just give a bandhan. Anything, little bandhan can work out so many things. But we forget that we have entered into the Kingdom of God and all the Saints and all the angels and Ganas are at your disposal.

Now you have to believe in yourself. How am I to tell you that believe in yourself now? So this human nonsense of feeling guilty should vanish from every Sahaja Yogi. That’s why today we are having this Vishnumaya.
Now you see – for example the Vishnumaya entered into this house, because it’s a new, dilapidated, old house and it was a brewery. It was wrong to have the Havan outside they should have had it inside. Not to feel guilty about it; But again, I think they will also [Shri Mataji pulls her ears – laughter]. So, but this was wrong.
So Vishnumaya saw that you had committed a mistake She Herself came and cleaned out everything. She didn’t think that you should feel guilty, She thought, “These are children, still don’t know anything about it, they don’t know how many bhoots are inside. Better I go and do the job.” And She cleansed it. That’s all, there’s nothing to feel guilty about it. She knows better than you, naturally, so She’s done the job.

So, a Sahaja Yogi is not like a person who looks as if somebody has died in his family. See like a very serious, he can’t smile, even if you tickle he won’t smile, you see, he’s so much “above” everything, that sort of a person he is not. He’s always bubbling with enjoyment and love and understanding and friendship. Everything he enjoys, that’s why he’s a Sahaja Yogi.
If you ever feel guilty – now of course better pull your ears, that I would not cancel, because then it might be much more there [inside the left Vishuddhi]. But ever feel guilty you say: “Why I’m feeling guilty?” Just introspect. And this is the difference between Aristotle and Tolstoy. And yesterday I just realised that why I thought of Tolstoy instead of Aristotle.
Now our Vishnumaya principle is to be always kept very alert because it helps us in many ways. First of all, it helps us to pass the messages from your heart to your head. It is the one by which we integrate. Our heart and head is integrated by the Vishnumaya principle more than the Vishuddhi on the right side.
Vishuddhi on the right side can create collectivity, can create understanding with each other but on the left side, [it] helps you to keep a complete integration between your heart and your head.
If there is a guilt, you just think of it and analyse it, it means that there’s a struggle between you in your heart and your mind, isn’t it? Simple as that. If it was integrated you would not feel guilty. And that is why all these artificial theories that have come, all these artificial yarns that you have read and all that, you forget it. You are a Sahaja Yogi and you have entered into the Kingdom of God – enjoy! That’s all you have to do. But you have to get to that state of enjoyment and understanding that you are above all.
Even you can’t say that: “You should not be like Buddha who’s sitting silently”. Nothing of the kind. Buddha was sitting silently only when he was doing meditation. Otherwise you have seen the fat Buddha with all the children and laughing Buddha. That means ego must laugh at itself. That’s how this filth of this guilt won’t be there. Just laugh at yourself. “How I did like this!” Laughing at yourself is a very good way of understanding yourself. Try to find out: “What nonsense I do? How I behave?”

Like there’s a lady, she always feels responsible for everything. No. I call her “Goverdhari”, means the one who held the mountain Govardhan in his hand, like that, she thinks she’s responsible for everything. And I try to outwit her in all her responsibilities, just to make her understand that she’s not responsible. And when she feels she’s responsible she’s all the time accumulating this guilt in her. Because firstly she’s not responsible and secondly being responsible, she’s definitely going to commit some sort of mistakes and then she’s going to take the responsibility of the mistakes and feel guilty. Then Vishnumaya gets angry and if She gets angry then you have problem of the left side.

And left side is so important that it doesn’t show, it doesn’t express itself but it is painful to you. Left side is your own, it is painful to you, is troublesome to you.
If there is ego others are troubled but if there is left side, you feel bad. So don’t feel bad for anything. I mean, some people feel bad because they were late for puja, doesn’t matter, that’s the time you had to come. Some people feel that they couldn’t bring something for puja, doesn’t matter. I never say: “You didn’t bring this, you didn’t do that.” I’ve never said anything about the puja, never – even once. that: “You did this wrong, or you should not have done this wrong, should have got it.”
Gradually you all have learned. What was the need to tell you? Otherwise there would have been another big well of this guilt in your heads. So you have to learn, you have never known pujas before, you don’t know what puja means, you don’t know anything of that kind, how it helps you. So, whatever was done, you are growing, after all children when they are growing they’ll do mistakes. Only My job is to protect you and that I am doing.
But now don’t try to destroy yourself by feeling guilty. That’s why we are today doing the Puja of Vishnumaya. She is Kali who is the sister of Shri Krishna and who was Draupadi. Who is the one who is all the time for our protection and for telling us that we should not feel guilty at all and enjoy life.
May God Bless you.