Guru Puja: Gravity

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Guru Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 19 July 1992.

Yesterday, you had asked me for the status of a Guru. It’s a state, It is not a status because status is external, can be bestowed upon anyone, and anybody can say that, “This is your status.” For something external merit, or something, you can give a status to a person. It is a state. ‘State’ means the innate being, evolved to that level that you become the master. Of course, you have to be your own master to begin with. No doubt about it. If you are not even your own master then how you can achieve that state?

Now as I say it is innate; then one starts thinking, “If it is innate, in a Sahaj way, how do we achieve it?” There are certain faculties which we have to develop to begin with.

The first faculty is if we can become thoughtless. In meditation you can become thoughtless for a short time. Gradually this short time should go on increasing – that you are without any thought. This happens also as we can say is a state, but how do we achieve that, again? Because human beings cannot understand that anything can happen spontaneously it has to be done some…something has to be done. For that, in Sahaj, we have something very, very simple, that you have got a mantra as ‘nirvichar’.

So now you watch anything saying the mantra, “Twameva sakshat nirvichar,” then you’ll start seeing that, witnessing that, without thinking. Just see, witness. Just seeing itself creates that state within us the first state, is very important, that you become the witness, the sakshi. As soon as you become a sakshi, the whole thing whatever you are seeing gives you a complete idea, subtle as well as gross, of that thing. You see it and you know it and, as a Sahaja Yogi, it becomes your knowledge. We can say, in the modern terminology, that you see something, it gets recorded in your mind and it manifests joy, it manifests knowledge, it manifests compassion, whatever may [be] the situation. Because now you have many dimensions which you have to develop, these dimensions are to be developed.

Now supposing you go and meet someone with whom you have to deal. He’s talking, talking, talking. Just become thoughtless. So now, what is the thing that will happen as soon as you become thoughtless? First his thoughts, his bombardment, will not touch you because you are in a different realm altogether. But in that realm your power will manifest: it may cool him down, it may shut him down or maybe he may just feel tremendous love for you.

So the word ‘guru’ means gravity: that the Mother Earth has gravity. In the same way a person who is a guru has to have the gravity. But how do you develop this gravity? Some people just artificially become very grave and sometimes show that they are very serious or something like that. Gravity is within yourself.

In the second state, we should say, of guru pada, is your gravity [which] must manifest. As you become the witness your gravity starts expressing itself. It will not show as temper or seriousness or anything like that. But it will manifest in a way that the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic. It will just manifest by itself. So the state in which you rise, now, becomes effective. Before this it was not. You had to all the time manipulate, say this, say that. But in your silence you can manifest your gravity, and this gravity is extremely [magnetic]… it acts like a magnet.

As you know there’s a magnet in the Mother Earth. That we call as the gravity, by which people are attracted. We are resting on this Mother Earth because of her gravity. Everything is attracted to Mother Earth because of her gravity. So you get a magnetic temperament, magnetic character, magnetic personality. And this magnetic personality that you develop, immediately shows that it is manifesting its power. Try to understand. Like the light now is coming on me: it’s just giving light, but it is not manifesting anything. We can see the sun’s rays, is the best example. Sun’s rays when they fall onto the leaves, the rays, which look simple, manifest their power of making it into chlorophyll. In the same way, when you are at that height or at that state, then without saying anything, without doing anything, even [with] a glance – you manifest. But not only that but you record everything.

So many people must have noticed that I seldom forget things. Like once I was travelling and I saw some red stones near Sangamner, and when I said that why not we have some red stones for Pratishtan. They said, “But there are no red stones in the whole of Maharashtra.” I said, “There are.” “Where?” I said, “Go on the way of…you’ll find them near Sangamner.” They said, “We have travelled so much that way, we’ve never seen it.” I said, “I don’t know what you are seeing, you know, what you are watching, I have definitely seen.” When they went there they saw mountains and mountains of these red stones and they never noticed it even!

So now, when you start witnessing something without thought there’s no obstruction for absorbing the knowledge about that thing because there’s no thought. It’s complete absorption takes place. And then it manifests. This is how the Divine Power works within us.

So with our gravity what we do is to touch that depth within us, which can carry the Divine Power and manifest it. Unless and until we touch that depth within us, Sahaja yoga is like ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ [cult]. Nothing better than that! And that’s why I find so many Sahaja Yogis, sometimes, really go off their rails suddenly. Because they have no gravity to go down into their own being and to feel the beauty and the glory of their own being and to use that gravity for manifesting Divine Power. We could say that, supposing there is a vehicle which is very weak, which is not yet properly fixed, [it] can not be used for something substantial. And the most substantial thing in your lives is this Divine Power; which looks very light. You never feel the weight of this Divine Power. You’ll never feel the pressure of this Divine Power. But if you are not clean, if your channel is not clean, then this Divine Power cannot flow properly, it cannot manifest.

So when we say that we are the instrument of God Almighty then, like this instrument (the microphone) we are; now we are connected to the mains. If this instrument is not alright then it cannot manifest whatever it is supposed to do. But we are much above all these ordinary instruments, even the most complicated, even the most advanced and developed by science. Because we reach a state where we ourselves become the science. Science of Truth, an Absolute Truth.

So what is needed for a Guru is self-esteem. This is a very important point [which] people don’t realise: the self-esteem. To achieve the self-esteem we have to introspect and know that, “Today I am not what I was before. I am a realised soul. I have got powers. Of course I have powers. Powers of love, powers of compassion, powers of grasping things, powers of creativity, powers of giving realisations to others.” Nobody had these powers! But somehow or other in Sahaja Yoga we are not self-conscious. And we should not be self-conscious because that can give you ego, but we should have self-esteem. “I am a Guru. I’m a Guru. I am not an ordinary person. I am not on the street. I am something special. I am on the shores of Truth. I have to salvage the people who are blind, who are mad,”  all kinds of things.

In the most chaotic conditions this world is today. So at that time a kind of a silence will come within you. When there will be any such crisis, immediately you will become extremely silent. But this is again a state I am telling you [about]. So now, if there is something that makes you upset or makes you unhappy, try to reach that point, that axis, which is just silence. And this silence will make you really powerful because this silence is not only yours. When you are in that silence you are in the silence of the cosmos, silence of the cosmos. And the silence of the cosmos works for you. You are in connection with that Cosmic Power we can call it. But it’s more than that, is Divine Power I should say: Divine power which is working all the cosmos.

So, if you just become silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the Kingdom of God.

It’s like this: when, say, you get the great honour of becoming a king then you walk up to your throne and you sit down and look around and you feel the silence of the state that, now, you are the king. This silence is the sign that you are definitely, definitely, you are now in contact with the Divine. You are silent because the Divine is going to look after everything. You don’t have to do anything: just keep silent. But not forcibly. It’s, again, a state.

You see, if any turmoil takes place, any problem takes place, suddenly your attention will jump on to that silence and once you jump onto that silence you [are] being in contact with this whole All-pervading Power. And when I talk about All-pervading Power we still don’t understand what it is, what it means, this All-pervading Power of love. Is it some sort of an energy floating around? Or is it some sort of a river? Or some sort of a ether? It is the complete, the totality of Reality. Complete totality of Reality, is this All-pervading Power. Other things are unreal.

And the Reality is so efficient (The electricity stops working and Mother touches the mic to check it’s working), It is so efficient, It never fails, like this mic (microphone). It’s such a tremendous, we can call – the intertwined process; which we cannot even imagine with this human understanding, how It controls, how It works. I mean, for example [if] you see the trees. A rose bush will give roses only, it won’t give apples. It will grow up to a certain height, it won’t grow like a coconut tree. All the character of this nature is maintained, nourished, looked after, controlled absolutely; at the right time, at the right seasons that’s why in Sanskrit this is called as ‘Rutumbara Pragnya’. ‘Rutu’ means seasons, and [Rutumbara Pragnya means] the One which looks after the seasons , that knowledge which is enlightened: simple definition (laughing). But still it doesn’t explain because it is so complicated for a human brain that they cannot understand how it works.

Now all the miracles you have described I have seen. I mean, there are so many still to be recorded: is just a play of this Power which thinks, understands, co-operates, co-ordinates and loves and looks after you. [It] is at your disposal, at your disposal. Wherever you go the connection is maintained. It’s like a governor travelling, you see, the security travels with him. So they are all around. Not only with Me but with you also. You are already booked there. And They know you are the one they have to look after, They won’t look after anybody else, They won’t do anything for anybody else but for you people. Now try to understand the self esteem part! You are Sahaja Yogis, means you are such special people that this Divine Power, wherever you may be, whether you are sleeping, you are walking or you are sitting under the tree or in your house, wherever you are, that connection is maintained. Like a talkie-walkie you can call it, at the most. But you don’t have to talk, you don’t have to say anything you don’t have to command, you don’t have to request. Nothing! It is at your disposal. Because already you are one of the governors in the Realm of God.

So all the protocol that is yours. Anybody who tries to insult you or trouble you has to pay for that kind of an action. So you should never worry. You should never think of those things on the mundane level. On the contrary I would say, better forgive, because God knows what will happen to that person who misbehaves. It is not only compassion, also It is wrathful, It is wrathful. You are special people; only thing [is] you have to have your self-esteem and you must try to maintain your balance.

Once you come in balance, the job of a Guru is to give balance to others.

It balances everything. It will balance the nature, climate, atmosphere, society, human beings. It is there to balance you. And that balance comes from the Guru Principle which balances you. If you have Guru Principle in you, you get into balance – automatically! Automatically you become a balanced personality. Nobody has to tell you, “Now you balance,” you are balanced.

So now, how do we develop that balance? Of course in the ancient times they had very severe methods – is not to eat much, to starve yourself and go to Himalayas, stand on your heads and do all kinds of things. This will bring great imbalance. If you become an austere personality it will make you such a dry person that nobody would like to stand near you; I mean, you’ll be burning, absolutely. So the ascetic ideas, I don’t know from where it has come, whatever it has come. Maybe because they wanted people to pay more attention to their Spirit.

But a Guru is not ascetic by nature. But he’s so detached that he’s ascetic. He may be the king or he may be a beggar or he may be a big personality somewhere or he may be just an ordinary person. If he is a Guru then in every state he’s in complete balance. Nothing can disturb him. Supposing you put a crown on his head – so what? Whether it is a cardboard crown, silver or gold or diamonds or anything, it can never impress him and he can never go into imbalances. Food for example; food is one of the weak points I think. A Guru who might eat quite a lot, and may not eat at all; may like something to eat, something not to eat. Whatever it is, but nothing can dominate this Guru.

So the symptom is that you are in balance and you can not be dominated by food or by power or by wealth or money or anything – nothing can dominate you. You are above all these things. And once you know that you are above all these things then you are not afraid. No more you are afraid. Fearlessness comes into you, you become absolutely fearless. Nothing can put you into imbalance. Nothing can dominate you. Nothing can weaken you. Nothing can make you an addict. Nothing is tempting. There’s nothing like temptation left anymore.

When you reach that state, beyond temptation, beyond any greed, beyond any lust, then there is no problem. Nothing, nothing can really bring you down. You may wear ordinary tulsi (Indian basil) garland or you may wear pearls or diamonds or anything. That doesn’t touch you. But you don’t run away from anything. Because when you run away from something you become an ascetic artificially. Asceticism is within yourself – innate. So nothing can hamper you, nothing can matter. That state we have to see, but mostly what happens with people [is] they’ll say, “Mother I don’t think I’m a Guru.” I said, “Why?” “Because what symptom you told me, all they are there. I still want to eat this food, I still [do] this thing.”  You are going the other way round! You shouldn’t try to weigh upon what I am telling you or try to judge yourself. Don’t judge! You just gradually rise. Appreciate yourself! And gradually you rise and settle down on the position that you have achieved.

Instead of that you’ll feel very diffident and you’ll feel very much depressed if you start judging, “Oh, Mother has said that we must have this, Mother has said we must have this.” If you all the time start judging yourself: this will not help you. You are self-assured. You are sure about yourself. There is nothing to judge, yourself or to tally. Sometimes I see some people go on saying, “Mother said so!” I might have said, might not have said, out of reference, whatever it is. What is it? Now, I have said so. What are you saying? Because this is a very good way of troubling others “Mother said so!” “What did she say?” “That you should not take your food every day!” I never said it! But somebody can start something like that, stupid. Supposing even if I have said it – doesn’t matter – what do you have to say? So you even out-grow, into your own experience, what is good.

You wouldn’t believe that as a human being I am useless. Really it was very difficult. Actually my Father used to tell me so many things about human beings. What sort of things they are and how I should appear. And it’s very difficult [for me] to be a human being, very, very difficult. First I didn’t know why the reactions are like this, why people behave like this and what to do with them, how to manage them. It’s quite difficult. You can say even William Blake had the same problem.

But when you reach that state then you’re just enjoying yourself. For you, you have a greater enjoyment than mine. Because you are already human beings so you know about human beings; and then you see your ascent and it’s much easier for you to appreciate [that]. For me it is…I don’t know, because I have never known temptations, I’ve never known all these qualities that you had, so I don’t know how to judge what is coming out of it, you see. If you don’t have any problems, if you never had any, say, temptations. As you were you are [still] – what is so great? But from something human you have come to a higher level, is very creditable. And you can enjoy much more than I could enjoy or Christ could enjoy or Sri Krishna could enjoy. Because the one who has risen and has grown now feels the fragrance of his virtues and qualities and his greatness then he enjoys himself.

“So what? I am sitting here,” he’ll say, “alright, I am sitting here, why are you bothered? I am alright!” To him a proper understanding of this change comes. And he understands other human beings much better who don’t have your capacity, your knowledge, your depth, your gravity. Because you have been a human being, now you are Divine; because you have been a human being you understand other people.

So a Guru like me, I don’t know, it’s a very different situation here because I am a Mother and I have seen these Gurus, the real Gurus; they are very harsh people, I must say. I couldn’t understand how they beat people, how they thrash them, how they hang them on the (water) well; do all kinds of things. I couldn’t understand why do they do it. But they have come out from the human level, with struggles and fights, so they think that, “Why should others get it so easily? Why not they also have the problem?”

But you didn’t get it on to all these problems. You are different from those gurus. You got it sahaj. In a very simple manner, you didn’t do anything. Sahaj you got it, absolutely sahaj. You didn’t do anything about it. So your role as a guru is different from those gurus who struggled so much to become a evolved soul. So your attitude towards things has to be more compassionate, more understanding, more loving. As you got it sahaj others can also get it from you. Don’t have to do something horrible, don’t have to shout at them. Some people who met me told me, and which is very sad, that some sahaja yogis said something harsh to them so they had to leave Sahaja yoga. A sahaja yogi should never say anything harsh to anyone; he has no right to say. Because without saying anything to you, you got you realisation, absolutely free. Without doing anything you have got your realisation and if somebody is coming to you for realisation you must do it in the same manner. You didn’t get it through some sort of a austere, we can say, training. So this attitude must be changed. And I have seen that if you have this attitude then you could be a guru but not sahaj.

So now try to understand there is a difference between a sahaja guru and a non-sahaj guru. They are very hot tempered, very. And a sahaj guru has no business to be hot tempered. Everything so nice, so beautiful we have, all enjoying this beautiful atmosphere. Such love, such compassion, such respect for each other. No competition, no politics. Just if you understand one thing that you have got everything in sahaj manner and in the same sahaj manner you can give it to others and you’ll respect others [in] the same manner. I think you will be able to…

There’s a gentleman who’s taking photographs, see who he is, he is not supposed to take photographs of all these things. Without permission he should not take. Reel margunya tenchya basna. Te reel margunya. (marathi: get the film reel from them) These are mischievous people you know.

So now we are in a sahaj style. You all know that you got all the powers, that you are all gurus, that you have achieved so much, you can do so much. Then you have to be sahaj. You got it sahaj, so you have no business to be harsh, horrible, hot tempered or strict gurus. But it crawls up! I have seen sometimes quite a lot of military business starts in Sahaja Yoga also: military sort of treatment. That cannot be. No disciplining is needed. They’ll be disciplined by themselves. They are gurus, who can discipline a guru? And then they are sahaj. So your style is very different.

None of these gurus knew how to even give realisation. I am telling you frankly. They never knew that Kundalini can rise with their hands. Very few people historically have given realisation – so far. But you people are giving left and right to anybody who comes you know. Just now I said, “Alright, come along, look at this person. So all of you sit down,” “This is it, this is it.” 

You have crossed the limits of science now. You have become science yourself of the Divine and you know each and everything about it, “This chakra is catching, that is catching, I am catching, you are catching.” But the way we deal with others is the guru pada: kindness, sweetness, concern. That’s what your Mother has given you -concern. The concern that flows; about each and every person. You have to have concern. But these gurus [say], “No you go, die! Kill yourself! Eat grass.” No not that way.

So you also have to be a motherly guru, a sweet guru, extremely sweet, kindly and understanding, forgiving. Because what is the purpose? What is the purpose? The purpose is to spread Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main thing we miss out: that the purpose of our realisation or of our birth is to give realisation to others, to spread Sahaja Yoga, to emancipate others. By that to emancipate the whole world. It’s our responsibility. If you are responsible then how do you behave?

So no more we have priesthood, no more. Nor that one person says so, that person says so, this has happened, Nothing of the kind. What you have to say you say it to that person. and you yourself will see how you are reflecting your personality on another person, how he reacts and he, how he behaves.

Gradually I have seen our collectivity is learning all this. Gradually I find all those horrible dominating people have run away from Sahaja Yoga. Also I find that people are extremely loving and kindly to each other and also to others. Because you are embodiment of goodness, embodiment of righteousness, you are embodiment of patience, compassion, love and concern. So it is not how you can do it, you are all ready. But you shouldn’t just give up. I said, “Just look at something and watch.” Nobody can do that, but you all can do it.

So the self-esteem and then assumption. Assume your powers. If you are a guru then assume your power. You do not assume you power. You still think, “God knows if I have the powers or not.” This, that. That means you are just the beginner still. “No! I am the guru! Alright.” We do say, “Mother I am my own guru,” that’s all. But is just saying from the lips. Not only that you are your own guru but of the whole world. It’s a collective ‘gurudom’ we have, I should say, collective. And nothing can escape us now, we are formidable, absolutely formidable. Nothing can escape us.

If this is understood that we have to assume. Here now, they elect somebody who is a very cruel man, put some clothes on him and say he’s the pope. Alright he’s the pope. But he’s not, he’s just acting but inside he’s not. That he’s infallible! He’s fallible, 100 times. That is not with us. We have all these things within ourselves. We’ve got them, they are there, we are the possessors of that, only thing you assume.

Once you start assuming all badhas will run away, everything will run away and you’ll be surprised. Who can stand a person who’s a saint, who is a guru and who knows he’s a guru? Nobody can stand. They’ll run away. But you have to have introspection to see that your self-esteem is completely correct. It’s not just [that] you are thinking you are a guru. I have known some real gurus and I would never allow you to go to them because God knows if you can come back in one piece or not! And I have told them, that they are real gurus, I know, but don’t go near them. Because what they lack is this compassion, this sahaj style. Because they think they have worked very hard so why should these people not work very hard.

You may be anything. You can be doing this work, that work. You may be educated, not educated. Makes no difference. Whether you are rich, poor, makes no difference at all, as long as you know that you are the guru and you assume your power. In that assumption as if any talent, if you know music, you know you know music. If you know how to cook, you know how to cook, if you are an administrator and if you know administration, you know administration. But that could be also not totally absolute. But you are already Absolute Totality of Reality. The Reality is at your disposal. But you [must] assume it. You are not ordinary at all. You can say you are extraordinary in ordinary.

In that you will just drop out all that is nonsensical, just drop out. Others will see you and will be surprised: What sort of people these are? What sort of a life they lead, how nice they are, how kind they are.

And the knowledge is so subtle and so great and of such a highest degree. But you never feel bloated up with ego. I have not seen any sahaja yogi who says, “Oh, I know all about chakras and this and that. How dare you say like that!” With the moustaches upward (Laughter). No! With all this knowledge you bend down like the tree which is laden with fruits bends down. And that humility, that simplicity and that humility gives you the special edge which can pierce into any heart.

Thus you became apostles of Truth. We can become prophets like William Blake. You can. So many things you’ll be manifesting and you won’t believe yourself. But believe, you are one with that Great Power which is God Almighty. They were discussing for ages I think about the immaculate conception of Christ. Such stupid people I have never seen. But He’s God! He’s God Almighty he’s not a human being! He can do anything! How can you judge Him? And judge His powers and his working? How can you? To discuss about God, have you got His brains? I mean, it’s something, a person like me discussing about banking! (laughter) After say one or two sentences I go off. In the same way when you start discussing God you must know you do not have that capacity to discuss about God, what His relations are, how He got a son, this and that. Who are you? What’s your own position that you can discuss?

And then in that humility you realise: it’s God Almighty, He’s Almighty. He can do anything! Then that faith [comes in], not blind, but a real faith in that feeling that God is Almighty and that now you have become the messenger of that God Almighty, gives you all the strength, all the courage, everything, and His compassion, His love, His attention and His understanding. So this faith should be absolutely one with you.

Once I went to meet one real guru. Oh he was a very horrid fellow otherwise! He has slapped so many people, thrown so many people down from the hills and all that kinds of things he has done, no doubt. But still for me he has tremendous regards. I went to him, so he just started talking to me as if he would talk to a Goddess. He said, “How do you find these worldly people here?” I said, “Alright, after all I have created them!” (laughter) “Ah but,” he said, “Still but, you are God, with your power why don’t you change them a little bit?” I said, “That’s what is the problem. I have given them freedom. I have said, ‘alright it’s freedom to you. You can choose if you want to get transformed or not,’ I cannot force. ” He said, “But God Almighty you are, you can do anything.” I said, “I can do everything but I do not want to do certain things; and one of them is to take away the freedom from them. That is their freedom to choose. That’s given to them because, if they are to have the ultimate freedom, they should have this little freedom intact.”

So he was quarrelling with me about this, he said, “But when you are God Almighty there could be some other method these horrible people, what to do?” I said, “Your concern is alright and I understand because you are a guru, but when I am God Almighty supposing, then, my style is different. I can’t be like you.” Then he said, “That’s true! You can’t be like me.” That is what I found in him. He was talking to me only as if I am God standing before him. And then he told all the disciples, “You see, you praise, you praise the Lord, you praise Her, ‘suti kara’, because God is fond of praise.” I said, “Really?” “Yes! (laughter) If you praise the Lord then He gives you everything, I have seen that. I always praise him. Whenever I want something to be done I just praise him and he does it for me.” So, I said, “It’s true, I must accept it.” because He’s bhakti gamya (achieved through devotion) .

You cannot get to Mother unless and until you have really bhakti from your heart. Is all already sort of a built in restriction. What can you do? If you don’t have bhakti you cannot get to Mother, no you cannot. You cannot get to God. But if you have bhakti then you can get to Mother. Is written bhakti gamya. If somebody says, “Alright. Raise my Kundalini!” I cannot raise his Kundalini, not [only that] but for seven lives he won’t have realisation! But if somebody says, “Mother will you please give me realisation.” Once!

So not only humility but bhakti. And bhakti is only possible if you have your faith. That’s the thing is the faith which is challenged nowadays by all kinds of stupid people; intellectuals, these horrible people who are taking out yarns out of their head, or also by science and this so-called ‘Catholic Church’ and this Church and that Church.

So your faith in God has to be absolutely, absolutely untarnishable. Nothing can disturb that. That’s very important. You have seen all the miracles of God, you have seen how you’re working out his powers. You have known all these things. But still the faith in God is missing. The person who has complete faith on God is called as the one … is God himself they say. Is called as Paramchaitanya. The guru is called as the one who is himself Brahmachaitanya. So when this faith in God is absolutely established in you that, “There is God Almighty. He’s Almighty, and that I am the messenger of that God.” Just this understanding, when it becomes absolutely firm in you, then you are in the Guru pada.

I bless you today that all of you achieve that state that you reside in that Guru pada state. And wherever you are, whatever may be your position, whatever you may do, the faith in the God Almighty that is so truly within you will express itself. Not only [that] but that it will manifest, it will act; just like God.

So many things can be said. I have said so many things before. And so many can be said later on also but today we have to remember one thing that we must have complete faith in the Kingdom of God and in the powers of God Almighty, complete faith, and then in ourselves.

May God bless you.