Public Program Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program. Bucharest (Romania), 21 July 1992.
…It has to happen to you. It’s described in all the Scriptures that you are to be born again and every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity.
Whatever one may try to attack it, it exists there all the time. So, potentially you are all divine and the truth is that you are the Spirit. But gradually how our faith is challenged, in these modern times there are so many ways our faith is challenged. […]

Arrival at and departure for the Public Program Bucharest, Elisabeta Palace (Romania)

Arrival at and departure for the Public Program, 21st of july, 1992

TC 00:27

Shri Mataji:So they are all waiting here. Inside.

(Foreign language chatter)

TC 01:17
Shri Mataji:
So they are already there.
Sorry you told her
So he
he said yes
She announced it very late
Just avoid her
They are very […]