Every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity

Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

1992-07-21 Every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity, Bucharest, Romania, 84' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Bucharest (Romania), 21 July 1992.

…It has to happen to you. It’s described in all the Scriptures that you are to be born again and every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity.

Whatever one may try to attack it, it exists there all the time. So, potentially you are all divine and the truth is that you are the Spirit. But gradually how our faith is challenged, in these modern times there are so many ways our faith is challenged. First of all, there are many false prophets called as gurus from every country, specially from India. They have destroyed not only your faith but also possibility of your achieving your ascent. These are the special times, when you are born. This is the time of Last Judgment. You have to keep your mind open like a scientist because this is the time you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is your special privilege. Whatever you might have done, whatever mistakes you might have committed, your spirituality, your divinity is intact.

Second attack you can say is from the so-called religions, because these religions are not Spirit-oriented, they are money-oriented or power-oriented. Take any religion, it may be a Hindu, Muslim, Christians, any one, everybody is capable of committing any sin. It has not created those special people who are described as evolved souls. On the contrary, they are all fundamentalists and fighting with each other. They do not want to see the good in others. Today, the main problem is fundamentalism. It has mesmerized people. They have achieved nothing but still they are sticking on to this old-fashioned nonsense.

Of course, I’m happy you are saved from lots of the European problems. Recently I was reading a book called as “Fraudulent Freud.” He has been a real fraud from the very beginning and I’ve been telling about this for the last two years, but people didn’t like it. One side was this Catholic Christianity which says that there is original sin a human being has created. And even they were discussing if Mother Mary was a person born out of sin or not. For generations they did this nonsense.

In the original Bible there is no mention of the original sin, there is nothing like original sin. Otherwise, why should Christ attend a wedding? Did He want to promote original sins? That means all great incarnations like Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, Mohammad Sahib, Nanaka, all of them were sinners.

This suppression by the Catholic Church made all these horrible people like Freud to prosper. They took one from one extreme to another extreme. And what is the result today? We have AIDS, we have all kinds of serious secret diseases and is estimated that sixty-five percent people, whites in America will die within ten years time. So between these two, European countries were lost. But the path of ascent is in the center, neither in this extreme or that extreme. We have to understand that God Almighty is the greatest organizer. Also the second truth is that there is a all-pervading Power penetrating into every living work. You see these beautiful flowers here, we take them for granted. We don’t even think how they have come out of small seed. Look at your eye, it’s such a beautiful camera, who has made it? Your brain is a computer, what a wonderful computer, who has made it? So that we have a kind of a confused ideologies all over.

There is no definite authority to tell us that what is the absolute truth. Within you lies the Spirit, which is the source of that absolute truth. That absolute truth has to manifest in our attention. But if you are still carrying on with all kinds of nonsense, this ascent is not meant for stupid fools. Like a bully boy shouting at Me, “Jesus, Jesus.” He doesn’t know what he’s talking, through his hat. If you call Him “Jesus, Jesus” will you meet Jesus? Or saying “Rama, Rama” will you meet Rama? How many people have been doing that? They have even developed cancer of the throat doing all that. You have to be connected. Like a telephone has to be connected, otherwise what’s the use of ringing? You are to be connected, to ascend into a new realm of spirituality. This is what is the second birth. Not just to certify that ” I’m born again.” By this certificate you are deceiving yourself. If you are born again you have certain powers.

I’m sorry I’m here only for one day and I won’t be able to say much about this subtle system, which is built within us. But I would like to tell you what is this nature of the Spirit. You should not believe Me blind-folded, but keep your mind open as a scientist, because it is for your benevolence; it is for the benevolence of your country and the world at large. Like one gentleman in England wanted to ask a question about these photographs, but at the end of the program he got his Self Realization and in his own photograph, he got lights coming out of Me. So, this is not any trick. For what? I’m not coming here to take anything from you; I have come here to give you what is your own. So far, all the people have been misled even by the medias, by telling lies. The reason is they are paid for it. It’s all money. Only thing is how much you are willing to pay.

How many people there are who are really honest in this world? Unless and until you are honest, you cannot talk about God Almighty. And this honesty can only come when your Spirit comes into your attention. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty in your heart. But before your ascent, it is just watching you, it’s a witness. And this power, which is within us, called as Kundalini, is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. If you ask anyone what is Holy Ghost, they don’t know. Now, we have a Father, God Almighty; we have a Son who is the Son of the Almighty and we have no Mother. Why this Mother is missing? It’s a dove. It’s ambiguous. And we believe in it.

In the West, everyone believes in this kind of a story. We must use our brains. In India if somebody says that Holy Ghost means a dove they’ll say, “Get lost.” They said if Freud had come to India and told these dirty stories about his mother’s love, he would have been beaten up and thrown in the Arabian Sea. The intelligence here is not on all the people who call them as intellectuals. The intellectuals have taken out some yarn out of their head and you all follow it. I used to say there is no scientific basis for this fraudulent Freud and now it’s proved by a very well- know doctor. And he says psychoanalysis is hocus-pocus. Now, after so many years, when it has done its damage to the culture and thought of people.

Third curse you do not have of the democratic countries – of entrepreneurs. In Paris they decide what everybody has to wear. Recently they have said that only six inches of skirts should be worn by women, six inches. Imagine what will be their situation. In the cold of London wear six inches of skirts, they’ll develop varicose veins.

But people here believe into all these things. Anything comes from Paris is treated as Bible. I mean immorality oozes out of France. I mean they have no sense of morality and immorality. Even a housewife can become a prostitute, by law there’s no prohibition. They are using little children, abusing them, doing all kinds of things. And they think they are very developed people. Thank God, Indians are not so rich to be stupid. And you, also. Thank your stars that you are not very rich. You also could have become equally stupid.

In America there’s another stupidity, all kinds of stupidities going on. It is becoming a demonocracy there, not democracy. I don’t know how to describe one after another. Only best way is to… I will be describing in a book all out I’ve seen the stupidity. So the ascent is not meant for stupid, it is meant for the sensible ones. You have to be meek in heart. Christ has said, “The meek in heart will inherit the Earth.” and not the arrogant, not the cunning, not the ones who think themselves to be very successful. But the innocent. Like children.

Now, the nature of the Spirit I’ll try to tell you in a very short manner. First of all, when the Kundalini rises into these six centers and pierces through your fontanel bone area, you start feeling the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost out of your fontanel bone area, you feel. This is the actualization of your baptism, actualization. As a result, these centers are nourished, are integrated and put in contact with the all-pervading Power. So, the world problems are due to the human beings and human problems are due to these fundamental centers. If they are corrected, if these centers are nourished and also integrated with this Divine Power, all our problems are solved. So all our physical, our mental, emotional and spiritual, all powers get solved.

In India there are three doctors who have got their MD in Sahaja Yoga from Delhi University. They have theirs in subjects like cancer, blood cancer, epilepsy and tensions and blood pressure. But here, don’t get influenced by the way the western people have gone headlong into something that does know it suits. This is the knowledge of the roots.

So, the first thing happens that you get rid of your physical, mental, emotional problems and secondly you become a powerful personality which does not keep any addictions. People have given up drugs overnight. Overnight many people have been cured. But that’s not so important. More important is what you get. First of all your attention becomes enlightened. For example you pay any attention anywhere, that attention acts. Such a person has such innocent eyes that even a glance of such a person can solve the problems because through their attention this Divine Power flows. They feel this Cool Breeze on their central nervous system. That means they can feel this all-pervading Power on their fingertips. You are all capable of feeling that. You feel it on your fingertips, your own centers through self knowledge and also the centers of others through collective consciousness.

This is the new dimension you acquire in your awareness. Thus, you can help so many people. Means you can raise the Kundalini of others. With your hands. It all happens spontaneously. You don’t have to pay for this. This is just evolution. Why did we evolve? Because God Almighty loved us. He wanted us to enter into His kingdom. And now it is going to happen spontaneously. You can’t pay for it. You also must know you can’t work it out yourself. It works spontaneously, like a seed sprouts by itself. As the seed has the built-in power, built-in power, to sprout, you too, you have the built-in power to achieve that state. But as the Mother Earth has to do the job, somebody who is a evolved soul has to do it.

The second great thing that happens to you, that you know the absolute truth. Supposing you say you don’t believe in God, all right, after Realization you just you put your hands and ask a question, “Is there God?” Immediately you will start getting a Cool Breeze, sometimes a big wind proves it. Also all about these bad people if you ask them, you will get horrible heat or sometimes even a little blister. Even small children, if you tie their eyes and if they are realized souls, all will tell the same thing – what the other person is suffering in front of them. But if you want to live with falsehood go ahead, nobody can force you because you are free to choose truth or falsehood. If you want to go to hell, go ahead. Or, if you want to enter into the Kingdom of God, you’re welcome. It is your choice, you will judge yourselves, not Me, not God. And the compassion that you feel is active because this is the light of compassion. And for no money, for no gain, you want to help everyone. First time when I went to Russia there were twenty-five German Sahaja Yogis arrived together.

I was surprised, I said, “How come you came here?”

They said, “Mother, is it not our duty that we should do something to undo what our forefathers have done?”

For example, your country was ruled by French and today the French are taking such a interest. They are the one who came here and started Sahaja Yoga and they are all the time worried about you. Such compassion, such love. It is without any lust or greed. Fills your heart and you become a personality of dynamism with compassion. It is absolutely energy-giving, untiring task.

I’m Myself seventy years of age and I’m traveling every day from country to country. In fifteen days I’ll be visiting about twelve countries. By God’s grace, I’m very happily married, and family, very good family, but I can’t live without giving this love. And My family also understands, they pay such a lot, they have paid much more before. This compassion acts, as I said that if you just put attention, this compassion acts and gives such remarkable results, that you cannot understand. So this is meta-science, above science.

For diagnosis, if you have to go to some doctor, he’ll take out your eyes, your nose, everything and say that “You are perfectly all right.” You might be dead with pain in the diagnosis itself. But with Sahaja Yoga, one can easily say who has got what disease. And science is not conclusive. Today they find one thing, tomorrow they find another thing, third day find anything but doesn’t attack a total issue. And whatever made out of science, may take one to extremes because they have no limitations. It reacts. But not your Spirit. Spirit doesn’t move in one line, it spreads all over. And the light moves, penetrates and enlightens every part of your being, and the part of others so you see your beauty and your glory because you get into a state where you are in the present. Either you are in the future or in the past. But by ascent, you can remain in the present, in a state of thoughtless awareness. In that state, you grow spiritually and then you and become your own master. Your wisdom is your light. Above all, you get the experience of joy.

I asked them, “What is Bucharest?” They said “Buchar” means joy. If this is the state of joy, you can very easily achieve. And the state of joy, it hasn’t got duality, it is not happiness and unhappiness, but it is just absolute joy. In that state of joy, you just enjoy your Spirit, you don’t need any physical comforts, physical joy. But you do not become an abnormal personality. You don’t have to go to Himalayas. You have to stay here, have normal food, normal family life, everything normal. There are many great souls who want to be born, they will be born to you once you have your Self Realization.

Now whatever I’ve said can work out in no time. It will take hardly ten to fifteen minutes. But one thing I must tell you very frankly, that it cannot be forced on you and you have to be humble in your heart. If you are arrogant, then it won’t work out. So those who do not want to have Self Realization should please leave this hall. It will be very civil of them.

There are three conditions, which we have to fulfill, which are very simple. The first one is that you should not feel guilty at all. Means that whatever wrong you have done, forget it. This Divine Power is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever wrong you might have committed, it can dissolve all your mistakes. And after all, you are all human beings you are not God. So, please forgive yourselves entirely, not to feel guilty at all. If you have done any mistakes you should face it and finish it. But at this moment none of you are guilty. I verily say to you that you are seekers of truth and you will find the truth. So please forgive yourselves entirely.

The second condition is, is even easier to forgive everyone. Many say that it is difficult to forgive, but logically whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. So, when you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands. Those who have troubled you are enjoying the lifestyle and you are torturing yourself. So you just have to feel that, understand that, and you have to just say that “I forgive all of them.” You don’t have to think about them individually, but in general you have to say, “I forgive all of them,” because it’s a headache to think of them. If you don’t forgive, then this center between the optic chiasm becomes, you see like this… and when you forgive it opens out like that. If you don’t forgive, then the Kundalini won’t rise. As it is you have tortured yourself and now you want to miss out all your Self Realization? So please, you have to forgive in general everyone.

Third condition is that you all should be self-confident that you all will get your Self Realization wherever you are seated. You should not doubt it. And I’m sure it will work out. One thing I have to request you, if you could take out your shoes, not those who are sitting, can take out the shoes and put your feet apart from each other, not those who are sitting on the ground, can take out the shoes, that’s all because this Mother Earth sucks in our problems. So please take out your shoes.

All of you will have to do what I tell you. If you don’t want to do it, please leave the hall. It is not civil to watch others while you are not doing anything. Taking photographs afterwards if you don’t mind. During meditation please do not disturb others by photograph or by walking out. This takes hardly any time.

Now, I don’t know how far they have told you about the subtle system but you will know each and every thing once you go to the collectivity. Modern Sahaja Yoga is a collective happening, it cannot work out individually. So, after getting your Realization, you must have self esteem, respect your Realization and attain the highest in life. So, also know that there’s no charge for knowing all this Divine Knowledge. You don’t have to pay anything, but of course little time you have to give for your ascent. In short, you have to be placed very… towards yourself very pleasantly. Whatever may be your age, whatever may be your past, forget it.

Now, there are two sides, left and right sympathetic nervous system, that work within us. So, the left side is symbolic of our mundane desire, but Kundalini is the pure desire. So, you should have pure desire that you want your Realization. And the right is the power of action. So, please put both your feet, those who are sitting on the chair, not otherwise you are all right, away from each other.

Now, please put left hand towards Me, on your lap comfortably, comfortably on your lap. Like this, He can show you. That means you want your Self Realization. Now, we have to use right hand for action. So, please put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. If you are the Spirit you become your own light, your own master. So, you put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the center for your mastery, which is created by all the great prophets.

Now, please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the center of pure knowledge. Now raise your right hand again in the upper portion of your abdomen. Then, on your heart. Now, in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to right. This center when is in trouble, you get diseases like angina, spondylitis and lethargic organs. So what’s the use of feeling guilty, because when you feel guilty you catch this.

Now, please raise your right hand on top of your head. Now, put down your head. Here, now, is the center to forgive everyone. Now, take back your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the center where without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power. Now, we do this later on, after closing eyes, just now we are showing you how to place it.

Now, this hand is to be stretched like this and now put your center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area. And now, push back your fingers as far as possible and now put down your head as far as possible. Now with a good pressure on your scalp, move it clockwise three times. Press back your fingers please. This is the last center. That’s all we have to do.

Now, you have to be placed pleasantly towards yourself. Now please put the left hand towards Me and both the feet away of each other. You have to now close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles but you need not open your eyes till I tell you. Now close your eyes and put your right hand on your heart, please. Here, you have to ask for a very fundamental question about yourself, three times. You can call Me “Mother” or you can call Me “Shri Mataji,” whatever you like. Please ask three times in your heart, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

As you become the Spirit, you become your masters. Please put your right hand on the left hand side, the upper portion of your abdomen and press it with fingers. And here, you ask again three times fundamental question, “Mother, am I my own master?”

I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force your knowledge on you. So, you have to ask for it. So, please put your left hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. Here, you have to ask six times, because this center has got six petals, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” As soon as you asked for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising.

So now, you take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Here, with full confidence you have to ask ten times, “Mother, am I my own master?” Now as you have asked this question, you have to say ten times with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.”

I have already told you that the truth is you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, but you are the pure Spirit. So, raise your right hand on your heart and here you have to say twelve times with full confidence, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.”

As I told you that this Divine Power, though it is the ocean of knowledge, ocean of bliss and ocean of joy, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So forgive yourselves and take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put the right hand, your head on the right side. Here, you have to say sixteen times, with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

Why don’t you do it? This gentleman. You can come later for your questions, please. Get out. Better leave now. Thank you.

All right, You do it. Close your eyes. Put your head to your right, please. Now, I’ve already told you that you have to forgive everyone in general and if you do not forgive or forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you forgive you don’t play in wrong hands. So raise your right hand, now, on top of your forehead and bend your head and here please say with confidence, from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” It’s very important that you forgive in general, don’t think about them.

Now, take your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power. Now, here, you say not how many times but from your heart, “Oh, Divine Power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.”

Now, please stretch your hand, your palm and put the center of your palm on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area and push back your fingers and put down your head. Here, again, I cannot cross your freedom, which I respect, so you have to ask for Self Realization. I cannot force on you. So, here, move your scalp seven times, clockwise, saying seven times, “Mother, please give me Self Realization.”

Now, please take down your hands. Please, open your eyes. Please, put both the hands towards Me, like this, little higher. Now, with right hand like this and the hand bent down, try to see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze, coming out of your head, with the left hand. Please, do not put your hand on the head but above it, it can be quite far away also sometimes we feel. And do not doubt it. It’s not from the air-conditioning, but from your head. Don’t feel guilty, some are still feeling guilty. Now, please, put your left hand towards Me and with the right hand and bend your head and see for yourself. Now, if you have not forgiven, also you get hot breeze. So, please forgive now. Just have to say it. Now again with the right hand. Please, bend your head now. Please forgive.

Now, please, put both hands towards Me like this, and watch Me without thinking. Now, please raise both your hands towards the sky, push back your head and ask a question three times, anyone of those. You can say, “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” or you can say three times, “Mother, is this the all-pervading Power of God, God’s Love?” Now, you can ask another question if you want, three times, “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?”

Now, take down your hands please. Please, put your hands like this. All those who have felt Cool Breeze on their fingertips, in their hands, or hot breeze on their hands, fingertips or their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands.

That is Bucharest.

These two people didn’t get it because you didn’t do it. You are the only two people who didn’t get it. All of you got it. I bow to you all, your saintly lives have started. Please, achieve the highest. I’ll definitely come next year. And you are all welcome to Italy, to see Me there, in the month of October. Please, develop yourself. It will solve all your problems. May God bless you.

Now, you have achieved it without thinking so do not discuss or argue. This is a state beyond the mind, because Divine intelligence and Divine discretion, which you must respect.