Talk on Arrival: Within us is the universal religion

Moscow (Russia)

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Welcome Talk, Airport

Shri Mataji:
I am overjoyed to be here with all of you. I did not know that Russians were that sensitive to spirituality. Spirituality is the only thing which leads us to reality and to truth and not anything else…And only through our self-knowledge, we can emancipate our self and also emancipate the whole world for which you don’t have to pay anything as you know and you don’t have to put any effort. It is within you. The divinity is within you which will manifest. Everyone has that faith within oneself to believe in something but you believe in reality…These days the problem is fundamentalism. Be careful.
Now you have given up the faith into communism don’t jump into fundamentalism that’s another greatest curse of the whole world…

You have to know that within us is the universal religion…And we don’t have to have so many religions. But fundamentalist wants their religions separated so that they can fight and have wars and create problems for human beings.
Only by your ascend into the self-realisation that you will realize that we all human beings are just the same and we have one universal religion within ourselves…
All the world problems are because of human beings, and human beings have problems because of their centres (chakras). If they can be cured …The whole world problems can be solved…
And this divinity is within you which is eternal … untarnishable! It is not destroyed at all. It’s all there intact. Through Sahaja Yoga, it will manifest…and as you are enjoying the whole of Russia should enjoy and the whole of the world should enjoy themselves and the whole world.
You all are looking just like flowers to me and really it is the blossom time …May God bless you all …