We are here to feel the truth

Moscow (Russia)

1992-08-02 We are here to feel the truth, Moscow, Russia, 74' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Q&A
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Public Program Day 2, Moscow Russia 1992-08-02

[Full speech – 17:00 till 45:00]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday that truth has to be felt on your central nervous system. By doing something only mentally just by your own mental innocence is not the truth. Actually, you have to feel it, and this is what we are here to feel the truth. Now the truth is that you are the spirit. (What’s the matter? What is the problem?). Mentally you may think that this is the truth, but that is our own imagination, our own conditioning, our own ego. The actualization of the truth is the aim of our lives. As I told you the truth is, you are the spirit and the another truth is that all this living work is done, all this creation is created by a very subtle power which is all-pervading. We do not feel it, this all-pervading power we don’t feel till we have been connected. So that power we have to feel which is source of everything. We have come from amoeba to this stage and there is a little more we have to travel to get to that position. To achieve that state, one must know that is spontaneous, it is a living process. Yesterday I told you that I will tell you about the mechanism, specially about the kundalini. The kundalini is a energy within us of pure desire. She lies in this triangular bone known as sacrum. This bone is called as sacrum, so the Greeks knew it’s a sacred bone. 23.06 We all human beings have this Kundalini in the triangular bone. There have been many books which have been very misleading that kundalini awakening causes all kinds of troubles. But I would like to tell you that it is absolutely false. Because she is your Mother. She is your individual Mother and she is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. The Primordial Mother energy has created all this universe, has created all the stars, all the cosmos and then created living things up to human level. And she is now reflected in our being as kundalini. So the only simple thing one has to do is to raise the kundalini, to connect you individually with that all-pervading power. So that when it passes through your fontanel bone you get the actualization of Baptism. 26.02. So Sahaja yoga is the real Hindu religion, it is the real Christian religion, it is the real Islam. There is no money orientation, there is no power orientation. There are no pretentions of wearing some funny dresses and something different from others. There is no question of suffering. There is no question of karmas. There is nothing like sin.  If those who talk of God, religion if they cannot get over your sin, what is the use of they being there. If they cannot get rid of your sins it is better they should not to talk of it. They want you to be frightened, to feel defendant 28.27 and it has created such a problem even in the affluent 28.37 countries. In the affluent countries which are well known like Switzerland, Sweden, Norway. They are the most affluent. They are all competing in committing suicide, with all the affluence they have, with all the money they have, with all the conveniences they have and they want to commit suicide.  That means unless and until you reach the state of spirit you can never be happy, you cannot get joy. People talk of peace, there are many people I know who got Nobel prize in peace or peace but none of them have peace within. It is just a self-certificate, which is false. So first of all we must decide that we do not accept anything that is false. And when the truth is established, we are going to accept it with full heart.  Now this kundalini has gone to pass through six centres. You know all about these centres, you have heard a lot and there are books you can read in them, what these centre are like and what do they do. And how this Kundalini nourishes all these centres. But yesterday when you asked me a question, many questions regarding the health and the cure how do I cure them? I have already talked to some doctors yesterday morning but I will try to explain you in very simple language.  We have three channels of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Two channels of sympathetic and one of parasympathetic in the centre. The left looks after our past and right one looks after our future. And the centre one is for the present. Now those people who have got only physical problem suffer from the right side. Those who think too much, who plan too much, who work physically are troubled on the right side.  People who are overactive suffer from the right side. As a result of that, we develop the right side problem which is the ego. Ego is the bi-product of over activity of our brain that becomes like balloon on our head.  And the people who are left sided are the ones who are lethargic, think about the past and emotional. They pay more attention to their emotions than their rationality.  The right side people are very dry and they have a kind of a temperament which we can call, a very hot temperament. They may express it, may not express it. The left sided people are more indulgent and are more emotional and very attached to children, father, mother, to someone like too much attached, like possession. But they start moving sometimes too much to the right and sometimes too much to the left. So they develop diseases of the physical side and, or, of the right side. Like a heart attack, high blood pressure, breathing trouble and what you can call a very dry body, very thin body. Now the people who are on the left side suffer, go to the extremes, suffer from mental troubles. They may get disease like schizophrenia, lunacy all these kind of thing, mental problems, depression. So the right side is the somatic side and left side is the psychic side and when these two combine also then we get a psychosomatic problem. So from the psyche, there are viruses who are there since our creation. It could be (the) some sort of vegetables, animals, human beings who have died or gone out of the circulation of evolution. So they attack, when they go to the left too much they attack you and you get these diseases. These people who mesmerize you or do all these tricks are also using the left side. People like Hitler who use the right side to dominate you are the right sided, go to extremes.  So the psychosomatic diseases are the ones doctors cannot cure. Even psychic say that. So now you have to understand that there are only three channels you have to put them right. And that is what you are going to learn when you come to our follow on programs and to our centres, they will tell you how to correct these three channels, that’s all. All your problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, political, social, all can be solved once you get transformed. Because all these problems are caused by human beings. And when a human being gets transformed, he becomes collectively conscious.  That means he can feel another person on his fingertips. He can also feel himself on his fingertips means his chakras, centres.  It is such a simple thing to understand, because it deals with the basics. So today as I told you I will answer your questions also, I will also like to meet some of you who are sick. This knowledge is unending. Only in English language I must have given at least five thousand speeches, minimum. So you can always listen to them. As they are so many lights here, we come in this stadium and we have to just put on one switch all the lights come in. Because it is built-in. It is all there, already fixed.  In the same way it is all there built-in within you. Unless and until it is very much damaged you all should get your realization. And which is going to work out very quickly. But what is the use of telling you about the history of electricity, who discovered it? Who brought this to Moscow? From where it is coming? It’s a headache. So best thing is to get to the light. You get your enlightenment and then (then) you can know all about it. That is the reason we don’t give books to begin with, because once you read it, again you become a bookworm. So nothing is to be there. Now, we think we will do some questions for a while because I must today see some of you who are seeking and also I would like to meet the Sahajayogis afterwards. (46.40).

Sahaja yogi : Christ told people about the Holy Ghost. Are you the Holy Ghost?

Shri Mataji: (Laughs) Alright.  (I have) I have already told you that I am not going to tell you what I am. You should find out. But if you try to see it clearly, you will know who I am. I must be something like that. But even if I say I am the Holy Ghost why should you believe me? That would be a blind faith. But if you get your realization and then you can ask a question “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?” Then you get the answer. You can ask any question. You can ask a question if Mr. Gorbachev is a realized soul? And you put the hands and you will find you get the vibrations. Cool breeze in your hands. You say yes he is. So to do things against a person like that is sinful, is wrong. But unless and until you get your realization, how will you know the truth? So first thing I want you to get your self-realization. If I am the Holy Ghost so what? So what?  What have I given you after all? Why should you believe me? Only because I say I am the Holy Ghost. Not at all. Not at all. You have to get your self-realization. Again you will commit the same mistake, of blindly following me. First you have the experience, actualize it, grow into it and then you will know about everyone, who was Christ, who was Krishna, who was Rama. Everything you will know. So just don’t believe into anything. First you find out. It was a very direct question but I would say that it is proper that you should find it out yourself. 

(Question-52:30 ) Those who have got the problems of sickness can be looked after later on. Who are really sick I can see them in the room, but please do not crowd here. Because I don’t want you to be crushed or in any way be harmed when I am here. 

(Question) Somebody has asked does smoking marijuana affects the practice of Sahaja yoga? Any kind of addiction. Any kind of habit (is) can be overcome with Sahaja yoga. Any kind.

Sahaja Yogi : In Christianity we know devils. How Sahaja yoga deals with those dark forces?

Shri Mataji : The dark forces are there, there is darkness and there is evil and they are also devils no doubt. But when the light comes all darkness disappears. When you will be enlightened all the devils and all the darkness will run away, will be frightened of you. You should not be afraid of darkness. You have to remove the darkness. How can you be afraid? Sahaja yoga makes you brave and Sahaja yoga is meant for brave people. Russians fought the Germans so bravely in every street, in every lane, where are those Germans gone now? And where are those Russians? So think of the past in this way that you have to be again very brave and you have to fight all these dark forces with your light without any difficulty, without any harm to you. 

(Question) The question is what does it mean by love and how can we direct our love? Love is like the sap in the tree, which rises. It goes to the trunk, to the branches, to the leaves, to the flowers, to the fruits and comes back. It does not get stuck or attached to any flower because it likes it. If it gets stuck then the tree will die and also the flower will die. That is pure love. And this all-pervading power which is the truth which gives you truth is the power of pure love. So this pure love starts shining in our attention when we are enlightened, because the spirit shines in our attention. The spirit is the source of this pure love. Also it purifies your attention. And when this purified attention is put onto anyone even a glance of such person, can do wonders. It can make another person very peaceful, happy, joyous and can cure also. Such an attention is pure because it does not get attached. It doesn’t react. In Sanskrit it’s called as Niranjan. Such an attention is so powerful that it can act thousands of miles. Just like we can receive anything from this ether on our television. This is the love that is the subtle of all the elements, even of the ether. That is pure love. And you never feel tired loving because it’s so spontaneous, just flows. We can pay this attention to anyone and like the sun which just shines without feeling it’s shine. 

(1.02.40-Question: What do you think about masculine part of the human being. Don’t you think that between a women be kept more psychicly sick__exist one theory that in 21st century will come__your heart. May be difference between different sexes will disappear). 

Shri Mataji: No no. See the kundalini is the primordial Mother. She does all the job. Mother only can have the patience. She can only have that love for her children. So the Mother we love is the climax of a women’s life. She has to also mother her husband. But you could also become the Mother of the whole world. Or could be the Mother of the whole universe. So you can start expanding only from your children, you go on expanding because of pure love. So the man is the child of the mother. And the woman is the daughter of the mother. Now when they are marrying they are like two wheels of a chariot. Both are important. They are equal but not similar. Because the right side of the wheel has to be on the right side, the left has to be on the left side. Women are becoming more psychic, you can call more depressed these days because firstly they are very much dominating. Then they will react to that domination and try to put down men. But women are the powerful energies like the Mother Earth. Their power lies in giving everything. They are so powerful that by this power that they use of giving love they can encompass the whole family, encompass the whole country, encompass the whole world. May be you might find some of the mothers suffer. But they have a tremendous capacity to suffer. But their enjoyment is in giving and loving. I asked my two granddaughters what do you want to be in future? They are very small. So they said we want to be a nurse or to be an air hostess. I said why do you want to be nurse and to be an air hostess? They said, ‘Grandma, only in these two professions you can give people to eat food, you can feed them also.’ Such a nice feeling that like a bird feeding the little birdies. So to be able to love, itself is such a joy giving thing. That it can surpass all the troubles and the sufferings. But there is a saying in Sanskrit that ‘where the women are respectable and respected there remain the Gods.’ So women have to be respectable. They have to be dignified. They have to have their personality. Then they create beautiful children. Behind every great man there has been a very great woman. She may not seem that way. She is potential, like this Mother Earth. These lights are here you see them, the lights, they are the kinetic, they are there, but it is coming from the source and if the source is cut out who are they? So no use fighting with men. (You can’t do without them) You can’t do without them. And they can’t do without you. So best is to nourish them, to love them, to understand them and treat them as if they are very important. Just let them feel that way, doesn’t matter. But you know who’s important.