Medical Conference

Moscow (Russia)

1992-08-03 Medical Conference, Moscow, 184'
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1992-08-03 Medical Conference, Moscow, Version 2, 218'
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1992-08-03 Medical Conference, Moscow

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. And as I always say that the truth is what it is. And if you know the totality, then only you should say we know the truth.

There are all scientists here. And I had to just say that whatever I have to tell you if you treat it as a hypothesis and if it is the truth then as honest people you must accept it. We have science also of medical studies by which we know what we see.

And We have discovered all these years one after another many tricks. And the medicine is developed when we find it’s injurious, We give up than other medicine they develop, to cure some diseases. As we studied medicine, first you have to know about the human body. But We do not know what runs this body, What runs our heart. We call it an autonomous nervous system But who is this auto…

Now We have a subtle system within ourselves which is shown here too. You see a system Which exists in the spinal cord as you see & also in the brain. And it has to be activated. Otherwise what we do is with the limited. Limited Knowledge! That is why Science is not Conclusive.

It treats something today, then it gives up  …Like it goes on changing. 

But this is Meta Science. This is the science of the roots. Not the science that you see. But is the science that you know. We can see with our eyes without thinking about it you can see I am sitting here. But When it is not totality when you see, you can be very wrong ! And if you do not know the roots then it would be even worse. Supposing a tree is sick, and you want to take the tree from the leaves or flowers, You can not.  You have to go to its roots. So this is the knowledge of the roots. She has told you about the centres. But also there are three channels as you see them clearly. These are the left and right sympathetic nervous system You call them and the central one is called parasympathetic.  We can say these are the three subtle channels, Which look after the autonomous nervous system. Now Whatever We have achieved in our evolution is on the central nervous system. Now this central nervous system, as far as human awareness is concerned, is also limited.

But When the knowledge of these roots you know then you can treat any patient at the root level. But there are certain things which one has to first accept as a hypothesis. First of all, I will give an example of one centre. The second centre which is called the swadishtan, the yellow one. We can say I don’t know what you call in modern medicine when I studied medicine it was called as Aortic Plexus. Aortic Plexus …It looks after our aortic plexus in our physical side. Now this centre I would like you to tell you about …This one centre… Now in medical science, we do not know how? When we think all the time our brain says [unclear] energy. We do not even think about it. Now I would like to state Which you should accept only as a  hypothesis that the fat cells of the abdomen are converted for the use of the brain, by this particular Swadishtan Chakra. Of course, it is not said in medical science. But by curing one centre how we can cure so many diseases, is I will tell you now.

Now this centre has the most important work is to transform the fat cells for the use of the brain…

But it has also the other activities that it has to look after the liver, it has to look after the pancreas, the spleen, and kidneys & also the part of the intestines. All this work is to be done by one centre. Now the most important work is to transfer the fat cells for the brain …So those people who are very futuristic, Who plan too much, think too much have to use only this one particular centre, for that activity. As you doctors have to do quite a lot. So all other functions get neglected. When they are neglected, the liver can go out of order. Now the liver’s job is to emit all the poison Which is like heat into the blood. And through circulation, it should be emitted out. But when this liver is out of order it keeps all the heat within itself. So one develops a liver problem. In medical science, it’s not easy to locate first of all the liver problem… too much early …[unclear]  

The symptoms are like this …A person starts eating less, and he feels very heated up. He is very hot-tempered. He gets very nervous type. He feels nausea in the morning time. He cannot see the sun because the sun gives more heat. Then this heat travels upward. When this heat goes upward, to the heart centre …We have left and the right heart centres …This heat also blocks the heart centre on the right side Thus we develop asthma. The other day a doctor was telling me how bronchial asthma can be easily cured…So if this blockage is cleared out, bronchial asthma or any kind of asthma can be cured …Then this heat can also pass to the left side towards the heart …If at a young age some people are playing tennis or something hard games like tennis and also drinking too much, then their liver is very upset and this heat can give a very massive heart attack at a young age which is always fit. Now then we go to the pancreas So the pancreas is also neglected of all the thinking people. Because they sit on the table, write all the time, think all the time …Every day they are…say in India …If we will not take history unless and until the  [spoon stands ] at right angles on the sugar …So much sugar they take…

Who takes it? (some medical person asks )

The villagers in India. But he doesn’t get diabetes …The reason is he never thinks much…He lives in a very free life. He earns his money, he sleeps off. He does not have to worry about insurance or anything.

But When  a person is thinking too much and very futuristic, if his pancreas goes out 

he gets diabetes. Now the third thing Which is also very very dangerous is the spleen. Spleen is like a speedometer within us. As you know very well whenever there is an emergency the sympathetic nervous system goes into action. So that time if you are in an emergency this spleen starts emitting RBC’s (Red Blood Corpuscles ) to meet the necessity of the emergency. Supposing you are eating food and you run out, you get a pain in the spleen… If the gentlemen or the lady who is very hectic for eg- in modern life People sleep very late in the night. Get up very late in the morning. Then they read the newspaper. A kind of shock in the newspaper because most newspapers have something sensational. So the spleen starts working. Then he goes out of the house, in such a speed to attend his work and there is jam on the street (there is the traffic ) Now we are slaves of the watch.

And we start becoming upset and worried. Then the spleen again starts pumping out more and then you go to the office there is a boss shouting at you again the spleen starts pumping more on this …We don’t even take our breakfast properly. We just take our breakfast in the car running some or other eating something …After some time the spleen does not understand what sort of a hectic personality, this one is. And it becomes hectic. It becomes vulnerable now. Now all the viruses come from the left side …And When you are vulnerable it attacks. That’s how you get blood cancer …We have had many cases of blood cancer being cured, completely.

One gentleman’s blood cancer was cleared 8 years back. He is perfectly alright. Unfortunately, mostly I have seen people who get blood cancer are professionals like architects, doctors, lawyers, Because they are always in an emergency …Then the intestines also get [unclear].

And people get constipated…And as a result of constipation, there are other complications… So the unnatural behaviour is too much thinking. And this thinking can not be stopped …There is no way. One doctor asked me in Switzerland, You can cut my throat or do what you like but stop this thinking. Now how will you stop this thing …So when this Kundalini rises She nourishes the centres, makes it strong and passes through this optic chiasm which sucks in these 2 institutions which we call ego and superego So now we live in the future or the past. One thought rises and falls down, another thought rises and falls down and we jump on the cusp of the thoughts…So now When the Kundalini rises then there is a space in between. So these thoughts become elongated and the space increases and we are in the present. And When we are in the present we don’t think. We are absolutely aware …We know everything, We remember everything like a photo memory. But We don’t think and if we have to think then you can think also but if you want to stop your thinking  you can stop your thinking. So you feel absolutely relaxed and peaceful.

Like the periphery of the wheel is moving, but the axis is absolutely silent. So you jump from your periphery onto your axes. We cannot say that -Supposing you are standing in the water you are frightened with the waves, but you jump into the boat, then you can see the waves. But you are not bothered, you are not worried, But in Sahaja yoga, if you become a master then you can jump into that water, into these problems and save people …This is how I have told you about one centre that is how we have cured many many patients of most of these diseases Which I have described.

So first of all, those doctors who want to practice Sahaja Yoga should get their Self Knowledge. And then only when you are their master then you can very easily guide people. For example – Dialysis you can do in your fingertips …You know very well what it is …for diagnosis the people have to go through, by diagnosis and then they declare that nothing is wrong with you. 

So here you can feel on the fingertips this 5,6, and 7 centres on the left and 5,6, and 7 centres on the right …You can know which centre is in trouble ..Thus you can …If you have the knowledge that how to correct your centres you can correct yourself and correct others …But it’s not only medical science we have to deal it but also mental science which we call as psychology I call the psychology is a very child science. Also, it’s quite a mental [unclear /yarn] it’s nothing scientific. Recently I read a book saying that Forbil and Floyd mean Floyd was a fraud …There are many [unclear/after him who are saying this ] but this book is remarkable. Are we saying this from the last 22 years but people didn’t want to believe it? In that book, they have shown how it has ruined the culture and thought …the malignant effect of this Floydal thought.

So this is Meta Science beyond Science because it deals with totality. And you become the doctor, you make the diagnosis and you are the one who gives the medicine …Because once you get connected with this all-pervading power then you become empowered…You do not have to pay anything for it and it is absolutely absolutely totally effective. It doesn’t harm anyone.

We have some doctors here, from India and England, Who have gone into the research of Sahaja Yoga …And they will explain to you all about it. But one thing I have to just request you that medical science is very good but it does give a kind of an ego. And so many people say that why should we learn anything from India. Because Your science also has come from various countries. Whatever you know is about the tree …But you don’t know about the root. And if that knowledge comes from anywhere you must accept …Because it is for the benevolence of the people and you can treat people without money …You can treat people in masses …It’s such a big moon or such a big blessing for us, that you are doctors and you can understand through your medical science this meta-science.So I wish you all of you that you all get your self-realization and also the doctors will tell you about What is …What have they done on their research? 

Thank you very much!