We have to be subtler, to be in the state of Spirit to feel the Truth

Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1992-08-06 Public Program, Kyiv, Ukraine Russian live translation, 81'
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Public program, 1992-0806, Dynamo stadium, Kyiv, Ukraine

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We can not think about it, imagine about it or change it. (To the interpreter, “Your’s [microphone – ed.] is a more sort of a echoes, echo, little. Mine is all right.” Then they change their microphones.) … level also we can not feel the truth. We have to be subtler, to be in the state of Spirit to feel the Truth. And to become the Spirit there is a complete machinery within us which works it out. Already built within us during our evolutionary process. Now, it is the time, a special time, when you all can have that state of Spirit. This is your rebirth. As it is said that you are to be born again. But it is not just a certificate that we are born again but something has to happen within. And for that happening you are all absolutely ready. Within us lies the sense of faith in something. We had this faith that there must be something beyond. But it has been challenged or diverted. So we started seeking truth in areas where it does not lie.

For example the first attack came to us we can say in Ukraine through communism. So we had our faith in communism. It has done one thing good that it did not allowed you to have faith in fundamentalism. But today the greatest danger is that there is a vacuum in Russia and also in Ukraine and we may jump into some sort of a fundamentalism. I’m told there are people who have come to convert into Hinduism. They are giving food and trying to entice as the missioners did in India. By conversion you do not receive truth. You have to have your transformation, not conversion. Any fundamentalism whether it is Christianity, or Hinduism, or Islam are very dangerous. There is a universal religion within us. Because all these religions were born on the tree of spirituality at different times. On the same tree of spirituality. Then people pluck these flowers and started saying, “These are mine, these are mine”. They are fighting with these dead flowers. As long as there will be one following, one book to be followed, then there will be always quarrels. In the name of God how many people were killed in these fights? This kind of just a feeling or a kind of a concept that we are the chosen ones is extremely dangerous. We have to now understand these are the most important times of spirituality. I call it a blossom time. But it is said that these are the Last Judgments. That means you have to use your wisdom to judge what is right and what is wrong. Whatever is false is not going to help us at all, it has not helped any one so far. What is going to help is your own ascend.

Another challenge comes to us from science. Sahaja Yoga is Meta science. Because it is conclusive. It gives you the exact results. It is absolutely verifiable. And that you become enlightened to verify it yourself. And you know all the modus operandi means how to operate. You get all the knowledge about yourself. You have within yourself such a beautiful machinery. Now whatever I’m telling you, you have to accept it as a hypothesis and open your mind like a scientist and see for yourself if it is true. If it is true then you must accept as honest people. Because it gives you solutions for all problems. All problems, world problems are because of humane beings. And all humane problems are because of their subtle centers within themselves. I wanted you to see the picture of this machinery but unfortunately there is light so you can not see there’s lights[1], but later on they will show you.

So there are seven centers within us placed at different places in the spinal cord and in the brain. They are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activity. If somehow we can correct whose centers then all our problems can be solved. But at the base of the spine there’s a triangular bone called as sacrum. That means the Greeks knew that it is a sacred bone. So this Kundalini is a power, which is residing in that sacrum bone. This is like a primula in a seed. If it is awakened it passes through six centers and pierces through your fontanel bone area giving you the actualization of baptism. Actualization means it is a happening. Kundalini is the pure desire of God Almighty. And is reflected within us through the reflection of the Primordial Mother – the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. Paul did not want to talk about women because he hated them, saint Paul. So he said that it is the Holy Ghost is a dove. They talked about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost which is a dove. You have a Father and a Son. And what about the Mother? The Mother is the Primordial Mother and Greeks called this as Athena. And in India it is called as Adi Shakti. In the pagan religion they called Her as White Goddess. In every religion there is the mention of the Primordial Mother. Thomas, Saint Thomas’s Gospel had described how Christ has said that, “I have another Mother”. So now the proof is that we have the Kundalini in our triangular bone. In some people we can see it pulsating if there is problem in the higher centers. But in most of the people it just shoots off and pierces through the fontanel bone area. And thus we get the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. When this Kundalini rises you don’t feel anything that hurts you. She integrates all the centers, nourishes them and ultimately She connects you to this All Pervading Power of the Divine Love. So the Truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego and conditionings. But you are the pure Spirit.

The second thing is that there is All Pervading Subtle Power of Divine Love. We see these flowers; it’s a miracle how they have grown out of small seeds. But we take it for granted. Our eyes are beautiful cameras, it’s a miracle. Our brain is a computer and we just do not even think about it. Who runs our heart? They say it is the autonomous nervous system, the doctors will say, “Autonomous nervous system”. But this “auto” who is he? So now we come to the point how do we get this Kundalini awakening. Now there are two more channels of sympathetic nervous systems, which are manifested by two other channels – the Right and the Left. So now what we have to correct are these six centers and these channels. So the whole problem is reduced to twenty one points at the most. Now supposing you can feel the centers of others on your fingertips. Then you know what’s wrong with you and you can know what’s wrong with others. Supposing you know how to correct these centers then you can solve your problem. Because Spirit is a universal being you also develop a new awareness, you develop, you become aware of the centers of other people through collective consciousness and new awareness that you develop. It is becoming, it is not just a lecture or a kind of a sermon. It happens and if you know how to correct your centers and the centers of others you can solve all the problems. Now we have in India three doctors who have cured some incurable diseases and they have got their master of I mean what you call the doctorate in medicine. And there are seven doctors in England as well as in Australia, Thailand or Taiwan who are making record of people who have been cured through Sahaja Yoga. Yesterday only in a program a lady who was suffering from arthritis and could not walk without crutches completely got all right in five minutes. Some people ask Me, “Chernobyl problem – can it be solved?” Why not, we have helped some people definitely, no doubt. It can be easily corrected.

So you become the Spirit. And when you become the Spirit, then the first thing happens to you that your thoughts stop, you can stop your thoughts. That means you are thoughtlessly aware. And at that stage you are in the present. You are not in the future or in the past. But you are in the present. Thus you find your peace with yourself. Many people who have got Peace Nobel Prizes have no peace within. Say, this instrument. If it is not connected to mains it is useless, it has no meaning. In the same way if we are not connected to the Mains we have no meaning, we have no identity. So it is very important that this should happened to all of us. Of course you can not pay for it. Also you don’t have to put in any effort. Only thing you have to give some time. You have to respect your Self-Realization. Also it is a collective happening. It can not be worked out at home; you have to come to the collective. So please remember that there are many anti Christ in the name of God. Also there are people like Freud who just without understanding any foundation of science started giving ideas of free love. For the last twenty-two years I’ve been telling that he’s a fraud. Now there is one doctor who has researched it and he calls it a “Fraudulent Freud”, he’s given a book like that. Now this free love is a very dangerous thing. It has given AIDS and lots of secret diseases to people. The family system is ruined. And the children have become orphans. I was shocked the other day in a program a sixteen year old girl came and told Me she has some venereal disease. And she said, “There are many like me”. So one has to understand that once you become the Spirit in that light you will know that what is righteousness, what is holiness. These intellectuals have taken advantage of our ignorance and have misled us into complete hell. Then we have our own personality and wisdom and we can judge them better. But in Sahaja Yoga you have to grow. Today of course you’ll all get your Realization, no doubt. But you have to grow later on.

I’ll now tell you the nature of Spirit in short. The Spirit when it enlightens your attention, your attention becomes active. Attention, when you put attention onto someone or on any question you can definitely help. Without doing anything. Also it gives you the full idea as to what sort of a person you are dealing with. Because you start feeling on your fingertips your centers and the center of others. And when you start feeling the centers of yours or anybody else’s you know for definite what is the situation. Thus you know absolutely the Absolute Truth. You can ask the question and you get the answer on your fingertips. So this is the time of resurrection as described by Mohammed Sahib Kiyama. He said that at the time of Kiyama your hands will speak and will give evidence about yourself. So this time is here and you all have to get your Realization and I’m sure you’ll all get it tonight. If all of you know the truth as one how can there will be quarrel, how can there be discussion? Also with the Spirit the experience you have is of joy. Because it is the source of joy. Joy is not a duality like happiness and unhappiness, it is just pure joy. And as we enter into the Kingdom of God we get all the blessings of that. So many miracles take place that we do not know how to even write them in a book because they are piling up.

All these things that I’m telling you can happen tonight to you. But you must have pure desire to get your Realization. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes. But whose who do not want to have their Self-Realizations should really leave the hall, leave the stadium. Because I respect your freedom. If you choose to be the Self-Realized personality you could stay. But those who do not want I can not force Self-Realization on them. And such people should not also force their presence here on others. So I would request all of them, such people who do not want their Self-Realization to leave the hall. All of you should sit down somehow because standing up it will be difficult. Please be seated. There are also some seats I think for you to sit down. It will not take more than fifteen minutes.

I have told you that there are two powers within us – left and right. Left is the power of desire, of common desire. And the right is the power of action. But Kundalini is the power of pure desire. Now there are three conditions, which I will tell you, which are very simple. The first one is that you have to be absolutely self-confident that you will get your Self-Realization. Wherever you are sitting, wherever you are. You all will get your Realization if you fulfill the conditions. The second condition is that you have not to feel guilty for anything. Please believe Me there is nothing like what you call this “original sin”. This is not even in the Bible. But they have started it just to frighten people. So don’t believe that they tell you, “you are a sinner and you have to confess”. You do not have to feel guilty at all. You are not guilty at all. If you have committed mistakes it’s all right because you are a humane being. You are not God. So if you have committed any mistakes you just forgive yourself. You have to face yourself and correct the mistake, instead of that you feel guilty. Thus you put the guilt in the center on the left side here. And that is very dangerous. If this side of the center is blocked then you can get a disease called angina. You can get spondylitis or lethargic organs. So please just now forgive yourself and don’t feel guilty.

Now the third condition is even simpler. That you have to forgive everyone. Even not to think about them. Logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. As it is those who have troubled you are happy people. But you are torturing yourself on their behalf. So there’s no sense in it. No wisdom. Moreover, the center which is in the optic chiasm gets closed like this, absolutely [INAUDIBLE – constricted ?] …. As it is you have tortured yourself. And if you now do not forgive then you will miss such a great thing. And you should not think about those people because that’s also headache. These are the only three simple conditions.

Now I would request you to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth also helps us. (To the interpreter, “ Are they already sitting without shoes?” The interpreter, “Yes”) Now those who are sitting on the chairs are to remember that they put both their feet away from each other. But sitting on the ground they are perfectly all right. This Mother Earth helps us a lot.

So now you have to put your left hand on your lap like this. And we will show you how to nourish your own centers and awaken your own Kundalini; this is to be done only today. Please put your left hand on your lap, which is symbolic that you want to have your or desiring to have your Self-Realization. Now with the right hand we have to nourish the centers on our left hand side. So first you have to put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty. And the Kundalini is the reflection of the Primordial Mother. You have to sit comfortably but you shouldn’t bend too much or bend backward but comfortably in a relaxed way. So in the heart resides the Spirit. And if you become the Spirit then you become your guide, your own master. So now please take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Which is the center of your mastery, which was created by all the great prophets in the past. Now please all of you do it otherwise you can go. All of you should do please. Now take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. This is the center left side; this is the center for pure Divine knowledge. This is the center, which works out all the Divine laws. So now raise your right hand again in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now raise it again to your heart. Now raise it into the corner of your neck and your shoulder. And turn your head to your right. I’ve already told you that this center gets block when you feel guilty. Now raise your right hand on your forehead across. And now bend your head as far as possible. This is the center where you have to forgive everyone in general without thinking about them. Now please take your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the center where without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the All Pervading Divine Power. Now the last center, which is very important. Please, stretch your palm fully. Now take the center of your palm on top of your head. And now put it down, your head as far as possible. Push back your fingers so there is a good pressure on your scalp. Now please move your scalp seven times clockwise. That’s all we have to do.

Now you will have to close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes till I’ll tell you. You can take out your spectacles. If there’s anything tight on your neck or on your waist please loose it a little bit. You have to be comfortable. Now, just have the left hand on your lap and the right hand on your heart. Those who are sitting on a chair should remember to keep their feet apart from each other. Now please close your eyes. And please don’t open them till I’ll tell you. All right.

Now put your hand on your heart and here you have to ask Me a very fundamental question. Please, ask a question about yourself, you can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like. So now ask a question in your heart three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

If you are the Spirit you are your guide, so take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Here you ask another fundamental question, “Mother, am I my own master?”

I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I can not force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. And here you ask a question or you have to ask six times because this center has got six petals, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”.

As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising upward. So we have to open our higher centers with our self-confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and here with full confidence say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master”.

I’ve already told you that the fundamental Truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. So please put your right hand on your heart and here with full self-confidence say twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure Spirit”.

This All Pervading Divine Power is the knowledge, is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of compassion and bliss. It is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes we might commit the power of this ocean of forgiveness can completely dissolve it. So please forgive yourself and put your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder. Now turn your head to your right and you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. Say it with full confidence.

I’ve already explained to you whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So also the danger is that if you do not forgive the Kundalini can not pass through this center of Agnya. Because it is a constricted center. So now raise your hand to your forehead and put down your head as far as possible. Here you have to say not how many times but from your heart that, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general”. Say it from your heart.

Now please take your hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible and here you have to say without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your satisfaction you have to say, “O, Divine Power, please forgive me if I have done any mistakes”. Say it from your heart, not how many times.

Now stretch you palm fully and put the center of your palm on the fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood. Now please put down your head. Here again I can not cross over your freedom, which I respect. I can not force Self-Realization on you; you have to ask for it. So please move your scalp seven times saying seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-Realization”. Please put down your heads, please. Please push back your fingers. Don’t hold your head but please push back your fingers and put a pressure on your scalp and slowly move it.

(Shri Mataji blows into the microphone 7 times.)

Now please take down your hand. Put both the hands towards Me like this. Little higher. Now please put the right hand towards Me and bend your head and with the left hand you see if there’s a cool breeze or a hot breeze like waves coming out of your head. Bend your head, bend your head. Now please put left hand towards Me and bend your head and see for yourself if there is cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area; it could be also hot. If you have not forgiven it will be hot. Also those who have not forgiven may not get at all. So now please now forgive. Some people will get it little higher, much higher, and some get it closer to the head. Now again put your left hand towards Me. I’m sorry, right hand, right hand towards Me and with the left hand again see if there’s a cool breeze or a hot breeze like thing coming from your heads. Please bend your head, please. Now, raise both your hands above your head like this. And you have to ask a question, anyone of these three questions, anyone of them three times. Put back your head completely looking at the sky. Ask a question either, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask this question three times in your heart. Or else you can ask a second question three times, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Divine Love?” Or you can ask this question three times, “Mother, is this the Parama Chaitanya?”

Now, please put down your hands. All those who have felt cool breeze on their fingertips or on their palm or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands.

(Shri Mataji whispers, “O, Mine”). O, Mine.

I bow to you all. Now you saintly life has started, your saintly life has started. Is the proof that you have got your Self-Realization. And please have respect for your Self-Realization. Beware very careful about bad influences, negative forces. Everywhere in Russia I found people suffering from these people who have been doing extra… What you call it? – ESP, yes. They develop boils all over body or they had a crooked joints, it’s horrible. Of course it is curable. But why go to these negative people, for what? When Sahaja Yoga can give you all the blessings.

May God bless you. I hope you people will look after your Self-Realization and will come, come up next year, when I come, as great trees of spirituality. You have to use this power, then only you will know what it is. And you’ll be amazed how it helps you. It is beyond your mind, so do not discuss, argue with anyone. But just work it out.

May God bless you all.

All of them got it, even there they got it. It’s very surprising. Even the children there, the people who are sitting there they got it. And here up to here they got it.

(The audience is going to sing)

They are going to sing? Well, I want to judge them. Your people are going to sing? After all, I’ve never heard them.

[1] It was an open-air meeting and the bright sunlight did not allow seeing the pictures projected on the screen. – ed.