Arrival and Seminar near Togliatti

Tolyatti (Russia)

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1992-08-06 Seminar near Togliatti, Russia, 

Shri Mataji : …is a singer, she is another singer, I see all of you singing.
Male Voice : Just asking for blessings
Shri Mataji : Ofcourse.,
Female Voice : Do you want Shri Mataji to bless you? to help you?
Female Voice to Shri Mataji : She is asking to help, she got mooladhara problem, she has got mooladhara problem.
Shri Mataji : Tell her
Male Voice : Tell HER we told her three candle treatment.
Shri Mataji :  Did you goto ESP?  you will be alright. Try three candle treatment
Shri Mataji : Erika Erika Where ever you have (unclear@@)
Shri Mataji : Alright ? It’s alright, No, I mean no problem. It’s alright.
Male Voice : Please stay there where you are.

Shri Mataji: Cool breeze will come, don’t worry. (Mixed voice) No leaves are moving, but this is moving.
Then come forward. Move forward, not too much.
There is a beautiful forest on the bank of river Volga. So many saints have gathered together. Your songs and your dancing is vibrating the whole area. One day this place might become a pilgrimage for many. So many of you are here, who have achieved your self realization. Your country as it is a very beautiful country and very rich in their resources. Now, only thing we have to remember as Sahajayogis that we have to work hard to build up this country again. Some things that are very good done by communism also some things that have been really not so kind. Yesterday I told you how you have got out of fundamentalism. Because all those who believe in one religion and fight with another are anti-Christ. These are all people with western interests. They have no interest in your emancipation or your benevolence. But these are special times of last judgment. You have to choose the truth instead of falsehood. In the Bible it is clearly written that you will know them by the work they do. So people can find out from your life how truthful you are and how this truth has brought joy to you. We believe in one universal religion. Which is innately within us. Which makes us really righteous. It is not preaching something and doing something. Whatever you preach, you practice in your life and it is very easy to follow because you are standing on a rock of truth. Because truth is not only the strength but also wisdom and also compassion. Most of you here are SahajaYogis. The way SahajaYoga is growing in Togliatti I am sure the whole of Togliatti will become SahajaYogis very near. But you have to meditate at home, and you have to be collective. Sometimes people from other places should come to Togliatti and you also should go there. So that Russian collectivity is completed. I have to again warn you against these extrasensory perception people. Yesterday we had patients, all of them have been to this extrasensory perception people. They all try to mesmerize through the dead spirits. People develop all kinds of funny diseases. First is Epilepsy. Epilepsy is now been cured through SahajaYoga and one doctor has got his MD, doctorate of medicine on that subject. This Epilepsy is a common disease I think for small children I have seen now have Epilepsy. So you have to be extremely careful that you should not go to anyone like that who comes and makes a program, because that is not at all divine. I was told that people from Tarkar and all that come here and have programs and one lady developed a funny type of swelling of her knees and all kinds of aah, you can say boils coming out from the sides. You are all my children. I want you all to be very healthy, happy and joyous. So be careful. Especially with children. Look after them. In the churches also they have those what you call church arcs where they bury the dead in the churches. You have to understand that these dead bodies who are think to be, we think them to be dead but their souls are sometimes hangy aah, hanging around them. There was once a phone call from India, saying that lady told me that her husband is dead and doctors also saying that he is dead in the hospital and I just put my attention and the spirit was hovering around that body. So I caught hold of the spirit and put it back and the fellow came to life. So we have to understand properly how to deal with the dead. If somebody is dead then we should not then cry for that person. But on the contrary we should always say that I am alright, you take your birth and you take your realization. By saying that you will give freedom to the dead body.

                              All these false gurus and all these false people, ESP also use these dead spirits. They can not explain how they work it out sometimes. But SahajaYoga can be explained fully, scientifically. So, I have to really request you to avoid all such people. We had an experience of a lady coming aah, a young girl coming from Africa. She was saying that SahajaYoga has given me pains in the body to her mother and the mother also came all the way from Africa to see me, and I was amazed because it is not possible. Then we discovered that after getting Sahaja Yoga, she was staying with a lady who was doing ESP work. So then we cured her no doubt. So please avoid going to this ESP. You develop your own powers. In Sahaja yoga it is very easy to develop your own powers for which you don’t have to pay. Supposing if you put one leg in the mouth of a crocodile and one to come out in the boat, how is it possible? Yesterday I kept feeling that some people had an effect in the ESP in the group. That’s why I have to tell you today. All this you can know about very fast from SahajaYoga, what is left side? and what is right side? Because of communism may be you are more on the left and you may feel insecure. So you may go to wrong things. But one has to be very careful. I wish I could invite all of you to India. But one day you may I am sure you all will come. The way you are singing Indian songs no one can believe the Russians deliver voice, everything, pronunciation was so correct. That means you are so capable. So capable. Now today they say there is a seminar. So in the seminar only one person can not speak. I would be happy if you ask me some questions now and later on we can also see the certain slides we have brought to see you, see they are miraculous photographs. So if  you have any questions please ask me.

Translator: Is it possible?
Shri Mataji: He is here, Of course next year definitely.  
Translator :  Sakshi (unclear) is asking you to give your attention to the, to give your attention to the volga river.
Shri Mataji: I see that, You have to go and wash your feet in Volga and it will become Holy like Ganges. Where I live Cabella, they said the river and because all these Sahaja Yogis go and they bathe in the river, which really becomes like river Ganges in Cabella, Italy. Because the newspaper people wrote that there was one man who came with arthritis trouble, had a bath in the river and he got completely cured. Also somebody who came with a squint eyes, and his eyes became alright. Squint. Like Cross Eyes.  That’s how Volga has to become. There is somebody who has been troubled by ESP, Extra Sensory Perception, and she suffered. She wants to come here, but I would say that now coming here everybody gets bad vibrations from her. But what she has to do is to have three candle treatment and she will be alright. But you all have to promise that you will not go to these nonsensical Extra Sensory Perception people. Raise your hands to promise. Thank you very much, thank you.
Translator: There are lot of citizens suffering from alcohol and (unclear)
Shri Mataji: For alcohol, the simple thing is to take a drop of vibrated water and put it in alcohol. You can increase the vibrated water. But do it secretly. Ecology problem is there I believe and what you have to do is to put vibrated water on these trees. Also if you can pin your badges on these trees, they can emit vibrations to clear out ecology problems.
Translator: May be quite possible to use the same way you recommended now for smokers, for heavy smokers
Shri Mataji: Laughs, yes, you could
Translator: Shri Mataji what is your attitude to the idea over universal language which will be one for all the people in the world
Shri Mataji: See, the universal language is that of  love. If you learn how to love, you will learn everything else.
Translator: Shri Mataji, will you tell us please, Satya Sai Baba, is he a realized person?(repetition)
Shri Mataji: Haan?
Translator: Satya Sai Baba, is he a realized person?
Shri Mataji: Not at all, this Satya Sai Baba is a devil. He is a devil from ancient times who has been incarnated and people get heart attacks with it.
Shri Mataji: Yeah yeah of course, it’s true. This is true, it’s true. For SahajaYogis it won’t happen. Because..(No Audio)
Some lady: Our president, is he a realized man?
Shri Mataji: No, But he will get his realization I am sure, very soon.
Translator: Can you explain how one can act to the people coming from other planets
Shri Mataji: There are no planets coming. It’s a story.
Translator: How can you explain the (Inaudible)  
Shri Mataji:  I will tell, I will tell you the whole story, I have to tell you the whole story about the Bible. First is that Paul, Saint Paul he was never with Christ, but he was a beaurocrat, in charge officer and he had killed one disciple of Christ named Steven….