Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Morality is extremely important

St. Petersburg (Russia)

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Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Russia, 1922-08-09

Today we are going to worship Mahalakshmi principle within us. As we know very well Mahalakshmi Principle resides in the central part of our being. Through which Kundalini has to rise. But Kundalini enters our body in the left side. In the sense that its the residual power of deity everything left side right side and then She enters into our sacrum. So in the Mahalakshmi temple in Kulamlpur they sing a song of Kundalini ambe that oh Amba please rise, kundalini please rise. In the Mahalakshmi temple, they have to do it because through Mahalakshmi channel she rises. Now the Mahalakshmi principle within us starts manifesting when our Lakshmi principle is complete. Mahalakshmi principle is ascent above all material seeking. Lakshmi principle is when people are seeking more material wealth. But there is no end to Lakshmi principle also. as the economics says that wants in general are nor satiable. So well want something today we get it but we are not satisfied and we want to have another thing and we are not satisfied so we go on asking for more and more.

But once we realise that this mad pace is too much then we start thinking what should be the next. Communism has brought lots of things to you. You may be angry with people who brought communism but actually they have done so much good to you, you have no idea.

First of all, you did not have idea of freedom which was abandonment. And also freedom before self-realisation is not easy for human beings to bear. People will go hamac will go running after material things to such an extent that they really become mad.

They have so much choice like in America every bathroom who is differently made. So much of individualism that you should ask for what sort of a bath you need otherwise you will land in difficulties. Every car has a different handle and you should point out how to open it. So much energy is wasted in deciding what to buy, what not to buy. Worse than the French. For 45 minutes they decide what they will have in a restaurant. And very seriously they can discuss these philosophical questions. And ultimately they just get drunk before they eat. So the energy is wasted in nonsensical things and you form a very bad habit of using all the time of using even small things. And they start telling about what they like and what they don’t like even without considering if the other person is bad about it. Because of this wasteful effort all their life they become absolutely useless for spirit jobs. The importance is given to useless worthless things and not to the spirit. this is the reason now that you have lost communism you are in the vacuum. But you are just in the Mahalakshmi principle already there. Because you just care for your assent. and very satisfied with your realisation. Last time when I came here there was a political problem. I asked sahaja yogis not to worry. But they said Mother now we are in the Kindom of God why should we worry. Such answer would not be possible for people who are really high in spirituality. Such a lot of potential in this country and also in Ukraine that I think after some time this country will become one of the strongest countries in the whole world. Like communism {inaudible}   we have to climb on Sahaja yoga stairs and leave it behind. In the same way you have to leave behind what desires you had before realisation automatically. Once you are in the whole you already left the steps automatically.  Already this Mahalakshmi principle is manifested.

There must be 25-30% of people who may not be on this life. Like I have seen I was travelling by the taxi the driver asked me if I had Marlborough cigarettes or another fellow asked me something like that. But they are very few people. And such people have to still evolve to your level. But when there is vacuum all kinds of things are sucked in. I feel there are many things from the West are sucked in also like drugs like this mad music AIDs and other diseases but the worst is the Freud’s ideas of free love which are very much malignant. I think the communist government did not want to be bothered about your morality at all. They wanted to enjoy their power so they said do what you like, we don’t care as long as you allow us to have the power. So this free love business has gone to far also in Russia and in Ukraine. But those who are on the Mahalakshmi Principle have to know one thing that morality is the basis of your country. That is the strength of Shri Ganesha. If this strength is not manifested one will never go up to a point which is Virat.

So in our sahaj culture, we have to understand that morality is extremely important for Mahalakshmi principle. Because of the western culture just coming into this vacuum is very dangerous I have to tell you, again and again, be careful. Many people who came to Sahaja yoga not in Russia have fallen off because of immoral attachments. But in a very sahaj manner, you can be moral. You do not have to force yourself or compel yourself but spontaneously you will manifest morality in your lifestyle. In India we have some immoral behaviour no doubt but it is not their lifestyle so some people may be immoral but they are not the whole of the society. Moreover, the responsibility is more on women who respect their chastity. If a woman is moral then the children become moral and the husband also comes to morality but if the woman is immoral then the whole society is finished. So the responsibility of keeping the social balance in society is entirely of women. It means you have to be alert that you do not deviate from the balance of Mahalakshmi principle into something that is destructive. All the prophets have created a sense of balance, righteousness, of dharma. The reason is that they were in the Void in Bhava Sagara. Moreover the more rigid is the religion, like Catholic or Islamic, then people tend to be immoral because they are suppressed so they want to take out their oppression in this way that they just go amok.

So we should also understand that the sense of morality is given to us it’s already innately placed within us. Even if you see small girls or small boys they have a great sense of shame.

This innate sense keeps the children innocent and they do not like things which are repulsive or destructive spontaneously. But as you grow suddenly this Mahalakshmi principle starts to go away from the central path. Another horrible temptation or we can say manifestation is that of anger. If you are an angry person then you can not maintain your connection with the divine power. It is important to be very watchful to see that when you are moving in the central path you do not get diverted.

I must say that the Russians are not so hot-tempered as other western people are. The boasted so much about their way that they are some higher race but you should see what have they achieved? They are at a very low level of spirituality that means their race itself is a low level. Because anger aggressiveness hot temper are not the signs of saintliness. The way they aggressed other countries the way they killed so many people the way they dominated other people is very surprising. And they are very self  …. That they are the higher race. I mean what is their scale of measurement there I don’t know.  So this anger business can also just come into this vacuum. Sahaja Yogis should be very careful to see that they are not captured by this anger. From anger rise so many problems, But anger comes also physically from the liver.  And also jealousy the Ego wants to overpower people because they are jealous. So this anger is to be seen to be watched all the time. Because its a killer of joy. Understanding is only possible when you are alert and watch yourself see yourself why does anger come to us? Anger makes our discretion absolutely miserable. It makes our agnya absolutely {inaudible}. So the solution of anger is love. If the ego is hurt people get anger. People always try to take the advantage of angry people. Pampering your Ego you can create hatred for another race.  {inaudible} that he thought (Hitler) that his race was higher than other races. He thought them to be worse than animals. How can you think that you are an evolved person or a higher race? So the discretion is lost. {inaudible} understand. And he starts speaking that I am right with the agnya or with Ego you think only that I am right. Because of Ego you do not hurt yourself you hurt only others so you are not at a disadvantage. That means this Ego can make a beast out of you.  And Mahalakshmi principle can become lost.

Firstly must be understood that to keep in the centre we should take peaceful decorous life. In Sahaja yoga it is easy to understand once your agnya is caught up you get a headache then you want to clear it out (that agnya). It is sometimes so painful that you feel like breaking your head. So this Ego which is ou hidden enemy always takes us away from Mahalakshmi principle. Also we have some conditionings which take us away from Mahalakshmi principle. Many people believe that if you have to achieve God you must suffer. Then you unnecessarily try to torture yourself. You try to fast and to sleep on the open grounds and do all kinds of things to your body. So with Ego you pamper your body care too much for your comfort and with conditionings, you try to torture yourself.

In Sahaja yoga we care fro the comfort of the spirit. There are no more sufferings needed nothing is needed you are just there enjoy! if you can not enjoy in Sahaja yoga then you should know that you are not manifesting Mahalakshmi principle. This is what happened when people come to Sahaja Yoga and here they find that people are enjoying laughing and singing dancing they are amazed.

So it is important to understand that whatever is extreme is not sahaj also the greed can keep you away from the right path. People who are greedy are never respected by anyone. They are miserly and they always want to think about their own problems. Now there are many I know who always tell Me about it that they want this they want this that is to be done but what I find that their attention is more on something that is not necessary. It is very surprising sometimes to find how in Sahaja yoga people start manifesting greed. But the best to overcome greed is to give away. When you give away the joy of giving away things is so great that you can not get out of acquiring things. So one has to understand that our main object is to reach that state of doubtless awareness where we all the time absolutely enjoying ourselves.  {Hindi} the spirit is satisfied by spirit. So the enjoyment by the spirit of the spirit so what is there to complain because your spirit is enlightened. The more you grow in Sahaja yoga you will be amazed to see how you enjoy collectivity.

If the person can not enjoy collectivity he thinks he is very highly placed he has a special job or he is something great and he can not talk with other sahaja yogis with the same level the same love then he is not a sahaja yogi. So now we understand that it is important for a sahaja yogi to keep to the central path all the time. Through meditation every evening you can come into the central path and to try to stay there in the Nirvichar Samadhi means thoughtless awareness. That state of thoughtless awareness does not allow any of these things to disturb. So as sahaja yogi one has to meditate to achieve that state of thoughtless awareness for a quite a long duration. So the transformation that has come in you now is taking you into a very different direction {inaudible}. It is not going to work out for the satisfaction of ego or satisfaction of greed or lust. But it is going to work out the sensitivity. Sensitivity to joy. All other pursuits are joyless pursuits.

Why do we do other pursuits? Because of ignorance. Because after all whatever we do we want to have happiness. Actually, whatever we do it does not give us happiness it can give us sometimes little happiness but may be later on some unhappiness then some embitterment it may not all the time give you that joy.

So now we are at a very different level. Till you are not enlightened you are asking for enlightenment also you ask for family for other things which are not spiritual up to a point.

You can see clearly if you do not keep your level you can slip down.

If all life pursuits are futile the why not have Mahalakshmi principle to manifest? So why do we wonder about? If our achievement is already there why do we run after something else?

Now in Sahaja yoga whatever work you are doing for Sahaja yoga many people start thing oh I’m doing so much work and they lose all joy. As soon as you feel that you are doing some work you’d better give up. It is the idea that I am doing this work I am doing that work can be very sickening can be very tiring and might completely take away your joy. So enjoyment that we enjoy onto our spirit is the nectar of the Mahalakshmi principle. So you going to understand how important this Mahalakshmi principle is. Now the best way to be in this Mahalakshmi principle is to surrender yourself. So when you are absolutely in that state of bliss you emit bliss. People are enjoying your company. This is what that your power becomes blissful. What else do we surrender it is only Ego and our conditionings. Nothing else is to be surrendered only our ego and our conditionings so that the Sahasrara opens out. Then what will you lose? Nothing!

Some people are frightened when they are told that you have to surrender they are frightened. Because you are enjoying reality then why should you bother about the Myth. That is how sahaja yogis become extremely balanced personalities. You do not go to extremes neither you try to correct others all the time but you just watch like a witness. Actually, this Vishuddh state is so beautiful is so silent it is so fulfilling that you do not want to have anything else. Surprisingly when you are in that state you are looked after by this divine power. But what we have achieved we have to reserve it as the greatest treasure and then go ahead. Every moment it will fill you down every moment. Small things will make you very happy. You would like to do for others and when you have done something sensible you feel extremely glad. So all whatever you were worried before whatever you were hankering after all go just feel fulfilled! So you have all the lights everything there! If you are in a blissful state everything is available.

I find I have lost the way somewhere. Then I feel there must be so the reason I have to be there. Now supposing I am late somewhere. I only think there must be some reason. First time I told Sahaja yogis that you have got power you can to work it out but they would not search anything. On the Nasik road, I got very late because our car failed. And I was nicely sitting and enjoying myself there. And the other Sahaja yogi accompanying me was worrying Mother you are not worried you have to reach there. If I have to we will reach whenever we’ll reach. We were late by 2 hours. What had happened the Sahaja yogi who was looking after the public had to start otherwise the people would have beaten them up. That is how they started working. Once it happened we were going by car I was going by car and other Sahaja yogis by bus and the bus had failed, in a village. So they were worried about what will they eat and what will happen. And I said it’s all right now you are here. Wherever you are it’s all right. And all the villagers came round. And then the word spread that Mataji has come here. So they came here and said while the bus is repaired let us have some program here. And then we had a program and now we have a very strong centre there. With this experience, only Sahaja yogis started going to villages and started their centre. So Mahalakshmi principle what does it give? Gives you a kind of blissful satisfaction. Now whether you are in the palace or you are in the wilderness you are satisfied. You have the light within yourself and this light then you can spread anywhere because you are a satisfied person. The whole role of life changes. Like the drunkard cannot enjoy to drink alone you also do not enjoy Sahaja yoga alone. So whenever you go you start spreading Sahaja yoga. And people are surprised that you are the way you are satisfied. There is no chance to complain. About what? when there is so much joy pouring in you why should you complain? About what you complain? Otherwise, some so-called “normal” person will go on complaining about everything and have a headache himself. Like they find faults with this carpet, this thing that thing all the time finding faults. Either blaming others or blaming himself. But then its joy everywhere why don’t you enjoy? You can do what you like if you want to spread this way that way do what you like but why to complain?

This Mahalakshmi principle in your Sahasrara then there are no words that one can express how it brings the divine light in you. You know that you know the truth you know it very well. You know what is reality. You are so knowledgeable. Still, you don’t look down upon people who are ignorant. So in Sahasrara is manifested compassion tremendous compassion. Now, one may say how can brain have compassion? But the kundalini comes out of this heart centre. That heart centre enlightens your heart. And the first thing that shows in you is the feeling of tremendous compassion. You don’t worry about yourself you do not think about yourself all the time you are thinking about others realisation. And as soon as you start paying attention to that person gets alright. You are on firm grounds and you are so confident but at the same time, you are extremely humble, kind and gentle.

Once I met a gentleman who was our prime minister. And he said this lady is supposed to be so spiritually developed and she is so simple. So all complications have fallen off so you are…Normally those why are false gurus they will have bull horns coming out of their head. And those why are not realised souls will wear some sort of dresses to show that they are very great ascetics. But with Mahalakshmi principle, you are so enriched what is there to show? I mean if somebody is a really a king he does not call I am a king I am a king he IS a king so its all right. Some people say, I am Christ, I am Mother Mary,  I am Shri Krishna all kinds of things. Another one say I am Sai Baba. Means Sai Baba is reality. If you are sai Baba why should you put this … before you why do you want to certify yourself?

Supposing my name is Nirmala. Then I say I’m Nirmala and finished. But if I say I am Satya Nirmala there is something wrong there. And these hypocricies then drop out all this falsehood drops out these complications drop out.

Your worry about money absolutely drop out. If you need money Money is there. You don’t have to know banking you do not have to know accounting, nothing needed. Sakshat Lakshmi is at your feet why should you worry about money? Why should you worry about anything? The one who has created always thinks. He is worried about you so why should you worry? So now in Sahasrara, if you are sitting at the lotus of your Sahasrara there are seven chakras that are at your feet. All the 7 deities are there and all their ganas all their angels all of them are at your disposal, just ask for it. Such a personality that does not show off does not try to impress others because if you impress some people too much then you will be pressed also later on. You do not have to certify the person. Just people know. And those who do not know will never know so why worry. All kinds of beautiful thoughts and waves of joy that fills your life.

I wish for all the Russians Ukrainians and also people from Finland this Mahalakshmi principle will fully manifest in their life. It should manifest in the whole world wherever there is Sahaja Yoga. When its manifests improve health wealth everything when you are truth then you start spreading it. You feel only responsible that you have to give light. Because you realise you are this light and you are the one who is going to remove the darkness. And new vibrations come up to you by which you want to have it resolved you want to have a kind of determination that I am going to do this. And you go on nourishing it’s your own energy! In this lecture I wanted you to understand where you are, you are very different from the people and you are responsible for them. You are very powerful and you are the one who is going to transform. Millions and millions and emancipate the whole world. Actually, Mahalakshmi Puja is very short. And that’s why I had to give you a long lecture today who you are now. The Mahalakshmi principle gives you self-awareness not only self-knowledge but also self-awareness. And above all self-esteem. Your role is no more… it is unlimited. I hope next year when I come you will have many many more people coming from other places. You have to go to schools colleges universities. They are the young people, young people are attacked from the west or like Hari Rama Hari Krishna. Shri Krishna is a Kubera is the God of wealth and they are begging rupees. I want to have a full assurance from all of your that you are now going to manifest Mahalakshmi principle in the whole of Russia, Ukraine, Finland. And those who came from other countries should also take a responsibility they can do it. You can do it I know. If one person like me can do it in a foreign country like Russia. Why those who belong to that country can not do it? Just have your desire and decide that we are going to do something every day.

May God bless you.