Public Program

Congress Centre Paasitorni, Helsinki (Finland)

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1992-0812 Public Program, Congress Centre Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to remember that we are here to seek the truth. Its not sermon, its not lecture, its not fundamentalism. I am happy to see that there are so many seekers in this country. Truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it. You cannot ?? it. You cannot conceptualise it. You have to feel it, you have to become. I was also born in a protestant family in India. And thats how I know about Christianity than any one of you can know. And I feel we have missed the point. Because you cannot seek Christianity and also truth. Christianity is very different from Christ. Its (Christianity) is absolutely mental. And especially, I have attended lutheran church [not clear]. Of course one needs to understand that all the seers , our forefathers have been following Christianity. Specially in my country Christians came with bible in one hand and revolver in another, gun in another (hand). The kind of aggressiveness we see , thank God, Columbus luckily went to America, otherwise I wouldn’t have been here. No Indian could have been spared. Will be amazed that in Argentina and Chile, I have been to, you can’t find a single [not clear] does not [not clear]. You have to go to the museum to see. Is that what Christ has taught us ? He has said on the cross “oh father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. He (Christ) never wanted any fundamentalism. He has said that “those who are not against us are with us “. People allowed him to leave only for three and a half year. Only in that short period he could talk to people . It is too short time to talk to people about divinity, about subtleties. Too short ! Because people are so ignorant. And they live with that ignorance in sin. They belong to some church, some association, thats all! When I went to London first, it took me four years to talk to people, 7 people only, educated; 4 years ! I must say English are hard nuts, no doubt. But, they opened themselves. Opened to such and extent that today we are having are English. Because they realised that we have to have something within us which is universal. How can we fight in the name of God when God has created all of us. How can we fight ? It is surprising how everybody’s message has been so much being put into some sort of a mess. I am studying bible and I realised that the Paul had nothing to do with Christ ! My father who was a scholar and also a realised soul, I asked him “what is this Paul doing here?” He said that Paul is a s[not clear]. Firstly he was suffering from epilepsy. Now we have proved that epilepsy comes to people when they are possessed. In India 3 doctors have got MD (Doctor of Medicine) for curing people through sahajayoga of incurable disease. They have done MD and one them (have) done in epilepsy. And he found that this epilepsy comes possessions. And if the possession is removed, person can be cured. Thus with sahaja yoga people suffering from blood cancer can be cured. All kind of incurable diseases have been cured automatically. By this happening (pointing towards chart ). Christ has clearly said that you have to be born again. Even in sanskrit we call a realised soul “dwija” one who has born again. And even a bird called “dwija”, meaning the same “born again” “twice” . Now it is not what priest put water on your head and say you are born again. William Blake, great poet from England, has written a [not clear] priest cursed on my fontanelle. But, it is the happening that has to take place. Like a egg becomes a bird, is a different personality, you have to get your transformation. That may be the reason Christ has said in the second chapter, Mathews, 2nd verse, “you will be calling me Jesus Jesus I will not recognise you ! “.

Thats what exactly is the situation today ! And also you can see, very clear-cut that you might be a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, anything; you can all commit any sin. You can do any harm to anyone . How can that be? There is no s[not clear] from pranks, these are pranks artificially put on you. But if you are really a Christian then the whole universe is [not clear]. For within us lies the spirit, he said it so. And that you have to be the spirit he said it so. Once you become the spirit, there is a complete transformation of personalities. I think Christ has said quiet a lot in this 3 1/2 years of his public life. He has done so many things for us about which we are not aware. You will know what he has done within ourselves, what he has created within ourselves. And you can only understand Christ if you get selfrealisation ! We have now people who are Jews, who ae Muslims, Hindus, all worship Christ. We are working in 55 nations. Because, firstly, this Paul chose Peter who was the worst disciple of the Christ. Christ has said about him that a devil will take over you. Satan will take over you, Christ has said. So he put in the name of Peter that Christ has said that you will make a temple or a church in his name and he will give you the keys. How can that be? The disciple who was the worst of all , how can he make [not clear] of church. There is no logic. Then, also, this organisation that started became power oriented and money oriented. This power is worldly power, is what for Christ? What is the value of this worldly power to him ? And what is this money after which this churches, and this temples and all this people are running? Very surprised that this false people are now becoming much more experts in falsehood. Like in orthodox church, now in Russia, one of the politician told me there is a vaccum and this church, what you call as black order, [not clear] orthodox, they are making all women nude and putting them in some sort of a pond to baptise. If you are seeker, you are born in the right moment. All the seekers of truth think that there is something beyond this. The also react to falsehood. But there ?? is very much ??. So they need this hippism, this that , ??, and all kind of things, but thats not the way. They took to drugs and other things. Then in the west intellectuals like Freud came in. In the Christian country how could they tolerate Freud? If he had come to India, i know where he would have landed, poor an, they would have killed immediately. He, I have been telling about him. Recently I see a very beautiful book written by a American doctor, calls it “Fraudulent Freud”. (may be Freudian Fraud: The Malignant Effect of Freud’s Theory on American Thought and Culture Paperback – 15 Sep 1999
by E. Fuller Torrey MD (Author) ) . Freud become Christ for people. I was told for 35 years people were fighting to become nude. May be for higher race. But for us Indian it is stupid. Christ has said that Thou Shall not have adulterous eyes; that in your eyes there should not be lust and greed thats what he said. When I first came to England, I was surprised, everyone looking at everyone. I mean, I don’t know what are they doing, what are they upto? So I asked ?? , yes, what are they doing? She said this is flirting. I said but whats the use, looking at some one who is not your wife; I don’t understand logically. May be we Indians are not so intelligent. So the second shock comes that your ?? is challenged by these people like Freud who take out ?? out of their heads. In this book “Fraudulent Freud”(may be Freudian Fraud) he (the author) has given the names of so many scientists who have prooved that he had no scientific proof for psycho analysis and for ??. And he said that no body would publish their papers. Now, in his book he has prooved abosolutely that it has nothing to do with mother and child, the child behaviour, nothing of the kind. So now, we are at a juncture to see what is our goal, what do we have to achieve. Are we going to be just calling Jesus Jesus or we are going to know him actually?

Now there is a way within us , this is the tree of life which is described in the bible. And also he (Jesus) said I will appear before you like tongues of flames. And when you get self realisation, you see this centres, chakras as tongues of flames. Really you see them within yourself. But we have no self knowledge. We have to be humble about it. All the world problems are from human beings. And all human problems are because of their this fundamental centres. Now if you can somehow correct these centres within yourselves and connecting with the all pervading power of God almighty then there is NO Problem. That way atheists are better, like Russians, because they have no conditionings. They are free people . They are ??. So now these centres resides within you and whatever I am telling you, you should not also believe me blindfolded. But, feel all this as a say hypothesis. And if it is prooved, then as honest people should accept it. Because it is not only for your benevolence but it is benevolence of the whole world. Also the third problem is that lots of false people have come from India. They are also money oriented. We have this from Hare Rama (Hare Krishna). In India everybody says that so what ! But I ask the people in India who are supporting them “why are you supporting these people which is all fale”? They are fundamentalist. They said that why they asked you to convert to Christianity? So we now want to convert them to Hinduism. I said some donkeys were first converted to donkeys, and now some donkeys are then are going to converted as donkeys. By changing this brands are they going to achive it? But they think about the whole world, of totality. They think about themselves. They think that they are the best. The all think that they are the best. If you have to ask about a Jew, go and ask a Christian. And if you want to know about a Christian, go and ask a Muslim. You ask a muslim he will tell you to ?? about a muslim. Ask me about a Hindu. One better than the other. There is no religion. There is no God within them. They are all fighting dogs. Want to find out of some way of fighting. They talk of peace without peace within. They have to find peace within themselves.
So now, this kundalini, it is your own mother. Everybody has their individual mother. And she gives you your second birth. There is another problem which I face always that most of the western people think that Christ was born in England. He was brown white. May be from Helsinki [every body laughs 🙂 ]

Because any knowledge coming from India, they want to ??. They want to ?? all knowledge coming for India or East. I think that the western civilisation has grown like a big tree. But it does not know its roots. Even Christ went to India. And you will be amazed that one of my forefathers, long long time back, he was a king of country; Shalivahana. He met Christ in Kashmir. Its a Historical , I mean whatever is written down (the conversation ) is there.
He (Shalivahana) asked “What’s your name?”.
He (Christ) said “My name is Issah”.
S: Are you some foreigner?
C: I am not in this (India) country. But in my country I am a foreigner. They cannot understand me.
Also his mother died in India. [not clear]. Temper cannot be Godly.

So now here are this centres and when this kundalini rises, she nourishes all this centres; passes through that crossing point where resides Christ at the optic chasma. He is the ‘Gate’. And when the kundalini awakens in, he sucks in two institutions which are formed by these two channel , ego and superego. You can call ego and conditionings. That is “he died for our sins”. Because he sucks in all the karmas, all the ?? sucks. And also sucks whatever for is our condititioning. Then by that sucking the top of the fontanelle opens out. And a cool breeze starts coming out from your being. Also you can feel all this cool breeze which is “holy ghost”, her power of love.
Now about this holy ghost is another mis??. This archbishop of canterbury was asked “Who is the holy ghost?” by somebody on the television. I saw it myself. [not clear]. And he said I am agnostic, archbishop of canterbury says. Agnostic means not knowledgeable. I watched on television. He (archbishop of canterbury) says “I am not knowledgeable”. So this interviewer, a good man, asks him then what are you doing here? So he (A Bishop of C) said “I am doing my job and you are doing your job”.
Chirst’s first disciple were gnostics. “gna” comes from the word, in sanskrit ‘gna’ means ‘knowlege’. It is not mental, it is not bookish knowledge. But knowledge where you evolve and feel this all pervading power. So, who is this holy ghost? They have ‘the father’ and ‘the son’ and a dove. Why not the mother? Because, Paul hated women. The problem of this church is how to appoint a women as a priest. Biggest Problem ! Because of ‘Mr. Paul’. This (pointing towards kundalini on chart) primordial mother is a feminine within you. She is the reflection of the holy ghost of the primordial mother. Greeks are much better. They call her ‘Athena’ , the primordial mother. Atha’ mean primordial in sanskrit.
[not clear] . Of course we call her Adishakti’ means the primordial power. ‘She’ is the power of desire of the God Almighty. She creates the whole universe and the God Almighty is the witness. Later on you will know alot about Christ. Before they ??, what was before his ??, who was he. In our scriptures about Godess, its all written. But Christians wouldn’t see. They have blinkers, not suppose to see here and there ??. Thank God my mother and father both were scholars of sanskrit.
Now, this kundalini rises, pierces through this fontanelle bone area and she nourishes all these centres, because she is the vital force. As this instrument (mike) has to be connected to the mains, in the same way we have to be connected to the mains. So this kundalini is also the pure desire. Our Pure Desire ! So when these centre goes out of order, they are formed by left and right sympathetic at the parasympathetic centre. When you start using this power they get constricted, the centres become constricted. And their energy is exhausted. And all this viruses come from left side. From the subconscious, from the collective subconscious. Sometimes when they break, it starts working on its own; this side. All this incurable diseases are, we call of the left sided attack of the viruses. And these viruses are the animals, the plants, and human being who have gone into the ‘collective subconscious’. Of course now doctors have reached to a point to say that these viruses come from area which is built within us since our creation. For cancer they have viruses 53, like that. They have numbers. Thats all. They are only numbers ??. But they are honest; because they don’t know anything more. So the left side are emotional problems, right side are our physical and mental problems and centre ones are our spiritual problems. If these problems can be solved, and if you are all connected to this power, then there is no question of having any problem whatsoever. Then you realise that all those religions that we know were created on the same tree of life. The Tree of spirituality! But we pluck the flowers and say this is my, this is my, fighting for the dead flowers. All the incarnations, all the prophets, all the seers are on the same frequency. Then we realise that there is a universal religion within us. Because that spirit is reflected in our heart, it is the reflection of the God almighty. And this spirit is a universal being. You will be amazed to know that we have 55 nations who are working out sahaja yoga.
Also in Russia we had people 16000 – 22000 and all of them got realization. So, what you find, people from all this countries, how they are unigion. There is no fight, there is no argument, just they enjoy each ??. And they talk the language of chakras, centres. They do not talk like this, like this and that; as we think the disciples of Christ did. They did not. When they got realization they started talking the language of the centres (chakras). Now, if this (agnya) chakra is catching, that means one has terrible Ego. That is the centre of Christ. And sometimes I think Christians have the worst of this (agnya). So, the person will come and tell me, my agnya chakra is catching, meaning I have ego terrible ego. Normally no body would do that. They would never say that I have terrible ego, nobody will say like that. Or else you become your awareness, becomes collectively conscious. This is your evolution. You evolve into the higher state of awareness. You can feel on your fingertips. The jesus of other people. The problem of other people. I have shown here clearly. These are the centres denoting on the left, same on the right. Today I met a very great scientist from Russia. I told him sahaja yoga is about meta science, above science. He said how? I said see with my fingers I can see what his man is suffering from. But for diagnosis ?? doctors will kill you before diagnosis. And surprising Mohammad sahib has said in his quran that at the time of resurrection, qiyamah, your hands will speak and will give witness again you. But muslim never want to talk of qiyamah, they never want to talk of resurrection. Because when he said I am the seal, means the stamp of a prophet. They want to say seal means seal off. Then how did he talk of qiyamah. But muslims are very much away from Mohammad sab. Atleast their intellectuals say that, they say that atleast (about qiyamah). So now with this things that happen to you, you become collectively conscious. As if you become part and parcel of the whole.The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. So who is the other. Then what is there to fight. But spirit is the source of pure knowledge and truth. The absolute knowledge. So when you put your fingers, hands like this, you get cold ?? through this all pervading power and you know the absolute thing.

And when you get absolute truth, if everybody body feels the same way, what is there to fight, what for ? Even the small children know. Now, there is supposing false person has come; how will you recognise? Some false person come and says “I am Jesus”; how will you recognise him? Ask him to walk on the water. That’s simply test. But, if you have vibrations, you can make out each and every person. Because this power is the power of love, of pure love. We have never used this power. Even in religion we have not used it. We have used the power of hatred. So once you get this power ?? you become empowered yourself. You can give realization to others.You can cure people. And this power is the ocean of knowledge of pure divine knowledge. Then you understand bible was ??, then you understand Christ ??. Then you understand all of them. Our subtle eyes have to be opened. But if you are satisfied with your ignorance, nobody can force you. Unless and until you ask for it, it wouldn’t work out. Christ has said “the meek will inherit the earth”. So only those who are humble will get realisation. Those who are arrogant can never get it. I is not meant for arrogant, not meant for stupid people or slevish. We do not know how much slavery we have. These entrepreneurs have made us slaves. If they say you have to wear 6” of skirt, all ladies will wear 6” of skirt weather it is cold or not. We have no self esteem I would say or we do not have our own personality to check why to where this nonsense. We have given up all the good tradtitions just out of this people barging our head with publicity and all that.

I hope you all get your realisation today. It is sahaja. It is sahaja saha mean ‘with’ ja is ‘born’. It is spontaneous. We have flowers here, see what a miracle they are. Our eyes, what a miracle. We take everything for granted. This have come out spontaneously. In the same way this works. This is evolutionary process, the last breakthrough, which is spontaneous. It is absolutely spontaneous and is your own. This divinity is all the time within yourself in a potential state. Is all the time there. Because it is eternal. Whatever you might have learnt it cannot be tarnished, it cannot be destroyed. Its all your own. Its all your own. Like a seed has its premule, in the same way you have this kundalini. And it works. It has worked for thousands and it should work for you also. But in this auspicious time. I call it a blossom time. But this is the last judgment. It is nonsense to say that when you will die and then you will come and you will be judged. What your bones will be there or what? Just discussions, discussions, discussions. Just empty words. So this spontaneous happening has to work out within you. If it works out, then you have to see that a connection is established. For this living process you can’t pay. You can’t pay. How much you pay to mother earth, ?? flowers. It is all built in within you, built in you. And it will work also, I am sure tonight.
I know some of you have some questions. I can see. Now become quiet an expert in answering all kinds of questions. But that’s a mental acrobat ??. Why not have your realisation! See in this beautiful hall we have these lights. And if you want to put the light, theres a switch, you press it and all the lights will come. Because it is all built in. But supposing I have to tell you the history of electricity and how it came here, ?? in this hall; it will ??.
I know in English language I would have given 4-5000 lectures. Apart from the other languages. So far I have not written any book as such. Because again they will say, mother says so… So, best is for yourself is you get your realisation. And if you have any questions you will write it down and let us know, we will answer them in writing. ?? … As it is I have told you that if you ask for it, its your own you will get it ! But I cannot force it on you. I respect your freedom. Because ultimately you have to have complete freedom. You will be amazed people overnight dropped their drugs, alcoholism. Overnight, in a place like London ! It is a difficult place. But now they are very different. You have got some of them here now. They have come from England also to help me.
All right. This is a very nice and ?? questioned.
All right. So now are you all prepared to get your own realisation or not? Those who do not want to have should leave the hall. If you want to have your realisation should know that its a very simple thing to do. But if you are complicated then it takes time. But ultimately you get it. So those who do not want leave the hall. Please, thankyou. And you will have to do whatever I tell you because its not sitting to watch other people like aaa… When they are meditating, they are going to work it out. I would request you to cooperate with everyone. But if you want it, you can leave the hall. But please disturb others by looking at others. Now whatever I will be suggesting now I will be doing now, you need ??
Q. [about karma]
Shri Mataji : of course, but we get over dharmas/karmas ????. Very good question. Karmas are there. Only human beings have karmas because of their ego. Animals think that they are doing any thing wrong, in anything, because they are bound. ?? And it is only the human beings because they think they are doing something, thats why, because of the ego; I am doing. But after realisation you say I am doing something. You just say it is not going, it is not.. in third person you start talking. You just say it is going, it is working. It is happening. You say I am doing, I , I disappears. I have already told you that Christ sucks in all our karmas.

Shri Mataji : Diet is that there is nothing isms’ in sahaja yoga. Of course one should not eat animals which are bigger than them like horses or mules or something. Because they spoil the teeth. There muscles spoil the teeth. Those who need more protein should have more proteins. Those who need more carbohydrates should have more carbohydrates. What is the use of saving the chickens. I can’t give the realisation, can I? As simple as that. Alright. This is another fad. Vegetarianism , another fad. It may suit in the west because they ??. They have taken too much of meat. Balance. So you have to understand later on what you have to eat. Thats all. And they ??. Lastly, before we start, sahaja yoga is a collective happening. Today you will get realisation and you will all feel top of world. But, you have to come to collective. So that in totality, understands sahaja yoga. You master it. And that you all the time remain in the realm of kingdom of God. It doesnt take any much time. Sometimes I have seen in 8 days people have become masters. But you have to be collective because must master it. You are the people who have to help your countrymen. And later on the whole world. John in his revealation has said only 44000 will be realised. I think, must be ??, for we have many more than that. And we hope to have many more also. There are seekers and seekers.

So, one simple request, if you mind very much because in the beginning English felt very bad when I told them to take out their shoes. Because this feet when they touch the ground, the mother earth sucks in our problems.
As I told you there is left and right side and the left side is the power of ordinary desire. And the right side is the power of action. Today only we have to do it. Never again. Is to nourish our centres ourselves. (to the translator- Somethings are very short when you translate and some bigger , interesting.)
You have to be very comfortable first of all. Be comfortable. You don’t have to go to Himalayas to, stand on your heads, nothing of the kind. Be ?? comfortable. Now the left hand is to be put properly like this. So, now, this is symbolic, that you are desirous of having your selfrealisation, is symbolic. And the right hand is to be used for nourishing your centres. So first we put our right hand on our heart. If you are wearing a coat, its better to put inside it. Its alright . On the heart, little lower is the heart. In the heart resides the spirit which is the reflection of God almighty. Now, if you become the spirit , in the light of spirit you become your own guide. You become your own master. Please take your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side. We are working only on the left hand side. Now this the centre of your mastery created by all the great prophets. Now take the right hand in the lower portion of the abdomen on the left hand side. Push with your fingers. Push with your fingers. This is the centre of pure divine knowledge. If you are ?? it is placed here. Later on you know everything. Now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Now place it on top of your heart again. Now when we feel guilty we create a very big problem for ourselves. If you have made any mistake you should face it and finish it off. But when you feel guilty the centre here on the left side gets completely blocked. And you get diseases like angina and spondylitis or lethargic ??. So please put your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Now no use feeling guilty now, As as told you. Moreover you are human beings only human beings can make mistakes, you are not Gods. Then you have to know you have to forgive everyone in general. For that you have to put your right hand on top of your forehead and put down the head. Forehead across. Logically you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, you play into wrong hands.And those who have troubled you are having a nice time.More over this centre is very constricted. And if you do not forgive it will never open and you miss you self realization. Now please take you right hand on the back side of your head and push back you head as far as possible. In this centre without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the all Divine Power. This is the Agnya chakra when Christ resides and in the Lord’s Prayer, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Now stretch your palms ??. This is the last centre and put the centre of the palm on the fontanel bone area which was a soft born in childhood. Now you please put down your head. At this time push back your fingers as far as possible and put pressure on your scalp and move it 7 times clock wise. Thats it. Thats all we have to do. Now we have to close our eyes. Before that I will tell you there are three conditions. First is that you should be all very confident that you will all get realisation. That means do not feel guilty, do not think of your bad karma, nothing of the kind. Forget it. At this moment you are absolutely alright. In short you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. Now the second condition is. The third now. Because the first condition is that you should be confident, second thing is that you should not be guilty and the third one is that you have to forgive everyone. You even have to think about it. Because its a headache. You have to just in general, you will have to say later on when I tell you just to forgive everyone.

Now you will have to put left hand like this with both the feet apart from each other and put your right hand on your heart. Now if you are wearing glasses you can take them out because now you have to close your eyes. Till I tell you open them, please. So, please close your eyes. Now here you have to ask me a fundamental question about yourself. You can call me other or Shri Mataji. Now the questions “Am I the Spirit”? Ask this question three times. So if you are a spirit you become your own master. So, please take you right hand in upper portion of abdomen on left hand side. Her ask another fundamental question, three time in your heart; “Mother am I my own master?” I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force divine pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. You have to ask 6 times, as this centre has got 6 petals; you should say “Mother please give me pure divine knowledge”. This divine knowledge works through your nerves, nervous system. Now, as soon as you ask for divine knowledge, the kundalini starts rising. Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen in the left hand side and press it hard. Here you have to say with full confidence, to open this centre, with full confidence 10 times “Mother I am my own master”. I have to tell you that actually you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego; but your are the pure spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart, and say with full self confidence “Mother I am pure spirit”. Please say this 12 times. This all pervading divine power is the ocean of knowledge compassion and bliss. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you might commit , this power of ocean of forgiveness can dissolve it. So have faith in yourself. And forgive yourself. Now put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right.

Now, here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to say 16 times “Mother I am not guilty at all”. I have already told you, logically, if you forgive or forgive you don’t do anything. But if you forgive then you play into wrong hands. Moreover this centre is, Agnya centre, is very constricted and if you forgive kundalini will never rise and you will miss your self realisation. So forgive every one in general. think about them. Please put your right hand on your forehead across and put down your head. Here you have to say “Mother I forgive everyone“. Say it from your heart. Not how many times. Now take back your hand on the back side on your head. Here you have to say withut counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, for your own satisfaction “Oh Divine power, if I have done any mistake please forgive me”. Please say it from your heart, not how many times. Please push back your head little bit. Push back towards the sky. Now the last centre. You have to stretch your palm fully and put the centre of the palm on the top of the fontanelle bone area. Stretch back your fingers and put down your head. Here again I cannot force self realisation. You have to humbly ask for it. Please put down your head and ask 7 times “Mother please give me self realisation” and move your scalp seven times clockwise slowly. Now please take down your hands. Put both the hands towards me, like this. And watch me without thinking. You achieve a state called thoughtless awareness. Where you can stop your thinking and if you want to think can think. Now watch me without thinking. Plese put your right hand towards me and put down you head. And see with left hand if there is a cool or hot breeze like thing coming out of your fontanelle bone area. You should not put your hand on top, but you should keep above your head. Some people get it far away.If it is hot that means you have not forgiven. Now, please put left hand towards me, bend your head, and see with your right hand if you can feel cool or hot breeze like ?? coming out of fontanelle bone area. Now, take your right hand towards me, please put your right hand towards me, bend your head and see for yourself again with the left hand, if there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your head for the last time. Please put both your hands towards the sky and head towards the sky and ask any one of these three questions three times; the first question you can ask three times “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost” Or you can ask “Mother is this the Divine power of God’s love” Or else you can ask three times “Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya”? Now please bring both your hands towards me like this. You will feel very relaxed. You can put on your glasses. You will feel very relaxed. All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their finger tips or on their palms or out of their fontanelle bone area please raise both your hands. That’s really Finland. May God bless you. You, your saintly life has started. Look after it. Please care for it. ??. You have to pay whatsoever. Love yourself. Respect yourself. May God bless you. May God bless you all. May God bless you.
Some people have suddenly changed, you know. So be careful. Its not mental. It is beyond mind. You argue. If you argue, it will come down. Your attention has gone beyond mind. This is the actualisation of baptism. Now you can baptize many people. Only think humbly you have to learn this. We have a very good leader in Finland. And you are welcome to know everything about it.