How to transform the human awareness into another dimension?

Vancouver (Canada)

1992-09-13 Talk Part 1, 48'
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1992-09-13 Public Program in Vancouver

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. It is something that we cannot know with this human awareness, we cannot think about it, we cannot conceptualize it, we cannot read about it. So, this human awareness has to be transformed into another dimension, then only we will know what is the truth. We have to know the absolute truth, which cannot be challenged by anyone and which cannot be questioned by anyone and all those who know it has the same feeling, have the same understanding. As I am sitting before you, all of you can see I am sitting before you, that’s the truth. If this is the absolute thing, then there should be no quarrel about it, no fighting about it. So, today’s problems, which we call as severe ones, which are very disturbing, are mostly coming from human beings, humbly we must admit that, and all these problems are coming to us from our centres, which are placed within us, which we have used by our imbalances, we have brought forward all these problems. Now, whatever I want to tell you today you should not accept me blindfolded. This blind faith has not helped anyone so far, so just treat it as a hypothesis and keep an open mind like a scientist, if it is truth, then as honest people you have to accept, because it is for your benevolence, it is for the benevolence of your fellowmen, for the benevolence of your country and for the benevolence of the whole world.
Now, within us are these centres which are being described to you. And these centres are the ones which supply energy for our spiritual, physical, mental being. Apart from this, we must know what is the truth, we do not know what we are finding. The truth is, that you are not this body, not this mind, not these conditionings, not this ego, but you are the pure Spirit. This is the fundamental truth about it. Because you are not yet the Spirit, all these problems are there.
The second truth is, I would say, that those we have got their realization before, those who were realized souls before, those who were really the saints have said the same things. All the scriptures have said that you are to be born again. But it is not like this to put a certificate on your head that I am born again, it is just a certificate, it’s self-opinionated ideas, is not the truth. Supposing I say I am the Premier of British Columbia, do I become? If I become the Premier, then I have some powers, so just by certifying yourself, if you are satisfied, no one can help you. I call them the seekers of truth who are not yet satisfied with themselves, they want to find out the meaning of their lives. They are not just identified with some organizations, with some ideologies, with some dogmas which later on may be exposed, but those who want to know what is beyond this human awareness, is there something more? So, Sahaja means, Saha means with, ja means born, born with you is this right to get this union. Now, what is the union? Another truth is that there is an all-pervading power of Divine Love. We have never used the power of love, always of hatred, even in the name of religion we have hated each other, in the name of God we have hated each other, never used the power of love. The truth is there is a subtle power of Divine Love. See here there are beautiful flowers, you see them, we take them for granted, we never even think what a miracle it is this different type of colours, a different type of fragrances and these beautiful flowers are created by this Mother Earth. How does she do it, is she a living being, how does she manage, we take it for granted all these things. Look at our eye, what a camera it is, look at this brain, what a computer it is, but we take everything for granted, we don’t even want to think that there must be some power which has done this. We talk of evolution, we talk that we are evolved, who has done that?
So, there is this all-pervading power of divine love, which does all living work, so this yoga the union is between you and this all-pervading power. Once this connection is established, all this union is established, then you are an evolved soul, you are a realized soul, you are twice-born personality, is not just a certificate and that can happen to all of you. I have to tell you that your Divinity is there all intact, please believe me, whatever you may try, whatever you may think you have done wrong or sinned or all kinds of things your Divinity is not disturbed, is not impaired by any means it is absolutely intact, because it is Eternal thing, it is of Eternal nature, nothing can destroy it, let people say what they like, but the fact is that your divinity is absolutely intact. Now, only thing is that this Divinity has to manifest, for that it is to be understood that our Creator is the greatest organizer and he has created this beautiful instrument within us and then this residual power, which in Sanskrit they called as Kundalini, but she is the reflection of the primordial mother, whom we call as the Holy Ghost. When we talk of God, He is God Almighty and He has a Son and no Mother. She, Holy Ghost is a dove, how can that be? Is a divergent from reality, but in all the scriptures there is the Primordial Mother. Even Thomas while going to India wrote these treaties and put them in a jar in Egypt it was found out , now after 50 years they have been able to decode it , there it is, Christ said this is a Mother who conceived me, but I have a great mother with M capital and at the Cross what did Christ say, Behold the Mother, look out for the Mother. Despite that, the way it is played down the role of Mother has been a very dangerous thing. We have created problems by not respecting the feminine part of our country, then they reacted, action has a reaction, if you treat somebody then they’ll treat you. Now, this power which is within us, is the reflection of the Primordial Mother who, Indian Scriptures call as Adi Shakti and to who even Greeks called her Athena, Atha means Primordial, actually in the Bible is surprising that Paul hated women and he didn’t want to show any respect even to Mother of Christ, the word Madonna has come to from the Pagan religion, it is it not from The Bible, but Madonna word comes from the Italian pagan religion, which was later on adopted by other people, but Mohamad Sahib in Quran has praised Mother Mary and said nobody dared talk against her chastity, because he knew what she was, not only that, but in the Quran he has said that at the time of Qama, means Resurrection time, your hands will speak and they will give witness against you. This is exactly what happens in Sahaja yoga that when you get your Self Realization, then your finger tips get enlightened, which are the endings of the sympathetic nervous system and you can feel your own centers and the centers of another persons. Because of self knowledge you know what’s wrong with your centers.
Now, by understanding how you will be able to cure or to improve these centers you can cure yourself and you can cure others also. So, a new dimension is dawned upon you in your awareness, which we call as collective consciousness by which you can feel the other, now who is the other, when you become part and parcel of the whole, the Microcosmos becoming the Macro cosmos, then who is the other, with whom are you going to fight and this what you have to, first of all, feel your centres and centres of others. This is remarkable how it happens in such a short time because as I told you your Divinity is intact, not only that, but you are just ready for it. The time has come. Of course, this is the Resurrection time, this is the Last Judgment, but I call it the Blossom time because there are many flowers who can become fruits now, they are just ready.

When this Kundalini passes through these centres, she not only nourishes them but integrates them, by this integration your problems of your internal struggles are over. And when the connection takes place and when you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your finger tips for the first time you feel this All-pervading power of Divine Love on your fingertips then at that time your Spirit starts manifesting into your attention. Your attention means your central nervous system.
After Realization when your connection is established then your attention becomes pure, you are purified and your attention becomes pure and the greed and lust that has been torturing you just drops out. Christ has said “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes” I would like to know how many Christians can say that? In the same way in the Indian scriptures or the Buddhist scriptures anywhere you go, take Lao Tse or any one of them, the description of a religious man is very different from the people who practice so-called that religion, there is such a difference and they are a myth, they are all myth also. Why there is so much difference? for example, somebody is a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist whatever it is, anyone can commit any sin, anyone can kill anyone, anyone can hate anyone, nobody stops because he follows a particular religion, or because there is righteousness in his character, so there is no innate righteousness within us. So, the first thing that happens is that you develop a complete balance in your life. Ecological problems as you know has come out of your imbalances, we develop a complete balance we don’t go to extremes, automatically we are in the centre part that Buddha has described, automatically. I never tell anybody don’t do that, I never tell, because half of them they walk out. But just with this light of the Spirit just stick to it. All night I have seen people have given up drugs, is a fact, we have many who have given up drugs overnight but some of them overnight, because in the light they see that this is a snake we are carrying in our hand, just throw it away, whatever is destructive suddenly is given up and whatever is constructive we see for the benevolence of ourselves and others. It just happens automatically and there is no need to preach, there is no need to tell them because you become your own master. The so-called virtues about which we can give big lectures in our own lifestyle they are not there, but they become our lifestyle, because innately in the light this spirit we see that this is the truth that this is what is going to give us that meaning which we have been seeking.
The attention which becomes pure is not only that it is purified but it is effective. Such a person that just think of someone and he can feel their centres on their fingertips. Now if you know how to cure them sitting down here you can help that man. It sounds very fantastic, but you are fantastic, you are not created to waste your life, not at all, but you have a very great meaning. For example, if I take a small little television in a village, remote village and tell them that this is a fantastic thing and you can see all kinds of films in this. They say what this box, we also think of ourselves to just box, but when it is connected to the mains when they see how fantastic it is. All this divinity is built in within you, it’s all there, it’s only a little bit covered we would say clouded with like the sun can be clouded with clouds, but the sun is there. In the same way, once your spirit starts emitting light in your being you become a righteous person innately, you become virtuous innately and you enjoy that, but you don’t dominate others for that, on the contrary, you become extremely compassionate and you want that others should also get this beauty, why not. Then, when you become the spirit, you all feel the absolute truth; everyone feels the same truth as I told you. Now, we have said you can take 10 small little children who are realized souls and tie them up, their eyes and ask them what is this gentleman suffering from and they will all raise say one finger like that and you ask the gentleman have you heart trouble, yes but how do you know and the children also know, because this is being decoded now and you don’t have to do any diagnosis any further, you immediately know what’s wrong with you and once you know what’s wrong with you, and once you know how to cure yourself, you are absolutely master of yourself. You feel completely secured and the experiences of the blessing of this all-pervading power are such that you know you are looked after; you know you are protected you know all the time all your problems are solved. We have never taken any help from this divine power without having any source without having any guns or bombs you are absolutely protected; nobody can touch you. I am telling you the truth; I’m not claiming something, because I have nothing to gain from you. I have come here to give you what is your own. What you have to enjoy.
So, this Spirit gives you the absolute truth. Now, once everyone has that absolute truth then what is there to quarrel, what is there to fight, no dogmas, no theories, no yarns, which come out and then they are exposed and then you say oh God I was following this horrible thing have happened, you yourself experience it, is not any sermon, lecture or anything, but you yourself can feel it, it’s so tangible that you can verify yourself. The problem of peace is such that people who talk of peace have no peace within themselves. I know for some of them because of my other life, who got prizes for peace but they have no peace within. They are very hot-tempered people. Some of them are so hot-tempered that you have to take a birch pool to meet them. They call themselves people of peace, I don’t know what peace they have and what peace they can give to anyone except for intimidating others.This peace is within ourselves and that position once we achieve, that state we achieve is like when you are moving on a wheel, you are on a periphery, but supposing you can jump on the axis, which has to be silent then you can see the whole periphery, you can witness the whole thing and then you start witnessing all this as a drama, you think is a drama. I will give you an example like this, supposing you are standing in the waves, you are afraid of getting drown, but supposing by chance you get onto a boat then you look at those waves and you enjoy them you are not frightened, but in case you know how to swim well you can jump into the same waves and save so many people.
We are living either in the past or in the future, all our thoughts are from the past or from the future, we cannot be in the present. We’re jumping on the crest of the past and the future, but when this Kundalini rises she moves these thoughts aside and there’s a space in between, which is the present where there is no thought, thus you become thoughtlessly aware, you are aware, but no thoughts. Whenever you want to think, you can think, if you don’t want to think, you can switch up your mind. That is the time when you grow spiritually when you are thoughtlessly aware when you are in that state, we call it in Sanskrit language Nirvichar Samadhi. At that state, you become spiritually more awakened. This first state has to be achieved and can be achieved very easily not by you, but by your Kundalini. She is your individual mother. Everyone’s Kundalini is the individual mother of that particular individual and when she rises, she knows you very well. Like your mother when she gave you birth, she didn’t give you any troubles she took all the trouble upon herself. In the same way, this Kundalini rises and gives you your second birth. She is so anxious to do it; she is so equipped to do it. But this Kundalini is the power of pure desire. All other desires are not pure. Because today we desire to have said a car, tomorrow a house, then a helicopter, and then maybe an airplane and I don’t know how far it goes. And we are never satisfied. It is said in the Economics, Science of Economics that in general once are not satiable, but this is the point, this is the desire, which is the pure desire and this pure desire has to be felt within us, that we have to become the Spirit. Whether you know or not, it is there and this awakening is all so spontaneous that you don’t even feel anything about it some people say you start jumping, some people say you get heat, nothing of the kind. Now I have been to so many countries thousands of people, I have never seen these things happen to anyone, but some people may be frightened that you might get your realization and they may go out of business, maybe, they must be telling stories like this. But I haven’t seen anything happening like that. At the most, sometimes, you do feel little heat on your hands and maybe heat coming out of your head. But after some time, it subsides and you do get a very nice soothing cool breeze coming out from your own fontanelle bone area, which is the actualization of baptism. It is not just you take some water and put somebody’s head and say now you are baptized. The one who does that he is not even baptized how can he baptize anybody else. Only an enlightened light can enlighten another light. The one which is not enlightened cannot enlighten another light, is a simple thing as that. And then, just calling the name of God many people come to tell me Mother see now we are Shiva baptized and we’ve got heart trouble. You say Shiva resides in the heart then how did we get a heart attack. But you cannot take the name of God, He is not in your pocket, He is not your servant, you have to have a protocol, you have to have the right. Unless and until you enter into the kingdom of God. Say for example if you start taking the name of your Prime Minister and shouting his name, people will arrest you. But He is God Almighty, how you can take the name of God in vain, first enter into this kingdom then, even once if you remember all his powers are at your disposal, remember that he is your Father and He is the most loving compassionate Father you have, He is not a wrathful Father for his own children, but of course for the devils He is. These things whatever are told or described are to be fulfilled and that’s what you are going to understand that you are not ordinary people, you are the ones, you may not be very successful in life, you may not be very well known all over, not necessary at all. Christ has said meek in heart will inherit the, one must understand this, meek in heart, not arrogant people. If you are meek in heart and if you asking in your heart for your self-realization that’s all. That’s all is needed and it works. Now, the highest thing that happens to you, the highest thing that happens to you is that you jump into the ocean of joy, now joy cannot be described, it’s an experience of ecstasy. We are happy or unhappy, supposing our Ego is pampered you are happy, if our Ego is hurt, we are unhappy. You become egoless, you enjoy each and everything, you always sucking the ambrosia out of everything. But you have to be a bee, just talking about flowers or talking about the honey forms or formless you are not going to get to that ambrosia. You have to be a bee and that means that you have to be the spirit. It’s a very simple thing I have to tell you one thing that I must have I don’t know how many thousands of lectures I have given only in English language and many others; I don’t know. But this ocean of knowledge will be available to you, whenever you want to, know about it, but if you see around yourselves there are so many lights, if you are coming to this hall you just switch on the lights and they all come out. I don’t have to tell you about the history of electricity, then how it came to Vancouver, then to this hall, not necessary. Only there is a switch because it’s all built in, and in the same way, it’s all built in within. You don’t have to know everything just now, first if you get your light, in that light will understand what you are, and what is the aim of your life what is the meaning of your life, what’s the identity of your life. This is for the transformation of the whole world, they call it the age of enlightenment, age of Aquarius, it’s a fact. But those who claim it never get self-realization, without doing that, just talking about it, what’s the use, just talk, talk, talk, also reading about it, people have read so much that all has gone into their head. They are nowhere, they are just lost. They become scatterbrained, I have seen people who are over it, so that’s also of no use, what is needed is a simple understanding that you are spirit and that you have every right to get into union with this all-pervading power, which is the ocean of knowledge, which is the ocean of compassion, ocean of bliss, bliss and above all is the ocean of forgiveness. This power is understanding all of you, individually, this power coordinates cooperates, organizes everything. Look at these flowers, you can see from it, thank God genetics have now come to our help, even if you see the endocrines there are target cells which attack the targets, can you imagine the amount of organization it is to what details it works? And is a special time when you are born, you are special people, people think that you must suffer, Christ has already suffered for us, are we going to suffer more for? This is another theory.

Some people told me that if you go to Gobi Desert and walk for 2 miles, you’ll get your Nirvana, I said automatically you die. There’s no need to worry I mean that you can do very easily. Or you fast for so many days you suffer like this and give all the money to all these people. There is nothing to suffer, you already have done all these things in your past lives, now this is the time you have to get the reward for what you have done, for your seeking and no more to suffer. Imagine, if it is God Almighty, who is your Father, which Father would like his son to suffer because he wants to enter into his kingdom? So no sufferings are needed, what is needed is just a simple faith within yourself that you are the spirit and that you have to become an evolved soul. If this much you accept, it will all work out.
This beautiful hall and all of you being here, I’m so very happy because I always felt that America and Canada are 2 countries, they cannot take to reality, I really felt that. All kinds of horrible gurus came here. They took so much money from you. When I came first thing, they branded me something useless because I was not taking money. And imagine I came in the year 1972, to begin with. They wouldn’t accept me, because I would not take any money. Then, so many of these people came here, 9 years I did not come and I don’t know why you believe them, for example, if somebody says you can fly at 3 feet level, I mean what is the need, something stupid. After all, we are already having this traffic jams, to fly at 3 feet. Somebody says something else, and you blindly follow it. After that, following I don’t mind, if they wanted money alright if people wanted money because is such a money-oriented world. But now they spoilt your kundalini, they have spoilt you, your chakras and how can you pay for it, how much did you pay for your evolution, how can you pay for God, fine you can pay for this hall alright. First thing you must understand that when you go to anybody as a spiritual person, first see the disciples, what they are. In America, I have seen something very blatant I must tell you. That a fellow took out a 100 $ note saying that “release this” if you release this, then you will get 10 times more. Release it to them. I mean is such blatant nonsense and then they told a story a lady who released this 100 $ she had for her groceries and the next day she found all the groceries at her doorstep. Just imagine, and the third day from her roof all the groceries were falling down. Just now you have heard David. He was with me and he couldn’t bear it. I said this is going on the television for one hour. How could you listen to this kind of nonsense?
So, I have to make a very humble request to you, that Sahaja Yoga is forgetting to the truth, is not for all kinds of nonsensical things, but once you get to the truth, you get everything in it, everything, because you become so dynamic. I mean, you can imagine, I am a 70-year-old woman and I am travelling every day from places to places. And I am alright, you become extremely dynamic at the same time extremely compassionate, your whole personality changes, your whole understanding of life changes, you get transformed into beautiful citizens, beautiful people. From your face, people will make out that there is something special about you. The way you stand, the way you talk, because it is the power of love, we are using which nobody has used so far. We have sometimes in India every year a seminar. There are at least 3K people who will come to that seminar, on that seashore. They come from 55 countries. I’ve never seen them quarrelling, fighting, all kinds of places, all kinds of, they are in such joy, of course, they pull each other’s legs sometimes, that I have seen, but it’s nice, lot of fun. Life becomes fun. This is what you are in for and I am sure tonight you all will get your realization. Absolutely I’m very sure about it and you also be sure that you all will get your realization. We’ve had enough of deceptions, enough of illusions and frustrations, forget it, it doesn’t matter. Today is an auspicious day for you to get the reward of your seeking.
May God Bless you all

Now what it is the television people, just wanted to record my, wanted to record my lectures, so they can go now.