1st Day of Navaratri, 10th Position

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Navaratri Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 27 September 1992.

Today is the first day of Navaratri. And when I found that the rain was there and all kinds of problems, and Vishnumaya was suggesting some things, I just consulted the calendar, and you will be amazed to know that in the calendar it is written that till five forty-five it’s not auspicious – it’s inauspicious. After five forty-five only the right thing starts, so just imagine, by calculation how it was correct that five forty-five we had to have this puja, after five forty-five. That is, the first day of Navaratri starts in Italy or in Europe after five forty-five.

So it is something one must understand that the Chaitanya is working out everything, and it is giving all the suggestions; because I had not at all seen the, what you call the tithi, but I just felt that, I said that we’ll have it in the evening. And when I said it, I said “Let’s see this,” and there it was.

There’s so many things we have to see, that whatever has been revealed to you, you can verify it. For example, I had said long time back that Mooladhara Chakra is made out of carbon, carbon atom, and if you see it from left to the right – right to the left, left side you see nothing but a swastika. So, now you see from left to the right, then you see Omkara; and once you see from down below upward, you see the alpha and omega. Now see, Christ has said that “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” So this swastika becomes Omkara, also becomes Christ. You can see it very clearly. Now we have got a beautiful picture of that, we have a tape, and I wanted to see you all that, but I don’t know how we can manage here. But I wish you all could see it, it’s so clear-cut.

So alpha and omega, also these mathematical things have come to us from inside, from the Divine. This is not we have created. This was found out by some mathematicians who were realized souls, and they used this alpha and omega. It’s surprising how it shows so clearly that swastika becoming Omkar, and Omkar then becoming alpha and omega. So everything in Sahaja Yoga is tangible and can be verified.

Now you are worshipping today the Durga, or all the nine forms of the Goddess. She came nine times on this Earth, according to this, that She fought all the people who were destroying the seekers, who were trying to make a mess of their lives. And these tortured saints, when they prayed to the Goddess – because none of the gods could do anything, and Sadashiva is never interfering with what the Goddess is doing – so they worshipped the Bhagawati, and then the incarnation of Hers came nine times, according to the need of the time. So every time you find Her confronting people who are extremely arrogant, self-opinionated, thinking no end of themselves; and the bhaktas are tortured by these self-opinionated horrible rakshasas.

Now, in India when we cast the horoscope of a person, we have three categories of people: one are the devas, they’re called dev; the second ones are the ones which are manavas, means human beings; and the third ones are rakshasas. So I think I have got all of you from the dev categories, because you could not have taken to Sahaja Yoga that seriously unless and until you were there. After all, why should you believe Me also that when I say that there was the Durga, and there was this thing, and She did this and did that? It’s not that from one faith you have come out and now you are jumping onto another faith; it’s not like that. It is actually been proved – you can feel. For example, when you are raising the kundalini on the center Heart, you can feel that on the center Heart if there is a catch, you have to take name of the Jagadamba. Unless and until you take Her name it won’t open out. Also when I am clearing out your center Heart, I have to also say, “Now I am in reality Jagadamba,” and then the Jagadamba within you awakens.

So now you have verified it much more than the scientists have done. The scientists are going from outside, and they are not conclusive at all. Now if you have one problem, they will work it out; another problem – they work out problems, but they don’t know the basics, what the problems are, and where lies the solution.

While you can see that once the Amba, this Kundalini who is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, of the Adi Shakti within you, when She rises through these different chakras, She gives them power because She’s the Power, She’s the Shakti. She is the desire power of Sadashiva. She is the complete power of Sadashiva. And so She gives the power totally to every chakra, by which all these chakras are enlightened and all the deities are awakened. Supposing we have no power of life, we’ll be like dead people. So these centers when they receive this power, thisShakti, then they are awakened. Now you have seen it, you can do it yourself. It’s all tangible, you can verify it. I have told you that She resides on the Heart center. Now see how Heart center is placed – also very interesting to see. While She is Jagadamba; but the Amba, means the pure form of power, resides in the triangular bone, like kundalini. But Her form which is Jagadamba, where She is the Mother of the Universe, She resides on the Heart center.

Now this Heart center is very important. When – I have already told you this, that when a child is about, till the twelve years of age, this center produces the ganas. Ganas are the workers on the left-hand side. They are like, we can say St. Michael is their leader, but their king is Ganapati, Ganesha.

So first She has done is the ghatasthapana. “Ghatasthapana” means – you have done here now, this is the ghatasthapana. This is the kumbha. Now this kumbha She has established first: that is the triangular bone. Now this is Her first work, that to establish this, your Mooladhara. So She established within you is innocence. She established innocence within you to begin with. So She has put this ghata in which She is staying as kundalini now. So the first is that to establish the kundalini in the triangular bone, and then to establish Shri Ganesha. This is the first work, by which whatever She is going to create now – all the universes, the Earth, everything – whatever She is going to create has to be filled with innocence.

Now if you see the stones, they’re innocent. If you hit the stone you’ll get the hit, otherwise it doesn’t come up and hit you. They’re innocent. If you see the rivers, they’re innocent. Everything that has been created as matter is innocent. It is not cunning, it is not manipulating, it is not aggressive – nothing of the kind.

They’re innocent, means they’re under the complete order of God Almighty. They do not have their own free will to do what they like. Whatever is done is with the absolutely under complete command of God Almighty, and so they are, we can say they’re innocent, because they have no free will to do what they like.

So then if you see to animals also, they also are innocent, except for very few. Most of them are innocent, innocent in the sense that they are called as “pashu”– means they are completely under the control, pasha, of God Almighty.

A tiger will behave like a tiger, and a snake will behave like a snake. But in human beings somebody will behave like a tiger, tomorrow like a snake and third day like a worm. There’s no steadiness. For this you cannot say that this gentleman is today tiger, so tomorrow he will not be a snake.

They have no free will to change their individuality. They are left alone. So that is not the job of the Shakti to bother. That’s already been created, they are there, and they are existing. They have a purpose, that’s why they are there; and the purpose is only one, is to support human beings, because you are at the epitome of evolution.

So She has created all these things just for you to be created, and ultimately to get your Self-realization; to have meaning for your life, to get connected to this all-pervading Power, to enter into the Kingdom of God. All is Her work.

So we can say nine times She came, and the tenth time She is supposed to give realization to all of you. But at the tenth time, all these three powers are joined together – that’s why it’s called Trigunatmika. That’s why Buddha has said “Matreya”– means three Mothers put together. So this Power when it starts acting, it has the complete control over all your three channels and seven centers – complete control, as if without the permission or without the taking the name of this Power, you cannot achieve anything. Is a fact, and that is where human beings fail, because they have a free will, and they don’t know why to obey anyone or why to listen to anyone, and why to accept anyone. That’s why, though you have to be given Self-realization, the task is very difficult; because you are not used to a way where you don’t have to use your free will. Specially in the Western countries, people have choices even for their cereals. I was told that in America there are 126 types of cereals. This kind of nonsense if you are doing, your ego definitely bloats out, and you think that “We have a right to decide for ourself.” And you cannot accept somebody who can tell you that this is not right, and this is not right.

So the same Power has now been awakened in the Paramachaitanya. Now, this awakening into the Paramachaitanya is doing marvellous work, which you can see clearly. Firstly, you have seen My photographs. You see My photographs, you are stunned, you are surprised. I mean, I Myself don’t know what is this Paramachaitanya is busy with. It is so activated that all the time it is working out to convince you people about the truth. If it was so active at the time of Christ, would have been much better. But it had to be this way, because human beings are the most difficult things to manage. They have been given freedom; that too, you’d be amazed, that the freedom was given to Adam and Eve, but how it was achieved, we should understand this.

In the Gnostics Bible it has come out what I’ve been saying, that Adam and Eve, both of them were like pashus, under the complete control of God – no free will. They would have lived in the nude in the garden of Eden, would not have even thought of knowing anything more than that, but to eat, live like animals. They were just like animals. Then it is the Shakti itself took the form of a snake, and went and told them that “You must have the fruit of knowledge.” She wanted to evolve. That was not the idea of God Almighty, because it’s quite a headache, you know, to do such a thing. He thought, “What is the need to have such headaches around Me?”

But Shakti knew Her own style. She knew that She is capable of lots of miracles, and She can make these human beings understand the knowledge, and She can really make them knowledgeable. So She said, “You must eat this fruit, and you must try to know the knowledge.”

So a new type of human race started, which wanted to know what is the knowledge. You have seen that we had all kinds of primitive people before. Then they started evolving, evolving.

Now, I have to say that the first creation which took place before that, there were other higher creations which were planned by Adi Shakti to plan out the whole thing. So She created Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, and She created their lokas, their atmospheres or you can say their areas. In that all the planning was done, how we can achieve this to make these animals realized souls, from animal to human beings, and from human beings to realized souls. It was a very big problem. That’s how they created, you see – as you know that Vishnu had His own loka, Mahesha had His own loka, and Brahmadeva had His own loka. And they decided among themselves how best we can do it. Because these three channels were created in human beings later on. Out of the three channels came out these three Shaktis: Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. They produced two children, one shakti and one the brother, and then intermarriage and all that took place, in a way – marriage not in the human way, not in the human way we should say, but they were, the energy was given to the potential man. So the woman, who was the energy representing, was given to a man. All these things happened, and they chose to work it out in human beings.

It happened like this, that the first working somehow or other was very effective in India. Or maybe they chose India because Indian climate is so good. I mean, you know definitely there are six seasons. It’s not like this anytime, like this irrational rain comes in, like London you have to play football also with an umbrella on your head! So there are exactly six seasons in India, and they are so well balanced. That’s why this Paramachaitanya is also called as “Ritambhara PrAgnya” in India – not here, we cannot say. “Ritambhara PrAgnya” means the one which is the knowledge, prAgnya, means the one enlightened knowledge, of the one which makes seasons. Because here Ritambhara PrAgnya is in a doldrum. It’s not at all understanding, because of the human beings as they are. They are so much scatterbrain, I should say, that even the nature has become scatterbrain here, and cannot understand how to deal with such human beings – is a fact. But in India it is the six seasons are there, and these six seasons are absolutely known.

One has not studied the astrology of India, but they have their own astrology – of course, I don’t believe in it. But the, at the level of a human level you can see how they depict and how they can exactly say when it will rain, when it will not rain; what will happen, that will happen. Even about the stars, that such a star will be coming. Now this has been done in thousands of years back. They will exactly say what time which star will be coming nearer, what star are today governing, tomorrow what will be the star there. In those olden days they had studied all these things.

When I see here, I don’t know what was the situation at that time in these Western countries, whether there were human beings or not I don’t know; but historically I think it was not such a developed place.

So then all this arrangement was made, and human beings were made to understand that there is God. The saints were respected – I’m telling you in India – real saints were respected, and they made different observations. Now when I read say, Adi Shankaracharya, I am amazed how he knows so many things about Me. He knows how My knee looks like, he knows how many lines I have on My back, how many – I mean, it is very amazing how this man knows everything about Me. That means through his meditative power he could envisage Me – he never saw Me. The description and everything is so clear-cut. Now if you say the thousand names of the Goddess, thousand names of the Goddess are so precise. I mean, you can verify them in Me, I am just like that. Whatever it is, good or bad, whatever is said about Me is there, is a fact. And it is the knowledge of these people is most remarkable: how did they know that a Goddess is like that?

Certain of My things which I also don’t know, but they are there, and they have described. It’s very surprising.

So their meditative power in India was great. The reason was, our seasons were disciplined, people are disciplined. In India most of the people get up early in the morning, do their pujas, everything, take their baths, and they go for work, come home, be with the family, have their food, and then sing some songs and bhajans, and then sleep off – normally. Very disciplined. They don’t go on holidays, they don’t get into drinking and things like that. Normally in the family, no question, if somebody drinks he’s thrown out of the house. He’s condemned as a leper. He’s called as a daruda, means he is a drunkard. And even nowadays some people are drinking, but they too, they hide their drinking. Nobody drinks in the presence of others. I mean, I don’t know, their influence might increase and people will start openly drinking, but normally they don’t.

So because of these six seasons being absolutely in discipline, we knew what to do when, and how to do it. Now, people could live in the jungles. Like in England, if you have to go out it takes fifteen, twenty minutes: you have to wear your shoes, socks, your coat, your under- this thing, that thing; otherwise you can’t get out. And you start from one place; reaching another place you’ll find it is raining heavily, you have nothing, you get drenched. But this is not so in India. It’s so balanced that when you come, all of you come in winter-time, you have seen it. It doesn’t rain suddenly, it doesn’t happen like that at a wrong time. You can stay outside as long as you want.

So these people could live in the jungles, in the sense we didn’t have so much idea of comfort at all. In a simple little hut they could live: a little protection from the sun, and protection from the rain for rainy season, that’s all.

And they had very little needs of life. And we didn’t use plastics – I mean, there were no plastics that time, or even now we don’t use plastics. And we used to have few thalis and things. In a small family also they’ll have just thalis, which were just permanently with the family.

Now I find that such a difference there is. You see, in simple living what happens, that you do not take out all the wealth from the Mother Earth. There’s no ecological problem there. But by having as you are saying so many glasses for this, so many glasses for that, all this kind of thing that you produce has no aesthetic value, and has no durability. So then you have mountains and mountains of these huge big plastics which cannot be burnt, which cannot be thrown away, if you throw away in the sea it floats, and such problems are there.

So this Shakti that was working in those days was in them to make them seekers; because they didn’t have to do anything else, you know. It’s all right, you have food to eat, you have place to sleep, finished – not much to be done, living so happily. With all these comforts in the way that so little a demand on your time. They had time, lot of time. And with that time, what did they do?

They didn’t go, say, for that, for a swimming or ballroom dancing, or nothing of the kind. With that time they meditated. And when that time meditation started, then they started realizing what is the divine Power, what is Divinity, what is God.

For example I’ll tell you, here people discuss even the private life of Christ, and say all kinds of things; I mean, it’s impossible in India, nobody does that. It never comes to their head that how Krishna had sixteen thousand wives – must be some reason, He is God after all. God is God, you are a human being – how can you know about God, because you have come through Him? They don’t discuss such nonsensical things, must be that. And now when I told them these are His powers, sixteen thousand, they said, “Yes.” Then, the five wives were the five elements – “Yes.” They are God. Nobody discusses these things. God is – how can you understand God? Can you understand Me? You can’t. Try – you can’t understand Me. Very difficult.

So you can’t understand, you can’t understand God. Please understand one thing, that for to understand God is an impossibility. But you can be in connection with God, you can be in the company of God, you can be blessed by God, you can be looked after by God, you can know lots of things about God; but you cannot understand.

This is another thing one has to know, that you cannot understand why God does these things, why He does this, why He does that. You cannot understand, you cannot explain it. I mean, somebody can even say here, “Why did He make swastika?” Then, “Why did He make Omkara?” I mean here the people are so arrogant that they can even ask God, “Why did You exist?” They can go to that limit, you know, there’s nothing surprising. So this arrogance, this ego has blinded us from God. We think no end of ourselves, we are very self-opinionated, and we do not know much about it.

So this Power, this Shakti is the one which has given you Self-realization, will also give you God-realization; but still you will not understand God. You have to go above God to understand Him. How will you understand? Supposing there’s something below you, you can understand; but something above you, how will you understand? Supposing somebody is down below in Cabella and wants to understand about My house, will he understand? He has to go above the Cabella to see My house.

So the Source from which we have come, we cannot understand that. We cannot judge, we cannot say why; that is God’s wish, God’s desire, whatever He does. So what we have to say: whatever His wish, we’ll be happy with that. And the power that is within you is Amba, is the desire power of God itself. So whatever your wish is, means that His wish is that you should enter into His Kingdom.

Now you enter into the Kingdom of God. Then the Shakti makes you sit on different beautiful positions, and some are sitting in the Heart of God, some are sitting in the Sahasrara of God, in the Kingdom of God.

Now you should assume your power. On Navaratri now, you should understand that it has now crossed the limit and now we are on the tenth position, where you must assume. I have told you many a times, now believe that you are Sahaja yogis. Believe that you are, you have entered into the Kingdom of God. You cannot judge God, you cannot say why She does that, why She does that, why He does that. You cannot say that – that’s different. But when you sit there, then it is not an assembly, it is not like a politician fighting, no; it is that you have entered into the Kingdom of God, blessed by God, looked after, protected, nourished, and made knowledgeable.

But still this arrogance has to go down, that we can understand why it happens. That humility is very important for us; otherwise this power cannot take you beyond. Now as it is, it has crossed the Sahasrara, now this power has to go higher and higher. For that, first you should be humble. “Humble” doesn’t mean that it should be something artificial humility of a businessman, or a politician. It is a humbleness is within your heart, that “Oh God, we don’t want to understand You, You are too great. But let us know ourselves.” And then you’ll be amazed that He has made you like His own image. That means He has given you all the powers. He has made you. When He has made you, you cannot make Him. He is the Source, you cannot make Him. He has made you in His own image. Now, what you can do is to make others in His image.

These powers are with you. But the first thing you have to have, the discipline within yourself, that is missing. People cannot discipline themselves – means if they cannot control themselves, how can they control anyone? No discipline means you cannot control yourself. So the discipline should be that first you must see that you control yourself, because now you are in the Kingdom of God.

Have you seen a film called “Mr. Bean” where they show a stupid man, you see? So what happens that when you are now come to the court of the Goddess, when you have entered into the Kingdom of God, you are made to sit on your throne in a dignified way. But you start behaving like Mr. Bean, you see. You don’t know how to sit on your seat, you want to sit on the sides, you want to sit on the wall or do all kinds of things. There’s no discipline. You have to have the discipline. Where are you sitting? You are sitting in the Kingdom of God. So you should have that dignity, you should have that affection, you should have that compassion, you must have that love, and the dedication.

But if it is not there, then this power is useless, because you are the vehicle of that power. Supposing I have to take water, I have to have glass which is emptied inside. If it is already full with ego, what can you put inside that? Or if it is a stone, you can’t drink water out of that, you’ll have to dig in the space for putting the water. So if you are already filled with your own ideas, with your own conveniences, with your own progress or whatever it is, only that, then you cannot rise very high. You have to surrender fully, to say that “Mother, whatever is Your desire, that… we do not want to have any our individual desire.” Then the desire of God will work.

You want kundalini to work for you which is the desire of God, not your desire, which is independent of your desire, but is the one which will fulfill your complete so-called desires, without even your knowledge.

Miracles after miracles will happen, so many miracles that now we do not know how to compile the book even on miracles. But these miracles are coming to you because you are realized souls. Your attention should be all right, you must see and introspect yourself. “I am sitting in the Kingdom of God, now what is my situation? Is it worth it, am I worth it, am I behaving in the same manner, or still I don’t believe?” If you don’t believe, how can you rise? “Believe” means that you have seen something, you have known something which is tangible, you have got the experience of it. Still you are not surrendered. If you surrender to the will of God, then everything is taken charge. It will never let you down, no question; and everything, all things which look like mountains of difficulties and obstructions you will surpass, just like an aeroplane goes over it. You won’t have any problem whatsoever.

So one thing today, I am very happy that this puja is done by the people from a country which is discipline is very important – that is, Switzerland. But their discipline is for bad things, not for good.

For example, they have a military: who is going to go to that far-fetchedplace, you see, to attack? No one. Why do they have military? And compulsory military, do you know that? Because they have looted other people’s money and kept them there, like thugs. So all that money is in their banks, and they are worried that any time, you see, any person can come up and demand the money, and may start using the power of destruction on us. So, because they are doing wrong, that’s why they have a military – out of fear, just out of fear. There is no need to have any military there. But everybody has to go to military and join the military, because they are thieves of the worst type.

Then secondly, they have also very much slavery of the watch, which human beings have made, God has not made them. So the watch is important, because they are making watches. If they are making watches and if they do not slave under the watches, who will buy their watches? They will say, “What’s the use of you all have watches, and the way you are.” So they are very disciplined. Not only, they also are, I mean extremely as they’ve shown yesterday, they’re really too much of cleanliness in them.

Some of the girls who were married – I must say I’m sorry to say this, but it is a fact – were married from Switzerland, and the reports have come that, “Mother, they must have been maid-servants or bar-maids.”So I said, “Why?” “If something falls down somewhere, immediately, they’ll pick it up and keep there. If something even – it’s just like, like in the guests, you see the guests are sitting and they have no time to talk. There’s no question of talking to each other, there’s nothing; all the time they are worried about this thing, this is getting dirty, that is getting dirty, like maid-servants.” Can you imagine? This has also come from the same horrible disciplining that they have. This disciplining is not divine disciplining. Nature is not like that. If you see the nature, see how the nature is beautiful, the – you’ll never find any smell there. Ha, but if human beings go and live there, then all smells start. But there is no smell. Nature looks after itself, it cleanses itself, it does everything.

So for everything there’s a time, it must be done with a little leisure. I mean, once if you have to clean the house, so clean the house. But all the time if your attention is cleaning this, cleaning this, make this clean, put this right – you are good for nothing, you are like a Hoover machine! And who can love such a woman who’s just a Hoover machine all the time?

But again as the, you know the Devi has the, all the extremes, so this is one extreme. And the another extreme is that absolutely lousiest people, that in England – absolutely lousy, very lousy. They can live with all kinds of lousiness, and that is going too far. So this is in between one has to be. Cleanliness is for us, we are not for cleanliness. You are not paid for that, you are not maid-servants. So cleanliness has to be there. We like it so we’ll make it clean, but it should not be that everybody should be panicked about it; to be in a situation that you have no time to talk to anyone, to be nice to anyone, also no time even to meditate. Even meditating they will be seeing round if something is falling here, “Oh my God!” and they will go and pick up. I wouldn’t be surprised that even in the church they start doing that!

There’s no discipline of meditation, discipline of meditation, of divine work, discipline of following the will of God – that’s not there. Unless and that discipline comes in, what you are doing is something so mundane and stupid, useless wastage of your life, have no dignity for yourself. So now as Sahaja Yogis we have to have that discipline of meditation.

Then the Power, this Amba, She knows you so well: She knows your past, and She knows what sort of a person you are. Once you start introspecting and seeing it within yourself, “What is wrong with me?” and to reach that state of complete equilibrium, “What have I to do?” – is to first of all, you have to meditate. There is no way out, I must tell you, there is no way.

Somebody said, “Mother, I have given up eating this, I have given up eating that” – nothing. “Mother, I do this and I stand on my head” – nothing. You must meditate, and the meditation should be little bit in the morning and little bit in the evening. And don’t see your watch when you are meditating. The time has to be kept for meditation, whatever it is. It takes hardly any time. I mean, even I have seen women take so much time to get ready that even one tenth of that time if you can give for your meditation, you will be, you’ll not need much make-up. Your skin will improve, your hair will improve, your face will improve, everything will work out. You don’t have to use anything, don’t have to use any perfumes or anything whatsoever, your body itself will be full of perfume. Everything will be supplied.

So what we have to do is to first of all see a surrender to the will of the God. For Sahaja yogis it’s very important. Once you surrender, all your problems will be solved. You surrender your problems also. “I leave it to You. God, You solve the problem. You do this.” It is such a precise, such an effective, such an efficient Power. And above all it loves you, cares for you, it forgives you. Even if you make mistakes it forgives, “All right, it will be all right.” It is wanting you all to be properly seated in your thrones, enjoying your power. So whatever is needed is done with great care.

So Navaratri’s – now, the tenth day of Navaratri, which is the most important for all of you, is where this Paramchaitanya has become active. And by its activity you should know it is become very powerful, and that now anybody who tries to be nasty with you, tries to trouble you – “I don’t have to worry at all.” It will take care of it.

All wrong things you have done, all bad karmas you have done, you will be rewarded for that, no doubt. But if you are a Realized soul, finished; you are not on that level. Like we can say that ordinary people can be charged with criminality, but supposing you rise to a higher status of kinghood, then nobody can charge you. You are above the law. In the same way, it has happened with you that nobody can touch you, nobody can destroy you, and nobody can hamper your progress. Only it is you who can do it.

And nobody can harm Me, no rakshasa can harm Me and has never done so. But it is you who can harm Me; because in this life I have taken you into My body, and I am working it out in My body, everything, your cleansing, everything, which is a difficult task. But in the beginning only, this Power went to Adam and Eve and told them that “you must have the knowledge.” So that promise has to be fulfilled and that has to be done, though it’s a very hazardous task. Specially in the West, I find it is very hazardous to make people understand that they are the part and parcel of the whole; it’s a very difficult task. They talk of big, big things. I have seen people write articles nowadays that nothing is substantial, this science is so limited, it has not solved our problem. All these big, big books they are writing. But if you write to them now that we have found out something, they don’t want to see you. They don’t want to meet you. They have nothing to do with it.

So I don’t know what sort of seekers they are, with such a big ego balloon in front, and they are seekers. What are they seeking? The ego, the balloon – supposing you have a big balloon and you drop in the water, what will happen, the balloon will take here and there and there and here, you have no destination. In the same way, they are without any destination, saying that “We are seeking, we are doing this, we are doing that” – without any destination, without any understanding, without any meaning to their life, absolutely useless people. They are worth nothing.

We have to try, as much as possible, how many we can save. But those who do not want to come, there’s no need, there’s no need for us. They have to ask for it, they have to humble down and they have to say that, “We want to come to you” – then only we’ll have. I never write any letter to anyone, “Please come to My program.” All these gurus used to write to all the actors and musicians and all that; I never write. It’s just I am advertising Myself, if you want to come you can come. This advertisement also, I was not willing.

So, you can imagine that we have now brought to the fruitfulness of the promise given long time back, that you will have the knowledge. And you have the knowledge. But with this knowledge you should be identified, and you should know that you have this knowledge, and that this knowledge can be given to others. And we can transform this world into a beautiful world, and fulfill the vision of Adi Shakti.

She created you for this purpose, brought you out from human level to the superhuman level for this purpose, and that is what you have to do it. And if you are today worshipping Me as the Jagadamba, then know that the Jagadamba itself is nothing else but Adi Shakti.

And unless and until you people rise to that level of disciplining yourself in divine way – like some people are still smoking, “Oh, it’s all right, you know, we are ordinary people, we can’t do it.” All right, get out. Don’t worry about such people. They’ll be left behind, useless people, where will they go? They’ll be, I think, hanging in the limbo, because there isn’t much place now left even in the hell, so what is going to happen to them?

But all this is available to you; only thing you must know how to control yourself, control your senses. In small, small things also we cannot control ourselves. If we cannot control our own horses, how can we reach that stage where we have to reach? So in all these small things don’t waste your energies. Just think, you have to meditate, you have to rise, and you have to give it to others. This is very much possible if you really love yourself. If you love yourself, then you have to understand that, “See my body, see my mind, everything is given to me by God. How beautiful it is. And now it’s such a beautiful one, and it will be used by God for such a great purpose.” You are moulded, you are made like that up to this point. But now it is your free will, and with this free will you have to rise. With this free will, you have to understand what is to be done, and how to achieve that state.

It is nature’s reaction to things. Always nature reacts to human beings. Nature has no free will but God reacts, and when the reaction of the God comes in, then we find all these things happening. And I wish you could listen to My tape on Vishnumaya, which is very, very well explaining why all these calamities come, why people die of these calamities. It was a very good lecture, I hope you all will listen to it, and listen to it again and again.

My lectures should not be just for nice one evening, but should be something you should try to understand. Now whatever I am saying is the truth, is absolute truth and is a subtle thing, which none of them have said so far. Because you have got your realization, because you are Sahaja Yogi, I can say this to you.

May God bless you.