Kundalini and the Holy Ghost

Barcelona (Spain)

1992-10-02 Kundalini and the Holy Ghost, Barcelona, Spain, 127' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program


Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it, nor can we know at this human awareness. That’s is why something has to happen to us, that is we have to become a subtler being. At this human awareness, we cannot feel the truth. That’s why it is said that you have to born again. That doesn’t mean that we can just take a certificate to ourselves and say we are born again. None of these certificates are of any use. It is an actualisation of a mystic experience which one should have; which is described by many mystics and by many saints and by many seers. It is not that you can pay for it. Because it is the last jump or last breakthrough of your evolution. And that is what one has to seek, those who are honestly seeking the truth. Now, I have to tell you that all of you have your divinity intact within yourself. It is all there. Nothing can destroy it because it is of eternal nature. Maybe some clouds might have covered it. But it always existed, it’s always there. So, first of all, we have to realise that by talking about it or reading about it we are not going to get it. They have already told you about the subtle system that is within us. Now, this subtle system is beautifully placed within our being which helps you to achieve that state. Now we have, say in Christian religion father, the son and the holy ghost and no mother. After all, how can have a son and a father without mother? Holy Ghost is the primordial mother. Thou in the bible which is not mentioned. Even the mother of Christ is not called as Madonna. She is just called as a woman. So it is such a misleading thing for us that we don’t understand that the primordial mother, which is the shakti, which is the power, which does all the creative work of ??. So this kundalini is the reflection of that shakti, that primordial mother holy ghost. And she is your individual mother. She knows everything about you, and she wants to give you your second birth – your selfrealisation. But when she ascends through these centres, she does lot of things, like, first of all, she puts us in balance. If you understand there are problems in the whole world, perhaps most of them are because of human beings. And human beings have problems because they have problem in their centres (chakras). If you can cure these chakras, these centres, then there will be no human problem and there will be no world problem either. So it gives you first of all physical, mental, emotional balance and nourishment. Thus you will be surprised to know that in India there are 3 doctors who have got their MD in Sahaja yoga. It’s a fact that the awakening of kundalini can cure diseases like cancer; it’s a fact. It can cure mentally retarded children, also people who suffer mentally. Also, it is a fact that when awakening takes place then you feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost coming out of your head itself; cool breeze. This is the actualisation, you can say, actualisation of the experience of the holy ghost. When this kundalini crosses over this point (Agnya) of optic chiasma then you become absolutely peaceful. And a new dimension of awareness called as thoughtless awareness starts manifesting. This thoughtless awareness is such a state where you are in the present, neither in the future nor in the past. And whenever you want to think you can think, if you don’t want to think you don’t think. Now the truth about you is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, but, you are the pure spirit. The another truth is that there is a subtle all pervading power of divine love. ?? at this beautiful flowers, we take it for granted. We don’t even think what a miracle they are. Look at our eyes, they are beautiful camera. We just take it for granted. Look at our brain, which is computer; we just take it for granted. If you ask a doctor, who runs your heart, they will say it’s autonomous nervous system. But if you ask who is this auto, they don’t know. So this all pervading power of divine love does all the living work. It exists in every atom, molecule, everywhere. Only after selfrealisation, you can feel this all pervading power for the first time. Now I would like to tell you, one is the spirit. Whatever I am telling you, you shouldn’t accept it blindfolded. You must get the experience and then you have to believe honestly, as honest people. The spirit is the reflection of God almighty in your heart. But its a ‘peetha’ as we call it, the main office resides on top of your head. So when you get you realisation you get actualisation of baptism, actualisation. It is not just talking or giving sermon. Now, when this connection is established, then you jump into another awareness, which we call as doubtless awareness. At that time you become powerful and you can give realisation to others. You can cure people and you will know all the absolute truth on your fingertips. Mohammad Sahab has said that at the time of your resurrection your hands will speak. So this is the resurrection time, this is the last judgement, this is the age of Aquarius as they say. And at this time you are going to achieve your selfrealisation. Now the spirit, when it shines in your attention then you become enlightened personality. Means your attention wherever it goes, it acts. It brings you all the information wherever it goes. For eg. You put your hands like this and ask, is this a good man or a bad man? If he is a good man then you will get cool breeze in your hand, but if he is a bad man your hands will start tingling. Not only that, but also your fingers are denoting different centres, so you will know what centre is wrong in this gentleman. This knowledge is absolute. You all see me standing here, in the same way all of them will feel the same way (on fingertips). So there is no question of fighting, no question of argument because everybody will see the same thing. How can they have wars? They can’t have wars. It’s ?? universal being within you. So you will then know that you are a universal being. Then you abhor fundamentalism. Then you don’t say this religion is good, that religion is good. All religions are good. How many wars are going on in the name of God! It’s shameful. Horrible things people are doing in the name of God. It’s absolutely sinful. Because you become a universal being, you forget the limitations of your race, your caste, your religion’ outside religion I should say; and also country. You become one one with everyone. But the fundamentalists don’t like it. Because they want to have fights. Because they want to have wars. So they don’t like a universal religion. Because these religions were all born on the same tree of spirituality at different times. All those incarnations, all those prophets were absolutely ??. But we have plucked the flowers and now we are fighting with the dead flowers. And that’s how the wars are going on. So when you become a selfrealised soul, then you respect all the religion and understand that the essence of every religion is the same. We have got now among ourselves some Jews, lots of Jews, who worship Christ. And so many Hindus who worship Mohammad sahab, because you know the truth behind them. But the fundamentalists have put a very twisted picture, very twisted picture before us. And thus we stick to them and get into problems. So its high time you have to know the truth. Now this attention which is so powerful that immediately tell you what is in for you, what ??, because we develop a divine descretion. Then once you are the spirit you become full ?? because spirit is the source of joy. Then you say that you are swimming in the ocean of joy. Such freindship, such pure love exists between the different sahaja yogis. My husband used to say that alright I(Shri Mataji) am a realised soul but I can’t make anybody else as myself. But now he has seen these sahaja yogis. He says they are angels. They become righteous innately. I don’t have to tell them don’t do this, don’t do that. They just ??. Because in the light of kundalini they see what is good and what is bad for them. Say you might be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anything; you can commit any sin. Because this religion is outside not inside. But once you become the spirit when this new?? then you cannot commit sin. Whatever you do is for the betterment of yourself, betterment of country, betterment of the whole world. Not only that you achieve your benevolence but also you see that other people also achieve benevolence through you. You cannot pay for it. Please understand this is very important. You cannot tax anyone in the name of God or religion. You cannot put in any effort in it. It’s a living process. Like in the mother earth you put one seed, it sprouts by itself. Because the seed has the built in quality to sprout and mother earth has the built in quality to sprout it. In the same way you also have built in quality within you to achieve your selfrealisation. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes for you to achieve your realisation. It is very simple. Has to be simple because it is so ??. This is how this world is going to be transformed. Already we have 1,000 of people who are sahaja yogis. In Russia, only in one city of Togliatti, we have 22,000 sahaja yogis. Whatever was there- government, people are very spiritual. There are scientists, doctors, so many of them. I am sorry to say that Spain is the weakest. They come to my lecture, but never ever establish themsleves. On the contrary, we have Spanish people in Colombia, Spanish people in Argentina, they are in thousands. I don’t know what is the preconcieved idea in Spain that some or the other it never works out. Why don’t you want your selfrealisation. Don’t you think it,’s very important? This is the most important time that you are born. Don’t you think that you have to love yourself and respect yourself; that you must get your benevolence? I am sorry to say this. But it is, how many times I have come here I cannot count, long time back I have been coming here. Every year. But I don’t know what’s the matter. So before giving realisation, I have to ask you that after getting realisation you have to establish yourself. Otherwise, it would be the parable of Christ that some seeds fell on the rocks and some fell on the marshy land and nothing happens. 1.14.35

We have had enough of materialism, we have had enough of all these nonsense. Banking, money all that is nonsense, I don’t know what is happening. Recession, ?? falling down; all these things are reactions. Now you take spiritual ?? so that all your problems can be solved. I am concerned very much for Spain and for people living here. Somebody told me that they are mixtures of many countries. Then it should be better because they will be cosmopolitan people. I still don’t understand why do Spanish do not take to spirituality in the true sense. So again I am- just request you very humbly, once you get your selfrealisation please see to it that you establish your connection with the all pervading divine power. And then you will see so many miracles in your own life. You will be amazed. Because this divine power is the most efficient, most compassionate ??. But you have to enter into the kingdom of God, otherwise, why will God will worry about you. I hope today all of you will get your selfrealisation. But then you have to grow and establish your yoga, your union with this all pervading power. Thank you very much.