Devi Puja: The seventh day

Sasaima (Colombia)


Shri Devi puja, seminar resort,  Sasaima, (Colombia), October the 6th 1992

I’m very happy to be with you all here as if you already know about “sahaj”. Today I must tell you that the Goddess has come nine times on this earth before. And she came – today is the seventh day of her worship, of the nine. And the seventh day is for tremendous activity, tremendous creativity and also for prosperity. And so, it is so coincident that we have the condor for their symbol. And I asked them, “Why do you have a condor as their symbol for shipping?” So, they said that, “Mother, it is a deity of the old people, our forefathers told us that a god called Vishnu came from your country on a condor, we call him Garuda”. My husband was there and [unclear]. And also, the ornaments that you make here, which are all Indian style. So, they said that the ornaments are made by the Indians who came from India. Now I feel these deities must have visited these countries, specially Colombia. It must have been. But on what the red Indians have said, what they talk of wisdom and God shows that they knew about Sahaja. Or else maybe that this country was called by some other name, in those days of twenty-one thousand years. And they have passed all that knowledge to you. That’s why you people are so receptive.

Now, America is the Vishuddhi chakra. And the right side is the North America and the South is the [unclear, left side?]. So, [the principle] what is that rules the left side of Vishuddhi chakra is Vishnumaya, who was the sister of Shri Krishna and also who was a virgin. She became the lightening and announced the coming, the existence of Shri Krishna. I find a very special sensitivity among the Colombians, compared to Argentinians or Chileans, or even Brazilians.

First thing is that the virginity is very respected in this country. And that gives you the blessings because it is innocence that you try to preserve. In Russia or other countries in the eastern world they also are not materialistic and they also have good sensibility. Just seeing my photograph they knew who I was. But you people are very deep within. Because you live with nature, you see every day miracle of the nature. And you see those flowers and the beauty of nature and that is how you understand the beauty of reality. I have a very, very strong feeling for you and an earnest desire that somehow Sahaja Yoga should start very deeply in Colombia.

When I came here, also because I came with my husband, it was a different kind of people I met. But still they were all the time asking about spirituality. And one gentleman asked me “Mother, these Americans are exploiting us, you must do something for us so that we can also punish them”. “They must pay for what they have done to us” “They are exploiting us and we can never become better off because most of our money spending, money spent usually goes to America” And I said “all right, something will happen”. Is very surprising just after one year this drug business started here. Of course, I did not create drugs like that, but the Mother Earth must have thought: ‘to punish these Americans, better start something to undo this’, like that.
That is why. They killed so many people here in Colombia and most of them ran out to Bolivia because it is very high and the Spanish could not enter there, so they went there. There were innocent Bolivians, their blood was all flowing on these lands and so many of them were completely finished. To such an extent that if you go to Brazil or if you go to Argentina, Chile, you don’t find even a single aboriginal. And you cannot see these beautiful dancing…[unclear]. People are very heavy. Say in Rio they are having funny type of these carnivals and all that, all horrible things like this. But such innocent beautiful expression of your joy, you don’t find it.

You think that you are very away from other countries but you are not. When I told them that in Colombia there are very deep Sahaja Yogis, they really felt that they are very close to them. And the Goddess was always worshipped in this country. That’s why they are so creative, they are so beautiful and they are so open, their hearts so open. Now the only thing is that when left Vishuddhi -you see- catches…, like when you feel guilty. So, that is why I have to tell you that you should never feel guilty about it. You have done nothing wrong. You have not committed any sins. Your divinity is all there. You see, the Goddess did not created races or anything. She created beautiful human beings, that’s all. But these are mental ideas: that there are races, there are different types of people.

But I think in the West, people have lost all value systems. God doesn’t need money; the Goddess doesn’t have money. But in the West money is so important! And no love, no affection, no compassion. And you have such a beautiful character, such a beautiful personality which is very close to reality. And your music and your expression of your art, everything is so sweet. All these things are so very sweet. This will definitely please God. But don’t take to the western ideas. You do not know in what mess the Western people are. There are horrible diseases now in America like AIDS (UNCLEAR) So, they say that within 10 years’ time 65% people in America who are white will get some horrible disease. Now all these drugs are growing here but where they are used is in America.

So, the divinity is within you. Is there all the time, but in you it is manifested, in them it is not. And for Me it is very difficult to go to these western countries and to work there. Is very difficult. They cannot, they do not have a lifestyle which can please the Goddess.
Say, in Spain, they are still busy with bull fighting. Thousands and thousands go to see the bullfighting… And drugs, drugs are so much in Spain. So, they take to everything that it is destroying them, not constructing them.
But if you -as said yesterday about the wisdom- if you know the reality, the reality is so beautiful… so enchanting.

So, this power within you, which is divinity (UNCLEAR), is the power of the Holy Ghost, of the primordial Mother. And that is so much manifesting in you already. Only thing, now you have to be able to decode. You have to be able to relate it through the actuality of reality. That is only possible when you are connected with this all-pervading Power. And that is [what] you all have got already.
In the West, the Sahaja Yogis go like this, yoyo, up and down all the time (laughs). They all right then they are not, … very disappointing. But not in here! Because these conditions are good. You have the blessings of the God. Because you already suffered so much and God is with them who are so humble. Christ has said that the humble in heart, the meek in heart will be the lords of this earth, will inherit the earth. So, not these arrogant people but the humble, like Colombians.

Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast, it is in 65 nations and I’m so happy to see you all so deeply into Sahaja Yoga. It is your evolutionary process and the blessings of the Goddess works on you, by which you get your Realization and you know the reality. But there are so many blessings that come, first thing you become extremely creative.
Also, you become very wise and sensitive, peaceful. And you get the power yourself, you can give Realization to others. This Colombia seems to be the land Christ has described when He was talking about the parable of the seed, this the land which is so [fantastic?] I wish I could arrange something for all of you to come to India sometime. Maybe something will work out, I’m sure.

Now regarding meditation, one has to understand that we have to be in thoughtless awareness. When you are thinking then you are in the future or in the past. But you are not in the present. But when you start meditating you have to say the mantra Nirvichara. It’s thoughtless awareness. So, your thoughts will elongate and there will be a space in between. That is the present. And when the Kundalini rises, she also makes it wider. Then you can grow much faster in your spirituality. And that is the real way of growing.

This power is within you. It’s there already existing and is working it out, also. But we have to meditate collectively as well as individually. Collectively because is a work of the whole. Like I say, one finger is taken out of your body or if a nail is taken out of your body, it’ll never grow. So, you have to be in the collective and try to feel others, their love of brothers and sisters. They are all over the world. In 65 five nations.
This time, when I tell of your progress maybe so many will wish to come see you, to see your dancing and to see your music and [unclear]. What does a mother want? She wants her children to be happy, that’s all. Enjoying themselves with [the] beauty of reality.

I wish in the public program we have lots of people and you have to look after them. Last time also we had lots of people but they did not stick with it. So, it depends on you to make them understand the [unclear, maybe ‘progress’?] because there is so much miraculous life waiting for you. You entered in to the Kingdom of God and once you are settled down, whatever you want, whatever you wish it just works out. Physically, mentally, emotionally, every way you’ll be cured. No doubt Sahaja Yoga has cured illnesses like cancer, definitely. And there are three doctors in India who have got their MD, also. But these Americans will go to Amazon, in the interior to do the research to see how to cure cancer, they won’t listen [to us?]. And specially they take to all false gurus.

What a difference it is between the right Vishuddhi and the left Vishuddhi, just think about it. There is no sweetness, which is the essence of Vishuddhi and Shri Krishna. But He is Kubera, see He is the God of prosperity. So, He has given prosperity to them because of their right sidedness. But they are lost. And now the time has come to expose everything and get your [unclear] means ‘the fruit of your actions’. Because, you see the especial time called as Krita Yuga, it is neither Kali Yuga nor it is Satya Yuga. Kali Yuga is the era of confusion and the second is the Krita Yuga and the last is the Satya Yuga when you know the truth.

So, the Last Judgement has begun in this time, this Krita Yuga, and people will be exposed, all criminals, all bad people, everybody will be exposed. And they’ll have to pay for their bad actions. Like now you see this Vishnumaya, She can enter into any element. She does punishment. Indirectly, that you can say that Colombia and Bolivia are now punishing these people.

So, in America you know there has been a riot and there has been a big earthquake. Especially they are there in Hollywood, you see, all these problems are there. Because in Hollywood they always try to show that the Red Indians were very bad, cruel [unclear]. Always. As if they were the best, the English, the Spanish and the Anglo-Saxons and the Red Indians were the ones that were really bad. Also there is a forest of 65,000 hectares of land which is now burnt. And then you know what they are doing in Miami, this killing people and all that, so in Miami there was an earthquake. But they do not relate these calamities to their bad doings. Because they are not sensitive like you. But I’m sure they will start thinking about it. I know that Colombians are not as rich as they are but they have their joy in themselves.

After all, what is money for? what is everything for? Is for joy. And if you have everything and if you don’t have the joy, what is the use of having everything? The food is there contaminated, the atmosphere is contaminated, the water is contaminated, everything [is] contaminated.
In Spain, we were going and I had a very bad smell. I said what is this going on there? Is there a sugar factory? No, they said is the river that smells like that, imagine the whole river [unclear].

So, what is important is the inner satisfaction. Which you people have now. Now you should try to spread it because [when] one light gets enlightened, this light has to enlighten other candles. You are very well-educated people compared to so many others. And you can do this work very well. Unless and until you use your powers you will not know how fantastic you are, how powerful you are, you will not.

So, you must use your powers and get more people to Sahaja Yoga. The greatest joy is giving Realization to others. And everything works out automatically. You see, I don’t understand money [unclear], I don’t know even how to write a check [unclear]. All this money the Sahaja Yogis have, they can do what they like. With the puja money I buy all the silver and all that [unclear]. Because you cannot do Puja with plastic [laughs]. So, this is how the whole thing is becoming so beautiful and so divine. Yesterday when I was coming the Vishnumaya was over there [unclear].

And they said that it will bring rain and I said that [unclear, maybe: when I will go] then I will call it. Whatever you ask for, you will get. Believe now the nature is at your feet. Only thing you have to have faith in yourself. And you should never feel guilty. Which has come from Catholic Church, feeling guilty… nonsense. All nonsense they have been teaching you….in the name of Christ. Christ never said that you have to confess, never said that you are guilty. What He said [is] that you must be born again.

So, they just put a label and ‘born again’, not that way. They just put you some water on the head and say, “You become Christian”, not that way. They don’t follow Christ at all. He said that, “Thou not shall have adulterous eyes”. That means there should be no lust and greed in your eyes, but innocence. Those who preach, are they like that? And those also who say  they are religious, are they religious?

But in Sahaja Yoga automatically you become religious. Because in the light of the Spirit you see what is reality, what is good for you. And that transforms human beings. So, you should never feel also guilty or unhappy or morose, it’s not proper. So, much of beauty, so much of love and compassion of God, and why should we feel unhappy? This is just our imagination, I think. I’m sure one day Colombia will become a very strong spiritual nation.

I hope today’s puja will mean a greater advancement and ascent in your spirituality. You have not only to save Colombia but you have to save the whole world.
You have to get stronger and stronger and master this art which is freely available. It is a blessing in a way that you are not so affluent as the Americans that all the false gurus did not come. Otherwise, I have to work very hard with these people who have been to false gurus.

But today we have to do this puja which is really very suitable, absolutely spontaneously arranged. It was not so many days I was going to be there. But just spontaneously there was no plane [play?] going. So, I feel [unclear] suitable with all of us. This much time I don’t even stay in Cabella. [Shri Mataji laughs.] It is surprising your love, your love and devotion.
May God bless you.