Shri Mahakali Puja

Salvador-Bahia (Brazil)

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Shri Mahakali Puja, Salvador-Bahia (Brazil), 14 October 1992.

It is so nice to be here in Brazil in Salvador. I met one gentleman a long time back, from my husband’s office, from Brazil, and his wife was suffering from terrible black magic. And she really was cured of that trouble. So he told me that, you have to go to Brazil because it is full of lots of negative things specially the black magic, so you must go there somehow. And so it was my great desire to come here and that’s how I came, few years back. Also Duilio was here and, I mean, things were arranged somehow, Sahaj, so I came here.
So the problem of this country is more, is this black magic that is brought by the people from Africa. So I have thought today, we, let us have Mahakali Puja.
Mahakali is the left side power in us. So, actually she is Adi Shakti. Only when she enters into the left side of the Virata we call her Mahakali, but she is the power of pure desire of God. Then she establishes Shri Ganesha herself. Then she goes to the right side as Mahasaraswati, and then she enters into the centre [navel] where she is Mahalakshmi. That is how Adi Shakti takes three forms. But Mahakali is the pure form, because she’s not yet deep in [?] I mean from Adi Shakti, she’s Mahakali. So first thing she, before creating this universe or anything, she created Shri Ganesha. And first to spread, manifest not only holiness but also auspiciousness, and purity. So before anything was created, these spiritual forces were created, to protect the creation that was to follow. So this Mahakali force was specially in the purest form to protect people from the negative side.
Now when any thought enters our mind, any reasoning concept of our mind, it is thrown on the left side by this Mahakali.
Sahaja Yogi : Throw out?
Shri Mataji : So goes to the left side.
Sahaja Yogi : Ah?
Shri Mataji : Subconscious.
Sahaja Yogi : Every bad thought ? No.
Shri Mataji : See whatever thought comes to us.
Sahaja Yogi : Ah, whatever.
Shri Mataji : Today is the support now, just now, that goes to the left side, has.
And then that is how the present becomes the past, goes to the subconscious. Now the subconscious also has many layers which are on the left side in a parallel way, not horizontally, but parallel. There are seven of these layers, and the seventh one ends up into the Collective Subconscious. So whatever is dead, in the past, and was discarded from the evolutionary process, is thrown into the Collective Subconscious. Now when – say for example, lives which were thrown out of the evolution, microscopic animals, whatever, viruses, then also human beings, animals, everything that was thrown, like mammoths and all that, these animals were thrown out of the evolution, are. So the people who are living more in the past, if by any accident or by any unhappy incident in life, are thrown towards that, they catch some of this Collective Subconscious.
So also, this lifetime, whatever conditionings we have, also pass into our, they pass into our subconscious mind. For example, a person is sitting in the darkness alone, suddenly starts feeling the fear. Then he is, with that fear, he’s thrown towards the left side and he can catch something, what we call as ‘bhoots’, you see, what we call bhoots is some sort of a dead spirit and then he becomes a different person.
Also, somebody who is too much right-sided, is always active, thinking too much of the future, his attention moves to the extreme – say, to the right side. Then suddenly if some shock or some fear, or whatever it is, this pendulum like thing, can move to the other side also.
So all the people who are very right-sided can get into problems of possessions
Sahaja Yogi : Of subconscious?
Shri Mataji : Of possessions.
Sahaja Yogi : But, of subconscious?
Shri Mataji : Subconscious also.
Also people who are extremely meticulous, extremely futuristic, can catch on the right side also Collective Supraconscious.
Sahaja Yogi : (translate) Collective Super Conscience
Shri Mataji corrects him : Supraconcious.. Right side, it’s the right side. Futuristic.

We have to now understand MahaKali’s powers. Now MahaKali’s powers are such that she is the Holy Ghost. So firstly she can cure any diseases that come from viruses, like say from AIDS.

You can start from Mooladhara up, all Mooladhara diseases, then all Swadisthana diseases, all these diseases. Left Vishuddhi of course, is a combination, because when a man is too right-sided to balance his ego he puts it here in the guilt. So it could be a combination of both right and left. But all other incurable diseases are left-sided.

Like you have cancer now. Now see this is the left side centre and this is the right side centre, they look like this and in the centre is the centre. Now supposing even if you have a (thing)…of the right side, it is too much, the energy is driven to the right side. But suddenly something may happen, some accident, some sort of unhappiness and this little bit can break like that, from the left side. So the virus can start flowing into the right side also. Now when this virus enters into the right side you have no connection with the whole, because it’s broken now. So this right side starts working on its own and that’s how you develop this cancer where the cell itself becomes the ego, it gets the ego and it starts multiplying, multiplying.

So this virus can give you any kind of disease, which cannot be cured by medical science because medical science deals with the right side of the physical side/science(?). But the mental side is dealt with by Mahakali power, mental side. That is how in Sahaja Yoga we have been able to cure many incurable diseases. By using candles, because the light when it is shown to these viruses, or to the bhoots, they go away. So by three-candle treatment you can cure any one of these incurable diseases, even AIDS.

But when this trouble starts above the Vishuddhi chakra or from the Vishuddhi chakra, then people become mentally handicapped, like they become mad, they get epilepsy or they get what we call schizophrenic.

Now what they do when they do black magic, we should understand. In India we call it preta vidya, swarshana vidya. Preta vidya means the dead, knowledge of the dead and swarshana vidya is the knowledge of the cemetery. So the way they do it is that when some evil genius is dead, when they know that somebody is dead, then these people go there and try to wait until everybody disappears. They burn the body in India and when the brain is opened it makes a sound. After that people go away, so they (preta vidya people) are still there. And then they take the skull of that man, or some part of the body with them, maybe some bones, so that the spirit, which is hovering there follows them.

And then they give some names to these bhoots who are following them and then, somehow or other they tie them up, imprison them. And then they use these bhoots to entice someone, to mesmerise someone and these bhoots can get more bhoots also with…???if these people want, just because they are now captured and they are evil geniuses.

So this is what the false guru do, they put these bhoots in people, mesmerise them, through their eyes these bhoots come in and then these people start giving all their money, all the property, everything to them, even the women give up their chastity. So this is how they try to mesmerise. Also they can use these bhoots to kill somebody or beating somebody, putting somebody into trouble, all kinds of things. So also they try to sort of put ideas into people, make them violent and make them very bad people, dirty people. This unnatural  sex  relationship, like homosexuality, you know, is also from bhoots. That is they do everything that is  anti, you can say, MahaKali.

And that is how they may bring inauspiciousness, unholiness, violence, all kinds of problems. Now supposingly these bhoots are, say, drunkards, then they make people drink too much. Or if they are, say, cheats or people who have been making money by wrong methods, they can also enter into the heads of people. Like here I think the politicians, they have entered into their heads, so they are like mad people.

And this is how the dharma is not there any more, there is no dharma, there are no maryadhas, nothing and they do what they like.

So the hundred and eight names of the Goddess or the one thousand names of the Goddess are mostly for MahaKali, on the left-hand side, because she killed so many rakshasas. She destroys also viruses and all kinds of things which are inflicted on human beings. Also she cures many things like conditionings, say for example, of the Catholic church, which has given a conditioning into human beings that they cannot ascend, because of this Catholic church conditioning. So even if you believe in someone, supposing there is a Sahaja Yogi and you believe that this Sahaja Yogi is God, then also you can catch. Because if you believe in anybody who has no authority it is unauthorised shraddha (faith), then you get into trouble.

So in Sahaja Yoga nobody should consider somebody as guru because he has given you realisation or something. He is not your guru (Words missing)

A very good mantra for the left Swadisthan is to say ‘Mother you are verily the pure knowledge.’ But for Christians it is better even to say Mother you are the Holy Ghost as Christ has said.’ It is very easy to get rid of these things. Just decide that ‘I’m not having any more of them.’

I mean these bhoots are so stupid, that, supposing someone may come to my house,

take off their coat, put some other shawl on them, make them wear something else, when they go the bhoots can’t recognize them. They are so stupid.

So this is MahaKali’s great work and I have already told you how she works it out. Now today we are going to worship her, I’m sure she will become very powerful here and she will see to it that all this black magic is finished. It is Mahakali’s powers you will start seeing, and so, once she starts manifesting, your politicians will improve, everything will improve, because it is under these wrong powers you see that they are doing these things.

Also all these bad things like violence and all kinds of bad things people do is only under the influence of negativity. Even if they know it is wrong, it should not be done, they do it compulsively. Now a new disease has come where people have compulsive habits, like washing their hands all the time, like somebody’s brushing their teeth three hundred times, washing their hands, somebody very particular about everything, all the time cleaning, cleaning.

Some women are like that, if anything falls off, they must run and clean, they have no time to sit down for five minutes. They can’t help it, they can’t help it. Ultimately they get out of society because they are absolutely useless.

So I have now tried to tell you the various things that, in the absence of MahaKali, can manifest. So MahaKali’s manifestation is so important for a country where there are so many negative things. And I hope next time I come it will be very much reduced…we’ll have a much cleaner place. Now you people also now know how to cure left Swadisthana. Always check up the left Swadisthana and try to cure it.

May God bless you all.

This song [inaudible] (was composed) by a very famous music director [Ravindra Jain], who directed the the epic of Ramayana in Ramayan film. And he is a blind man. Now this blind man I don’t know how, he met Me only thrice and then he wrote this song. And he says that in the many names that are not even in Her one thousand names.

First is Vishwa Vandita: The word Vishwa means the Universe and Vandita means worshiped, worshiped by the whole world. Now I am convinced because is a fact

Sarva Pujita means that everyone does her Puja. Sarva means everyone is doing her Puja.

Brahma Swarupini means She is the form of this Bhamachaitanya.

This is a new one, now, Yoga Nirupini is not in the thousand names. Yoga Nirupini, means she explains and proves the Yoga.

It’s not in the thousand names, this a new name again. Shubadham Varadam Namoh Namah, meaning : She is the one who is the giver of auspiciousness and She is the one who is giver of blessings. Varada, Varad means blessing.

Namoh namah, you know means. means I worship Her.

Jagata Janani Nirmala, means She is the Mother of the whole world.

Moola Prakriti Akileshvaraki: Akileshvara is the God Almighty and She is the basic nature of God Almighty.

Parashakti Parameshwari : She is – para means, even beyond the power of God Almighty.

Vishwa Dharini Mangala Karini: She is the One who sustains the whole world. Vishwa Ddharini. Mangalakarini : and She makes benevolence of all them.

Then again Shubadham Varadam Namoh Namaha, means giver of auspiciousness and also of blessings.
Now Sahaja Yogini Nirmala: She is a Sahaja Yogini Herself. She has got her yoga in a sahaj way, means spontaneous way. She is Sahaja Yogini.

Nirashraya Sarveshwari: She is supportless, without any support. But She is the Goddess of everything, Sarveshwari.

Premamurti Bhakta Vatsala, She is the image of love and She is very fond of Her bhaktas, devotees.

Premamai Mateshvari: She is full of love and the Goddess of all the Mothers. Mateshwari is the Goddess of all the Mothers.

Bhakti Pradayini Mukti Pradayini: She is the giver of devotion, Bhakti. She gives Bhakti. And Muktipradayini: She is the one who gives you salvation.

Then again Shubadham Varadam Namoh Namaha, means the same thing, giver of auspiciousness and of blessings, we bow to Her.

Now Pragata Saguna Nirguna; She is; She, the formless has become manifested in form through Her. Formless. Nirguna is formless.

Ridhi Siddhi ki Dhatri hai: means She is the giver of Siddhis. Siddhis means by which you get powers, to give realization to people, to cure people, to manifest all the Divinity, Siddhis. And Riddhi is by which contentment, peace, joy. Means that you grow into that, Riddhi.

Saumya Sarala Mahamana, She is a very gentle person and a simple, innocent person and very gentle, Saumya. Mahamana: She is, She is the greatest mind.

Patanjali Gunapatri hai. She is the possessor (of ) all the qualities that Patanjali has spoken about.

Ghataghata Vasini: Ghata means here – is actually the Kumbha – but here it is meaning She resides in every body’s heart.

Atma Vikasini: She expands the Spirit.

Shubadham Varadam Namoh Namah, again the same thing. Giver of – She is the giver of auspiciousness and also of blessings, I bow to Her.

… [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: Have you got the complete tape of it?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: I’m really surprised now he has described so many things, which are not even in the one thousand names of the Goddess.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi