You all have your divinity intact

Escola Nacional de Música da UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

1992-10-17 You all have your divinity intact, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DP-RAW, 65' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Workshop
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1992-10-17 Yogi Intro and Arrival at Public Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, DP-RAW, 2'
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1992-10-15 You all have your divinity intact, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DP-RAW, version 2, 97' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Q&A, WorkshopDownload subtitles: EN,PT (2)View subtitles:
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1992-10-17 Public Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, EDITED, 79' Download subtitles: EN,PT (2)View subtitles:
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Public Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17-10-1992

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot transform it, change it, and even think about it; unfortunately at this human awareness, we cannot even feel it. You have been already told about the subtle system we have within ourselves. This subtle system works out your ascent. Whatever I am telling you today you need not accept blindfold. But if it is proved, treat it as a hypothesis and if it is true then you have to accept it as honestly. Because it is for the benevolence of you and for the benevolence of the country and for the benevolence of this world. It is the last breakthrough of our evolution into a new awareness that we become the spirit. The first thing you should know that we are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, but we are the pure spirit. And the another truth is that there is this all pervading power of divine love which does all the living work. You see these beautiful flowers, its a miracle. And you see (with) your own eyes, what a camera! And this brain, what a computer. But we take everything for granted. If you ask doctor who runs our heart he will say it’s a autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto. There is a power, which is a living power, which does all this living work. This is the power of divine love and this love is the truth. The first thing is to become the spirit, and the second is to feel, to feel the all pervading power of divine love. This is not just a lecture or a sermon, but, it is to tell you that you all have your divinity intact. Your divinity cannot be destroyed. It cannot be touched. Whatever you might have done, your divinity is eternal. So the question is only how to manifest that divinity? When this power, which you call as kundalini, rises, she passes through six centres, ultimately breaks through the seventh centre which we call as the fontanelle bone area. So this the actualisation of your baptism. It is not the false certificate. This power, kundalini power, is the reflection of the holy ghost. Holy ghost is the more ??. When we talk about the God almighty, and about the son, then what about the mother? Mother is a dove, is the holy ghost. It is ??[gnostic], is the primordial mother, which is the holy ghost. In Greece she is called as Athena and in India it is called as the Adishakti. In Gospel of Thomas, Thomas has written that Christ said ‘this is the mother who conceived me. But I have one Great Mother, and when she is with the father, I am also with her.’ So there was a primordial mother. But there is no ?? in the bible also, there is no praise of the Mother of Christ. They did not even say that she was a Goddess or she was Madonna. It was the Pagan religion which was before Christianity which influenced people and praised God??. It seems Paul hated women and he did not want their (Goddess Mary) praise in the bible at all. And he does not, also now they don’t permit women to have the position of priest. But not in the Indian scriptures (in Indian Scriptures) primordial mother is reflected as kundalini in us. And the God almighty is reflected in our heart as spirit. Now when this kundalini rises, you will be amazed to see that she automatically cures yours physical, mental and emotional being. It’s a fact that many diseases have been cured. There are 3 doctors in India, who have now got MD in sahaja yoga, for curing incurable diseases. So when this kundalini is travelling through the centres, she nourishes them, she integrates them and she connects you to this all pervading power. First of all you feel absolutely peaceful because when she passes through your this (agnya) centre, she breaks thoughts and between the thought, there is a pause. Your mind is jumping on the cusp of thoughts, coming from the past or present. So, when the kundalini rises then these thoughts from the past and the future separate and between there is a pause, that is the present. And in the present you don’t think, there is no thought. So you receive your peaceful status. You are aware, fully aware but you are thoughtless. If you want to think, you can think, if you don’t want to think you can be at peace with yourself. The second stage where this connection with all pervading power is fully established, then you receive another awareness called as doubtless awareness. In that state, you become powerful enough to give realisation to others. You can cure others. And your personality emits peace. The nature of spirit which once come into your attention enlightens the attention. When the attention is enlightened, then your attention becomes active. And the attention which is enlightened, can activate in another person this benevolence. This attention becomes innocent. Christ has said, thou shall not have adulterous eyes. How many Christian have eyes which are innocent ? Devoid of lust and greed? But only after your self realisation your eyes start sparkling, and they become absolutely innocent. And they become so powerful that even a glance of such a person can do so much good to another one. Second great point about spirit is that it is a universal being. In a way, we are universal also. If you cut here (any finger) of anyone, you will find the same nerve, the same artery, the same vessel, the same ??. So our differences is only skin deep. But spirit mean the universal being. When it comes into your attention, you become an universal being. Then automatically you transcend all barriers, of caste, of religion, of country, racist; everything automatically. Sahaja yoga is working in 55 nations and we have 1000 and 1000 of sahaja yogis. They come to India for a seminar, I have never seen them fighting, quarrelling on any point whatsoever. Because spirit is the source of the absolute truth. We live on a relative world. There are so many dogmas, there are so many theories, so many ideas, but, once you become the spirit, all of you see the same thing. Supposing you have 10 people, children, whose eyes are tied, and you ask them who is this man, what is he suffering from? They will all raise one finger, say like this (little finger meaning heart trouble). Then you ask that man, are you suffering from some heart trouble? He said ‘yes, but how do you know?’. Because this (little) finger ?? heart trouble. 


So on your fingertips you will know the truth. These days there are many false gurus, prophets, coming also from India. They are only money oriented or power oriented. They can show some sort of a miracle of giving you a Swiss watch or something like that or some rich people diamonds. Those who believe in such things cannot believe in God almighty. Because for God all these things are dust. He doesn’t understand money. Even ?? have become power oriented or money oriented. They are not spirit oriented, as they should be. This is the reason why we have deviated from the real religion which was started. All religions were started by real people. They were like flowers on the same tree of life. But we plucked it and now we are fighting with dead flowers. How can you fight in the name of God? It is illogical. So the spirit is the source of all the knowledge, which is pure knowledge. All whatever I am saying is absolutely tangible, can be proved, can be tested. It is scientific, but it is a metascience. Because the science is a knowledge, say, of the tree that has grown out, but, this is the knowledge of the roots. And if you know the knowldege of the roots it’s very simple and fundamental. Above all spirit is the source of joy. It does not have the duality of happiness and unhappiness. It is a singular thing which you can enjoy but cannot describe. All these divinity is within you, all of you; and nothing is lost. You have to just understand that you all can get your selfrealisation tonight. First of all, I have to tell you that I cannot force self knowledge on you. You become a collective being, by which you know the problems of others. And you should know that most of the problems of this world are because of human beings. And most of the human problems are because of these centres. Now if you have centres put right, then all the problems are solved. There cannot be any war, there cannot be any quarrel about anything. Also when you are blessed by this all pervading power, you have many other powers also. Like the agricultre, your country can prosper 10 times more. All living process is expidited. All this sounds very fantastic. But you are fantastic. Because you are not yet connected, you don’t know what you are. As this (mike) instrument when it is not connected, it has no meaning. So this connection is to be established. Again I would say those who do not want to have selfrealisation should leave the hall because it cannot be forced. I respect your freedom. Christ has said, the meek in heart will inherit the earth. So sahaja yoga is not meant for arrogant people, nor it is meant for stupid people and idiotic people. It is meant for people who really desire to have the higher life. You have to have a very pure desire. So again I would request you those who do not want to have their selfrealisation, should leave the hall. It will hardly take 10 minutes. Please be seated all of you. I am very happy to se there are so many seekers of truth in Rio de Janeiro. I have been travelling South America and this is the last program I have. And everywhere there are 1000 of people who have got their realisation. First thing you don’t have to pay for it. It is invaluable. And I have told you that God does not understand money or banking. So today when you have your realisation, please remember that this is the collective happening. You have to come to our collective centre so that this connection is properly established. You don’t have to fast, or suffer, or go to Himalayas. Christ has already suffered for us. Are you going to suffer more than he has suffered? So all these theories of suffering (prevailing after Christ’s resurrection) is all nonsense. In short you should be very pleasantly placed to yourself. Because you are human beings, (which is) epitomy of evolution. And a little more journey you are going to be in the kingdom of God. 


[Realisation follows]

1.15.50 [people gathers near stage and asks questions]

Shri Mataji: Keep out all these horrible people. They are just out to make money. That’s all. 

He too (pointing to translator) was there and how much he suffered. Its all money making. ??. They just mesmerise. That’s why you start giving money, everything. People have perhaps sold their houses for these horrible gurus. There is no modus operandi ?? no.. how, why, what is it? You must know everything, isn’t it? If it is scientific, you should know what are the centres are, how they work out, how to cure them, how to do it…. everything you should know. You just go on paying money to them. Everything should be tangible and logical. You will know everything, everything, about your self and about others (in sahaja yoga). All these things, you should not be ??. 


 Translator: If someone doesn’t feel the breeze very well, what should he do?

Shri Mataji: It’s alright. You come and see them (meet them) you will feel it. There must be something wrong here (vishuddhi). Doesn’t matter. Everybody will feel it. May be little (problem) with cervical plexus, something wrong there. The cervical nerves may be little numb. That’s all. Everybody will feel it. 

Now the thing is that, if they (false gurus) say that you ascent, then you must have some powers and you should know everything. You should have the full knowledge, how it works. Don’t believe into anything that is blind. 


Translator: She says that she came late tonight, but she felt the breeze. And she can feel her chakras, ?? right side paining, aching. She wants to know what does it mean. 

Shri Mataji: It’s alright. It will be cured. You must be very futuristic, thinking too much. 


Translator: The first time he meet you was in Brazilia in 89 and after meditation, he feels much much more. And he is so happy.

Shri Mataji: Because you see, I have told you, its a collective. If you are in the collective you grow very fast. So because you were left alone, that’s why. Now you be in the collective you will master it in no time. In 8 days these people mastered it. 

Overnight people have given up alcohol, everything nonsensical. 1.21.09

Q: Is there any problem to sahaja yoga to eating meat or drinking alcohol

Shri Mataji: you just give up whatever is not constructive, because of the light. You see the light, and in the light, you see snake in your hand, you just throw it away yourself. I don’t say anything. 

You will know how miracles are there. And what blessings you have got. Every moment is a blessing. You will be surprised because this, you know God is very efficient.


 Translator: when she put her head little back, she felt little round round (infront) 

Shri Mataji: It’s alright. Might be you are having spondylitis. It’s curable. 


 Translator: How can we learn to forgive.

Shri Mataji: It’s nothing. Just say ‘I forgive everyone’. That’s all. Finished.

It’s a very innocent question.