Diwali Puja

Timisoara, Sala Olimpia (Romania)

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Diwali Puja. Temisoara (Romania), 25 October 1992.

So today we are celebrating the Diwali Puja.
I think you all can try to learn English which is a very simple language and would be better. I just want to say that you all can learn English language, it’s not difficult from my tapes. Of course the language of love is universal for it has no script, that’s the problem (Shri Mataji laughs) and no words, and no words.
(Translator speaks ed.) Shri Mataji I am sorry, I am so full of emotions, too full of emotions, can’t catch your words you see … everything, all languages in my head, may I ask someone to translate, I feel I can not catch your words.
Shri Mataji: No it’ll be all right, come along (Laughter and applause).
I don’t know how to express, I am also full of lots of emotions. it’s such a beautiful gathering we have here from all over the world. We are all bound together in such pure love, and Russians also have arrived, luckily, they had to go through some tapasya.
The significance of Diwali is spread out in about five days, and they are all together somehow, these five days are all put together. So they have different aspects, but in every aspect there’s one common point is that the Goddess plays the main role. Now the first day is the worship of the housewife where you have to buy some sort of a utensil for the kitchen or for the use of the wife or could be a present for the wife, but is said that woman must be respected, but they should be respectable. If they are not respectable how can they be respected.
Now I have to warn you all people to be careful with the western influence. In the western influence money has become everything. The morality, the character, all the value system is all finished, so we as Sahaja Yogis have to stop all that. Now the first thing we have to understand that the society is completely dependant on the Gruha Lakshmis, that means a housewife has to be a very lady of great character, respectability and dignity. Society is her responsibility, she is responsible for creating peace, understanding and for giving full idea as to what is love.
I think her responsibility is much more difficult, subtler than that of men and she is the Shakti of the family so she should not try to behave in a manner that is not dignified or matured. Say for example every woman wants to become the Mother, but in the western country many woman don’t want, especially in America because they think by that their body will be spoiled or something will happen that their husbands may not be attracted towards them. So there’s all the time the mad race going on between husband and wife. Husband is running after many women and many woman are, the woman are also running after men or they dominate their husband, in this mad race the children are neglected, the household is neglected and there’s always quarrel going on between the two.
So women should not try to be so subservient about this kind of mad race, they should keep their dignity, they should keep their character, they should look after their children not bothering about their husbands. Now the worst thing that is very much accepted is a divorce and so they are afraid that men will divorce them and they will be left in the lurch, but always in the west there is a provision, if a husband marries some other woman or something, children and the Mother are given sufficient money to look after them. Under such circumstances the women should try to correct their husbands and fight for it but if they do not come round they should get completely detached. If the husband wants to go to hell let him go, why do you want to do the same. After all you have your Dharma, you have your own life and you should just worry about yourself and if he doesn’t understand you forget it.
Such an irresponsible and a stupid fellow should be just pitied but one should not follow the footsteps of the husband because you have a much wider responsibility. One should not try to look younger and just all the time make your life miserable by trying to keep your husband attached to you because by that you will lose your powers, your Shakti, but if your husband is a man of character then you must respect him and support him in every way and tolerate him as far as possible.
Yesterday I saw many ladies have cut their hair, please do not play into the hands of these entrepreneurs, they know how to befool you. I have seen horrible things happening because these entrepreneurs try to entice by advertisement. Recently in Paris they said we should have six inches of skirts and nowhere we could get long skirts. Imagine in all these cold countries so many got varicose veins. They start styles for hair, for body, for faces, they start all kinds of nonsense but Sahaja Yoginis should understand what are they up to, you should not fall into their traps at all.
So you are the Goddess of the family, you have the Shakti and you have to be very careful. Moreover you are Sahaja Yoginis so you shouldn’t allow your Sahasrara to be touched by anyone and your power comes from your chastity. Thousands of women in India committed suicide because they didn’t want any man to touch their body. Now you are in Sahaj culture and in Sahaj culture we have to behave in a very dignified mature manner. When you are small girls you are also Goddesses, that time you are innocent, then you get married, it’s a very big thing that you are a married woman is very auspicious.
Then after marriage you have children, is even greater honour for you because you are mothers. We are not actresses, we are mothers and you should be proud of being a mother and you should be proud of your children. Then you become grandmothers, I think this is a very great achievement and you should feel very proud of your age that you are a grandmother. If you will go on struggling for looking young you’ll look very old. You see your Mother is seventy years of age and I don’t look my age, that’s what they say. I have never bothered about my looks, I have no time, I have so many children and I am very proud of my age also.
With age you grow, you mature, you are wiser, then you have all the assets of your personality. If you really respect your age people will come to you for advice, help, and then you can spread Sahaja Yoga. There are so many complications with these entrepreneurs the way they try to exploit women.
On a Diwali day I don’t want to talk about that so I’ll try to tell you about the Lakshmi, the symbol of Lakshmi. Shri Lakshmi is the symbol of the completeness of womanhood, she brings wealth, prosperity, auspiciousness, she brings in understanding, generosity, peace and joy, she is the giver of all the blessings. The symbol of Lakshmi is that she stands on the lotus which is pink in colour. Pink colour is the warmth of her Motherhood. In India even a small girl is called as Mother. So in the various aspects of Lakshmi, the symbol is that first she is a very warm person, also in one hand she has the lotus which is also pink in colour, that also suggestive of her warmth.
Even a funny type of a moth with all kinds of thorns attached to his body enters into a lotus, he finds a place where he can rest, she makes all the guests to come in her house and have the best bed and the best food. Normally the men bring in a guest and the wife receives him and looks after him. So it is suggestive that we have to look after any type of a guest who comes to our house and should completely devote ourselves to the looking after of the guest who is from outside.
She is standing on the lotus and wearing also a pink sari, that is you have to have balance to stand on a thing like lotus because she is surrounded by water, and there are many animals around it, beast like people who try to entice her so she has to have a complete balance, also she has two hands with a lotus and with two other hands she is giving and with another hand she is blessing. This one means that she should be generous, she should be giving always to others not for herself. She should not spend all the money on herself and nothing for the children or for the guests or for others. So it is the Lakshmi who has to give, who has to be generous.
I have seen those people in Sahaja Yoga are generous, their wives may not be and then they suffer a lot but if the wife is generous she’s rewarded, the whole family is rewarded hundred times. Generosity is like this that you have one door open through which everything is coming in and you open another door by giving, so there’s a very good circulation. I enjoy my generosity the most, if it is generosity, and you all should enjoy this generosity, and generosity is so rewarding, so rewarding that it is unbelievable how the Divine forces help a person who is generous.
I’ll give you an example, I had a friend who said she wanted a sari from the foreign countries, these imported saris, and I had two of them and I told another lady who was very miserly that I would like to give away these two saris to her. So she said you have only these two left now why do you want to give her this sari, she was miserly type. We were talking in the kitchen but somebody rang the bell and I opened the door, he had brought two saris from Africa because some lady who had gone to Africa had sent them. So I said why did she send me saris, he said because you had given her saris when she went so she has sent you these and when I opened the saris they were exactly the same the ones I had with me so I took out both the saris and showed her, see, this is the example.
This is how it is, always, everything comes back to you when you are kind to others or if you are generous to others. You will find later on yourself and so many have already found that just money flows to them. They can’t understand from where the money is coming. Just it works out that you get money, whenever you want. You should not worry about money, just forget it and it comes to you.
People who are meticulously counting their money all the time, every morning, are never satisfied and also they haven’t got the blessings of any kind but if you just keep the worry of money to God everything works out. So what do we understand that it is all in the hands of God almighty. After coming to Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to worry about anything, leave it in the hands of God and everything will work out. There is no need for you to go on telling people that oh I am so much worried, I have no money, I have no money. That shows that you are not yet Sahaja Yogis.
So if you have to improve those who are your neighbours or your friends or your country, first of all you have to be very mature Sahaja Yoginis. So the Lakshmi is already awakened within you. She resides in your Nabhi chakra. So with your Lakshmi awakened why should you worry about money. So then this last symbolic hand says that those who are under your protection you must look after them. That means you have to bless everyone who comes in contact with you and you have to worry about all the people who are under your control. So the Lakshmi symbol is not only for the ladies but more for the men.
A man who is in the business has to respect his wife and his wife should be respectable, if she is not then auspiciousness will not come in that family. So you get all these blessings of Lakshmi if your housewife is a good person. This symbol of Lakshmi is expressing a kind of a personality that is expected of a woman or a man who have got the blessings of money. So that is the, I was telling you about the first day what is it, second day what is it, but main thing is that on a Diwali day we have to worship the Lakshmi.
So today when we are worshipping Lakshmi the men also have to know that they have to have a complete balance in life, that they should be generous and look after the people who are under their control. So there are, as I said many aspects, but one of them very important is that Shri Rama killed Ravana on ten days before they say and was crowned on the…, I mean today he was crowned today. So his wife was Sita, she was also made the Queen and in their life it is shown how she remained absolutely dedicated to him.
So in Sahaj culture we have to be special people, we cannot be like other people who are just running after money and doing everything just to ruin themselves. So that in Sahaj culture we have to meditate, get our satisfaction about everything within ourselves and also we have to be like the Lakshmi children, the children of Lakshmi.
So there are two aspects of this thing we have understood is that Lakshmi fulfils all our monetary needs plus also she gives us all the balance, all the joy, all the bliss in the family. Now the problem is with us that unless and until we meditate, unless and until we reach that state of satisfaction we cannot see the work of this Divine power. If all the people from eastern countries could worship the Lakshmi or you can say worship their own Kundalini then whole of this problem of money will be solved and such a change will come that those countries which today appear to be poorer than the rest of the European world will become quite rich by the blessings of Shri Lakshmi.
Now I have to take you to a very subtler side of life and that subtler side is that with the blessings of Shri Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi now you have achieved your self realisation. The Mahalakshmi principle has given you this ascent and the Mahalakshmi principle is that you rise much above your mundane life into the realm of self-realisation. So by her blessings you become like lotuses yourselves. Now you become another aspect of Diwali which means the rows of lights.
Shri Rama’s crowning or any other aspect of Shri Lakshmi here now becomes your own crowning, that is now you have entered into the Kingdom of God and once you are there then automatically as the citizens of Gods Kingdom you are blessed and as you become the lotuses then you start spreading your fragrance all around. Now you do not keep this joy to yourself but you become generous about it and you go all out to give it to others. Generosity at another level, at a lower level is transformed into this universal love. Whatever you gain, whatever joy, satisfaction, vibrations, knowledge, all that you want to give it to others. You want to spread it because now you got the reality and you don’t want to keep it to yourself, you think it is very important that everyone in the world should know about reality.
This is significant in putting these lights, that now you are the lights. It is the darkest night today, tonight is the darkest night, in the same way these are the darkest days, this is the Kali Yuga and it is the core Kali Yuga, the worst time where the worst things are happening, human beings are going to the worst level and at this time we have to put Sahaja Yoga before them. You know what is the ordeal one has to go through to break the hard nuts of the brains of people, but it is working, it has clicked already, it is working, it has already clicked, it has happened.
Now you have to enlighten many lights, we call it Deepawali, Diwali is Deepawali, means the rows of lights, and by celebrating this Diwali with so many of you I’m sure we’ll have such a torch of light which will go around the whole world. Just remember you are not a small drop, now you have become the ocean and you have to spread. Now you are sitting on your thrones and assume your powers. You have all the powers within you, you have to just manifest it. You have to just feel yourself, understand yourself what is your responsibility. You have been asking for light now you’ve got the light, you have become the light, now give light to others.
So achieve a state where your light is on your head, on your Sahasrara and that it is in your heart, you are not ordinary people, never think that way, actually in Sahaja yoga only so called ordinary people will come. Christ has said meek in heart will inherit the earth. So you are meek in heart and you always think you are ordinary because you are humble but the extraordinary now is manifesting so accept it and the extraordinary is that you have all the powers and you are absolutely humble people.
Now the celebration of Diwali should be that we carry the light all over the world and enlighten people as many as we can. None of our private things, none of our own problems are important, so that is what it is that we have to realise that we have got a certain position which no one has in this world. So once you understand, your own esteem goes up and you see for yourself what you have to do. So then everybody should today decide and take an oath that we’ll do everything to spread Sahaja Yoga with humility. So now we’ll have the Puja and in this Puja you all should promise to yourself that you will create a Deepawali in every household in every country in the whole world.

May God Bless you all.