Talk to Sahaja Yogis After Diwali

Vienna (Austria)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis After Diwali

I’m sorry it was so such a late time I had to come here. I had to make the food and just after dinner I came and I think the ashram is also very far away.

I have to just tell you that we have had a very, very successful tour of South America. And as you must have seen the people of Romania, the people there were extremely surrendered, very surrendered people. And everywhere we had two to three thousand people and everywhere we had more than five hundred people for follow on. So you can imagine, in this short time, this is only the second time I went to Colombia, and we already have got six hundred Sahaja Yogis there. So they are very surrendered people, and though there is so called poverty, in their heart they are very good, very surrendered and they are very fast for accepting pure knowledge. While in the West, as you have seen, they are very slow to accept pure knowledge and also go on doubting till some time.

I don’t know what is the reason for this. Why is it that people from countries, which are not democratic to this extent, some of them have been just despotic and quite poor. Even Rio was quite a poor country I would say, where I went. Brazilia is another one, which is coming up. And I was amazed that in Brazil the President of the Senate himself invited Me, got his realization. Apart from that, not only the President of the Senate, but apart from that we had the secretary, the chief secretary of the Cabinet, who got his realization and he might become the President now, because in Brazil, the President was impeached by people. I mean, they are very alert in these things. Of course, there is poverty, and people have problem with the water and all that. But somehow or other I have a feeling that they have some sort of a absorption power by which they understand Sahaja Yoga. It’s not such a mental feat that goes on in the West, to think about it, to understand it with your brains. You cannot. Because it’s a Divine Power, it is beyond your mind. And this creates a big ego in our heads, when we start thinking about it and judging it; it becomes a kind of a big barrier, because with your judgment you cannot understand reality. With your reasoning, you cannot understand truth. You have to go beyond your reasoning, and that’s what I find in Europe is very difficult for people to go beyond thinking.

So if we have to take to reality, we have to understand that so far we do not know anything and we do not know through our brains, whatever is a human brain is. So we have to go beyond and that “going beyond” you have achieved, I’m not saying that you have not achieved it, but you have to struggle a lot, because your mind, English language “mind” is funny – but I mean your heart and your brain were all the time quarreling with each other. And that’s why this has happened. So now surrendering means that keep your brain on one side, your reasoning on one side, your discussion on one side, it cannot be discussed. Though Sahaja Yoga is absolutely the truth, is the reality, not only that, but it is absolutely conclusive and it is tangible, you can verify it and you can find out. But if you want to do it through your reasoning process, you can never do it.

Now as you all have got realization, now you have come up to that point, what they say is you have to have now an enlightened bhakti, enlightened surrendering. Now what do you surrender? What do I take from you, nothing. But to enjoy it fully, you stop your thinking. You see when this case of Marcus came in I was surprised that people suggested that there are some Sahaja yogis, who are dwindling. I was surprised. You can see he is a fraud, he has been a fraud. And just how many fraudulent things already which we may have not exposed him. And still you start dwindling means what do you think about yourself. You have to think that you have to achieve that spirituality, that height, that greatness, which is absolutely rare. You may pay any amount of money, you may live in the best houses, you may have the best cars. But you cannot achieve that state, that higher state. And I was surprised at these people how they have developed to such an extent, such ordinary people, in say, Romania. Such ordinary people have siddhis.

They said, “Mother, whatever we desire, we get. Whatever we want, it happens.”

So they have grown so much. Why? They are also professionals, they are also doctors and engineers and all that, all very well-educated people. But they could not develop their ego, because they didn’t have this so-called freedom to develop it. And with that they have achieved a state in which – when they tell Me I was surprised, they tell Me so many things, which I was really surprised.

Now, they know all the songs by heart, how they can do it, I can’t understand. Now, nobody has taught them any music, nothing. And some French tried, so French themselves do not know [as they shouldn’t have, they know]. They know all the words in Sanskrit, what to say where. It’s very surprising how they have dedicated themselves to achieving knowledge and vocabulary and how to explain it to others. So that now they are going from villages to villages singing songs and bringing people up.

But still we do not have that surrendering. I think so to Sahaja Yoga, so if you want to be benevolent to yourself, now try to understand that so far we never achieved anything. What we have to achieve is this great thing. Now for that, if there is any ego, please remove it. It’s very important. You must have seen how they were surrendered. They know I am Holy Ghost, they know. Now supposing I’m Christ and I’m before you. If Christ is there then what? You would just fall. But I’m the Holy Ghost, no doubt. Christ didn’t give realization to anyone, did He? How long did He live? Only thirty-four years and just went away. I have to continue till you people understand Sahaja Yoga, till you take over.

Also we have to now decide that we have to be collective no doubt, we have to be collective. And secondly, that we have to go all out to give realizations to others, to go to villages. Everybody must take it up. You have been granted such a great position and now if you do not use it, it is useless. So you have to go and meet people in villages. Everybody must take up responsibility. And in the villages of Austria it can be done very easily I think, because the people are already getting fed up with the Catholic Church and all that, and so many things are coming now, this Pope is also resigning. He’s also going away; he’s got cancer of the prostrate. So now, you have much better chances and you have to work it out.

Another thing is that what I told them in the airport that I would like tell you also. One of the things, which is ruining west is that we are all the time playing into the hands of the entrepreneurs. We should not, as far as possible, purchase anything, which is suggested as a fashion, by any chance. They are befooling us. Try to understand. Take to something that is just made in Austria with hand. Even clothes you should have, which are traditional. No use taking things made in America, made in this place. They are having recession and sending all their junk to you people and you are buying them. Just try to think about it. Now, the hairstyles also, see. I met one fellow from Colombo, who is doing hairstyling.

So he asked Me, “Why don’t You come for Your hairstyle?”

I said, “I don’t want you to do My hairstyle. I’m all right as it is now.”

So he said, “No, no you better come for your Hairstyle, I’ll do this…”

I said, “I don’t want to look like a bhoot.”

So he said, “No, no, no these are bhoots after all,” He told Me, “but don’t you know that they are mad people here.”

I said, “Really?”

“Yes. Now we have started a new type of a thing that you put a kind of a wax and pull out the hair like this.”

So they are [INAUDIBLE]. Now with this wax all their hair will be finished and there won’t be any hair, and then they’ll become bald.

“Then I think it is very bad that you are doing.”

“No, then we can sell them wigs.”

So, I would suggest that now you look after your hair, because I feel that you will become one day bald, if you don’t look after your hair. Don’t make them starve for oil, must use oil, and once at least on Saturdays, please use oil and your hair should be shiny, if you use oil and wash it once. There should not be any sort of a nourishment less for your hair, which is very important. Otherwise, some time we find all the bald-headed Sahaja Yogis going around. So again and again I’ve requested that please put oil every Saturday, is for your good. Quite a lot of it and wash your hair properly and next day it’s done, it’s clean. But you must put oil for one night, this is very important, because we have to have a decent appearance, not indecent as in these days people are having indecent appearances. We should have very decent appearance, dignified appearance, and for that please try that you look after yourselves.

Now these casual clothes that these Americans are making, they are extremely shabby dresses. I don’t like them at all, they are extremely shabby. These coats and things that you have, better you donate them to someone. It’s useless, they become dirty, they smell. Why not have your traditional dresses that you had. They look so nice. And the traditional dresses that you have got in Austria must have come since long and they must be absolutely good, absolutely all right for this climate of yours. Otherwise, why will they have these dresses? They must have tried everything traditionally with this trial and error and error and trial. With that method, they must have got these proper dresses for you. So better take to it. But why have these horrible plastic things and plastic clothes? We are Sahaja yogis, I’m not saying you wear those orange clothes, I’m not saying that. But we should be decently dressed and not indecently that you wear something casual.

In America when I went, they were all asking, “Are You foreigner, are You a foreigner?” I couldn’t understand why are they saying that and so then doctor Worlikar told Me that you have to wear casual dresses whether you go to office, whether you go anywhere you have to be casual. One should not, because dress gives you a feeling. Now, supposing, if I’m going for the puja and I’m wearing a casual coat. Well, how will I look like? Everything has a purpose. Everything has a meaning.

So you must understand the dignity of your personality that, if you are going, say, for office work, if you are going for your work, then wear a decent dress. This casual dress, I don’t know which is the place you should wear, because in the night when you sleep you wear sleeping dresses and these casual dresses are really good for nothing. Moreover in Cabella, we discovered at least hundred of these coats, ladies’ and gents’, and we didn’t know what to do. They were all smelling.  They just threw away here and there and there.

So better to have something good, which will last for you at least ten years than to have something that will last you only for three months. So this American idea of every time buying something new is nonsensical, which you should not do. We are not Americans nor we are stupid. So buy something that is lasting. With that, what will happen? Your ecological problems are solved. If you have something, which is, say, one coat and pant, whatever it is, for ten years or for, say, five years. And if you have these casual dresses, you will have ten casual dresses equal to this. Now then throw away these casual dresses. You have a pile and pile of these dresses, of pile and pile of these plastics.

So we should avoid using such things, which are easily disposable. Clothes disposable, plates disposable, everything disposable. Tomorrow we’ll have noses disposable, we might get another nose to put in. You can change your – you see these entrepreneurs can find out. Anything is possible, already they are having eyebrows, they are having these eyelashes, everything they are having.  They are having lips also. So now after some time you will get noses. If you want to change your Austrian nose to that of Arabic one you can get a nose. So will you start changing your noses also to please these people and to fill their pockets? I would like to see Austrians dressed up as Austrians. It’s nice to see the variety. Otherwise, everybody looks the casual American, smelling awfully with the same foot wearing hundred times and then throwing away.

So this is what it is. We have to dress up in a decent manner, not a casual manner. We are not casual people, we are serious people. We are doing serious work. We are not casual, we are not living casually, we cannot afford. We are Sahaja yogis. Our life has a purpose, we know why we are here, what we are supposed to do. So we cannot wear casual dresses. And this is something, it’s so new, it has come, these casual dresses has come new, there was no need to bring them in, but it came only, because they had to run their machinery. Every day you should change, that is their idea. Americans go on changing everything every week. They change cars, it’s a fashion.

When I went to Seattle – My husband told Me he has been there twenty-five years back. So My husband told Me that it’s a paradise.

I said, “Let’s have a look at the paradise after twenty-five years.”

So I went on top of the hill, and like cattle there were cars, cars, cars, cars, cars. Anywhere you saw were cars, cars, cars, cars, thousands and thousands of cars.

“My God,” I said, “what has happened to this paradise? It is so much full of cars.”

They said, “Mother, this is a market. As you have cattle market, like that it is a market for cars.”

I said, “Really?”

“Yes. Because Americans are like this, they are changing their cars. ”

Now they are in recession, they can’t buy one car from that market. This is how recession also comes. Where is your money going here? You are spending on buying today this cloth, tomorrow that, tomorrow that. This is not the way.

See now Indians, Indian women have saris. Now sari as you know is very useful thing, may not be for you, but for us. Because it’s a very hot country so we get all the air nicely and the sari need not be tailored, so we don’t play into the hands of tailors. We don’t pay to the tailor, but we pay to the sari. Now this sari will last Me, My life, maybe three lives more. Then this is used for various purposes, it has multipurpose things. Now if somebody says that you wear some other kind of thing, like in India they brought some mini-saree up to Bombay. The mini-sari was up to the knees, you see, for modern ladies. But even the modern ladies would not accept; they said, “No, no, no. Get lost, we don’t want this.” They gave lots of explanations. They said, “Oh, this is economical, this is very good, this, that.” All this going on.  I see they wouldn’t accept, because traditionally we have found out that saris are very suitable for Indian culture and Indian life. So, “Get lost!”

Nobody can work it out. Our hair, nobody.  Except for few women who have been abroad.  They go to the hairdressers, they remove their hair, put new ones.  Do.  Normally we don’t. On the contrary, people are frightened.

One lady told Me, “Never go to these hairdressers. I went to one of them and my hair became grey.”

I said, “How can that be?”

“Yes, she had put something on my head, she said, ‘Very good for you.’ Next day I get up, my hair has become gray.”

“What did she do?” I said, “Why do you place your head in the hands of somebody like that?”

So this is what I wanted to tell you that now let us start on a traditional trend, new fashion. In a more sober clothes, lasting clothes, lasting dresses, lasting consumption.

Also paper, too much paper we use. I mean I was surprised in America every drawing room has a wastepaper basket. Can you believe that? Even the drawing room has a wastepaper basket.  Every drawing room has a wastepaper basket, imagine, in the drawing room, everything, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning with the paper. Also so much cleaning I would say for ladies is madness. Like somebody whom I wanted to marry some Swiss girl.

He said, “These Swiss girls I don’t want to marry.”

I said, “Why? What’s wrong with them?”

He said, “They have no time to talk, they are all the time cleaning. You are sitting there, they are cleaning. Anything falls down, they are cleaning, they are busy cleaning.  They have no time to talk about Sahaja Yoga. They are only cleaning.”

So according to this gentleman they must have been some maid servants in last lives, all the time with the broom. They have no time to settle down and sit down and talk. The house is a cozy place, it’s not a hospital. The husbands also must be getting upset, because if you sit there, “Don’t sit like this, put your chair like this, sit there.” All the time this kind of thing if it goes on, this is compulsing nonsense. See, let the house be little untidy, it doesn’t matter; you can clean it, but all the time to get after cleaning, cleaning house. After all what is left out of it, it is nothing but a house, which we are going to leave. But this cleaning business is too much; that should be reduced, cleaning the house, cleaning the windows, cleaning this, cleaning that, cleaning husband, cleaning everything.

So one should not get involved into these mundane things, because now you are Sahaja yogis. Sahaja yogis have a special value, special people of a special quality; they have no time for all this nonsense.

Somebody told Me that “Mother why don’t You go for a slimming thing for three months somewhere?”

“I don’t get even three days,” I said,.” Where am I going to go for three months? I have no time. I’m busy with my children. I have to work hard. I have no time for this jogging, this, that. Let it be, I can manage.”

So you do not have to do the same things that other stupid people are doing here. And you have to look after one thing is that your own Self-realization and giving Self-realization to another. You have a very special life, extremely special life. And once you realize what a special life you have, you will definitely start expressing it yourself in such dynamic manner that one day we might get the whole of Austria, because Austrians are one of the best Europeans I should say, they are very sensible people.  But if you do not have your own assessment, then you may try to follow others. And you may suffer from inferiority complex, and you may just do things, which are not necessary.

So I think you can give a very good lead to other Europeans also by becoming, accepting what is good for you, for Sahaja Yoga and for this great work. We must realize that it is such great work, it is meta-science, it is beyond science something we have discovered. So now, what is our duty is to dedicate ourselves fully with mind, with our thinking, with our emotions, what we can do to increase or expand this awareness through out the world.

All the world problems can be solved and that’s why I accepted when Amir asked Me to come here that I would like to tell them separately about it that it is very important that you realize your value, realize your position in the European countries. It is a new race full of wisdom and compassion. We belong to another race, which is full of wisdom, which cannot accept nonsense, which is going on in the world. So you see, everything very clearly. I was happy today, when you all got one bottle of brandy and wine, and you started laughing at it. See at least, otherwise if you were not Sahaja yogis you would have immediately opened and drank the whole thing, but you did not. On the contrary, you were laughing as if there’s stupidity going on. Now that shows wisdom is there. We have got the wisdom and compassion. By compassion, we’ll spread Sahaja Yoga everywhere. So we must have that.

As I’ve always said that the Western culture is to see and to be seen. You must see others and others must see us. What’s the use of this joyless pursuit, nonsensical. All your attention is wasted. It is only some entrepreneurs, who want to make money out of you, have put these ideas. So you have to be very careful as to take to this kind of economic exploitation of modern times. And you people being so wise, I’m telling you this, that you have to give lead to others about it and tell them that this is all nonsensical that we have been doing, we are not going to do that anymore. All this nonsense has started only about twenty years back, twenty-five years back, when they said, “Anti-culture!” Because they had gone too far with the tail coats, this, that, of course that is also not necessary. So as a reaction to that they became hippies, and from hippies the improvement is only that they are casual people. What have the hippies achieved, nothing. And what are we going to achieve by being casual?

About Sahaja Yoga also we become casual. I’ve seen people become very casual about Sahaja Yoga. There is one girl, who had problem of the glands here. And I told her, she’s an Indian girl, that you must take your three candle treatment. I tell if she had taken only one week she would have been cured. But she did not. What she did, she took only once and after that they went to the doctor. Doctor operated it one after another. After two operations, and now they are giving her medicine, which is killing her liver. If you have faith in Sahaja Yoga, you must take your full treatment with Sahaja Yog. And she could have gone to the doctor, but she should have continued with three candle treatment. Now that poor thing, she is suffering so much. All such things happen when we become arbitrary and we start doing things without asking the leader or without asking Me also. Now we are going to India, and I’m so happy, so many Austrians are coming. But with your dignity, with your wisdom and with your understanding about life as I have told you, you have to show to others how they should behave and how they should be collective.

It’s surprising that in Austrians’ collectivity there is such a good understanding. And this is for which I really congratulate you. Otherwise, in every other place I find there’s a quarrel going on, fighting going on, this is going, that is going on. But here it is something so sensible. This is so important. So as you have learned something from Romanians, people have to learn from you, and that’s why it’s important to accept goodness, accept dignity and to become that, you have to be the leaders like that. One has to do it yourselves, then others will follow. If I cannot keep awake, if I cannot travel, how can I ask anybody to keep awake or travel?

So we have had nice time, we enjoyed, because we are in the ocean of joy, but what about others? For others, I think we should really little bit change our attitude towards our personality and we should assert our personality in a very quiet manner. But one of the things is because so many people told Me that Sahaja yogis dress up in a very casual manner, you see and we don’t understand them much. Because, you see, if you have to approach the people, who are, say, the cream of society, then you cannot be in a casual dress. If you have to appear before the students or young people, it’s all right.

Because also there is madness that you all want to look young, why? What is the need? I would like to look really very old so that I can impress all of you very well. Because sometimes I don’t look so young, people start taking advantage. I’ve seen it. But if I look old, you dare not. This is something we should be proud of our age, everything and we should not try to look young for what? I mean, one should be very, very lucky to grow old with wisdom, but if you are childish like Americans are; at eighty years also they want to do shake dance, when they are shaking themselves. So all these stupidities of Americans I don’t want you to take. And you’ll be surprised that in the whole of America we have only hundred Sahaja yogis. I don’t know from where also they appear, poor things. They must be all crushed in that stupidity and idiocity that Americans have.

So we have nothing to learn from idiots and from unwise people. On the contrary, we have to teach all of them our wisdom, our compassion, because we are at a state, which is much higher than they have. They may say they are the higher race, whatever they might, have their own ideas about themselves, but something missing in all of them. They are extremely cruel, quarrelsome and also very idiotic. We understand who are sensible, who are wise, and we are the ones, who have been given wisdom by Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha has changed your genetics, [I see]. Different people you are..

So now, we don’t have to do anything to please others. At the most, at the most to please others you have to impress them by your dignity, kindness, well-mannered behavior, talking sweetly. It’s very important, you must respect yourself. And in respecting yourself you will be surprised how you can improve in every way the condition of Sahaja Yoga all over the world, which is very important. After going to America I was thinking, “How many years I am going to go so far away, travelling every day, how many years now?” Didn’t know what should I say, but we have to be responsible.

Like we have Duelio surprising Me. He spent all his money when they started two ashrams. I mean these two ashrams. He started Sahaja Yoga in Brazil. He impressed the President so much that the President had to invite Me to see him. So we have to go all out to see how we are helping Sahaja yogis and how we are creating sahaja yogis, how we are going around. It’s a special request to all the Sahaja yogis from Austria, because you are the astras – I’ve told you, you are the astras – and they can do a lot. So I hope now you take my words very seriously and work it out. Thank you.