Christmas Puja: Express Christ In Your Life

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 1992.

[English translation from Hindi]

Today we are here to celebrate the birthday of Shri Jesus Christ. His incarnation was a very great event. And even in the scriptures (“Shastras”) it has been described that how there will be an incarnation of Shri Mahavishnu in this world and that he will be the foundation of the entire world. As the religions went in opposite (“vipareet”) directions, it went into different-different directions and everything plunged into darkness and ignorance. That is why, its units (“ektanata”), one after another in this beautiful tree of the Divine (“Paramatma”) power, the beautiful-beautiful incarnations that had taken place, taking them altogether different types of religions got established, and taking such dead flowers, people made their own religions and started fighting amongst themselves.

Jesus Christ is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha. There is a proof for this, and the proof I will explain in English in sometime. But from his life, we need to learn that the life of Jesus Christ was utmost pure. Just as Shri Ganesha is pure, in the same manner after coming in this world, after living in this world as well, he led a life of utmost purity because impurity could not touch him. It was such a special incarnation and because of this incarnation, a very big incident happened in this world that our Agnya Chakra got opened. When he was put on the pedestal (“padastam”), on the cross, our Agnya Chakra opened and this was the great sacrifice (“daan”) he made for us. And he had to do it as it was destined for him and it was like a play for him.  At a very young age, he did all this work. But is has had an inversion effect on Christianity religion that people do not understand that the life of a pure person like Jesus Christ which people consider at their sustenance (“aadhaar”), how could they lose their way in such a manner? The reason for this is vitriol (“vidrup”) form of religion. Similarly in our country also, there have been many vitriol forms of Hindu religion, in which there are tantriks and different types of people in holy places, and temples, and have committed a lot of dirty, obscene (“ashleel”) activities. They have spoiled the temples also and have turned the meaning (“bhavana”) of religion inside out. Regarding this, I have to tell only one thing that a lot of work was done by them and they left and they have done such hard work and the way they have bound the tree of Kundalini and the most important element of it is the Agnya Chakra was opened by Jesus Christ through his sacrifice. He has done a tremendous favour to us on this account.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

I have said a lot of things regarding Christ before, and how Jesus Christ is related to Shri Radhaji, that he is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha, who was the son of the Adi Shakti to begin with. But then he was given to Shri Radhaji and Shri Radha created as Mahalakshmi, as Mother Mary, this great incarnation of Christ. Now, for western mind, it is impossible to understand how there can be a immaculate conception, because they have no sense at all, no sensitivity at all to spiritual life. We Indians can understand it.  It is easy for Indians to understand because we had Shri Ganesha created that way, we just believe it we don’t doubt these things. Whatever is said about God is not to be doubted with this limited brain. That is not done in India. But in the west, from the very birth of Christ, they have had arguments, arguments, arguments, arguments with this limited brain they had, and the whole religion in the name of Christ is just a perversion. Such a horrible things have been said that is unbelievable. His purity, his holiness, his auspiciousness, is never understood in the west I think. Those who follow, follow Christianity, how can they be so debased in their moral character. They are alright for their political, their economical, we can say their legal side. But their moral sense is absolutely missing, it is very surprising. Those who are the followers of Christ should have the greater amount of morality. He has said that ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes’. Such a subtle thing, even the eye should not have adultery, should not have lust and greed. Such a subtle thing he has said it and just think, in the west people could not follow it because the whole religion got perverted under the influence of Paul and Peter. It’s a very serious thing that they have done against Christ and still going on. Still this Catholic Church though being exposed so much is still going on in India also, all over, is stupid this Protestant Church also is going on everywhere.

What good name they would have brought to Christ? One should see the first and foremost thing he has said that ‘You must enter into the Kingdom of God; that you must be born again.’ So it is all mental that you must be born again, you have a certificate that you are born again, finished. So this mental attitude of the west is responsible for killing the great incarnation of Christ. So I think is another crucifixion. Mentally you cannot understand spirituality. So they were telling me all ‘Brain Trust”, “Brain Trust”. I said brain trusting I cannot understand in Sahaja yoga. In Sahaja yoga what is the brain trust? Where is the brain? In thoughtless awareness, where is the brain? So this brain trust business might be alright for any other place. But for Sahaja yoga, I still don’t understand what do you do in brain trust? Because some people want to come on the stage and speak you see. They have kind of a madness, they can’t get over it. So they might be coming to the brain trust, may be. But it is not brain, it is the heart. It is the heart which has to be opened out. Because, with the brain what we do is all kinds of materialism. All kinds of nonsense has come from human brain only. Not so much from animal’s brain. You can see if you go to any forest, it is clean, nice, feeling so well. But you put one human being there and you will know that this filth, dirt has come from some human being. So, as it is they have made a mess of all the great incarnations, but worst is done to Christ and I feel what a waste it was. So, we must understand Christ in the right sense. He is the eternal child. He is the innocence itself. He is the source of innocence and he is the bestower of all blessings in all chakras. But that doesn’t mean that you are Christians, you should be very proud that ohhhh she is talking about Christ. Many I have seen Sahaja yogis, are still identified with Christ, while they have nothing to do with Christ at all.

Now, one has to understand that how Christ in his miraculous life has shown so many miracles. First of all his birth, was immaculate. Every kind of birth is immaculate. They are beyond sins. They are special people. They may come as human beings, they may come as angels, they may come as anything. They are divine, and we should understand that this little brain of ours cannot discuss about them and talk about them. But is to just surrender and worship them. They are much beyond us. So, for the western mind, it is important to understand that the life of Christ was such a blessing for them, that they have lost it, they have wasted it and they have never understood how to respect it. The whole thing became like a political, economical, nonsensical fraud.

I had told you long time back that how we can prove that Christ was Ganesha and he was the logos and he was the, what we call is he Bramhanad, the first sound. By looking at your left side from the right side, if you see the Mooladhara, you will see Swastikas, because it is made of carbon atom. If you see from left to the right you can see Omkara, and if you see from down upwards, it looks like Alpha and Omega. In those days, Christ has said “I am the Alpha and I am the Omega”. And now we have made the animation, we have no arrangement to show there. I don’t know if you could arrange it somehow. But you can see it clearly, what I have said can be proved. So as you worship Ganesha, you must worship Christ, in the same manner for all those who worship Ganesha. Because I have seen that the Hindus, they are stuck to Ganesha, and Christians are stuck to Christ. Even after coming to Sahaja yoga, they carry those traits. Ganesha is alright up to a point and then it is important that we must pray to his incarnation that is Christ. In the same way, those who worship Christ, must also worship Ganesha, because he is the source, he is the potential of Christ. All this was in the divine plan, done with divine discretion. Everything was done so beautifully, but as I told you human beings are good at massacring anything that is beautiful. And that’s how it has happened. It is very, very sad, and on his birthday today, we have to decide that he is to be born within us again, in a proper way. That he is the Alpha and the Omega. At that time of his time I didn’t know that anybody knew about these symbols. These symbols also must have come from unconscious to some of the great mathematicians in long time and that’s why these symbols are used exactly like Alpha and Omega, you see him clearly. It is so clear cut now in Sahaja yoga, we can prove so many things, all tangible. How Christ used to cure people, what did he do, it’s all tangible, we can prove it now in Sahaja yoga, how it works out, how these powers work out, but we have to first of all cleanse our lives. We have to lead a very honest, powerful and pure life.

I have seen those stalls outside, I had told them not to put up any stalls here, because they are making profits for themselves, not for Sahaja yoga. Once Christ saw like that and he took a hunter and hit all of them. Now, I can’t do that. One should not encourage these people. It’s not a shopping centre here, you have come for meditation. Is all right, if you need anything, we have bought things for you, if you buy them, there might be little profit, may not be, but that will all go to Sahaja yoga, is not going to be used for any private purpose. But these people from outside come and put up a stall and you all run about means you are still hanging around with that thing. You have come here for what? Ine should be all the time meditative in Ganapatipule. All the time you should be in a meditative condition and shouldn’t get to these mundane things, which you always do outside also. But these people know that you still have those weaknesses, that’s why they have put up the stalls. Leaders should stop all this nonsense, I have told not to eat outside. Last time all of you suffered because of that. But still the stalls are on, that means they know that there are some culprits who would like to buy things from them and get sick and bring bad name to Sahaja yoga.

So, the first attention of Ganesha is that wisdom and that wisdom we see in the life of Christ. From the very beginning, he was so confident of it that at the age of twelve years, he went and talked to these ‘Farcis’, means the people who were priests. We still have priests and mullahs and these ‘bhatjis’ (brahman priests), and all of them these so-called Dharma Martandas (“Religion Markans”), all over. But he went and argued with them at that young age, and he was just saying “What are you doing here? What is this? What are you talking? All lip service”. He was discussing and talking to them. But his parents were perhaps, were frightened that these people might kill him, so they brought him to India. He came to India for wisdom. I don’t know where is that wisdom missing now from Indians. But must be this country was full of wisdom when he came and stayed in India and we have lots of memories about him. Even King Shalivahana met him, is described in his book that he met a man in Kashmir who was very saintly, and he asked him “What’s your name?” He said “My name is Isa”. See now, imagine “Isa”. “I” (pronounced as “E” in Sanskrit) is the word used in Vedas for the Adi Shakti. “Sa” means with. He said my name is Isa. He said from what country you come? He said I come from a country which is foreign to me, and this is my country. So, this India, the Bharat, the Hindusthan, was the country of spirituality and one should not try to compete and feel inferior to other countries, who have gone up materially higher. You don’t know where they are. But we are spiritually higher. That’s what Christ said, “This is my own country, is clearly written. That means Christ recognised that this country of spirituality, is his own. So, we belong to that country of spirituality, and not to the materialistic or to the mundane or the baser type of life. In his life time, which was so very short, whatever he has said, every word is great. But as I told you that this Paul tried to completely change, re-edit the Bible and he’s put lots of things in there, whatever weakness he has, he has put them nicely.

Now recently I got a book which was hidden in a jar in Egypt for about, till fifty years they discovered it, and this book is called as the “Library of Hamadhi”. The place was called Hamadhi where it was discovered, and what Christ has said, what Thomas has written, when Thomas was coming to India he put all these things there, is very interesting. About drinking, he said drinking begets debauchery. It’s a bad word to use and while Christians don’t know. On the contrary they think that drinking is allowed in Christianity, very nicely. Was he mad to allow drinking? How can he allow drinking which goes against your awareness? But they thought it was nice, and that’s what people have been using as a big attraction that you can drink in Christianity. So in the other religion, like Catholic religion, you could have only once the marriage. So, they have one marriage and ten keeps, is all right, is allowed. In the Bible, it is written only you can have one marriage and you cannot divorce, do what you like. No sense of morality and everything came like a derailment towards themselves and they accepted one after another, all kinds of nonsense, and the basic thing of life of Christ is morality. 

He is on the left side as you can see he’s from Shri Ganesha, and then he establishes himself at Agnya. But morality is the essence of his life, what we call in Indian language is character. Our character is how we lead a life of purity. We indulge into all kinds of nonsense. I mean if you go to the west, you will be amazed what things they do. I mean you cannot even believe it and I cannot even mention it to you, you won’t believe that these so-called advanced countries are advancing towards what. Impossible we cannot even conceive it even, such an impurity, such a horrible, destructive immorality and I don’t know from where it comes. I think something wrong with genetics. From where do they get these ideas? One after another. It’s impossible to believe these people doing all these things and then nicely dress up and go to Church on Sunday, pray to God and come back.

Now it is for you to decide. You have to pull out all those people in your own countries and you have to tell them this is all nonsense in the name of Christ, in the name of God. You have to come up and talk about it. Same about Shri Ganesh. I have seen in Pune (“Poona”), I was surprised there was Ganesha festival (“Mahotsav”). Everybody was drinking nicely, the horrible dirty songs, some western songs, some horrible cinema songs put up there and everybody was using as a disco in front of Shri Ganesh. Sahaja Yogis should go and object to this kind of a nonsense they are doing. That how could they dare drink in the presence of Shri Ganesh? No wisdom of Shri Ganesha, no respect for his auspiciousness. Now not only drinking, doing all kinds of things. Shri Ganesha has been shown by these tantrikas as something so horrible, which is also done by so many psychologists, so called, in the west. Thank God, one of them is Mr. Freud is exposed now.

So the another quality of Ganesha, is shown in Christ’s life, is a devotion to mother. In that book the Mary is telling them about knowledge, but this Paul objects to it. And she says that this is what you have to achieve. But he doesn’t want to, he is arguing with her, but then Thomas said that what Christ has said on the Cross, “Behold the Mother”. She is the mother of Christ and how dare you insult her? But just the opposite, Paul never respected women. So he appointed, I mean he called her just a woman. No respect for Mahalakshmi, no respect. Can you imagine, just a woman. And a big controversy going on thse so called advanced people, whether the women should be ordained as Priests or not. We think we are very backward, but I think they are so backward in religion, nonsense. We had Gargi, Maitreyi, such people here and we respect the Mother as the “Adi Shakti”. She is the one we call her, the one who has created us, she is the one who looks after us. For us, she is important, Shakti is important. They don’t call her Shakti but a woman and supposed to be very advanced people, and all other nonsenses they do in the name of advancement. It’s impossible to tell, my words feel short, feel so ashamed, in the name of Christ.

Today now when we are celebrating the pure life of Christ, he came on this Earth. They can’t believe that he could have been so pure. A criminal cannot believe that others could be non-criminal. So we have to within ourselves see if we have developed that purity of mind that expresses through our eyes. Eyes have to become innocent, otherwise they have no effect. If you are hankering after attracting other people and charming other people and all that, you are not a Sahaja Yogi, there is no need. Once the light is within yourself, people will know. As Sahaja yogis, you have to have the light of Christ in your own life. He was a young man who came on this Earth and how he lived. He had nothing to do with Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute. But he stood by truth, and when people started stoning her, he stood up and said “those who have not committed any sin, can throw the stone at me.” What a strength of truth. So not only he was a pure personality, but purity is also expressed in truth and his compassion and love. Such compassion he has expressed, such compassion. I think Shri Ganesha got a little transformation. Shri Ganesha is definitely very compassionate to people who are worshiping him but those who go against them, he hits them hard. He doesn’t spare them. They have to suffer AIDS, this, that, everything comes. But those who are pure people, Shri Ganesha protects. But Christ is compassionate, he forgives because he believes that there could be a transformation. At the level of Shri Ganesha, he thinks is better that let them be killed and be born again, because they are so impure. But Christ had hopes that he can transform people, but he could not. They crucified him. What wonderful people they must have been to crucify Christ. Brainless, we should call them, absolutely without any understanding about spirituality, very insensitive to true knowledge.

So, for Sahaja yoga only the wise can follow. It is not meant for stupid, idiotic people, nor it is meant for very smart ones. Some people think they are very smart because they are successful in life, they can say some smart sentences, they can something very, aaahhhh, outstandingly very sharp, it’s not meant for that. For that Christ has said “Meek in heart will inherit the Earth”. Meek in heart, not those who think too much of themselves. But who are meek in heart will inherit the Earth. Amongst Sahaja Yogis also only those who are meek in heart will inherit the blessings of Mother. You have to be meek, you have to be wise and with wisdom you will become meek. Because then you will see where are we into this great cosmos that, you will feel that you have entered into this Kingdom of God, for what? How? How have we come here? How have we entered here? So many tried, thousands of years sacrificing this, sacrificing that, standing on their heads, fasting. How is it suddenly we got this blessing? How are we there? When we start looking at this, we become meek. Is the blessing, is the grace. It’s not through our ego, through our conditionings, but is just the grace, the compassion, the love, the intense compassion (“Sandra Karuna”), and then you enjoy your transformed life, the new dimension of spirituality which is in reality.

Now you know reality, you know totality, you know everything, but those who have not known themselves, have not become Sahaja yogis. Tukarama has said in very simple words “Aapnase janlie jyani” – the one who has known himself is the last one. You can judge the chakras of others, but you can’t judge your own chakras. You can introspect others, you can judge others, but you cannot judge yourself. You know everything about others, but about yourself, you don’t know anything, then you are not Sahaja yogis. First thing you must know yourself. What sort of a ego stuff I am doing?  What sort of a conditioning I have got? Even now you people have so many conditionings.

So there is a new discipline of Sahaja yoga. In the new discipline you have to be meek, humble and you have to be wise. Every step of yours, every talk of yours, everything should express wisdom, and the Sahaja discipline which automatically stop you from doing wrong things. Now say I am walking down and some lady suddenly falls at my feet without even understanding that I am just walking, I may fall down or catches hold of my feet, is all self-oriented. “I should see mother, I should go and meet her, I touched her feet”, is all ego. A Sahaja yogi stands in the back, real Sahaja yogi is at the back. From there he can enjoy because he knows I am everywhere. He doesn’t want to see me, nothing, just like this, standing. He doesn’t force his way in any way. Mother is here. But this is what it is Christ had said “meek in heart”. There’s a very big word “meek” and people don’t understand meek because in the west if you are meek, people say you are weak, you have to be aggressive. If they have to praise somebody, they’ll say, oh he is very good, he is very aggressive. I think their genetics are little lower than normal, must be some animals is in them. Otherwise how can they think that to be aggressive is being something higher? It’s impossible, how can a person who is supposed to be a higher person, could be like a devil? How could Hitler say that he was a higher race when he himself was a devil? Is very nice for a devil to say I am a higher race. So in dealing in Sahaja yoga, the sweetness of natural meekness, not artificial of a businessman, but a natural one that makes you shine with your great, great spirituality. Nobody can touch you, I have told you, except for you. You can only fall down, but nobody can touch you, you are all protected from every angle. But if you want to hit yourself, I can’t help it. So again we come to Tukarama saying, as Christ has said “Know thyself”. First and foremost thing of introspection is “know thyself”. What you are doing, are you trying to look at yourself or not? He has also said that we see a big beam into the eyes of others, then it’ alright. But the beam is in your eyes, and you start seeing the beam in others eyes, that’s the point.

So in your meditation you have to sit down and first of all introspect. “Oh Christ, Oh Shri Ganesha, please give me the wisdom to see myself and understand what’s wrong with me, and understand where do I lack all the qualities of a good Sahaja yogi? Just to meditate and you will feel so happy, so joyous, because virtue within you gives you joy. But you don’t say I am virtuous, you dont say that, but the virtue within you when you discover, that gives you joy and not your bad qualities and your hankerings, , your lust and greed, no it does not. So we must really concentrate, even coming to Sahaja yoga people think how I ca use it for say ahhhh fame, leadership you see is another myth. Then they sometimes think why not use it for making some money somehow. Some sort of a business they start. Don’t do any business with Sahaja yoga or with Sahaja yogis. I have told you hundred times, if you do it you will be in trouble and then don’t come and tell me the trouble.

Sahaja yoga is only God’s business, that’s all. Everything that you are doing is for God and that’s why you are doing it for yourself. So introspection is very important, criticising others should be less and criticising yourself and laughing at yourself is the best. I laugh at myself many a times and say many things like that, if you have noticed, that makes life so interesting. That will kill your ego. How I am trying to assert myself and where is the meekness that Christ has talked about? It is a natural goodness within us. Once it shines and shows, you become so beautiful, so loveable. Whether you are sitting here near me or there, I know who is that kind. My heart just opens for such a personality. I know who they are. But even I know, I will never tell you, it is better that you know yourself. “Know Thyself” is his message, in the real way not with deception because you are deceiving yourself. Whom are you deceiving? “Know thyself” without any deception, without any lies, with full concentration, see where is your attention going, that’s how you are going to rise. You are not going to rise by seeing the defects of others, but you are going to rise only by seeing your own defects. Exactly this is what Christ has said, I am telling you in very, very simple words. Then he said “love thy neighbour as thyself”, which is a very, very big thing to say. Now it is possible in Sahaja Yoga because you are collective. Those who are not collective, how can they love their neighbour? I mean who is the neighbour then? Nobody is the neighbour, they are outsiders.

But as soon as you become collective, see today there are fifty five nations. You are all so collective, so moral, so beautiful, no complications, nothing. I am so overjoyed to see that. But to make it perfect, we should introspect. Socially, collectively you people have improved a lot, but also individually within yourself, you have to improve for your own goodness.

So on this great occasion, we have to celebrate because really such a great amount of work was done by Christ, though neutralised by those horrible priests, which is done in every country, in every religion. But now we should take a vow to save others who are taking the name of Christ and doing something just the opposite. If it could be done, if it could be achieved through your lives Christ’s work has been done. You have to now express Christ though your life, this is what it is. Through your life you can express it, through the purity, through the meekness, through the compassion and the wisdom of Christ. Absolutely fearless was he and that’s why you have to be fearless, because you have to be only afraid of God and nobody else. That’s all and if you have done nothing wrong, then there is nothing to be afraid of God also because he loves you very much. So be clear cut about everything, be understanding, you are all lovable people, no doubt, but you should be such that you can adore yourself and love yourself because of the virtues you have.

May God bless you all.