Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, The Universal Love

Kalwa (India)

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Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Kalwe (India), 30 December 1992.

Transcript of English Talk:

I would say those who have been worrying and all that should go into great meditation and understand that you are insulting yourself. You are saints. Why should you worry about what plane you are going to get, what you are not going to get? Shows that your level is very low, definitely. All those who have worried you have come here under My protection and you will go back under My protection!
I got so sick this morning that I was thinking we’ll not have any pujas. You must know that you are all part and parcel of My being, I have put you into My body and you have to behave yourself.
On such an auspicious day, when we have all come here, to do this special puja. I would say this should be called as a Mahalakshmi Puja, because it’s something to do with the industry of this country and of the whole world.
Unless and until all the human ventures are connected with God, they cannot get their perfect stage and their status. That’s why we have problems now in the West. Supposed to be very clever people, very smart, very well equipped, well educated, we are having recessions and things, because they have no balance! They don’t know that there is God’s power which works everything. And when we neglect that, this is what’s happen to you.
Now, for any venture that we do of this kind, first of all, we have to use lot of material from the Mother Earth. But if it is taken for a proper purpose, for constructive things and for helping others, with a balance, then Mother Earth can think, She can produce more and more [than] all this She has produced before. She can produce for people who are sensible, who are in tune with God, not just making money for themselves, or for their own purpose, but are thinking in totality, thinking as to what we can achieve by doing this, and that is how an industry can grow.
Now you’ve seen in Japan, so much industry has grown, but no spirituality; they are not at all happy people, their children are suffering, families are suffering, money cannot get the total well being of a human being. So a balance has to be drawn. Specially in our country, thank God, we didn’t have such a fast industrialisation, and that’s why we are saved of lots of problems that the Western people are suffering, about which the Indians are not aware. They think you are all living in a very comfortable life there.
Industry has to go hand in hand with the handicrafts and the industrialists have to, also, look after the artists. Because otherwise who will look after them? How will they bring forth the balance between the art and the industry? And art is such a soothing thing for these hard working people. They work the whole day, then there is some sort of music, art to console them, to give them peace, to relax them and the balance. So, I would say that, all industries must take to some artistic ventures also, or they should also produce things after…I was telling Rajesh many a times that he should try to produce something artistic out of the steel scrap that is left over – will be a good idea and they have tried something like that.
But industry should not be looked down upon, as it is looked down upon in our country. I mean as if industrialists are the greatest thieves and all the politicians are saints, saints in this country – is the other way round, I think. It should be treated with respect and should be understood that it’s very important. And the industrialists, if they become also enlightened, they can do a lot, not only to their own country but also to the people whom they are looking after.
So in the Mahalakshmi principle, Mahalakshmi has various mudras. One of the mudra is that She puts Her right hand like this. Now, this right hand is to give protection to people who are under the protection or under the service of some rich man or the industrialist we can call it. In India, if you call somebody a rich man, it is like abusing him, I mean nobody likes it, because the rich are always shown to be the worst people, which is not so. In My own experience, it is not so. If there is a poor man also, he could be terrible. We have had very bad as experiences now in Ganapatipule of very poor people, how they behaved in a very funny manner – supposed to be poor!

So it should be a proper balance. It should be brought to a proper balance between the understanding of the poor and the rich, and the rich and the poor. After some time you will find that people will not consider poverty or riches as so important, but the richness of the spirit will become very important. That is what is going to be the Sahaj nations where the richness of the heart, the spirituality, oneness with the Divine will become the greatest boon for everyone.

But still we are struggling to be on that state, many are. And still we go into materialistic tantrums or some sort of a stupid worrying fall. All these must be carefully watched.
If you can keep this chariot of new progress, progressing faster, we are going to create a new world of complete harmony, complete peace, joy and love. But for that, you are the ones who have to do it. I cannot do it. If I could have done it, I would not have asked you to join Sahaja Yoga. It is like the horses and the charioteer. Horses are to be driven, charioteer doesn’t drive the chariot.
In the same way, you must understand your responsibility, that this is the greatest work we are doing. It is not only the industry, or the labour, and the capital I am talking about, but I am talking about the totality of well-being. Of course, all this is a part and parcel of that, no doubt, but the balance should be with the totality. So we have to think of a total well-being. Once you start thinking of a total well being, then first thing that should come to us, “Are we capable of bringing up that total well-being? Are we? Have we got the total well-being within ourselves or not? Have we?”

We are still worried if the plane is coming or not. I mean we are so mundane, so little, so small. With one bandhan, you can control any plane, any atmosphere and here you are, I mean, still worried about things which are absolutely under your control. So this totality has to be thought over – “What is it this totality that Mother is talking of?” In this totality, a world has to be created of people, by the people who have no fear. This fear has to go!

Behind all this nonsensical nervousness, is fear. So for that, what She does is to give Aavedan, under Her protection. You are beyond fear, you are protected. But if you don’t want to believe in yourself, and you don’t believe into Her protection, then nobody can help you, because everything is mythical for you.
In every venture that we take up, we should not have any fear, because God is with you. Is a fact, is the truth. You just try, but when you try through your ego, you fall into the trap of fear. I have seen egoistical people are the most frightened people and panicked, because they panic others and so they think they can be panicked one day.

When the English were here, first of all, in India, we were all frightened of them. Now I see that, in England, every English family is frightened of others. They’ll only open a chink of the door to see who is there and shut it! They’re so frightened. I am surprised they are the same English who ruled us here and we were so peevish before them and now they are the ones who are frightened of us, because when a person who is egoistical tries to dominate others, he sees himself in the mirror and thinks that the other person will dominate. That’s how this fear creeps in, into our minds, and we start getting all kinds of these stupid tantrums out of this mythical fear.
The fear is created by our ego only. A person who has no ego – he’ll have no fear because he has not harmed anyone, why should he have any fear? And such a man or such a woman will be looked after by God because God takes over. When you surrender your ego to God, he takes over, but those who have ego, He says all right, go ahead, use your ego, try to protect yourself, cut your throat! That’s what it is.

So when I talk of total benevolence, I am talking about your own total benevolence. So first is the fear, which should go out of your mind completely if you believe in the Almighty God. We’ll say “You are Almighty God, you’re Almighty this thing..” – is all lip service. If you believe that God is Almighty and you are connected with God, then why should you have any fear of anything? But when we say don’t have fear, another extreme comes up. “We don’t have fear, we can do what we like, we can perform everything ourselves, we need not tell anyone.” You have to tell God, whatever you are doing, you have to take permission, you have to inform in his darbar, in his court, that, “Sir, we are thinking of doing such and such thing.” But you think you are God! You are not! and that’s why the another part of non-fear is this kind of an arbitrary behaviour which is very dangerous for Sahaja Yoga, for yourself, and for everybody else.
The second fear, I mean I have, is that if I tell you anything, 99% of you understand is for your benevolence, is for your good. But there is 1% of people who can just react because they have too much ego and they won’t take it, because they don’t think of their own benevolence. They don’t understand that if I am telling them anything, it is just to give them completeness, totality. But on the contrary, they take a very wrong attitude, this is another nonsense. So now, one has to develop a kind of indifference to this kind of people who unnecessarily go to the other limit of their own destruction and don’t want to see what is the point in everything that I am telling. Only I can tell you, who else? I have to tell you what’s wrong with you, what you have done wrong and then you must change it. This is another style of reaction, one gets. Means they are not interested in their own benevolence. They are not interested in the benevolence of their children, they are not interested in the benevolence of their country or the whole world. Then why have you come to Sahaja Yoga? Just ask one question.
Of course for you to ascend, but ascend for what? Supposing we bring one tube light – for what? We have to take the tube light but for what? we have to put the light. But this tube light doesn’t give light, nothing of the kind. So what’s the use of having this tube light? In the same way, what’s the use of coming to Sahaja Yoga if you cannot become the light of the Divine?
So all of you, each one of you is not at all a small person. No one, but you don’t realise what you are. You still have those funny conditionings by which you think you are no good. All of you can come up and see so many people, if they take to total benevolence within themselves, it will manifest itself outside. Absolutely, is a fact!
Then the attention is very important. The attention should be on your own perfection and on your total benevolence. This is also another point people miss, that they start finding faults with others, instead of finding faults with themselves. As a result, if you look at others, what will you get out of it? I just don’t understand. If somebody is wrong, is doing something evil, is bad, even if you put attention to him, what will you do about it?
But if you have something wrong, you have every right, you have every control, and you can correct yourself. I say this is specially Indian quality, is to find faults with others. They’ll never see that, what’s wrong with us? All the time the attention is involved in finding faults with others. Then how can we improve? On the contrary, if you start seeing faults, you get faulty much more. It’s a copycat nature of human beings. They see somebody doing like this, “Oh Mother he’s a Sahaja Yogi, he does like this so what’s the harm if I do?” But who says he’s a Sahaja Yogi?
So Sahaja Yogi is not a brand, it’s not a certificate, it’s not a kind of a organisation. But it is your own status that you have achieved. Anybody can say “I am a Sahaja Yogi.” After all, I cannot stop him from saying. I am not such a… Even some I have seen, some mad people they are Sahaja Yogis. For years together they are mad but they are sahaja Yogis. But you have to see for yourself, “Am I a Sahaja Yogi or not?” before certifying yourself. Why don’t you find out?

But despite that I must say such a satisfaction. I never expected that so many people will get their realisation to begin with. Never! I mean I knew that it was a en-mass modus operandi I have developed but I never expected. But it has happened. And even now, I have to expect that all of you will achieve the highest, highest positions, the Paramapada as they said. Like the north pole, or like the Meru. Absolutely Atalha, which cannot be disturbed. So that’s My hope and I am sure you will all comply with it.

20:43 to 22:55 [Mother talks in Marathi ]

Translation from Hindi: 

Now, I am telling them in Hindi language. Marathi people should accept the truth that their language is a wonderful language for self-realization, there is no doubt about it. More than this, in no other language, this has been mentioned so clearly. And because they respect Shri Ganesha, they are more principled, if seen that way. Their eyes do not roam about here and there. In North India, because of the Muslim rule and because of their “pardah” system, they have a habit of looking at every person who are moving around. Everyone. I used to think in the beginning what are these people doing? Whatever happened, now after coming to Sahaja Yoga also. In the Marathi language, On self-realization, many scriptures and many things have been written which are amazing. The one effect of these writings has been on these people that they are not womanizers. They don’t get trapped in this, these Maharashtrians. There are some who got involved with women, they all have gone now and are sitting in Delhi. But whoever are here, have one specialty within them and that is their good character. And in North India, I was very surprised, people who have not known Dattatreya, within them how so much alertness is there? There do not seem to be any fight, no disturbance, the program went on so well that everyone was astonished. [ 24:34 to 24:40 Marathi]. And by doing all this they have proved that, in whichever trough they were lying, they have risen from that absolutely and become like lotuses. This they have shown. Now in Maharashtra since all these things are there, many things have been written and, the Saints and sages have worked very hard. So, wherever there is plenty of hard work, I think, there the confusion also is of the same amount. Everything is known to them. Even after knowing everything, they have muddled everything. So, it is better that, don’t have to know anything, just realize one thing that “mutual love” is the biggest and Prime mantra of Sahaja Yoga. Then lot of work will be done. Otherwise, hear mantra after Mantra from them, hear everything, they (Maharashtrians) know everything in the world, but the moment they see each other, they start swearing.

Now by experience, it has been proven that, in North India, it is an amazing thing the way people have accepted Sahaja Yoga. Very amazing thing. In my opinion if this happens in Maharashtra also, then what more do I want? In this small part of India, Wonder how many Saints and sages have taken birth. And those saints and sages have been recognized by all the people of India. They have written such valuable phrases, which is worth watching. And, their Majesty cannot be described at all. Now, these things are apparent in the culture which is prevailing here. But they are not able to get into Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga these things should come. The culture of Sahaja Yoga should be accepted. And in the culture of Sahaja Yoga, the greatest thing is mutual love. We don’t feel the love among one another. In such case, we are not Sahaja Yogis at all. As long as one Sahaj Yogi cannot express his love for the other, we cannot become Yogis at all.

If we are busy in cutting each other’s throat, then we cannot be Sahaja Yogi at all. At any cost. You need not see other’s drawbacks. See his virtues and describe his goodness and he also will become a good person. I do it many a times. If someone comes and tells me that this person is like this, he did this wrong, he did this. Arrey! he was appreciating you, and you are talking ill of him? “is that so? What did he say mother”? He said so many things about you, what can I say, you go and check with him. Then this person goes and hugs him. It means this is all a lie. Now, think in depth that where are we born? We are born in the kind of world where very important work is happening. Very important. Regarding this it has been mentioned that this important work will happen. When we are born at the time when this great work is happening, and we are active in that, and we are the doer of this work, when the burden of doing that work is on us, then what should we do? If four people are carrying a table, and even one among them is weak, then the table will fall down. Or in a ship even if there is a small hole, the whole ship may drown. Because all these matters are collective. Because you all are collective. If among you even a single person takes the wrong path, the whole Sahaja Yoga is harmed by that. So, in this, we have to understand that there should be humility among us. Jesus Christ has told that “Meek in heart will, inherit earth”. Among Maharashtrians, this humility is lacking. Somehow, in spite of their language being so beautiful, while talking, though there is no abuse in the language, still in the abusive language, they talk something or the other. this is their character. [29:28 to 29:29-marathi]. Earlier it was not there, now it is there. And they are so obsessed with this that they start fighting everywhere. Everywhere they want to do this and do that. You don’t understand anything. Their temperament has become that of a fighter. Human being should pay attention to this temperament because now we are in Sahaja Yoga, we have engarlanded ourselves with this, now leave all this. But they won’t listen. If you tell them to become “workari” (a religious cult), then they will chew tobacco and wear the robe, starve themselves to death and walk for months. Thousands of them. But if they are told that you have become Sahaja yogis, so impersonate that, then it is a very difficult task. The greatest thing, in the Sahaj religion, the greatest of all is mutual, absolute love. Absolute love. See now. A Muslim boy from Algeria, told his parents, now why are you going to Mecca. Nowadays Mecca is stationed in London. Go there. He brought them to London. So, when they met me, they said ” it is true, whatever we don’t get in Mecca, we got here”. And they said, just the thought that ” we went to London”, brings waves of joy in our heart. Just like this, just the thought of any Sahaja Yogi should bring flow of joy within.

31:18 to 31:54 [Mother talks in Marathi ]

Transcript of English Speech:

I’ll tell you in English. I have told you many a times about Namadeva and Gura Kumbar, how Gura Kumbar, when he saw Namadeva. Namadeva saw Gura Kumbar was kneading the clay for his potters, pottery. He just went and stood before him, stunned and what he says that, “I have come to see here the formless, that’s the vibrations, but the formless is in a form.” This the appreciation one should have, one Sahaja Yogi should have for another. Every Sahaja Yogi’s a gem. Even the thought of a gem should bring Joy to you, in every life, every style in every area, every dimensions, one should have this kind of a feeling. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, we do not accept. For us, we are all Sahaja Yogis and we have faith in all the religion. Not samabhava! We have faith in everyone. As well as we worship Rama, we worship Mohammed sahib also. Same way! No less. As we worship Brahmadeva or as we worship, let’s say, Dattatreya, we worship Zoroaster. There’s no difference at all! Same way! There’s a big difference in having just the same, what you call, the same respect. It’s not that. But we worship the same way.

So there’s no question of differentiating each other, nor on country-wise, nothing. And whatever defects we have we see to it that it has come from our country, which I see, many Sahaja Yogis tell Me, “This is typically English, this is typically French, this is typically Italian.” They themselves tell Me. But, main thing one has to understand is this, that, in Sahaja Yoga we have lost all these boundaries. Nothing is there. We have reached that state where we are all One. And the idea of any Sahaja Yogi whatsoever, and any individual Sahaja Yogi, or a group of Sahaja Yogis, should fill you up with Joy, and a kind of a wave of Joy which is continuously coming. Because there are in the form of Joy, Peace. If this appreciation is reached, then only one can say that you are Sahaja Yogis and that is one of the tests I have seen. You love Me very much I know, all of you. But unless and until you love each other, how am I going to be happy?

So today specially, this Mahalakshmi principle, when it is awakened within you, then you get out of a Lakshmi principle which makes a little selfish, maybe self-centred and you get into a new dimension of searching. Of searching the higher value system. Something beyond. Without any limitations. And that Mahalakshmi principle is really nothing in essence if you see, is nothing, but you are seeking the Universal Love. In the essence it is that.
We don’t love people because they belong to some country, because they look like this and this is this – nothing! We love them only because they are our part and parcel, we are One with them. So those who are today worshipping Mahalakshmi should see how many worshippers of Mahalakshmi are there, and there are all our own. It’s such a great feeling.

Otherwise in Maharashtra specially I must say, was horrible, one Sahaja Yogi goes to preach in another district, the district leader (microphone screeches) starts fighting. Just like this sound! “Who are you to come here? I am the leader.” Instead of respecting him and making him a welcome guest, asking him what can you help, there’s a big fight! I mean, it’s really surprising how can it happen.

When Namadeva went to Punjab, Guru Nanak sahib respected him. Not only that, but he told him that you write now in Punjabi language also. I have seen such a big book written by Namadeva, can you imagine! He included all the great saints of Maharashtra in his Granth Sahib, because he knew that these are realised souls, they are higher souls. But the Sikhs are only reading it – nothing goes into their heads – what can you do?
So at that time, if the saints could love each other, could express themselves in such a manner, why not we the Sahaja Yogis from all over the world? So I would say now that, let us see. There’s a very nice program of Ras we’ll be having when all the Indians and the foreign Sahaja Yogis are going to be together, and are going to dance together. All such things are there. So don’t sit in groups, but mix up with others, know them. And this is what we are going to know – each and every Sahaja Yogi of the whole world.
It’s very important for Me that you should love each other. It will really soothe Me the most, will give Me the greatest Joy, the greatest achievement and the fulfilment of My life. If somebody is really, definitely wrong, you just write to Me and I will know, because immediately I’ll know from vibrations. Nobody can befool Me, there’s one thing for sure!
Some people say that “Somebody has told this to Mother.” Nothing can be told to Mother, you don’t know. I’m too cunning for all this. Nobody can tell Me anything, I know each and everyone, but I play around a little bit. But I know each and every person. I give them a chance to hang themselves for a time being. But never believe that anybody can befool Me and tell anything. I listen to everyone and you can try that too.
If you love another Sahaja Yogi, this loving process, itself, is so joy giving. When you first saw Me, this time on the stage, you felt that way, because this process of loving is the greatest joy giving thing.
So be happy, be joyous. If some people are missing the plane, well and good, you will live with other Sahaja Yogis here. After all, you are somewhere in the world. You are not lost! Even if you are in the sea you are there. On the plane you are there. What does it matter? Why is it so important that this plane must be reserved and you must worry about this plane. “I must get out at this time?” There’s no need. Wherever you are, you are with Sahaja Yogis, so why worry? You are, that’s the point.
Like many people ask Me Mother, you travel so much , how is it you don’t get tired? but I never think I am travelling, I just think I am. That’s all. Whether in the plane or here or there, I am just there. I have to tell Me I’m travelling, then again I forget.
So you are. Whether you are here, or in England or anywhere, you are here. Or you are there. So why to worry? Specially in the plane, I think there’s something wrong with the western genetics. The plane enters into their Kundalini I think, and they go so bizarre with the aeroplanes. Something I’ve never been able to understand. I’ve given them so many lessons to show that – don’t do all this nonsense, but still they go on doing it!
But if I tell them, they feel guilty, but again they do it. Next time if your plane is 8 o’clock, go at 9 o’clock. The plane will wait for you till 10 o’clock, take it from Me. It has happen, so many can tell this.
So many experiences are there. I mean we haven’t written them down but people know how planes have been delayed for us. I have never missed a plane, all My life and when I missed it, it was with a purpose – it’s, big thing’s happened. So it is important. It’s a drama. The worry should be one: “Why can’t I love everyone as I love myself?”
I tell you only this Universal Love will give you that confidence and that higher status. Why these saints suffered for you? Why did Christ suffer for you? Why Mohammed Sahib suffered for you? Why anybody talked to you about Dharma? Why Gyaneshwara wrote Gyaneshwari? Why? What did they get? This satisfaction of their expression of Universal Love.
All the great poets, William Blake or anyone, whatever they have done is just because they have this Universal Love and they want to express it. Then why not you do it?
So if you want your Mahalakshmi principle to be all the time burning, then please see that you love each and every Sahaja Yogi. That’s the message today, I hope you will understand that.

May God bless you.

I would request that, you see, the foreign children, or foreigners get so many pujas, you must know that. But the Indians, they get hardly one puja here and one puja there. Also the children don’t get a chance. So this time, let the Indian children come forward. All right? and Indian ladies. Thank you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi