Mahashivaratri Puja

Mumbai (India)

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1993-02-19 Shivaratri Puja (Hindi)

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We have all assembled here to worship Lord Shiva. And this puja is very important one because the final goal of human being / life is to find Shiva Tattva. Shiva tattva is beyond human mind. Until you get your self-realization, until you know yourself / your spirit (atma) you cannot know Shiva tattva. There is a lot of pomp, darkness and blind devotion spread in the name of Shri Shiva. But a non-realized person cannot understand Shri Shiva because his nature is such that to understand him first a human being has to be in such a state where all great tattva’s or qualities are present by themselves. It is said about him that he is Bhole (innocent) shankar. There are a lot of intellectual / intelligent people these days who by virtue of their intellect write nonsense and say that Shri Shiva is innocent. As per these intellectual people being innocent is useless. These days the more cunning and sly a person is he becomes that famous and popular. Then how do we understand the innocence of Shri Shiva?

In today’s world an innocent person is deemed stupid. But Shri Shiva’s innocence is such that he is everything. Imagine if a person is extremely rich and he is feels disgusted (virakt) and people come and steal money from him then people deem this person a strange innocent. But then this money doesn’t matter to him anymore. The person is sitting in his innocence and enjoying it. When everything is happening on its own then how does Shri Shiva contribute to it. Shri Shiva watches everything innocently. He takes on the form of a witness and watches the work of the Shakti. Shakti created the entire creation and also all the Gods / Goddesses and their responsibilities. Responsible parties have been appointed so what is the job of Shri Shiva now. Shri Shiva witnesses everything. In his witnessing everything comes in. The effect of his innocence is that whoever he witnesses that person’s level is elevated. Whoever Shri Shiva’s attention goes to, that person’s level is elevated (tar jaana). He does not need to do anything. Everything is a play for him like things are a play for kids. For the Lord Almighty everything is a play. There is another thing inherent in this innocence, when a innocent person, truthful, living in a good manner when that person sees that some evil person tries to encounter him then the innocent person gets very angry. His anger is so strong. A cunning person can twist his anger such that it subsides. But an innocent person is smiling, thinking there is no way this person can harm me. Sahaja Yogis need to have this quality of Shri Shiva. We are entangled in small things. What should we do for some person, how should we plan this?

Like Shri Shiva left everything to Shakti, you all can also leave things to Shakti but for that you need to be of a certain level. You need to have that innocence in you. This innocence means that no negativity can come into you. You needn’t worry. If a snake is wrapped around you, let it be; if you need to have poison, so be it. What can happen, the one who is pure, on whom nothing can impact, one who is capable, the one whose powers protect him that person needn’t worry. This power comes to us from Shiva Tattva. But to get this Self-realization is a must. Kundalini is a Shakti and the chakras are the ladder that need to be used to achieve this Shiva Tattva. All Gods and Goddesses have this duty of assisting you to reach your Shiva tattva. These Gods / Goddesses are there to help human beings. It is their nature to help us. They do not think like humans like what is in it for me, what is my position, where will I be. They are for Shri Shiva. They do their jobs. They are tied in it. Their work is in Akarm (Karm = action, akarm = inaction). They do this and yet they do not think they are working. Like this light comes and it being inanimate never thinks it is working. All the Devtas (God/Goddesses) do their work and do not think about it. They are in thoughtlessness and do not even know what powers they have. Like sugar gives sweetness to food but never thinks that it is giving sweetness. Similarly Sahaja Yogis need to do their work but never feel that they are working. In Sahaja Yoga people come into Akarm. Sahaja Yogis have this shakti. If Sahaja Yogis feel that they have done this or that, i have become a leader then they are not Sahaja Yogis. He keeps performing his tasks but does not feel it. Sahaja Yogis love everyone but he does not know that. People can feel it. This is how we need to understand Self-realization.

One is you are what you are and you are watching yourself in mirror. It is your reflection. And the action of watching your reflecting is a third thing. In this way you are going around in three spheres. One witness who sees, another what you see and third that action. These can all go away if you become your own mirror. You know yourself. This is what Saint Tukaram has said. When you know yourself there is nothing else to know. You can jump the three spheres and become stable in yourself. When this stability in yourself is complete, then you can say that Shiva tattva is stable because that Shiva tattva is undestroyable and eternal. When you settle down in this Shiva tattva then you will not feel that you are doing anything. You are contented in yourself. Then you do not even feel that you need to do something else. Lot of people these days say they are bored because they cannot see themselves, be with themselves, being with their own selves for 5 min is intolerable for such people. It is a great thing for me to be with my own self. When you get this quality in yourself then you become innocent. If someone is trying to bother you let it be. If we are this spirit (atma) which is indestructible then who can destroy us.

But this confidence to develop is very difficult. After Self realization you are Sahaja Yogi but to be a Shiva Yogi it takes more. You say there is a curfew in Mumbai how can we go. You are forgetting that a Sahaja Yogi has never been hurt. You keep forgetting that you are a Sahaja Yogi. All dev-doots (Apostles) and Ganas are there with you and for you. But if you do not trust them then they go away. If someone tries to harm you then then don’t worry. You are helped always as long as you have the confidence / faith. Being human the human insecurities cause this faith / confidence to break time and again.

Another thing is that we do make mistakes. After those we get scared. But one important quality of Shri Shiva is that he is very forgiving. You are at his doorstep so don’t be worried. He gives complete forgiveness. Shri Shiva’s blessing is fearlessness. You should be fearless. He does not have any army. You know that Shri Shiva reached with his groom party for his wedding Shri Parvati was embarrassed. He came with a groom party having people with one leg, unkempt looks (looking like hippies) weird looking people. This means that however those people looked outwardly they all had Shivatva in them. To achieve Shri Shiva you do not need any money. You needn’t offer gold or silver to Shri Shiva in temples. He is free of everything. Nothing has the capacity or the power to add to his grace. Anything materially valued is not worth Shri Shiva, not right for Shri Shiva. This quality of Shri Shiva has to come into you. In today’s world money is valued more than it is worth. What will get me money, people are running after money, willing to do anything for money. You can do ill with money and you can lose it too.

The one who is settled in Shivatva does not desire anything. He is desireless because his spirit is contented with the spirit (atma). Such a person is not worried about physical comfort, what he will eat where he will sleep. Such a state of such a person commands everything. Such a person’s sight can feed a lot of people. Such a person’s body does not have any rest. He can sleep anywhere. Such a person’s sight is a giver. It can do good wherever it goes. What is this benevolent power which blesses everyone? This is param chaitanya (power of God’s love). This power is what Shankaracharya called spand. This energy / shakti flows from such a person and whoever it falls on, it leads to their betterment. The land on which such an energy falls that land becomes very fertile. If it falls on a woman then that woman can become very intelligent and very well known. Whoever this power falls on it leads to their betterment. There can only be good coming out of this spand / vibrations. It cannot do any bad. This can transform a person who has come to bother you. The power of transformation that is there in this power we need to understand it. That is why you should forgive everyone. Don’t worry about avenging things. Not needed. You are Sahaja Yogis. Leave it to these vibrations. These vibrations can think and understand everything, organize things fully. You have also received this energy. This energy also flows from you. You have tried this energy and seen how beneficial this is. Those who want to know this by knowledge / intelligence cannot know it. You can seen so many miracles. This is such a great, big, high energy which works things out and helps you. You have received the support of this energy. You should think that if having Shivatva can help you influence everything including the environment then you should achieve it. Environment will be cleansed by this energy.

To come to be the rightful receivers of this energy we have to know that we are no longer in human situation. You have now entered the divine situation. So the mistakes of the human situation that are present in us, those pulls we need to give those a holiday. The human situation will pull us down. It attacks us again and again. We are born of jada element [“jaDa” definition: void of life , inanimate , unintelligent]. First this atma / spirit is received through this jada and now also this jada pulls us down. That is why in past times people were asked to fast, sleep on floor, become an ascetic, give up your family life, go to himalayas and finally die. People used to think that doing this for a few lifetimes will help self-realization. But today’s Sahaja Yoga is such that first you get Self-realization. Marathi words meaning first make the kalash in temple then make the foundation. Because in modern times if many people have to get self-realization then only this way can work. All of you have received self-realization without going to himalayas, without giving up family. You have received the vibrations and vibrational power. Kundalini has done it so far. Now it is time for you to work. What is your work?

Look at yourself as you are a mirror. Am i still being human? Given up alcohol / cigarette, wayward roaming has stopped, nature has become peaceful, face has become innocent, now what? Can i see myself? Can i be joyous in myself and why not? If we can think with knowledge, i am stuck in this and that. If we are innocent then nothing will keep you stuck. That human inclinations will start again otherwise Those things that bound you in first place will come back. But if you able to see this in yourself that this is stopping your progress then it will go away. If we want to create a new world, a beautiful new world, your Mother wishes that a new generation which is Pure be created. Lot of sages and saints desired for it. If  you want to achieve that then you need to fix your Shiv tatva.

In Shiv tatva you know what all you are stuck in. Like these days Hindus, Muslims etc fight.  Being a Hindu one does not get Shiva tattva. Nor does one get Shiva tattva by being a Muslim or a Christian or by being anything. This is all outward show. When the Shiva tattva is awakened in you then you pray to Shri Ram and also Mohammad Sahab and perform pujas for both. Till you establish the principle of Shri Shiva in yourself, you cannot get out of the outward entanglement of religion. The one who is Rahim is same as Shiv. Rahman / Akbar is also Shri Vishnu. Then these feelings inside will develop such that the fragrance of dharma / righteousness flows from you not enmity (vaimanasya). But for this to happen i do not see any other way than Sahaja Yoga. Until Sahaja Yoga is established Muslims won’t recognize Shri Ram nor will Hindus recognize and pray to Shri Mohammad. We Sahaja Yogis pray / perform pujas to Mohammad, Ali, Fatimabai, Buddha, Mahavira because all these are worth praying to. Who are we to call them small or not great. When you establish the Shri Shiva principle then you understand that all these are aspects / forms of Shiva Tattva. All these are inside us. Until you submerge yourself in this Shiv Tattva and internalize this aspect of Shiv Tattva spread of Sahaja Yoga might be slow. But Sahaja Yoga is a Solid thing. It is a true thing. All these confusing (brahm) little things came for some time and then went. Fights happened then they are gone. It is surprising that Sahaja Yoga is spreading faster in foreign countries. They are deep Sahaja Yogis. Meditating every day, introspecting everyday, we need to learn from them.
These foreigners never heard of Lord Shiva. They knew only of Christ. How did they become so deep? We ring the bells of temple every day, read namaz every day but there is no depth. How did these foreigners get so deep?

In Russia in a village there are 22000 Sahaja Yogis. So what is it in us that prevents us from achieving this depth? The reason is that we do not look at ourselves everyday or we do not introspect ourselves. First we need to look at ourselves. Turn the vision inward. I cannot tell you how these people have this inward vision. But see the result, they are so deep. They never ask me Mother what will happen to our money, parents, relatives. They just ask, Mother what will become of me. And when they come into this element, all their questions get resolved on their own. That is the power of Shiva Tattva that is resolves all questions.Their questions got answered by their own. Those who used to drink, used to do all sorts of things, have come out of the marsh (daldal) and have settles on the bank. But we are still engrossed in some affair or the other. We need to end this affair / entanglement. On this Shivratri day particularly get into your Shiva Tattva so Shir Shiva can adorn you with all his qualities. SHiva Tattva has such qualities that naturally / effortlessly you will become Dharmic (righteous), you will become sensible and become knowledgeable. You will naturally become sweet, mature. In a sahaj manner (naturally / effortlessly) a lot of qualities can come into you. But first you should know humbly whether you have achieved this tattva or not. We need to achieve it. And second is that all the powers in a sahaj way are sprouting in you. You do not have to do anything. This way we need to look at ourselves that my husband, kids etc are not Sahaja Yogis, let them be; this is an internal thing which one can gain only by their own desire. You cannot force Sahaja Yoga on anyone. Look a yourself. Looking at yourself and knowing thyself is Self-realization. Then people will see you and would want to learn Sahaja Yoga. After achieving this great quality you will become so powerful that you can transform people and this world. This is to transform the world. Someone might say that there is democracy here and these are the issues with democracy. But really the issues are not with democracy but with people who do not achieve Shiva tattva.

Abraham Lincoln wanted us to achieve this Shiva tattva. Whatever stuff you get that gets spoilt. The quality to get spoilt is there in every item. People make pickles at home, very cleanly, after washing, drying etc so that it does not get any bugs. Like this pickle can get spoilt similar is our situation. Where are such people? Whatever you make, this is what will happen because of the germs in it. There is a quality of getting spoilt in everything. Until human beings have this weakness / mistake, anything that man makes will get spoilt. Things might last for a short while like Gandhiji started Satyagraha and it lasted a while. But a lot of mistakes happened there too. I know him. The enthusiasm that was there to get independence to the country, to do this and that, to fight now it feels as though what is happening with this independence. I am especially saddened with Vande mataram (An Indian patriotic song meaning I bow down to you Mother Country). Whatever language is used to praise your Mother, your Mother has been praised in so many languages, the language should not matter. It is a mantra (sacred chant) using which India got its independence. My father walked with the flag, in high court he was shot. He bled but still continued to walk and hosted the national flag and he shouted the slogan “Vande Mataram”. Our hearts melted. These kind of things happened in this country. The ones who do not know meaning of self (swa aka self, tantra aka meaning) got their swatantrata (independence in hindi). This kind of love in the heart and affection towards everyone is provided by Shri Shiva. The one who gives us such power that such our love and affection give joy to us it happens with Shri Shiva.

The joy felt by singing Shri Shiva stuti / prayers earlier today that is because of Shri Shiva. Shri Shiva gives us this ability to be joyous. That is why he is called joy giver. The pure joy felt in joy, just joy, there are many types of joy, atmanand and ahlad / ecstatic. This joy is related to our feelings. The feelings in our heart the good, generous, beautiful loving pure ones of beauty, love etc spread fragrance  like a flower spreads it fragrance. This is pure joy. In such a joy we are happy and joyous. And as a result we do not need anything else. The one who brings out all these qualities, the one who takes care of this with meticulousness and makes us experience it at the right time is Lord Shiva because he gives it to us through these vibrations. You get goose bumps even today if you take the name of a great saint or pious person; suddenly the vibrations, the energy starts flowing. How do we explain it to the intellectuals / fanatics? They are half ass and those who are left are like horse. You cannot push anything into their brains (have them internalize anything) and don’t even bother.

What is needed is that you make your lives so beautiful, make such society that those left behind can clearly see the difference and see what the society is. With their cunningness they have trapped some people. Lot of people have been trapped / entangled by these and lot of fights have happened over this. But what if the society becomes such that people do not fight each other and there are no ups and downs in society. This is very joyous. Someone told me that a Sahaja Yogi died in Delhi. He was very ill. No relative came to the last rites. All Sahaja Yogis performed the last rites. Usually when something happens people run to it. No one thinks whether the person is relative or not. This is Nirvajya Prem – love that expects no return, love that is not confined to relations only. We are all Sahaja Yogis. We have one Mother. We will take care of each other. This Shiva Tattva bends you and pulls you, to help each other, to care for each other. You worry about other Sahaja Yogis. This concern doesn’t have any give or take, no profit loss is thought about. But there is only one trouble. This precious concern towards each other, this heart felt love, you can achieve it through Shiva Tattva. You cannot achieve it any other way. That is why human beings should achieve this Shiva tattva. All fights / troubles will go away.

You might have heard that in Bosnia 200,000 Muslims are dying. This is very painful / sad. They do not have anything to eat or drink. They are melting ice to drink water eating dead people’s meat. They are in such a sad state and no one has concern for them. No one thinks about those people dying. Muslim nations have such a lot of wealth but no one ventures to save these people. The day Shiva Tattva is established in this world everything will get better. All these fights will stop. It is said that all this will happen in 8-9 years. Let us see how many people can understand Sahaja Yoga. People are not wise. It depends on you people that your Shiva tattva’s light influences the world and all these issues that we are seeing in the world as a result of human stupidity, these issues will get destroyed.

Today we have to ask Shri SHiva to establish this principle of Shiva in us. You pray for only one thing to Shri Shiva to establish this Shiva tattva in you. Lot of people earn money. They get big posts, they get titles, lot of things happen. These things keep happening. But today’s revolution, struggle, is to transform human beings and fix the whole world. You do not have to sacrifice anything for it or give up anything for it. Things will drop off on their own. When unnecessary things drop off, what do you have to worry about? I bless you that may all of you achieve this Shiva Tattva.

May Lord Almighty bless you