Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)


Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja Seminar, Opening Address. Delhi (India), 20 March 1993.

After listening to all these beautiful reports about Sahaja Yoga, I Myself start wondering how it has worked out so well and what must have happened that in those days of Kali Yuga it has not only worked out, but it is tangible. Scientifically, we can prove it.

Of course, the health of a person is the most important thing and that has is to be brought to a normal condition is the basic of kundalini awakening. But still, the way it has spread, the way it has worked out is more the credit to you than to Me. Because these are special times, as blossom times and so many of you who were seekers before, seeking truth all over, going to Himalayas, standing on your heads, fasting, doing all kinds of renunciations, everything, now have taken birth and are normal people, householders. This was all promised that such thing will happen. Only with such people Sahaja Yoga will work out.

So, I would say, whole thing is a plan which has worked out. You all took your birth at this special moment. Even if you see the position of stars and all that you can see clearly how everything has clicked together. It all a divine plan, but, in your case, it is your own decision because we are human beings and you have been given freedom to choose. It’s your own decision to take to Sahaja Yoga. This is the time when there are billions and billions of seekers. Seekers are banging their heads all round. When I listen to the stories of the Sahaja Yogis who came to Sahaja Yoga, I am really astounded the way they were at it, the way they worked hard, the way they did everything, whatever the false gurus told them, whatever the books told them they ransacked the libraries, everything and were so desperate for it. This has come from your last lives, that you are seekers, but you have been seekers also of the same type in your last lives and you took birth now, at this moment, with your decision that you have to come to this Earth. Maybe you are not aware of it. But the second decision that you take is to come to Sahaja Yoga. Normally, if you see, there is market about these gurus all over. They have a life, an asethic type of a life. They wear saffron clothes or, I don’t know, they wear also some horns or something to impress people. They have so many ways of publicity, so many ways of collecting people, mesmerizing and so many are lost. Specially for the people from America and all rich countries, you see, it was more alluring that you could pay for it because they told Me that if you can pay for it, then you are sure you know what it is going on. With that kind of a background which came to them in this lifetime that money is the one which gives you validity.

And Sahaja Yoga started in a very small way, as you know, with one person. And I used to cure people one ofter so many people were cured, but still they would not come to Sahaja Yoga. No commitment, nothing. They never felt any responsibility that they should help others, but on the contrary they would collect so many if I cured one person, he would collect ten more and bring it to Me. Like an agency evolved. Also so many Sahaja Yogis in countries started curing people. They found that all people who were cured were useless, were no good for Sahaja Yoga. So I told them, Use My photograph. Best is to use My photograph, then you won’t catch and they will develop that shraddha, that sort of a dedication, at least for the photograph. Then, gradually, they’ll come to Sahaja Yoga.

So the second choice that you have made a decision that you are committed to Sahaj Yog. You could have done it, as others have done it, thousands, who just got cured and out of it or who had some help and got out of it. But no, you are committed. You are committed to it. Now this sense of responsibility, this commitment is a sign of a higher awareness. Otherwise, what is there to gain in Sahaja Yoga, if you see from material point of view? I would also say for doctors, you see, it’s easy to tell them this happened, they got cured. They must be getting frightened that, If this Sahaja Yoga is going to cure everybody, what are we going to do? How are we going to earn? After all, we’ve studied for seven years, spent so much time and now this Sahaja Yoga is curing everybody. So, what are we going to do about it? And they could be quite frightened and they could be thinking that, whether or not I have anything to do. I know of one doctor who himself has no practice, but he’s after Sahaja Yoga because he thinks all doctors may have to starve. Is not so. Of course, Sahaja Yoga is definitely curing people. Even e þn masse, it can cure, no doubt. Still there are so many left for the doctors to cure them, so they shouldn’t worry about that point. But one thing is definite, if you are a doctor and you know Sahaja Yoga, you can easily help the patient to be all right without going into diagnosis or other procedures you have. They’re very, very simple. But, I tell you, it’s a businessnow. Medicine has become a business. When we were studying medicine, we had to remember each and every prescription, every word of it, and the doctor had to prepare it, and the compounder had to make it and the doctor was responsible. But nowadays there are industries which are creating these medicines. Like these antibiotics are prohibited to Sahaja Yogis, but for anything they’ll give you antibiotics and it’s a very, very dangerous, very danderous thing to take antibiotics. But for doctors it’s very easy to just prescribe antibiotics and take the fees for that.

So the whole thing has become so industrialized. Everything is an industry.  Even if you have to buy seeds for your farm, you have to go to some industry. In the same way, medicines have become like that and naturalness by which some of the things would have worked out, very easily, very cheaply, you cannot do it because for a doctor, unless and until he prescribes something, very high potency type of a medicine, he’s not regarded as a grerat doctor.

Under these circumstances, we are now Sahaja Yogis. I would say the Sahaja Yogis must have full faith in themselves. First of all, they must practise Sahaja Yoga at least for ten, fifteen minutes and there is no need for you to go to any doctor. No need to purchase any medicines. No need for you to get disgnosis done. Like the other day we had a doctor who is having a hospital, a kidney hospital, and he’s doing dialisis. So, this doctor came to me. He is now having a kidney trouble. I said, Doctor, I’ll cure your kidney on one condition, that you stop dialysis because you know that by dialysis you are not going to cure anyone. He said, I know that, but before person dies dialysis he must become absolutely a banker, absolutely a banker because he has to pay for that dialysis, no money for his children, no money for his wife and he just dies as a bankrupt, giving all this money to that dialysis machine. So he said, How can I do it? I’ve bought all these machines here, so expensive and now what can I do with it. I said, You give it to somebody else. At least, you get your money back. No, no, no, you see, I’ve invested so much money. So, you see, the thing has no become an investment.

As Sahaja Yogis, as Sahaja Yoga doctors, we have to think how we can reduce the problems of this world. If you start everything weighing in money, then it won’t work out. If the doctor just thinks that, I have to cure this patient, he cures that patient Just, say, without taking money. It’s very di  fficult, but supposing he does that. Without taking money he cures that person. Now what happens? He might think, Mother, how can I earn? You have to believe that this is Divine Power. Now, still we are sometimes on this mundane level. This is Divine Power and the Divine Power provides you with everything. Now believe Me in that. You want money, you’ll have money. No problem. Which way you’ll have, you can’t say. Any way. Suddenly, you will have money, as much you like. Whatever you need money for, you will at least have that provision. So this faith has to be very strong. What Rajesh has told or these people have told is true, but they have a complete faith that this Divine Power wil give everything.

So, once you have that deep faith within yourself I mean I cannot say you can just bring the faith and put it in a heart, but the thing is that it is to be inculcated. You have to meditate and inculcate this faith within your heart, that we can do all these cures without taking any money, without anything, but there will be money, money for your use. You won’t become a rich man like Ford or anyone, but you’ll be a sensibly paid fellow. You don’t have to worry about money because you are a Sahaja Yogi and that How can you work, Mother, when I have no money? You just try. I tell you, they have told so many miracles of health, but about wealth, if I have to tell you it will take at least hundred days, somebody was writing miracles about wealth and the whole thing came up so much on my head. I said, Forget it. You cannot publish it. It’s so much. Everybody has gained. You know that. Somehow everybody has gained a lot a lot in wealth also. So health and wealth, but above all is your spiritual wealth, which is the one which gives you joy. Why do you want money for? Money for getting joy. But if you get joy, why do you want to have money? It’s a headache going to the bank, signing the c Éheques, making mistakes, income tax on your head. If you take that kind of an attitude, I can tell you, assure you, you will have no problem. But I have seen, after coming to Sahaja Yoga also, people start worrying about money, too much. Then sometimes they get into troubles, I know. You should not worry. There are so many things in which we get involved, like they come to Sahaja Yoga, the first thing they do, Mother, my father’s uncle’s wife is sick, so will You cure. They’ll bring her down. Somebody, my daughter, my father, my brother or someone is sick. First thing that goes into their heads, Now, this is a lady we have found out can cure. All right, how can we use her. So where should we plug her? You see. So they bring all kinds of sick people. That’s one thing. Then the second problem comes in, Mother, I have this problem, financial problem, financial problem, financial problem. Afterwards, very late, sometimes, with some people, they start å saying, Mother, my vibrations are not there. I would like to have my vibrations. I would like to feel the vibrations. I would like to be one with the Divine. If it is the other way around, everything’ll work out. First you should say, I should have my vibrations. I should feel the Divine Power. Once the Divine Power is in your hand flowing, what do you want?

So now this where we lack. I’m not saying you should have blind faith, but you should have shraddha, is an enlightened faith within you where you should see that something has happened, this has worked out, so why not the other thing will work out also? This, once is established, you will really find that all your so-called problems will dissolve into something. There will be no problems. No problems at all.

So for Sahaja Yogis it is very important that they should meditate for ten, fifteen minutes when they are in nirvichara, in thoughtless awareness, where they will grow spiritually. Once you grow spiritually, then the ý rest of the things follow. Like, you see, somebody’s begging on the street. All right. Then somebody’s running after some minister, new minister. Somebody is anxious to buy a car or something, a house or something. But supposing there is somebody who can give everything. Everything, you can get it. So why not get that? If you can get that thing which gives everything, then why not get to that and immediately you will see that, as soon as you fix your attention onto that, you will see that all problems will fizzle out, absolutely. But that kind of a faith is Ñ I have seen that is rarely there, but now there are so many who have found Sahaja Yoga so miraculous, who have come up to it and it works.

Like I know of a lady and she was told by doctors that you have developed cancer. She’s an impossible. I cannot ??? I am a Sahaja Yogini. How can I develop cancer? Said, Don’t want to believe it. No, I don’t. She went to another doctor. You have no cancer. Only saying that has cured her. How can I have 6cancer? Only saying this thing with complete faith in herself has saved her. It might have because cancer disease is all the time coming, going within our body. Is not something is like our mosquitos, I must say. But when she says, No. It cannot be. It cannot stay. Not me. It’s kjust finished. She came and told Me this, I was amazed at her. She said, Mother, I jst don’t. and it worked out.

If you have faith, cancer can be worked out, only with prayer also. Any dissease cn be worked out with prayer. But this faith part is very important. What Rajesh said is correct. I know of another fellow, Mr. Sharma from Bombay. His wife was suffereing Ñ no, his mother was suffering from cancer ???. He was in Bombay and he received a message saying she’s going to die within three days. It’s all gallaoping, you know and this happened and he went to Rotha. He saw his mnother dying, felt terrrible and he just prayed, Mother, cure my mother somehow. She wouldn’t even talk. They said, Three days she will die. After three days she was out of hospital. He brought her to Bombay. They took her to the cancer hospital. They said, She has no cancer. Now she was not a Sahaja Yogini, but the faith of the faith of this man. Because now you know there is, there is God. You know it. It’s actualization You know it. It’s not just telling you, There is God. There is this. Nothing.

Now you all have become realized souls, you have become walis, you have become Atmasakshatkaris, so now only thing is have faith in yourself. That’s all. All great people, like we are sitting here with Nizamudin here, such a great incarnation I would say, a great realized soul. I came here first before coming to Bombay. I came here and after that many people started recognizing, many Sahaja Yogis came here. Now what was the difference between him and you was that he had complete faith that he was one with God. He had complete faith. That’s the only point sometimes missing in Sahaja Yoga which you should try to have. Once you have that, will solve all the problems of the world. All these conditionings, all this ego will drop out like that.

So try to understand that such a great responsibility is on you people. There were only few here, one in ???, one Kabira, one Nanaksab, one here, one there. But now you are so many  and the responsibility is to transform the whole world and to help the whole world is on you. And a simple thing is to have faith. Trust yourself and have faith. I am sure one day you all will be able to cure many, to help many, give realization to them, transform them. As it is, I’m seventy years of age and now you all have to come out and give realizations to people and transform this world. It’s very important by which we solve all our problems. It is very important to understand.

May God bless you.