Public Program: Ye Bhumi Atyant Pavitra bhumi hain

New Delhi (India)

1993-03-20 Public Program, New Delhi, India (Hindi), 135'
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1993-03-20 Public Program, Camera 2, Ye Bhumi Atyant Pavitra bhumi hain, New Delhi, 72'
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Public Program, Ye Bhumi Atyant Pavitra bhumi hain, New Delhi 20-th March 1993

[English Translation from Hindi]

0- 5.17 – Bhajan 1 – Namami Shri Ganraj Dayal bhajan by Sanjay Roshan Talwar

6.09- 11.52 – bhajan 2 – Jago Kundalini Maa bhajan by Sanjay Roshan Talwar

12.58 -21.47         Bhajan 3 – Vishav Vandita Nirmala Mata by Sanjay Roshan Talwar

Speech – 22.05  My dear fellow Indians, all those who were speaking the truth on behalf of the international Sahaja Yoga family, I welcome you all and my salutations to you all.

In today’s environment we all know that we need something that gives us balance on a personal level as well as on a collective level, because of which we all can live peacefully in an environment which is beneficial for each one of us and we attain joy which is our birthright. It’s been a really long time that we have waited for the other person to change. It could be a country or a household, maybe us as an individual, but we all know that we remain the same and never change. Nothing changed; neither the other person changed, nor we changed.

So many kugurus took birth on Earth. I have intentionally used the word kuguru. Anyone who cannot give us the Divine will be only called a kuguru. On this I think you will agree with me. Today at this time among ourselves during this 20th century, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has taken Her birth, and if you just see Her as a mother, like any ordinary mother who wants her children to be the best, live together in harmony, be joyous and progress well in this world, in the same way Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi made us into the state where we understand what is beneficial for each other and we live in peace, joy and harmony. This is what we all want.

Now today, in a while Shri Mataji will be here among us and will give realization to new seekers, tell old ones what is Sahaja Yoga, and will give you feelings of attaining Self-realization. Just trust yourself and believe that before you leave this place what a beautiful state you will attain. Till Shri Mataji comes to join us, we have a young newcomer who is 34 years old. Before I share about him I would like to tell you all that Sahaja Yoga is being practiced  in 56 countries across the world. It has already attained international status. Keeping the international status in mind, I would like to invite Mr Amjad Ali who was born in Pakistan and at the age of 8 years left for Britain. He belongs to a rental farming background. He is a doctor and a researcher, a research scientist. He connected with Shri Mataji at the age of 23 years, and took Self-realization. For the last 11 years, he has dedicated himself completely to Sahaja Yoga. As said by Shri Mataji, you do not have to quit your job and what you are doing. Rather, whatever you are doing, you will be able to perform your duties better with Sahaja Yoga if you attain your Self-realization. Dr Amjad Ali is a short fellow, and thinner than me, but this kind of variety is worth a scene. But in reality we both believe that Self-realization is our true religion. In that direction we will move ahead further – he and myself, along with you all.

I present to you Dr Amjad Ali, and he will explain in his own words, as he has stayed abroad most of his life. One language he knows is of vibrations,  which in a while you will also understand – Divine vibrations – but for now the medium of language we will use is English. I apologize to people who do not understand English. Kindly keep your hands open and you will be able to feel the coolness on your hands, that whatever is said is true. Dr Amjad, please come on the stage.

 28;32-Dr Amjad Ali: First of all, I would like to apologize that my Hindi is not very good. My Punjabi at the moment is also a little rusty. So I will have to  restrict myself to English for the next 5 to 10 minutes. I invite all the sons and daughters of Bharat to this program to hear the words of wisdom which Shri Mataji has, and the technique  of Self-realization that Shri Mataji has, which is to be bestowed upon everyone regardless of their race, color, creed or religion.

I was brought up in an Islamic household in Pakistan 34 years ago, and the thing that struck me most at the age of 7 or 8, when I pondered on the question of the existence of God, was why is it that people behave in such a strange way? Why is it that the Islamic people think that they are the chosen ones? Why is it that the Hindus think they are the chosen ones? Why do the Sikhs think that they are the chosen ones? And yet they all fight. What is the reason for this? It was really quite depressing. I went within and realized that the important thing is that human beings respect themselves and through that respect each other, because if we do not have this basic principle within, life is very difficult.

Throughout history we have had so many sages, so many prophets who have come at a particular time in the history of mankind, in the evolution of mankind, to give a certain message. What have we done? Have we heeded the words of wisdom? As I am from an Islamic background, it was a difficult stage in my development. I realized that quoting scriptures again and again did not give me Self-realization, did not really get me closer to God. The only thing that got me closer to God in those early days was the realization that in oneself is the spirit, and it is to this that one has to turn, one has to turn in order to get balance.

 As I grew up I realized that the God we talk about is the All-pervading God. We say he only has one form. Yet in the Quran it is said that he is formless and he is form full. We cannot limit his dualities or abilities by our mental projections, by our own human qualities. The knowledge that is in the books at this moment – I will restrict myself to the Quran – is really quite simple, and the first thing that you have to understand and realize. If you want to attain a higher spiritual self  and you don’t know whom to turn to, sit quietly by yourself and ask yourself this question about these people who proposed to teach truth – for knowledge to charge any money. In Quran it says, “Follow only those who are rightly guided and ask for no fee.” These ground rules have been laid many thousands years ago. As you can understand in Christianity, Jesus Christ, Jesus threw out the money lenders and the dealers from the temples. Money has nothing to do with God, position has nothing to do with God or spirituality, but a kind, gentle heart is the most important thing. In the times of the sufis they would sing, “La Ilaha ill ill ill lah,” concentrating the attention of the level of the heart, knowing that if the heart chakra opened they would, if they were lucky, get their Self-realization. Very few people, in fact, received this in the early days.

Times have changed. Times have changed a great deal over the last 23 years or so. We have a particular technique which is available to all mankind. This particular technique, if you go back into the scriptures, into the  Shastras, into all the religious texts, back into the texts, into the Quran, the hadees, you will find evidence. You will find evidence for Kundalini awakening. You will find evidence for  Sahaja Yoga. The Prophet Mohammad Sahib has said you will get to God probation through meditation. In the state of meditation you will grow. The technique that he described actually talked about the Kundalini. He described it as a spiral staircase to God. Very importantly, if we go into the Surat Yasin it will tell you that at the time of Resurrection, at the time of judgment, the time of Qayamat, your hands will speak, your mouth will be closed or sealed, and your feet will bear witness to see what they earned. In other words, you will become conscious on your central nervous system once you have Kundalini awakening. Through Kundalini awakening comes peace of mind.

When the scriptures talked about the journey, Prophet Mohammad Sahib’s journey through the seven heavens, journey not only through various techniques to the various chakras, but also through the various levels, going to God realization, all these techniques are in fact available for us today through the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. You may ask as a Muslim, how can you follow Sahaja Yoga? I say it is quite easy. The most important thing we have to realize is that first and foremost you have to be honest and truthful with yourself. What is it that you are actually seeking? What is it that you have achieved out of this lifetime? The fact that the only thing humankind has been able to do over so many thousands of years should give you sufficient proof that we have not attained or achieved a great deal. As Shri Mataji has said on a number of occasions, can we transform a flower into a fruit? All we seem to do is to transfer or to change one dead thing into another, and through that we become so self-important, so self-indulgent.

We have so many problems on Earth. We have so many problems through fundamentalism that life is quite serious, but life was, is and always has been meant to be enjoyed. There is no point going through traumas and problems. The only thing we have to do is to attain peace of mind, attain a balance. I have come across so many people from all walks of life, not only patients of mine, who have followed so many different things, so many different gurus, so many different sects, and they all still have problems. You have to ask yourself why they still have problems. The answer is quite simple: whatever they have been following has not been knowledge which is true knowledge.

Once again, I say one has to be very honest with oneself. One has to be open-minded. This knowledge we talk about through Kundalini awakening has been described in so many different structures. In Islam the subtle energy we know about is known as Aasas. In the Chinese scriptures you can call it  the Tao. In Christianity you can call it the Holy Ghost. It’s all one and the same thing. So if we are all spiritual people, if we propagate  to follow the teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Sahib,  of Prophet Muhammad Sahib, of the various deities in the Hindu tradition, why are we fighting in God’s name? Why are we fighting? We all want peace of mind. We all want good health and a long life, and it is not through segregation or isolation or compartmentalization that we will achieve this or attain this. The only way it can be attained is through the knowledge of the inner self.

I think we should sit down. Shri Mataji is not here yet. I will let you know when She arrives. In fact, over the last eleven years that I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga, I have seen so many different changes, not only in myself but in those around me. The person  in fact who initially introduced me to Sahaja Yoga was a shub by the name of Rabindra Sareen, a Sikh gentleman, and it was amazing that the transformation I saw in this close friend of mine was quite amazing, and through this I realized that there must be something, some great working, some great mechanism which can give peace of mind, can give balance to someone, very quickly. The technique that Shri Mataji describes is accessible to everyone. It is simple; it is straightforward. No money is charged. You do not have to give up your religion. You do not have to give up anything. You will know on your central nervous system, on your fingertips, precisely the truth, the right answers to the questions. If you ask yourself whether God exists, you will get an answer. You can also ask yourself, for instance, was Prophet Mohammad Sahib the truth? You will get an answer. You can ask yourself, were Shri Krishna  and all the deities of Hindu tradition part and parcel of the one God? You will get an answer. Because there are so many diversities in the various religions, we have to realize that unless and until we become our self, that is the spirit, we will continue to have problems. Balance can only be attained when one goes within. The Temple of God is within one’s own heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that first of all you will keep an open mind today, and secondly ask from your heart for the gift of Self-realization that Shri Mataji wants to bestow upon us. It actually helps not only us; it benefits the whole of mankind – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, alike. Thank you.

Leader: Amjad Bhai, thank you very much. Now I welcome one more youngster, whom you will see and understand in his own words how he has come out of his problematic situations and transformed. He is in charge of our Delhi Center, is a doctor by profession, but at this time he is the doctor of Sahaja Yoga. I am pointing towards Doctor Nigam. He will tell about himself and about Sahaja Yoga, about chakras, before Shri Mataji arrives. He will discuss about it. Dr Nigam, please!

43 min – Dr Nigam: I pay my regards to all the brothers and sisters who are seeking truth. We have gathered here to seek knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. Before learning about Sahaja Yoga you should understand something about yoga. What is yoga? Now Shri Mataji has arrived. Only She will guide you.

Mother’s arrival – Jiakara 45- 47.51 min

Dr Nigam: Shri Mataji, we Sahaja Yogis of Delhi and the general public of the Delhi region welcome you. Now I would request Guido lansza from Italy to welcome Shri Mataji.

50.53 –  56.34   Bhajan – Aaya hun darbar tumhare

57.20 – 1.03.12 – Another bhajan by Sanjay Talwar – Maa chipi ho tum sukhman mein

1.04.07  Shri Mataji: My greetings to all the seekers of truth. Truth can be interpreted in many ways and can be explained, but in reality truth is eternal, and the truth is as it is. It cannot have any other explanation. But what is truth? Truth is that this entire nature, this world, this universe, all are ruled by God, and the power that we call Paramchaitanya does all kinds of living work; and the second truth is that all human beings are not this false identification with the body, heart, mind, ego, and so on, but are pure spirit.  This has been told by many people and believed by many people.

Also, many disagree with the claim that in evolution in early times we were chimpanzees. Some said we were fishes. Some said that we were snakes. I don’t know who has taken rebirth from which organism. It’s all about the past. Not one of us knows which organisms we have re-birthed out of. It is important to know how we evolve. You may have come from any organism in the past, but today you are sitting as a human being, as human beings. There are some deities, and some Satans also, in the human form that you have attained today.

What is its purpose? What does it mean? Why did we come as human beings in this birth? What was the need that God had to make a human being? Or the law of nature had to make human beings? How are we to understand why we are human beings today? Just once, internalize and evaluate why we are human beings today. Why were we the chosen ones? Why didn’t all the snakes on Earth get a chance to be human beings? Why are they still snakes? So many chimpanzees and monkeys, even lions, all kinds of animals are existing. Why were we few beings chosen to be humans? When we think thoroughly about this, all those who have ascended are focused towards their goals. Those who want to get Self-realization and want to be the spirit must be very few people. But this is our ascent. In Delhi there are so many people but how many are seeking their ascent? So many beings have been turned into humans, and yet so many still are organisms, or are left in animal form. It can happen that so many people get Self-realization and yet remain human beings. They do not rise up to be super humans. This is a big problem, especially for Me! This thing I cannot assimilate. Any human being who may belong to any nationality or caste, be of any skin color, whatever kind of thinking process he has, can get their Self-realization. To attain your Self-realization is of the utmost importance. This is one very big warning in front of you today, that how many people today want to attain their Self-realization? Want to attain a state which is described by sages and deities, and when today the time has come that we can attain that place, should we miss such a chance? This power called the Kundalini is within each one of us. By its awakening, and by its awakening you all can reach that state, and in that very moment you can attain the state.

It took us thousands of years to become a man from a monkey, thousands of years of evolution, but now I am witnessing that in such a small timeframe, so many people have taken to Sahaja Yoga. This is amazing! Sheer blessings of God Almighty. Paramchaitanya is in its  full form and has brought Krita Yuga on Earth. It is time for Krita Yuga. Kali Yuga yoga is ending, and we are moving towards Krita Yuga yoga, Krita Yuga which is functioning. This is Paramchaitanya which is functioning. This is why thousands of people are coming into Sahaja Yoga. This is very surprising; thousands instantly get their Self-realization, especially in our country which I called the land of yoga. This is a great country! To be born in India is possible only after doing lot of good deeds. You will not believe this because if you superficially look at this country, it has nothing special, but in every single particle of this country the vibrations are there. The land you are sitting on is the most holy and pure land. In spite of all this, it is very surprising that so many saints and sages for centuries have worked hard on this holy land and said that you should know yourself. If you do not know yourself you have not achieved anything in life. Knowing oneself, wherever you are, any true guru has told you to know thyself. I am not talking about gurus who are worthless, but the true ones always preach “to know thyself”. Analyse what they said like this.

Only today I was saying that if you see yourself in the mirror, then you see yourself and your reflection. Now you in real and your reflection is now a third state. Now in these three dimensions we live and we keep moving in these three dimensions. Either we are watching or doing the act of watching, but what if you yourself become a mirror? You become your own mirror, your reflection starts reflecting within you, and then there will be no difficulty for you because when you witnessed your own reflection you started understanding yourself. Till now you haven’t understood yourself. Just for the namesake you have your own wife, your house, but who are you in reality? Who am I? This you haven’t figured out. The day you understand who you are, at that moment suddenly you will change. You will transform so much. You will change and transform so much that it is worth watching.

Now you can see so many foreigners sitting here. Out of all these people, 20% of them were under the heavy influence of drugs very badly. One fine day they received their Self-realization; the next day they quit their drugs. Today I went to holy grave of Nizamuddin Sahib. There were a lot of people there. So I asked them, “How many of you do not drink alcohol?” They all went quiet. They were Muslims, but they all drink alcohol. So what is the reason? The reason is that you haven’t known yourself, but you are all a reflection of God Almighty. The day it happens I have seen that the people who are known for their alcohol habits quit and transform the very next day.

Because I have no knowledge about who I am, I have no respect towards my self, no self-esteem, no majesty towards my self. How many powers do I have? God has created me with such beauty, such love, you do not know. So how will you respect this fact? We do not respect a human birth and don’t know how to behave towards it. We have not understood our purpose. When you understand your purpose as a human being, you will realize the peace within yourself. These kinds of fantastic people don’t do wrong things. You don’t have to tell them. You don’t have to explain to them. They stand tall in their dignity. In front of them all the smallness, filthy talks, willow talks are nasty for them. They don’t look at that side nor do they pay attention towards it, and they start hating all this. They start hating all those things in which, at one point of time, they were indulging. This is beautiful because we do not know ourselves. We are unaware of ourselves, the beauty by which we are made, the greatness by which God has painted us. By not knowing this fact we think like dust about ourselves. That is why we cheat our bodies, we hate our minds, and we shelve our brains. The power to unite all these functions, the power to enlighten all these is sitting with us in the triangular bone.

Now, everybody has spoken about this power, Kundalini. Kabir Das Ji has spoken, Guru Nanak Dev Ji has spoken, Adi Shankaracharya has spoken. Also it is written in the Bible and Quran. Everywhere it is mentioned about Kundalini, and in some places negative things are written about it also. Instead of understanding it, people started to change the facts about it. And during this process of changing the facts about Kundalini I believe that Buddhists went the most wrong, as they did with the preachings of Buddha. They all became tantric and they all played with the Kundalini in very wrong directions. In this process many people got lost. About the Kundalini awakening you should only refer to people who are authorized. What is their take on Kundalini awakening? Then the books were published which stated the ill-effects of Kundalini awakening; the problem arises after Kundalini awakening. In so many years of spreading Sahaja Yoga I have never seen Kundalini awakening giving problems to anyone. Instead, all those people who made their life by practicing Sahaja Yoga have achieved great heights. People achieve greater heights. Very ordinary people, not even highly educated, simple people living in villages or even a simple person walking on the road, each one can achieve Kundalini awakening. You don’t need any specific caste, religion. You are a spiritual person and you understand the meaning of spirituality and you have lead a spiritual life, and if you are a nice person then Kundalini awakening becomes a lot easier, and even if you are not a spiritual person, whatever kind of person you are you get awakening. The most surprising thing is that nobody has ever gone away empty-handed in Sahaja Yoga.

The most amazing thing I feel is about Russia that a while ago even to take God’s name was a crime there. You will be astonished to know every single program there, at least 16000 people came to attend the program, and every single human being who came to attend the program got their Self-realization. So what went wrong in India? This was the  land of yoga, with so many saints and sages. What problems have arisen in this country that, unlike Russia, we haven’t found people like Russia in India, although we are getting a few now, very slowly. I won’t say that we haven’t found them, but when I was in Russia people in their thousands were waiting to get Self-realization. What is the major difference between them and us? Also we already know so much about spirituality, and we are taught spirituality. From childhood we pay regular visits to temples, mosques, gurudwaras. In spite of all this, everyone’s attention does not go on the fact that we should get our Self-realization. We haven’t understood the essence of religion; we have understood the religions. There is no spirituality in the religions. They don’t know the real meaning of religion but they claim to be religious. Those people do not do wrong things, but they are not Hindu, Muslim or Christian. They are just normal humans, ordinary human beings, and they understand how a human being should live. But we think if you are Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh, that is enough. Now God will only garland my neck, because we think that we are the religion, just like we have got the certification. Or we mentioned it on our forehead, as if when we enter God’s Kingdom he will welcome us as his own men.

If a person of one religion is asked about the other religion, they will say the most bitter things. If you ask another one he will say the most bitter things for the first one. This is what we are doing all the time, finding fault with each other’s religion. In finding fault, we ourselves have become corrupt. By God’s grace this problem was not prevalent in them. They were all Russians. They were simple human beings. But if you are a Hindu do you worship Shiv or Sri Rama? If you are a Muslim are you a Shia Muslim or Sunni Muslim? If you are a Sikh do you follow Ravidas or Guru Nanak? All these kinds of useless thought processes and conflicts within us, and we all got separated anything very high solution-oriented about ourselves as if we are great human beings. There must be something good but there is still blindness. This thinking that, “I am great and better than others” blinded people, and the process of Self-realization became so difficult in our own country. Until you have this feeling, “I have not attained my completeness. I haven’t got my Self-realization. I should get my Self-realization”, you have to have humility to gain your Self-realization. You should have this pure desire at the bottom of your heart. Then definitely it will happen, but the feeling that, “I am a Hindu. Why would I not get my Self-realization?” or “If I am a Muslim why would I not get my Self-realization?” It will not happen like this. All these certificates of false religion do not work in the Kingdom of God. Firstly, what kind of a human being you are, and secondly, if you have a pure desire to attain  your Self-realization, it doesn’t matter which religion you hail from. You should have a strong desire that you want your Self-realization. The founders of all these religions have said only this, that you attain the light of spirit within yourself. What religion does not say this? Every religion says this one thing that, “Know thyself. Acknowledge yourself.” We are better than others. This is the biggest difference I notice between Indians and Russians. Once they get their Self-realization, they establish themselves in Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to tell them anything.

Secondly, what happened there this morning is that many diseases are cured because of Sahaja Yoga, as Sahaja Yoga has curing powers. When the Kundalini which is residing in your Muladhara gets enlightened, it clears out all the chakras, and because of this your health gets better. There is no doubt about it. Sahaja Yoga has cured so many cancers and other deadly diseases, no doubt about it. The moment people come to know about these healing powers, people start pouring in, with ten-odd patients for Me to heal, asking Me to heal them. People start taking the agency for curing. in India this is very common. People ask Me if My brother is a Commissioner and then ask Me for undue favors. The thought, how to take advantage of others, will immediately spark in their brains. They make mental lists of their relatives, relatives, relatives, more relatives, and try to keep Me busy in this. Here I am saying that you become your own doctors. Just see for yourself. When you become your own doctor, then you can cure everyone. What will you gain from curing everyone? The lamp which will not lighten up, what will you gain after curing that lamp? Even God thinks that, “Why treat the lamp which will never lighten up?” But you always feel like you’re curing that person. This will not happen through Sahaja Yoga. This will not benefit anyone. In one or two cases people may get cured, and people start following you for curing them. This way, you will not progress in your spiritual growth.

In the same way, all the various past conditions/immorality within us gets excited. If you follow a kuguru and you know that he is a corrupt fellow, like just moving his hand in the air and presenting something of gold in his hand (to mesmerize), you know that he is immoral and a cheat. Even if it is advertised in the newspaper that he is not a good person, still you keep following him. If asked why, people reply that, “We have been following him for so many years.” People are addicted to their kugurus just like alcoholics to alcohol. But you do not have to follow a kuguru. So now people come and tell Me that, “It’s OK, Mother. We will follow him as well, as we will do Sahaja Yoga at the same time.” It is like you are putting one foot in a crocodile’s mouth and the other foot in a boat, and you want Me to save you, and along with your feet the crocodile will also be saved. Another thing is that the things which we are stuck so badly on, we cannot leave. You have to leave them! To the extent that the stairs by which you’re climbing up, you have to leave those stairs as well. Knowing that it is a good ladder, it is like moving beyond religion. Rise above the conditioning of religion. Definitely it does not mean that you quit religion. It means that you get the true religion. It gets so much imbibed in you that you do not do anything which is anti-religion. The true religion becomes so much enlightened within you that you don’t need a constant reminder about it. You do not have to differentiate every single time, that this is religion and this is not true religion. You do not have to ask any priest whether this is religion or not. You innately know what is true religion.

The second is to go beyond time. I am surprised how these Sahaja Yogis have moved beyond time. All those people who are addicted to watches and time all the time rise above time. We Indians cannot do that we keep constantly keep asking “What’s the time?” “Now this is the time to drink tea. I should get tea positively at this time. If I don’t get the tea my head will start spinning.” It’s the same with the ladies, the same with everyone. A particular thing should happen at a particular time. We have become so much habituated to it. Things should happen at my time, my way. If it does not happen like that we feel that our life has come to an end.  I feel that most of the men in India have become slaves to their watches. While being slaves to the watches, the scenario is such that people are not true towards themselves. They distance/detach themselves from time. Time bows down to them. December, wherever he stands, time obeys him. This can and will happen to you. But we are so conditioned.

One small thing I will share with you. The cinema people created the name of Santoshi Mata. I have heard a lot of experiences related to this devi. Especially in Delhi, ladies worship her a lot, but they do not get Self-realization because in reality there is no devi with the name of Santoshi. The one who is satisfaction, how you can call her satisfaction? Cinema people started the trend of Santoshi Mata. There are severe heights of ignorance in India. Can people from the movie industry create a devi? What a thing. There are so many things like that, like fast on a particular day, like the day a god is born you do a fast. Is it a kind of state of ritual impurity existing after the birth of a god? Why do you fast on that day? You should never fast in the name of God. God will never want you to fast in His name. Now if I tell anyone that you do not fast at God’s name, they reply to Me that, “We have been fasting for so many years now.” But why are you doing the fast?

If you ever want to hurt a mother, you only have to fast. So these kinds of conditionings are so much filled within us, irrespective of any religion we belong to. I say that this is what religion does to the people. Religion conditions them, and then they do not get their Self-realization.

So many various kinds of strange things have gotten into us. Now people are coming to India from abroad, coming with bags full of clothes as there is less demand for clothes abroad. So it’s recession there. So the majority come to India to sell the clothes, believing that Indians are foolish and they will buy them. Now wear their clothes, be like them, go to discos, start drinking, and so on. We are becoming very modern. So we are stuck is not here then there. If parents do this, then the children go to discos, and we are keen to learn from them and  we think that we should adopt their culture. Dear people, I have been abroad and lived there, and traveled. I don’t think that, other than paper, they make anything better than us. It is a true fact. What will you take from them? Nylon or paper? What do you like from there? OK, once in a while you purchase a radio or television from abroad. What after that? I still wonder why we like so many things from abroad so much. I still fail to understand this.

One day My husband told Me to get a nice gift for his friend. So I went to Khadi Bhandar (shop which sells exclusive khadi material  and handmade products) and purchased a nice statue of Shri Krishna and Arjuna made out of ivory. What should I wrap it with? The shopkeeper said, “We have a box in which you can keep this,” but then I realized that this foreigner might not like this statue in the box. I really roamed and roamed in search of good wrapping paper. So whatever kind of wrapping paper I got, I wrapped the gift in it and gave it to him. So that foreigner friend of My husband and My husband were shocked seeing that wrapping paper. “What kind of paper is that?” Then I told them, “You unwrap the gift and see.” In India we do not get good wrapping paper. The moment he unwrapped and saw it, his eyes popped out. Then I told them, “This is my proud India. We get one of the best things in India but we do not make wasteful things.”

Let alone their ideas, now we have started adopting their culture. What is their culture?  They are drowning. They are drowning in hell. Their family system has crashed. We are also learning from them. You watch the movies, and nothing other than husband and wife fighting like cats and dogs is shown. It is very surprising that in the English language there is not even a single novel which shows love between husband and wife. Love is shown only before marriage and nothing after marriage. Not even a single book. Do you trust this English language? They have tried to harm, harm our culture of the marriage system. They have tried to dispose of the marriage system, and you are fans of this kind of culture. Secondly, many more conditionings have come within us because of which men are so cruel to women. If females turn into Americans, men will learn the lessons well. All man will be hung.

I don’t understand now why we are inclined towards this culture. Our culture is one of the highest cultures in the world. Whether you call it, Hindu tav, or whatever, our culture  prevalent everyone, whichever religion anyone may follow, he will have great faith in Indian culture. Even this culture is under threat. While I was coming here I saw girls wearing clothes which are not suitable for our culture. Girls are dressed like men, and men are dressed like women. It was so confusing. Who among them are men and who are women? And parents today do not object to this kind of dress. They do not object at all, nor do they pay attention to it at all. This kind of people will never go deeper in Sahaja Yoga. You will be surprised to know that the least number of people who have taken up Sahaja Yoga are Americans, so much less. The reason is the foolishness of the people in America. They do not have any knowledge about culture. It has only been two hundred years since they became a country, but we Indians are eternal in this country what all we have not witnessed. Even Sahaja Yoga belongs to India. For thousands of years people were doing Sahaja Yoga. Earlier, it was that one guru would give realization to only one disciple. While practicing this, during the 12th century it started to spread and by 16 century everyone talked about it,

“Sahaj Samadhi lago” was told by Shri Guru Nanaka. Saint Kabira said, “Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadi.” Nobody even knew the meaning of it. Different types of people were born in the 16th century, maybe in Maharashtra or in Southern India, maybe in Punjab or in Uttar Pradesh. All these people were saints and sages. You think all these people said things which do not make sense. So many high-order thinkers were never born in any other country, but they could not impress us. Because of this, wrong practices started in all those people who think that they are very smart and intellectual and want to keep people in limited box thinking. In this country we talk about eternity, and to understand this, our brain’s capacity is not suitable enough, not worthy enough and cannot understand. To think about eternity, you have to go deep into it, experience it. Only in the subtle system as a spirit can you understand eternity.

So this is the kind of great country you are born in. Every other country in the world looks to India for this knowledge. People of the world think what great qualities Indians must possess. That is why in this expectation they come to this holy land. Foreigners also think that we are very, very spiritual people. I hear the same thing from every country. What India should be proud of is the spirituality in this country. Every country has grown taller like a tree in their culture and their civilization, but we have knowledge of the roots. Until these foreign countries attain the knowledge of their roots, their trees of culture may fall down. Undoubtedly, they are falling off and getting destroyed. The roots belong to our country, the great India. You don’t have to walk in the footsteps of the foreigners. They have nothing in them. We Indians have so many powers and knowledge. You just attain that, and understand that for a special reason you are born into this country. You are also special to be born here; you should understand that feeling. Respect that feeling. Face yourself and attain this spirituality. In Sahaja Yoga you can attain this.

To better understand the Kundalini you can take books from these people, and you can read them. We are ready with some of the reading material. Saint Kabirdas has said, “Pari pari pandit murakh bhaiye.” I have met many of them. So before reading, I would suggest you have the experience. If anything cannot be experienced, why read it? Experience is everything. Talking is just lip service. Shri Shankaracharya has called it “Shabd jalam”; “You take me out of this word web”. Don’t get entangled in this word web. The same thing I am going to tell you today, how great you are. You should not listen to My words but see it and experience it, and understand it. For Me, nothing is more satisfying. Thousands of My children, girls and boys, all the knowledge I have is for you. You will enlighten all the powers within you. All the powers should flow from you, and the world should witness it. What more can a mother ask for?

I hope that you will understand what I told you today, and today everyone will get their Self-realization. After Self-realization you are in complete bliss. You start thinking that now you have got your Self-realization. You are a Sahaja Yogi, but realization is not Sahaja Yoga. When I was 17 or 18 years old when Gandhiji called for the freedom fight, I left everything, our studies in between, and jumped into our country’s fight for freedom. And we contributed hard in Gandhiji’s efforts for freedom. The police even tortured us, hit us hard, made us lie down on ice bricks, gave us electric shocks, and did lots of atrocities. But we all fought for our freedom. Now you all can witness what we have done with our freedom. Now you learn about self-knowledge. You learn about the spirit and the body. And this is the new fight for freedom. If you have got your Self-realization and you do it in your home and your limited premises, it will not work like that. You will have to be collective. You have to participate completely in it. You have to be a part of it, with full commitment. All those people who did this, see how they have risen. This is the need of an hour. Earlier those who fought for the freedom of the country and made all the sacrifices, it is possible that only a handful of people did that and they all started thinking very highly of themselves. In Sahaja Yoga, until you understand your system completely, you are not free. Until you commit yourself completely to yourself, till then you cannot ascend. You do not sacrifice your household, your family. You don’t have to spend a penny; you just do nothing. Just spend some time on yourself, and just by giving some time to yourself you can attain this.

Today I have discussed with you about Kundalini in brief. You can read about it later, but for now try experiencing it. It is important to get your Self-realization. Just like you can see there are so many bulbs, you switch on only one plug and they all lighten up. But in case you ask Me silly questions that, “First tell me from where the electricity came, from where did it come to Delhi, how it entered into the Constitution Club”. By asking these questions you will give Me a headache and your head will also ache. It’s better that you get your enlightenment first. We can keep discussing the rest of the things later. For this you need to have a very strong, pure desire in your heart. The pure desire of the Almighty is the power of Kundalini. The rest of the desires, even if they get fulfilled, we never get satisfied. So please keep a very strong desire in your heart that, “I should attain my Self-realization”. If you all have this pure desire in your heart you will get your Self-realization, and I have full faith in that.

Pranams as gesture.


Now I will tell you some very basic things, nothing very particular. So do not get angry. Firstly, if possible kindly remove your shoes. Check if you are wearing any holy threads or talisman. Kindly remove that also. Now you all know that you are Indian, and now you can feel what great people you are. Everyone kindly open your hands towards Me like this. Please put your hands towards Me like this. Keep your eyes open. There is no mesmerism of any kind. It will be good if you keep your eyes open. Kindly check if there is any cold or warm breeze on your hands. Are you feeling any cool breeze on your fingertips? This is vibration, this is Paramchaitanya. This is also called Ritambhara PrAgnya. In the Bible it is called the All-pervading Power of God’s Love. Keep your right hand towards Me and your left hand above the head. Put it a little higher. Can you feel something cool? Keep your right hand towards Me, right hand. I am saying right hand but sometimes people get confused. Right hand towards Me and left hand above the head, just like I am doing. You will feel a cool breeze on your head. Some people may feel heat, but it will cool down in a while. If it is hot, kindly forgive everyone.

OK, now put your left hand towards Me. Please put your left hand towards Me now, right hand above the head. Can you feel the cool breeze? In your heart, kindly ask, please ask in your heart, “Mother, is this the All-pervading Power of God’s Love? Mother, is this Paramchaitanya?”

Now once again put your right hand towards Me and put your left hand on the head and ask. Bring your hand down. All those people who could feel a hot or a cool breeze on the hands or on your heads kindly raise both of your hands. All those people who could feel a hot or a cool breeze on the hands or on the fontanel bone area, kindly raise both of your hands. This is Delhi. You all have become saints. You all have gotten your Self-realization. You know when I am abroad I keep My hand for half an hour on each chakra of the foreigners, and you people got your Self-realization just like that.

Now understand your value. No one gets their Self-realization so easily. Sometimes it takes three days to give them their Self-realization. This is your specialty, but going further can be difficult. Now you have to go to our centers. From tomorrow morning onward there will be a nice program for the next five days, morning and evening. In the mornings there will be discussions on different topics, and they will explain to you what you have gained. In the evenings we will have musical programs. Hopefully, you will gather here in greater numbers with your relatives. Inform your brothers, sisters and friends. Try to understand its importance. If you miss this, most of you will grow higher to become deities, and some will be left at the human level. I don’t know what will happen to them at the human level with  kind of air in environment everywhere. For your relatives you cannot do anything better than this. Try coming tomorrow morning. I don’t know the exact time. OK, it’s not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow. Now he will tell you what time on the day after tomorrow.

 Dr Nigam: This is to inform all the brothers and sisters, the day after tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning at the Bharat ground opposite Nizamuddin police station, here from 22nd to 25th each day we will tell you about Sahaja Yoga. If any of your chakras are not clear we will tell you about the clearing techniques. We will tell you how to meditate. If anyone has any personal problems we will discuss that also. The morning session is 9.30 am to 12 noon, and the evening session will start at 6:00 pm. You are all cordially invited. Bhartiyam Ground opposite Nizamuddin police station. Thank you.

After these five day sessions you all will become firm Sahaja Yogis , experts. That is why I said that you should have five day sessions for the Delhi people. You will have to work towards it. I know some of you will find an excuse while on your way back. So please tell your heart not to make excuses. This is one chance where you are not paying anything from your pocket. Just give some time for yourself and for your Self-realization. I hope you all will come back the day after tomorrow, and you will gain from it completely and you will emancipate the whole world.

Pranams – gesture

Now kindly maintain this peace. Kindly do not debate on this issue. This is beyond the intellect. Maintain this peace. If someone is trying to get into an argument or debate, just hold your hands and send them to the parliament.

For all the foreigners, I am sorry that I have to speak in English (Hindi?) language, our national language. There are so many people here who have knowledge of English but I find it easier to talk in Hindi language to them. I hope you don’t mind. Of course, you all know everything about Sahaja Yoga. Whether I speak in Marathi, Hindi or English, any language, you know everything. So I hope you all do not mind. May God bless you.

 Tomorrow you can ask questions also. If you have any questions bring them in writing. We will answer your questions.

 2.04.30 Music in background

Mother talking in Marathi

Before you leave please listen to one song by the foreigners. They have composed it. See how beautifully they sing in Hindi language. Please listen before you leave.


Sat janam jo puniyae kiye haain

Come tomorrow. Everyone should come tomorrow. You all will get photographs and so on. You should all come.

Also, this is to inform all the new Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters that we have one center in Safdarjung Enclave on Wednesday, and every Saturday at 6:30 pm we have a Centre behind Qutab Hotel. Here we will tell you every Saturday and Wednesday how to clear your chakras, how we can keep our Kundalini risen high. We will share all the knowledge about these things. Please do come. You will not gain anything just by Darshan /visitation/holy glance.  Please do come and get rid of all your problems.

Thank you.

Shri Mata Ji Nirmala Devi ki jai

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki aji

Bolo jata janani Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ji ki jai

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki jai

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki jai

Please maintain silence and do not rush or gather here. Kindly do not rush or gather here.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki jai

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki jai