Visit to Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin

Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi (India)


H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi visits the shrine of the Sufi saint, Nizamuddin, in Delhi, India. (1993-0320).

Shri Mataji: We worship Mohammad Sahib, you do not do puja but we do puja to Mohammad Sahib

Muslim priest: Wah (wow)

Shri Mataji: We do (worship) Ali, Mohammad and all other great souls. We worship and believe them all. We worship them, we believe them all. Also Rama, Shri Krishna, Isa Masiah (Jesus) Mahavir, Buddha. They (referring to yogis) worship and pray all because they have understood that all are flowers of the  same tree.  All these flowers (referring to incarnations and saints) have come from one tree only, but we pluck these flowers and then now are fighting for these dead flowers. The flowers that are alive that is what we need I know of.  Let us see now we have Hindus, Muslims, Jew (talks to the priest) the doctor that said he is a Jew, these are people (yogis) from all countries, there are Japanese, and from all countries from 56 countries. In Russia we have such people in thousands. Now they (yogis) all have become Sufis.  Until this does not happen there cannot be harmony and peace and we will not get any peace or happiness.  This hatred is not going to benefit anyone, whether be a Muslim or a Hindu. Everything else is useless

Priest: yes, that is true

Shri Mataji: And this is what we are doing. Now only few have come here, only few chosen group have come here. Otherwise in each country there are thousands such people (yogis). Because they are ‘bande’ what you call. (bandey is a terminology used for a seeker in sufi)  They are ‘bandey’ who are seeking. First there is a question within with which a person seeks. Then there is ‘bandey’ that means who has the answer. So now these all people are bandey and have received it because they know what is and what is not.  Now we have to understand everything. People do not understand all that is written in the Quran at all.  My father has done translation of Qura-e-Sharif in Hindi and it is written over there that there is only one and we have to become one together and live in harmony and peace.  We need to think what will happen to our children.  There should be only peace and harmony. There is no profit in fighting within and with each other.  It is all useless. Now look at us, there are thousands. (talking to priest) you have seen it now, they have come.  No one is fighting with anyone, all are peaceful, husband and wife do not fight, no one looks at other’s wife, others children. All have clean eyes.  Normally one does not see such things in foreign lands. We might have that here in Muslims or so. But these people have managed to get out of that dirt from there and have landed here, themselves, because everything is inside us.  Islam is also within us, everything is within

Priest: the whole Qayanat (universe) is within us

Shri Mataji: Yes, everything,everything and when this happens then there nothing left for a man to think.

Priest: Yes, he (God/Mohammad) says ‘first you become mine and then the world will becomes yours.

Shri Mataji: yes, you are right

Priest: When you cannot understand our self, then how can the world come to you. We do not know even ourselves.

Shri Mataji: We do not know our ‘self’, we have to know that our ‘self’. For example, there is a mirror. So one fact is that you are the one who is looking at it, then secondly, the person/reflection that you are seeing in that mirror and the third is the ‘act’, the action itself of seeing: these three things, people are struck between these things 3 things. But if you understand that  you are the mirror itself, then there is no fight, no reason to fight.  When you find yourself, then there is no fight. Look at them just by singing (coming here?) they have become Ali.  You can also do it. Just open your hands. Try this. You have not experienced the ‘Ruh’ in true sense. You will start feeling very cool, your hands and your head will become cool.

Yogi: You can turn the fan off

Shri Mataji: yes if you want you can turn the fan off. You are feeling it. (referring to the person in the front) Muslim feel it very fast. I have seen that Muslims get and feel it right away. Like that. But they don’t come in (Sahaja).  Now see here, how do they realize the essence of Nizammudin’ place, they do not know him so well. But once they feel the coolness in both the hands, they know it. That’s it.

Yogi: Mother the hands have turned as cool as ice

Shri Mataji: Until we do not open our eyes, we will stay in darkness. In the darkness, like holding a snake when there is no light in the room, everyone tells the person, it is snake but the person does not listen because he cannot see things clear in dark, he says, ‘no this is only a rope.’ And once the light is one, he himself will realize  and throw the snake away.  Now these people have stopped drinking alcohol. I did not tell them to do so. It just happened. They do not drink even little.  In fact Muslims will drink but they will not. No smoking. Nothing.  Look how are they standing having left all these things. Overnight they have stopped drugs. You have listened to the doctors today no? They have treated so many people. This should happen with all. We are hoping that this realization comes to all.

Priest: This is about me. (gives something to Shri Mataji)

Shri Mataji: (looks at the pamphlet) You look smaller in this photo than now. (smiles) All are/look smaller in front of a Mother. (talks to yogi) This is his photograph. He looks young there. (to other yogis) there are other such places, like Sai Nath also.

(another person from the group talks something in reference to Lalit Bandhari and his dedication to coming to this place regularly while others try to get some water for Mother)

Shri Mataji: Yes, all I tell them (yogis) to come and visit this place. (looking at the elder priest) So there are many Sufi people here.

Priest: Yes, sufi are many but believers are only handful. The one who see self can see all.

Shri Mataji: It will be nice if Sufis realize it.

(A yogi tries to give more vibrations to the priest and then says he should feel on the head also.)

Priest: It is about connection. I know that, we are connected.

Shri Mataji: That is it. Only one truth.

Elder priest shares his experiences about what a Fakir is and his experience of outside world as mad house and shares that but for a Fakir (seeker) his place is higher than a Badshah (king).  As he gets louder Shri Mataji calms him.

(Shri Mataji then tastes the freshly cooked sweet from earthen pot and leaves the Shrine.)


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