Birthday Puja: Satya Yuga

New Delhi (India)

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Puja for the 70° Birthday, New Delhi (India), 21 March 1993. 

It is very difficult to speak even for Me. To see so many Sahaja Yogis sitting here with such shining faces from all over the world – as if My vision has taken its form today. I see in you the saviours of tomorrow who are going to save this world from all the Kali Yuga calamities that are surrounding us. 

It is coming from all sides, while you people have really taken your second birth from this pond of Kali Yuga and have really become beautiful lotuses of different colours, hues, fragrance and beauty. Instead of you celebrating My birthday, it is better I celebrate your birthdays! [Applause]

As I told you the other day, that it is you who are such great seekers, seekers of truth, of love, that it could work out; otherwise it would have been impossible. 

To even transform one person is very difficult, but you were so sensitive and so deep that this subtle knowledge, I don’t know how it penetrated your being. It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe Myself what great people have taken birth in this Kali Yuga. No one can believe that there are so many saints sitting before Me, so many Ways, so many Nalis are sitting before Me. 

In the history of spirituality, it has never happened. Even in the heavens there are few devatas and devas – not so many – one better than the other. Such beautiful heart, such brilliant brains, and such active attention. Is, really, I thank you all that this 70th birthday I could see so many people which I never expected. 

You know Sahaja Yoga was started with one person, and then those who came also out of them some were power oriented, money oriented. All kinds of people created problems for us. One after another, so many problems came and also there were many who were of a very low level seekers. 

But I find today they have all come up beautifully. I cannot distinguish one from another, the way it has happened and the commitment you have to Sahaja Yoga is the greatest blessing for this world. 

I could not do it alone. You know that, if I could do it, I would not have needed you. You are the channels and you have to work it out further and further. 

It is really remarkable the way Delhi people have organized everything [applause]. First of all, everybody was very much keyed on to the 70th birthday. I don’t know what was the reason, but whatever it is. And then Delhi people said: “This time we are going to celebrate, Mother, Your birthday in Delhi”. I said: “Everybody is on it so be careful, it is not going to be easy. It will be a big headache, so many will be coming down”. But they didn’t expect so much, I am sure. People are coming, a hundred are coming from there a hundred from there, I said: “Are you worried?” They said, “No, we are very happy about it!”. I saw their enthusiasm, their organization, the way they have done it. 

The best part of it Delhi, which is a place where all kinds of politicians live, have groups and politics and all that. But in Sahaja Yoga, in Delhi, there is no politics [applause]. There is no quarrelling, there is no pulling each other’s legs. It is a very remarkable thing to happen in a place like Delhi, where every day what you hear that even in our Parliament they are beating each other. Perhaps in this hell only this goodness was to be born and to be manifested by Sahaja Yogis. 

The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, as you know, is extremely, extremely subtle, and it’ is not easy to penetrate into these so-called people who call themselves intellectuals or who are absolutely bowed down to their conditionings. So, to one side we have the masses who are ignorant and other side the classes who live in the frame that they have made out of their brains: both ways, I think, they are extremely gross. 

But the way they have absorbed this subtle nectar of divinity is something unbelievable. Nobody can comprehend even that there were so many born after My birth on this earth, or some maybe before also – very few. Just after My birth they were born here in this world to get to Sahaja Yoga. 

But when I saw the world I was shocked, more shocked than Kabira himself. I said: “How will I talk to anyone about it?” 

My family members – I didn’t know how will I open the subject to them. It was impossible – so much was the darkness of ignorance. “How will they believe that there is really Divinity, there is totality waiting for them?” They all believed into some sort of a religion which had no connection with reality and it was impossible even to envisage the method by which I could talk to them. 

I remember the first incident when we went to Nargol where I had opened the Sahasrara, the first person who got Realization was a Gujarati, and a jeweller. Immediately all the others – there were hardly about thirty-five people – they started saying that: “of course he is a rich man, he is a jeweller. So, Mother has given him Realization”. I think it was the first and the last time I really got angry: I started shouting at them, I said: “You are good for nothing, useless people you can never take to Divinity and I have really thought that stop it now. One has to take another life, another time where people will understand what is Sahaja Yoga”. 

But after that, suddenly people started feeling the cool breeze in their hands, immediately after My shouting, imagine! And they said: “Mother, you know, it is working, it is working in us, it is working out of us”. Thus we got twelve people, and one lady whom I had given before also. She was the fourteenth. Thus first we had only these fourteen Sahaja Yogis for whom it was something out of the blue. They were all flabbergasted, they didn’t know what it was and then surprisingly, in one of our programmes, a lady who was possessed by some Brahmin came and started saying: “Jagadamba, Jagadamba”. They couldn’t understand. I never told them what I was. Never. I have never told otherwise also. So then, she recited a poem from “Saundarya Lahari” in Sanskrit language, and she was just a maid servant and in a man’s voice. So everybody was shocked that the bhoot should say all these things and then she went away. After that these people started probing into it, and they wanted to have My puja first time in My house itself. 

Still people were not very sure they were doing the right thing. Even the brahmin they called, they said: “This Saptashakti (Puja) is a very difficult Puja and something will happen to us”. But after the puja they said: “Nothing happened. We are so much better”. They all felt the cool breeze and the entire atmosphere changed. They started understanding that Sahaja Yoga is the Yuga-Dharma, is the one of this Yuga, this Kali Yuga, so the Sahaja-dharma became the Dharma of this Yuga. 

This Yuga is very difficult, no doubt, but in difficulties only do we become intense seekers and that’s what happened with all of you, that you found out that everywhere, people were following whatever they were following, they were not reaching any point. Like a cocoon, they were hitting their head here and there. 

They got their Realization so quickly, and when they told Me how they were seeking, what was happening to them I was amazed, how this seeking was working within them and push them towards Sahaja Yoga. 

Also, in the meanwhile, I must say, so many got lost into the clutches of false gurus. 

Despite that, today we have so many Sahaja yogis. You are just representing your country but there are many more in your countries. Even in India we have many more. You have just here come to represent them. So a multiple of this number, I do not know how many would be there. So many ask Me: “How many Sahaja yogis there are?” I said: “I don’t know”. “So, you do not know?” I said: “No, we have never kept any record”. So they can’t understand. I said: “We have no office, no record, I have no secretary, I do not know how to type, I do not know how to write even My cheque!” They can’t understand: a person like Me existing in these modern times. 

But everything gets done, somehow. Despite all My modern ignorance, everything gets absolutely done, in the most perfect manner, like a remote control. Now, this whole thing, I never said a word about it, I must tell you. Nothing. Never I gave any idea as to how it should be. I did not even tell them how many we are expecting. But see how spontaneously everything has worked out. Because you all have commitment and that commitment gives you all these organizing capacities. So many things you have seen get organized because also this Paramchaitanya has come into Krita Yuga where it is working it out, it is active and this activity also is absolutely supportive to you. 

For example, the police people told us that: “There are Muslims living here, and you might have some danger from them, they might do some harm to you”. I said: “Which Muslims are they?” So they said: “Nizamuddin Auliya’s people are here”. I said: “They will never harm us”. I said why? –  because he was a Sufi and he was a great realized soul, and the people who are allowed there must be – most of them at least – believers of Sufism. How can they harm us? 

So I said: “Tomorrow, early in the morning, you go and put a chaddar, as they call it, all of you”. 

And they were so impressed that, you saw in the evening, they came here all the way, morning time, and they were so respectful. Then they called Me, they gave me another chaddar, this, that, and they said that: “We are yours!” And this and that, all kinds of things. And his disciple was Amir Khusro, another very very great Sufi gentleman and I always have admired his poetry. And also the way Nizamuddin led his life of dignity and divinity. 

All these Muslims, who were there, put hands towards Me like this, and they said: “We are feeling the cool breeze!” I said: “This is Ruh”. “Ah, this is Ruh!” Once these people start getting Ruh, they will all become Sahaja yogis very soon, and you may have to have…(Applause). 

There are so many Sufis all over the world and we are going to take their addresses and we are going to meet them. 

Then, you might have to have another big pendal, double pandal I think may be triple (applause). You Delhi people, are not quite frightened about the sizes. I think again we will have to have it in Delhi only. 

Also, contemporarily, Delhi is in a state of turmoil and we should be here to pacify it, to quieten it, to give wisdom to those people, who are supposed to be at the helm of affairs. It will work definitely, it will work, with all these Sahaja yogis emitting such beautiful vibrations. See on top of your head this cloth is moving up and down all the time. Though there is no breeze outside; the leaves are just steady, but from your head, you see, is moving all this. So, I am sure these vibrations will cool down and will bring peace to our politicians and to the people who are at the helm of affairs. 

At this juncture, when in the whole world, there are so many things going on of uncertainties. Say, in Russia there are uncertainties, Bosnia there are uncertainties, in England there is recession, America there is recession, Spain there is recession. Everybody is suffering from the pangs of some sort of an extreme behaviour they went into. So I am sure this polarity that they see now will correct their behaviour towards materialism and I am sure that a balance will be struck. With your good wishes, with your prayers this world will be so beautiful, so enchanting that in the history people will describe that the world itself became a lotus, full of fragrance of Divinity (Applause). 

You are the petals, you are the corona, you are the colour, you are the beauty, you are the pollen of that beautiful lotus which is My vision of this world. 

I hope today you all will decide to work for Sahaja Yoga, to spread Sahaja Yoga, and work for yourself also. The only danger is that one should not allow ego to sit on your heads. That’s the only horse.  

If you could ride yourself and don’t allow the horse to ride you, you will progress very fast, beautifully. Thus I am sure Sahaja Yoga will spread. Every birthday we have to take a vow. I didn’t know what vow I should take. People have told Me that I should not work so hard, I am working very hard, but I have taken a vow that I will work double hard (applause). In the same way you also – all of you – have to take a vow today that you will go all out in the commitment of working of Sahaja Yoga, will think about it: 

There are scientists who should produce books, there are doctors who should produce books, writings, go round, talk to their colleagues, organize meetings, seminars with your colleagues. There are architects and other professionals, who could call their colleagues and give them realization. Even the people who are dealing with finances should take to Sahaja Yoga. It is very important because financial problems can only be solved by the Divine power. Nobody else can solve it. 

So, every one in this world, whether it is law or any other field, all of you, should take to Sahaja Yoga and also to creative work. 

Then also you have to take Sahaja Yoga to your surroundings, to villages, to cities wherever it is possible, wherever you can organize, you have to spread Sahaja Yoga everywhere. 

As far as curing is concerned, I would advise you don’t have to touch anyone. Please use only My photograph. That is how you will get more Sahaja yogis and less sick people. Also people will be cured and all of them will become Sahaja yogis. 

We have also agricultural field, on which we have done something. But much can be done about agriculture. One should see the Government and tell them what agriculture can do. You can form a committee and go and see them. And talk to them, that how agriculture can be helped by Sahaja Yoga. 

We have to help our children, we have to look after them, because you know what sort of future is surrounding them, what sort of atmosphere is crawling, even in India. So we have to see that our children properly grow in Sahaj culture. It is very important, because they are tomorrow’s Sahaja yogis. So many of them are born realized, so we have to discipline them properly, and we have to make them Allah, Allah Dairha (Dirtha?) Sahaja yogis, as described in the qawwali. 

It is also our family life, which is very important. Is shocking that family life is, nowadays, becoming a kind of a stupid thing. No one understands the importance of it. In Sahaja Yoga we have to understand: small quarrels, fights, should be given up. Harshness must be given (up), cruelty must be given up, and there should be a proper rapport, between husband and wife, to begin with. So there is a companionship, and the children, also, see that companionship, and enjoy it. 

In our dress, in our life, we have to be dignified and decent, respecting our body, it is very important. We should wear whatever suits us, in whatever country we are. I mean, imagine in Samarkhand, if somebody wants to wear three-pieces suit, what will happen to him? Whatever suits us, whatever fits our culture. One should try to wear decent dresses, traditional dresses. 

Specially for women it is very important to wear dresses that will make them look more dignified. Also another point I would like to say, that ladies specially, must take to reading, at least newspapers. If your attention is on the problems that are in this world, it is very effective because, you know, your attention is active, it works. So use your attention. You see the newspapers, you watch; I know it is horrifying sometimes, you can give a bandhan, but you must see what’s happening, where. It is very important. 

Also men should not just read something sensational, but read something that’s happening, and also think what are the solutions? How can you people as Sahaja yogis help in a collective way or an individual way? We have to solve many problems of this modern world. Also one has to read good books, good films one has to see, and have your reflection on them, keep your mind alert. There are many beautiful poems, I have read recently coming out of some people where never expected they will write poems. Beautiful, very high class. So this poetry also, we are going to collect. We are going to collect all the miraculous photographs from everywhere. They are trying to systematize and now, in this system, if you can all help spontaneously, it will be a great achievement because so far, we have not been able to collect all these data and keep them with us. 

Now, the best is that you all must meditate; all have to meditate. Only in meditation, you are in present and you grow in your spirituality. I have said it many a times, but people just don’t do it. About ten minutes if you can meditate before sleeping, it is of a great help to you. No doubt you will really grow very fast. 

Immediately I know this man is meditating, the way he has changed. And then, once you get used to it, you will never give it up. It is a very simple meditation, you have footsoaking, or something like that. And in the morning you should beat your ego. That’s all. It is not that you have to do one lakh japas (tapas?) or something, nothing of the kind. It is very simple. But this, you have to do it for yourself, to respect your self-realization and your growth in divinity. 

We have lots of advantages over others, but one thing I have to tell you: those people who are not prone to seeking, please don’t talk to them about Sahaja Yoga. Don’t waste your energy on such people, discussing and arguing, because it cannot be discussed much. You just forget them and leave them alone. I will look after them, you just take to simple people, good people, who are seeking the truth. I don’t want you to break your necks with those people, who are just believing in discussions, arguments and “shabda jahlam”. 

Today the Sahaja Yoga culture is so much manifesting that people, once they see you, they immediately know there is something special, and that they have something very unique qualities among them which you seldom find with normal people. 

All these things you should understand, have come to you spontaneously from within, but you must preserve them and you should never feel shy of them. You should never be shy of your virtues. And whatever people may try to tell you that: “You better do this, better do this”. If it is wrong, you should never do it, you should just say: “I do not want to do it”. Because now, you are very powerful and that you have to lead the people and people do not have to lead you. Fashions do not have to lead you, but you have to create fashions. You have to create a path for them. It’s not that you have to trod on the path that they have made. 

Try to understand that your own personality is of a level where you can see so many subtle things and you are so powerful that others don’t see, then you have to, automatically, take up their leadership. Don’t get ideas from them and don’t get frightened when they try to tell you something against yourself or against Sahaja Yoga. Be sure, be confident. That it is how it is going to work out. Now I am just a woman and a housewife but I was so sure about Sahaja Yoga that it worked out. I didn’t have to, sort of, think whether I should do it or not, I just started it. Although, in the family it was not so much respected, not so much agreed to, it doesn’t matter. I started the whole thing on My own, worked it out on My own, because I had complete confidence in the truth, that if I am standing on the truth, it will help Me and it will help all those who will come to it. It has happened. 

So, for you, it should not be difficult at all, all of you should first of all see that you are not a conditioned person and you do not have an ego. And then, you should go ahead with it, and you will be amazed how things will work out. 

Today’s puja is a very short puja, that is why I gave you a long lecture. There are so many things which I cannot, at this time, which is short, tell you, but if you sit down, you can easily make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 yourself. 

So now put your mind to it in a way that you are the organizer. Then what should you do? What can you do? What are you going to achieve? Please try, and it will work out. All of you can do it. I think best is to make a diary for yourself and write it down in that: what you have done, how many people you have given realization, to how many got cured, what do you think about them. But now, if there is no diary, Sahaja yogis can say: “But Mother, we have no diary, so we will start it tomorrow!” No, you start it today. The only trouble with Sahaja yogis is that they take things a little lightly. Of course, that is their character, but not Sahaja Yoga. Other things you can take lightly: if somebody shouts at you, somebody gets angry with you, somebody even slaps you, take it lightly. It does not matter, makes no difference to you, because you are the Spirit, nothing can destroy the Spirit (Sanskrit quotation). 

But when it comes to Sahaja Yoga, your attitude should be different. If you are relaxing on one side, another side you have to be dynamic, and that side is where you have to put forward the theories of Sahaja Yoga and you have to talk to people, you have to organize a press conference; whatever sort of things you want to do, at whatever level you want to work it out, please make a proper plan about it and just do it. It will all work out I am sure it will work out. With all these ideas that I have, you have many more and I hope, by next year, you will see the manifestation of those. 

I hope many people will write books like Dr. U. C. Rai has written. I am sure books can be written by every doctor. Doctor Dr. U. C. Rai has worked single-handed, everything has done single-handed. So beautifully he has worked it out. So everybody can publish a book with their experiences, with their understanding of Sahaja Yoga which will help Sahaja yogis also, but it should be honest, a very honest book. I am sure such a book will be very much appreciated in Sahaja Yoga, and we’d like to publish that book also. All those who have such ideas, should make an effort to create some new books, some new ideas, some new creations. It is very important, because in these modern times, people want to do something new, something novel. Under these circumstances, I am sure you all will work out. 

So, all the time,we have to think about Sahaja Yoga and jot it down whatever ideas are coming into your mind, and then these can be properly put together, making a beautiful book of Sahaja Yoga. Ladies also have lots of chances of doing so many things for Sahaja Yoga. This is a very opportune time. 

I think Satya Yuga is starting from tomorrow (Applause). And what will be the symptom? That now, the Satya will be victorious, Vijaya. Whatever people may try ultimately, Satya will be Vijaya, Satyameva Vijayate. That is going to happen, and you are responsible (Applause). 

For this I congratulate you, again and again, and I hope you will have the commitment to do that. 

May God bless you. 

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi