Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)


Birthday Felicitations. Delhi (India), 22 March 1993.

Shri Mataji: This is the book about Ustaad Mustak Ali Khan …See …He is a realized soul you can see him very clearly. And I am very happy that Debu has written this book …All such books must come up because of all these great artists…I should say …real patrons of music …are getting lost in the oblivion…It is very important that they should write about there Gurus, so people could know what kind of great people existed in this country. And what are their aspirations? If he was born in England, or any other western countries there would have been at least 3000 books written about him…So I am very happy that Debu Who has done such good work.And all those who love music should buy this and study …It’s very beautifully written.
Thank you!
Sahaja Yogi: Dr HS Sharma has written a book about Sahaja yoga which Shri Mataji is going to release just now …

Shri Mataji is saying he is a very learned man…
Shri Mataji: Very nice book! May God bless you! It’s a tremendous book. All foreigners must purchase this book. Very authentic book!

Talk to other people based on this book! Very nice book and you can talk to many other people who want science and this and that to be connected with divinity. Is a very good book…He has done a lot of research …Done very well…I am very happy with the book…
Please Sahaja yogis from abroad especially should buy otherwise also those who feel like buying should buy. Thank you! Thank you!

Sahaja yogis: Bolo Shri Adishakti Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai!