Public Program (Morning)

New Delhi (India)

1993-03-22 Morning Public Program in Scout Camp Delhi Hindi, 106'
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[Hindi to English translation]

I am told lots of new people have arrived. Please raise your hands. As I told you, it is a subtle knowledge and to know it you have to become subtle. Do you all understand English? New people don’t know?  Shall I tell in Hindi?  Ok. Sit down.

Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is a subtle knowledge and to achieve this subtle knowledge, we must also be subtle. And what is this subtleness (sukshmata)? That we should be like Spirit – I have told you in my lectures. We have to be like Spirit.  And from this Spirit only, we can understand this subtle knowledge. Because the Spirit has its own light. And when that light appears on us, in the light of that Spirit only, we can know this subtle knowledge. This Spirit is inside us. This reflection of God is inside us like Spirit. And this Kundalini which is the power, will power of the Divine, Adishakti,  is its reflection. So when Kundalini rises, which is in three and half coil,  Coil is called  Kundal.  Hence its name is Kundalini and this three and half coils does not rise fully.  Just like there are lot of threads tied in a rope, similarly in this Kundalini also there are lot of strands. Some of these strands rise, like it happened the other day, and penetrates your Fontanelle bone area, which is called Talu, in Sanskrit it is called Talavyam, pierces it and spreads in that minute power which is in the universe (charachar). When it unites with that subtle energy, then Spirit’s seat is here, the Seat of all chakras is in the Head and these seven Chakras are inside us,  about which I shall tell you tomorrow and when this Kundalini energy is awakened, then more and more strands should start rising. The first experience you will get, which we call  Thoughtlessness, Thoughtless Awareness. In English Samadhi means Awareness, Samadhi means the brain which has become aware and when the brain first becomes aware of this Ether, this  new dimension, this new notion, this divine vibration,    that time is called awareness but that awareness, you will first get that awareness in the form of thoughtless awareness.  Suddenly you will see you have become thoughtless. And when we are thinking, we think of either ahead, of future or behind, that is past, but this  time, which is present, we are never in the present.  And until we are in the present, we can never ascend spiritually because the past is over and future is not there now.  We don’t know what is there.  We don’t know what is in future and the past is over.  The reality is the present, this time but our brain cannot settle in the present, our mind cannot settle here. These thoughts arise like waves and then fall and rise. Whole time we are in this movement only. Sometimes we run to the top and sometimes to the bottom.  Today this thought comes, tomorrow that thought comes and day after that thought comes.  But when your Kundalini rises, what happens is, there is a long gap between the thoughts. The space between these two thoughts is called vilamb (delay) in sanskrit.  You come in this delayed state and this state of delay which is very narrow increases. This is called present and hence you become thoughtless but awareness means you don’t go into dormant state  and you become very alert.  You don’t go to sleep mode.  You become very alert, more than needed.  No thoughts come to you and you only watch it. This is called witness state. You only see it and you don’t get affected. You only see it and no action or reaction come. You watch it totally in witness state. This is called first stage of thoughtless awareness.  You have to come to this stage first.  Like there is a very beautiful carpet and if I am thinking right, I will think how beautiful this carpet is, where it is available, how much it costs, from which shop it is bought, whose it is, etc. All these thoughts will come to mind.  On the other hand, if it is mine, headache is more, it shouldn’t get spoiled, insurance is not done for this, how it will work out etc.  This is human mind.  But in spiritual power, man  does not think of all these  but only sees it.  And what does he  see. How beautiful this is, The artisan who has made  this has created such a beautiful thing. The beauty which he has expressed, shown joy of his heart in this beautiful carpet, that joy, delight he has shown in this beauty, everything goes right into me arbitrarily (nirgun). And from top to bottom, it will make me cool. The one who has made it, the one who has created this, his work is also complete and for me also such a great thing happened that without thinking and understanding, I have  enjoyed this. It makes no difference whether it is mine or not. This way you become thoughtlessly aware. This gives you peace. Thoughtless awareness gives you peace, and your spiritual power grows.  When your spiritual power grows, your creative power also increases and when this creative power increases, you can do many things with this creative power,    instantly, there is no effort, spontaneous, sahaj.  Like one gentleman who was a great mathematician but he had no knowledge of language.   He did not know languages.  He came to Sahaj and started writing poetry in Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and English.  This is not some ghost attempt but this is the power hidden in you. Hidden creativity in you which has touched your heart. And now he started doing spontaneously in Sahaj to such a great extent that he does not undertstand what to do.  He keeps a Dictaphone with him always and he gets so restless that until he dictates into it, he is not peaceful. Like this, there are lot of poets in India. Great artists are here. In India, great artists who are well known  have become great through Sahaj. Lot of great artists in India, Mr. Amjad Ali is there, Mr. Sifat Hussain is there, son of Alla Rakaha is there.  Lot of people are there.   Like that among us, there is Debu Choudhury here and who knows how many artists  have benefitted from Sahaj,  They say we don’t understand when you are sitting in front of us, our fingers start moving automatically. We don’t understand.  They start playing the tune which they have never played.   Like this lot of people have benefitted in  strange manner.  You don’t get this even if you go to teachers for a long time.   Lot of artists and their creative power has been awakened and through their creative power, they have reached from somewhere to somewhere. The creative power inside you increases manifold. When we talk about Chakras tomorrow, then I will tell you about different energies/power in different chakras and how you can achieve their powers.  You know, there was a medical conference, where most of you had come, some had not come,  new people had not come.  One thing is certain that with Kundalini awakening, your health totally becomes alright.  Most of the people become alright.  If some are in their deathbed, God says let them die this time and they can get rebirth again. It does not matter.  Some people are so useless that God has common sense and He  thinks what is the use of curing them. Because these are the lamps which will never give light. So what is the use of curing such lamps.

But most of the people recover from all types of diseases.  It is very surprising.  From all types of diseases, means many have recovered from cancer.  And they have been cured at such a time when the doctor had given certificate that he will die in eight days. Sometimes, doctors say all these.  They also have their limitations, and they give a certificate that you will die in eight days and please complete whatever work you have to do.  But he survives for eight years or nine years.  How can this happen? You will say how can this happen?  You have to understand how it happens.  Our subtle system is the existence of  our  physical, mental and material state. Our energies/strength are  in our chakras.  If one of your chakras is over active, it works like this, like Doctor explained, sympathetic nervous system works more and more. They go on working, working, working and the chakras become narrow and when it becomes narrow, what happens is either it loses its energy or it breaks. The moment it breaks the connection which is between your whole, means your brain,  then you become separate, you become alone, you become a  loner, which is called malignant, which is called cancer.  What kundalini does is, like we thread the pearls, it moves very slowly  here and there in every chakra passing through left and right and rises straight from here. Here the chakras get nourished and when the chakras get nourished, it gets energy and once energized, it rejoins the brain and also param chaitanya.  Once this connection is completely established, after that no one can fall ill.  If someone is a Sahaja yogi and he does not have any disease. Like this there are lot of people. It is not that everyone who comes to Sahaja yoga are sick.  There are lot of people who come are healthy. These people are fine people, because the moment they get their self realization, they get the blessings of Kundalini and the moment they get the blessings of Kundalini, they progress rapidly and after that they never fall sick at all.   There are lot of people among us who say that they used to go to doctor even if they had cold but now if some one has cancer, we go to him.  So you become a doctor, you become a doctor, and understand your own sickness because when Kundalini penetrates, you feel the cool cool breeze, like you felt cool breeze the other day and all these five six and seven chakras, these are also five six and seven chakra.  You come to know which chakras has problem and if you want to know others’ chakras, you can know which chakra is catching.  If you understand how to correct these chakras, finished.  You correct your chakras and correct others’ chakras also. Before this you have never felt your own chakras.  Now you feel your own chakras and we call this our own knowledge, knowledge of self.  Once you get your own knowledge, knowledge of self, you understand everything about your chakras and then you can maintain your health properly.   If you can understand the chakras of others, you can keep them also healthy. You talk only of chakras,  your language becomes that of chakras.  You don’t say he is a Muslim or he is a Hindu, you don’t say he is English or Indian or someone else, you don’t say his hair is white or black, if he is wearing suit or Kurta pajama.  These are outward display.  You only say Mother he is catching this chakra. You only talk of chakras. Which chakra is bad, you talk only about that. Your attention goes to those chakras.  You learn how to correct these Chakras and that is all.  Now God does not understand this, money, bank etc.  all these headache is created by human being.  These are not related to God.  How can it happen tell me? These Institutions are strange.  I also don’t understand.  However, you cannot give money for all these.  This is a living process.  How much money you give to your stomach that it digests all your food, or how much money you give to this hand  that it does all your work?  Like this to anyone, if anyone, if a man  says money is required for these, he is the biggest hypocrite.  On one hand they do God’s work and on the other they take money. They do not  do God’s work because  God does not understand money.  Take this thought out of your mind that you can give money in the name of God. Yes alright. We have built this pavillion (mantap),  you can give money for this, it is alright you  have come by airplane, you can give money for that.  You can give money for all these material things.  But  see you cannot give money for God’s work.  And this thing which comes to you internally we call this as collective consciousness, means, you become conscious about others, means  you understand about other’s chakras.  You will want to correct them.  You won’t think of anything.  

If anyone’s chakra is catching, you will feel so much compassion. You will collect four five people and you will go behind this person. Have you thought about yourself or your own protection or have you looked at yourself but have just started and you will go behind this person? So much compassion will flow. They will  make call after call to me that he is not well.  Is he a sahaj yogi?  No Mother but he is a very decent man, a very good man. A very gentleman. A good man.   Please put your attention on him.  He has to be cured.  Your compassion flows like this.  And in compassion, where is the question of fight?  Recently I had gone to the Shrine,  Nizamuddin Saheb’s Shrine. He is also a very great man in Aulia and I believe in him.   We believe in every one. We pray to Gurunanakji and we pray to Mohammad sahib also. Both are same.  Whether you understand or not?  Unnecessarily, you are fighting.  In  reality everyone is same.  You don’t understand they all are same. 

However, I found  politics is going on even there.   You are sitting on some one’s door and why are you doing politics there. In Sahaja yoga there is no place for politics.    You should become pure.   Unless your  attention becomes pure, there is no use of doing religious work.  First become very pure. For everyone your compassion flows.   For every one your heart becomes  big.  You start thinking what should be done for this person and what should be done for that person.  Now think there are so many British people sitting here, whose father and forefathers, not these people, ruled this country once upon a time.  They have created lot of mischief here. When these British people come to Mumbai or Delhi, they kiss your earth,  bow down to the Mother Earth.  They say that this is land of Saints (yoga bhumi).  They understood this because they have that minute  knowledge to recognize what is what.   Now ask one question if Nizamuddin Saheb was really a Saint? Ask one question. You will feel cool breeze.  Whether Nanak saheb was Adi Guru?   Ask.  See put your hands like this and ask.  Ask any question.  Is there God Almighty or not?  Ask.  If it is the truth, you feel cool vibrations and if it is wrong, you get hot vibrations, sometimes there will even be  blisters.

One thing you become collectively conscious.  Because of that your compassion inside you flows.  What to do what not to do.  For whom we should run around, for whom we should do.  These feelings come. There is no place for fighting.     Everyone is running after curing the other person.   The third thing which happens is, you know only the truth, the absolute truth.   What is this?   Like I said you find out.  If (not audible) comes and stands in front of you, even a infamous person who has gone to jail will come back and wear some clothes and come like a hermit/saint.  He will do some magic, something like this. People get fooled and go behind him.   Keep your hands like this and ask question. This person is my Guru. Whether he is true or not? You will know the answer immediately.  If you ask ten children, even if they are blindfold,  if they are realised children,  make them sit and ask them, Son.  What is the problem with this man? They will all show the same finger.  You ask the person if he  has problem in his throat? He will say How do you know?  The children were telling with their index fingers  If they show this finger, problem in the heart.  Everything you will know in your hands and finger tips. And no need for any diagnosis.  One man had gone to Houston and he said he died while doing  so many diagnosis one after the other. All his money was spent.  They even removed his intestines and did diagnosis.  Here you will do diagnosis from outside what is the problem and where is the trouble, and no need to worry.   It will be correct.  You can know not only physical, mental problems but also material and above all spiritual problems.  You have gone to wrong wrong Gurus.  Ask our Mr. Talwar and he will tell you stories about Gurus.  How he got caught in their web.  Human beings  get misled like this.  You have  gone to all wrong Gurus.   You have accepted him as your Guru now.  Why have you accepted him as your Guru.   What did your Guru give you.     I will ask, Son, what has your Guru given you.   And How did you know he is true or not.   You go on spending money after money.  Giving money after money. How much I have told them. How much I have made them understand. So many people got angry with me. Now they have understood me.   Then at that time you only know the truth. Looking at the person, you can tell from which Guru he is coming. Because every Guru has done some work or other on one or another chakra. You can tell immediately from which Guru these are coming. And  these Gurus run away like this and their disciple also, because to endure the  Truth, it is very difficult for these people. Now in this you become your own Guru. One important work done by great eminent Gurus is  that they have established the energy inside us that now we can become our own Guru.  Does this mean you have become your own Guru.  Means you tell yourself “look don’t take this road it  is not right, go from here”. The eternal wisdom becomes true wisdom. It does not remain false. You leave it yourself.  I don’t tell anything to anyone. I don’t  even tell not to  drink alcohol. I don’t  tell anything.  In Delhi if you tell don’t drink, half the people will get up and go.  People of every religion drink even though  it is prohibited.  Everyone drinks.  But after coming to Sahaja Yoga path, if I tell them to go and drink, they will not go.  They will change direction if they see any drunkard.   If they see a liquor shop, they will shift their house and go to another place. Because see you get light inside.  Outside is nothing.   Their drug habits leave them, they leave alcohols.  All that which was club life and this and that which take them to destruction leaves them.  All these take a man to destruction.  But we don’t know why does a man go behind all these.  When I was in London, we saw a man was walking very fast. We stopped to see where he was going.  He had stopped in front of a Pub.  He was going inside the Pub. Two or four people were lying on the ground drunk and he was running inside the Pub why he was not drunk.    Wisdom totally goes blank. Their mind does not work.  They know these two or four people are lying on the ground and they don’t have father or mother with them but still you will go pushing your way inside. Whether he is Sikh, Muslim or Christian, they go inside the pub very proudly.   Inside the Pub everyone’s photo is there.  This is not religion.  Inside outside it is the same thing. It happens on its own. I don’t have to tell. You leave everything on your own.  Everything happens on its own. I have told today does not mean you have to leave everything and run away. All  these bad habits will go away.  I see advertisements written against alcohol. It will not make any difference. While drinking alcohol, people will be telling about the advertisements. Now in our society,  with the new type of modern culture which is emerging, we have to be very careful. These poor people have been brainwashed. They have been totally ruined. Their house is destroyed. Each woman marries eight times while each man marries nine times.   Neither home nor dwelling, neither children, they live in Orphanage. If they are saved from this, they die from aids. If they are saved from this, there are another 50 new diseases have come.  A new type of disease has come.  Those who work too much, their conscious mind itself does not work and that is (not clear) like  a big fish or snake, they do like this as if it is a stick and they hit people.  Like this their brain works.  Only brain is like this.  Hands or legs or body does not work.  I had told you this will happen.  Aids will come.  Everyone got angry with me. Now when it has happened, they are sitting quiet. Now it is like a and organized company has emerged.   Even in Cinemas it is like this. They do not teach good things.  At least in Indian movies, they do not show that a bad man becomes a hero but in Western countries, even bad man becomes a hero. Even then in our films too,  they teach so many bad things to children like assaulting, this and that.  If you teach children to assault, beat etc. how can there be peace. Like this a new type of invasion is coming on us. A new type of foreign invasion. You people have to be careful. Our children have also started wearing clothes like them,  answer back like them and the way they are living, going to discos secretly  and creating problems there. You have to be careful of all these. Once the children come to Sahaja yoga, they will not turn back to that side.  Our Sahaj yogi children will not go.   You will see how  our Sahaja yogi children conduct themselves. You will feel very happy.  You have to be careful of all these and save ourselves. To save ourselves from all these, there is only one way. We have to become our own Guru. From this, from Gurutatva, you will know what is good or bad, what is good for you, what is good for your family what is good for household people, what is good for your relations and what is good for the country. You will go towards that only. Like this, once you come to Sahaja yog, you will become meticulous.  And that meticulousness, does all the living process, you don’t even think.  How does this heart beat?  Anahat is the one by which heart beats, Anahat.  But who is Anahat.  Who is this Anahat which beats the heart.  Who is the one who has made human beings, and why have they made human beings, all these answers, means all this, you get in Sahaja yog. And when you know what is the meaning of your life, why have you come on this earth, why have you taken the form of human being,   then you will understand how honoured you are, how important you are.  

Now think if someone is carrying a television in their hand, who has not seen electricity or have limited idea of it,  you show them television and tell them it will show all types of dramas, all other things etc,  they will tell you what nonsense you are talking. This is only a waste box. Like this we also think of us as a box.   It is not so. This box is made very beautifully. In this so minute wires and minute instruments are pierced, and these minute wires are placed in such a way that no one  is able to touch  these minute wires till now.  No one can manipulate these minute wires. But the moment you connect the television cable to power,  they will be surprised. What is this.  Like this you all are.  You have to know yourself and when you know yourself what you are. Without knowing yourself, if you think you are a very great person, it is wrong.  Or  if you think you are nobody, that is also wrong.  First know yourself and when you understand, then lamp burns.     Until the lamp  is burnt, it will not give light.  And when it burns,  it will give light to everyone because that is its quality.   Like this is the matter of lighting many lamps from one lamp, Sahaj yoga is a real example. There are lot of people in Sahaja yoga who have not seen me at all but they have got realisation when some Sahaja yogis went there.  In foreigh countries, this is happening in large scale.  In Siberia, you will be surprised,  people from Russia had gone to that desert and have done lot of work. In Siberia also Sahaja yoga has started. It is very surprising how these people had gone to Siberia.  When I had gone to Russia last time, lot of people had come to airport.   Whoever was in the front, when I asked who are these people, Mother, these people are from Siberia, about fifty sixty people have come from  Siberia. Siberia is the place where people were sent to be punished  like Andaman and Nicobar  Islands.  Yes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands also Sahaja Yoga has started. You will be surprised wherever one Sahaja yogi goes, he will not sit quietly until he gives realization to others.  He will say how can I be alone here, Mother.  There are no Sahaja yogis here.  Make some Sahaja yogis here. It is all a matter of courage. Only thing is he should not get ego, only he should have courage.  Every man can give realization to thousands of people. Now  you know I have become old but doesn’t matter.  You are all there. You all will do my work and I am fully confident Sahaja Yoga will transform the color of the world. Today I do not know I am seeing the world differently. I am seeing something different. I do not know how and what has happened. Everything is looking different and looking very peaceful. Possibly the new era of golden age has come, this is the proof. All religion, their organizers, all are born in the same tree and flower  but we have plucked the flowers and are fighting that this is ours, this is ours.  In the Ocean of Sahaja, everyone will merge and this is not equanimity (samabhav) we cannot say  this is solidarity (samapuja) or same faith (samashradha), we cannot say same type of respect but same type of worship is done.  Without knowing this ,   we cannot say that every one is same.

Hopefully the new people who have come will learn the system of Sahaja Yog. Tomorrow I will talk about subtle system and I will talk about different subjects.  Now you can ask me questions, new people.  I am sorry I had to speak in this language.  I hope you don’t mind.  Because they are new people, they wanted me to speak in Hindi language.  And I hope you don’t mind. These people say when we do not understand, our mind does not work and we go into meditation.

From the beginning to end, only 10 minutes. In this more time is not required. Only your heart is needed. Ten minutes. Ten minutes in the evening and two minutes in the evening. That is all.  You don’t need time at all.  You will go beyond time.  You see all your work will be done according to your time. Just think  if you are worried what will your boss say, you will find your boss is coming late. You will always reach earlier.  In this you become timeless, Kalateet. Kalateet  means beyond time. Time becomes your slave. I have travelled so much but till today, I have never missed a flight, never missed a train, nothing.

If you all ask questions, you will get answers quickly, immediately.

This is correct that we have not said about eyes.  I have not said anything but the doctor who was sitting here, the doctor who spoke to you has cured his eyesight with the help of Sahaja yoga.  So there is nothing to worry.  

You have asked one question that you have your desire (vasana), you have  desires, you have yearnings.  Please sit down. How to overcome this completely because I have not got any vibrations yet. I am doing Sahaj yog.  In Sahaja yog, it should be understood that relationship with wife is a very religious thing.  Here you don’t have to become  a recluse (sanyasi).  If someone becomes a recluse, he will never get  realisation.   I tell him if you get married, I will give you realization, otherwise No. Now to get married,  it must be understood that this year we had 86 Sahaj marriages. 80+6   Every year between 75 to 80 or 86, 85 marriages take place and this is going on for the past 10 or more years. And in my opinion, three or four marriages had problem, that too from girls in our country.  Their mind is bad. Girls from outside are very decent. You will be surprised. Once they have accepted Sahaj, they accept it fully. Girls from here are only confused/create problems. Five six girls from here have troubled a lot.  Some people also tell lies about their girls so that we get them married but now it is being rectified.  Your eyes start roaming towards others, it is called Desire/yearning.  Your eyes become standstill.

From the foreigners’ point of view, foreigners always say that they have roving eyes, whole time their eyes will be roaming. Here also this disease has spread in North India. It is not so in Maharashtra. Their  eyes does not settle.  How to overcome this.  I told them to look down on Mother Earth.  Even now they look down on earth and walk. In that you can see everything within three feet. you can see flowers, children etc and above that there is nothing to see.  And whatever you desire, some times you think of opposite, like some one thinks my husband should die or my wife should die, God will never do this. Then whatever you ask, whatever you desire, are not fulfilled. You should see first if your desires are, whatever your desires are, you should see first, whether you get vibrations or not, whether your desires are pure or not.  Otherwise you will sit with some desire. Sometimes, desires are very dangerous and it comes to teach you some lesson. Like there was one lady who was after my life saying that her husband should become IAS, her husband should become IAS. If your husband is very rich, what is the necessity for him to become IAS?  But she was after me that he should become IAS. I did not tell her anything, whether Yes or No. I said leave this alone. It is nonsense.   Somehow he became IAS.  Where he was a Collector, there his son used to go to college by cycle, big boy, only son  and one daughter. While returning,  he used to cross the railway track.  One day, he came under a train and lost his life.  I said see. After this she became mad.  So in Sahaj yog, your progress becomes satisfied.  This is your identification.  You become satisfied. You start by becoming satisfied.  This is your identification.  You become satisfied yourself and you get into  totality (samagrata)/balance.  Meaning your brain and your attention and your mind and your heart all think of same thing and there is no fight, inside  fight is over, and the man comes to balance.  He says “how you want to keep me, I will be stay that”. Then he starts thinking of happiness of the spirit and not that of  body.  Now I am born in such a family where there was lot of wealth.  I got married and here also lot of wealth was there.  All the people were fond of luxury and all type of facilities were there. If you tell me, I will sleep in the jungle, on the road or on the stone. The idea is to sleep and not where.  Man does not think of  body but of happiness of the spirit.   Like eating the already tasted plum (ber) from Shabari.  Is that also  food.  He ate  the left over plum of  Shabari, ate the spinach from Vidhur’s house but did not eat the sweets from Duryodhan.  Why is that?  Vidhur was a realised soul.  Shabari was a realised soul.  So He ate her plums, that too after she had tasted them, put them in her mouth, bit into them.  What was in that that he ate the plum of Shabari.  Happiness of the spirit, search for the  happiness of the spirit and in that happiness, man gets immersed in this.

What a question .. whether you test Sahaja Yogis and then give them proximity (nearness) (samipya). I think he is some government servant.  Look son, this is a question of love.  In love, what can I test you.  Instead I am being  tested.  What test you  have, I fall in love with you all and  I don’t understand how to give time to everyone and what is nearness.  Everywhere where there is human being  is nearness.    When sahaja yogi grows in sahaj, he becomes detached to me.  Surprising.  He enjoys in detachment.  

Second thing is if some sahaja yogi commits mistake, do you punish them?

Why should I punish. They punish themselves.  See now you are sitting comfortably in Mother’s proximity and no one can touch you.  But if you yourself leave the comfort of your Mother, outside there are  evil spirits.  Then you get beaten up.  I don’t punish at all. You are taking the punishment.  I tell you are sitting comfortably.   Why are you going.  I don’t have to give and take from you.  Nothing.  Sit comfortably.  

If someone asks you for forgiveness, how much percent you forgive them?

This is really some government servant.   Oh. Am I some Government.   I am a Mother.  I am ready to forgive.  My nature is to forgive. Nothing stays in my mind for more than one minute.   If I have to show my anger, I have to make a drama out of it.  I cannot be serious for more than two minutes.  I am not some Guru.  One man had come from some Guru and he heard my laugh and said  Mother is smiling.  I asked “why”.  He said he had not seen his Guruji smiling or laughing.   I told him leave such Guru.  You have come here to be happy, to seek pleasure or to become impure?

He has asked a good question.  Can Sahaja Yoga change the mind of a evil doer and house breaker?.

Son. We have ways and means by which we can change everything.  We will tell you how to do it.

What is the first method of doing Sahaja Yoga.

There is no method Son.  Now you have become realised.  You only learn from these people by going to Centre.  First you must get rid of your ego.   It is good.  There is no  governor (laatsaheb) here.  Delhi is filled with such people.  They will say Mother we have to meet you only.  That is all, gone.

You may be a big man when you are sitting in your Chair but in front of Mother, everyone is the same.  However big a man you are, you should wear Kurta pajama and go to Centre and be most humble.  Humbleness is the first thing. If someone is not humble, he cannot go deep in Sahaja yoga. That is why I don’t have any method or anything.  You go to Sahaja yog centre, there they will tell you what to do, how to do .   For everyone it is different.  You go to centre and you will understand for yourself.  Everything is inside you and when you go to Centre, you will grow,  and you will know it.

This question  is…In Delhi where can we get Guidance about  Sahaja yoga.  Ask the Doctor.

See, when this program is over, after that on our right side, wherever there are centres in Delhi, there are twenty centres in Delhi, you will get address of all the centres printed.  You can collect  the address from there.  For new seekers, every Wednesday in Safdarjung Enclave, we have a Ashram.  There we will teach you Sahaja yoga from the beginning.  Every Wednesday evening 6.30 pm and every Saturday , we have a centre behind Qutub Hotel, Qutub Institutional Area. There we have collective.  Whoever comes there, whatever their problems are,  whether mental or physical or if you have some specific problem, we teach you how to overcome your problems.  There we teach you how to meditate, how to get into thoughtless awareness, problems or virtues in your subtle system, You just come there.  That is all.   You will be taken care of completely.  And one more thing, Sahaja yoga doors are open for everyone.  All type of people can come.  Some mentally challenged people also come, some tyrants also come,  you don’t run away looking at them.  You think of your welfare.  Lot of people  run away looking at them.  They are at their wits end now. So you should not run away looking at them.  These people are at their wits’ end.  You should not look at them.   If someone tells you something wrong, you should not believe.  You go there and talk to the Center Coordinator.

What is the difference between Pranayam and Sahaj yog and which is easier?

Pranayam is only about one thing, like life.  There is nothing about mind.  Those who do Pranayam, their body gets so much heat that unless you keep some stick in between, you won’t know when they will beat you.  They become so angry.

How much time it takes to become expert in Sahaja Yoga?

There is no question of becoming expert, Son. I have never studied it. I have told you that  this is a living process.  You can never tell when the tree will bear fruit.  All the trees will not start bearing fruit at the same time.  I have talked about thoughtless awareness and the second stage is Doubtless awareness. Then you become  beyond time. Such people become expert in two days and some people take 4 to 5 years and if you are a bachelor and do not want to get married, then sometimes it takes 8 to 9 years.  One gentleman who is a bachelor, has not become realised yet. He eats my head every day.

Do you believe in Rituals?

No Not at all,  It is a waste.  It is like the , Oh this is too much.  I mean whatever you do is living process.  Like you kill worms and insects.  Worms and insects must be killed.  Should I give realization to worms and insects or a hen and a goat.  All this is nonsense.  Whoever wants to eat, like some people need protein more, some need carbohydrate.  Everyone eats according to their need and condition.  Whatever food is necessary for you, like to foreign people, I always say to switch over to carbohydrates because they are very right sided.  If you are right sided, you need more carbohydrate and if you are left sided, you need to eat more proteins.  Whatever you want to eat, you should eat.  Only thing is don’t eat animals bigger than you.  You will become like that.  Like that there are many. Whatever is necessary for anyone, they should eat that.

Someone has asked his child has fits and he is mentally retarded.

Please bring him to the centre.  Lot of people have been cured.

Shri Mataji, I am sorry but I am not able to understand if I should worship you in the form of human being or God Almighty.  I am not able to make up my mind. 

Don’t worship me at all.  You don’t worship me at all.  Slowly slowly when you become clearer, you will understand.  I don’t want to tell anything about myself.  Only these people keep telling.  You don’t need to know anything.  When you come to know yourself, then you do whatever  you feel.

During night awakening or music program, some women or ladies start moving to and fro and say  Goddess has come or Hanumanji has come on them.

Son, for Goddess to come, a special type of body is required.   If Goddess start coming like this in everyone, then what can one say. It is some devil. As far as Hanuman is concerned, Oh Oh, who can tolerate Him.  They are all ghost, ghost try (bhoot chestha), don’t go anywhere near them and stay away from them.  Some people act like this also.  If you slap them two four times, they will become alright.   All these are money making rackets. 

He has asked a good question.   He has got cool breeze in his hands but has not got it properly.  In one hand he gets more and in  one less.  In his Sahastrar also, he is getting less.  He has a chronic disease of migrane.  After medication, he is recovering.  But in his head he  gets lot of noise.

This person should come to Sahaja yoga.  He should go to centre and all these diseases will be cured.  This is not a big disease.   Apart from this, you will start getting similar cool vibrations in both hands and  in  your head also you will start getting vibrations.

One person has said, he has  lost his job and has applied in other firms and   whether I will get a job.

Yes.  Definitely you will get the job.  Why will you not get.

It is in Marathi. It is written that there is some problem in his chakras and when he is doing meditation, he becomes alright.

Lot of people think that if they do meditation sitting at home, they will become alright.  Not at all.  Let me tell you one thing. You will have to definitely come to Centre.  Those who do not come to centre, I cannot tell anything  for them because in collective only, you will grow,  understand like this.  Like if your nail gets broken, it cannot grow.   We cannot know it.  It gets destroyed.  Like this, lot of people say Mother we sit at home and do  meditation.  It is not right.  You have to come to the collective.  You will understand what you are.  Not before that. So everyone should come to the collective.  Without collective, you cannot be alright.

Not clear in Marathi.

Yes please bring the child to the centre.  Some children’s hole in the heart  have been cured.

Some one has asked for Doubtless Awareness.

For Doubtless awareness, you don’t have to do anything.   You have to get into collective.  Slowly you will start getting into Doubtless awareness.  You will yourself became doubtless.  Till you become doubtless, you cannot be called  a Sahaja  yogi.

He has asked a good question Why  has the world been created and why are we created.

It is because you should come to God’s kingdom and enjoy.

Another question is in India we are poor and in foreign countries, people are rich and we are poor. Why is there richness and poverty.

In our country, there is poverty because we are not patriots. Neither the  politicians are patriots nor the people. Once you become a patriot, our country will become beautiful. From World Bank, money comes here and it goes to Switzerland Banks.  Our country’s 1/4th portion is here and 3/4th is there and then World Bank gives us loan  from Swiss Banks and we become debt ridden.  We start borrowing money from World Bank again.  Like this loan increases.  So how can we become rich.  And we believe such people who are known thiefs, culprits.  What to do.  It is not your fault.  And then during election also they  distribute  money and get elected.   You are all alternatives.  Brother.  understood.  Now you all should become alternative.  One day I just like that said Sahaja yogis are coming into politics.  All the newspaper people came to me.  My God.  Then I said no, no no, no.  If you all  are going to be behind us, then we are not going to politics.  Everything become alright.  There is a limit to everything.       

This girl is deaf and dumb and like this two kids have been cured in London.

We have our school in Delhi, no in Mumbai.  The person who was teaching Deaf and Dumb children,  he has got special prize from Government.

One request, we are all sitting near the gate and lot of new people are coming.  Please come to the side here.  There is lot of space in this side.  Please leave the area near the gate.

She has asked about her husband that he doesn’t go to the shop, does not sit there and the business is also very less.

You don’t put your attention on all these and think of God.  First you get your self realization.  Everything will become alright.

I  told you in London, so much unemployment is there, unemployment and now in Sahaja yog, there is not a single person who is not employed. With difficulty, you will find one or two persons.  So first you get into Sahaja yoga.  Standing in the threshold of God’s kingdom, what should you ask? To see your Spirit.

Once Akbar asked Birbal who are the people who are lowly and mean.

He said whoever is begging standing near the doorstep of God. Where ever you  see, you will get thousands like this.

Some Sahaja yogi has given this.  Who is the thief?  We will answer this later.

No, No, No, No.  While meditating, you should not say anything . Stop all these. Stop saying the mantras.   After words you will come to know what  mantras should be told where and how.  For problems, you are saying mantras of Lord Shiva to Shri Rama.  Mantras are also like big science.  Learn that.

You have asked a question   In Sahaja Yog, does all work inside (internal) happens through Sahasrar?

Yes. Definitely happens.  But first you must become simple/natural (sahaj).  Important thing is you are not Sahaj.    Instead of eating from here, you eat from here and say Mother, food is not going down. What shall I do.  First become fully sahaj.  

Please explain about  Doubtless awareness.  We will do this tomorrow.

Q.  It is right.  No one is in Allahabad.  One centre has started there.  In Triveni Sangam lot of ghosts are sitting.  Wherever sacred places are there, conditions are very bad there. Sahaja yoga is very difficult in those places.   Because all money making people are sitting there, how  Sahaja yoga can start there.  But still it  has happened.  Sahaja yoga has started. You may please check. In Lucknow also it is there. I never expected.  In Lucknow also very big centre is there.

You have asked how to do Sahaja yoga.  You all have become Sahaja yogis.  Please come, learn Sahaja yoga and you will understand.  You come to Sahaja yoga, learn to do meditation.  It is very easy.  Very easy.

No questions from Western Sahaja yogis.

They are very joyous.   When they are happy, what to  tell.  This is their condition.    

See on Sundays, we have program in the mornings also.  Please take this list of address.  We will help you in all respects.

Neha Bakshiji very good. You definitely meet these people and you can do lot of work. Your Name itself is affection. This whole work is done with love. With affection only all these work is done.  It is a very good news that you want to dedicate your life in Sahaja yoga.   You don’t have to leave anything.  Neither wife nor children.  There is nothing to leave.  Nothing is worth leaving. Stones.  You don’t have to leave anything. You don’t have to go to  Himalayas.  Staying here in Delhi, you can do.  You don’t have to run from anyone.  You have to only correct them.

Q. How to awaken Guru principle.

These people will tell you all this.  Even otherwise, we have puja here, Guru Puja.  In the Puja, Guru principle gets awakened.

Q It is more than one year and he is not getting vibration.  What is the matter? Are you married? If you are not married,  then get married and then enjoy.  

Okay all those who are not getting vibrations now.  

Those who want to get vibrations, please sit for some time.  Also all those who want to know about well being, please stay back.   It is good thing you all have come.  You have come so far.  After that which ever centre is near you, please go there.

What happened to Delhi people.  There should be some music.

Right question you have asked.  In Sahaj,  you understand that your different chakras get corrected and your diseases also get cured.   But what is the          connection with worldly life, like business, your work etc.  You become proficient in such a manner that  your attention becomes quality conscious that your business, your worldly life start growing.  In America, someone had a shop.  I gave her  realization.  I gave realization to one lady who had a shop.  She said before realization, I used to keep note of everything, I used to keep counting, but after realization, I have forgotten everything.  Now I am having so much profit. I do not know how it is happening.  Your job, your business, many things happen because of God’s blessings.   Please have faith.

In the worldly things, you become amazing.  Your house, your children, your financial conditions, you get blessings of Saraswati,  Lakshmi. Saraswatiji’s blessings  and because of blessings of Goddess Kali, you become safe and also your well being.  You get every type of blessings.  But first you must come to His Kingdom.  You are sitting in Congress Govt.  Today this, tomorrow that.  About government, we cannot say anything.  I am talking about God’s kingdom.  First come and sit down in His Kingdom.  After that see how work gets done.  You have still not come into His Kingdom.  

It is written here: Mother please fill everyone and the whole Universe with your divine love, make it Godly. Very good.  This is my thought also.  But you all are the bearer for this.  You all are the channel for this.  If I could have done everything alone, why would I come to you at all.  Human beings are going to be the medium for this.   This is going to happen only through you all.  So you all come to the forefront and then we will do.

A request for the Western Sahaja yogis.  Those who are singers may please come on the stage.  Akbar is a great.. yes he is there.  I must say Mridang you have really become a real real, you can join pop music also.  Sahaj, sahaj pop music, sahaj,   Sanjay Sharma One music will be performed now.  Then I will go.  After that you all wait.  These people will work on you whatever has to be done.  But don’t be satisfied with this alone.  You have to grow further.  You have to become proficient.  

All those whose questions have not been answered, please come to our Centre and we will try our best to help you in all respects.  And we will give you support in every way.  Please come to the centre.  When this program gets over, all the centre’s names are written here in printed form.  Take a copy and go to any centre.  Everyone will help you.  That is all. After going to centre, you only say that you  have come to learn Sahaja yog.  That is all.  They will do all the work.   You don’t have to do anything. 

Don’t we have to go to Mr Shastri’s house.

Mr Dharamveer, if he is anywhere,

One moment   This is a very good question.  How can class and caste distinction end in India.   What should people do.  Automatically. You see here people are sitting from 56 nations, of different religion, different caste.  They are all one.  Finished.  Because once you become that, you are a part and parcel of the whole.  You become a universal religion (vishwa dharmi).  There is no caste, you don’t have to tell.  You just become.  Can you tell anybody’s caste here?

Q.: He  says is it possible that Kundalini awakens without the help of anyone .

No it cannot.  Like a, you see, these are not enlightened lights, they cannot get enlightened by themselves.  You have to use some enlightened light to enlighten them.  That is all.  It is very simple.   

After this program, next door, there is  Sahaj yog exhibition.  Please see that and then go.  It is just next door.

You all should sing a song together.

One minute, if you can wait.  We have one  Indian gentleman who has learnt French and he has made poem in French language I would like him to say something and I think French would be very happy.   In French language.

I think some French leader should meet him and talk to him and now all of you sing together.

This is such a nice place, spiritual place,  we are sitting where Nizamuddin Saheb’s Court is there,   Ameer khusro‘s disciple, his Court is here and now we came to know that Fateh Shah saheb’s Court  is also here.  What more is required.  Everyone ‘s kingdom is here.   Now all of you ask in their name. Put your hands like this. Are you getting cool breeze.  All these people are sitting here.    This is not some coincidence but it is spontaneous.  Sahaj.   They were saying lot of Muslims are here  and they will put bomb. Where have they put the bomb.  They have come here and put a coverlet (chadar).   All are same.

There is no fight between the Saints.

Once Namdev who went to Punjab later. And Gora Kumar, he was a Potter.  Namdev went to meet Gora Potter.  One Saint meeting the other.  The Potter Gora was stampeding the mud When he saw Namdev, he stood up immediately.  Namdev said in Marathi.  I came to see vibrations in Nirgun form but  here I see him in person.   One Saint can understand the other.  Then Namdev  went to Punjab. In  Punjab, Nanak Saheb  welcomed him warmly and lot of his verses were put in Granth Saheb.  Namdev learnt Punjabi there and wrote such a big  book  in Punjabi and translated in Marathi.  He was a Maharashtrian.  Guru Govind Saheb also came to Nanded and met him.  At that time there was no fight between the Saints because Saints know everything that  truth is the same.  Every type of Saint.  You know Ameer Khusro has written such beautiful poetry about Truth.

Only we are fighting.  Till we understand the truth, we will keep fighting.  They are all our people.  They have done so much work.  That is the result of Sahaj yog where there is no question of Hindu, Muslim and Christian.   In England also, there was one poet by name William Blake*.   Every place, every country, like this lot of Saints are born and their thoughts, their deeds are all same.  There is no difference among them.  We are only creating the difference.  All the Sikhs also should come to Sahaj yog.  Awareness of Sahaj (sahaj Samadhi) should be established.  I have seen Muslims get realization very fast.  But they should come first.  Call every one.  Lot of Blessings to All.

Everyone got cool breeze.  This vibration.  Everyone is getting on top of their head.  This is vibration.  No you don’t need to remove turban.   You can get like that only.   Properly you will get cool breeze. Now put your right hand like this and see.  See again.   Shehnai Maestro Ustad Bismilla Khan is also a realised soul.  Once he had come to Switzerland.  He saw these people and said Mother these are real people.  Without malice, pure.   Then I said Yes real people.  He asked what  are they doing?  I told him to go and ask them.  I have made my empty space.  This is from inside.  Empty. Empty.

Lots of blessings to all of you, specially to people of Punjab where I have studied. I have lot of compassion for them and by God’s grace, every thing is becoming alright.

Blessings to all. Lots of blessings to everyone.  Everyone sit with peace and happiness.   God has created this world for you only.  You don’t have to go to any trouble.

Lots of blessings to everyone.

Please take the slips from here.  Whoever wants to do meditation, they can take Shri Mataji’s photo which is free.  There is a small book and if you want you can give some small amount.

This is Mr Qutubuddin who has done all the arrangements here.    Looking at the décor, I thought  only a Muslim can do this. 

Once Shri Mataji leaves, everyone can take the slips.  Till then, please sit quietly.

*(about William Blake)