Public Program: Sahaja Yoga Introduction

New Delhi (India)

1993-03-23 Sahaja Yoga, Introduction by Shri Mataji, New Delhi, India, DP (Hindi), 65'
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Public Program, Sahaja Yoga Introduction, New Delhi (India), 23-03-1993

[English Translation from Hindi]

You have asked Me a question, “We have desires and cravings how do I …” Please be seated …”how do I control them from within, as I am not that strong internally, though I am practicing Sahaja Yoga?”

Now in Sahaja Yoga you have to understand that relationship with your wife only, is a religious thing. We do not encourage celibacy. Those who live a celibate life normally don’t get Self-realization. I tell single people to get married. Then you will attain your Self-realization; otherwise, you won’t. (Clapping in the crowd)

Now, to get married you should understand that this year eighty-six couples were married. Every year, seventy-five to eighty-six couples get married in Sahaja Yoga, and this has been happening for the last ten years or maybe more. Maybe only three to four marriages failed, because our Indian girls lost their minds. Girls from foreign lands are very sensible. You will be surprised to know the way they have absorbed Sahaja Yoga into their lives. Our Indian girls are perplexed; some go there and act out dramas. Five to six Indian girls have really troubled us. A few families were wrong for marrying their mentally unstable daughters in Sahaja Yoga.

But now, when everything is getting better, I will tell you that desires mean that your eyes roam around here and there. With Sahaja Yoga your eyes will stabilize and not roam. Foreigners used to tell me, “Mother, our eyes roam a lot all the time. Our eyes roam here and there. What should we do?” I see there is a lot of the same problem in the Northern part of India, but no such problem of roaming eyes in Maharashtra. People have stable eyes. To control this issue with roaming eyes, I told them to look towards the ground while walking. When you walk looking only at the ground, you only see at the height of three feet, where you see either children or flowers. What else there is to notice? (Clapping)

Whatever you want, sometimes you ask for wrong desires. Like sometimes some people think, “My husband should die,” or some people think, “My wife should die.” God will never do this. So whatever are your desires or wants, you should see whether your desires or wants have vibrations in them. Otherwise, you keep having vague desires. Sometimes desires are very destructive and come to you to teach you a lesson. Like there was a lady who was after my life, saying, “Mother, please help my husband to pass his civil services exam.” I asked her, “What’s your problem? Your husband is a rich man. What’s the need for him to be a civil servant /IAS officer?” But she was after my life, saying, “Mother, make him be an IAS officer.” I didn’t tell her either yes or no. I said, “Let’s leave this topic. It’s useless discussing it.” Now somehow, he passed the examination and became an IAS officer. So now where he was posted as the collector, his son used to travel by cycle to his college. He had a single son and a daughter. He used to cross the railway tracks. One day he died, while crossing, under a train. I told them, “Now see.” Then she went crazy after that.

So, in Sahaja Yoga your instincts become solution-oriented. This is a characteristic of Sahaja Yoga. You become solution-oriented. You become a resolving sort of person. You find solutions within yourself and you find totality in yourself, meaning your brains, your attention and your heart all think alike, with no conflict between them. All conflicts within are resolved, and the human being becomes solution-oriented. Then he says, “I will live by Your will.” He then finds the joy of the spirit and rest in his heart, not in his physical body.

I was born in such a family where there was much wealth and riches. Even in my in-law’s place, they had loads of riches. We had all the comforts in the house, but if you ask Me, I can sleep in the jungle or on a pavement or on a stone. It doesn’t matter. You only need to sleep. Then a human being doesn’t care about physical comforts. They only think about the joy of the spirit. Like Shri Ram ate berries offered by Shabri which were already eaten. He ate fruits that were already tasted by Shabri. Shri Krishna ate greens offered by Vidur and refused sweets offered by Duriyodhan. Why was this? Because Vidur was a realized soul and so was Shabri. He ate her fruits that were pre-tasted, which she tasted by using her teeth. He consumed the berries offered by Shabri. He ate the pre-eaten fruits and tasted the joy of the spirit. We all look out for joy and bliss in our spirit, and a human being keeps indulging in that true joy.

Next question: What a question, sir! “Do you test your Sahaja Yogi children and grant them closeness to You?”

I guess whoever has asked this question must be a government servant. (Clapping in crowd) Oh, My son, it’s all about Love. Who takes an exam in Love? You aren’t given any test. It’s just that I love you all and I don’t understand how to give you time individually and what it is about closeness. Wherever you go, humans are residing. They don’t need closeness. The deeper the Sahaja yogis grow in Sahaja Yoga, the more they stay away from Me. It’s surprising! They are happy even if they are distant from Me.

The second part of the question is: “Do you punish if a Sahaja yogi commits a mistake?”

Why would I give a punishment? They themselves get the punishment. Please understand: if you are sitting in My proximity no one can touch you, but if you leave Me and run out alone, the bhoots are there to grab you and you get beaten up by them. I don’t punish anyone. They themselves take punishments. I tell people to sit comfortably, but they only run away here, and then what can I do? What is your issue? Keep sitting quietly in My vicinity.

Next question: “If you are asked for forgiveness, what percentage of forgiveness do you grant?” (Clapping)

I am very sure that whoever asked this question is definitely a government servant. Oh, I am not government. I am Mother. I keep forgiving. It’s My nature to forgive. I don’t keep anything in My heart even for a minute. If I have to show anyone that I am upset, I pretend to be angry. I cannot be serious for more than two minutes. I am not a guru or baba. When one man came, he saw Me smiling and was surprised that Mother laughs and smiles. He told Me, “My guruji never ever smiles.” I told him to leave any such guru because it’s useless to follow that person. You are here to enjoy life and have fun in life, not for a state of ritual impurity existing after birth.

Next question. A very nice question is being asked: “Can Sahaja Yoga change the mind of the evil-doer and house-breaker?”

The answer is that we have ways and methods. Love is such that it can change everything. We will tell you how to do it.

You haven’t brought My tea (aside to a person). Please bring Me tea.

Next question: “What is the way to do Sahaja Yoga?”

There is no hard and fast rule about how to do it. Now, when you have taken your realization, please go to our centers and learn from there. Firstly, just drop your egos. Now, if somebody is some big shot here – Delhi is full of big shots – these people say, “Mother I want to meet just with You.” Now, after this you are gone; good for nothing. You may be a big shot in your position, but in front of your Holy Mother you all are one. However much you are a big shot, be humble, wear a kurta pajama, go to our centers with full humility. Humility is the first thing. Those who are not humble cannot grow deeper in Sahaja Yoga. So, I have no ways and methods. Go to Sahaja Yoga centers. People who already practice will tell you how to practice it and how it should be done. For every individual, Sahaja Yoga has something different to share. So, go to our centers. You will understand yourself, how you can attain your own qualities imbedded within you, and your qualities will progress and you will realize yourself.

Question: “Where can I get guidance for Sahaja Yoga in New Delhi?” Doctor Nigam will answer your query.

Doctor Nigam: After this program will end, on our right side we have a list of twenty centers in Delhi. The list will be shared with you. You can collect the list. For newcomers, every Wednesday we have an ashram in Safdarganj enclave. From the beginning we will guide you about Sahaja Yoga every Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm, and every Saturday behind Hotel Qutab. We have a center in the Qutab institutional area where we have our regular collective meetings. There we guide people about all their problems, whether physical, mental or psychological. There we guide people in how to meditate. We teach you how to become thoughtless. We will tell you whether the state of your chakras is good or bad. You are requested to just visit us and you can leave the rest to us. We will take care of it.

Mother: Also, I would like to add that in Sahaja Yoga our doors are open for all. So, all kinds of people come in. A few crazy people come in and also some felons come in. So, all sorts of people come in, as the doors are open for all. Please don’t run away when you see them. You just think about the benefits you have received. Many people run away when they see them. These are the people who are on the brink and haven’t gone deeper in meditation. So, do not run away when you see their nature. This has happened with many people. Also, do not believe in any false claims. Just go and talk to the center leaders.

Next question: “What is the difference between pranayams and Sahaja Yoga, and which one of the two is easier?”

Pranayam is just about one side of your body. It talks about only the pranas. It doesn’t talk about the heart. People who do pranayam get so heated up and temperamental that while you are talking to them, you should keep a stick in your hand for your safety as they may attack you at any time. They are very hot-tempered people, hot-headed kinds.

Next question: “How long does it take to become an expert in Sahaja Yoga?”

It’s not about expertise in Sahaja Yoga as it not a study. As I told you, it is a living process. At what time the tree will bear fruit, you cannot tell. Also, not all trees bear fruit at the same time. The first stage we are to achieve is Nirvichara (thoughtless awareness) and the second stage is Nirvikalpa Samadhi (doubtless awareness). Then you go beyond time. A few people attain this state in as little as two days. A few people take four to five years to reach this state. If you are a bachelor and are conditioned not to marry, it takes eight to nine years. One fellow who is a bachelor is unable to get his Self-realization and daily eats My head.

Next question: “Do you believe in rituals?”

Not at all. Rituals are useless. I mean, if we kill insects, insects are to be killed. Whom will I give realization to? Insects, bugs, hens or goats? All this is useless. You should eat according to your dietary needs. Some people need proteins, some need carbohydrates, according to their state of health. You should eat food which is beneficial and fit for you. Like, people from foreign countries are advised to take more carbohydrates as they are too right-sided. It is simple: if you are right-sided, eat more carbohydrates, and if you are left-sided, eat more proteins. Eat what is right for you. Just avoid eating animals which are bigger in size than you. You will look like them then, and there are lots like them.

Someone has asked about their child who gets fits and is mentally retarded. Bring him to the center. Many such cases have been cured.

Next question: “Shri Mataji, please forgive me and guide me whether to pray to You as a human or as a god. I am unable to decide. Please guide me.”

Please do not worship Me. When you grow deeper in divinity, your eyes will open and you will understand who I am. I do not want to disclose about Myself. Only My followers tell others who I am. You don’t need to know about Me. When you know by yourself, then do as you please.

Ah, this is right. Now, the question asked is, “A few females act during Jagran and Kirtan as if Devi  Maa has entered within them, or Hanumanji has entered into their bodies. How correct is that?”

Oh, My son, to receive Maata ji in your body, you should have a special body. What will happen if Devi Maa starts entering every human body? These are bhoots; and about Hanumanji Baba, who can withstand him? These are all bhootish possessions. All these pretending Maataji, kindly stay away from them all. Also, a few people pretend. Just slap them a few times and they will get all right.

These are money-making sources. What else?

This fellow is asking very good quality questions. They are saying they are feeling the Cool Breeze in the hands; more in one, less in another, and less over the head. “I have a chronic disease due to which I get heavy migraines in my head but I am doing better with some medicine. I hear a lot of noises in my head.”

This fellow should come into Sahaja Yoga completely. Go and visit our center and you will get rid of all your problems. This isn’t a very big problem. You will start getting vibrations on both of your palms and also on your head.

One gentleman is asking, “I had a job but I lost it. Now I have applied to other firms. Will I get a job again?”

Of course you will get one. Why not?

“In Marathi, in a few people, their chakras are not all right, but with meditation will they become all right?”

Many people think that if they meditate in their homes it’s an acceptable practice. Let me tell you one thing: not at all. You all have to visit the centers. If people do not come to the centers, we can’t say anything about them, because you get well only in the collectivity. For example, if a nail on My hand is cut off, it cannot grow. You cannot help it; it just dies. Many people claim, “We meditate in our own houses.” It’s not done. You should come and be collective. When you are part of the collective, then you will understand better who you are. Not before that. Everyone should come into collective meditation. Otherwise, you cannot get right.

19.40-20.20 – Marathi

Yes, please bring the child into Sahaja Yoga. A few children have benefited and have been cured of holes in their hearts.

For attaining Nirvikalpa Samadhi, you don’t have to do anything. Just clear your chakras more and get deeper into collectivity. Slowly and gradually, the Nirvikalpa state will happen on its own. You will come into Nirvikalpa yourself. Then I don’t need to tell you anything. Till you are in Nirvikalpa you cannot be called a Sahaja yogi.

It’s a good question: “Why was the universe created, and why are we made?”

So that you can enter into the Kingdom of God and enjoy.

The other part of the question is: “In India we are poor people, and people abroad are more prosperous, and why are there poverty and abundance?”

Our country is poor because we are not patriotic. Even the politicians are not patriotic here. When we become patriotic we will become prosperous. The World Bank grants donations to our country, but much of it goes into Swiss bank accounts. One-quarter of the resources are here, and three-quarters are in Swiss banks. The World Bank then gets us loans from the Swiss banks, and then we become indebted. This is how the debt increases. Then how will we become prosperous? You only elect people who are known thieves and notorious. What to do? It’s entirely your fault. During elections, they distribute cash and get re-elected. We don’t have any alternatives. Brother, you are the alternatives. Now, you people need to become the alternative to this situation. One day I said that Sahaja yogis will enter politics. So many newspaper journalists came to Me to ask about this. I said, “Oh My God!” I said, “No! No! If you people are going to follow us like this, we won’t enter politics.” Everything is all right but there is a limit to everything.

Next question: “This girl is deaf and dumb.”

Two children with the same disability became all right in London, and we have a school in Delhi; no, in Mumbai. A teacher there was awarded a special prize from the government to help such children. We have to felicitate him. Kindly make a note of it.

(Announcement in the background:  Kindly leave the space in front of the gate on both sides as new people are still coming.)

Next question: This is a query by a wife about her husband, that he doesn’t go to shop, he doesn’t work, and his business is falling apart.

Please remove your attention from all these things and put your attention on God Almighty. Get your enlightenment, and everything will be all right. I tell you that in London there is so much unemployment, but not even a single Sahaja yogi is unemployed; hardly anyone is unemployed. Please focus on practicing Sahaja Yoga.

Question: “What should I ask while standing at the door of the Almighty?”

Shri Mataji: Connection with the Spirit.

Once Birbal was asked, “Who are the most disgusting people?” He said, “All those who stand at the gate of God and beg. Whatever you see people do there, in thousands you will get.”

Now, this query is by a Sahaja yogi. Hmmm. Who has written this? Tell Me. I will answer it later.

Next question: “Should we say anything while meditating?”

No, no. Don’t say anything while meditating. Stop saying anything. Later, you will know what mantras are to be used, and when and where. You are talking about mantras. If there’s any trouble with your Shiva’s principle, that won’t be removed by Shri Rama. You can learn the science of mantras. Just learn that.

The next question is whether all the paths in Sahaja Yoga get cleared in a Sahaja manner.

Yes, of course, but you have to be a Sahaji before. A big problem is that you are not a Sahaja yogi yet. If you are eating from a wrong side and then complain, “I don’t get food,” it’s wrong. First become a Sahaja yogi. The second part is to describe Nirvikalpa Samadhi. I will explain it tomorrow.

There is no Sahaja Yoga in Allahabad. All the bhoots are sitting there in Triveni Sangham. Wherever there are great places, all those places have gone bad. It’s difficult to spread Sahaja at such places. All the people who are after money are ruling such places. How will we spread Sahaja Yoga there? They are saying we have started the centers there.

Distant voice: Mother, in Allahabad we have a center. It has started. Even in Lucknow they have a big center. I didn’t hope that high, but the center in Lucknow is very big.

“How do I practice Sahaja Yoga?”

Now you are a Sahaja yogi, come to the center. Learn and you will understand.

“How do I meditate?”

Come into Sahaja Yoga. You will learn. It’s very easy, really easy to meditate. Very easy.

No questions from the western Sahaja yogis? Ha, ha, ha. Now they have settled. When you are one with the spirit you don’t want to speak. It’s the same condition for all the western yogis.

Announcement: We have our center on Sundays. Also, please take the pamphlets and we will try helping you as much as possible.

Ms Sneha Bhakshiii, please contact Sahaja yogis.

And your name means love. It’s all about nirmal love. All the divine work can happen because of divine love. It’s a very nice thing that you want to dedicate your life to the cause of Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to leave anything. There is no detachment from your wife or family. There’s nothing to leave. What’s there to leave? Stones! Don’t leave anything. There is no need to go to the Himalayas. You will gain from living here within Delhi city. You don’t have to run away from anyone. You have to correct yourself living with them.

Regarding what should be done to enlighten Guru Tattva, the people here will guide you. We do Guru Puja, and your Guru Tattva gets enlightened in Sahaja Yoga.

Who is this? “For a year I have been unable to feel the vibrations.”

What is this? I hope you have got married. You don’t seem to be married. Firstly, get married and then we will talk. Okay, you please wait here. You will be given vibrations and you will be helped to feel them.

All those who need vibrations, please keep sitting longer. A Sahaja Yoga team member will help you feel the vibrations. Hmmm, for good health, also stay back and the Sahaj yogis will attend you. I’m glad you all came this far. Now go and attend the centers close to your house.

Today there is no music. This shouldn’t have happened. Why has this happened? The Delhi team shouldn’t have done this. At least one song should have been here.

You have asked a good question. “It is agreed that in Sahaja Yoga we get cleared, our chakras get cleared, our health becomes okay. What is its role in our daily lives, like job, occupation, and so on?”

You become a perfectionist. Your attention becomes perfect. (Coughing). Your prosperity grows very speedily. In America we gave realization to one lady who has a shop. She told me, “Mother, before I received my Self-realization I used to write down in detail all my accounts. Now I have forgotten to do this, but I am making such huge profits that I am unable to understand it.”

Your business and professional life is blessed immensely by God’s blessings. Have faith. You will do wonders in worldly things. Your house, family, children, business, are all blessed by Shri Laxmi. You are blessed by Sri Saraswati, too. By the blessings of Shri Kali you are protected. You get all sorts of blessings in Sahaja Yoga. But before that, just enter God’s Kingdom. You are bothering of congresses and government. Today this government, tomorrow that government; I cannot say anything about the local government. I can only talk about God’s Kingdom. Come into God’s Kingdom and see how miraculously things happen. Not yet; you haven’t come into His Kingdom.

In this it’s written, “Mother, please fill the entire universe with your love. Fill it with God’s love.”

A very nice thing you have mentioned. This is My thought, too, but it has to be fulfilled only by you. Only you can channel this process. If I could do it all alone, why would I come to you? This will happen only by humanity. Only you will be the medium to do this job. So, please come forward and do this.

Announcement in the background: There is a request to western Sahaja yogis. Those who are singers in the group, please come up.

Akbar is great. Aaah, he is there. Ha ha. I must say, Bulgan, that you have become really, really good. You can join pop music, Sahaja pop music, Sahaja.

(Clapping/applause in background)

Announcement: Ranjan Sharma. Ranjan Sharma.

Now we will have music. Then I will leave. Then you people wait here. Sahaja yogis will work on your subtle system, but don’t get satisfied just with today’s work. Learn ahead. You have to go ahead with this knowledge. Like it’s said, you have to learn this to perfection.

Announcement: All those people whose questions still remain unanswered, please come over to our centers. We will try our best to help you and solve your queries, but please do visit our centers. Take the printed copies of center addresses. Just visit our centers at the stated times. People there will surely help you. Just mention that you want to learn about Sahaja Yoga. The center people will take it forward from there. You don’t have to do anything.

We have to go to Shastiji’s house.

Mr Dharmaveer, wherever you are …

One minute: this is one question: “How can class and caste distinction end in India? What can or should the people do?”

Automatically. You see, people are sitting here from fifty-six nations, of different religions, different castes. They are all one. It’s finished, because once you become that, you are part and parcel of the whole. You become a Vishva Dharma. There is no caste. You don’t have to tell. You just become. Can you tell anybody’s caste here? Nobody knows.

Another question: “Can Kundalini awaken without help of a …?”

No, it cannot. Now, see these lights. These are not enlightened lights. They cannot get enlightened by themselves. You have to use some enlightened lights to enlighten them. That’s all. It’s very simple.


Announcement: It is a request to all of you that we have our exhibition next to the pandal here. Please do visit that before you leave.

First, you correct them all after that.

39.22 Bhajan: Kahe re mann khojan jaii, kahe re mann khojan jaii, sadda nivasi sada aalepa, tohe sang samaii

44.04- Now sing a song together with the foreigners.

44.31- One minute: if you can wait, we have one Indian gentleman who had learnt French, and he has made a poem in the French language, and I would like him to say something because I think the French would be very happy to hear French. Ha ha ha ha …

Anant ashirwad.

Please put it down for him.

Jai Shri Mataji

French poem  45.25 -48.29

Jai Shri Mataji

I think some French leader should talk to him.

48 .44 –  Marathi

Ha ha ha ha. Come along.

48.52 – Marathi

Anna, one from you. All sing together, “Sahaja Yoga’s joy”.

49.25 – La la la … sat janam jo puniye ke haii … safal hue saare [for 55-50 minutes]

This is such a good place where we are sitting. This area belongs to Prophet Nizammudin Sahab’s follower, Amir Kusro. It’s his place, and now we realize Fateh Shah’s place is also here. How better can it be there that you are surrounded on all four sides?

Now all open your hands like this and seek the blessings. You will feel the Cool Breeze. They are all sitting here. It’s not a coincidence. It’s a Sahaja fact, that we all came here. They mentioned that Muslims live here and they will blast bombs. Instead, they all came to offer Me bedding of flowers. Ha ha ha. What a contradiction! They are all our people. We all are one. All saints are united and are one. Saints never fight.

Once Namdev, who went to Punjab later, was a tailor, and Gora Kumhar was a potter. Namdev went to meet Gora Kumhar. One saint went to meet another saint. Gora Kumhar was preparing the clay. We stood up straight and then Namdev said in Marathi, “I came to see the formless in vibrations, and I see you in a form.” This only a saint can tell another saint. Then Namdev went to Punjab. He was very largely welcomed in Punjab by Guru Nanak and kept so many of his rhymes in Guru Granth Sahib. He then learned Punjabi there. They have this thick Scripture. He wrote it in Punjabi, and its translation is available in Marathi. He was from Maharashtra.

Guru Gobind Singji also came to Nanded to leave his physical form. At that time, the saints never disagreed because all the saints understand that truth is one. All types of saints. You know that Amir Khusro has written such beautiful poems on truth. It’s we people who are fighting. Till we understand the truth, this fight will continue. They are all our people who have done so much divine work. Sahaja Yoga is the fruit of their hard work. In this there is no question of Hindu, Muslim or Christian. In England also we have a great poet by the name of William Blake*. Everywhere in every country, big saints were born, and their thoughts and their things were all similar. There was no difference at all. We find out the difference which is the fault of our vision.

So now all the Sikh community has to also grow deeper in Sahaja Yoga and establish in Sahaja spirithood. This is what he has said (clapping in background) and I have seen that Sikh and Muslim people get their Self-realization very easily, but they should at least come. They do not come. They should come. Kindly call them to Sahaja Yoga. They should get what is deserved, immense blessings to everyone.

Could you feel the Cool Breeze in your hands? This is Paramchaitanya. Everyone felt the Cool Breeze. You can feel the Cool Breeze from your head as well. This is the Cool Breeze. Feel it on your heads. There is no need to remove your turbans. You will feel it within the turbans. Now, put your right hand towards Me and feel from left hand. Now take this. Feel again.

1.00.05 Marathi

The Shahnai maestro, Mr Bismillah Khan, is also a realized soul. Once he came to meet us in Switzerland. When he met yogis there, he said, “Mother, all these Sahaja yogis are so pure nirmal khalis.” Then I replied, “Yes, they are pure souls.” Then he asked, “What are they making then?” I said, “You ask them what they are making there. I have made the Khalistan already.”

(Clapping in the crowd). You should be pure from inside. This is very special thing to do.

Endless blessings to you all, especially to Punjab as I have studied there. I did my studies from there. I have special compassion for Punjab, very special compassion. By God’s grace, everything there is getting better. Things are coming back on track. Live happily, and endless blessings to you all. Live together with lots of comfort. God created this world just for you. There is no need to struggle with any problem. I bless you all immensely.


Mother talking to a leader.

Announcement in background: Please take a pamphlet, and those who want to meditate, please take a photograph of the Mother which is free of cost. A small booklet which gives information on how to meditate is also available at a very nominal cost, if you wish to buy it.

Mother: He is Mr. Kutubdin. He made all the necessary arrangements for this place.


Mother: From the beautiful décor, I knew a Muslim fellow must have done this arrangement. Ha ha ha.

Announcement: Once Mother leaves, only then should you leave. You can collect the pamphlets. Till then, please maintain silence.

Voices in distance:

Mataji  Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Bolo jagat jananai Mataji Shri  Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

(Sound of conch shell in distance)

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

(Sound of conch shell in distance)


*(about William Blake)