Medical Conference

New Delhi (India)

1993-03-25 Doctors Conference, Version 0, New Delhi, India, 83'
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1993-03-25 Medical Conference New Delhi NITL, 87'
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1993-0325 Medical Conference, New Delhi, India

Host announcer: I am sure friends that you must be wondering that we all doctors have been talking and the doctor of doctors who is sitting amidst us has been sitting quite listening to us, we have learned that her being here and we have taken the liberty of speaking before her.

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Here we have many doctors who are Sahaja Yogis and also abroad. The common point is that quality I have found, that they have concern and compassion, they were not completely money oriented. They definitely felt that we can by some level help the people who are of a poorer class or middle class who cannot achieve benevolence from medical science because shifted. Another [of] qualities I tried for them, the compassion, has let them to think about Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja Yoga is holistic in every way. Today, if I put a hypothesis before you, as scientist you must keep your mind open and accept it, and as Indians I would say it is your heritage, it’s not coming from abroad, it is coming from your country from ancient times.

To say that I found Sahaja Yoga is not correct. Sahaja Yoga has been there since long and everybody has preached about it, talked about it, all the Naths, all these have talked about it; Nanak Saab has said Sahaj Samajika. So it is not that I have found the method or the technique of it, but if something has [been] done in modern times is this that now self-realization can be given en masse to thousands of people at the same time. But this is true for every discovery, if you have electricity now today, first it was available to only one person. Unless and until you make it collective it has no meaning.

The another thing which I don’t think they have referred to at all that in evolutionary process now this is the last breakthrough of your belongings.  In the human awareness whatever problems we have there is a higher awareness in which all these things that they have described is absolutely possible. As we can understand in medical science we have not been able to solve many questions and also answer many questions – I’ll be going to speak about it next time – specially the parasympathetic nervous system we do not know anything about it. But in Sahaja Yoga we know each and everything not only that but you can master your parasympathetic. What you could work out it was your sympathetic system at the most in the emergency but with Sahaja Yoga you can master your parasympathetic and you can work it out.

So what happens, see, is like this instrument here you see at. Now somebody says that if you speak loudly people won’t hear but if you use this instrument it will work. For a lay person they will think how could be just a funny sort of looking thing how can it work, but once it is connected to the mains it works. In the same way unless and until we are connected to our main we are not understanding our Self. And that’s why there is so much difference of opinion and difference of understanding. So it is very important first of all to be connected to that all-pervading power which I call as the divine love.

Now when I say that you need not believe it, you need not believe in the doctors also. But there is something like a hypothesis before you that there is a all-pervading power that is singular. Now for example the foetus is placed in a womb of a mother. Anything foreign that enters into the body is thrown out, the nature of the body is such. But why the foetus is kept there, looked after, and at the right moment is thrown out. Who does that? Now here you see the flowers. See these flowers of different varieties come out of different shoots. Who does all these work? Who does this living work? Who pulsates our heart? If we ask these questions there is no end to it. These all can be answered after you have realized your Self.

So this connection takes place because of this, you see, the triangular bone which you call as ‘sacrum’ means – of course in medical science also you call it ‘sacrum’ – means the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone. Otherwise why did they call it ‘sacrum’? This sacred bone has this three-and-a-half coil energy within it. Now in the practice of Sahaja Yoga you can even see the pulsation of this bone actually like a heart pulsates. In summary when there is obstruction which is trying to push then you can see it with your naked eyes. You can see that, not in everyone.

lNow when this power passes through these different centers it nourishes them, it co-ordinates, it bring them together, pierces through this fontanel bone area and then connects you to the all-pervading power, which is the power, which is the vital power which has electromagnetic forces. It has got what you call the ‘Prana’, it has got the power of divine, it thinks, it understands, it organizes, above all it loves you. It’s hypothesis again, don’t be frightened. It is there.

The second truth about you is that, that you are not this body, this mind, this intellect, ego, superego, you are not that. Because you all say, “My ego, my heart, my body, mine…” You don’t say, “I the body.” So which is the “I”, which is the “auto”, again means what? Who is the auto? There is something and that is the Spirit. So what you are is the Auto, is the Spirit.

These are the two truths I put before you and you have to verify it and tell Dr Rai that he should to verify it. Don’t believe me. Whatever I am saying, that again you can verify.

Now we have the knowledge of the roots in this country while the West has the knowledge of the tree. So they treat the tree according to the symptoms, like that’s something wrong with the leaves, you treat the leaves, something wrong with the branches, you treat the branches. But that’s not going to cure the whole of that tree, you have to go to the roots. And that’s what the tree that you have, has to become the Spirit so that the whole body gets alright.

Now another hypothesis I put before you is this that there are main seven centres, subtle centres within us. Seven of them, one of them is below the Kundalini and six are above it, that’s why we say… [Hindi]. Now these are the centres these six above Mooladhara which look after our physical, mental, emotional, political, social, financial, also spirituality. If you see clearly it, without any offence, yourself, all the problems of the world are mostly because of these. And all the problems of human beings are because of their chakras. So somehow if you can clear these subtle chakras or put them right all our problems can be solved. As simple as that. Now this is the hypothesis again. I am not saying you have to believe it, it’s a hypothesis.

Now these centers on the medical science we have plexuses, only on the medical, say the physical side, we have this. But also it has mental side. English language is funny you see: ‘mental’ means ‘the left side’ but actually the right side that you see there, the channel looks after our physical and our concern with our intelligence and our “vichar” and all that, and the left side looks after emotional side.

Now only the question of cancer again is this: Swadishthan. Now I will tell you about only one chakra first of all, is the yellow chakra you see there called as Swadishthan which moves around that void. This is the one which is responsible for producing or manifesting our reflexes but that’s only on the physical side. Now how much work this poor centre has to do! We have never thought that when we think the energy we use in our thinking how is it replaced, thinking energy from where does it come in our brain. We are using our brain all the time but what is replacing it, is this center.

So this center – you know the brain is made of fats – this cenrer converts the fat of the stomach for the use of the brain and that’s how – this is again hypothesis I am telling you – that’s how those who think too much go into imbalance, futuristic thinking people planning everything, plan this, plan that. Most of the plans fail also but they are planning all the time, thinking too much. All that leads to one crisis is that person becomes imbalanced in the sense that this poor centre which has to do other jobs also, it has to look after your liver, it has to look after your pancreas, it has to look after your spleen, your kidneys and part of the intestine,  large intestine.

So a person who thinks too much, a very right sided futuristic person first problem can come from his liver. In the medical science I don’t think we have much knowledge about liver. Liver is by which we live. I think, it’s a very important organ in the body. So the function of the liver is to absorb all the poison of the body and convert it into heat and which passes to the blood stream, is the function in simple words. I am not using any medical terminology, simple words. So now when you start thinking too much you neglect your liver. When you neglect your liver poor thing doesn’t know how to do his job. So, the who heat is saturated in the stomach. The person has heat here then the heat starts passing upward.

When it passes towards the heart – we call it right heart, in the medical science there is no right heart but we have the center and right heart – it creates problem and that problem is called as asthma, simple words. This heat then also passes to your throat. Also it creates a kind of a cold which always flows, you sneeze twenty times in the morning all that sort. There are two types of colds also, we have two types: we have one lethargic liver and one over active. So this is I talked about overactive. Now such a person is overactive.

So he develops this cold, sneezing, this temper, anger, anxiety, tension. (Apart: not jot, it’s better hold on, alright.) Then this heat passes over. It can go to heart at a very young age. Supposing there are boys who are playing tennis or something of a rigorous game, and playing it this might affect that then have a massive heart attack at a very young age which can be fatal.

Now the same heat when it passes through the throat, we develop throat problem and we get a sore throat and all kind of problems we get. So, it’s not alright.

Now, when it moves down say to your pancreas, poor pancreas is also suffering because it has no energy from this centre. So, a simple disease a person like that develops, is diabetes. Too much of thinking gives diabetes nobody would think. They think that too much sugar gives diabetes, not thinking. In our Maharashtra few have to have a tea properly, the sugar should be such that the spoon must stand at right angles otherwise it is not tea. And nobody gets diabetes because the villagers work in the morning, nicely sleeping down in the night, not worrying about tomorrow how to do this, how to do that, nothing. Only the people who are sitting on their seats and planning, thinking, also worried, get diabetes. Now diabetes is curable. They say it is inheritance. Also, it is curable by putting this centre right.

Then the third thing I told you is even more dangerous, is the spleen. Now there is the life, is so funny that it cannot be congenial to the working of the spleen. Spleen works and as you know everybody has a smoggy morality, that is simple as you know, so it happens that, suppose in the morning you get up, read the horrible newspaper, “Bombay blast this, that”, you mean that spleen starts wobbling. Then you don’t eat your food properly or breakfast properly, just hurry up some or the other, eat something, get into the car cursing all the people on the way because of the jam, reach the office where there the boss is on you and absolutely, you’re in a mess there out, and poor this spleen is wobbling. She doesn’t understand the craziness of this man, “How am I to produce the RBC [Red Blood Cells]? Wherever I act?” This craziness makes it vulnerable to blood cancer. So this thing is! Because she is so crazy she doesn’t understand how to react.

Now what happens that this is supposing I am saying to you is the spinal cord, that is, and these are centres, this is the left side, this is right side. Now they go on working extracting energy from the centre, it gets exhausted. Suddenly something will happen, some sort of a shock on the left side because you are working on the right side, so it bends. When it bends the connection with the whole is lost and that’s how you become numb. The main cannot reach anyone so they have to take over.

Now the left side is also a very mysterious thing which will shock you. I don’t know if I would be able to speak today about it. That’s quite a mysterious thing in this left side about which there is no knowledge in the medical science.

Now so this trouble of leukemia comes in. Then it goes to kidneys, you see. It coagulates your kidneys, you cannot pass urine, even urinary bladder would be like this. Now you get this kidney trouble, you put on dialysis. Poor man dies of  bankrupt, dies no doubt. Nobody gets out. It’s a fact dialysis has not cured anyone so far, I know. It just makes them live longer and longer and it’s a fact. So he dies. Then also it goes down as I told you in the lower portion. And sometimes you do not feel hungry because of the liver, plus you feel constipation. And constipation can be of the worst type that people get, that all their nights they end up with minima or some sort of a distress.

So these are the common diseases which will be facing all such people who are overactive.

Now the another thing that was about paralysis. Paralysis also, that you get. Now of course I don’t know if they are digging that the brain has double function, that the left side works differently than the right side. But in Russia one doctor came and asked me this question. I said, “It does.” He said, “Should i mention your name?” I said, “Mention my name but it’s that. Absolutely the left side is very different from right side.” Now you can see clearly. Now you see the yellow one that goes to the left side, what you call the “I” there, and the left side goes to this side upward, they cross over at optic chiasma where, at optic chiasma, there is a very important centre which we call as Agnya chakra. It looks after your superior body and Vishhudhi. Now when these two, cross over like that, you see they form a gap which is the limbic area. And this limbic area gets closed with these two balloon-like structures which we have produced by over activity or by over conditioning. So what does the kundalini? She goes up to this Agnya chakra and sucks in your negativity and then she pierces through your fontanel bone area. Thus you become one with the all-pervading power.

No question then of getting tired. Now I am seventy years age and I travel. If you ask them! I mean if you see my travel! They say, “Mother, how do you do it?” I said, “I do it because I don’t do it.” I am sitting here or I am sitting there, I never think I am travelling. I never think, that’s the best part of it and everything works out because you are in connection with the divine power which is the most efficient government I should say, the most efficient brains, intelligence, and works so fast as doctor has said, “That’s instant, I know instantly.” So quick it understands.

Now the best part of it that’s you all have this Kundalini within you and she is your individual mother. And all what you are she has recorded within ourselves like a tape recorder and she is very anxious that you should get your second birth, and she manages the show. Once she does that, it is like a plumule in the seed. How it pierces down? We never thought of that. Supposing at the end of the root there is a small, a very small little brain or a cell. Ir rose, it will go off,  it will go into the soft corners and, if it is hard, it goes around it, it tries to establish anchorage for the future tree. All these things are in that little stem. In the same way this Kundalini means quite a throw. What she does? These chakras which are under-nourished, she nourishes them now, nourishes them. Some of them which are dislocated she pushes them back? And the complete nourishment, when this starts coming within you, this is only the physical side of it. Mentally, you should know me, lots of mad people have been cured.

I don’t want to give instances of how many people have been cured with Sahaja Yoga because the number is so great but you can write to them and find out that people have been cured. Angina, then heart trouble, then (apart: what’s the other?)  even Aids. Now doctor Albert was asking me, “Mother, tell me about Aids and I will do some research.” So let him go into research and then we’ll have next session I hope next year. Then I hope we’ll give you [the results] and you’ll be able to be here.

But after taking to Sahaja Yoga at least you will not feel so bad, you will never get into trouble. Seldom, if you get in, may be some reason but it can be easily corrected. At least you drop off ten years if not twenty years, feel very energetic, healthy and also very sweet tempered.

The best part of it that you start enjoying life. Enjoy the life this is a very great thing that should happen to all of you. I am so happy today you have no idea because I was also – I wanted to study medicine at least little bit to know what doctors talk about. And when I saw that, I felt that that time even all these terminologies were not there. It’s long time back. But I was so ignorant about how I have to talk with them. How will they listen to me? They see everything on just superficially! How will I talk to them? How will it work out?

But I told these doctors all over the world. There were doctors from Japan. Also we have doctors from Russia. In Russian doctors there were three hundred doctors sitting before me and I said about medical science. They said, “No more medical science” because they are mastered a last bit of it, “No more medical science, tell us about the divine science. ” Same with the scientists, surprising they were introspective and they have realized that, “The end of these things have come, we should get something more.”

Now one thing is it is your heritage, it is your own, and it takes hardly any time for you to get your self-realization. Then it is yours, not mine. Because there are so many seekers, so many seekers born in this Kali Yuga. That’s surprising! As he said, he is correct that in every program we had nothing less than sixteen to eighteen thousand people in Russia. And they are such beautiful people! Now this is our own knowledge. I told the Russians – they had some American doctors – I said, “Why don’t you tell them of Sahaja Yoga?” “Why should we? This is our secret. Why don’t they listen to you? They will not tell us. I did feel first time Indian doctors told us.” They said that.

Now as far as money is concerned, as you are saying so that doctors might be worried that they may lose their things, actually there are very, very few people who really come to Sahaja Yoga in a way percentage wise. All the rest have worries. Specially the way there are some people who like you have the authority of doctors, so they enjoy.

But Sahaja Yoga is really today for India is such a blessing. You know what is happening in our villages, how people are dying there, is no help. And this will solve. It has many other dimensions. It will do so many things, apart from your behavior and all that, the agriculture and everything. So many things there are.

This is not the time to talk about it but one must know that you are Yogis, you are saints, it is all within you. You have not come on this earth just to waste your time but to enjoy the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you.