Talk at Noida Temple


Talk at Noida Temple Inauguration. Noida (India), 25 March 1993.

First thing he owned the land, and then built the whole thing with his own money. It’s very, very creditable. It is something very unique: this has not happened before anywhere in the world that a Sahaja yogi has got the land and built an ashram like this, so beautifully. So give him a hand!

It’s a very good beginning, and I’m sure people in every country will try to achieve this kind of relations, so it’s easier for us to spread Sahaja Yoga. This is a very nice locality: you already, you know that we are also building a house here in Noida, and you are now in Uttar Pradesh – it is not Delhi anymore – which is the place where there is My, I should say, father-in-law’s place is across this road.

The people here are extremely generous and very helpful. Only the Sahaja yogis have to learn from them as to how they are participating in Sahaja Yoga, also financially. Of course, you don’t need any money for Sahaj Yog for awakening the kundalini. I don’t need your money at all, nothing of the kind.
But if you have to build the ashrams, if you have to build buildings, it requires money. And if you desire, it will work out. One has to just desire and it works out.

To the principle of Lakshmi, as you know, She has four hands, out of which one hand is like this – perpetual giving. If you do not give for such an important work, then you are missing the point. This is a very good chance that we can express ourselves, our dedication to Sahaja Yoga. It’s a very great and important part of Lakshmi Tattwa. For example, if you do not open the second door, only open the one door through which you want the air to come in, it won’t. You have to open two doors: one by which it flows and another one by which you receive.

Sahaja Yoga is absolutely above-board, and nobody is to be lynched, nobody is to be forced to do anything. It’s also spontaneous, and whatever you do spontaneously is the …. I think this is the first time I’m talking about money to you. Because I’ve never had problems, somehow money came, somehow everything worked out. And I am sure we’ll never have problems like that. And we never take money from outsiders. This is through Sahaja Yoga only we have worked it out like that ….

So, the way you are giving Me presents is also too much. I’ve been requesting you not to give Me presents. Now we have a third house here, because whichever houses I built, they’re filled with things, so I have to go on building new houses!

So best thing is not to give Me any presents, but you make ashrams and you make meditation centers, will be much better. Actually, I’ve been telling this for so many years now, but somehow nobody listens. And this time they promised that they’d not give Me any legal present, but two tables they’ve built – I don’t know where to keep them. So this ashram also may be filled with that; then where will you sit?

There’s a very, very good set that Mr. Gupta has given, really. I’m so enamored by that. I wish you all could think about it. When you think of collective, then it comes to your mind that “Sahaja Yoga has done so much for us, it has solved so many of our problems. It has blessed me. It has given me knowledge, which is so difficult. Otherwise, you have to go to Himalayas, stand on your heads, give up your wife, family, your money, everything. Here, with nothing we have got it.

So now we have to also think, what have we done for Sahaja Yoga? There’s some times people think they are postering: all right, this was a great work also, postering is a very big work, no doubt, and such things people are doing, that kind of physical work. But also financially we have to be a little generous at least, so that we can build ashrams – only for your convenience, for your meditation, for your collectivity. As you know, in Sahaja Yoga there’s no corruption of money at all and people are extremely honest, meticulous; everything works out so well. Everything is accounted for. And we trust. Of course, maybe sometimes we pay it, because could be moneyed people who might be … trouble us, and think no end of their money. They pinch some money also possibly, doesn’t matter. But the trust is important in Sahaja Yoga. And by trusting only we have built up. Even in India I’ve seen, people do not take any money in the underhand ways. It’s very systematic and everything is verifiable.

Now many people believe in India that if you part with some money for God’s sake, God gives you mountains of it. Maybe it is, maybe it is, but don’t do it from that angle. Just … otherwise it will be a business record. But you have to do it spontaneously, feeling the joy, being not conscious about it. Just the joy, and it could be very enjoyable for you and for everyone else.

I’ve told so many I’m going only today back, and tomorrow. So I must thank you all for coming here on My 70th birthday. I never expected, never, that you all would come to celebrate this birthday, which expresses your love, and it’s impossible to express – thanks so much.

Delhi people here said that “This time Your birthday should be in Delhi,” and I said, “All right.” And when I heard all of you coming, I said, “Now have their heads also!”

But they were so happy, amazed at it, everything. They were boasting of it: “These people are coming, these people are coming!” without feeling in the least how they would organize, how they would do it. So to the organizers of this also you must give a hand!

Also it was a very unique experience with the musicians. And the musicians told Me that they never felt like this, as if whatever they were singing was absolutely in complete accord with the Sahaja yogis, who were so many in numbers. And “How they listened to us and understood us, you can never feel for such a oneness!” And they asked Me to thank you again and again for that.

It is a, really such a wonderful thing that has happened, this 70th birthday. There’s so many things which are to be noted as something suggestive of this new age coming. There are more things are waiting for us in this new age. You’ll have lots of miracles, lots of blessings, complete understanding, and complete maturity in Sahaja Yoga. The new atmosphere will change so many things. Even the people who are opposing us for no fault of ours will also subside, and things will start working out.

All the problems of the world will have a solution, a solution of a very miraculous type, and you’ll be amazed how things have been corrected in every way. In the beginning maybe you might feel a turmoil and an unsteadiness, and you might also feel that there is no hope. But after the turmoil is over, you will see the peace that is manifested through your vibrations, and it will be effective, it will be acting, and you’ll realize that.

So many nice things to look forward, and that’s maybe the reason you might have intuitively felt that 70th birthday is important. I never said that after My 70th birthday this Satya Yuga would start, but somehow I think you people did have an intuition. That’s the reason you came here to celebrate the beginning of it.

So for the time being, I’ll say goodbye to you; and all the Sahaja yogis would like to say goodbye to you. From all over India so many Sahaja yogis came, and it’s an all-India effort that has worked out the whole thing so well, so harmoniously.

I hope to see you again in Rome for Easter Puja. But this time don’t bring any presents! Your own resurrection is enough. Really I tell you, please, it will give Me great pleasure – please don’t bring any present. Just you come along and I want to meet you. It’s the day of resurrection, and you should celebrate it because you all are resurrected also, and a great day which is promised a long time back.

May God bless you.