Shri Mahavira Puja

New Delhi (India)

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Shri Mahavira Puja Delhi (Hindi)

Shri Mahavir resides on our ida nadi and rules it. All the sanskar that we have in us are corrected by him. He has defined and explained what is hell. What happens when human go to hell and what and how they suffer in hell, he has explained this in very detail. Buddha and Mahavir were (samkalin) contemporary and both of them had a life of penance. Both of them were prince. But still both of them dedicated themselves in tapasya. And they found out that when human make mistakes and go to the left side then how he goes in hell and how he suffers . Hell has to be experienced in this world. Human can stop this before his death. If he is very sinful and he in committing lots of sins and does not run away from it and does not understand that it is wrong. So people like this in today’s modern time will be destroyed by themselves from inside. For this no outside energy is required. Because they get so much of false wisdom ( buddhi). So they themselves prepare to destroy themselves. Sometimes they think they are very well and think who could touch them. So all of these will be destroyed and only these humans who will not raise themselves from the human awareness. I don’t know how many of them will be saved. There is so much of demonic powers that is active and they are attracting humans and they are entangled in it. So it is very difficult to be saved from it. Sahaja yoga is the only way from which you could be saved and you could take yourself to a higher level. You can also pull along many others with you and you can save their lives. What ever Mahavirji explained, I don’t know how many Jains understand it. They have only done (Vidambana) unexpected to him. This has happened with all the incarnations. So if people do the same with Mahavir, so we cannot say anything we cannot blame anyone. In Sahaj we very much respect and understand Mahavirji and we also accept that he is the incarnation of Shri Bhairavnath and not only this he took birth many times and later also came as Hasan and Husain. In Bible Bhiaravanthji is addressed as saint Georg and some refer him as saint Michael. It is very surprising that London which we understand as Heart has Saint George as its angel. That is! they accept Bhairavnath so it’s correct. Because if Shivji resides in heart then having Bhairavnath is important. There are so many things which if we read with understanding then they are all interconnected and how is there relation automatically established. In sahaj shakti you get overwhelmed and you enjoy it and this makes me happy. God has created this universe for you so you should enjoy it, what else do you want. In you there are many powers and you use them and you have also shared it with others. In this way the family of our Sahaj should grow. We should save as many possible, most important our children. We should take care of them because a wrong type of culture has started and the children are getting affected. So we should pay attention to it and to them and take care of them. When they are established in Sahaj then they will not go around. In Delhi’s environment Sahaj has very nicely established this is a very nice thing. Sahaj is very much required here in Delhi because here is the politics and governance. Slowly slowly through your means the Param Chaitanya will be activated. I am sure when I come next year then many people would have taken to Sahaj. There are so many sahajyogis but I don’t know them by face but I can easily make them out by face but not by name. I don’t know them so you should make a photo album of them. I usually have time in the morning and I like to see the album. I have received some albums from Maharashtra and other places. I have provided for you a album so please give a photo and detail when did you take your realization. It will be very good. Everyone is requesting that next year also we should celebrate by Birthday here. But it should not be celebrated in such a big way. It is too much.
( A S.Y says: We should make the celebration in much bigger way than this Shri Mataji everyone claps….)
Many miracles happened in the celebration, it was very nice and many other nice things happened. I was already thinking that how should we progress in regards to our Art. I have given a note to yogi mahajan. What we have achieved in Maharashtra we can do it here also. This way we can develop creativity, and our artistic vision should develop, like theater and many other things. I have showed them. We should work in different fields. Sahajyog is not just for you. It is meant for the whole world. It is not just for spirituality but to establish spirituality into this world like Kabir Das has said “Mann mamat aye” i.e left side and I will mix the five elements into right side. The five elements are the right side and left i.e “mann mamat aye” I will mix it. So all our feelings and our art I will mix it into the five elements. So all the art and feelings that we have and to express it we should try different ways. This will be a very special achievement. In Sahajyog when we do anything then it has a special meaning. i.e all the big artists of the world were realised souls and if they were not realised souls then there art would have not prosper till date. Any art which was not created by a realised soul has been destroyed,stopped or nobody has respect for it. So there is no field/direction in which we cannot achieve or enter. Where ever we have interest, we all should think what can I do for it? and how can I bring spirituality in it. It is very important to bring spirituality into it. In this world spirituality is not confined to a single person but it belongs to the whole world. So we should see the presence of spirituality in all. And I am sure in the coming years it will be seen in our daily walk of life in our speaking and in every aspect the existence of sahaj has evolved. When this effect has established inside us then people can easily see that it is a different thing. With this Sahaj notion inside us. We can see how miracles happen, this is not limited to just us but we have it and make it happen everywhere in all the dimensions and show it and this is very easily possible. You can see they are themselves making the music, composing it. And if you take this to the villages like say today bhajans are going to happen then people will come, then sing in front of them. There is no other better way of spreading Sahaj. In Maharashtra all the spiritual spreading is via music. So like this every Sunday take a group/party of people to Villages and make bhajans, theater and like this people will understand what are we and what we are doing. In this matter the foreign yogis have prepared very nice theaters and have also played very nice music. Specially they like very much Indian music and they are no longer interested in there music. They make very high standard Indian Music. So we should also prepare such a high standard of music that we can show it to public. Slowly slowly your creativity will also show its growth and creativity. Look these people who are preparing music/theater are also normal human beings but we are Sahaj yogis and we have inside us many Shaktis with which we can explain and show, introduce people about spirituality. So today I am saying this, that this left side which is Music, art which has this (bhavana) emotions shows it. Even though Saraswati has created all the Swaras, so what! but the emotions it contains, the bhakti it contains it is due to the blessings of Mahavir. Mahavir has really worked hard for this because he scared people that if you go to the wrong way, you go to hell, and on taking this correct way you will be overwhelmed and you all are actually witnessing it. Like this we all should increase our Bhakti and growing bhakti in the work of Mahavir. I am happy that on this day of Mahavir Jayanti you all are doing Mahavir work…..

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi